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Construire des villes, exploiter l’environnement et bâtir des empires est au cœur de jeux de gestion comme #SimCity ou #Civilization. Face aux enjeux contemporains, des #jeuxvideo comme #TerraNil questionnent notre rapport à l’#écologie.

Article de Pierre Trouvé initialement publié le 30/03/23.

2 months ago

Terra Nil is a game about transforming a barren, lifeless landscape into a thriving, vibrant ecosystem. Revitalize a barren wasteland. #TerraNil
If you play on #macOS with #ParallelsDesktop and the graphic is broken: Here is the fix.

2 months ago

@Hiker Ja, das auch! Ich finde es einfach jedes Mal grossartig, wenn ein Spiel sich diesen Aufwand für tolle Musik leistet (bzw. natürlich leisten kann). Darunter gehören für mich Spiele wie #Zelda, die ganzen #Anno|s, #EVEOnline, #TotalAnnihilation, #TitanQuest, aber natürlich auch #Palia, #TheWanderingVillage, #TerraNil, #Dorfromantik.

2 months ago

We need more #SolarPunk fiction, more energy into imagining a brighter future.

I have been enjoying #TerraNil for this. It imagines us as ecological custodians, helping to restore ecosystems.

Plus the creators are donating a portion of Steam sales to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

Jonathan Hau-Yoon
3 months ago

Terra Nil's soundtrack, composed by Meydan, is now available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music!
#terranil #ost #soundtrack

Relaxing game Terra Nil for #iOS is emotionally rewarding and soothing to boot (I had no idea that Netflix published iOS games):
#NetflixGame #TerraNil

Terra Nil iOS game by Netflix
Terra Nil iOS game by Netflix
© Tropical
Biomes restored (4/4]
Animals discovered (4/6)
Climate thresholds achieved (11/11)
Desolate Island
Restoration Progress
Liane M. Dubowy
3 months ago

Beim Steam Next Fest gibts ja jede Menge Demoversionen. Unter anderem auch die neue Demo von #Loddlenaut: Das Indie-Game schlägt in eine ähnliche Kerbe wie #TerraNil. So muss man das Unterwasser-Ökosystem eines Alienplaneten wiederherstellen. Dazu gibts niedliche Loddles :D
#indiegames #gaming #impactgames #wholesomegames #cozygames

Recently a friend pointed out that there is no #solarpunk #cityPlanning #game , as in: one which wouldn't give you urban areas to rewild ( #TerraNil ) or a build from scratch, but an existing, flawed human city which would need to be redesigned and reorganized for #sustainability and #climatechange .

I understand how hard it would be to create such #games , but I think it would be very inspirational, especially with multiple realistic scenarios.

Or are we wrong, do they already exist?

Ω Lairon
4 months ago

About a month or two ago, I played through Terra Nil, an excellent little puzzle game about reclaiming the wilderness from past human activity while also yourself leaving no trace you were ever there. I *think* I hit 100% completion, but at the very least, I had achieved all I wished to.

And then today, in need of a little extra HDD space, I decided to uninstall Terra Nil, at least for now. There must be some sort of beautiful irony in that, somewhere.


4 months ago

Double Reviews of Terra Nil and The Last Spell

This is a double review of Terra Nil and The Last Spell. Both games were played with press keys.

0:00 Intro00:19 Terra Nil4:20 The Last Spell
#indies #indie #review #TerraNil #TheLastSpell

I’ve been playing #TerraNil again, and now I’ve solved all eight map types it offers, which means I restored the entire planet and completed the game 🎉.

It’s still gorgeous. Especially the arctic region, with snowfall and auroras. I will definitely be playing it again.

A screnshot from TerraNil, showing a successfully completed map of the arctic region. The map shows a large body of water, surrounded by land on three sides. Patches of ice are scattered across the water, with penguins wandering and swimming around. The land is covered in a rather chaotic mix of arctic grasses, boreal forests, and tundra plants, with a few frozen river streams and clumps of lichen-covered rock here and there. A gang of elk is searching for food among the trees. (Polar owls, bears, and narwhals are there too, just outside the frame. Honest!)
The entire view is peppered with falling snow, and a yellow-green aurora is lazily coasting across the shot.
4 months ago

#terranil #tycoon #nature #cobragurugaming
Salut à tous, découverte d'un tycoon un peu différent. Notre mission, redonner vie à une terre stérile, sans que cela se voit :o

I've been playing more of #TerraNil . Seeing a wasteland turn into this green world is 😍.

The mechanics are not complicated (build power → cleanse the wasteland → recreate plant life → clean up your stuff → discover animals → leave), but I did manage to build myself into a corner and restart a couple times.

Pro tip: there’s no “demolish this building” function until the last phase, and all electricity sources have very limited radius, so build carefully. And terraform extra carefully.

A screenshot from TerraNil. It shows an isometric view of a level in a pixel art style that the game uses, with the game’s logo in the corner. The level is a large island, surrounded by shallow water. The island is littered with hollowed out husks of office buildings and skyscrapers, all of which have been overrun by nature.
Green grass is covering the ground. Patches of pastel-colored deciduous forest are slowly crunching the buildings, helped by random vines and moss. Sunflowers are sprouting here and there (the game forces you to plant these atop collapsed nuclear waste storage facilities, to tame their leaking legacy). Bamboo shoots are climbing up from multiple skyscraper carcasses. The southwest shore hosts a couple lagoons teeming with their own plant life.
The entire map is being washed over by a persistent rain, the water rippling and undulating in response.
All this plant life is not alone, the animals are present as well. Several flocks of birds are flying across the map. Sea otters are dipping in the ocean near the eastern shore. Peacocks and pandas wander around, and eagles glide overhead looking for prey.
5 months ago

New podcast episode about #TerraNil a game that conservative gamers and politicians will hate

Update: I have been playing Devolver’s #TerraNil for a while, and wow. That’s a great premise and a really beautiful game. Small technical quirks aside, it’s a solid 10 out of 10.

no more sans serifs
5 months ago

2023 sparked the return of the game manual and I’m absolutely up for it.

#IndieGames #GameDesign #TerraNil #Tunic

Game screenshot from Terra Nil showing the cover page of the in game manual.
Game screenshot of Terra Nil in game manual. The left page gives the description of a device named Calcifier and the right page shows a diagram of the machine.
Screenshot of the “The Game Screen” page of the in game manual from Tunic.
Tunic manual page detailing Attack, Defence, HP and Potion stats. There is some other stuff written in the mysterious in game language.
5 months ago

I'm enjoying a bit of #TerraNil tonight, some peaceful #solarpunk reclaiming of wastelands. Monk and Robot has really got me inspired.

Screenshot of a video game map showing a verdant green land with a river running through it with the caption Wasteland Reclaimed. This is an end of level display.

Installed #TerraNil and gave it a short run on the tutorial.
Beautiful game and very relaxing!

Also runs fine on #Proton for #LinuxGaming

Nelly - Univers Fantasy
5 months ago

j'ai finis #TerraNil 😱 😭

Nelly - Univers Fantasy
5 months ago

Je suis tellement proche !!! #TerraNil

5 months ago

Petit live chill aujourd'hui, avec au programme la suite de Terra Nil 💚 + Réact au docu' : Bonnes nouvelles de la planète 🌍
C'est maintenant ➡️

#nature #Ecologie #Environnement #twitch #terranil

5 months ago

April Roundtable: Earth Day

April is the month of Earth Day, so the Sidequest crew discusses the Earth, ecology, and associated themes.

#Roundtables #VideoGames #APICO #Botanicula #Eco #FinalFantasyVII #TerraNil

An interesting #TerraNil #game review:

"Technology is the solution, proposes Terra Nil. But we’ve heard that — and laughed at it — before. Offloading the responsibility of resolving social ills to expertise and the promise of future technology is tempting. However, in taking this approach, Terra Nil displays a technocratic underpinning."

That's actually one of my points about why we need different game design for #solarpunk

@solarpunks good luck with that, maybe you'll change my mind ;)

I don't think I would call any bullet hell #game #solarpunk , whatever other mechanics if would have.

#gameDesign is hard and a lot of people have already put a lot of work into coming up with some Solarpunk mechanics, like the recent #TerraNil .

I believe that we need to be even more radical and explore completely new mechanics, like my recent idea: teaching #degrowth and #sustainability .


Nelly - Univers Fantasy
5 months ago

Après plus de 14h de jeu sur #TerraNil je dois dire que c'est vraiment mon type de jeu - je joue en mode détente, relax c'est les vacances et je regarde mes cartes devenir toutes vertes tranquillement : parfait ! (un peu plus de types de carte aurait été sympa mais ce n'est pas très grave)

Kesro 🌸
6 months ago

Habe am Wochenende #TerraNil gespielt. Man säubert und regeneriert die kaputte Erde, so dass neue Pflanzen und Tiere sich ansiedeln können und muss dann seinen ganzen Sch*** einsammeln und abhauen, damit die Natur ihre Ruhe hat. Genau mein Ding 😅

On entame le New Game+ de #TerraNil là, maintenant, avec de nouveaux niveaux 🍃 #streaming #Twitch

6 months ago

The community of #TerraNil players have planted 45529 trees, reforested 43.23 hectares and captured 5964.6 tonnes of CO2 so far.
Love it!

@whatzaname for now #TerraNil seems to be "the most Solarpunk", because it's so hard to imagine any other path, be it for writers, or game designers who don't write things <explicitly> but are trying to design player behaviors.

I have a few more ideas,which could fit what you want to see, but I think I need to put in a little more work into them.

@whatzaname I got a lot of questions from game designers how to design a game which could teach you #solarpunk or #degrowth , embody them as emergent player behaviors, not just aesthetic / themes, like #TerraNil .

My best concept is : it doesn't show a path from this way to a sustainable future, but it's something (I think) implementable as a game mechanic, on which we can build and iterate until a "today game" becomes imaginable.

6 months ago

Recomanats de març del 2023

Ressenyes breus dels videojocs més interessants del març: Terra Nil, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty i Resident Evil 4.

#Recomanats #Elsmillorsvideojocsdelmes #ResidentEvil4remake #Rytmos #Tchia #TerraNil #TheCrownofWu #WoLong:FallenDynasty

Alexander Krause
6 months ago

#TerraNil im appstore!
Landschaften entgiften und renaturieren als Aufbausimulation.
Spiel ist ohne Zusatzkosten, wenn man Netflix Konto hat.
Unbedingt mal ausprobieren!

Apr 8, 2023 - Day 98 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 105

Game: Terra Nil

Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: Mar 29, 2023
Library Date: Apr 7, 2023
Unplayed: 1d
Playtime: 3.3h

I first played the Terra Nil demo about 9 months ago during the Steam Next Fest.It had a lot of rough edges, but it was quite charming, and there was definitely something there.

It was released on the 29th of March; it then popped up as part of Fanatical's Easter sale.

Take a dash of ADHD, a touch of exhaustion, and a habit of buying new games as a coping mechanism; shake them all up, and I found myself the owner of both Dredge & Terra Nil (there went my savings towards a new motherboard).

Terra Nil is an "environmental strategy game". You find yourself in the middle of a wasteland, with the job of terraforming the land to restore the biomes and biodiversity that are long gone, and finally removing all traces of civilisation.

While Dredge is "cozy horror", Terra Nil is just cozy. There are challenges to achieve during the rewilding process, but there are no threats, no impending doom, just a delightful experience of watching a dead wasteland brought to glorious life, accompanied by a delightful soundtrack that seems to slowly fill in as you move towards the goal.

It did not feel like 3 hours had passed; Terra Nil is:

5: Excellent

#TerraNil #Environment #Strategy #Cozy #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

The Pixel Post
6 months ago

Entre city builder et puzzle game, #TerraNil a su charmer @BatVador :

Mr. Pablington
6 months ago

Whats everyone playing this Easter weekend?!


Completed #TerraNil to 100% ^^ I don't complete many games but this one is so cute and comfy that I couldn't stop myself. And it’s trickier than it seems! great game.

Alasdair Stuart
6 months ago

Just lost an afternoon to #terranil and I regret NOTHING. Completely absorbing, oprimistic without being mawkish and demanding with being shitty about it.

Jerry Weyer 🗳
6 months ago

I enjoyed #TerraNil quite a bit ;) (still am).

Mr. Pablington
6 months ago

I spent most of my day trying to figure out what was I missing to get bears in #terranil 🫠

Ce soir, on a un tas de bazar technologique pour réparer la nature et replanter les plumes sur les fesses des ours, dans ce chouette puzzle game post-écolo enfin sorti ! #TerraNil

Hi Loic (sorry can't find how to do the dots on your i)
We don't know each other, but I see we share an interest in #TerraNil I was wondering whether you might be interested in writing a review of it for the new website
It seems something which our readers might like - I am ordering it for myself but am at the archaic end of computer games. And I am wondering how easy it might be for a novice?
Would this appeal to you?

Mr. Pablington
6 months ago

Omg #TerraNil is crack … downloaded on my iPad last night before bed and couldn’t stop playing

6 months ago

Work is done for the day, time for some #TerraNil and chill 😌

Dwemer Herzog
6 months ago

Terri Nil would be a 10x better game if you had infinite undo's instead of just one. there is often no way to know if what you are doing will fuck you over in the future and once you realise you fucked up like 10 moves ago there is no way to recover. very frustrating design.

Hope they patch in a chill sandbox mode at some point or something, there is a fun game in there but it only occasionally shines through.


soragrey 🍄🌻
6 months ago

#TerraNil is such a sweet little game. I started playing it last night. Imagine your sim city is now a barren wasteland due to over-harvesting and now it's up to you to restore it's natural habitat. 10/10

6 months ago

I'm playing #TerraNil and it's pretty good. relaxing.

Corentin Lamy
6 months ago
Her Wolfiness
6 months ago

Pre-ordered #TerraNil a bit ago and it’s finally out today. Played it on the #SteamDeck using the standard M&K configuration.

Worked beautifully on the ‘deck, & the game is set up well - enough help that you’re not lost, but not too much so there’s still surprises. I’m loving the concept of restoring the environment & then removing the traces that I was there.

Currently my only quibble is that you can’t rotate the map to get a better view of what you’re doing.

Jerry Weyer 🗳
6 months ago

Haut kënnt e Spill eraus, deem seng Demo ech zimmlech relax fonnt hunn: #TerraNil.

Et geet drëms duerch nei Technologien aus engem "Wasteland" erëm wonnerschéin gréng Landschaften ze machen.

Eng richteg utopesch Visioun also ;)

Lindi Pravity
2 years ago

Le concept de ce jeu me donne tellement envie:

Terra Nil is a reverse city builder about ecosystem reconstruction. Turn a barren wasteland into an ecological paradise complete with different flora and fauna. Then clean up, leaving the environment pristine. Subverting the builder genre, Terra Nil is about the restoration of a ravaged environment.

Je vais suivre ça de près!
#Gameing #TerraNil

Lindi Pravity
2 years ago

Le concept de ce jeu me donne tellement envie:

Terra Nil is a reverse city builder about ecosystem reconstruction. Turn a barren wasteland into an ecological paradise complete with different flora and fauna. Then clean up, leaving the environment pristine. Subverting the builder genre, Terra Nil is about the restoration of a ravaged environment.

Je vais suivre ça de près!
#Gameing #TerraNil