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Wisst ihr noch?

Die Episode der #BigBangTheory, in der Elon #Musk beim #Thanksgiving-Essen für Obdachlose aushilft...

Stellt sich im Nachhinein heraus, dass das der absurd witzigste Moment der ganzen Serie war.

4 days ago

There was a 1.2 kg frozen turkey at about $7.00/lb at one of the nearby grocery stores so I went ahead and bought stuffing to go with it.

Folks, if you've never cooked a turkey before, it turns out that it's called "stuffing" because you stuff it *into the turkey*. Like *through its butt*.

And then you have to baby the thing in the oven for at least 3 hours.

Maybe some people think this is a good idea but I do not 😭 Alas, Matt shall have his turkey!


4 days ago

Eli Roth Reveals Why It Took 15 Years to Bring Thanksgiving to Big Screen
#Collider #MovieNews #Thanksgiving #EliRoth
4 days ago


If you are willing to expand, please tell your choice in the comments along with the general area of the country where you grew up.

#Thanksgiving #RegionalAccents #Dialect #Pronunciation #EnglishLanguage

aburka 🫣
5 days ago

Are any #philly area restaurants doing #Thanksgiving meals *with outdoor seating* this year? I've searched around, but only found lists from 2020.

Ashley Porciuncula
1 week ago

Me: "So, they got on boats and went from England to America. There were already native people living in America but, instead of working together, they stole the natives' land and killed most of them."

6yo: "Wow. I have an idea. Let's... not do that again."

#Parenting #ColumbusDay #Thanksgiving

a.d. 
1 week ago

Attention.. and take note people. (9/23/23)

38 days to #Halloween 🎃

61 days to #Thanksgiving 🦃

93 days to #Christmas 🎄

Rhiwallon M. Dieselpants༄
1 week ago

Prayer for Abundance

We have so much before us
and for this we are thankful.
We have so many blessings,
and for this we are thankful.
There are others not so fortunate,
and by this we are humbled.
We shall make an offering in their name
to the gods who watch over us,
that those in need are someday
as blessed as we are this day.

#Mabon #Thanksgiving #autumnequinox

a.d. 
2 weeks ago

@j .. this is getting out of control. Over the weekend I saw Costco & Cracker Barrel with their #Christmas decorations all up. 🙄😤 #Halloween & #Thanksgiving aren’t even close to us yet. 🎃 🦃 🎄

a.d. 
2 weeks ago

America Express 💳 .. released some figures on their customers. About 30% of their customers have started their #Christmas shopping. 🙄😒 Y’all couldn’t wait awhile longer?!? #Xmas #Halloween #Thanksgiving

Stephen Sekula
2 weeks ago

I am SO EXCITED for @sparky to be in #Sudbury with @jodi and me for US #Thanksgiving!

Heidi Betts
3 weeks ago

Yes, I know...#Halloween🎃 is supposed to come before #Thanksgiving🦃 but #ColorStreet decided to release things a bit differently this year to coincide with Canada's Thanksgiving celebrations.🇨🇦

I'm okay with it, even though Halloween is my very favorite time of year.👻 And if you need me, I'll just be over here...

3 weeks ago
Horror Nerd Online
3 weeks ago

Thanksgiving – Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

#horror - #Trailers - #horrormovies - #Thanksgiving - All will be carved. 🪓 After a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy, a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes Plymouth, Massachusetts – the birthplace of the infamous holiday.

4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

Eli Roth’s Bloody ‘Thanksgiving’ Teaser Pits a Killer Pilgrim Against Addison Rae and Patrick Dempsey
#Variety #News #Trailers #AddisonRae #EliRoth #Thanksgiving

Phil Edwards
4 weeks ago

Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving gets a trailer. Watch it here

#EliRoth #Thanksgiving #slashermovie #horror

La Pesanta
4 weeks ago

🦃 Ara sí!

Primer avanç de THANKSGIVING (2023) de l'Eli Roth.


4 weeks ago

Eli Roth's 'Thanksgiving' Poster Lets an Axe-Wielding Serial Killer Loose
#Collider #MovieNews #Thanksgiving #AddisonRae #PatrickDempsey

La Pesanta
4 weeks ago

Cartell promocional de THANKSGIVING (2023) de l'Eli Roth.

S'estrena al novembre.

Una paròdia dels slashers festius.


WebBee Integration
1 month ago

Shopify NetSuite integration, Amazon NetSuite Integration, BigCommerce NetSuite integration, point-of-sale systems, online marketplaces, and 3PL third-party logistics providers. WebBee offers a wide range of NetSuite-specific capabilities, automation features, and integrations that accelerate enterprise-wide digital transformation.
#BlackFriday #CyberMonday #ThanksGiving #NetSuite #Shopify #eCommerce

1 month ago

#AccordingToTheRules If you wake up the Trumper at the Thanksgiving table, you are assigned host duties; a place next to them at table, and babysitter status for the remainder of the holiday.

#HashTagGames #Trump #Thanksgiving #GOP

Steve Henderson Fine Art
1 month ago

"Welcome home." Those are good words.

May your home be a place that, every time you return to it, says "welcome home." May it be a place where you can relax, be yourself, and not worry about, well, pretending to be someone else.

Autumn Memories canvas print --

#home #house #autumn #fall #thanksgiving #welcome #nature #art #artwork #artist #stevehenderson #fediverse #fediart #mastodon #mastoart #buyintoart #ayearforart #painting #oil #oilpainting #happy #weather

Canvas print of an original oil painting by Steve Henderson depicting a country house, out on land, in the autumn. The sky is filled with full white clouds, and the dirt driveway to the house passes through a line of fall colored trees. In the background is a lake or large pond.
Bedfordview Methodist Church
1 month ago

Save the Date: On Friday, 1 September, BMC will be hosting a #Thanksgiving Social Evening. Join us as we celebrate #springtime! ☀

Bedfordview Methodist Church
2 months ago

Save the Date: On Friday, 1 September, BMC will be hosting a #Thanksgiving Social Evening. Join us as we celebrate #springtime! ☀

Ok #voreday is over, next up is #Thanksgiving 🦃😁 #vore

Only one more month until we start decorating for #Halloween.

We love the holidays in October, November, and December plus we love #fall, so we start with Halloween on Labor Day and switch to #Christmas the first weekend in November.

We like #Thanksgiving too, but the decorations for Halloween and Christmas are more fun.

Thinking about the meaning of #Matariki Māori New Year and how to capture it in words. Also thinking about #JukeboxFridayNight because I find that a time of reaching out and connecting with others over a shared love of music.

How can we capture those feelings in a phrase?
- remembering loved ones who have gone
- connecting with family in the present
- preparing for the next year
- looking to the stars, the eyes of the god(s)
#GivingThanks #ThanksGiving

realcaseyrollins ✝️
3 months ago

@freemo True. We probably disagree on what gives something meaning; to me, the meaning of something is split 50/50 between the people who made or said the thing, and the people who perceive or experience the thing. There can even be a point in which the original meaning of something is completely overridden by colloquial usage, to the point where origins don’t matter at all (such as the word “gay”), or an event like #Thanksgiving, which was originally intended to celebrate and embrace thankfulness for blessings, became an event for equal parts thankfulness as well as greed. Then you’ve got vocal minorities chiming in on other things, such as saying the #FourthOfJuly is a celebration of fascism or colonialism or some such nonsense, or that #Juneteenth is a celebration of wokeness and #CRT.

Now to you, perhaps you may count original intent as the objective meaning of something, which I suppose with work for you fairly well so long as we remain relatively close to the inception of what we’re talking about. As time goes on though, those sorts of definitions can be overridden and you’re left adhering to archaic understandings of things.

After all, nobody uses what’s now known as the f slur to refer to a bundle anymore. But does that mean that the objective meaning of that word is not a bundle?

Critical Cupcake
3 months ago

Have you ever sought to intentionally ruin thanksgiving (or other Holiday) because you hate it?

#CriticalQuestions #Quiz #PubQuiz #Ruin #Thanksgiving #Holiday #StayHome #StaySafe #StayHomeStaySafe

Critical Cupcake
4 months ago

Some native Americans use Thanksgiving as a day of mourning. Do you think we should do away with Thanksgiving due in part to the current social climate?

#CriticalQuestions #Quiz #PubQuiz #ThanksGiving #StayHome #StaySafe #StayHomeStaySafe

Critical Cupcake
4 months ago

Do you look forward to thanksgiving, if only so you can fight with family members?

#CriticalQuestions #Quiz #PubQuiz #ThanksGiving #Family #Fight #StayHome #StaySafe #StayHomeStaySafe

Steve Oberg
4 months ago

My thought for today is simple: thankfulness. For the people in my life, for the many acts of kindness and encouragement shown to me, and for the blessings I’ve been given, for the One who holds me.

This does not mean everything is great. The opposite is true. But I am thankful, and I hope if you read this, you can experience that, too.

#thanksgiving #thankful

Chaos Director
5 months ago

Today on my #substack find out about a #zelda fans adventure with the #French language, time mechanics and #thanksgiving weekend bending time and just a general history on this release on "From the desk of chaos" only on substack!

ProBorsch 💙 🇺🇦
6 months ago

Let’s cook a light snack that will surprise anyone with its non-standard combination of ingredients.

It’s just a great idea to create food that is enjoyable to eat and watch.

This meal is especially suitable for those who wanted to find a non-standard way to include hearts in the serving for two.

Directions you can find here:

#ProBorsch #pumpkin #appetizer #shrimp #love #heart #ValentinesDay #fortwo #recipe #cook #food #cooking #foodporn #seafood #thanksgiving

7 months ago

#MiloManheim, known primarily for his work on the #DisneyChannel #Zombies movie franchise, #DisneyPlus series #DoogieKamealohaMD and his turn in the #DWTS ballroom, has joined #EliRoth's #Thanksgiving horror film based on the fake trailer he made 16 years ago for the #QuentinTarantino - #RobertRodriguez collaboration #Grindhouse. #movies #horror

Actor Milo Manheim poses in a gray T-shirt and blue pants.
7 months ago
7 months ago


8 months ago


Preston MacDougall
8 months ago


Normally a Canadian 🇨🇦 and American 🇺🇸 #Thanksgiving toot, reading about the 2022 publication of “#WilliamBlake vs. the World” ⬆️ made me want to share “Chemical Eye 👁️ on Counting our Blessings” today, too 👉

9 months ago

For subscribed Patrons on #Patreon, check out my latest!
The forgotten history of #Pilgrims & #Thanksgiving Symbols. #EsotericColonialism: Seashells, Tobacco and more...

(Digital artwork created by me.)

Digital rendering of a skull wearing a pilgrim hat emblazoned with a red st James cross, surrounded by periwinkle shells 🐚  in bottom left and upper right corner one transparent brown outline of scallop shell is over the right eye of the skull and the other on the right hand corner over more periwinkle shells.
Where's Walter Travel
9 months ago

Just announced, Two Group Cruises with Rebecca and I for 2023!
Feb 25, 2023 onboard the Sky Princess.
Nov 18, 2023 onboard the Valiant Lady for Thanksgiving.
HUGE deal on the VV sailing if you book by 1/31/23. Book now!
#cruise #cruisetravel #travelagent #travelconcierge #travel #thanksgiving #vacation

Since both of my kids were studying abroad this semester, missing #Thanksgiving and all but the tail end of #Chanukah, we got a little culinarily creative now that they are both home. Enter Thanksgivikkah, a celebratory meal of turkey, latkes, and cranberry sauce (jarred by request) that was also enjoyed by the resident #dog and #cat. This meal might need to become an annual tradition - what do you think @mazeldon??

A large plate of latkes and a small plate of cranberry sauce side by side on a kitchen counter
A pan of turkey breast and roasted carrots on a stovetop.
My black and white dog and grey and white cat side by side chowing down on some turkey scraps!

Not all #heroes wear capes. Some of them interrupt #Thanksgiving dinner, for the best of reasons, and they are definitely not the asshole. Jon saw #MercuryStardust 's #burlesque show, TJ hosts another edition of #UmActually and we are all confused over what happened with Matthew Broderick in Ireland in the 80's.

Dad of the year carving the bird for his family, holding in that daughter-saving fart for when the time is right.

@talia_christine The next time, try "#Thanksgiving #Poutine"!

basically it's steak #fries, then basically everything from #turkey to #mashed potatoes, to #stuffing, (and even the green-bean-casserole), then #gravy on top of them...then a dollop of #cranberry sauce!

It's our "go-to" for thanksgiving #leftovers!

Everyone seems to love it!

I make one big roasting pan of it (w/o cranberry sauce), heat in the oven, take it out and people just take scoops of it and add the cranberry sauce!

Multiverse Mike
9 months ago

Getting ready to start our Family #christmas #movie wathching - I'm list our go tos and would love to hear some other folks!


#SpongeBob - Christmas Who? Episode





..and we forgot to watch the #CharlieBrown #Thanksgiving where #Snoopy serves popcorn and fights a chair, so that's on the list too..

-- as time permits --



What y'all got going for the #xmas #holidayseason?

10 months ago

The family drama surrounding #Thanksgiving for me was that my grandmother finally managed to send our branch of the family off with a culture for her delicious homemade #yogurt. The yogurt culture (and instructions for making more) originally came from my grandma's neighbor, who is Bulgarian and makes THE best Bulgarian yogurt on the face of the earth.

Well, grandma sent the culture off with my siblings in a cooler with STRICT instructions. It all went south from there. (1)

10 months ago

Why yes, I turned some of my leftover Thanksgiving turkey into not one but two homemade pot pies. It’s delicious, too.

#food #thanksgiving

@AngelLisa0515 *blushing* thank you, Lisa! Here’s something I shared for Thanksgiving (I haven’t figured out how to copy a toot ((not a euphemism)) so here’s the link to my tweet:

#thanksgiving #1970s #family #KidsTable

Overhead shot of author and her brother, circa 1974. Both are seated on the kitchen floor, their tables being upside down buckets.
10 months ago

Flight delayed so I'm having a nice little sit down at TPA but I'm on my way home 💜 So very ready to see my fiancé and my dog and sleep in my own bed.

#travel #family #Thanksgiving #holiday

brandon 🌻
10 months ago

Made with turkey broth and schmaltz from thanksgiving, I’ve managed to use every wee bit of that particular bird.

#turkey #thanksgiving #food #MatzoBalls #soup

matzo ball soup
Jennifer Ebeling
10 months ago

Nothing but #Chrysanthemums can be relied on after the first killing #Frost has devastated the #Garden

That is why #Mums should be placed near the house, where the #Cheer of them may be appreciated afar off by the returning #Breadwinner.

Their #Glory sometimes lasts til #Thanksgiving, but the
colors fight like #Cats and #Dogs unless one separates the #Crimson-#Purple group.

- #November #Garden #Flowers, The #Pittsburgh Press (1904)

#GardenersofMastodon #Garden #Autumn #Newpaper #Advice

Adam Rasmusson
10 months ago

Came home after the #Thanksgiving holiday to find the bathroom scale broken. Is this some kind of karmic sign? An insult? Either way, I’m taking it personally.


Aaron Gustafson
10 months ago

If you live in the U.S., please take the time to learn the real #history of #Thanksgiving rather than clinging to the B.S. we were taught in school. Start with this episode of

The Markup
10 months ago

Back from break with a question for our U.S. followers: Did #ElonMusk’s #Twitter come up in conversation at your #Thanksgiving table? 👀

10 months ago

“We Are Spending Scary Amounts of Time Alone”

By #ChristineEmba
WaPo Opinion columnist and editor (so US centric but struck a chord with me in the U.K. too as I’ve no close family left and since the split from my ex I’ve felt terribly alone, something the pandemic magnified!)

The leftovers are in the refrigerator, the turkey whittled down to the bone. Take a breather while you can: Now that #Thanksgiving is past and the holidays are officially upon us, we’ll soon be subsumed into the crush of parties, dinners and social events.
Or … not?

According to economist #BryceWard, our #sociallives are withering.

“The average American spent 15 hours per week with [friends] a decade ago, 12 hours per week in 2019, and only 10 hours a week in 2021. On average, Americans did not transfer that lost time to spouses, partners or children. Instead, they chose to be alone.”
No single group is driving this shift: men and women, old and young, rich and poor of all races and professions have shown proportional declines in time spent with others.

“These new habits are startling,” Ward writes, “and a striking departure from the past. Just a decade ago, the average American spent roughly the same amount of time with friends as Americans in the 1960s or 1970s. But we have now begun to cast off our connections to each other.”

Can we build them back? It’s possible. The pandemic is to blame for some of our solitude, and the 2022 festive season may be the first one in years not haunted by the threat of deadly disease. (Although I should note: Covid-19 hasn’t disappeared, folks. Stay safe!) We should take advantage, Ward suggests.

“Go to that holiday party (or throw one yourself). Go hang out with friends for coffee, or a hike, or in a museum, or a concert — whatever. You will feel better, create memories, boost your health, stumble across valuable information — and so will your companions.”
And an added benefit? “You just might have a good time.”

Hello SFBA! As #thanksgiving break is ending, do you have any tips for boosting #productivity? Boosts welcome!

Sapphic Lawyer
10 months ago

Which of these would be the worst food to have with gravy?


(Please be sure to boost so we can gross out the rest of the fediverse)

Sonya (she/her)
10 months ago

I have heard of pee bottles, but a pee CAN is new to me. It’s pronounced puh-KON! #pecans #pecan #Thanksgiving #Texas #Nuts #AmericanPronunciation #Quibbling #Urine #TerribleJoke

Kathleen Burnard :BP_cuff:
10 months ago

I’m not much of a #Thanksgiving person, but one thing I always do is experiment with #pie. There is always going to be delicious traditional pie available, so it’s not the end of the world if whatever I make doesn’t pan out (pun 100% intended). This year, completely out of character, I forewent pies entirely and made a Maple Bourbon Pumpkin #Cheesecake (something between a Basque style cheesecake and a New York). It was excellent. Monkey was certain it was for him. #CatsOfMastodon #baking

A piece of orange colored cheesecake with a generous dollop of whipped cream, sitting on a white plate that is decorated with orange flowers and leaves on one side. The rest of the cheesecake is out of focus on a cake stand behind the plate. Everything is on a light blue chambray table cloth.
Monkey, a large Siamese cat, is trying his best to get some cheesecake. He is standing on a kitchen chair with one paw outstretched on the kitchen table, upon which the cheesecake is waiting, unsuspecting, on a pedestal to be eaten.
Doug Parker 🕸️
10 months ago

Coming back from #Thanksgiving, I find myself faced with all the stuff I so badly *want* to do collided with the limited time I have to do it.

* Spending time with family.
* Ongoing projects at work.
* 20% projects.
* At least 4 personal projects.
* Getting involved in 3+ communities.
* Actually doing all of life's little chores I'm so bad at doing.

I feel like there's just not enough hours in the day and I can't bring myself to compromise on any of these to do the others. 😩

My photo of the week: America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit - beautiful day for the parade!

#DetroitParade #PhotoOfTheWeek #Thanksgiving

Carmine Granucci
10 months ago

How do you deal with #Thanksgiving #Leftovers ? Turned smoked turkey carcass into stock. Next day made smoked turkey congee, topped with chili oil (roasted the garlic for a twist), scallions, onion, fried shallots and a twist of lime. #cooking #turkey #congee

Smoke turkey stock. Turkey carcass with onions and various herbs simmering in a stock pot.
Smoked turkey congee and all the toppings.
Toppings for congee, includes chili oil, scallions, fried shallots and onions.
Bowl of smoked turkey congee. Topped with left over pieces of smoked turkey.
10 months ago

The best part of #Thanksgiving is the #leftovers #sandwich. Sourdough toast, jus gras, smoked turkey, brown butter sage dressing, pear cranberry chutney, herby zesty shallot crunch, fried sage salsa verde, and more jus gras. So so good!

Everything but the bread I made from scratch.

Big turkey sandwich, well lit, stacked with the fillings as described in the toot.
Keri Blakinger
10 months ago

I saw a TMZ story circulating about the Thanksgiving “feasts” in some prisons.

For context, this was thanksgiving dinner in Georgia prisons. It is far better than their usual fare and not starvation portions. But not exactly a feast.

Though of course when I put it on TikTok, plenty of folks there had to chime in and say it was more than prisoners deserve, this isn't the Hilton, etc etc blah blah blah.

#prison #thanksgiving

Tim Hinkle
10 months ago

In #Detroit, the day before #Thanksgiving is a red-letter day for the #bike community. The three-mile-long #Parade Route on #Woodward Avenue is closed to #CarTraffic and is temporarily #pedestrianized. It's the one and only day of the year where it's safe to #bike on Woodward Avenue, our main street. I couldn't make it over there this year, but this photo shows Thanksgiving Eve a few years ago. #BikeTooter #BanCars

A view from the center of Woodward Avenue at Selden Street looking south at night. The downtown Detroit skyline is lit up. There are no cars on the road. There are orange construction barriers and police cruisers visible blocking cross traffic from entering Woodward Avenue at Mack Avenue a few blocks away.
10 months ago

@maggidawn We are invited to a #Thanksgiving lunch today with neighbours - he is a New Yorker married to a Brit. The only American in the village…

Dr 'Hold-out' Stip
10 months ago

The turkey barely fits in my oven #thanksgiving #downunder #food

Large foil wrapped turkey filling a small oven
rethwyll ✨
10 months ago

In the eye of the hurricane now, before the madness that is Christmas Decorating.🎄Marshaling my strength with pie. #Thanksgiving #SoYesterday #ItsDecorativeHollySeasonMotherfuckers

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
10 months ago

Shabbat shalom to EVERYONE!

What are you all doing for #Shabbat chol ha'mo'ed #Thanksgiving?


Gonna take advantage of Bizarre Consumption Long-Weekend by doing some gadget-shopping?

I _highly recommend_ consulting the Mozilla Foundation's "Privacy Not Included" guide before you start bringing new devices into the house:

#thanksgiving #blackfriday #cybermonday

Oot und aboot on today’s midday walk and found this in one of the Little Free Libraries along my route! 😂

#Thanksgiving #PieForBreakfast #StretchyPants #ImNotEvenSorry #NoRegerts #NoRegrets

Ziploc bag with 2 packages of “Comfy Clothiers” waistband button extenders, left in a Little Library. Happy Thanksgiving, right?
Harald Walker
10 months ago

@darnell Done. Supporting #mastodon and #pixelfed now and am running my own instance, so am my own server admin.
Happy #Thanksgiving

Unatributed 👤 ☑
10 months ago

Happy #Thanksgiving to all of the #American Fediverse. Time for a #classic from the original #WKRP

Unatributed 👤 ☑
10 months ago

Happy #Thanksgiving to all of the #American Fediverse. Time for a #classic from the original #WKRP