2 weeks ago

I have just finished reading ' The South', the first novel by Colm Tóíbín.

What luminous writing.

#ColmTóibín #TheSouth

Mike Reader
2 weeks ago

Columnist: What it means that two white strangers stopped me while I walked to the gas station

I knew someone was going to offer help because as much as racial hatred and violence are hallmarks of this place, so is everyday cross-racial common courtesy and kindness.

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Jason Kautz :smug:
3 weeks ago

@jimi early on, it was common to desire governmental entities be separated from economically powerful cities in the #usa ... hence, #WashingtonDC which was built on a swamp so federal power would be perceived as diminished in #NYC ... a concession to #TheSouth

4 weeks ago

Mouse Creek falls at Big Creek

From a #hike this summer in the Smokies #gsmnp

#olympus OM-1 / 12-40mm pro

#waterfallwednesday #tenneesee #thesouth #landscapephotography #naturephotography #photography #hiking #microfourthirds

A waterfall flowing into a rocky creek
4 weeks ago

‘Disabled People Are Whole People; We Need to See Media Address That Reality’

"If you're talking about social justice issues, progressive issues, political issues, you need to be centering disability justice."

#Disability #Law #TheSouth

1 month ago

Donna St. George: In over 15 states, schools can still paddle students as punishment: Corporal punishment remains legal, especially in the South. It still has its defenders. But the costs can be steep.

#corporalpunishment #publicschools #thesouth

📷 These "Estate Homes from the Low 410s" are going up at the intersection of two busy-and-getting-busier 4-lane roads. It's a bottleneck for traffic attempting to avoid major routes to another part of town. There is no zoning or planning in the County.

Note the ample lot size. They'll be sold before they're finished.

The land was a large peach orchard. No trees will be planted by the builders.

#FediversalPictures #Photography #StreetPhotography #TheSouth

large, two-story homes under construction sit close together above a grassy embankment at an unseen intersection. We see traffic lights and power lines in the foreground.

📷 "The Super's House" facing the now-demolished c. 1910 cotton mill where "Townhomes from the mid-210s" are being built.

#FediversalPictures #Photography #StreetPhotography #TheSouth

a two-lane pave road with power lines. on the right in the mid-distance, a c. 1910 house with a large front porch and railing down to the street. there are mature trees and grass.

📷 Gus & Jack, twin burn barrels and the neighbor's rurnt Chevy truck—all under a Carolina blue sky.

Ain't life grand!

#FediversalPictures #Dogs #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #TheSouth #Summer

gus and jack on the back porch in the bright sun. gus is a black lab-pitty; jack is a small white terrier with brown spots.
view from the porch into the neighbor's yard. two rusty burn barrels on green grass, a line of trees at the fence and a rusted out, vintage white chevy pick-up in the neighbor's yard. the sky is cloudless.

📷 "Single-Wide"

July, 2023.

This vintage trailer ("manufactured home") was moved onto the large yard of another, newer double-wide.

I'm glad they kept the majestic oak.

#FediversalPictures #TheSouth

a long, older mobile home with tan siding and brown roofing rests on cement blocks behind a fence and gigantic oak tree, items around it indicate  the home is newly-placed and not occupied yet.

📷 Out for a minute this morning, and I spotted this semi-trailer with a message from "God" on the side.

"It's Obvious You Are On The Wrong Road. Follow Me Detour Signs" ...God

That's the local megachurch just beyond it. And some wonder why I call this little hellhole "Jesusville!"

#TED2023 #Photography #StreetPhotography #TheSouth

a semi rural intersection with traffic lights, power lines and cars.

Did you know that it gets so hot in the South that trees literally melt?

#TheSouth #heat #ItsDamnHot

📷 Under Those Blue Ridge Mountain Skies

Same shot, different day. July 25, 2023, 4:44 PM

#FediversalPictures #Photography #TheSouth

the souteastern sky from the back yard. baby blue sky with a few clouds towards the horizon. a wedge of trees from bottom left to top right of the picture.

📷 "There Will Be Watermelon"

This "Sugar Baby" weighs in at about 12 lbs. (5.5 kg) and cost $2.99 ("On Sale"). The melon was grown within a few miles of where I'm writing this—"local produce."

She's been in the fridge for almost 48 hours and will be coldcold at the slicing ceremony this afternoon. BIL has agreed to do the honors. I don't fare well with large knives and even-larger melons.

#FediversalPictures #Watermelon #Fruit #TheSouth #Summer

a large, round watermelon fills the space between cantilever shelves in the refrigerator.

📷 I shoot this intersection often. It's the only "red light" for a few miles around. If I'm waiting for the light to change, I'll snap one out the window.

This shot was last night, about 7:30. Pretty dead, huh? Not much goes on around here.

I'm headed to Circle K for a cold drink re-fill: Cucumber/Lime mixed with Mango Lemonade. 😋

#FediversalPictures #TheSouth

semi-rural intersection of two, two-lane roads. power lines, traffic lights, asphalt with white traffic markings, an island with a pedestrian signal I've never seen anyone use, across the street, a new circle k with red fuel area canopy and a tree line in the mid-distance.

📷 Coming noon, and it's already 90º and muggy here. "Feels like" 96º.

The sky is a cloud-free Carolina Blue color swatch ("Go Tarheels!"), serving a UVI of 11 (Severe).

Jack says "Heyyyy!" We're back inside after a few minutes out back last hour.

#FediversalPictures #TheSouth #SilentSunday #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon

small white terrier with short hair and brown spots stands on the cement porch facing the yard, looking right, grass in the foreground.

#Update | Friday night, the building had been demolished.

#FediversalPictures #TheSouth #Rurnt

the remains of a demolished wooden building in a stand of bamboo. red dirt and gravel in the foreground.

📷 Heard a loud crack of thunder while I was slicing the tomato, wiped my hands, grabbed my phone and snapped this from the back door.

It's a 3x shot of the southwest sky with the "Vivid" filter applied in Pixel7a.

#FediversalPictures #Clouds #Weather #Storm #TheSouth

a section of the sky with large popcorn clouds in shades of blue-gray against a pale blue-gray sky.

📷 It's coming up a cloud. Rain from a thunderstorm will have the same effect as pouring water on the rocks in a sauna. It's already 50% humidity and (feels-like) 98º, and the UVI is "Extreme"-ly 11.

I can duck back into the A/C, but not everyone can. I feel fortunate.

#FediversalPictures #Weather #Clouds #Storm #TheSouth

the southeastern sky about 2:30. large white and dark gray Cumulonimbus (popcorn towers) formations and a bit of blue sky with scattered, wispy clouds. palm fronds at the bottom of the picture.

📷 I shot a stupid number of pictures yesterday (+/- 200), most in the evening when the sky was clearly tripping on good weed or mushrooms.

This was the western sky at 7:29 PM from the Circle K parking lot.

July 13, 2023.

#FediversalPictures #Summer #TheSouth #Clouds

dark gray clouds surround a opening with blue sky and lighter clouds bands.

📷 Snake in the driveway, Wednesday about 6 PM. I'd been to town, was walking to the house and remembered I'd left my glasses in the glove box and turned around.

"Jesus Fucking Christ!"

Neighbors on the porch across the street who heard me but didn't see the snake looked away real quick and pretended they didn't hear my blasphemy! 😂

#FediversalPictures #Snakes #Reptiles #TheSouth

a 4 foot black snake moving across a cement driveway in late afternoon light.

📷 The skies opened up over the WalMart parking lot as I watched from my car. I leaned out the window and snapped this at 7:59 PM.

July 13, 2023.

#FediversalPictures #Sunset #Summer #TheSouth #Clouds

a gray blue bit of more clear sky is curtained by large, darker clouds lit at the edges by the sun.

📷 There's a SOLD sign in the front yard of this house and the ones on either side—"parcels" for commercial development now.

This lot will be a(nother) car wash. There is no zoning, and a small town is being paved over for mostly chain retail stores and restaurants at a rapid clip.

The rurnt house isn't a loss, but the grand cedar tree out front surely is.

July 13, 2023.

#FediversalPictures #Trees #StreetPhotography #Photography #Clouds #TheSouth

a wood-siding house with chimney and small front porch is maybe from the 1930s or 1940s. windows are boarded up, there are holes in the roof. the weeds in the yard are almost 2 feet tall. brand-ends of a cedar curtain the right side of the picture. a baby blue sky with banks of clouds along the horizon surrounds the scene.

📷 #FediversalPictures is the shortcut to my images in the #Fediverse.

Your comments are welcomed. Thank you! — Eddie

📷 Under Those Blue Ridge Mountain Skies, July 13, 2023, 8:23 PM.

#FediversalPictures #Sunset #Summer #TheSouth #Clouds

an industrial lamppost rises to the middle of the picture in a blue-sky clearing between banks of dark clouds at sunset.

📷 Sunset at WalMart in Jesusville, July 13, 2013, 7:50 PM.

#FediversalPictures #Sunset #Summer #TheSouth #Clouds

wide shot through the windshield at the pedestrian crosswalk in front of the Home and Pharmacy entrance. store building along the right, parking lot to the left, crosswalk stripes in the foreground and a sky-n-fire sunset in the distance. the image is inverted color

📷 The southern sky at 4:22 PM, July 13, 2023.

#FediversalPictures #Weather #Summer #TheSouth #Clouds

an array of Cumulonimbus clouds.

📷 Under Those Blue Ridge Mountain Skies, July 13, 2:46 PM.

Even the fronds on this Carolina Palmetto are sagging in the 100º heat and smothering humidity.

#FediversalPictures #Weather #Summer #TheSouth #Clouds

palm fronds along the right half of the frame vs the afternoon sky with wispy and big popcorn clouds.

📷 Morning, y'all.

No sleep to 6 this morning, so I'm not slacking. Jack woke me, or I'd still be out.

At the back door (sliding glass), I felt the heat radiating in from a couple feet away.

It's easily the hottest and muggiest day since last August—92º/feels like 99º with 65% humidity and an AQI of 11 (severe). There *will be a t-storm today.

Jack wanted no part of the heat, either. Back inside, I'm thankful we have air-conditioning.

#FediversalPictures #Weather #Summer #TheSouth #Clouds

vertical shot of the southeastern sky around noon. a enormous, tall Cumulonimbus cloud is hangs just over the horizon in a baby blue sky. the round top of a tree at left bottom, and the right side is curtained by leaves from a shade tree.

📷 Anyone seeking my "assassination coordinates" could piece together that Circle K is regular stop.

I'm a sucker for that red canopy trim against the blue sky, and shoot it on the regular.

Snapped this today before I headed to town.

#FediversalPictures #StreetPhotography #Photography #Clouds #TheSouth

wide shot. in the foreground a sedan in front of the fuel canopy. mid-distance: power lines on this side of a 4-lane road and a shopping center beyond. all under a baby blue sky with an array of puffy, white clouds.

📷 Out for errands in town and drove through a couple neighborhoods I haven't seen since I was a kid.

Mom's mom and I walked this street to the greengrocer, the one where I bought tomatoes today. Granny lived in the mill village at the end of the road; I did too in 1969, the year Dad was in Vietnam.

Both churches have changed names and denominations, but scant else is different. It's older and more run down.

#FediversalPictures #StreetPhotography #Photography #Clouds #TheSouth

edited color landscape. through the windshield shot of a two lane road with sky with clouds above. power poles on both sides, in the foreground, there is an empty lot on the left, across the street from a small white-steepled church.
Flipboard Science Desk
2 months ago

Could a battery production boom change the American South’s views of green energy?

The Christian Science Monitor reports: "Alabama could be the buckle of a new manufacturing 'battery belt' across the South. The economic activity is putting green energy in a new light."

#ClimateChange #Climate #Green #GreenEnergy #EV #TheSouth #Alabama

📷 On the way to the Piggly-Wiggly. July 9, 2023, 6:44 PM.

#FediversalPictures #StreetPhotography #Photography #Clouds #Traffic #TheSouth

a two-lane rural road through the windshield. a house or two on either side of the empty highway, power poles, trees, the early evening sky with a big puffy clouds just above the horizon.

📷 "The higher the hair, the closer to God" (2023).

#FediversalPictures #StreetPhotography #Photography #Clouds #Trees #Church #TheSouth #DollyParton (implied)

the top of a church steeple against a baby blue sky with wispy and formed clouds. a treetop pushes in at the bottom right of the picture.

📷 "Under the Flight Path" | July 11, 2023, 8:21 PM.

#FediversalPictures #Photography #Aviation #Trees #TheSouth

looking up at the cloudless sky from my chair under a shade tree. a commercial airliner is amid picture, flying to the right. a few leaves from the shade tree in the foreground.
2 months ago

A friend brought me a very quiet fan that they picked up for 3 dollars at the Goodwill "pay by the pound" bins (it caps at 3 dollars), so now I am feeling the ecstasy that is 2 fans blowing on me at once without having to raise the volume of my TV. #TheSouth

📷 On the road to town, July 7, 2023, 7:22 PM.

#FediversalPictures #StreetPhotography #Photography #TheSouth #Travel

through the windshield shot of a spot of semi-rural road under a partly cloudy sky. three houses, power lines, trees.

📷 This building will be demolished soon, after serving many functions over maybe 100 years.

In the late 60s, the left half was a summer-only country store, serving mostly workers from the large peach orchard behind it (a subdivision since the 80s).

The store had a "cash drawer" instead of register and served pimento cheese sandwiches in wax paper, Nabs, cold drinks, cigarettes. At the counter, big jars of "Red Hot' sausages, pickled eggs and pickles.

#FediveralPictures #TheSouth

and old wood building with rusted tin roof, 3 doors and two windows on either end.

📷 They're tearing down a c. 1920s antebellum-style house to make room for another chain restaurant on "The Highway." An old country store behind it is doomed, too.

The area behind them was a peach orchard when I was a kid. It was leveled in the 80s for a subdivision.

This sign sat in front an an old shed.

#FediversalPictures #StreetPhotography #Photography #TheSouth #FensterFreitag

inverted, edited medium shot of a blank letter sign with arrow pointing to the right on top. the are holes in the arrow where light bulbs were once used. it sits in front of an abandoned shed with windows and is surrounded by organic and man-made refuse.

📷 The young leaves of the Purple Diamond Loropetalum are wearing a fashion-forward "Taffy" this season. (#FA86C4).

#FediversalPictures #Plants #TheSouth

a stem with new matte, dark-pink leaves extends from the larger plant with green, glossy leaves.

🤡 I don't know which neighbor of mine is in a mood or drunk or tweaking or all of that (it's the one with the rooster and Confederate flag—diamonds to donuts), but they're firing weapons up into the air! Because bullets are cheap, and they can.

First time since last November. It starts every year before July 4th and lasts till about the time the okra's done for the season—first freeze.

The back yard isn't safe while they're shooting.

It's legal, if ill-advised and dumb.


📷 In 1990, I moved from SF to DC and stopped in my hometown for a couple days on the drive across.

This is my nephew in his front yard. He has two kids of his own now and is singer-songwriter with a great day job. I see him a few times a year.

#ThrowbackThursday #90s #portraits #TheSouth #FediversalPictures

snapshot of a kid in his front yard. he's white, about 10, wearing a t-shirt with a big smiley face. he's smiling.

📷 "The railroad crossing behind the mill village, June 4, 2023, 9:55 AM.

For miles, this railroad line divides two parts of the town by class, race, and socioeconomic status. Same as it ever was.

#streetphotography #Photography #TheSouth #FediversalPictures #AltText

vertical shot looking left out my car window at a railroad crossing. metal sheds sit on gravel down an embankment from the tracks on the far right. a power pole and lines and a communications antenna rise behind them. trees line both sides of the track. blue sky with cotton-ball clouds sit atop it all.

📷 Approaching the freeway overpass on the road home. Snapped through the windshield at 35 mph, May 31, 2023, 4:22 PM.

#streetphotography #FensterFreitag #Photography #Sky #clouds #suburbia #thesouth #FediversalPictures

wide shot through my winshield. a 4-lane almost empty rural road under a massive blue sky with uncountable clouds in countless forms. trees, power lines and a DOT sign ROAD WORD AHEAD

📷 Looking west from the dollar store parking lot, May 29, 2024, 6:46 PM.

#streetphotography FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #Photography #fotographie #Sky #clouds #suburbia #thesouth #FediversalPictures

widescreen color edit. the sky is concealed by dark gray cloud formations except two spots near the middle bottom and right where sunlight almost breaks through.

📷 The southwestern sky, May 29, 2023, 7:07 PM.

This a new vantage point for me— the dumpster at the rear of the Circle K.

#streetphotography #SilentSunday #Photography #fotographie #fotografía #photographie #Sky #clouds #suburbia #thesouth #FediversalPictures

vertical shot of the early evening sky. blue and gray-tinted clouds with a few light areas, an hour before sunset. the top edge of a brick convenience store is angled along the bottom.
4 months ago

A black and white photo showing a sculpture of a human figure appearing to hold up a rock outcropping, surrounded by a stone staircase.

#nikonFE2 #ilfordHP5

#believeinfilm #filmisnotdead #35mmfilm #filmphotography #analogphotography #thesouth #photography #sculpture #tourist #tourism

A black and white photo showing a sculpture of a human figure appearing to hold up a rock outcropping, surrounded by a stone staircase.

📷 Looking up from the Waffle House parking lot, February 6, 2023, 1:17 PM.

#Inverted #StreetPhotography #FediversalPictures #TheSouth #FPWM

vertical inverted orange-tinted edit of the afternoon sky and an industrial lamppost with 5 heads rising half-way up the picture at the right.

📷 Chick-fil-A in Jesusville, May 23, 2023, 4:20 PM.

#Inverted #BlackAndWhite #Monotone #streetphotography #FediversalPictures #TheSouth #FPWM

vertical inverted (negative) black and white. a chick-fil-a store from across the side street. 80-foor logo sign on the left. a large american flag on 30 foot-pole is mid-wave at right. they tower over the landscaped perfection of a well-kept suburban fast-food restaurant.
5 months ago

An eagle carved from a tree trunk at a campground 🤯

Anyone know what these runes mean?

Nikon FE / Ilford Delta 400 / 28mm

#35mmfilm #filmphotography #blackandwhitefilm #filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #photography #tennessee #thesouth

A black and white photo of an eagle carved into an old tree trunk. There are runes carved below the eagle. The eagle has intricately detailed feathers and is looking to the left of the frame.
5 months ago

Since I moved to this account I've done a pretty bad job of posting nature photos, which was my original intent. So here is Fall Creek Falls, highest waterfall east of the Rockies. From a hike earlier this spring.

Olympus OM-1 / 12-100 f4 / in-camera ND filter

#waterfallwednesday #tenneesee #thesouth #landscapephotography #naturephotography #photography #hiking #microfourthirds

A photo from the bottom of a waterfall plunging 256 feet into a blue-green pool.

📷 Two takes on the southern sky, looking up from the back yard about 3 today.

#Fotomontag #streetphotography #photo #Photography #fotographie #fotografía #photographie #sky #clouds #thesouth #FediversalPictures

a picture within a picture. the main image is horizontal. blue, blue sky with some puffy clouds in the bottom right corner. the smaller image is a vertical shot of another portion of the same sky at the same time. inverted, mostly clouds in tones of pale orange, gray and black.


Hi, Ricki!

I took this shot today near my house, sitting in my car at the gas station. It's an edit of the eastern sky about 7:15. It rained all night, and the sun was beginning to burn the clouds off.

#SilentSunday #streetphotography #inverted #photo #Photography #fotographie #fotografía #photographie #sky #clouds #thesouth #FediversalPictures

inverted color shot. in the foreground, the gable of a car wash roof points up to an opening in the darker clouds surrounding a semi-circle of sun and lighter clouds.

📷 Behind the Dollar Tree, Sunday morning at 6:43 AM, just after sunrise.

I forgot the coffee place doesn't open till 7 on Sunday morning; used the 20 minutes to go where I haven't before near the strip mall in Jesusville.

Read the #AltText for more details.

#inverted #edit #photo #Photography #fotographie #fotografía #photographie #thesouth #FediversalPictures

color inverted edit of a horizontal medium shot. the rear and "back yard" of a modern single-story brick standalone store is an eyesore, hidden from the public. a wedge of the access road and curb are in the foreground. grass is strewn with trash. at mid-distance left, a metal dumpster is spray-painted "store use only" on two sides. to the right, a cluster of carts like ones used to ferry luggage at airports stands in disuse. the right side of the building rear and exit door are partially hidden by once-sturdy wooden slat fencing. the overall appearance is that of a modern ruin.

📷 A spot of ground at a subdivision construction site, April 23, 2023, 6:46 AM.

#abstract #streetphotography #photo #edit #Photography #fotographie #fotografía #photographie #thesouth #pavedparadise #FediversalPictures

a multi-colored abstract picture. the source image is a close-up of a spot of red mud and small rocks at a construction site. rain has made gullies and depressions.