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#Kritik an brandenburgischer #Landesregierung: „#Regierungschef u. #Minister müssen zurücktreten.“ #NABU, #Grüne_Liga u. #VNLB fordern am #Tag_des_Wassers (21. März) deren #Rücktritt. Grund: Ihr Verhalten bei und zu #Tesla in #Grünheide F: pit

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Still waiting on #tesla #fsdbeta 11.3.2 - nothing here.

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»One US official described #Tesla as a Chinese company with an American subsidiary. The company’s factory in Shanghai accounted for more than half of its global production last year. Biden himself has said that the entrepreneur’s foreign ties are “worthy of being looked at.”«

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The real #Nikola #Tesla once said:
instinct is something which transcends knowledge. We have, undoubtedly, certain finer fibers that enable us to perceive truths when logical deduction, or any other willful effort of the brain, is futile.

John Refior
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"Musk was unconvinced and overruled his engineers. In May 2021 Tesla announced it was eliminating radar on new cars. Soon after, the company began disabling radar in cars already on the road. The result, according to interviews with nearly a dozen former employees and test drivers, safety officials and other experts, was an uptick in crashes, near misses and other embarrassing mistakes by Tesla vehicles suddenly deprived of a critical sensor"

free link
#Tesla #ElonMusk

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Statement der @IL_Berlin dazu 🔥
RT @IL_Berlin
🚩 Aktion vor dem #Tesla-Store in Berlin +++ Driving For A Burning Planet

1️⃣ Die E-Autos sind eine Wasser-Katastrophe und somit eine dreckige Lüge!

2️⃣ Die Autoproduktion und der Ausbau des Werks bei #Berlin müssen gestoppt werden!

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Aktion vor dem #Tesla-Store in Berlin!

++ Driving For A Burning Planet ++

Seit einem Jahr produziert Tesla grüne Lügen im Wasserschutzgebiet in Grünheide! Nicht mit uns!
#TeslaDeMUSKieren #KeinenLiterWasserMehrFürTesla
📸 © Marlene Charlotte Limburg

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Last 10 Years...
#Bitcoin BTC: +59,647%
#NVIDIA NVDA: +8,661%
#Tesla TSLA: +7,556%
#AMD AMD: +3,663%
#Microsoft MSFT: +1,102%
#Netflix NFLX: +1,049%
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S&P 500 SPY: +201%
US CPI: +30%
#Gold GLD: +19%

IL Berlin
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🚩 Aktion vor dem #Tesla-Store in Berlin +++ Driving For A Burning Planet

1️⃣ Die E-Autos sind eine Wasser-Katastrophe und somit eine dreckige Lüge!

2️⃣ Die Autoproduktion und der Ausbau des Werks bei #Berlin müssen gestoppt werden!

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🚩 Aktion vor dem #Tesla-Store in Berlin +++ Driving For A Burning Planet

Die E-Autos sind eine Wasser-Katastrophe und somit eine dreckige Lüge!

schwarz gekleidete aktivisti verkleben plakate vor dem berliner tesla store
fassade des tesla stores in berlin. große plakate mit dem text "driving for a dead planet" kleben an wand uns fenstern
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#Cars #SelfDriving #Tesla #Musk: "Long before he became “Chief Twit” of Twitter, Elon Musk had a different obsession: making Teslas drive themselves. The technology was expensive and, two years ago when the supply chain was falling apart, Musk became determined to bring down the cost.

He zeroed in on a target: the car radar sensors, which are designed to detect hazards at long ranges and prevent the vehicles from barreling into other cars in traffic. The sleek bodies of the cars already bristled with eight cameras designed to view the road and spot hazards in each direction. That, Musk argued, should be enough.

Some Tesla engineers were aghast, said former employees with knowledge of his reaction, speaking on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution. They contacted a trusted former executive for advice on how to talk Musk out of it, in previously unreported pushback. Without radar, Teslas would be susceptible to basic perception errors if the cameras were obscured by raindrops or even bright sunlight, problems that could lead to crashes."

Nikola's Rage :verified:
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The real #Nikola #Tesla once said:
The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter — for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way. He lives and labors and hopes.

Der US-Amerikaner Cody Detwiler baut Trucks und PS-starke Fahrzeuge um. Nun hat Detwiler ein Tesla Model 3 an seine Belastungsgrenze gebracht. Er baute dem Tesla drei Meter hohe Wagenräder an, die sonst für Kutschen genutzt werden.

Er fährt damit kopfüber, wofür die Hilfe eines Baggers benötigt wurde, der den #Tesla umgedreht hat.

Mehr zu dem skurrilen Umbau und der Testfahrt findest du in unserem Artikel: 👉

Tesla Model 3 fährt mit 3 Meter hohen Rädern eine Straße entlang.
11 hours ago

Electric-car maker #Tesla says that its next motor will not use any rare-earth metals, which are expensive, difficult to extract and fraught with environmental and ethical concerns.

Scientists are not convinced.

The problem here is physics, which not even Tesla can alter.

#rare_earth_metals #magnetism

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The real #Nikola #Tesla once said:
If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Tesla News International
16 hours ago

Tesla (TSLA) scores Baa3 Moody’s rating for ‘stable’ outlook

#MoodysRating #Featured #Tesla #News

J. Steven York
18 hours ago

#Tesla's self driving program may have been doomed when Musk insisted, over advice of engineers, to eliminate radar sensors. He's often quoted that "No part is the best part," which is smart. But to INSIST that a given part be eliminated, especially from a production product, against evidence is very dumb.
#engineering #management #selfdriving #automotive #cars

If you value your sanity, leave Twitter. If you value your life, don’t buy a Tesla. The reason is the same. #ElonMusk #Tesla #Twitter
“"No one believed me that working for Elon was the way it was until they saw how he operated Twitter," Bernal said, calling Twitter "just the tip of the iceberg on how he operates Tesla."”

20 hours ago

How #Elon #Musk knocked #Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ off course #FSD (free gift article)

Nikola's Rage :verified:
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The real #Nikola #Tesla once said:
From childhood I was compelled to concentrate attention upon myself. This caused me much suffering, but to my present view, it was a blessing in disguise for it has taught me to appreciate the inestimable value of introspection in the preservation of life, as well as a means of achievement.

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Hoppla, da haben wir noch ein #Tesla #MODEL3 Shirt in M (Anthrazit) im Schrank gefunden (neu!) – wer schnell ist, bekommt es versandkostenfrei für reduzierte 29€ (statt 35)!

Be fast! 💨

Zero Day Initiative
1 day ago

As we head into #Pwn2Own Vancouver, Kim Nash of @wsj took a look at one of the more interesting results from our last event. We have an exciting week lined up with more than $1,000,000 USD at stake - plus a #Tesla. Stay tuned for all the results and highlights.

Arie Goldshlager
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[AP] Scratched EV battery? Your insurer may have to junk the whole car

"While some automakers like Ford Motor Co (F.N) and General Motors Co (GM.N) said they have made battery packs easier to repair, Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) has taken the opposite tack with its Texas-built Model Y, whose new structural battery pack has been described by experts as having "zero repairability.""


Meine TeppichKehrseite 🤪😵‍💫
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Warum wird eigentlich immer nur auf Elektro-#Neufahrzeuge abgezielt. Wir haben doch schon genug Blech im Bestand, für das man aufgrund der seit Jahren praktizierten Modul- und Gleichteilbauweise sicher etwas passendes entwickeln könnte. Die Fahrzeughersteller müssten halt umdenken. Notfalls per Zwang.
Umweltfreundlicher wäre das allemal. Ein Bestandsmarkt … den man natürlich nicht will.

Ich erinnere an dieser Stelle daran, dass der erste #Tesla auch nur ein modifizierter #LotusElise war.

1 day ago

The effects of narcissism in full display.

<<After #Tesla announced it was removing radar in May 2021, the problems were almost immediately noticeable, the former employees said. That period coincided with the expansion of the Full Self-Driving testing program from thousands to tens of thousands of drivers. Suddenly, cars were allegedly stopping for imaginary hazards, misinterpreting street signs, and failing to detect obstacles such as emergency vehicles, according to complaints filed with regulators.>>

How Elon #Musk knocked Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ off course

"For many #ElectricVehicles, there is no way to repair or assess even slightly damaged battery packs after accidents, forcing insurance companies to write off cars with few miles...

While some automakers like #Ford and #GeneralMotors said they have made #battery packs easier to repair, #Tesla has taken the opposite tack with its Texas-built Model Y, whose new structural battery pack has been described... as having 'zero repairability.'"

#EV #FossilFuels #sustainability

1 day ago

@noahshachtman Washington Post has a paywall. Here's the report without the paywall.;

#elonMusk #Tesla #selfDriving #stubbornEgo

Car scrapyards are filling up with #EVs written off after minor collisions, thereby writing off overall emissions gains from being electric. #Tesla is the worst for unrepairable and unsalvageable batteries.


1 day ago

Mein #Tesla kann jetzt dank eines OTA Updates isländisch. Super! Ich hätte da auch noch einen Vorschlag für ein Update: Wieso nicht das hier integrieren? #elektroauto

Alexander Ruthol
1 day ago

Elon Musk is an idiot who knows nothing about cars, rockets, or software. He's a market manipulator who bought companies, surfed on zero interest rates, and crashed the second interest rates rose.

#ElonMuskIsAnIdiot #Tesla #NeverBuyTesla

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"#Twitter beantwortet Presse-Anfragen mit Kothaufen-#Emoji"

"Elon #Musk hat offenbar keine Lust mehr auf die Presse – oder es ist wieder ein Scherz, den wohl nur die eingeweihten Musk-Jünger verstehen: Alle Anfragen, die die offizielle Twitter-Email-Adresse erreichen, werden .. mit einem Kothaufen-Emoji beantwortet."

Will Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger das für Scherz halten?

#Journalismus #Medien #Machtmissbrauch #Neuralink #Presse #SpaceX #Tesla


Keith Wilson
1 day ago

“I just knew that putting that software out in the streets would not be safe,” said a former #Tesla #Autopilot engineer who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation. “You can’t predict what the car’s going to do.” #FullSelfDriving

Nagy Viktor
1 day ago

A #Tesla charges at a Ionity tower with idle Tesla superchargers in the back. Why would anyone build out parallel networks?

A #Tesla charges at a Ionity tower with idle Tesla superchargers in the back.
2 days ago

Elon Musk has a genius for screwing things up.

#elonMusk #Tesla #SelfDriving #cars #stubbornStupidity

#Tesla’s automated driving problems are a harbinger of over-reliance on what is fundamentally an insufficient and simplistic technical approach to Artificial Intelligence. 5/5
#AutomatedDriving #robotics #artificialintelligence #AIhype

It is worth noting that this is the same AI technology behind the Large Language Models (LLM) at the core of the highly touted systems such as #ChatGPT that are currently capturing popular attention. Their fundamental failures with text have the same root cause as #Tesla’s (and others) failures with automated driving — no real understanding or reasoning about what they perceive. The bottom line… 4/5
#LLM #LLMs #AI @garymarcus

Musk’s decision to eliminate the radars coincided with the rising #hype around #AI methods (ie., “neural networks”) whose proponents argued that camera-based computer vision was sufficient. As the original AI experts left Tesla, I know true-believer neural network engineers, with no real expertise in other key areas of AI, were hired by #Tesla after the “no radars” decision. So Musk likely felt there was technical support for his decision. Yet…3/5
#neuralnetwork #computervision #radar #AIhype

“How Elon Musk knocked Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ off course”

I used to work for a major parts supplier to #Tesla. #Musk imposed a philosophy of using the least expensive parts possible in the Tesla vehicles, right down to the latches on the trunk. Therefore, engineers working at our company on automated driving were aghast, but not surprised, when Musk eliminated the radars. #Radars are expensive and therefore a natural target for cost cutting. However …1/5

Jeri Dansky
2 days ago

"One of the former [Tesla] employees said that he left for Waymo. 'They weren’t really wondering if their car’s going to run the stop sign,' the engineer said."


#Tesla #Musk #ElonMusk

Thomas Knight
2 days ago

Once again, #ElonMusk is showing what an amazing businessman he is by how professionally he is helming #Twitter. I am curious about why anyone would trust any of their money on #Tesla stocks at this point, having seen what an incompetent child he is.

Adam Greenfield
2 days ago

Wow: Elon #Musk personally “value engineered” away the radar units that made Tesla’s promise of autonomous driving even remotely practicable, *and via software updates disabled radar on already-sold vehicles physically equipped with it*, which is why there have been so many more crashes and near-misses involving #Tesla vehicles than there were before. This has #classaction written alllll over it.

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
2 days ago

Elon Musk is #transphobic. As a #trans content creator covering #Tesla, I wish we didn’t have to cover him.

@petersuber @conservancy not surprised by #JohnDeere doin that shit...
Same with #Tesla tho: both are bad!

Arie Goldshlager
2 days ago

#Tesla #FSD

[Gift Article] How Elon Musk knocked Tesla’s ‘Full Self-Driving’ off course

"Musk has described the Tesla “Full Self-Driving” technology as “the difference between Tesla being worth a lot of money and being worth basically zero,” but his dream of autonomous cars is hitting roadblocks."

#ElectricVehicles #AutonomousVehicles

@dmoser @notjustbikes Cuz as shitty as it sounds: #Tesla & Co. can't make any vehicle that comes close in terms of total envoirmental cost than my old 2007 Corsa D.

Aubrey De Los Destinos
3 days ago

– Czym się różni Tesla od konia?
– Kiedy Tesla nawali, to stoi. Kiedy koń nawali, idzie dalej.


Oliver Schafeld
3 days ago

«#Tesla has never been good at building cars...» – phew, that's how a documentary starts, linked in this week's Forbes newsletter.

Here without ads:

From riding as passenger in a T., I would confirm 'anecdotes' about misaligned interior panels, poor seat cover stitches, and crappy looking hinges. And how it's legal to operate so much just via tablet is still beyond me.

Compared to US competitors alone it «looks nice, feels cheap» – d'accord.

Adam Cook
5 days ago

@lorakolodny I discuss (what I consider) #Tesla's #FSDBeta wrongdoings often here (in the interest of public education) - and there has been support for that and (generally) healthy pushback.

For what it is worth, I have always appreciated your attention, insight and inquires into the #SystemsSafety elements of the #automotive and #ADS industry, which I feel is unique amongst the reporting I happen across today.

I think all of your reporting would be very welcome here.

Smashing Security podcast
5 days ago

The twisted tale of the two Teslas, and a deepfake sandwich.

All this and more is discussed in the latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans @gcluley and Carole Theriault.

#cybersecurity #podcast #tesla #deepfake

Darnell Clayton :verified:
6 days ago

@bhorst That is definitely true for #SpaceX & #Tesla! Well, it is probably true for the vast majority of companies on Earth.

To paraphrase Coach Belichick from the #Patriots: “Players win games but coaches lose them.”

The same is probably true for companies as well, as the employees are the reason they succeed & the leaders are the reason they fail.

6 days ago

: )

" #Tesla Inc has been sued in a pair of proposed antitrust class actions accusing the company of unlawfully curbing competition for maintenance and replacement parts for its electric vehicles, forcing owners to pay more and wait longer for repair services." #legal

Jon Hancock
6 days ago

Gizmodo: "Tesla App Lets Man Accidentally Steal a Model 3 That Wasn't His"


@RIDDLES #christine was the first self-driving car to catch on fire..way before #Tesla made it a standard feature…

@ai6yr I think that's a #Tesla driver error. Like them setting #autodrive on I80 and checking their texts and emails going 64 in the fast lane.

1 week ago

Dumb #Tesla features: when it is raining, only the headlights go on, NOT the rear running lamps. Passed 48 Teslas, 3 with lights both front and back, 2 with lights randomly on off, and the rest with only front or no lights. Torrential rain.

1 week ago

I walked past it 30 ago, it was fine, just now, suspension died while parked. Glad its not mine #Tesla

A white Tesla Model S with a broken suspension back right.
Adam Cook
1 week ago

#Safety is a word that is tossed around like a cheap suit these days - particularly in the context of #AutomatedDriving systems and, more typically, in white hot topics like #Tesla's #FSDBeta program.

But what is "safety" (or “#SystemsSafety”, terminology that I prefer to use)?

How is it defined?

This thread is probably overdue given the immense amount of incorrect and strawman arguments that I see out there on this topic - and that has real-world ramifications.

Let us explore very briefly.

Kat ♾️
1 week ago

Are we all understanding now that #tech #billionaires are not our friends, no matter what cool digital toys they sell to us?

#SVB #SiliconValley #Thiel #Musk #Zuckerberg #Pichai #Twitter #Google #Facebook #Tesla

Rocky Carr
1 week ago

@goatsarah I love what #Tesla is doing to shake up the industry, but no way I’d buy one of their cars.

Tesla is basically using its customers as Guinea pigs - selling unproven and unreliable tech and fixing issues as they come up. Panel misalignment so bad you’d think we were in the 1970s, parts falling off, DOA vehicles…

A touchscreen-only car? Talk about distracted driving! I need controls I can recognize and use by FEEL, thank you.

1 week ago

Um.. someone in Vancouver, BC unlocked and drove a Tesla that did not belong to them - it just happened to be parked beside his and looked exactly the same, but the Tesla app allowed him to unlock and run the vehicle

He was able to drive the vehicle for an hour & a half before meeting up with actual owner to return the car

#Tesla #Vancouver #Canada #CdnTech

@tomk I modified the challenge and made a #shortcut that fetches the Odometer from my #Tesla, loads my current location and then asks the user the reason for the trip.

Once this is done it uses an App Intent to send this to my app Volante which is a trip journal app. I need to have all my car trips logged for tax reasons.

It took me some time to figure it out, but it works 😍

Alasdair Allan
2 weeks ago

There was a point, not that long ago really, when my next car was going to be a #Tesla. After everything that's happened, that just isn't going to be the case any more.

Steve Herman
2 weeks ago

Federal investigators suspect a #Tesla was operating on an automated driving system when it crashed into a firetruck in #California, killing the driver and critically injuring a passenger.

Pseudo Nym
2 weeks ago

In the process of moving Rx away from #Walgreens, cancelled our digital #NYT subscription, left #Twitter most of a year ago, and never owned a #Tesla.

Some may call this "cancel culture" but I call it the bare minimum, to not financially support folks whose policies I disagree with.

If you can't do big things, like run for office yourself, at least do little things. They add up.


Andrés Ortiz Massó 🔥
2 weeks ago

Esto de la planta de #tesla en #Monterrey #México a mí me da una sensación de "Bienvenido Mr. Marshall"

Adam Cook
3 weeks ago

The pushback becomes...

"Well, Dan O'Dowd and #TheDawnProject did it... so why can't I?"

The Dawn Project should be contrasting the unmanaged, sloppy, quasi-testing that #Tesla has constructed, with displays of managed, competent and responsible testing.

That is the way to educate the public and, perhaps, educate #automotive regulators.

Adam Cook
3 weeks ago

To make matters worse, it is my understanding that some of these "testing" clips were shown during a #SuperBowl advertisement that #TheDawnProject commissioned...

This type of display really does make the job of other #SystemsSafety experts so much harder, perhaps damn near impossible now (and in the #Tesla Universe, it was already a chore).

This display can be used by laypeople to disqualify competent warnings on safety-critical systems testing outside of a managed SMS.

Adam Cook
3 weeks ago

Such a process is *instrumental* in not only continuously and efficiently protecting the public, but also, in allowing the technical organization to "tease apart" the components of a large, complex safety-critical system (operating within and with other safety-critical systems).

By essentially tossing "beta" software over-the-wall to untrained, unsophisticated human drivers in an enormous ODD with zero controls... no possibility for a SMS can exist.

That is what #Tesla is doing.

Adam Cook
3 weeks ago

Ok. Look.

Real talk now.

I am *extremely* frustrated by the continued, sloppy experimentation that #Tesla is performing on the public via the #FSDBeta program...

What Tesla is doing is not only technically absurd, but obscene ethically.

But this is not ethical "safety testing" by #TheDawnProject - and I condemn The Dawn Project for doing this.

Let me explain why.

(I should have paid more attention to what this organization was up to lately.)

Adam Cook
3 weeks ago

@anthony “He [#Musk] can’t appreciate that this is not a car. This is a person’s brain. This is not a toy.”

Well… neither are a toy.

A car and a medical device are safety-critical systems where the demanding, foundational issues are exactly the same.

It is a bit disturbing that the #Neuralink executive cited does not seemingly realize that.

This whole approach actually reminds me of #Tesla’s vast wrongdoings associated with the #FSDBeta program.

Ilyaz Nasrullah
3 weeks ago

Sinds Elon Musks “Master Plan 3” is de belangrijkste column die ik heb geschreven weer actueel.

Als je alleen maar één stuk van mij leest, laat het dan deze zijn:

Door Elon Musk verdooft ons klimaatgeweten

#Musk #Tesla #MasterPlan3 #Klimaat #EnergieTransitie #Innovatie

Paris Marx
3 weeks ago

In Master Plan 3, Elon Musk wants you to know that if we just electrify society, we won’t need to change anything else. You’ll keep driving a big car and he’ll keep flying around in his private jet.

Its role is not to lay out a bold future, but to constrain the public’s ability to imagine a better one—a future without billionaires feeling they should be able to do whatever they want and have the rest of us cheer them on.

#tech #elonmusk #tesla #climate

3 weeks ago

During his own primary company, Tesla's, headline event, probably their most important business PR day in years...

... Elon Musk is tweeting about how Ukraine can't retake Crimea and talking about Keith Olbermann's dog tweets.

Not at the wheel.

#Tesla #TeslaInvestorDay