Ralf Stockmann
8 hours ago

Instant #StarshipTroopers Vibes bei #theExpanse s02e01 - sich bei den Besten der Besten zu bedienen geht natürlich völlig klar, lang lebe die Mobile Infanterie

11 hours ago

Cara Gee & Keon Alexander discuss season 6 of #TheExpanse in their real voices

20 hours ago

Book is the exception. I'm going to continue to book. I need to finish #TheExpanse to give my brain a rest. I've been having dreams about how the book's going to continue and they feel spoilery.

Chris Ely
1 day ago

I really want to find YouTube first time watchers who watched Babylon 5 before The Expanse.

This is how it happened for me, but so many are experiencing these shows in the reverse order.


Jeff Forcier
1 day ago

@joshourisman anyone who's read #TheExpanse knows there's good Indian in Texas! 😂

So, haven't posted here in awhile. Mostly been reading through and moving on.

To the #Woodworking people I have come to like seeing and sharing work with, I finished the glue up of a paper towel holder base and then Other Things intruded and I haven't been able to straighten the edges and flatten top and bottom.

Other things was emptying our living room that hadn't been decluttered in awhile so there was a place for my wife's office furniture from her office now that it's official she will be working from home.

Also, started a re-watch of #TheExpanse the other day. Miller headed to Eros. Rocinante just Donkey Ballsed off some MCRN people.

Also working on a #DnD5e campaign.

Also also also, been lazy at times.

A tiny throwaway scene in THE EXPANSE has lodged in my mind because I think it’s anything but that.

A strong female character who is written with both masculine and feminine coding, is outside in the woods, urinating on the ground, back turned to her male counterpart doing the same.

The scene starts focusing on her stream of urine. “WHAT?!” your mind might say unbidden, perhaps a little shocked. “Why am I shocked?” you might ask. Then you might remember laughing when you learned that Amy Schumer’s husband — an outdoorsy type — hauls it out and pees on nature all the time. You might also recall all the cute, cherubic art of boys peeing an arcing stream while smiling at the viewer.

Anyway, this tiny scene feels like it’s meant to normalize women as natural beings. Plus the character was a total mom wolf and female wolves mark territory too.

Even peeing can be representation? I’m obviously out of my lane; this is the impact it had on me, though.


Jan ⚓️
2 days ago

@rstockm ich habe damals mit #TheExpanse auch erst angefangen, als schon 5 Staffeln raus waren. Hätte ich damals auf eine zweite Staffel warten müssen, hätte ich vermutlich niemals weiter geschaut. Der Plot um den “Cop” hat mich gar nicht abgeholt.

Ralf Stockmann
2 days ago

Ein paar Betrachtungen zu #TheExpanse Season 1, ich hatte da ja einen schweren Start mit drei Anläufen. "Es wird besser" fand ich bei 6 Staffeln immer etwas - beunruhigend. Ich würde das daher als Service mal konkretisieren: wen S01E04 nicht abholt, der braucht wohl nicht weiterschauen. Das ist wirklich ein Quantensprung, und hier gehe ich auch mit IMDB nicht mit - das ist eine 10/10 Folge, die macht so vieles richtig und interessant und originell.

2 days ago
💭 tinderness
2 days ago

🎥 Aufgepasst, das ist eine rhetorische Frage: Ich weiss, ich bin uncool spät dran mit der rund 8 Jahre alten US-Serie. Aber kann bitte jemand ausführen, was an #TheExpanse so besonders sein soll? Die jugendlichen Held:innen? Die lässigen Sprüche? Dümmliche Action? Schleppende Handlung? Pseudowissenschaftlichkeit? Aus meiner Sicht: Das ist wohl doch nur #SciFi vom Banalsten.

The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
2 days ago

Hey adventurers!

I'll be #GoingLive soon (10') with a my first playthrough of The Expanse: A telltale series, episode 2

Join me:

- on #Owncast at:
- on #Youtube at:

Follow @Innkeeper to get notified when I'll be live!


This is one of the reasons why I love The Expanse show!

The science incorporated within the Scifi show is refreshing.

#️⃣ #TheExpanse, #Science, #ScienceFiction, #Space

3 days ago

Damit habt Ihr nicht gerechnet!!

#TheExpanse #Rocinante

verschlossener Karton liegt quer auf der Schreibtischkante. Beschriftung: "The Expance The Official Shop Collection Rocinante"
Im Hintergrund zu sehen das Schiffsmodell von Sovereign aus Mass Effect
Karten mit geöffnetem Deckel. Eine Textpassage erklärt die Herkunft des Schiffs in der Handlung von The Expanse. Das Schiff selbst ist in Schaumstoff eingepackt
Das Modell der Rocinante steht auf einem Fuss auf dem Schreibtisch

@ravipatel I’m planning to start it soon as I finish #TheExpanse. I learned a few months ago that one of my keyboards looks very similar to the keebs on the show </trivia>

4 days ago

Buch 8 von #TheExpanse durch, Buch 9 gerade gekauft 😁

The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
5 days ago

I truly had a blast playing The Expanse: a telltale series yesterday.
Camina Drummer is one hell of a tough cookie and I loved playing as her for the night.

What threw me off balance was the fact that I rushed the first episode in just 1 hour and half-ish. I'll keep this in account for Thursday's live stream and try to make episode 2 last for the entire night


#TheExpanseATelltaleSeries #TheExpanse #Gaming #Videogames

The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
5 days ago

Hey adventurers!

I'll be #GoingLive soon (10') with a my first playthrough of The Expanse: A telltale series.

Join me:

- on #Owncast at:
- on #Youtube at:

Follow @Innkeeper to get notified when I'll be live!

#TheExpanse #TheExpanseATelltaleSeries #gaming #videogames #TheGamersTavern #livestream

5 days ago

Finde es gerade etwas sehr schade dass #TheExpanse nicht komplett als TV Serie umgesetzt wurde. Mitten in Buch 8 ist das gerade wieder extrem gut und spannend.

Mein Vorschlag: drei Staffeln als Abschluss der Bücher, animiert. Werden viele Fans zwar nicht haben wollen, weil "Animation ja für Kinder" ist. Aber in richtig gut gemacht? Wie Arcane zum Beispiel?? Und die Kosten dafür wären überschaubar. Oder zumindest überschaubarer...

The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
6 days ago

And we have a winner!

#TheExpanse won the poll, followed by #Jusant (that will be the next game, or played between episodes)

I'll be waiting for you on #TheGamersTavern channels :ablobcatheart:

Thanks everyone for voting!

#CaminaDrummer #TheExpanseATelltaleSeries #Gaming #Videogames

The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
6 days ago

Knock knock
Who is it?
*Door slams open*
I'm Alex and the #live #streaming schedule is here!!
- Monday 9:30 PM CET (UTC+1) - #TheExpanse - a telltale series
- Thursday 9:30 PM CET (UTC+1) - #TheExpanse (might vary, might be #EuroTruckSimulator2 )

Follow me or @Innkeeper to be notified when I'll be live, I'll be waiting for you
on #Owncast:
and this week on #YouTube too:

#Gaming #Videogames #TheGamersTavern #livestream #TheExpanseATelltaleSeries

6 days ago

Wtf is the point of book 9 if Bobbie dies in book 8?!


der dorifer
1 week ago

Nicht geeignet für inyalowdas :) #theexpanse #fedilowda

Eine Kosmetik -Flasche der Firma "Dr Belter"
Ralf Stockmann
1 week ago

Mkay - also s01e04 von #theExpanse legt dann aber tüchtig los, ich liebe alles daran. Und Kopfhörer helfen. So darf das weitergehen.

The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
1 week ago

Hoooo boy, here we go.

#Gamers, assemble!

I need to decide which game will be played during the next live streams

Cast your vote folks!

#TheGamersTavern #Jusant #TheExpanse #DeusEx #Windbound #Gaming #Videogames

Alan McConchie
1 week ago

@scattershot @Nick_Stevens_graphics regarding #TheExpanse, the novels are different enough that you’d still enjoy reading them even if you’re very familiar with the TV show. But they’re similar enough that you could dive right into the last three books if you must. Book 7 is pretty good and books 8 & 9 are perhaps the best of the series.

The main difference is that the Drummer you’ll meet in the book hasn’t done nearly as much cool stuff as in the TV show.

Tom Servo
1 week ago
Sci-Fi Girl
1 week ago

Saw a trend started by @AndorianSoup & @richard.
Ranking #SciFi TV shows! I don't usually do lists, but here's mine! 😎

There are lots of great things that didn't make this list, plus the order is fluid:

1. #StarTrek
2. #DoctorWho
3. #Stargate
4. #Farscape
5. #DarkMatter
6. #LegendsOfTomorrow
7. #StarWars
8. #MCU
9. #TheExpanse
10. #TheOrville
11. #TheGoodPlace
12. #Continuum

Plus an honorable mention, because it's a movie not TV. 😉

#SciFiTV #Rankings #list

1 week ago

I underestimated just how big the Eaglemoss "Rocinante" miniature would be. #TheExpanse

The Eaglemoss Rocinante model, from the front 3/4 perspective.
And from the side. It’s a bit over 30cm / 12 inches long.
Hippie Scuba Steve
1 week ago

I'm going to follow @AndorianSoup's lead.

Here is my all-time ranking of #SciFi TV shows:

1. #StarTrek (franchise)
2. #TheExpanse
3. #BattlestarGalactica (reboot)
4. #StarWars (franchise)
5. #TheOrville
6. #Babylon5
7. #QuantumLeap
8. #Sliders
9. #VTheFinalBattle (miniseries)
10. #Westworld (1st 2 seasons)

#SciFiTV #Rankings

2 weeks ago


Mine would be:
1) #stargate (all)
2) #firefly
3) #startrek (all)
4) #starwars (all)
5) #MCU (all)
6) #fringe
7) #theXfiles
8) #theorville
9) #theExpanse
10) #defiance
11) #eureka
12) #warehouse13

2 weeks ago


For me:
1. #TheExpanse
2. #BSG (Reimagined)
3. #StarTrek (All Series)
4. #DrWho (All Series)
5. #Firefly
6. #Stargate (All Series)
7. #Babylon5
8. #ThePrisoner
9. #CowboyBebop
10. #StarWars (All Series)

2 weeks ago

As promised, here are the Starfield sliders for my new “James Holden” character, in case anyone is interested. #Starfield #StarfieldSliders #theexpanse

Slider screenshots in replies.

Selfie of my 2nd Starfield character inspired by James Holden from The Expanse.
My James Holden inspired Starfield character and the best companion in the game, Barrett.

This is hilarious. One by one I’m racking up a list of other-movie plot devices that I’m seeing copied on #TheExpanse.

Ancient civilization, bio attacks - Prometheus/Alien Covenant

Ancient being that “defends”, mega underground city - Forbidden Planet, Krell

The way Klaes Ashford speaks - Bruce Lee in any given film

The way other beltalowdas speak - Cool Runnings or Jar Jar Binks

Chick tumbles into space and has to be saved - Event Horizon (“Stay with me Baby Bear!”)

Dude sees someone in his head talking to him and giving him advice - Dexter

I’m sure there’ll be more before the series ends 😂

Ralf Stockmann
2 weeks ago

Alle Leute, die ich a) schätze und b) SciFi mögen sagen: #theExpanse ist das Ding. Ich komme da überhaupt nicht rein. 3 Folgen gesehen: Ich kann mir die Leute nicht merken, nicht die Orte, die Raumschiffnahmen, die (derzeit) getrennten Handlungsstränge.
Wird das bald besser, oder schaut man das eher auf Deutsch? Ich habe auf Wikipedia die Handlung nachgelesen und hatte wirklich die Hälfte nicht verstanden.
Mit Komplexität habe ich sonst kein Problem und kann immer noch GoT runterbeten.

Emory L.
2 weeks ago

@dhrystone alright so i'm really happy to see someone in #theExpanse esp in my `pkm` pane no less. you're also really far through the series i think i know where you are and the hard decisions being made.

i think that show is great. i binged the whole thing through season three then started reading the books. same thing i did with game of thrones but _The Expanse_ are good books and i plowed right through them.

my ex sister in law is a fan, i send her memes and things from etsy. brb.

Still watching #TheExpanse. Cable had to be minimum 1 km between the spaceships. They can only fabricate 800m of cable. Zero spoilers, but - what do we all think will happen? Wild, wild guess. (I paused it to run some errands so I don’t actually know yet)

Dear plot writers of every single TV show, #TheExpanse for example - PLEASE don’t send characters on a mini mission in a space suit with low oxygen level and then be so damn PREDICTABLE as to have them run out of air due to some random unforeseen situation. I mean for real. It’s worse than female characters throwing up in private and then 😲SURPRISE😲 we learn they’re pregnant..

Soon as we see someone getting into a space suit with low oxygen my wife and I are immediately “she’s gonna run out of air”

Soon as a woman falls to their knees in front of the shitter and starts puking, we’re similarly “she’s pregnant”

Let’s get creative y’all. (claps hands sharply)

2 weeks ago

Sollte ich als #Trekkie weiter #TheExpanse sehen wenn mich die erste Folge nicht wirklich anspricht?

Es muss für mich nicht #StarTrek sein: #TheOrville finde ich lustig (bin aber auch erst in Staffel 2), für vier Staffeln #Firefly würde ich mich vermutlich von #StarTrekDiscovery trennen können.
Lohnt es sich, da noch ein paar Folgen zu durchzustehen?

The Riker Maneuver
2 weeks ago

I'd love to hear Avasarala say "double dumbass on you!"

#startrek #allstartrek #meme #memes #theexpanse

Description: 2 panel meme

1st panel: Kirk telling Spock "Nobody will listen to you unless you swear every other word"

2nd panel: Avasarala from "The Expanse" (if you haven't seen it, she swears a LOT)

My kid walked past the TV when I had it paused here and goes “Is that #Translucent?” 🤣


Geez, could they dial Avasarala’s potty mouth back just a little please? #TheExpanse

....oh, and Space Workers would already have a Union, #TheExpanse and #ForAllMankind telling me all about that one!

The Spaceshipper 🚀
2 weeks ago

The Expanse (2015-2022): The Rocinante, interior layout by Ryan Dening

Obviously, don't look for the actual dimensions of the sets in there. Spoiler: this is a fictional ship.
#scifi #tvshow #theexpanse #rocinante #spaceship #layout

Mark Maguire
3 weeks ago

Hear me out: For All Mankind is a prequel to The Expanse. 🫨#ForAllMankind #TheExpanse #TVSeries

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
3 weeks ago

@ZachWeinersmith #ACityOnMars is must reading for any Hard #SciFi fans. Without it, you can't tell your friends and family during "#TheExpanse" reruns, "Nah, it wouldn't happen that way..."

The Spaceshipper 🚀
3 weeks ago

Remember the Cant!
The Expanse (Season 1, 2015): In-universe advertising, art by Jonathan Hunter

Before being an ice hauler, the Canterbury was a colony ship.
#scifi #tvshow #theexpanse #spaceship

Wait, did I miss the memo where they decided to change the name of the Pinus Contorta back to “Rocinante”? 🤔 #TheExpanse

Ok. Season 3 of #TheExpanse. Why exactly is David Strathairn’s character talking with a Bruce Lee accent?

Hey is this the same guy? #TheExpanse

Kevin Guertin
3 weeks ago

The authors of #TheExpanse, James S.A. Corey, and #Orbit have just announced their new #book entitled "The Mercy of Gods" with an anticipated release of August 2024.

This is the first book in a #trilogy about a group of humans that are kidnapped by aliens and taken back to the alien planet as tools of their empire.

#JamesSACorey #sciencefiction

A screenshot of a video event announcement. Looks like a video call showing Ellen from Orbit and the authors alongside a cover image of the book.

New James SA Corey sci-fi series being announced tomorrow??


4 weeks ago

The Expanse is well worth watching if you're into #SciFi and #SpaceOpera. It has some of the most realistic space battles I've ever seen.

#theexpanse #tvseries #space

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
1 month ago


Don't tease or taunt us with a link to an article about release date rumors for season 7, when clicking on the link just takes you to an article saying that there will be no season 7 (as was announced back in 2020).



1 month ago

Ahhh I think I fell off #theexpanse when they killed off a character I thought was super cool in order to develop a character I thought has the charisma of a block of moldy cheese

1 month ago

I love that #theexpanse has a guy that is basically Bester from #babylon5 down to quips like "maybe I just have one of those faces". Yeah you do my guy. You both do 😆

Alan McConchie
1 month ago

Congratulations to #TheExpanse for winning Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form at the 2023 #HugoAwards! #ScreamingFirehawks #SaveTheExpanse

An image from the 2023 Hugo Awards with the category text "Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form" followed by the text The Expanse: "Babylon's Ashes"
Jen McCulley :verified:
1 month ago

I’m leaning towards the DF84 bc the burrs seem to produce espresso just as gut as the Niche, and also, I don’t feel like waiting two months to get it from overseas.

Them Jim Holden coffee vibes.

#ScreamingFirehawks #TheExpanse

James Holden drinking coffee.
2 months ago

Elizabeth ‘shady doctor’ Michelle - that’s what I’m calling her from now on #TheExpanse #Lost

2 months ago

@grumpygamer I'm a huge introvert, and at first I was right with you on the "this ain't for me" train. But my group has been meeting for 10+ years now, so I stuck with it.

I have since done a 180 on #VTT. I love how a well-designed game takes care of all the bookkeeping and math so players can focus on actually PLAYING the game. In fact, I love it so much that I built my own implementation for #TheExpanse on Roll20.

In-person is still better, no question. But VTT can be great, too.

2 months ago

I'm in the same place - middle of the third book. Seen the TV show long ago but I think it's the moment when TV and books diverge a bit. Am I right, #TheExpanse fans?

2 months ago

On other news, I’m on to the third book of Expanse series and things are just getting interesting #books #BooksToScreen #TheExpanse

Mark H
2 months ago

Started reading The Expanse novels before they were partly turned into the TV series, then held off finishing them until I'd picked up the entire series in paperback. A few months ago I started the big old re-read and completion, and that's come to its conclusion this morning. So, so good. Incredible scale, fantastic politics, great characters, believable science, unbelievable science, humour, staggering action; it's got the lot.

#SciFi #ScienceFiction #TheExpanse #Bookstodon

Nine science fiction books arranged in a three by three grid, all by James S.A. Corey, all featuring colourful space scenes with abstract vessels and coloured space and atmospheres rather than stars. The books are titled

Leviathan Wakes
Caliban's War
Abaddon's Gate
Cibola Burn
Nemesis Games
Babylon's Ashes
Persepolis Rising
Tiamat's Wrath
Leviathan Falls

Just found out that Amos from #TheExpanse (i.e., Wes Chatham) was in #Ahsoka, so I will now also accept stormtroopers speaking Belter.

2 months ago

I don’t know who said this before but Chrisjen Avasarala’s saris on the show ARE super gorgeous 😍 #TheExpanse

Kevin Boyd
2 months ago

@hotdogsladies @smallsco i'm not sure why, but this makes me think of Amos Burton from #TheExpanse.

Maybe it's the intense calmness that serves to disguise the ability to rip a human limb from limb.

Or maybe she's from Baltimore at heart.

But I repeat myself.

... don't like it done poorly. I always point people to the scifi series, #TheExpanse as a beautiful example of diversity on TV. I love Aveserala and the Texan Martian Indian pilot. What I' m annoyed with is how these activists (?) assume so many things about me when I say that. And yes, it's purely my fault because I happened to say I dislike Bridgerton. I mean, guys, grow up and touch grass omg. Anyway, one poster insisted I "explain myself" and wouldn't stop badgering me.

Kristoffer Lawson
2 months ago

One of the fantastic things about #TheExpanse is how zero G is depicted in battle. I know many others have said the same, but it needs repeating.

I wish I felt like I could watch #Foundation.

I don’t want my head cannon to change though. Anyone else feel like that with adaptations?

For instance I am going through and #reading the last of #theExpanse #books and I now read the characters in the voices of the actors from the show instead of my original interpretation of the characters.

It’s not bad but I’m not having the same engrossing experience I did when I read the first books years before the show came out.

Camina Drummer staking the claim for Beltalowda. It's beautiful. I get the chills and a lump in my throat.

Give us more of this show!!……

The Expanse: Camina Drummer Speech

Iain Clark
3 months ago

I don't think they meant this beer name they way I received it.

#TheExpanse #Beltalowda #LangBelta #ScreamingFirehawks

Photo of three beer cans with the outer two cropped off and the label visible on the centre yellow can. It reads "PROPA BELTA" and features a line drawn cartoon of a Geordie wearing a flat cap and holding a beer. The brewery name is "Firebrick Brewery, Blaydon-on-Tyne".
Heather Buchel
3 months ago

In season 1 episode 3 of #TheExpanse, someone in the riot yells "Moon stole our water!" and I can't stop laughing at our moon not having a name even in this show.

MishaMouse :serenity:
3 months ago

finished #TheExpanse yesterday! all six seasons in about 10 days.

i really enjoyed it, and i think it’s going to leave a lasting impression on my #SciFi preferences in the future. if/when i finish reading #ChildrenOfDune, maybe i’ll take a break from the #Dune franchise and try out the expanse books.

oh, and i think the #rocinante is high on my list of favorite spaceships now.

The Spaceshipper 🚀
3 months ago

The Expanse (2015-2022): Rocinante interior layout by Ryan Dening @ North Front studios
#theexpanse #scifi #spaceship #conceptart

NOLA jules
3 months ago

Here me out... I love the #starwars universe. Absolutely mad for it. But for the love of Yoda, can we please acknowledge gravity? #ahsoka fighting/flipping while on the exterior of her craft IN SPACE just hurt. And it's not the first time for SW #filmmakers

Oh well, they can't all be #TheExpanse

Can't help but think that THAT badass scene in #Ahsoka episode 3 was a crossover with #TheExpanse, and now I want Jedi to speak Belter.

I'm watching #theExpanse and I just found a footage of me tomorrow in the morning.



@flockofnazguls #TheExpanse is probably my favorite TV series of all time overall, not just for scifi. Gotta go with it!

Alan McConchie
3 months ago

A programming language based on Belter creole #LangBelta from the SciFi TV show #TheExpanse

Orion Petitclerc
3 months ago

You know, I just remembered what Ahsoka's end credits sequence reminded me of: the opening sequence to #TheExpanse. Same kind of epic space exploration vibe.

Hippie Scuba Steve
3 months ago

Inaros: "We will take what is ours by right, yes, but more than that, we will lead the Belt to a new, better form, a more human form. Citizens of the Belt, beratnas, rise up now in joy and glorious resolve. This day is ours. Tomorrow is ours. The future of humanity is ours. Today and forevermore...we are free"

#TheExpanse E504

A shot of Inaros on the Pella giving a speech over widebeam communication.
Alan McConchie
3 months ago

@michaelgemar @nyrath @tkinias @mishamouse @pzriddle regarding the biological implications of humans living at low G, I was pretty convinced by this YouTube video by a doctor explaining that Belters would probably be *shorter* than Inners because the force of gravity is needed to stimulate bone growth. But I can’t blame the authors of #TheExpanse for coming to the conclusion that they’d be taller.