1 hour ago

Laid out at my community gardens, 48th/ 10th, guy at Kinkos FedEx 40th/ 6th sent me to Staples 39th/ 5th for a nice walk #today in #NYC.
#color #copies #too #big #for #fedex #walking #Theatre #District #Clinton #Times #Square #Bryant #Park #partly #sunny #not #cloudy #either

UK Theatre Web
4 hours ago

The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Noel Coward Theatre. #westend #london #tickets #uktheatre #play #theatre

The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Noel Coward Theatre.
Everything Theatre
5 hours ago

#Interview: Tom Folwer discusses his play Hope Has A Happy Meal, currently playing @royalcourt

"I heard a lot of people talk about hope as if it had just disappeared overnight. It was from this that I conceived the idea of writing about a woman called Hope trying to come home."

#theatre #offwestend #sloanesquare

Everything Theatre
7 hours ago

#Review: all of it @royalcourt ★★★★

"Macdowall has an incredible ability to juxtapose normality with enormous concepts."

#theatre #offwestend #drama #sloanesquare

Erika Sanderson
8 hours ago

Fantastic photo of me as the Storyteller in #AWorldDivided

📷 by Eric Iversen

#theatre #acting #musical

Everything Theatre
9 hours ago

#Review: Fury and Elysium @theotherpalace ★★

"With further refinement, this production still has the potential to truly captivate audiences and immerse them in the essence of Weimar Berlin’s tumultuous world."

#theatre #musicaltheatre #musicals #fringetheatre

Everything Theatre
11 hours ago

#Review: Our Last First @spaceartscentre ★★★★

"Perhaps the beauty of Our Last First is the mystery and fascination in seeing how the cast slip into their allotted roles, and how the whole dynamic changes instantly based upon simple luck of the draw."


#theatre #fringetheatre

Everything Theatre
11 hours ago

#Review: Hot In Here @gatetheatre ★★★★

"This piece genuinely feels like a new form of theatre, connecting as it does the global with the local, engaging with the audience and elegantly discussing the reality of the changes that need to be made and by whom."


#theatre #fringetheatre

Visit Sights
11 hours ago

🏙 Region: Milan, Italy
🏛️ Point of interest: Teatro degli Arcimboldi

❓ What is the most adventurous sightseeing tour you have ever taken?

➡ Be inspired by these free sightseeing tours in Milan:

#️⃣ #Sights #Amenity #Sightseeing #Theatre #Public #Travel #Building #Milan #Italy

© Credits: Wikimedia / Bruno Cordioli / CC BY 2.0

14 hours ago

Hey le :fediverse: !

S'il y a des parisien-ne-s sur Paris, on joue notre spectacle Identidad(s) aujourd'hui a 15h square Sarah Bernhard dans le 20eme, pour le festival Les Nocturbaines.

C'est du #théâtre, du #cirque avec du #tissu et de la #musique avec des #percussions et des #machines !

Southport & Mersey Reporter
21 hours ago

The next chapter of local production company City Theatre's 'Bow & Arrow,' called:- 'The Plebs of Sherwood,' will be shown at the Hope Street #Theatre, over 6 July to 8 July 2023.

Buy your tickets:-

This is our report from the lasted instalment performed in #Liverpool at the Epstein Theatre:-

This latest show is definitely 18+ & will be crammed full of high frolics & giggles. If the last is to go by, you will be in for an enjoyable evening.

J. L. Pichelski
1 day ago

If your #theatre show has a blow-up doll, you should always store it just inside a doorway.

A white, male blowup doll with a large, creepy smile peaks around the corner of an open door.
1 day ago

So apparently there is a #Theatre in #Belfast #Maine that closed due to the owners retiring and there’s a community group working to buy it to reopen it.

Check out this facade!

Image of the Colonial Theater in Belfast Maine, colorfully painted and lighted with a giant elephant on the roof
UK Theatre Web
1 day ago

The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Noel Coward Theatre. #westend #london #tickets #uktheatre #play #theatre

The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Noel Coward Theatre.
Not A Number
2 days ago

The New Nudist Podcast
Episode 30: Interview with the cast of Disrobed

Hosts Scott Cline and Evan Nicks interview cast members of "Disrobed," a play about naturism currently in production as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Evan Nicks also traces the history of the play's various incarnations at Planet Nude.

#Naturism #Nudism #Theater #Theatre #FKK #ClothingOptional

Hannah Howe
2 days ago

Taina Elg. Born in Finland, Taina made her movie debut, as a dancer, in 1955 in The Prodigal, which stared Lana Turner. In 1959, she co-starred alongside Kenneth More in The 39 Steps. Still alive, Taina enjoyed a long career in film, television and on the stage.

#Movies #Film #Television #Cinema #Theatre #Finland

Photograph of Taina Elg
UK Theatre Web
2 days ago

The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote). London Coliseum. #westend #london #tickets #uktheatre #opera #theatre

The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote). London Coliseum.
UK Theatre Web
2 days ago

The Barber of Seville (Il Barbiere Di Siviglia). London Coliseum. #westend #london #tickets #uktheatre #opera #theatre

The Barber of Seville (Il Barbiere Di Siviglia). London Coliseum.
Everything Theatre
2 days ago

#Review: Bounce @landutheatre ★★★★

"A wonderfully insightful play that will leave you thinking of those who suffer with you when the black dog strikes."

#theatre #fringetheatre

#Christchurch City Council's decisions around the #PerformingArts Precinct have been going round in circles for years, with equitable, accessible, inclusive #theatre spaces getting left out in the cold, but I'm glad my friend Michael Bell of Little Andromeda is still fighting the good fight. #Ōtautahi #NZ

Malik Berkati
3 days ago

Une formidable création au Théâtre Les Amis de Carouge sur Louise Michel à voir jusqu'au 25 juin. Je conseille !

Avec Louise de Charlotte Filou, le Théâtre Les Amis de Carouge clôt sa saison de manière spectaculaire !

#theatre #théâtre #louisemichel #carouge #geneve #genève

Brian Johnson
3 days ago

Spectrum Theatre Ensemble is thrilled to announce auditions for the company’s 2023 Season, which will be comprised of a series of short plays that originated from STE’s Neurodivergent Playwright Initiative. These plays will be developed and performed over the course of the year at the Neurodiversity Everywhere New Play Initiative Readings and the Neurodiversity New Play Festival.

#SpectrumTheatreEnsemble #Neurodiversity #Neurodivergent #Neurodiverse #Autism #Theatre #RhodeIsland

Christopher Schroeder
3 days ago
J. L. Pichelski
3 days ago

Had to stop a show before it was finished as it ran way over time. (To a full house as well.) First time I had to do that and it was terrifying! #theatre

3 days ago

Patriots (Noel Coward Theatre) Times 4⭐️excitingly intelligent..refreshingly pacey; Telegraph 4⭐️ Tom Hollander’s charismatic, phone-wielding wheeler-dealer; Stage 3⭐️Morgan’s fluid script..Goold’s detailed direction; WhatsOnStage 3⭐️more like a textbook history lesson and less like real drama #theatre #reviews

Scott Starkey :verified:
3 days ago

I haven't mentioned this on social media yet - a Mastodon exclusive! - but I've been cast in one of the local 10-minute plays in my community theatre. Performances will be June 23-25. Tickets will cost 2d6. You roll 2 dice, and that's what you pay!

Practices are coming along swimmingly, and I have my ~10 lines already memorized! 🤩
#LafayetteIN #theatre #Indiana

Theatre sur Nantes ! :D
3 days ago

Vendredi 16 juin 09h45 À 12:00 Sogni d'Oro - jeu théâtral “rêves de femmes”

UK Theatre Web
3 days ago

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Southwark Playhouse Elephant. #london #tickets #uktheatre #musical #theatre

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Southwark Playhouse Elephant.
4 days ago

This is a wild story. And it is so reflective of trying to live the #writer life.

Attn: #AmWritting

‘I was living in a fool’s paradise’: Adrienne Kennedy on meeting the Beatles and losing control of her play

#theatre #JohnLennon #TheBeatles #writing #writerslife

Judah Brown
4 days ago

#christian #theatre nerds, let's make a musical...

Martin Luther: a Reformation Musical.

I may or may not have started writing a song about the reformation based on a song from Hamilton... (The pope is the king...)

it's kat!
4 days ago

i'll leave you with more of josephine's exponential wisdom:

‘surely the day will come when colour means nothing more than the skin tone; when religion is seen uniquely as a way to speak one’s soul; when birth places have the weight of a throw of the dice & all men are born free - when understanding breeds love & brotherhood.’
#equality #civilRights #josephineBaker #justice #music #art #illustration #theatre #cinema #france #missouri

it's kat!
4 days ago

josephine, in great debt, let go of the chateau in 1968 &
relocated to a flat in monaco that was offered her by grace kelly.
she died four days after a magnificent comeback
revue at the bobino in paris.
last year, this dynamo became the first american & the first black woman to be reburied at the #pantheon.
#josephineBaker #art #illustration #portrait #music #france #missouri #theatre #film

it's kat!
4 days ago

she didn’t spend much time in the country of her birth. already a
veteran performer by the age of 19, she travelled to paris for ‘la revue negre’ - & she spent the rest of her life in france. of her adopted country, she said, ‘in that county, i never feared. it was like a fairyland place.’ these words were heard by over 200,000 people at 1963’s March on Washington, at which josephine was the only offical female speaker.
#josephineBaker #art #portrait #illustration #music #theatre

Warner Crocker
4 days ago
Jad Adams
4 days ago

Last night I saw Laika, about the dog sent into space by the Soviets in 1957. #NewWimbledonTheatre #Theatre #Plays

Randall White
5 days ago

Regardless of cultural genre, have ticket sales returned to pre-pandemic levels? What does this mean?

Join four experts Thu Jun 8 for a FREE & online discussion on proving the cultural and economic value of our nighttime economies.


#NighttimeEconomy #EconomicImpact #Study #ArtsAndCulture #Music #Concerts #Theatre #Dance #Opera #Audience #Marketing #CulturalImpact #CulturalValue #24HourNation #Webinar

UK Theatre Web
5 days ago

The Sound of Music. Chichester Festival Theatre. #tickets #chichester #uktheatre #musical #theatre

The Sound of Music. Chichester Festival Theatre.
6 days ago

Back in the early 1980s my senior high school class went to see "Death of a Salesman", starring the legendary British-Australian actor Warren Mitchell, in Sydney. I wasn't able to go as my family was too poor to pay for the school excursion. It is probably the school experience that I most regret missing out on. The next day all of the other students who went (even those who were not really into literature/theatre) were raving about how good it was & Mitchell's brilliant performance as Willy Loman.

I'm sure Anthony LaPaglia will do an excellent job portraying the tragic salesman on the Australian stage. #theatre #theater #AnthonyLaPaglia #Australia #Sydney #DeathOfASalesman #ArthurMiller #WillyLoman #play #stage

Anthony LaPaglia ‘scared and excited’ to make Australian stage debut in Death of a Salesman | Australian theatre | The Guardian

6 days ago

My big take-away for you about #CaseyAndDiana is that if you are in driving distance of Stratford, Ontario in the next two weeks, you MUST MAKE TIME to go see the production.

It's AMAZING. It's been a week and we are still talking about it.
#Pandemic #Theatre #PandemicMusic

6 days ago

#StratfordFestival 2023 features THE MOST AMAZING PLAY.

#CaseyAndDiana, the new play about Princess Di's visit to the Canadian #AIDS #hospice was stunning. Ushers hand out tissues before the show starts. It will Win All The Things: it was gripping, & funny, & tragic, & structurally recursive, & clever, & humbling, & true. Author Nick Green created a theatrical tour-de-force. Plus, the acting was amazing & music compelling. But the telling of the story was an example of WHY #theatre exists.

UK Theatre Web
6 days ago

The Barber of Seville (Il Barbiere Di Siviglia). #tour #uktheatre #opera #theatre

Carola Meyer
1 week ago

@Ruth_Mottram @TatianaIlyina

To reach a broad audience, it is indeed important that scientists and artists work together. People need to connect emotionally.
In Germany, @S4F did a project called #Zukunftsbilder (images of the future) asking the question "How do we want to live 2040?".
Somebody involved there, also connects #theatre projects with #ClimateCrisis (Shakespeare actually).
And maybe were are up to something new.
Big scale would help, though.

Caring for someone with dementia makes you look at a lot of things in new ways. The latest re-examination in my house is Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.

The “plot” is of two men waiting for someone named Godot who never arrives. He’s supposed to come tomorrow, but doesn’t show and then he’ll come the next day instead.

What if Godot is showing up every day as he said he would, but the two main characters are just unable to remember it because they’re both suffering from memory loss?

Everything gets flipped 180. Godot becomes the dependable presence and the two waiting for him are the unreliable ones.

#theatre #dementia #godot

Shawn Hooper (he/him)
1 week ago

Another weekend, another dance recital. #dance #theatre #stagetech

View from the booth of an auditorium with an empty audience. The main drape is closed.
1 week ago

An incredible group of kids recently put on a production of Marian (a Robin Hood story with LGBTQ+ themes) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, despite huge obstacles. The play had originally been due to go on at school, but homophobic bullying by elements of the local community got it cancelled. But that didn't stop the kids who managed to raise $80k+, find support and put it on in a local theatre.

#GoodNews #Theatre #Marian #RobinHood #LGBTQ #Pride #Fundraising #Students

At the #theatre to watch Terry #Pratchett guards guards. Theatre. Culture.

Sarah Sammis
2 weeks ago

Today’s backdrop work: the San Francisco skyline as seen from the East Bay. It’s done in grayscale as the real world parts of the play are meant to be drab compared to the fantasy game.

#art #theatre #theater #volunteer #MastoArt

Acrylic grayscale rendering of the San Francisco financial district.
Tim Evans
2 weeks ago

I was once performing a one man show. Two drunk girls had been disrupting throughout the first half.

They came back into the auditorium after the interval clutching cans of lager.

Five minutes into the second half came the loud pop and hiss of cans being opened.

I addressed them directly from the stage with
"Do you want to just fuck off?"

They didn't make a sound for the rest of the show.
#theatre #acting

Mr. Pataphor, Dadaist Dad
2 weeks ago

Death of A Peddler ~ The Tragicall History of William Lowman, A Common Street Merchant of No Repute

#HashtagGames#Theatre #ArthurMiller

Elaine Anderson
2 weeks ago

Weird Marketplace Find of the Day. Authentic signs from Honest Ed's in Toronto. (If you don't know Honest Ed's story, especially about saving so many theatres, I encourage you to give it a read starting here: #weirdmarketplace #Toronto #Sales #HandpaintedSigns #EdsWarehouse #EdMirvish #Theatre #LiveTheatre

Handpainted signs in blue, red and yellow featuring items and their sale prices.
As described
As described.

I loved learning the “Transatlantic Accent”at the conservatory. What I didn’t know was that it was originally invented by an Australian professor who wanted a common, blended accent that could be adopted by high society in Britain, America, and Australia. This is an accent regularly heard in classical theatre and in old Hollywood movies. #acting #voice #speech #accent #theatre #cinema

Chrystyne Novack
2 weeks ago

Any theatregoers in the house? The Athens Theatre is an example of a classic American theatre and is one of the few remaining theatres in the U.S. Once the centerpiece of DeLand Florida, the Athens Theatre is considered a jewel of Italian Renaissance architecture.

Art can be found here---->

#Photography #AYearForArt #Art #FediGiftShop #ArtBooster #BuyIntoArt #Photo #Theatre

Athens Theatre is a beautiful vintage theatre with flashing lights sign and arched doors with stained glass designs set in a brick building located in Deland, FL.
Living room with red sofa and a framed photo of the Athens Theatre hanging behind it.
2 weeks ago

Peace! You can call me Bry, they/them. I was born in 2002, and am 21 at time of writing.

I call myself a storyteller because I do many forms of storytelling and it's a nice summary of all of them. Currently, I'm focusing on #writing, mostly #journalism. I am also interested in #theatre, the #marchingarts, #music, and other forms of telling stories.

I am #disabled in several ways. I wear ear defenders regularly, and probably need to start using some sort of mobility aid. If you wanna talk about shared experiences, it would be my pleasure!

I am #muslim, and love studying and learning about all religions. I am considering becoming a chaplain of some kind. I feel I may be able to help other queer and progressive folk who feel alienated by their religious communities.

I am also plural—the world inside our head is massive, confusing, and terrifying. We mostly present as a single individual, though. It's just what works for us/me.

I am some sort of communist, though I haven't been able to read much theory. I think living your beliefs is more important than academeizing them anyway.

I have a deep hatred of car dependent infrastructure and car culture. I try to live my life without using a car as much as possible. I guess that falls under #urbanism, though I can't think of a super clever way to incorporate that tag.

My DMs are open, if you ever want to talk! You can ask for my discord or instagram as well. I hope you find something worthwhile here!

This Facebook post makes me happy so I had to share it here. Running a small, accessible black box theatre that showcases original local works is hard in a conservative city where the established, monopolistic players tend to get all the money, but my friends are still fighting hard to make it happen. #theatre #Ōtautahi #Christchurch #NZ

Post from Little Andromeda:
Kia ora all.
We're so happy to have received financial support from the Ministry of Culture & Heritage today.
Thanks for your hundreds of letters of support. 
This support has come at the 11th hour. We're literally closing down this Sunday. However, with this 11th hour major injection, we're able to pivot our closing down party into a "see you soon!" party.
We will stay the course with shutting the doors for a while, but rather than emptying the building out, we'll spend a couple of months giving the theatre a lick of paint, update some of our systems, have a winter holiday, book some shows in, and get ready to welcome you back soon. We're on track for mid to late August.
We've already got some ideas for how we can do some things better, and we're excited to make these changes.
We're far from out of the woods. This funding is designed to buy a few one-off things that make our life easier in the long run. It will also cover half the funding we need to keep the theatre open for the year. We'll still have to operate with tightened belts, but it gives us a year to work on building our systems for securing ongoing charitable funding, continuing the hunt for corporate sponsors and especially trying to talk Creative New Zealand into giving us more reliable funding.
In the meantime, I'm beyond thrilled to say that we're not closing, we'll be back and better than before, really soon!
Thanks again so, so much for your support.
See you at the theatre,
Louise Mallory
2 weeks ago

There's a lot of theatre to watch in Edmonton this week, and I'm catching about half of it. Subscribe or Like is a thought-provoking drama by Liam Salmon about what can happen when content creators pursue viewers/readers. I am aware of the irony of linking to my own blog content about this show, but I'm doing it anyway. #YEGTheatre #theatre #YEGArts

Warner Crocker
2 weeks ago

The world’s first AI ballet has arrived, and it's setting the bar high
#AI #Ballet #Theatre #Arts

Terence Eden
2 weeks ago

🆕 blog! “Theatre Review: Idiots Assemble - Spitting Image The Musical”

Well, this is a glorious mess! The puppetry is astounding. The grey-clad puppeteers manipulate their charges with grace, precision, and joy. The work is so much more intricate than, say, Avenue Q. The mannerisms of the Tom Cruise doll are perfectly executed, with subtle moments of genius. The pupp…

👀 Read more:

#satire #theatre

Photo of the safety curtain, showing caricatures of famous people.
The European Network
2 weeks ago

Asterion the Minotaur, a fifty-tonne giant made from steel and wood, is catching people's attention at the Halle de La Machine exhibition in Toulouse.

The giant half-man, half-bull comes to life thanks to its talented stagehands, who operate a myriad of cables and levers.

#France #Toulouse #Exhibition #Minotaur #Art #Theatre

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 weeks ago

A good friend used to be a lighting designer and had the pleasure of working with Daniel Brooks. Such an important and influential person in Canadian theatre.

RIP Daniel Brooks

#Canada #CanadianTheatre #Theatre

Everything Theatre
2 weeks ago

#Review: A Midsummer Night’s Dream @The_Globe ★★★★★ " It truly brought that childhood love for the work back to life."

#theatre #shakespeare

Tom Jewell
2 weeks ago

Interested in child and adolescent mental health, and the transition to adulthood (and adult services)?

Come to a free, immersive performance of Hidden, produced by the amazing Made by Mortals.

Happening on Friday the 7th of July in Manchester, 1.30-3pm.


Flyer for creative workshop. In the top left, there is a logo in white which reads: 'hidden'. The logo has two white earbuds which connect to the word.

The main image is of what appears to be a bedroom, viewed through a keyhole. A bed and a window are visible.

The text reads:
Stop. Read. Hidden. adjective. Kept out of sight, concealed. 

Breathe. Think. 

Hidden LIVE is an immersive performance that challenges audiences to walk in the shoes of a young person struggling with mental health. 

“In a few moments you will enter an avatar and become Adam. Adam’s life will become your responsibility. You will have the ‘ controls. You have the headset. Help him survive, strive even.”

Adam has just turned 18. Mum is now even more in the dark. Siobhan, Adam's key worker, feels like a failure. His sister just wants out.

This multimedia theatre piece uses the imaginations and experiences of real people and asks you to question what you can do to help.

“It’s not catching you know, what my brother’s got. People treat you that way, but it ain’t.” 

Friday 7th July 2023 1:30pm-3pm Grosvenor East, Cavendish St, Manchester M15 6BG 

Book your free tickets via Eventbrite
Octavia con Amore
3 weeks ago

Hi, I'm a professional violinist who plays soundtracks :sylveon_squish:

Ok, #Introduction over. I'm a musician, not a wordsmith :growlithe_derp:
... ... ...
I'm being gently informed by my responsible half that I'm to write a *proper* intro, as she puts it...
... ... ...

Hi Fedi/Mastodon, I'm Octavia, a 30ish Japanese and USian violinist (and composer) whose mother introduced her to the violin at age 5 and Super Mario Brothers at age 3. This would go on to have profound consequences, chief amongst which was that the majority of the activities I enjoy involve fingertip dexterity. The secondary effect was that I would go on to use the classical training I received throughout my childhood to, for the most part, play soundtracks while letting my classical repertoire languish :blobhaj_peek:

Nintendo classics like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, and Smash, JRPG classics like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy (IX and X specifically), movie soundtracks including a bunch of Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki Hayao works, Disney, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribbean, and Master & Commander (which is just my excuse to play the Bach Cello Suite no. 1: Prelude :leafeon_giggle: ), and a few anime pieces here and there (along with at least one My Little Pony theme :blobhaj_jam: ) are the bulk of what I play when I perform solo. I do play classical pieces here and there, but they mostly tend to be various movements from the Bach Cello Suites, along with a smattering of Celtic music, though I try to mix everything together in my sets, leaving people guessing as to what's a soundtrack and what's not :blobhaj_peek:

I perform at various conventions in the Pacific Northwest of the US (formerly in Brook and Link cosplays), whether inside or outside, and also perform as part of Troupe Seven Stars at faires in the area over the summer months while filling the rest of my time playing solo or ensemble shows, mostly near Portland. About half of Saturdays are spent performing at Fleur de Lis Bakery & Cafe in the Hollywood district.

I tend to spend my free time dissociating in the shower, overcoming whatever ADHD lobs my way, and running out the door like an alternate-universe fusion of Bilbo Baggins and the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland (though, to my astonishment, I've only been late to 2 gigs in my life that I remember). What crumbs of time are spared from those tend to be spent on gaming, reading manga/watching anime, listening to and sharing music (yes, mostly soundtracks), and enjoying what the internet has to offer.

Aside from needing to hop instances, I've found my time on the Fedi to be enjoyable, and I hope to keep meeting interesting, genuine people and sharing time and conversations together :espeon_love: </wall-o'-text>

Interest tags:
#Music #Musician #Violin #Violinist #Composer #Theatre #Games #Gaming #Soundtracks #GameDev #Cats #YukiKajiura #Bach #Manga #Anime #Discworld #TerryPratchett #LolitaFashion #Trans #Bi #Queer #LGBTQ #Portland #PDX #ADHD #Japanese

Erika Sanderson
3 weeks ago

Here's a look at our first performance of A World Divided! I'm very proud to be a part of this talented company.
And I look damn fine in that coat! 😉
🎥credit: Brett Turner

#musical #NewWriting #acting #theatre #steampunk #AWorldDivided

it's kat!
3 weeks ago

her words to white liberals who criticise civil disobedience ring true just as loudly today: 'stop being a liberal & become an american radical.'
read lorraine. she knows what she's talking about.
#politics #writer #portraiture #lorraineHansberry #theatre

it's kat!
3 weeks ago

in terms of civil & human rights, lorraine said that everyone 'must concern themselves with every single means of struggle: legal, illegal, passive, active, violent and non-violent...they must harass, debate, petition, give money to court struggles, sit-in, lie-down, strike, boycott, sing hymns, pray on steps—and shoot from their windows when the racists come cruising through their communities.'
#theatre #literature #art #lorraineHansberry

Jim Jones
3 weeks ago

A group of #FortWayne #Indiana #LGBTQ teens and their allies are self-funding and producing their high school play after it was cancelled by their school administration among parental complaints.

The play starts tomorrow.

So far, they have raised over $80,000 for their $50,000 dollar goal and all their profits are going into a fund to support other teens who have their plays cancelled for similar reasons.

#Hoosiers #HoosierMast #DramaKids #Theatre #HighSchoolTheatre

Tim Richards
3 weeks ago

New at my Patreon: But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It's me on a balcony in Verona. And not just any balcony, but that of the doomed Juliet:

Dateline Verona: Where we lay our scene

#Verona #Italy #Theatre #Shakespeare #History

Tim standing on a balcony with greenery on the walk beyond.
3 weeks ago

Alright, I'm gonna try Mastodon one more time and hope it sticks.

A bit about me:
- Born and raised in SW Idaho (Nampa to be specific)
- Moved to Portland, OR in 2008
- Have a BA and MS in Theatre Arts (which I don't use anymore)
- Play a lot of D&D and video games
- Though my love of video games is being converted into a new love for running. (I am very slow.)
- Hit my 40th bday on May 12 2023
- Have a cute cat named Jowers

#Introduction #DnD #Running #Theatre #PDX #Portland #Oregon #parkrun

Mythology & History
3 weeks ago

Random #eurovision throwback - back/onstage edition!

I had an internship in a #theatre #property room a hundred years ago, and this is bringing back memories!

#stagemanagement #chaos #imold

Terence Eden
3 weeks ago

🆕 blog! “Review: Rachel Bloom "Death, Let Me Do My Special"”

I've never heard such whooping and hollering from a Bloomsbury Theatre audience. When Rachel Bloom prances on to the stage it is like seeing a revivalist preacher work the faithful. It would have been so easy for Bloom to rest on her laurels and give a "best of Bloom" revue - the crowd would have […

👀 Read more:

#comedy #review #theatre

Cartoon showing a stand up comedian casting a shadow of the grim reaper.

Our latest just podcast dropped: "The Primus Directive".

Barry Primus has worked with giants and, boy, does he have stories!

We talk plenty of Scorsese. Lots of DeNiro. Great gobs of Jerome Robbins and Elia Kazan and James Dean and Zero Mostel and Anna Sokolow.

On our YouTube channel -

#movies #film #cinema #podcast #acting #classic #Vilnius #theatre #theater #Broadway

On Apple Podcasts -

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4 weeks ago

@russss So cool! I would love to have one of those in a black box theater to experiment with in plays.


Liam 🏳️‍🌈
4 weeks ago

Happy opening to the company of #Spamalot at the #KennedyCenter- it's been such a whirlwind and delight to work with y'all on this!
#Theatre #DMV #WashingtonDC

A photo from the back of a theatre. There is a black curtain with the text "Monty Python's SPAMALOT, Broadway Center Stage" in the background. You can see the backs of people's heads
Shawn Hooper (he/him)
1 month ago

I love taking pictures of empty spaces.

#theatre #photography #emptyspaces #crewpics

An empty auditorium. Taken from the upstage wall looking towards the house.
Terence Eden
1 month ago

🆕 blog! “Review: Christina Bianco In Divine Company at The Chocolate Factory”

Doing vocal impressions is hard. Doing them while singing is even harder. But Chirstina Bianco does it effortlessly, backwards and in high heels. I remember seeing the Forbidden Broadway show decades ago - Bianco is an alumna - and being slightly confused by al…

👀 Read more:

#musical #review #theatre

Poster featuring Christina Bianco as a Diva.
Shawn Hooper (he/him)
1 month ago

The NAC has announced their 2023-2024 season.

#theatre #dance #ottawa #orchestra

Derren Brown: I've written a show for 7 performers. I'm not in it, tho. Here's a link in case you want to buy tickets

People on social media (mostly facebook): this is a SCAM. Derren Brown is NOT in it. This is MISLEADING

Why are people like this 😐

#livetheatre #theatre #westendlondon #derrenbrown

Queer Lit Cats
1 month ago
David Harlan
1 month ago

I'm reboosting this because further details have revealed that the dingbat who ruined the kids' field trip to see James and the Giant Peach heard that the show employed "double-casting". Double casting is when more than one actor is hired to perform a single role and they trade off; sometimes it's used to describe one actor playing multiple roles.

The dingbat from Spring Branch thought "double casting" meant "cross dressing".

#theater #theatre #maga #gender #schools #politics

1 month ago

As I settle in here, it seems like a good idea to introduce myself. I’ve been working for a long time at a Very Big Tech Company & am currently focused on user #privacy. Big fan of #travel (especially the Big Island of #Hawaii), but I’ve wandered all over the place. I love #scuba, #photography, #books, #theatre, #art, & #music. #Chemo survivor since August, 2022. #Sober since 1984. Also, #Queer & #liberal (duh).

Weirdos are my people.

David Harlan
1 month ago

I've been working at this theater on and off for 30 years. In that time I've played multiple genders; I've also played kangaroos, weasels, and chairs. There's never been an agenda, other than if a part needs playing and you're not on stage, you do it. But some Spring Branch Becky flipped the fuck out and went on a gender war.

Most parents didn't even realize why the field trip was canceled.

#theater #theatre #maga #gender #schools #politics

John Linton Roberson
2 months ago

Full access at #Patreon to my work in progress, my books(including the banned ones available nowhere else), weird experiments no one else will see, & more for JUST 5 bucks. You should become a patron now.
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The Randomiser Podcast
2 months ago

Much belated #Introduction

I’m Tim, one of the two presenters on The Randomiser #Podcast. We burble on about #DoctorWho new and old, and other favourite shows such as #RedDwarf #Blakes7 and my cohost Chas also likes #TheTomorrowPeople

Professionally I #VideoDesign for #Theatre and once or twice for #Theater

My own interests here are mostly fun things like #Puns #Scifi #Etymology and #BadJokes but I’m also interested in connecting with other fans of Doctor Who and generally being #Silly

2 months ago

I just moved here from another lovely instance because I found I wasn't posting at all about its subject matter but was only posting about #Autism. So here's one of those #Introduction posts with lots of #CamelCase hashtags -







Shawn Hooper (he/him)
2 months ago

Phantom of the Opera was the first musical I ever listened to, it was the first I ever saw in person, and will always be one of my favourites.

What a run.

#muscials #theatre #phantomoftheopera

Amanda Lillywhite
2 months ago
Front cover of the resource pack. At the top is the University of Westminster logo. The title is Radical Theatre: Inspiring future generations. A subhead head says Educational Resource Pack. The illustration covers the full page behind the text. A blue band at the top represents the early days of Soho Poly with illustrations of the building and Verity Bargate. The middle section is in greenish tones and shows performances from the 1970s. A red band at the bottom of the page shows four young people in a recent production.
Shawn Hooper (he/him)
2 months ago

I forgot how tangled a clearcomm cable can get. #stagecrew #theatre

2 months ago
it's kat!
2 months ago

if you've never seen beckett's 'not i' (performed by his close friend, billie whitelaw)...o, you really should. its punch is still strong.
#billieWhitelaw #samuelBeckett #monologue #drama #theatre

Ashley Porciuncula
2 months ago

Taking the family to the Bristol Hippodrome to see the Mother Goose panto, starring Ian McKellen as the Dame.

Or, as it's known in the US, a crime against the poor defenseless children who will surely come out of the experience traumatised.

#Pantomime #Panto #Theatre #IanMcKellan #MotherGoose #Parenting

The interior of the Hippodrome with a set stage of a street in London.
Warner Crocker
2 months ago

Director Martin McDonagh Says Theaters Refuse to Put on His Work Over ‘Petty Outrage’

Julie Goldberg
2 months ago

A local #theatre company is going to perform a one-act #play I wrote! I’ve been invited to attend auditions next weekend, another new experience.
The performance will be on the evening of June 5 in Nyack, NY. It’s free and everyone is invited.
The play is called “Come Right Away. Don’t Rush.” It’s based on events that could have happened (but didn’t) on the night my mother suffered the injury that would end her life a few months later. Not nearly as depressing as it sounds! I promise! #writing

John Linton Roberson
2 months ago

Full access at #Patreon to my work in progress, my books(including the banned ones available nowhere else), weird experiments no one else will see, & more for JUST 5 bucks. You should become a patron now.
#comics #Lulu #Vladrushka #SuzySpreadwell #art #painting #posters #prints #wip #graphicnovel #comedy #smut #erotica #humor #Satan #Jesus #religion #soviet #russian #tragedy #frankwedekind #theatre #opera #sex #women #farce #satire #christian

Only 5 bucks!
LULU sitting on a couch, smirking.
Various scenes of Suzy Spreadwell, a Christian girl dreaming of fucking the devil.
Shawn Hooper (he/him)
2 months ago

Let dance recital season begin. #theatre #liveevents #stagetech #dance

An empty theatre stage. Dance flooring is visible on part of it.
View of the stage from the tech booth. A Midas M32 console is visible in the foreground.