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A bordo delle auto Tesla c’è un computer che controlla tutte le funzioni dell’auto, chiamato Tesla Car Computer su cui gira il Tesla OS. Il computer è dotato di un chip AMD Ryzen Embedded personalizzato basato su Zen1+ L’APU Ryzen è un’APU quad-core da 45 W con 0,5 MB di cache L2 e 4 MB di cache L3. Il computer ha una GPU discreta e dedicata basata

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Dernières (bonnes) nouvelle dans l'histoire « Tesla en pays scandinave » :

  • Tesla a perdu son procès contre les services postaux suédois
  • Des fonds d'investissement important scandinaves annoncent se retirer de Tesla
  • Les dockers finlandais rentrent dans la danse

#Tesla #Grève #Suède #Finlande

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@johnlogic #Tesla #Insecurity #Manhood

I just love this quote from the article:

On Thursday, the Center for Auto Safety took a swipe at the divisive truck in a tweet joking that anyone who drives one is insecure about their “manhood” and was “picked last in gym.”

Of course, the quickest way to get a reaction from an insecure male who drives a Tela is to attack his manhood and his (in)ability to play sports.

LOL! 😂

Nikola's Rage :verified:
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The real #Nikola #Tesla once said:
The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of the mind over the material world, the harnessing of the forces of nature to human needs.I counted the steps in my walks and calculated the cubical contents of soup plates, coffee cups and pieces of food otherwise my meal was unenjoyable.

John Carlsen
3 hours ago

Musk Fanboys Melt Down After Ralph Nader-Founded Car Safety Group Trashes Cybertruck

Tesla fanatics were more than displeased that an organization known for prompting vehicle recalls blasted the truck as "dangerous"


DECEMBER 8, 2023

#Tesla #Cybertruck

European News 🇪🇺
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Elon Musk’s new enemy: Nordic workers

Union bosses tackling Tesla want EU to get tough on the world’s richest man.

#News #EuropeanNews #Europe #EU #EuropeanUnion #Sweden #Denmark #Musk #ElonMusk #Tesla

Chris Adams
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The #Tesla autopilot was set to 44mph in a 45mph zone but accelerated to 70mph as it fatally crashed into this young couple. Selling these is equivalent to shooting a gun into a neighborhood and hoping nobody gets hit.

Nikola's Rage :verified:
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The real #Nikola #Tesla once said:
I am filled with conviction that the interests of humanity would be best served if the United States remained true to its traditions and kept out of “entangling alliances.

10 hours ago

"Dash-cam footage captured by the Tesla and obtained exclusively by The Post shows the car blowing through a stop sign, a blinking light and five yellow signs warning that the road ends and drivers must turn left or right."

#Tesla #Elon #Musk #AutoPilot

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#musk and the #twitter debt issues. Not forgetting the Increased competition faced by #tesla and don't forget he allegedly lives on credit and has little cash.

Chad Schultz
11 hours ago

Never trust your life to a Tesla. They have no sense of quality control - just look up some of the scandals they've racked up over the years.
To be clear, we need to switch rapidly from gas-powered cars to electric - just not from Tesla.
#USNews #Tesla

Tapas Easwar
12 hours ago

Given how #Musk has used #Tesla resources (engineers and finances) to prop up #Twitter over the last year, at this point any financial investment in Tesla means you are more than likely directly financially supporting the likes of Jones, Tate, Ramaswamy, Carlson (and slightly more indirectly Russian propaganda).

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#EV #battery repair is dangerous. Here’s why mechanics want to do it anyway.

Fixing car and #ebike batteries saves money and resources — but challenges are holding back the industry.

by Maddie Stone, Dec 08, 2023

"About three times a day, Rich Benoit gets a call to his auto shop, The Electrified Garage, from the owner of an older Tesla Model S whose car battery has begun to fail. The battery, which used to provide several hundred miles of range, might suddenly only last 50 miles on a single charge. These cars are often out of warranty, and the cost of replacing the battery can exceed $15,000.

"For most products, repair is a more affordable option than replacement. And in theory, lots of these Tesla batteries can be fixed, said Benoit, who runs one of the few Tesla-focused independent repair shops in the United States. But due to the time and training involved, the safety considerations, and the complexity of the repair, Benoit said that the bill to fix one car battery at his shop might run upwards of $10,000 — more than most consumers are willing to pay. Instead, he said, many choose to sell or donate their old vehicle for scrap and buy a brand new Tesla.

“'It’s getting to the point where [the car] is almost like a consumable, like a TV,' Benoit said.

"Benoit’s experience heralds a problem that early adopters of EVs, as well as electric micromobility devices like e-bikes and #escooters, are beginning to face: These vehicles contain big, expensive batteries that will inevitably degrade or stop working over time. Repairing these batteries can have sustainability benefits, saving energy and resources that would otherwise be used to manufacture a new one. That’s particularly important for EVs, which contain very large batteries that must be used for years to offset the carbon emissions associated with making them.

But many EV and e-mobility batteries are difficult to repair by design, and some manufacturers actively discourage the practice, citing safety concerns. The small number of independent mechanics who repair EV or e-bike batteries struggle to do so affordably due to design challenges, safety requirements, and a lack of access to spare parts.

“'There are a lot of automakers who do not allow battery repair, even in case of minor damages to the battery case,' a GDV spokesperson told Grist. Automakers sometimes choose to replace the battery if the car was involved in an accident that caused the airbags to activate. Both practices 'will lead to an increase of repair costs,' and ultimately, higher insurance premiums, the spokesperson said.

"New rules around EV battery repairability would come at a critical time. Helps, of Cox Automotive, said that two trends in EV battery design are occurring in parallel: 'Batteries are either becoming very serviceable, or not serviceable at all.'

"Some, like the batteries inside Volkswagon’s ID.4, feature LEGO-like modules that are easy to remove and replace. Others, like Tesla’s new 4680 structural battery pack, don’t include modules at all. Instead, all of the cells are bonded together and bonded to the pack itself, a design Helps described as 'impossible to service.' If a bad cell group is found, the entire battery must be replaced.

“'It’s still a fully #recyclable battery,' Helps said. 'You’re just not able to repair it.'

"#Tesla didn’t respond to Grist’s request for comment."

Full article:

#EVRepair #RightToRepair #EVParts #ReuseRecycle #LithiumRecycling

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It's time for the entire world to join in solidarity with Sweden and Norway’s workers, and drive Elon from all his companies.

Fuck #Tesla. Fuck #ElonMusk

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In the back of a taxi, looking out through a window laden with drops. The warm red and orange lights from street lighting and the rear brakes of a Tesla win against the cold, almost blue headlights of a passing car.
A bike in the background belongs to someone who isn’t home yet.

Apertureƒ/1.7CameraGalaxy S23 UltraFocal length6.3mmISO1600Shutter speed1/17s

#a8ctravel #cars #Lisbon #LongExposure #Photo #Portugal #rainDrops #StreetPhotography #Tesla #Water

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The real #Nikola #Tesla once said:
Let one concentrate all his energies in one single great effort, let him perceive a single truth, even though he be consumed by the sacred fire, then millions of less gifted men can easily follow. Therefore it is not as much quantity as quality of work which determines the magnitude of the progress.

Al Wirtes
15 hours ago

If only #Tesla vehicles had some sort of map that could be used to disallow use of autopilot on surface streets.

Tesla drivers run Autopilot where it’s not intended — with deadly consequences 
A Post analysis reveals that people have died or been gravely injured in crashes where Tesla’s software should not have been enabled in the first place. By Trisha Thadani, Faiz Siddiqui, Rachel Lerman and Jeremy B. Merrill MORE COVERAGE Why Tesla Autopilot shouldn’t be used in as many places as you think
16 hours ago

What do you think is the extended future of #Tesla?

Tesla autopilot is a scam that kills people.

That kind of BS needs to be regulated out of existence.

#Tesla #autipilot #ai

Front camera of a Tesla crashing into a stopped car in tue middle of a highway that had blinking lights on.
Arie Goldshlager
18 hours ago

#ElonMusk #Tesla

[Gift Article] Tesla drivers run Autopilot where it’s not intended — with deadly consequences

"At least eight fatal or serious Tesla crashes occurred on roads where Autopilot should not have been enabled in the first place, a Post analysis finds, in spite of federal officials calling for restrictions"

'Your Turn': #UnitedAutoWorkers Launches Campaign to #Unionize #Tesla
After the #UAW won contracts with the Big Three, it's seeking to unionize 150,000 workers across a dozen companies including Tesla. The companies that the #union plans to organize include #MercedesBenz, #Toyota, and Tesla, as well as other companies in the #EV sector. After the UAW strike concluded, Toyota and other manufacturers raised their wages by around 10 percent, which Fain called the “UAW bump.”

Philip Cardella
19 hours ago

Sometimes I think about that app that was (is?) popular on Xitter that told you how much your account was worth.

Remember that?

Back then I think most of us thought, "sure, but why would anyone buy my account?"

Then #Musk came along and said he'd buy Twitter but he needed to know how many bots there were, meanwhile it was revealed he was running thousands of bot accounts to promote #Tesla and now I think about how these stories are all connected.

A poll by Musk asking if he should reinstate Alex Jones that shows  2/3 of 2m votes are in favor so he's reinstating the neofascist conspiracy theorist.
19 hours ago

A Cultural Critique of the Tesla Cybertruck "A bulletproof three-and-a-half ton stainless-steel truck equipped with “Bioweapon Defense Mode” designed to slam through other cars is the perfect vehicle for a society where over a third of people are scared to walk around at night."
#Tesla #crime

Nikola's Rage :verified:
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The real #Nikola #Tesla once said:
The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.

G4Media 📰
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Necazurile scandinave ale lui #Musk se amplifică: 🚗#Tesla pierde procesul din 🇸🇪#Suedia, iar sindicatul finlandez se alătură blocadei portuare.


#Știri #Finlanda #MașiniElectrice

Peter Wolodarski: “På kort tid har Elon Musk blivit en av världens mäktigaste personer. Hans makt behöver begränsas.”

När till och med DN ställer sig på fackets sida, då vet man att #tesla står inför en viss uppförsbacke…

Ruth Mottram
1 day ago

I've long considered #Tesla shares overvalued, so this was probably a good financial move too. - Absolutely love how the Nordic countries are standing together against Tesla’s stupidly stubborn refusal to enter collective agreements to ensure workers’ rights. Now, one of the large pension groups in Denmark have dumped their Tesla shares:

#unions #workersrights #tesla

Steve's Place
1 day ago

A #cybertruck is what rich teenage brats will be driving when they attempt to steal the drug stash of the local motorcycle gang. Why, the bullets will simply bounce off!

"Elon! We have another one!"
"Shut the damn thing off."

Meanwhile, back at the chase...

"Oh, shit! It's a message from Musk on the console!"
"What's it say?"
"Ha ha ha ha ha."

"In breaking news, a motorcycle gang has claimed ownership of a local teen's #tesla."

I should write scripts for movies.

Chris Ostertag
1 day ago

Saw a #cybertruck in the wild today. I think we have to move. #tesla

Emory L.
2 days ago

in #GPU news i found an nvidia a2000 in low-rise and ordered it but a colleague at work that builds _a lot_ of hashcat told me to find an #nvidia #tesla #P4 card and not only are they cheaper, they generally take less power _and_ have two dedicated encoders and work with vGPU configurations?!

CelloMom On Cars
2 days ago

"#Tesla lost a chapter in a legal battle with #Sweden's postal service on Thursday as a fight with Nordic trade unions escalates, with a Finnish union joining a port blockade that will prevent the carmaker from importing its vehicles to Sweden."

This figurative oil slick is spreading.

Harald Hannelius :verified:
2 days ago

Veli-Pekka Säikkälä är ansiktet utåt för kampen mot Tesla i Sverige: ”Vissa skojar att svenska fack borde få Nobels fredspris” – Utrikes – #tesla #ifmetall

#Musk denkt daar heel toevallig heel anders over....

Noors staatsfonds zegt dat #Tesla #arbeidsrechten moet respecteren

"Tesla-topman Elon Musk is tegen vakbonden. Onderhandelingen over collectieve arbeidsovereenkomsten voor zijn ruwweg 127.000 medewerkers gaat hij dan ook zoveel mogelijk uit de weg."

Have some mercy... #tesla #jeep

A Tesla identifying as a Jeep.
Berliner Wassertisch
2 days ago

"Die schwedische #Gewerkschaft IF Metall fordert von Tesla einen Tarifvertrag für ihre Mitglieder - was der US-Autobauer ablehnt." Und jetzt: "#Tesla-Streik in Schweden greift auf Finnland über" 🥳 #Musk #Arbeitnehmerrechte #ILO

2 days ago

That scene from the new Netxflix movie Leave The World Behind in which rouge empty #Tesla cars on FSD create a pileup - a scene like from a zombie movie - is absolutely awesome. And really frightening.

Scene from Netflix "leave The World behind"
2 days ago

How To Build a Car That Kills People: #Cybertruck Edition

The Cybertruck represents a lot of what's wrong with the U.S. #transportation system — even as it purports to address those problems.


2 days ago

Absolutely love how the Nordic countries are standing together against Tesla’s stupidly stubborn refusal to enter collective agreements to ensure workers’ rights. Now, one of the large pension groups in Denmark have dumped their Tesla shares:

#unions #workersrights #tesla

Schweden ✔️
Daenemark ✔️
Norwegen ✔️

und jetzt wird auch Finnland keine Teslas mehr fuer die Verschiffung nach Schweden verladen.

Die Gewerkschaften Skandinaviens sollten mal hurtigst der Wikipediaseite zur Definition von Solidaritaet hinzugefuegt werden. Richtig grosses Kino!

#Tesla #Streik #Gewerkschaften

Tadzio Mueller
2 days ago

GuMo Berlin,

Es werden trockene 2-4 Grad, & obwohl Ihr meist nicht durch die Castorblockade-bei-0-Grad-Schule gegangen seid, erwarten wir Euch heute ALLE am Start ✊

11 Uhr Grünheide vs #Tesla
12 Uhr Platz der Luftbrücke vs #A100
14 Uhr Elsenbrücke #fossileSubventionenstoppen

2 days ago

@taco Musk said last week: “I disagree with the idea of unions. I just don’t like anything which creates a lords-and-peasants kind of thing.”

Yeah, guess that makes sense when you are the lord who won't think twice before firing someone forno other reason than you acting as a prick.

#elonmusk #spacekaren #tesla #unions

CelloMom On Cars
2 days ago

Swedish companies plan to pause #Tesla purchases.

"[Tesla] is facing mounting pressure in Germany, where accusations of poor working conditions at its factory near Berlin have led to a surge in union activity.

As of Dec. 20, Tesla shipments headed to Sweden by sea will be blocked across all of Scandinavia, leaving the company little choice but to offload shiploads in continental Europe and transport the EVs to Sweden in small batches via trucks. "

Oliver Schafeld
3 days ago

Guess who else thinks unions are a good idea…

"#Tesla Should Recognise Union, #Norway's [$1.5 trillion] Sovereign Wealth Fund Says"

ZNet (unofficial)
3 days ago

Following the blockade by Swedish dockworkers in support of the #Tesla mechanics' #strike in #Sweden, there had been speculation that the company would try to unload in Danish shipyards.

But IF Metall asked for support from #Denmark’s largest trade #union, which announced a sympathy #strike on Tuesday.

Woker solidarity in action!

Steffen Voß
3 days ago

Die größte dänische Gewerkschaft schließt sich dem Solidaritätsstreik der schwedischen Gewerkschaften an und stoppt Lieferungen an #Tesla:

Fuck Elon :mastodon:
3 days ago

Time to update the meme.

#Twitter #ElonMusk #Tesla #Cybertruck #meme

updated meme that shows two mannequins and used to say "This mf paid for twitter". It now says "This mf bought a cybertruck"
Oliver Schafeld
3 days ago

Playing "Jingo bells" again at Bloomberg's?

Nobody has to "choose between unions and EVs in #Scandinavia".

#VW Group already has circa 3 times #Tesla’s #EV market share in #Norway this quarter.

They surpassed Tesla in #Sweden

…and are not far behind in #Denmark.

Paris Marx
3 days ago

“What grinds our gears is that a large corporation thinks it can come here and set the rules on the Swedish labor market,” says Trade Union Confederation president Susanna Gideonsson. “To think you can waltz in here as a feudal lord and think a whole country should adapt to one’s whims is just wrong.”

#tesla #tech #elonmusk #strikes #sweden

3 days ago

I hope everyone is following that #Tesla sympathy strike in Scandinavia because it’s getting even better by the day.

Norwegian unions have now joined Swedish and Danish ones.

The Danish pension fund has announced its going to dump it’s Tesla shares.

Finnish unions are talking about joining.

And now this:

Guardian Headline: Tesla loses legal action in Sweden as dispute with Nordic unions escalates
Court decides postal service does not have to deliver licence plates, for now, in latest twist in row over collective bargaining
heise online
3 days ago

Betreutes Twittern: Elon Musk zieht vor Supreme Court – freie Meinungsäußerung

Elon Musk wurden 2019 von der US-Börsenaufsicht Regeln für sein Verhalten auf Twitter bezüglich Tesla-Tweets auferlegt. Nun zieht er vor das oberste US-Gericht.

#Börse #ElonMusk #Tesla #Twitter #news

Dagens Arbete
3 days ago

Om Tesla tänkt sig att ta omvägen över Finland för att föra in nya bilar i Sverige kommer det att stoppas. Finska transportarbetarförbundet AKT varslade om bojkott i dag.
#tesla #finland

3 days ago

Tesla-Streik in Schweden greift auf Finnland über

Die Streiks bei Tesla in Schweden ziehen immer weitere Kreise. Nach Arbeitern in Dänemark und Norwegen hat sich nun auch noch die finnische Gewerkschaft den Protestaktionen angeschlossen.


#Tesla #ElonMusk #Finnland #Schweden #Streik

Tadzio Mueller
3 days ago

Berlin: morgen ist großer Klimakampftag.

14:00 kommen *alle* Klimas und Allies auf der Elsenbrücke zusammen, um, eine ungehorsame Kampagne re: #fossileSubventionenStoppen loszutreten.

Damit verbunden & koordiniert: Blaues Band v #Tesla & Fahrraddemo v A100.

heise online
3 days ago

Tesla setzt autonome Drohnen in Berliner Gigafactory ein

Autonome Drohnen machen in Teslas Gigafactory Berlin Bestandsaufnahmen im Lager.

#Drohnen #Tesla #news

On dit toujours que la France se met en grève facilement, chapeau bas aux syndicats suédois , finnois, Danois et norvégien une internationale contre #tesla

ricardo :mastodon:
3 days ago
3 days ago

Good job, Suomi! Hopefully the rest of Europe is next!

The AKT executive committee decided on sympathy actions for #Tesla

#news #twitter #musk #finland #sweden


(HT organik_productions on the EnoughMuskSpam Reddit group)

Mark Darbyshire
3 days ago

If Tesla was serious about solving climate change, they would offer a car share option. You shouldn't have to own an expensive hunk of embedded carbon that spends 95% of its life in a car park in a city with great public transport.

Toyota made tentative steps in this direction a few years ago when they bought Cityhop.

I enjoy my Hyundai EV subscription with Zilch but it's still not quite what I'm looking for.

#Tesla #Toyota #Hyundai #EV #Cityhop #Zilch #CarSharing #ClimateChange #NZ

Fuck Elon :mastodon:
3 days ago

It is almost Friday! Sharing my collection of mean nicknames, in order of preference. Send me your top 3.

#1 Loco Elmo
#2 Bizarro Iron Man
#3 Space Karen
#4 10-micron Musk
#5 Chief Twat
#6 Phony Stark
#7 Gremlin Elmo
#8 Apartheid Clyde
#9 CyberSchmuck
#10 Vox Diaboli
#11 Musketamined
#12 L. Ron Musk
#13 Enron Musk
#14 Melon Musk
#15 Rocket jesus
#16 Muskrat
#17 Elmo
#18 TechBro Trump

#ElonMusk #Twitter #X #tesla #SpaceX

Glyn Moody
4 days ago

#Tesla loses legal action in Sweden as dispute with Nordic unions escalates - I don't think musk understands how the EU works when it comes to unions...

Dr. Traci Birge
4 days ago

Ah, The Finnish transport union has joined in support of the Swedish workers with a sympathy strike. It’s incredibly powerful- nothing moves when the transport unions strike, and now it’s Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland 😂.

Musk should have come to the table when the Swedes asked nicely. #AKT #Tesla #RightToUnionize #UnionStrong

4 days ago

@georgetakei #Musk doesn't like in-person violent crime appearing in video games. Having #Tesla drivers be the beta testers and dying horribly in flaming car crashes in real life is okey-dokey with him though.

4 days ago

New court decision in the #Tesla vs #Nordic model of #labor soap opera, thursday dec 7.

Tesla may NOT collect registration plates. Let’s see how many hours this stands.

Paris Marx
4 days ago

The fallout is growing from Tesla’s continued refusal to sign a collective agreement with its Swedish mechanics.

On top of the solidarity strikes, one of Denmark’s largest pension funds is selling its $58 million stake in Tesla for refusing to respect the Nordic labor model.

#tech #tesla #union #strike

Danish pension fund to sell its Tesla shares over union dispute
heise Autos
4 days ago

Streikwelle gegen Tesla in Schweden: Unterstützung aus Dänemark und Norwegen

Seit Wochen wird Tesla in Schweden durch Massenstreiks gedrängt, einen Tarifvertrag in Werkstätten zu akzeptieren. Nun schwappt die Streikwelle über die Grenze.

#Streik #Tesla #news

Paris Marx
4 days ago

Solidarity with Nordic unions taking the fight to Tesla. Elon Musk will lose. ✊

#tesla #elonmusk #strike

Tesla battle with Swedish unions spreads to Denmark  3F dockworkers and drivers say they will take sympathy action to prevent US cars reaching Sweden
5 days ago

A new consumer survey found that 67 percent of respondents said they wouldn't buy Tesla's Cybertruck after finding out more details about it, such as price.

#news #texas #tesla #tech

#Whistleblower claims #Tesla doesn't even follow its own #safety guidelines