#The100DayProject :autism:
2 weeks ago

Hiiii! I have not fallen off the earth, or quit #The100DayProject or anything. I’m just a bit mentally drowning in anxiety about having my first art sale booth at a real life event, and I’m finding I really have a massive mental block against producing “finished work” for some reason… 🙃

Here’s a few favorite things I’ve actually finished lately. Three cheers for finishing things!

#KnezekArt #MentalHealth #MiniatureArt #Watercolor #100DaysOfArt2023

A watercolor painting: A moose & calf stand between some birch trees silhouetted against a vibrant sunrise. The trees have sparse, new spring leaves, and the mama moose has stopped to eat some. The painting is framed in black, and is hanging on a stained log wall.
A tiny (3in x 3in) watercolor of a large fat bumblebee hovering over a pink flower. It’s framed in a small but ornate whitewashed frame.
Two pendants made with miniature watercolor paintings, set in silver pendants, sealed & finished with domed clear epoxy. On the left is a painting of Denali on a clear blue day, with greenery and a flowery meadow below. On the right is a landscape of overlapping blue hills receding into the distance, with the silhouette of a large fir tree in the foreground.
A close up photo of a small art pendant. A 1 inch square painting of three birch trees against a clear blue sky, with three fireweed blooms in between them in the grass below. The painting is sealed onto a simple silver pendant finding with clear epoxy.
Ai 아이
3 weeks ago

The realization that your nail polish and your #blackwork #embroidery thread match!

DMC 156!


In progress blue and purple and pink blackwork embroidery diamonds on black Aida cloth in a hoop. Two fingers with glittery nail polish match one of the diamonds. :autism:
1 month ago

80–81/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Finished this piece, and not a moment too soon. Did a couple final touch ups & framed it this morning, dropped it off at the gallery early this afternoon. 😅

I really had no idea where this was going when I painted the initial gradient (which I did to comparison test some cotton papers), but I'm happy with where it ended up...

#KnezekArt #Watercolor #LandscapePainting #MastoArt #FediArt #Moosetodon

A watercolor painting of a sunrise (or sunset?) gradient. Subtle sunbeam streaks have been lifted out of the wet paint.
A closeup photo of a watercolor painting, showing a sunrise color gradient background, and silhouetted leafless trees in the foreground. The ends of the tree branches where they fork into countless small twigs, are sketched in pencil at this stage.
A watercolor painting of birch and spruce trees silhouetted against a vibrant sunrise. On the larger birch trees some bark detail has been added in shades of gray, and at the end of the birch branches tiny new spring leaves glow a surreal green.
A watercolor painting of a momma moose browsing new birch leaves with her new calf at her side. The moose and trees are silhouetted against the sunrise. On the larger birch trees some bark detail has been added in shades of gray, and at the end of the birch branches tiny new spring leaves glow a surreal green.
Ai 아이
1 month ago

You know that feeling when whatever you are working on looks more and more beautiful as you work on it?



#blackwork #embroidery

Blue and green and yellow blackwork embroidered diamonds on black Aida. :autism:
1 month ago

77/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023
Finally worked up the nerve to pour some epoxy, only to have it go all weird as it cured. 😅😫 For a brief shining few hours though, it felt like sweet, sweet victory…

Luckily I caught the lumpy curing issue while it was still gummy, and excavated almost all of the epoxy without damaging the painting. Will try again tomorrow!

#KnezekArt #ArtJewelry #TinyArt #MiniWatercolor #MastoArt #FediArt

A small silver pendant lies next to a stainless steel ruler, showing it is less than one inch tall. Inside the pendant is a tiny watercolor painting of fireweed flowers under a blue sky, sealed under shiny, domed epoxy resin. :autism:
1 month ago

075/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Started cutting out tiny paintings to fit in tiny pendant findings today. Perhaps tomorrow I will work up the nerve to start doing epoxy pours to seal the artwork in the pendants…

#KnezekArt #MiniatureArt #ArtJewelry #MastoArt #FediArt

A 24x24mm square gold vermeil pendant, with a tiny painting of three birch trees and three blooming fireweed stalks under a blue sky. It is laying on a sheet of black kraft paper.
Two 15x20mm rectangular pendant findings. One in sterling silver holds a tiny watercolor of two red poppy blossoms. The second in gold vermeil holds a watercolor landscape of receding hills in progressively paler shades of blue. They are laying on a sheet of black kraft paper.
Four scattered 24x24mm pendant findings with a variety of watercolor landscape paintings in them, surrounded by small curls of paper that were trimmed from the artwork so each piece would fit in a pendant. Off to the upper left of the pendants is an additional landscape painting, and two equally tiny paintings of red poppy blossoms. Everything is laying on a sheet of black kraft paper.
A tiny oval gold vermeil pendant lays on a person’s fingertips. Inside the pendant is a watercolor painting of a bunch of forget-me-not blossoms with a couple leaves on the left side. :autism:
1 month ago

070/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Today I thought maybe if I plan out the tiny branches on this painting, I won’t end up desperately unhappy with the end result? :blobfoxfingerguns:

I don’t know what my issue is, but like 99% of the watercolors I’ve done lately had zero pencil sketch, and next to zero planning, even though I have noted that the ones I plan more tend to turn out better. :blobfoxthinking:

#KnezekArt #Watercolor #Landscape #BirchTrees #sketching #WhatMadnessIsThis

An unfinished watercolor painting of trees silhouetted against a colorful sunrise. At the ends of most of the painted branches, tangles of branching twigs are sketched in pencil. Also between the tree trunks are clusters of pencil-sketched saplings. :autism:
1 month ago

Remember #The100DayProject? So do I! And I’m back at it just in time for 069/100 of #100DaysOfArt2023 Nice. :blobcatcoffee:

I think the looming reality of multiple shows coming up sent me into a mental tailspin, and I got stuck there for a solid week. Now I NEED to get a couple pieces finished so I can get applications in for the shows in question…

If you struggle with #ExecutiveFunction paralysis, what do YOU do to get yourself moving?

#KnezekArt #Watercolor #Miniature #MastoArt #FediArt

A bunch of tiny watercolor paintings on one piece of paper. The top row is 4 different takes on Forget-Me-Nots, one of which is usable. The next row has two poppy paintings that are not so great, and a nice little painting of some fireweed flowers in an open field. The next row down has one not so great fireweed scene. The bottom row has a quite good painting of the birch trees surrounding a clearing with some fireweed blooming, and a fairly nice fireweed-in-a-field painting.
A close up photo of a tiny painting of three birch trees surrounding three blooming stalks of fireweed. A thumb of the hand holding the paper is shown, for scale.
A close up photo of four tiny flower paintings on a single piece of paper. The top two are clusters of Forget-Me-Nots, and the bottom two are red poppies, one shown singly and the other a group of three. Two fingers of the hand holding the paper is visible for scale.

060/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

I went to bed thinking “what a shame, I took day 60 off from doing art stuff,” but then I woke up and realized that arranging oyster mushrooms into a bouquet and photographing them like that probably counts as “doing something arty,” so here’s my Day 60 a day late…

#KnezekArt #iPhonetography #BlueOyster #Mushrooms #FoodPhotography #MastoArt #MushroomMushroom

A photograph of a large bunch of blue oyster mushrooms arranged in a barely-visible terra cotta colored bowl like a flamboyant bouquet. The bowl sits on a weathered-looking wooden butcher block.

060/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

I went to bed thinking “what a shame, I took day 60 off from doing art stuff,” but then I woke up and realized that arranging oyster mushrooms into a bouquet and photographing them like that probably counts as “doing something arty,” So here’s my Day 60 a day late…

#KnezekArt #iPhonetography #BlueOyster #Mushrooms #FoodPhotography #MastoArt #MushroomMushroom

A photograph of a large bunch of blue oyster mushrooms, arranged into a sort of bouquet, bursting out of a barely-visible terra cotta colored bowl which is sitting on a weathered-looking wood cutting board.

058/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Late night photo editing yesterday, because I got home late, and found my Italian oyster mushroom block had gone bonkers since the night before… so playing with mushrooms happened instead of painting. 😄

#KnezekArt #Mushrooms #DigitalArt #MastoArt #FediArt

A photo of a hand holding a large cluster of oyster mushrooms, edited to look a bit like a colored pencil drawing. In the background, which is darkened and blurred, a second large mushroom cluster sits on a gray and white cloth on a wooden surface.

057/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Closing in on the best way to paint #fireweed on a 15x20mm canvas… felt the need to switch things up after a few days just thinking about sunrises.

But maybe I need to try painting a tiny sunrise scene? 🤔

#KnezekArt #MastoArt #FediArt #Watercolor #MiniatureArt #TinyArt

A two-frame image. On the left side are closeups of two tiny (15x20mm) watercolors of fields of fireweed flowers  under blue skies. Both paintings are framed with an overlaid pice of white material with an oval cutout. A watermark between the two reads "knezek© art". On the right side the two tiny paintings are shown to scale with the artist's hand, which is holding the paper they are painted on.

054/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Started out just testing papers, ended up with something I actually like. :blobcatcoffee:

#KnezekArt #Watercolor #LandscapeArt #MastoArt #FediArt

A watercolor painting of trees silhouetted by a spring sunrise. On each side are birch trees, with tiny bright green leaves, in the middle are two much smaller, rather sparse, spruce trees.

052/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Testing some new cotton watercolor paper… given the brand (Artists Loft), I figured I’d put it up against my cheap cotton paper (craftamo) first. 😅

Big differences: The AL paper warped less. Also it absorbed paint less readily. When I painted wet on wet, the paint immediately spread on the AL paper. It was also MUCH easier to lift color off the AL paper.

Tomorrow I’ll get some Arches involved…

#KnezekArt #Watercolor #MastoArt #FediArt @J_T

Two sheets of watercolor with sunset color gradients painted on them. Each piece also has “rays” of light worked into the gradient, but the rays are much more pronounced on the right hand painting.
Michelle / The Giddy Stitcher
2 months ago

Today has been a happy mix of adult tasks, crafts and snooker.

Got a bit of knitting done earlier, bit of cross stitch on my project for #The100DayProject, bit of gamedev (I have a whole other account for that nerdy stuff if you like that sort of thing, check my bio!) and there may or may not be chocolate in my near future too.

Days like this I am totally just content to sit here on the couch and vibe.

#Snooker #CrossStitch #FullCoverage

View of a cross stitch project with a lot of tiny beige stitches being worked on beige fabric! In the background my laptop screen shows the Brecel Vs Walden snooker match from this afternoon

050/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Full transparency: I painted this last night. But it was very late last night! And the part that’s relevant to today is that I looked at it again just now, when I took the second photo (with my thumb for scale), and I DON’T HATE IT. I painted something tiny and I’m still happy with it the next day!

So. Tiny fireweed pendants are definitely happening. 🥰

#KnezekArt #FediArt #MastoArt #Watercolor #MiniatureArt #fireweed #Alaska #TinyArt

The corner of a small piece of paper is taped down around the edge. Light pencil outlines on the paper show where paintings are supposed to go. One oval outline is filled with a painting of five fireweed stalks in a green field, under a lightly cloudy blue sky. The oval to the left of that image has a bundle of three red poppies, looking unfinished. The bottom right corner of the photo has a watermark that reads “KNEZEK© art”
A giant thumb holds a cutout paper frame against a small paper. The oval cut-out is roughly the same size as the person’s thumbnail. The small window perfectly frames a tiny painting of five fireweed stalks under a blue sky. In the lower right corner of the photo is a watermark reading “KNEZEK© art”
Michelle / The Giddy Stitcher
2 months ago

@meraord Thanks! I've been working on it slowly but surely for #The100DayProject which it turns out is a way better strategy than my previous "leave it in a pile on the floor and hope it one day knits itself"

049/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

My inner critic is such a bitch… I’m trying to convince myself some of these tiny pieces are good enough for finished art pendants. I’m also having a hell of a time trying to decide how to finish the pendants. I’m not having luck finding glass cabochons for the rectangular ones (15x20mm). 😩

But I can’t fix any of that this minute, so I guess I’ll just paint some more tiny paintings.

#KnezekArt #MastoArt #FediArt #watercolor #MiniatureArt #TinyArt

Five tiny landscape paintings sit in the palm of a hand. Each painting is roughly an inch square. Three are blue hillscapes, two with evergreen trees silhouetted in the foreground. One is a meadow full of flowers, with trees in the distance on the horizon. One is a sunset with mixed trees silhouetted in the foreground.

048/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Realistic botanicals are maybe just not my thing. 😅 At least not until I can make myself stop overworking the paper with things that are definitely not working.

Anyhoo, I think that’s my last stab at this month’s subscription box theme. Moving along…!

#KnezekArt #FediArt #MastoArt #Watercolor #SucculentsAndCactuses #PracticeMakesProgress

A hand holds a round watercolor painting in patchy bright sunlight. The painting is of two succulents and a prickly pear cactus in a shallow terracotta bowl with a black rim. The painting is vibrantly colored, but lacking depth and contrast. There are messy paint strokes spilling past the edges of the outline of the bowl.

047/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

#Easter eggs are so festive and fun, even for a nonbeliever. I’mma blame it on the enduring archetypal power of pagan symbolism. 😁

#KnezekArt #MastoArt #FediArt #SpringFestivals #watercolor

A very messy wet-on-wet watercolor Easter egg. A very wet rainbow egg had some of its color sprayed past the boundaries of the egg outline, and rainbow paint splatters were added all over the paper, making small vibrant speckles around the outside of the image, and big watery blooms of contrasting color inside the egg. The painting is sitting on a wood veneer surface, surrounded by five ceramic origami cranes, in rainbow colors.

045/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Took a couple days off to just mull this guy over some more… and I’m happy with where we ended up last night. So after some final file format housekeeping, I’ll be wishing him bon voyage, and getting back to a couple other projects I’ve had simmering in ol’ brain pan in the meantime.

#KnezekArt #MastoArt #FediArt #Ravens #PirateBirb

A ten second video showing a progression of five versions of a black and white illustration of a raven.  It starts out very sketchy and very fluffy, standing flat, and ends up perched on a ship’s helm. At the beginning, a caption reads “evolution” and at the end a caption reads “fin”. All the images are watermarked “KNEZEK© art”. Quiet piano music plays in the background.

042/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

I thought today might be the end of my #PirateBirb posts, but…

…my client prefers the scruffy, sketchy rough draft raven. 😆

I do see what they mean. I feel like there’s always some magic lost when a sketch gets translated into a polished final image… sooo now my mission is to recapture that scruffy, sketchy magic, while still turning out a piece I feel good about calling “finished.” 😅

#KnezekArt #MastoArt #FediArt #Raven #TheMagicIsGone

A puffed-up raven sitting on a ship’s helm. The image is drawn in a very simple near-silhouette style, with some white highlights outlining the feathers, around the bird’s beak and eye, and wherever two objects overlap. An obnoxiously large watermark (reading KNEZEK© art) overlaps the bird’s back.

041/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Inching closer to the finish line with this guy… now comes the really aggravating part: Getting all the feather highlight strokes *just so* 😅

#KnezekArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #DigitalArt #Ravens #MastoArt #FediArt

A puffed-up raven sitting on a ship’s helm. The image is drawn in a very simple near-silhouette style, with some white highlights outlining the feathers, around the bird’s beak and eye, and wherever two objects overlap. An obnoxiously large watermark (reading KNEZEK© art) overlaps the bird’s back.

039/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Having a client declare their love for a design on the first draft is always a thrill, but having *two* clients agree to declare their love for the second draft of a design is maybe even better?

(I’m obnoxiously watermarking all my screenshots of this piece—even the rough drafts—because I’d be so mad for my client if it were stolen.)

#KnezekArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #MastoArt #FediArt #DigitalArt #RavenArt #ProcreateSketch #PirateBirb

A puffed-up raven sits perched on a ship's helm. It's a rough sketchy digital drawing, drawn in black on white, with some feathers on the wing, tail, and throat outlined in white. An obnoxiously large signature/watermark overlays the raven's back, reading "KNEZEK© art"

038/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

I saw a meme with this old 90s paper cup pattern turned into a trans flag, and I thought it was hilarious. So, I edited an image of the original pattern into three layers, and had some fun morphing the colors to match different pride flags…

...and Bi folks, sincerely, WTF. Those three colors have NO contrast. Our flag is a mess. 😂

#KnezekArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #90sThings #LGBTQMemes #LGBTQIA #QueerMemes #MastoArt #FediArt

An image made up of four panels. In each quadrant is a copy of a well-known "scribble" pattern that used to be printed on paper cups and other picnics supplies in the 90s. The pattern has been altered to match various price flag color schemes. Clockwise from top left: The trans flag: pastel pink, pastel blue, and white; the bisexual flag: dark blue, dark pink, and purple; the genderqueer flag: green, lavender, and white; the lesbian flag: orange, pink-red, and white.
A well-known "scribble" pattern that used to be printed on paper cups and other picnics supplies in the 90s. It consists of a broad stroke teal blue squiggly on a white background, with a thin transparent purple squiggle over top of the teal.

036/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

I thought I was going to get a cute little timelapse of the framing on this print, and, well… an hour plus of chasing dust specks under the glass later, I scrapped the whole video. 😅

Mind you, I LOVE the idea of framing my own art. I think framing can be SUCH a dynamic & integral part of a piece! But my gawd, I need a cleanroom for this shit. :blobfoxtableflip:

#KnezekArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #AmandaGorman #FramingIsHell #MastoArt #FediArt

A framed print of a digital painting of Amanda Gorman’s hands, based off photos taken during her inaugural performance in 2020. Between her hands is a quote from an interview she gave the following day: “I would be nowhere without the women whose footsteps I dance in.” Her name appears below the quote.

034/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Started work on a commission for a fluffy winter #raven. In case you ever wondered how animals even survive in #Alaska: The birds all have self-inflating puffer coats.

(I’m obnoxiously watermarking all my screenshots of this piece—even the rough drafts—because I’d be so mad for my client if it were stolen.)

#KnezekArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #DigitalArt #RavenArt #ProcreateSketch #MastoArt #FediArt

A digital sketch of a raven sitting with one wing slightly ruffled, and all his head & body feathers fluffed up against the winter cold.

033/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Spent most of day 32/100 blowing my nose and whining, but I can breathe mostly unimpeded today, so I’m back at it!

My March #watercolor subscription box arrived, and I’m liking the idea of these succulents. I’m not liking my execution as much, but there’s more paper in the box for redos. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Example print on top, my in-progress version below.

#KnezekArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #BotanicalWatercolors #SucculentSunday #PracticeMakesProgress

Two versions of a watercolor painting of a gray planter pot full of assorted succulents sit on a wood-look desktop. The top image is a printed example meant to be copied. Below that is an unfinished practice painting with some changes made.

031/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023 #MarchMeetTheMaker

The first test said it’s not COVID, I’ll take another tomorrow to be sure.

My head is full of snot, no matter how much I blow my nose or how many decongestants I eat… Even my trusty nose washer can’t win this battle.

So, this self portrait is my “something arty” for today. I’ve taken my “coughing, sneezing, stuffy head, etc” pills & now I’m going to bed. 🤧🥱

#KnezekArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #HeadFullOfSnot #iPhonetography

A black and white photo of a short-haired woman. She’s wearing glasses and squinting up at the camera, making a “blah” face and sticking her pierced tongue out.

030/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Sometimes you just have to set aside the paper art and try to get a good photo of the #Aurora … (although if I were *really* trying, I would’ve busted out the big camera)

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #MastoArt #FediArt #iPhonetography #AlaskaLife #AuroraBorealis

A photo of the Aurora Borealis. It’s a broad band of green and pink, shining behind a cluster of bare birch trees.
A photo of the Aurora Borealis. It spans the photo diagonally, in multiple bands of bright green edged in pink. In the center of the auroral band is an especially bright green-white squiggle. In the lower right corner, some treetop silhouettes peek into the frame.

029/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

A mix of things I’m happy with and things I’m not so happy with here. Isn’t that just like life? 😅

#KnezekArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #MiniatureArt #TinyArt #MiniWatercolor #MastoArt #FediArt

Five tiny watercolor paintings on a 2.5 x 3.75 inch piece of paper. Two paintings of a pair of poppies in the middle, a single double-height painting of a birch tree on the right, and on the left a mountainscape with a fir tree silhouette in the foreground below a sunrise with a mix of trees silhouetted in the foreground. The paper sits on a wood veneer desk with a small porcelain mixing palette just visible at the top of the photo.

028/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

OK, so now that I have really TINY brushes, I have complete freedom to overwork the shit out of even the tiniest paintings. 🤣 (That’s a size zero in my giant hand, for scale.)

Gonna have to learn some moderation here, or everything I touch is going to end up a blob.

#KnezekArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #TinyArtwork #Watercolor #Miniatures #PracticeMakesProgress #MastoArt

A photo of a hand holding a tiny paint brush, which hovers over 4 tiny paintings, all painted on one small piece of paper. There is a blue layered mountain landscape, two different pairs of red poppies, and a small winter birch tree.

026/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

So I framed a thing, and I was super careful to wipe all the fingerprints off the glass I thought, and I was thinking it looked great… and then I took a photo, and THAT is when I saw it. The fingerprint. On the goddamn INSIDE of the fucking glass. 😫🤬

#KnezekArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #watercolor #fingerprints #poppies

A watercolor painting of a single red poppy, mounted over a sheet of black paper under a pane of glass, held together with a single small chrome clip in the middle of each side. There are a couple of fingerprints visible against the black paper in the lower left corner of the piece.

25/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Little birdy feet prints meandering in the snow.

While the chickadees mob the sunflower seeds in our bird feeder, the redpolls appear to prefer the birch seeds that fall on the porch? To each their own, I suppose. (click to embiggen)

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #iPhonetography #snowscape #redpoll #FinchFeet #YesISkippedDay24 #WasBusyEating #MastoArt #FediArt

A photo of snow on a flat surface, dotted with birch tree seeds. There are faint horizontal ridges from the bottom of a snow shovel here and there. A meandering trail of small bird footprints crosses the snow from the lower right to the upper left corners of the image.

023/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

I did not *make* art today, but I made *plans* about art.

March 31 is the deadline for a local juried exhibition. Which I find frightening in an exhilarating way. Can I make arts that impress the juror? 😅

And in June there’s a fundraiser for a local waterfowl refuge. Think outdoor art fair, but set up along a hiking trail. (Two words: Watercolor Jewelry) Can I make enough art to fill a tent by June? :blobfoxsnugterrified:

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt

A colorful graphic reading: “Call For Art Fairbanks Arts invites artists to respond to the concept of food for the 6th annual spring juried exhibition with guest juror: Alanna Derocchi” The second O in the word food is an illustration of a beet.
A colorful call for art image reading: “Friends of Creamers Field Design Alaska Wild Arts Walk Artist Applications Are Available! Share your talents with the Fairbanks Community at Creamer’s Field! Applications Due May 11th” At the top left is a logo with two Canada geese, one looking through binoculars and the other reading a book. Below that is a colored pencil drawing of a small blue bird flying next to a purple iris.

022/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

I didn't imagine, when I started my 100 day project, that one image would take over an entire week… but #ravens are crafty. Not only did this guy take over a week of my life, he arranged for a second #raven to follow his lead once I finished him.

So, coming up: More ravens!

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #Birds #MastoArt #FediArt #RavenArt

A two-panel image. On the left is a rough pencil-style sketch of a raven sitting on a tree branch. The bird looks to the right, and slightly upward, with a quizzical look on its face. On the right is the finished illustration, drawn as a nearly complete silhouette, with the bird's eye and a few feather details highlighted in white. The quizzical look is gone, the finished bird looks quite stoic. Underneath the right hand image is a signature-logo reading "KNEZEK© art"

021/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Perhaps tomorrow Mr Birb will get his legs… and then after that I have a real live commission to start work on, thanks to my charming raven friend here! :blobcataww:

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #MastoArt #FediArt #RavenArt #LuckyRaven

A four-panel image, showing progressive stages of an unfinished illustration of a raven, from rough sketch to a near-silhouette with details of the bird's eye and feathers highlighted in white. In the bottom right corner is a watermark reading "KNEZEK© art"
3 months ago

Next drawing done for #the100DayProject . Continuing my lessons in #Krita. This one was on shading.

Digital painting of a cracked human skull with a scar across the cheek.

20/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Working on Mr Raven again… feeling optimistic about this idea. I don't know if I'll get a block carved this weekend, but if I can get his design locked in maybe I'll work on the background painting?

I've also been debating trying this as a screen print rather than a block print. Not sure. What I *was* sure of is that I wasn't tackling the wings tonight. So. Many. Feathers. 😵‍💫

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #Raven #BirdArt #MastoArt #FediArt

A three-panel image. Each panel is a different version of the same black & white drawing of a raven. On the left is a rough sketch in gray. In the center about half the bid is filled in with careful black work over top of the sketch. On the right is the black part of the drawing without the sketch underneath, so you can see the white details on the black more clearly. Across the top of the image is the caption "birb in progress…" and in the lower right corner is a watermark reading "KNEZEK© art"

019/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Spent the evening touching up and reformatting this piece, then ordered my first archival quality giclée print.

It’s destined for the auction at this year’s #FabulousFeministFundraiser here in Fairbanks (by request, I’m tickled to report).

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #AmandaGorman #WomensHistoryMonth #ArtForACause

A pair of slender, elegant black female hands expressively frame a block of text, which reads, “I would be nowhere without the women whose footsteps I dance in. Amanda Gorman” In the bottom left corner is small dark red text reading “(original version)”
A pair of slender, elegant black female hands expressively frame a block of text, which reads, “I would be nowhere without the women whose footsteps I dance in. Amanda Gorman” In the bottom left corner is small dark red text reading “(new & improved!)”
Ai 아이
3 months ago

Day 12 of #The100DayProject!

This medium garnet red colour #blackwork #embroidery is *so beautiful* against the black! The pattern also really appeals to me: it wasn't the fastest stitch because some areas are dense in stitches, but it feels open and open patterns take on a meditative rhythm when I work them.

I have a tendency to become obsessed with a project and work on it, to the exclusion of others. I'm trying not to always just stitch this. It's so fun, though! 🤪


A medium garnet-coloured diamond marks the end of this row, set against black Aida in a hoop. The floss card and a wooden needle-minder of a tree in a jar.

018/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

I took the day off. Entirely. Hardly even thought about art stuff. I meant to, but nope.

#BrainBreak #DayOff

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #MastoArt #FediArt

017/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Sometimes when I bake bread, and I’m very happy with how it turned out, I take silly artsy photos of the fresh loaves.

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #FoodArt #FoodPhotography #iPhonetography #SourdoughBaking #SourdoughBread #BreadPosting #BreadPorn #MastoArt #FediArt

An extremely close up photo of a loaf of sourdough bread. You can see the detail of individual gluten strands stretched out from the bread rising in the oven. In the background is a container of sourdough starter and a second loaf of bread.
A close photo of a small oblong loaf of sourdough bread sitting on a folded gray and white linen bread bag. To the left is the edge of a second loaf of bread.
Two loaves of golden sourdough bread sit on a great and white linen bread bag, which is sitting on a blond butcher block countertop. Behind the bread sits a container of the sourdough starter they were baked with.
Ai 아이
3 months ago

Day 11 of #The100DayProject.

On black.
I did not expect to like this, as I am not a fan of red (I am Team Blue), and it seemed very low contrast even against the black.

But, I think I like this. It is the subtlest diamond I have worked so far, in regards to its colour against the black Aida. The #blackwork #embroidery pattern worked up quickly and it was easy but not necessarily simple. I enjoy how my brain switches figure/ground as I examine it. Fun!


Day 11: ultra very dark dusky rose red diamond with a geometric overlapping rectangles and squares pattern against black Aida in a hoop. A floss card for the project and a wooden needle-minder of a tree in a jar.
Ai 아이
3 months ago

Day 10 of #The100DayProject!

I have been debating what "path" I should take through the pattern. I will finish the tilted diamond row and their tops, then start working up to the top. This path gives me maximum time to consider how to handle that pesky middle diamond that I don't like. 😕 Should I give it another go? Should I replace it with "100D2023"? 🤷

Today's #blackwork #embroidery pattern stitched up quickly and easily. Enjoyable but not memorable.


Day 10 is a dark blue- violet diamond with a diamond pattern inside. The background is black Aida in a hoop with a thread card to the side and a wooden needle-minder of a tree in a jar.
Ai 아이
3 months ago

Day 9 of #The100DayProject!

After Day 8's craziness of acquiring tickets for Yoongi's tour (D2 NYC!), it was nice to settle into the contrast of Day 8's #blackwork #embroidery diamond with Day 9's.

Where Day 8 was this open, super fast and quick pattern, Day 9 is tighter and denser with a four-pack of the tiniest squares woven with thin connections. An intense chain-linked fence. Stitching this allowed me to release the tensions of the previous day into my work.


Day 9 is a medium plum-coloured diamond featuring a tight chain-linked fence blackwork embroidery against a field of black Aida. Next to it is the contrastingly open Day 8 in purple. Also pictured is the floss card for the project and a wooden needle minders of a tree in a jar.

016/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Ahhh. The joy of unlimited undos while sketching. Birdfriend here finally has the right beak, with no more eraser or paper eaten up with trying.

Then once I get the angle of Bird's head *juuuust so* I have to move it back onto paper, and THEN risk screwing it all up during block carving. 😂

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #Raven #Corvid #FluffyWinterBird #ProcreateSketch #MastoArt #FediArt

A rough digital sketch of a raven sitting on a branch, in black lines on a pain white background. Its wings are tucked behind its back, but all is feathers are a bit ruffled, making it look a bit extra fluffy.

014/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

It was blindingly sunny today. Also well above freezing. Spring is definitely on the way!

Took some reference photos out my living room window, for the next time I feel like painting trees in the snow.

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #iPhonetography #MastoArt #FediArt #BirchTrees #AlaskaLife

A photograph of a mixed birch & aspen forest in the snow. Very bright sunlight makes one side of the birch tree trunks look almost as if they’re glowing, and the tree shadows are sharp blue-gray stripes on the bright white snow.

13/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Got sidetracked today & before I knew it, it was almost midnight with no arting. 😱

Found my #PentelBrushPen, warmed up a little, and said hello. After not doing brush inking for years, I’ll take it! :artcapy4:

(Fountain pen manufacturers need to take notes from Pentel. If that little $10 guy doesn’t dry out sitting for YEARS, why can’t my Pilot Metropolitans do the same for a week??)

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #BrushPen #BrushLettering #MastoArt

A black plastic pen sits on a folded paper towel next to a white bit of card stock with the word “hello” written with black ink in exaggerated script lettering.

011/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

I’m just here to say that #peonies are RIDICULOUS. Absolutely absurd. Nobody needs that many petals. They’re out here making ROSES look conservative.

What the hell, peonies? What. The. Hell.

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #MastoArt #FediArt #Watercolor #LooseFlorals #WatercolorFlorals #PracticeMakesProgress

A loose watercolor sketch of a rose-pink peony blossom. In the bottom left corner messy pink paint strokes slightly overlap the bottom edge of the central flower.

009/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

I did not draw or paint anything yesterday. But I thought a lot, about art. My art, specifically.

See, on Wednesday I almost applied for a local artist grant program. I started the application! I got most of the essay questions answered! I started uploading images! And then it was midnight, and I hadn’t finished in time.

I’d been debating applying for weeks before that. So, why did I wait until… (con’t)

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #MastoArt #FediArt

Lorem Ipsum nonsense text, formatted like an essay paper with a large headline. Over the text at the top right is a large A+ in a circle, hand written in translucent bright red.

007/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Didn’t think I was actually going to do any New Art™ today, but here it is, ten to midnight, and I just made this tiny thing. (Can’t say as I’m too impressed with the attempted shrub in the bottom left, but the rest of it is quite nice, isn’t it? 😬)

Anyhoo, that’s a wrap on Day 7 of 100 for me. 😴

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #TinyPainting #Watercolor #MiniArt #LandscapeArt #MastoArt #FediArt

A small landscape painting, laying on a wood-grain surface, with a small porcelain watercolor palette visible in the top left corner of the image. The painting shows a field with a dirt path winding through into the distance. The bright blue sky is partly cloudy, and there is a tree line of evergreens at the horizon. There are red & yellow wildflowers scattered in the distance, and in the bottom left foreground, there’s a large shrub.
A hand in the lower left of the photo holds a tiny watercolor landscape by one corner. The painting shows a green meadow with scattered wildflowers, and a dirt pathway disappearing into the distance. The sky is cloudy yet bright blue, and the horizon is filled with distant evergreen trees. The background of the photo shows various art supplies laid out for painting.

006/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

No new art today, but I did pick up some absurdly cheap frames at the local Michael’s, and pop a couple of my little #watercolor faves in them (hand for scale), along with carefully fiddling my favorite birch tree painting into a big frame for the spousal office.

(I’m not sure I *like* the last frame, but 11x14 is the size w/ the right proportions & I sure wasn’t splashing out for a custom jobbie. 🫢)

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #MastoArt #FediArt

Two small watercolor paintings in small black frames. One shows four red poppies scattered around a white background, and the other shows rainbow hued paint drips stretching from each edge of the paper to meet in the middle.
A hand holds a very small watercolor in a 3.5 x 5 inch black frame. The painting shows rainbow colored paint drips running from the top & bottom edge of the paper & meeting in the middle. In the background is a second, slightly larger, watercolor of four red poppy flowers scattered around white paper at varying angles. The second painting is also in a black frame.
A small watercolor study of four red poppies sits on a woodgrain tabletop in a very thin black frame.
A watercolor landscape of rolling snowy hills with scattered birch trees & small spruce saplings. The sky is a robins egg blue, and the trees cast long shadows in the winter sun. The painting is mounted in a “frameless” frame, on a white backing board, and everything is held together with small silver-tone clips around the edges.

005/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

All three iterations of my #EmmaXCraftamo project box birch snowscape. There are things I like best about each one, but overall I’m happiest with the third (and final) version I finished today. That one might actually warrant a frame! 🫢

My scraggly little spruce trees need improvement as do my shadows, but I’ll work on them more in another context.

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #Watercolor #WatercolorLandscape #BirchTrees #AlaskaLife #MastoArt #FediArt

A watercolor painting of scattered birch trees on snowy hills. There are four small snow-covered  scraggly little spruce trees growing near each small stand of birch trees.
A watercolor painting of scattered birch trees on snowy hills. There are three sad scraggly little spruce trees around the landscape too.
A watercolor painting of scattered birch trees on snowy hills. Inexplicably, there are tufts of brown dead grass growing through the snow.

004/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Take three on the snowy birch trees #painting. I’m out of the paper that came with the subscription box after this tho, so maybe that’s going to break the spell? 😬 How exactly do #watercolor hexes work, anyhow?

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #MastoArt #FediArt

A very simple watercolor landscape background. There are snowy rolling hills in the foreground, and the sky is a bluish lavender color. The paper is taped down to a white surface, and above the painting are the words “How it started…"
A watercolor of rolling snowy hills with scattered birch trees and four little scraggly spruce saplings.  The paper is taped down to a white surface, and above the painting are the words “How it’s going!"
Ai 아이
3 months ago

Day 4 of #The100DayProject!

I am getting back into the daily rhythm of this #blackwork #embroidery project. Because I have a lot of new relationship energy with this pattern, I need to resist working on it constantly: I have to remind myself this is a walking marathon project.

I love the medium cornflower blue against the black Aida. It feels low-vibe INTENSE. The pattern is fun, but a diagonal stitching path may have been more efficient over the vertical one I used.


Day 4! A medium cornflower blue diamond lies left-most in a line of other blue embroidered diamonds on hooped piece of black Aida cloth. A cactus needle-minder with a single empty needle is by the finished diamond and a colour card with an array of green, blue, and purple floss rests on the hoop.

003/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023

Did not create any new art yesterday, but I did edit my #AYearForArt 'logo' to look a little more natural.

Mind you, the #poppy is a real #watercolor, and my name in the logo is handwritten, but I assembled the image in #Procreate, and it looked pretty stark at first. So I added cold press paper texture (which is funny, because the flower was originally painted on hot press paper), and faded the text some.

#KnezekArt #MastoArt #FediArt #DigitalArt

Two nearly identical images, side by side. A large watercolor poppy, with the text "2023 A Year for Art" to the right of the stem, up near the flower, and a logo reading "KNEZEK© ART" to the left of the stem near the bottom of the image. The image on the left has a subtle watercolor paper texture, and the text is a variegated gray, almost like fountain pen ink. The image on the right has a stark white background, and the text is plain black.
Ai 아이
3 months ago

Day 3 of #The100DayProject!

I *love* how this colour pops against the black background. I've not done a pattern like this in blackwork and I found it rhythmic and satisfying (and quick!) to stitch.

When I first started #blackwork #embroidery, using black floss against white Aida, I waxed the floss to get it smooth. I stopped regularly using sometime last year, as I didn't think it was needed. I noticed floss fuzziness against the black, so I have returned to waxing.


Day 3 of my 100 Days project! Black Aida cloth in a hoop with three blackwork diamonds in varying shades of blue. A cactus needle-minder with two empty needles.
Ai 아이
3 months ago

I spent about 15 minutes removing the unfinished diamond fragments on my #The100DayProject #blackwork #embroidery before tackling Day 2's diamond.

I'm thinking about ditching the pattern entirely of that center diamond and stitching "2023" or "T100DP"inside it instead. 🤔

Day 2 went smoothly and quickly. It was easy to craft a smooth path through this pattern. I'm stitching the patterns first, then finishing it with the outline. I like the results so far!


Day 2 diamond! Hooped black Aida cloth with two blue blackwork embroidery diamonds. A cactus needle-minder holds two empty needles.
Ai 아이
4 months ago

I went back to swatching the #blackwork #embroidery pattern on a single strand, taking extra care. It turns out that the single strand actually looks fine, it's the pattern I don't really like. I don't like how the pattern's lines and angles converge.

This was not an auspicious start to #The100DayProject. 🥺

A mental reset was in order. I picked an adjacent diamond and decided to work it in a single strand.

Beautiful! Day 1 in the books!
Day 1.5 will be frogging. 😅


Black 16ct Aida cloth in a hoop with two fragments of blue blackwork embroidery, the larger fragment in two strands and the smaller in one strand.
Day 1! Black 16ct Aida cloth hooped with two fragments of lavender blue embroidery in single and double strands and a completed diamond in single strand dark wedgewood. A cactus needle minder holds an empty needle to the side.
Ai 아이
4 months ago

Last night's adventures in #blackwork #embroidery were frustrating.

I've been stitching on 32ct linen over two recently, so I figured a 16/18ct Aida would make #The100DayProject piece work faster and easier: the stiffness of the fabric would require less care. I hooped my fabric and started with a single strand, but I didn't like the appearance of the stitches: they got lost in the black Aida. So, I frogged it and switched to double strand and I *still* disliked it. WTF?


Black 16ct Aida hooped with an unfinished fragment of blue blackwork done with 2 strands.

001/100 #The100DayProject #100DaysOfArt2023 Blue hills, inspired by this photo:

I think it was going very well until I got impatient toward the end. 😅 Although maybe when it’s dry, the feathering in the last layers will look more like trees than a mistake?

#Watercolor question: I taped my paper & it still buckled like mad. Do I need heavier paper? Do I need to dampen & press it after I’m done? What do?

#KnezekArt #AYearForArt #MastoArt #FediArt #WatercolorLandscape

A monotone watercolor landscape. Blue hills recede into the distance, getting lighter in color as they get further away.

The paper is badly buckled from the repeated washes, and the nearest (bottom-most) hills have feathered color into the hills above them.
Ai 아이
4 months ago

Tomorrow is the start of #The100DayProject.

For the next 100 days, I will do a little bit of #blackwork #embroidery each day. Like last year, the pattern I'm using is by Clare of The Steady Thread. The pattern is called "103 Diamonds". I ordered 16ct black Aida as a base. I decided to buy the floss from Clare again.

I'm ready to go!


Against black Aida is the thread pack for The Steady Thread's "103 Diamonds". The kit consists of cards with one strand each of the 103 colours that make up the pattern.
Ai 아이
5 months ago

My current #blackwork and #CrossStitch #embroidery pieces in progress, a pinned summary.

- #TheSteadyThreadSAL 2023 year-long botanical SAL
- Urban Stitches' #UntilDeathDoUsPartSAL
- #TemperatureSAL 2023, pattern by Peppermint Purple
- #The100DayProject 2023: 103 Diamonds, pattern by The Steady Thread
- #CrewelOwlNeedleBook
- #1899ShipCompanyLogo
- #AprilCrossStitch pattern by Alisa Okneas
- #NCTMiniHoop
- #100DaysOfTiny pattern by The Steady Thread


Updated 2023.03.14

Yukari 丼Peerless☑️
1 year ago

Day 100!

This was my 4th #the100dayproject but this was the hardest year because I had other project going on at the same time. I’ve moved from botanical paintings(still love painting poppies and anemones tho) and did more abstracts this year.
I also made lots of cards as typically I don’t know what to do with the paintings after I’m done 😅 If you have any painting you want to purchase DM me- it will be pretty reasonable. Thank you everyone for the encouragement!


Abstract watercolour painting of teal, orange and dark blue background with gold vertical stripes