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The GOP in Texas made a pow'r grab
To vote rights activists a great shock and jab
In Harris County so blue
They'll now limit who can do
What to change the results of the election they had

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3 hours ago | ‘Unpredictability is our biggest problem’: Texas farmers experiment with ancient farming styles |

"A study is under way in the water-scarce region to see if commodity farmers can use the regenerative technique of cover cropping as a way to adapt to rapidly changing weather conditions" | #Texas #farming #agriculture #ClimateChange

David Harlan
5 hours ago

Yeah, 'cause if there's one guy who can help you keep from getting impeached, it's the guy who got impeached twice

#Trump #MAGA #Texas #Paxton #Jan6 #traitors

Alice Marshall
6 hours ago

#Texas GOP Passes Bills Allowing Abbott Appointee to Take Over Democratic County's Elections
"These bills are not about election reform," said one Harris County official. "They are entirely about suppressing voters' voices."

Wayne B. Carlson
7 hours ago

The Constipation Party pauses for outgassing …
#Paxton #Impeachment #Texas #CriminalPolitician
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10 hours ago

[Chandler Rome] “Lance McCullers Jr. is no longer throwing off a mound, Dusty Baker said. “We have to take it slow with Lance until we know that he’s 100 percent. That’s where it is right now,” Baker said.”

#Astros #Baseball #Houston #HoustonAstros #MajorLeagueBaseball #MLB #MLBAmericanLeague #MLBAmericanLeagueWest #Texas

[Chandler Rome] “Lance McCullers Jr. is no longer throwing off a mound, Dusty Baker said. “We have to take it slow with Lance until we know that he’s 100 percent. That’s where it is right now,” Baker said.”
Texas Observer Lives!
11 hours ago

Correspondent Nancy Goldstein returns to take on Ken Paxton's #impeachment. Has accountability finally come to #Texas?

#KenPaxton #corruption #politics #news #USpol

11 hours ago

Texas lawmakers have moved to shutter all diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at publicly funded universities in the state...#Texas..#GOP..#whitenationalism..

12 hours ago

Are there calls for boycotting states with bad trans, abortion, or "critical race theory" laws? And if not, why?

i'm thinking of states like #Tennessee, #Florida, and #Texas in particular, but I'm sure there are others.

#boycott #ProtectTransKids

13 hours ago
This guy is probably going undrafted (because of his age) but has all the tools to contribute from Day 1
13 hours ago

Texas legislative session winds down with crypto bills still in limbo - State lawmakers passed a proof-of-reserves bill and legislation c... - #cryptocurrencies #regulation #government #texas #law

Marius Fortuna_3
13 hours ago
15 hours ago


#AAPI #Houston #Texas

My ex-wife was born in Houston.

After we were married in 1973, we visited her extended family in Sugarland on our way for us to both go to school in Boston and it was very "interesting" to hear Cantonese spoken with a southern accent for the 1st time.

You have to hear it to believe it and, of course, you have to know how it sounds when spoken w/o the accent to "get it."

LOL! 😉

15 hours ago

We aren't going back

Article: For the first time, more money is going into solar power than oil

#Texas #ClimateChange #renewables #renewableenergy #wyoming

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17 hours ago | Texas’s use of ‘invasion’ clause against immigrants is racist and dangerous, rights groups say |

"Texas is challenging federal control of policy on the US-Mexico border by exploiting what it sees as a constitutional loophole around the definition of an “invasion” but that migrants rights activists see as dangerously ramping up fears with racist language." | #UnitedStates #Texas #GregAbbott #law #immigration #fascism

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#Texas is back!! #HookEm

Aure Free Press
17 hours ago

New Texas License Plate:

Texas - the beat me, whip me, and throw me in jail state!

Texas’s use of ‘invasion’ clause against immigrants is racist and dangerous, rights groups say

Republican governor Greg Abbott invoked state clause after likening migrants to a public foreign enemy, but legal experts say it’s ‘unprecedented and extreme’
#News #GOP #Politics #USA #Texas

18 hours ago

@celset2 I know someone who is leaving #Texas once her daughter graduates from High School. Both of them are afraid to stay in Texas. Women’s lives are in danger there and they don’t see it changing soon. This is what ultra conservatives have wrought

Vincent Biret
23 hours ago

While I'm tempted to say let's #nationalize #VIA rail (it kind of already is), the freight operators and the network operators, it's going to be difficult to convince a part of the population for #ideological reasons. Our neighbours to the south have had some success with private ventures in #Florida, #Texas, and other places, maybe there is something to learn?

G. Paul Randall
1 day ago

Coprinellus impatiens (?)
Piano Key Inkcap
(maybe just a pleated)
#fungi #mushrooms #Texas #nature

Closeup of an inkcap mushroom with radial lines alternating black and white something like a piano keyboard. The center is slightly conical and a reddish mustard in color.
1 day ago

trouble is #Paxton knows exactly where all the (figurative, we hope) bodies are buried.

#Abbott and #Texas' big corporate money have been counting on Paxton's corrupt compliance with their every wish, because his own legal situation has been tenuous *for eight years*

1 day ago

#Texas Attorney General #KenPaxton's impeachment case involves an alleged affair.

His wife may vote on his political fate

State Senator #AngelaPaxton could get a vote in a potential trial in the Texas Senate.

Georgiann Baldino
1 day ago

Fight ahead for #Texas' Paxton after historic #impeachment deepens #GOP divisions
"after years of scandal" [Republicans a.k.a. 'law-and-order' can't decide to hold one of their own accountable]

1 day ago

Deep in the RACIST FUCK HOLE of Texass.

#texas #diversity

Texas lawmakers find consensus on bill banning diversity, equity and inclusion offices in public universities

Big Head Tales
1 day ago

#Fascist #Texas Governor #Abbott is just waiting for the trial to finish before appointing #FourthReich loyal AG that will overthrow American democracy in Texas to assure a 100% #MAGANazi election in 2024.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott can pick a fill-in attorney general. He’s so far been silent on impeachment. - The Texas Tribune

[ South Texas Commercial National Bank ]

📍 215 Main
📸 Frank Schlueter

Built in 1910, the South Texas National Bank was originally located at 215 Main Street.

Even though it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, the building was demolished in 1983 for parking.

#histodons #history #houston #texas #houstonhistory #histodon #photo

A black and white photo of a Greek revival style building with a car parked in front. 

It has 4 columns and an American flag at the top.

Ruth Ben-Ghiat asks why the Republican-controlled House in Texas impeached Ken Paxton, whose corruption has been an open secret for some time. Her answer:

Even though the Texas GOP is one of the most extremist wings of the Republican party, they're doing damage control. Polls show that even Republican women are being turned off by the extemist positions of DeSantis. The GOP feels it's under a microsope as indictments loom for Trump.

#KenPaxton #Texas #Republicans

brad m
2 days ago

Messing with #Texas

How it started: Elon Musk’s #SpaceX Is Buying Up a #Texas Village. Homeowners Cry Foul
“In echoes of the Old West” #BocaChica

How it’s going: #Texas welcomed Elon Musk. Now his rural neighbors aren’t so sure
“I just have no faith that the leadership there values the #environment and these shared resources”
“There’s no #zoning, there are no rules. It’s the Wild West” #BoringCompany #SpaceX #austin #bastrop

Today On Screen
2 days ago

Today, May 28, 1976, is the last day of school at Lee High School in Austin, Texas (Dazed and Confused, 1993)

#Movies #Film #Cinemastodon #DazedAndConfused #Texas

A shot of a high school hallway filled with lockers. A girl is running to class. It is labeled “Last day of school, May 28, 1976, 1:05 p.m.”
Bruce Mirken
2 days ago

Of course it's the @TexasObserver that comes through with the best explanation of the #Texas political s**tshow that is the impeachment of #KenPaxton

2 days ago

Update. Both chambers of the #Texas legislature have now passed a bill preserving #tenure. But it gives control to the legislature, not universities, and the terms for revoking tenure are broad, vague, and subject to abuse.

Commenting on Ken Paxton's impeachment, Heather Cox Richardson says,:

"Some leaders are likely eager to cut loose some big fish to reassure voters that they are not, in fact, the party of corruption. But in states that are currently dominated by Republicans so thoroughly that they are essentially one-party states, there are indeed systemic corruption problems because there is not the oversight that a healthy opposition party brings."

#KenPaxton #Texas #corruption

CelloMom On Cars
2 days ago

In #Texas, "#RenewableEnergy began to challenge the supremacy of #FossilFuels.

Much of the Republican Party in Texas is guided by the #TexasPublicPolicyFoundation, itself funded by two Texas #oil and #gas moguls.

Texas Republicans in the Senate are hoping to permanently cripple the renewable energy industry in the state with amendments on a must-pass bill."

#FossilFuel people running scared. But a cornered cat can lash out viciously.

2 days ago

Texas' Justizminister vorläufig des Amtes enthoben

Der texanische Justizminister Paxton hat landesweit Schlagzeilen gemacht, als er den Obersten Gerichtshof der USA bat, Präsident Bidens Wahlsieg über dessen Vorgänger Trump zu kippen. Nun muss er wegen Korruptionsvorwürfen zunächst vorläufg seinen Posten räumen.


#Amtsenthebung #Korruptionsvorwürfe #Texas #Justizminister #Paxton

maeve harris
2 days ago

#Texas House votes 121-23 to impeach Attorney General Ken Paxton, a legislative investigation having found a years-long pattern of corruption, abuse of powers and obstruction of justice. He is suspended pending the outcome of Senate trial

2 days ago

And The Texas House of Representatives voted to impeach #KenPaxton by an overwhelming majority (121 to 23), so he's immediately off the Attorney General office until the Texas Senate trial.

There's every chance the GOP still rallies around him (since he's been so useful to their national goal of toppling democracy), but on the other hand, the FBI and DoJ are after him, and he may implicate his TX lege chums, so. We'll see.

#Texas #TexasCorruption

Alex Wild
2 days ago

Texas politicians who were just fine with Donald Trump’s behavior in office found Ken Paxton too corrupt for their tastes, if you’re wondering just how bad Ken Paxton is.

#Texas #KenPaxton

BBC News Top Stories
2 days ago

Ken Paxton: #Texas House votes to impeach state attorney general

Ken Paxton, a Donald #Trump ally, is accused of bribery and abuse of public trust - he denies the accusations.

(c) #BBC #News

2 days ago

BREAKING: The #Texas House has voted to impeach Attorney General #KenPaxton over allegations of misconduct that included bribery and abuse of office.

Paxton will be temporarily removed from office pending the outcome of a trial in the Senate.

Renee DiResta
2 days ago

@w7voa the suspended attorney general of #Texas, who tried to overturn the 2020 election with bogus claims of fraud, calls his impeachment “illegal, unethical, and profoundly unjust.”

Steve Herman
2 days ago

The suspended attorney general of #Texas calls his impeachment “illegal, unethical, and profoundly unjust.”

Matt Hodges
2 days ago

A quick scan of the vote, it looks like 60 Republicans joined 61 Democrats in voting to impeach #KenPaxton

#TX #Texas #TXLeg

tanya tussing
2 days ago

"Texas AG Ken Paxton impeached, suspended from duties pending outcome of Senate trial: The House voted 121-23 to suspend the attorney general and refer him to the Senate for trial on charges of bribery, abuse of office and obstruction. It was the first such impeachment since 1975."

#Texas #Impeachment #Paxton #txlege

Photo from @scottbraddock

Texas house vote on AG Paxton impeachment. Aye: 121, Nay: 23, PNV: 2, Abs: 3
2 days ago


#Texas’ GOP-led House of Rep impeached state AG Ken Paxton on articles incl bribery & abuse of public trust, a sudden, historic rebuke of a fellow Repub who rose to be a star of the conserv legal movement despite yrs of scandal & alleged crimes.

..triggers Paxton’s immed suspension from office pending outcome of trial in state Senate & empowers GOP Gov. Greg Abbott to appoint someone else as Texas’ top lawyer in the interim”

Matt Hodges
2 days ago

The Texas House just voted to impeach #KenPaxton. He is immediately, temporarily, removed from office. Trial now goes to the Texas Senate.

Yea - 121
Nay - 23
Present - 2

#TX #Texas #TXLeg

Suz Korbel
2 days ago

@dannotdaniel to everybody not watching the #impeachment hearing in #Texas - there are some pretty great conversations going on. Rep. Harold Dutton is such a gentleman among thieves.

Alex Wild
2 days ago

“In Texas it’s one thing to be corrupt: to be corrupt and useless is another matter.”

Christopher Hooks at the Texas Monthly explains the politics behind Ken Paxton’s impeachment.

#Texas #KenPaxton

Alex Wild
2 days ago

Texas Republicans breaking into open warfare with each other over the unexpectedly sudden Ken Paxton impeachment.


Matt Hodges
3 days ago

Here are the twenty articles of impeachment against #KenPaxton. They span multiple counts of disregard of official duty, bribery, employment of a mistress, obstruction of justice, falsifying statements, conspiracy, misappropriation of public resources, and abuse of public trust.

Impeachment proceedings are starting imminently. If successfully impeached, #Paxton would be temporarily removed from office pending a trial. #TX #Texas #TXLeg

Zach Everson
3 days ago

What happened to make the allegations against Ken Paxton an impeachable offense now, as opposed to a few years ago?

#USPolitics #Texas #KenPaxton

Matt Hodges
3 days ago

Great news out of #Texas! SB26 is set to pass both chambers, and allocate millions of dollars in grant funding to hospitals to expand mental healthcare to children and families. I'm particular excited about this bill because my spouse — a pediatric doctor — provided expert commentary to the committees on this bill's importance. This is but one example of why so many people stay and push to make Texas a better home for millions of people. One fight at a time.

Anirvan Chatterjee
3 days ago

Good news! The bill that would initially have banned Chinese immigrants from owning property in Texas is now officially 100% dead, and not moving ahead.

This might be the end of the Texas battle, but it needs to be beaten back in each of the states where such bills are under discussion.

#NoToSB147 #AsianAmerican #TexasLege #Texas #USPol

Anne Jefferson
3 days ago

This is a pretty neat worksheet that my second grader brought home. It aligns with the actual incidence of extreme floods in the US. But could you figure it out with the marker for “giant rainstorms”? #floods2022 #Texas #FlashFlood #2ndGrade #Geology #EarthScience #education

Map of Texas asking students to locate Flash Flood Alley based on geology topography and giant rainstorms
Omar Moore
3 days ago

Here are the 20 articles of impeachment the Texas House of Representatives issued against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. #Texas #KenPaxton #Mastodon #BlackMastodon

Texas Observer Lives!
3 days ago

Did someone say oddities? For #Newstodon Friday we'll bring back our investigation into the Cult of the Toad Shaman and the potentially harmful usage of #psychedelic substances by barely-trained "therapists":

@ProPublica @TheConversationUS @gbhnews @damemagazine @TucsonSentinel @thexylom

#Weird #news #culture #religion #drugs #wildlife #Texas

Texas Observer Lives!
4 days ago

In light of the resolution to impeach Ken Paxton, let's look back at the story of how he became a right-wing hero:

#politics #news #USpol #Texas #KenPaxton #extremism

BluePeony :bow_blue:
4 days ago

Wow! #Texas

A Texas high school had to move its graduation because only 5 students were reportedly eligible to graduate

>Marlin High School recently moved to a four-day school week to try and help attendance.

4 days ago

Via Angry Staffer:

Oh, so now free and fair elections matter.

In case you missed it, a GOP-led committee in #Texas recommended impeaching Ken #Paxton yesterday, & his tears are predictably delicious.

Eric Kleefeld:

In Dec. 2020, Texas AG Ken Paxton pushed a frivolous lawsuit for the U.S. Supreme Court to throw out Biden’s victories in multiple states. He was a right-wing hero.

Now he says Texas impeaching him would “overturn the results of a free and fair election.”

Texas Observer Lives!
4 days ago

“In situations like this, where public funds are stolen … the question becomes, what would benefit the public the most?”

The Justice Department’s plans to return money stolen from the state of Coahuila raise questions about whom should get the money. Correspondent Jason Buch continues his important reporting into the seizure of bank accounts and real estate belonging to former Mexican officials:

#news #politics #Mexico #corruption #Texas #border #international

Lucy Bernholz
4 days ago

Paxton’s been set for impeachment? How about a trial by his parents-of-transitioning-kids peers, instead?

#paxton #transrights #texas

4 days ago

"a Texas House committee voted Thursday to recommend that Attorney General Ken Paxton be impeached and removed from office, citing a years long pattern of alleged misconduct and lawbreaking that investigators detailed one day earlier.

During a specially called meeting Thursday afternoon, the House General Investigating Committee voted unanimously to refer articles of impeachment to the full chamber."

#Texas #GOP #Impeachment #Politics #News

News headline and photo with caption.

Texas House committee recommends impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton
Paxton, reelected last year by voters who shrugged off his scandals, now faces the prospect of indictment by a House of Representatives chamber in which he may have few remaining allies.

May 25, 2023 

Photo with caption: 
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks to supporters Paxton Watch Party Barn in Plano after being re-elected on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks to supporters after being reelected in November. Credit: Ben Torres for The Texas Tribune