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in this essay & video, we discuss #DragonQuest Monsters (GBC) and tie it into #AnimalRights; covering not only the game itself but the ethics of #FactoryFarming and eating meat (death ethics).

i also learned how to chapterize YouTube videos, so there are chapters now for people who just want to hear about the game or the animal rights stuff, etc.

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terry marches animals and monsters to the slaughter house, the words KILL ALL MONSTERS is over the image
Cody Walton
6 days ago

So, what difference does it make?
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Song of the Day - No 284

The Smiths - Panic

Released in 1986, "Panic" is a single by the English rock band The Smiths. The song was not included in any of the band's original studio albums but later appeared in the compilation album "The World Won't Listen."

#SOTD #SongOfTheDay #music #TheSmiths #AlternativeRock #IndieRock #PostPunk

Antonio Heras 🌈
2 weeks ago

Canciones en las que se menciona, de uno u otro modo, a The Smiths/Morrissey. ¿Conocíais todas? ¿Echáis en falta alguna?
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Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
2 weeks ago

#TheSmiths goatfriend in a coma

3 weeks ago

:MusicNotes: I am the son and the heir... :MusicNotes:

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Song of the Day - No 270

The Smiths - This Charming Man

"This Charming Man" is a song by the English rock band the Smiths, written by guitarist Johnny Marr and singer Morrissey. Released as the group's second single in October 1983.

Feeling detached from the early 1980s mainstream gay culture, Morrissey wrote "This Charming Man" to evoke an older, more coded and self-aware underground scene.

#SOTD #SongOfTheDay #music #thesmiths #indiepop #janglepop

Stephen Royle
3 weeks ago

“Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before”

“Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”

UK expected to re-join Horizon science scheme

3 weeks ago

whoever came up with #theSmiths #peanutscomic mashup is a sad weird genius

If you’ve been put off it by the awful title & association with #TheSmiths / #Morrisey then I was too but, shoehorning the odd culture reference aside, it’s an interesting, fun book which never quite goes where you’d expect and - obviously - leaves an impression; one of my faves of how I think

Bean 🇺🇲🇻🇪
1 month ago

Wish You Were Jessie's Girlfriend in a Coma
#RickSpringfield aka Zach Adama

1 month ago

Surprise gig of the year was Johnny Marr in #Helsinki last week. I was a big Smiths fan back in the day, but lost touch with Marr when they split. Marr gelled with the audience and band in equal measures and seemed genuinely happy to be on stage. He has some catchy songs and let rip with some Smith’s numbers, just when you weren’t expecting it. How could you not dance? #LiveMusic #Gig #Helsinki #JohnnyMarr #TheSmiths #Huvila

Johnny Marr playing guitar on stage at Helsinki Huvila
kiq / キク
1 month ago

“2階建てバスに衝突されても君のそばで死ねれば僕は幸せ : 中古レコ屋のあくび指南〜のんびり音を聴きませう ナカ2号店のブログ” (1 user) #thesmiths

1 month ago

last music spam, maybe; this is my favorite #TheSmiths live performance, at least that has been preserved in video format.

not only is this the best Smiths guitar melody Marr ever conceived (IMO) there are extra bits added to it during this performance and the stratocaster ringing is haunting in a way that fits the song perfectly.

this is the type of song where #Morrissey needs to #ShutUp and stop singing, because he doesn't actually add anything of value here.

Jorrit Aalvink
1 month ago

#NowPlaying: #Electronic
2020 European reissue.

This was my favourite album for a while back in late 2021/early 2022 and for a good reason: it's a brilliant crossover event between #NewOrder, #TheSmiths, and #PetShopBoys. With so much musical experience, the jangly guitar sound of Marr and the danceable synths of Sumner it's no wonder that they wrote one of the most brilliant #90s albums. I was looking for it on #vinyl for a long time and finally found a copy!

#synthpop #alternativedance

Me holding the vinyl sleeve and standing in front of the record player.
1 month ago

its #shoegaze but also has a hint of #TheSmiths and a hint of #powerpop thrown in for good measure. interesting watching him play this riff live, good zoom in this last .fm session:

it's kat!
1 month ago

#art #history: 'ey oop? for anyone (of a certain age) stateside whom may be reading...this lady, here? she's the original mrs roper - the long-suffering mildred - from 'man about the house' & she's stunning.
some girls are bigger than others & yootha joyce (born #otd in 1927) didn't want to be typecast as the feisty, bawdy mildred with the heart of gold.
her performance in 1964's 'the pumpkin eater' was riveting.
#yoothaJoyce #television #film #illustration #portrait #theSmiths

illustration i drew of celebrated actress, yootha joyce, with digital pencil & ink.
yootha looks directcly at the camera wearing a mischievous smile & a gleam in her eye. 
above her, text reads 'untamed yootha' in multiple colours. 
background is pale rose & palette is green, lilac, light orange, deep rose, light copper & tan.
illustration i drew of celebrated actress, yootha joyce, with digital pencil & ink.
yootha looks directcly at the camera wearing a mischievous smile & a gleam in her eye. 
above her, text reads 'untamed yootha' in bubblegum pink. 
palette is blue green & electric bubblegum pink.
illustration i drew of celebrated actress, yootha joyce, with digital pencil & ink.
yootha looks directcly at the camera wearing a mischievous smile & a gleam in her eye. 
above her, text reads 'untamed yootha' in multiple colours. 
background is pale cocoa & palette is orange-red, lilac, yellow, light copper & tan.

Tom is now listening to This Charming Man - 2011 Remaster


1 month ago

Wasn't expecting the former general secretary of my union to show up on this documentary about the Smiths 1984 tour of Ireland. #TheSmiths

Mark Doyle
1 month ago

Illuminating doc about the Smiths' 1984 tour of Ireland, not long after Morrissey praised the IRA's effort to kill Thatcher in Brighton. No great drama here, but it is a nice little snapshot of Ireland and the band way back in the long-ago. #TheSmiths #Morrissey #TheTroubles #musichistory

50+ Music
2 months ago

"William, It Was Really Nothing" is a song by the English #rock band #theSmiths. It was released as a single in August 1984, featuring the B-sides "#PleasePleasePleaseLetMeGetWhatIWant" and "#HowSoonIsNow", and reached No. 17 in the #UKSinglesChart. The song is featured on the compilation albums #HatfulOfHollow and #LouderThanBombs, as well as other best of and singles collections. In 2004.

2 months ago

if there's one #Morrissey solo song that sounds most like #TheSmiths - it's Sister I'm a Poet

🎧 #Mood | #ElectronicUK was a side project of #NewOrder's #BernardSummer and #TheSmiths' #JohnnyMarr. The self-titled debut LP combined Marr's guitar with the synth sounds of New Order to make something new.

This is the "DNA Groove Mix" of "Get The Message" (1991).

#EddieFM #Electro #Dance #eCulture #UK

2 months ago

@alternativenation Strike Whilst the Iron Is Hot, a song on the same album, has more of the jangly guitar sound I associate with Johnny Marr.


#TheSmiths #OrangeAndLemons #Alternative

2 months ago

Orange & Lemons - Hanggang Kailan (Umuwi Ka Na Baby) (2005) / Filipino Indie-Alternative like The Smiths or Morrissey


Okay am I crazy or is the vocal style reminiscent of songs like This Charming Man or Everyday Is Like Sunday?

The title translates to Until When (Come Home Baby).

#Filipino #TheSmiths #OrangeAndLemons #Indie


Rui Guimarães
2 months ago

🎵 The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now - Live in Madrid 🎵 😎


Jorrit Aalvink
2 months ago

#NowPlaying: #TheCure - The Head on the Door
1985 Dutch pressing.

This one's not mine but I bought it for my brother. Until I hand it over, I might give it a little spin. I never really listened to The Cure, but I know some songs. The first song sounds a lot like #TheSmiths, I know that these bands' fans feud with each other. I like the sound of this record and definitely will look into more of them.

#80s #80sMusic #NewWave #PostPunk #synthpop? #vinyl

Me holding the vinyl sleeve and standing in front of the record player.
2 months ago

This is a Smiths song…

Radiohead - The Headmaster Ritual (The Smiths Cover)

#AlternativeMusic #TheSmiths #Radiohead

2 months ago

You know, Rick Astley has done an amazing thing. For me at least he's taken Mozza out of songs by The Smiths so I now hear them entirely with Rick Astley singing them. And it is good. #Music #Glastonbury #RickAstley #TheSmiths

#Morrissey Rips #SineadOConnor Tributes: “You Hadn’t the Guts to Support Her When She Was Alive”
#TheSmiths singer says the members of the #musicindustry and media are being disingenuous

🎧 Soaking in my blues some with #REM and not #TheSmiths, because #MichaelStipe is cool and #Morrissey is a fucking #Tory—or worse!

Haven't you heard?

There's an upside to "All The Way To Reno"—Michael tells me "You're gonna be a star!" over and over, and I'm not above propagandizing myself into a better place.

#EddieFM #UK

Pablonius Monk
2 months ago
Photo of English producer Stephen Street twisting the knobs at a well-lit studio console. The man, in his mid-60's, has salt & pepper hair and is reaching over a keyboard. In the distance, a computer monitor has ProTools software showing different recorded audio tracks. Speakers line the upper shelf.
"You could actually produce CDs in a 12-inch vinyl cover cheaper than the vinyl is at the moment, and people still get all the benefit of the artwork. Perhaps that's where we should be looking at. Shops say they can't stock CDs because it doesn't fit [on] shelves. Well just put the CD in a 12-inch cover and everyone has the artwork, and they've got the CD rather than waiting for months to have your vinyl pressed up because that's the problem at the moment." 

Marketing photo of the deluxe, 3-CD edition of The Pretenders' first album Pretenders I in a 12-inch, album style package. Opened below the record-style cover is a book with photos and articles of the band. Below the book are the 3 CDs that make up the audio discs included with the set.
Marketing photo of the Pretenders II deluxe 3-CD set. In the top of the image stands the 12-inch, vinyl record style album sleeve. Visible inside are the slots where the 3 audio CDs can be stored.
Ugurcan Orcun
3 months ago

Rick Astley singing #TheSmiths at the #Glastonbury 2023 is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen this year.

I think he just should replace that dove butt haired bigot and get on stage with Johnny Marr.

3 months ago

@Mrfunkedude Thanks, this one isn't bad at all, but I'll take the backordered one when it arrives anyway - appreciate it!

Awesome day actually - Got a thing I've been chasing down accomplished. Just some FDA reg-related BS that somehow became my problem instead of the doc's, but it's DONE...

...And (a bit freakin late) discovered recordings of Rick Astley covering #morrissey / #thesmiths - with none of the unpleantness that follows Moz around like a Charlie Brown thundercloud.

3 months ago

it's a shame that The Smiths became problematic because of the lead singer’s descent and disgraceful decline. Watching Rick Astley sing “There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out” brought up a lot of emotion for me and made me realise I had not sung this song for more than twenty years. Wonderful stuff, I would have been in tears #thesmiths #glastonbury #rickastley

Oh crumb. And I missed this one

RIP Andy Rourke of The Smiths.

#RIP #TheSmiths #80sMusic #AltRock #PostPunk

Tucker Teague
4 months ago

It’s the 1980s and you tune in to your local #CollegeRadio #music station because you are hoping to hear which #band:


Feel free to boost this profound poll for maximum benefit.

Arthur David Spota
4 months ago

The Smiths ~ Suffer Little Children
(from The Smiths, 1984)
#NowPlaying #andyrourkeRIP #TheSmiths via @YouTube

Hayden Thorne
4 months ago

And in honor of Andy Rourke, whose death I found out yesterday, another vid -- this time from The Smiths. My favorite song of theirs.

#TheSmiths #HeadmasterRitual #JukeboxFridayNight #SurfingTheNewWave #NewWave #1980s #GenX

Yahia Lababidi
4 months ago
Yahia Lababidi
4 months ago

As an anxious young man, prone to melancholy and drunk on #poetry, #TheSmiths meant a great deal to me.

#RIP #AndyRourke & thank you, for the #gift of #music, which will live on 🕊️

#friday #today #JoinIn

4 months ago

The Smiths - “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” (live at Brixton Academy, 1986)

This is my all-time favorite live Smiths performance. Johnny Marr is playing a gorgeous Mississippi John Hurt-style guitar line but it wouldn’t sound half as cool without Andy Rourke’s meaty bass. R.I.P.

#AndyRourke #TheSmiths #LiveMusic

4 months ago

Rest in Peace, Andy Rourke @ 59. #pancreaticCancer #fuckCancer #theSmiths

Andy Rourke and Johnny Marr playing in the Smiths
Sharon Gascoigne
4 months ago

It has to be this for #TonightsCookingTunes

An album that literally changed my life. One of the influences that finally made me go veggie in 1990 then vegan 5 years ago. #TheSmiths

RIP #AndyRourke

Brian Gettler
4 months ago

Ah shit. RIP Andy Rourke.

Beyond the obvious thematic connection, I always liked the bass - right out in front - on this one.

The Smiths, "Cemetary Gates" (1986) #TheSmiths #AndyRourke

Andisheh Nouraee🔹
4 months ago

The Smiths have (deservedly) been written about endlessly but relatively little has been written about how those amazing records owe their propulsion to a funk bassist hiding out in a jangly guitar pop band. Music writers are so focused on characters and biography they ignore the alchemy. The difference between great and blah are the so-called small details. The difference between marinara, salsa and ketchup is seasoning. #RIPAndyRourke #AndyRourke #TheSmiths #Morrrissey

Auditory Musings
4 months ago

Pour one out for Andy Rourke, Smiths bassist, dead at 59 from pancreatic cancer #music #Smiths #TheSmiths

Wurfi :mastodon:
4 months ago

🪦 R.I.P. Andy Rourke #TheSmiths

5 months ago

Sinead O’Connor live in 1988 with the Smiths' Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke on drums and bass! I'd never seen any footage with them in her band before. #SineadOConnor #MikeJoyce #AndyRourke #TheSmiths

Timothy Andrew
5 months ago

#TheSmiths - Girlfriend in a Comet (I Know, I Know, It’s Serious)


#BizarreSongs #NewWave

6 months ago

Looking for something fun to do tonight in #SanFrancisco #sfba??

Join me for a night of cover bands playing #Pixies, #TomPetty, #TheSmiths, and #Devo jams at Brick and Mortar SF.

Bonus: Get there early to see the homies' @snackfight @strngwys @zackstern Devo band #SuburbanRobots whipping it good.

Suburban Robots logo featuring a white robot with plus and minus eyes wearing a "stacked" Devo-style hat, with the words Suburban Robots underneath, all on a plain bright red background. Very bold and eye-catching.

No shade on #AndyRourke’s performance but #JohnnyMarr’s guitar is also stellar. In fact I heard Johnny wrote the bass part. #theSmiths

Whilst driving Snow to appt I discover he likes #theSmiths. Both for lyrics and music!

So I take over the car stereo and blast “Barbarism Begins at Home” for seven minutes in pure #bassGuitar bliss.

Snow nods. “Pretty good.”

#introduction I live in #alberta #Canada , I didn't #migrate here from the other site. I'm reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, by #pkd . Looking for work in #environmentalscience . My music likes include #MFDOOM , #NickCaveandtheBadSeeds , #thesmiths , etc. I feel my province is an embarrassment politically, #politics is a hobby of mine. You know, actually paying attention to our elected officials.