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What there is #photomonday ?

Damn learned something new again...🙈🤣😆

Can i toot something like this?
I love gyros!

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Photo from a gyros sandwich
1 week ago

Was es gibt #Fotomontag ?

Verflixt wieder was neues gelernt…🙈🤣😆

Geht auch sowas?
Ich Liebe Gyros!

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Foto von Gyros
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Photo from Thessaloniki
The sea, ships with a bar in it where you can have a drink and make a trip brought the Harbour near the city
Phot from Thessaloniki
Phot of the ship-bar
Drink and make a trip the Thessaloniki Harbour
NewsBot -
2 weeks ago

1943 mussten rund 300 Juden ein Ausweichgleis an der Bahnstrecke von #Thessaloniki nach #Athen verlegen. Die unmenschlichen Bedingungen überlebten viele Zwangsarbeiter nicht. Ein Projekt soll diese Geschichte aufarbeiten.

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Hey mastodon!
Guten Morgen ☕️

Heute ist doch…..

#Meermittwoch 👏🏻👏🏻😘

Bin seit ein paar Tagen zurück aus Thessaloniki und wir haben dort viel Meer!😊😁🤩❤️🇬🇷😘

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Promenade in Thessaloniki.
Blick auf den weißen Turm und das Meer.
Dokuzentrum NS-Zwangsarbeit
2 weeks ago

Hörempfehlung: #Juden in #Thessaloniki im #rbb24inforadio von Moritz Pompl und Harald Asel.
Vielleicht auch als Vorbereitung für unsere Veranstaltung am Donnerstag um 19 Uhr: "Karya 1943. Tödliche #Zwangsarbeit in #Griechenland | Geschichte und Topografie eines Tatorts", in dem es um unser Forschungsprojekt gemeinsam mit der Universität #Osnabrück und dem #StiftungDenkmal - gefördert von der #StiftungEVZ.

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Should I miss having something to drink like every night in Thessaloniki?

Hmh 🤔🤔
Yes decided to miss it😁

I had not drunk for years

I begrudge it 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂

The best at the end...I had a bottle in my hand luggage to drink before the flight..
But what did I do...I forgot the bottle and the dear gentleman at the airport control discovered the stupid bottle of course and it was destroyed...poor little space bottle 😳😳😭😭🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂

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Bottle of Gordon’s space
Bottle of Smirnoff ice on the  balcony of the park hotel in Thessaloniki
2 weeks ago

Sollte ich es vermissen, jeden Abend etwas in Thessaloniki getrunken zu haben?

Hmh 🤔🤔
Ja hab entschieden es zu vermissen😁

Ich Hatte Jahre nichts getrunken

Es sei mir gegönnt gewesen🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😂

Das beste zum Schluss…ich hatte eine Flasche im Handgepäck dabei um die vor dem Flug noch zu trinken….
Aber was habe Ich getan…nicht getrunken und der liebe Herr an der Kontrolle am Flughafen hat die blöde Flasche natürlich entdeckt und die wurde vernichtet…armes Space Fläschchen 😳😳🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂

#fun #thessaloniki

Eine Flasche gordons Space
Flasche Smirnoff ice auf dem Balkon des Park Hotel in Thessaloniki
2 weeks ago

So I thought it was funny to take this picture in Thessaloniki😆

There is a YMCA in Thessaloniki! 🤦🏼‍♀️😁 Hooray!!!

You shouldn't pay anything for this insight...and wonder if the woman who took this picture, i.e. me, considers it such an amazing surprise to find a YMCA in a major city 😂

Little dumb joke....
And yes I've known this building forever...😆

For those who always wanted to know how YMCA is spelled in Greek....😊🤩🙈😁😘

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Photo from the front outside the ymca building in Thessaloniki

✅ Plane and hostel booked

Less then two months remain until seeing all the cool gearheads at Akademy this year. Can't wait.

P.S. I have an empty bed at main hostel (Stay Hybrid), if you're still looking for a roommate

#KDE #Akademy2023 #Thessaloniki #Greece #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Linux

White outline of part of a Greek statue head on a black background. To the right there is a text:

Thessaloniki, Greece

Banner from

For today, two close-up photos of arthropods: a wolf spider (probably Alopecosa albofasciata) showing off its fur and all its eyes, and a very round, black beetle (maybe Pimelia graeca) with golden rings between its segments.

#Photography #NaturePhotography #Insects #InsectPhotography #Spider #Wolfspider #Beetle #Pimelia #Thessaloniki #Greece

Close-up photo of a furry wolf spider on red clay tiles. Probably Alopecosa albofasciata.

The fur on the legs of the spider is nicely visible. The main body is black, the top of the body is white with a black spot at the back.

When zooming in the eyes of the spider can be seen.
A close-up photo of a black, round beetle on dry soil. Maybe a pimelia graeca.

Between the head and the neck, and between the neck and the main body of the beetle a golden ring can be seen.

The main body of the beetle is not smooth but has a rough texture.

And a few more photos from today's walk with @vivia. This time very small things.

Featuring: a honeybee on a searocket flower, an Oleander flower that is just about to open, an unripe, green almond that looks like a furry kiwi, and the colorful flower of a feijoa tree.

#Photography #NaturePhotography #Flowers #FlowerPhotography #Bee #Honeybee #WorldBeeDay #Searocket #Oleander #Almond #Feijoa #Thessaloniki #Greece

A photo of a honeybee on a purple searocket flower. Its eyes and antennae are clearly visible. In the background the sand of the beach can be seen.
A close-up photo of a pink Oleander flower that is just about to open. It looks like a five-pointed star.

In the background a few dark red and still closed flower buds are visible, and the leaves of the plant.
A close-up photo of an unripe almond that is still in its green and hairy shell. Next to it are some other almonds and leaves on its tree branch.

The almond looks a bit like a furry kiwi.
A close-up photo of a feijoa tree flower. Its flower leaves are light pink, the center dark red with a bit of gold.

Next to it are a few still closed flower buds.

Some photos from today's walk with @vivia. It was quite warm today!

Featuring: a bright green ring-necked parakeet sitting on a dead tree branch, a small pygmy cormorant in the sea, a loudly singing, shining starling and a colorful goldfinch.

#Photography #NaturePhotography #BirdWatching #Parakeet #Cormorant #Starling #Goldfinch #Birds #Thessaloniki #Greece

A photo of a ring-necked parakeet sitting at the very top of a dead tree branch without any leaves.

The parrot looks half towards the camera and its bright green colors give a strong contrast to the grey sky and leafless branches.
A photo of a pygmy cormorant sitting on a rusty metal pole in the sea. Its profile is visible, and despite the bad light conditions its white-ish ring around the eyes and the brown-ish head are distinct from the darker body.
A photo of a colorful, European starling sitting in the grass, surrounded by some clover flowers. The starling's beak is open and its neck feathers are fluffy in this moment because it was singing.

The violet, green, blue and golden shimmer of its feathers is clearly visible.
A photo of a European goldfinch sitting on a thistle branch. Its profile is visible, with the red feathers at the front of the head and the golden/yellow feathers on the sides of the wings.

A small selection of cats and ducks from today's walk with @slomo .

#Thessaloniki #Greece #Photography #Cat #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Duck #Ducks

A male duck, possibly mallard, seen from the side, standing on shallow water and flapping its wings. There are water drops on its face and body.
A juvenile gray-ginger tabby cat with green eyes, lying on the ground and looking into the camera.
An old-looking and grumpy ginger tabby cat with a white nose, belly, and front legs, lying on grass and looking away with a concerned look.
Four ducks sitting on the sand next to the sea. Three of them, two male and one female, are half-asleep with their head tucked into their wings, but sneakily looking into the camera. A female mallard sitting a bit further to the front is awake.
2 weeks ago

Good night 😴🫶🏻🌟

Let us hope for a world full of hope, peace, kindness, love, beautiful moments, friendship, human behavior, compassion, brightness and NO HATE !!

#betterworld #human #humanity #love #brightness #hope #kindness #compassion #fotografie #thessaloniki #greece #peace #friendship #world #writing #photography

Sculpture in Thessaloniki with persons who climb together
2 weeks ago

Hello I am back from Thessaloniki 😘

I am looking forward to read everything you wrote 😘❤️🫶🏻🌟.

Give me time and I will answer you all


#betterworld #hope #peace #love #greece #thessaloniki #kindness #writing #fotografie #photography #human #humanity #liebe #hoffnung #menschlichkeit #givethemavoice

Black Mosquito
2 weeks ago

Vegan & Tierversuchsfreie #Handseife 🌱

Nur natürliche Zutaten ohne Tenside, Palmkernöl nach RSPO-Mindeststandards.

Inhaltstoffe: Grüne #Seife, Reines Olivenöl, Olivenkernöl, Kokosöl, Rizinusöl, Mandelöl, Ätherisches Öl (Kiefer)

Vio.Me ist eine seit 2011 in #Griechenland besetzte und seit 2013 in Selbstverwaltung der Arbeiter*innen produzierende Fabrik in #Thessaloniki / Griechenland.

Hier geht's zur Seife:

In einem Regal stehen mehrere grünfarbige Handseifen.
3 weeks ago

Detail from the dome of the basilica of Hagia Sophia in #Thessaloniki showing apostles pondering and puzzled by the #Ascension of Jesus



3 weeks ago

Hi my dears.

I send you very warm greetings from Thessaloniki!

I'm here since Sunday and it's beautiful.

But I have not forgotten you out there.

I will reply to everything you have written to me when I am back in Germany.


#mastodon #fediverse #thessaloniki #greece #photography #story #city #love

Look from hotel to ministry of Makedonia-Thrace in Thessaloniki
Bottom right ancient Excavations
3 weeks ago

Hi meine Lieben.

Ich schicke euch ganz liebe Grüße aus Thessaloniki!

Bin seit Sonntag hier und es ist wunderschön.

Habe euch da draußen aber nicht vergessen.

Ich werde auf alles antworten was ihr mir so geschrieben habt, wenn ich wieder in Deutschland bin.


#mastodon #fediverse #thessaloniki #greece #fotografie #geschichte


Blick vom Hotel, in Thessaloniki, Griechenland, oben links das Ministerium Makedonien-Thrakien
Unten rechts, im Dunkeln, antike Ausgrabungen

Some duck pictures from yesterday's walk with @slomo , including a bonus honeybee covered with pollen.

#Duck #Ducks #DucksOfMastodon #Bees #Honeybees #Photography #Thessaloniki #Greece

A male Rouen duck with its neck extended and its beak slightly open, and behind it a female Khaki Campbell duck, swimming in the sea.
A honeybee covered with little white pollen balls, inside a purple mallow (Malva sylvestris) flower.
Four ducks napping on the sand next to the sea. All four are standing on one leg, with their head buried into their wings.
A female Rouen duck, sitting on the soil behind some wild grass, napping with its head buried in its wings, but with one eye slightly open and checking the camera.

And a second set of photos from yesterday's walk with @vivia.

Featuring: close-up photos of a chinaberry tree flower, a sweet scabious flower with two small black beetles, a Scottish thistle with a golden bee collecting nectar on it. And a photo of a sparrow with completely soaked feathers from the rain. It looks kind of tired.

#Photography #NaturePhotography #BirdWatching #Sparrow #Bee #Thistle #Flowers #FlowerPhotography #Chinaberry #Birds #Thessaloniki #Greece

A close-up photo of the flower of a chinaberry tree. The inside of the flower is dark violet, the leaves around it white/pink. Around it are a few still closed, pink flower buds, and in the background green leaves.
A close-up photo of a sweet scabious flower. It's light pink / white, and attracted two black beetles. In the background the green grass is visible.
A close-up photo of a bee collecting nectar from a violet Scottish thistle flower. The bee's eyes and antennae are clearly visible, and the bee's hair looks golden in the light conditions.
A photo of a small sparrow on wet, muddy soil with a few small plants around it. The sparrow's feathers look completely soaked from the rain before, and it has a kind of tired appearance.

A few stray cat pictures from yesterday's walk with @slomo . Every day is Caturday! :blobcatheart:​

#cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon #photography #Thessaloniki #Greece

A ginger tabby cat with olive green eyes in the middle of some wild plants, looking into the camera with its tail slightly raised.
A tortoiseshell cat with green eyes, slightly frowning. It's sitting hunched with its head turned sideways towards the camera. It's sitting on gravel with some wild plants in the background.
A gray tabby cat with a white nose, neck, and hind legs, and olive green eyes, in the middle of a Virginia Creeper plant. The cat is standing sideways and looking over its shoulder.
A ginger tabby cat with olive green eyes standing on some rocks next to the sea. The cat is standing sideways, with its tail curled up next to its hind legs, looking over its shoulder with a concerned look on its face.

Some bird pictures from today's walk with @vivia. It was very humid and cloudy today.

Featuring: a grey heron standing on a wooden pole in the sea, with its "hair" blowing into its face, a hooded crow sitting on a concrete pole with the old town of Thessaloniki in the background, a cormorant on a pier next to fishing nets and other fishing gear, and a magpie with green/blue shimmering feathers looking curious while sitting inside a fig tree.

#Photography #NaturePhotography #BirdWatching #Heron #GreyHeron #Crow #HoodedCrow #Cormorant #Magpie #Birds #Thessaloniki #Greece

A photo of a grey heron standing on a wooden pole in the sea. The wind is blowing its "hair" towards its face and the feathers look wet.
A photo of a hooded crow sitting on a concrete pole next to a bush. It is looking sideways and its feathers look fluffy. In the background the old town of Thessaloniki is visible.
A photo of a cormorant sitting on a pier next to fishing nets, bags, and other stuff.
A photo of a magpie sitting in a fig tree. It is looking sideways, appearing curious. The black feathers on its back are shimmering green and blue in the light.
1 month ago

Epitaph from #Thessaloniki with monograms of the names Meletius, Neophytus + Antoninus, "in fulfillment of a vow."

-- Museum of #Byzantine Culture (@MBP_Thess), 5th cent.



Bob the Traveler
1 month ago

Today is the feast day of the 4th century Great Virgin-martyr Irene of #Thessaloniki #travel #Greece #history

1 month ago

🔹🔸 Exchanging knowledge on #VET, #skills and #qualifications.

Cedefop welcomed the 🇰🇷 Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET) in #Thessaloniki, exchanged research findings and views and explored possible areas of cooperation.


Bob the Traveler
2 months ago

Today is the feast day of Virgin-martyrs Agape, Irene, and Chionia of Aquileia, martyred in #Thessaloniki in 304 #travel #Greece #history

Human Aid Collective e.V.
2 months ago

Romy und Jeannette sind heute mit dem Transporter in Athen gestartet. Ihr Ziel ist Thessaloniki. Sie bringen zahlreiche Sachspenden zu einer Einrichtung für unbegleitete minderjährige Geflüchtete aus Syrien und Afghanistan, die vom Synyparxis - Ecumenical Refugee Programme geleitet wird.

#thessaloniki #sachspenden #refugeesupport #griechenland

And some more impressions from today's bike tour.

This time featuring blossoms of a wild cherry tree, a close up of wisteria flowers with a busy bee collecting nectar, and a Greek tortoise carefully crossing a street.

#Photography #NaturePhotography #Thessaloniki #Greece #Blossom #CherryBlossom #Flowers #Spring #Wisteria #Bee #Insect #Turtle #Tortoise

Photo of white wild cherry blossoms on a branch in front of the clear blue sky.
Photo of white wild cherry blossoms on a branch, in the background many other branches and flowers are visible. A bee is collecting nectar.
Photo of purple wisteria wisteria flowers with a bee collecting nectar from it. In the background dry branches are visible.
Photo of a Greek tortoise walking on the street, mid-movement.

Some impressions from today's short bike tour in the hills behind Thessaloniki.

Featuring a close up of a red soldier beetle, a busy bee and colorful thistle and poppy flowers.

#Photography #NaturePhotography #Thessaloniki #Greece #Insects #Bugs #Beetle #SoldierBeetle #Spring #Flowers #Thistle #Bee #Poppies

A photo of a red/black soldier beetle (most likely Cantharis fusca) on the branch of a green plant. The red thorax is reflecting the sunlight and the long antennae and its eye are clearly visible.
Photo of the dry remainder of a cotton thistle flower. It looks like a pink-green star.
Photo of a cotton thistle flower with a bee on it, in the background various weeds. The thistle flower looks very fluffy and has a strong pink color. The bee on top of it is collecting nectar and visible in great detail.
Photo of a red poppy flower in a field of other weeds. On the side some malva flowers are visible.
Dinand Mentink
2 months ago

Panorama vanaf een landweggetje in Polygyros, Centraal Macedonië.


Dinand Mentink
2 months ago

Panorama van het landschap rondom de ruïne van de Byzantijnse Mariana toren.


Dinand Mentink
2 months ago

We zijn terug uit Thessaloniki. Ik ben nu nog lekker een paar mooie panorama's aan het nabewerken. Het was een toffe vakantie. Vooral de ruïnes van Olynthus heb ik erg van genoten.


Bob the Traveler
2 months ago

Today is the feast day of Theodulus, Reader, and Agathopodes, Deacon, and those martyred with them in 303 at #Thessaloniki #travel #Greece #history

Bob the Traveler
2 months ago
Bob the Traveler
2 months ago

Today is the feast day of Agathopodes, a Deacon, and Theodulus, a Lector, martyred at #Thessaloniki under Emperor Maximian #travel #Greece #history

Dining Car
2 months ago

🇲🇰😢🚂🚃🚃 This is maybe the sadest railway station in Europe🇪🇺: #Skopje🇲🇰.

In former times there were regular train services to #Belgrade🇷🇸, #Thessaloniki🇬🇷, #Pristina🇽🇰 and even to some western European cities. Today the station building is totally worn-out and hardly any regional services are operational 😢!

Picture of the worn out ticket office. Nobody is here. Some departure screens are working. Cables are hanging out of the walls. Strange atmosphere.
Picture of the totally empty railway tracks and station. Nobody is on the platform at 9pm. No railway cars a visible. Shady lights, mostly dark outside.
Picture of the totally empty railway tracks and station. Nobody is on the platform at 9pm. No railway cars a visible. Shady lights, mostly dark outside.
Picture of the departure screen. Last train at 22.40 to Veles on platform 4. Also the counter window is visible below the screen. One person is looking rather bored into her screen.
Auschwitz Memorial
2 months ago

3 April 1943 | A transport of 2,800 Greek Jews deported by Germans from ghetto in Thessaloniki arrived at the Auschwitz camp. During the selection SS doctors sent 2,208 people to be murdered in gas chambers. 334 men & 258 women were registered in the camp as prisoners.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts #Greece #Thessaloniki

A set of flower pictures from today's walk in the neighbourhood with @vivia. A white daisybush, yellow freesia and a bright orange calendula.

#Flowers #FlowerPhotography #Photography #Thessaloniki #Greece

A white daisybush flower surrounded by green leaves. The center of the flower is black/blue and has a ring of orange pollen visible.
Three yellow freesia flowers surrounded by their leaves.
A bright orange calendula / common marigold flower.

Flowers from today's walk with @slomo. Including a vegetable-oyster, a calla lily, and a red poppy.

#Flowers #FlowerPhotography #Photography #Thessaloniki #Greece

A purple vegetable-oyster flower (Tragopogon porrifolius) with yellow stems.
A calla lily flower (Zantedeschia aethiopica), with a few insects walking on it.
A small red poppy flower (Papaver rhoeas) with a bee inside.

Some pictures from yesterday's hike on Mount Chortiatis with @vivia.

Featuring a panoramic view over lake Koroneia with sun and rainclouds, a shiny yellow lesser celandine flower surrounded by leaves and some lichen on a branch, and two mountain paths surrounded by trees and shrubs that are starting to make leaves and have their trunks and branches covered in green moss.

#Photography #Thessaloniki #Greece #Chortiatis #Flowers #FlowerPhotography #Hiking #Lake #Panorama #Mosstodon #lichensubscribe #Moss #Lichen

View from Mount Chortiatis towards Lake Koroneia. There are heavy rainclouds in the background but the sky above the lake is clear, giving the whole scenery a dramatic atmosphere.

The sun is shining on it, giving the lake the same color as the blue sky above it and making the green meadows around it shine. In the foreground, down the mountain slopes, many shrubs and trees without leaves are visible.
A lesser celandine plant surrounded by brown, dry leaves on the ground that give a contrast to the green leaves of the plant. A single, strong yellow flower is growing out of it and reflecting the sunlight.

In the dry leaves there are some dry tree flowers and a small branch with yellow lichen.
A stony path on Mount Chortiatis surrounding by shrubs and trees that are starting to make the first leaves.
A narrow path with dry leaves and stones on Mount Chortiatis. The low trees on the sides are almost creating a tunnel around it. The trees are starting to make leaves and their trunks and branches are covered with a lot of green moss.

A selection of flowers from yesterday's hiking trip in mount Chortiatis with @slomo .

Featuring two different anemones, a primrose, and an Astragalus flower (maybe A. monspessulanus).

#Photography #Thessaloniki #Greece #Chortiatis #Flowers #FlowerPhotography #Anemone

Two light biolet Balkan anemone (Anemone Blanda) flowers.
A primrose (Primula vulgaris) plant. Its flowers are white with some yellow at the centre.
Some purple poppy anemones (Anemone coronaria).
A bunch of pink Astragalus flowers, maybe A. monspessulanus.

Happy Caturday! A small selection of a few neighbourhood strays 🐱

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Cat #Cats #Thessaloniki #Greece

A ginger and white cat hidden inside a bush, with the sun partially shining into its face, looking into the camera.
A young gray calico cat relaxing on a rooftop and looking into the camera.
A gray and orange tortoiseshell cat, sitting on the sidewalk and looking a bit grumpy.
A young gray tabby cat on the side of the road next to some grass, looking into the camera.

Another set of late pictures from last Sunday's sunny walk with @slomo .

Featuring a close-up of some jasmine flowers, a goldfinch eating some elm tree flowers, a duck relaxing under a boat, and a parakeet on the same elm tree.

#Photography #Thessaloniki #Greece #Flowers #FlowersOfMastodon #FlowerPhotography #Ducks #Duck #Parakeets #Goldfinch

A close-up of three jasmine flowers, in the middle of many flower buds, with the leaves in the background.
A goldfinch sitting on an elm tree and eating one of its flowers.
A female Cayuga duck relaxing in the shade under a boat, looking round and fluffy.
A parakeet sitting on an elm tree and eating its flowers. It noticed the camera while eating and is looking.

Some late pictures from last Sunday's sunny walk with @vivia.

This time featuring only birds. A sparkling, colorful starling, a hooded crow looking out at the top of a tree, a pair of collared doves sitting on a balcony railing and a goldfinch stretching to grab some elm tree flowers to eat.

#Photography #Birds #BirdWatching #Starling #Crow #HoodedCrow #Pigeon #Dove #CollaredDove #GoldFinch #Thessaloniki #Greece

A colourful and shiny starling sitting in a tree that still has no leaves. It currently has its throat stretched for singing. Its feathers are shining black, green, golden and with a bit of purple.
A fluffy hooded crow sitting on the very top of a tree branch, looking around with a shining eye. Behind it the clear blue sky.
A pair of collared doves sitting next to each other on the railing of a balcony, enjoying the afternoon sun.
A gold finch sitting on a flowering elm tree branch, stretching to grab some seeds as food. The sun is reflecting in its eye.

Was macht man denn an einem Wochenende in #Thessaloniki und wo sollte das Hotel am besten liegen?


Hmm 2 Wochen #Mietwagen in #Thessaloniki für 1200€ ist schon heftig, aber nun ja so ist das beim Businessreisebüro. Auf einer beliebigen Urlaubswebseite sicher nur halb so teuer, oder maximal 70%.
Auschwitz Memorial
3 months ago

20 March 1943 | The first transport of Jews deported from ghetto in Thessaloniki arrived at Auschwitz with 2,800 men, woman and children.

During the selection SS doctors chose 417 men & 192 women who were registered. The remaining 2,191 people were murdered in gas chambers.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #Holocaust #Shoah #Jews #history #histodons #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #ww2 #Memorial #Remember #memory #otd #facts #Thessaloniki #Greece

Photos from today's bike tour in the hills behind Thessaloniki. Very good weather and good view towards Mount Olympus and the city of Thessaloniki.

Today I met an old man at my return point, 75 years he said, who also went up there with the bike and who later joined me on the way back down. I hope I'm also still healthy enough for such bike tours in 40 years 😅​

#Bike #Biking #MountOlympus #Thessaloniki #Greece #Photography

View towards Mount Olympus in the distance (~100km), over the cape of Epanomi. The air over the Thermaic Gulf is hazy but the snow-covered peaks of the mountain are nicely visible below the blue sky.
View on the Thermaic Gulf from the foot of Mount Chortiatis towards the port of Thessaloniki. In the foreground many trees are visible, behind it the bay with the port and the city of Thessaloniki and in the background the Vermio mountains with a snow cover. Inside the bay there are a couple of container ships.
View towards Mount Olympus in the distance (~100km), over the cape of Epanomi and the foot of Mount Chortiatis. The air over the Thermaic Gulf is hazy but the snow-covered peaks of the mountain are nicely visible below the blue sky.

Some pictures from today's walk in the sun with @vivia.

Featuring a garden star-of-Bethlehem flower, a cherry plum tree in full bloom, a small black redstart and a shiny hooded crow looking towards the camera.

#Ornithogalum #StarOfBethlehem #CherryBlossom #CherryPlum #Blossom #Spring #BlackRedstart #BirdWatching #Birds #Photography #Crow #Thessaloniki #Greece

A garden star-of-Bethlehem flower (Ornithogalum umbellatum) on the ground next to a still closed flower bud, surrounded by many green leaves and a solitary forget-me-not flower on the left
A branch of a cherry-plum in full bloom with lots of rose-pink blossoms, surrounded by lots of other branches full of blossoms
A small black redstart sitting on a roof and looking curiously towards to camera
A hooded crow with shiny feathers standing an the ground, surrounded by grass and a rope, looking towards the camera.

Pictures from today's sunny walk with @slomo , and the sunset from a few days ago.

#Thessaloniki #Greece #Photography #Sunset #SunsetPhotography #Duck #Ducks #Ladybirds #Parakeet

A beach sunset where the sun has just set behind the sunset. There are a few clouds making colourful formations.
A ladybird on a green leaf.
A ring-necked parakeet on a tree branch, looking curiously towards the camera.
A pair of Cayuga ducks walking on grass. Their wings have a beautiful green shine in the sun.


We are sending solidarity and strength to our comrades in #Thessaloniki that re-occupied #MundoNuevo squat today after another fierce mass demonstration against state and capital because of train disaster in #Τεμπη

The squat was later attacked with brute force of the state and evicted again.

10-100-1000 SQUATS!




And a second set of pictures from today's bike tour.

This time with little animals: a calico kitten, a busy bee collecting plum blossom nectar, a round bumblebee with shiny eyes doing the same, and some kind of red/black leaf beetle on a blackthorn tree branch.

#Photography #Caturday #Cat #Bee #Bumblebee #LeafBeetle #Beetle #Bug #Insects #Plum #Thessaloniki #Greece

A calico kitten sitting in the grass and looking towards the camera.
A busy bee on a plum tree branch with lots of blossoms, collecting nectar.
A round bumblebee with shiny eyes collecting nectar from a plum tree in full bloom.
Some kind of red/black leaf beetle on a blackthorn tree branch. Below it a flower bud, in the background some open blossoms are visible.

Some spring photos from today's bike tour in the hills behind Thessaloniki. Everything starts blossoming now and gets ready to make leaves.

Featuring: a colorful kite (not a flower!) caught by a tree, a magnolia tree with a big pink flower, an almond tree in full bloom, and some kind of plum tree, also in full bloom.

#Photography #Spring #Bike #Kite #Magnolia #Almond #AlmondBlossom #Plum #Blossom #Thessaloniki #Greece

A colorful, triangular kite that got stuck in a tree, with the blue sky in the background. The tree is preparing to make leaves and is full of leaf buds.
A pink/white magnolia flower surrounded by many still closed flower buds.
An almond tree in full bloom. Many branches full of white and pink blossoms are visible in front of the blue sky.
A branch of some kind of plum tree full of flowers and flower buds with the blue sky in the background. Next to it many other branches are visible.

Spring is clearly approaching. It's already warm enough for grasshoppers to sunbathe on the balcony. I wonder why its eyes appeared striped like this.

Also a picture of a very round and fluffy sparrow sitting on a wire.

#Photography #Spring #Grasshopper #Birds #Sparrow #Thessaloniki #Greece

A brown grosshopper from a above looking into the camera with striped eyes
A brown grosshopper from the side
A very round and fluffy sparrow sitting on a wire and looking down towards the camera
Das schwere Zugunglück in Griechenland wühlt die Menschen weiterhin auf. Mit massiven Streiks wird darauf gedrungen, dass sich etwas ändert. Im Fokus steht unter anderem die Privatisierungspolitik der letzten Jahre.
Streiks nach Zugunglück in Griechenland | DW | 08.03.2023
#Griechenland #Streik #Zugunglück #Athen #Thessaloniki

Some spring pictures from today's walk with @vivia.

Featuring a small copper butterfly on a calendula flower, a magpie sitting on a fence, a cabbage butterfly drinking some wild mustard nectar and a violet carpenter bee showing off its shiny colors.

#Photography #BirdWatching #Butterfly #SmallCopper #Magpie #Bird #CabbageButterfly #CarpenterBee #Spring #Thessaloniki #Greece

Small copper butterfly sitting on a calendula flower in the sun. Next to it in the other flower sits a lime seed bug (?)
Magpie sitting on a fence in front of a old building
Cabbage butterfly drinking the nectar of a wild mustard flowers
A violet carpenter bee sunbathing on the ground with open wings and showing off its shiny colors

Some pictures from today's walk with @vivia. Again a nice spring day.

This time featuring: a group of 15 or so starlings on a ship's mast, a hummingbird hawk-moth sunbathing on some bricks (unfortunately I didn't catch it on a picture while flying around), some nice almond blossoms in full bloom, and a ring-necked parakeet on a tree's trunk with a hole that looked like it was preparing a nest.

#BirdWatching #Photograph #Starling #Bird #Moth #HummingBirdHawkMoth #Almond #AlmondBlossom #Parrot #Parakeet #Thessaloniki #Greece

Around 15 starlings on a ship's mast having a meeting
A hummingbird hawk-moth sunbathing on some bricks with closed wings
White-rose-pink almond blossoms in full bloom
A ring-necked parakeet on a tree's trunk with a hole, maybe preparing a nest

A few ducks that we saw on our walk today, playing with the water.

#Thessaloniki #Greece #Photography #Duck #Ducks

A female mallard duck standing on very shallow water, looking to the side and flapping her wings. A male mallard is swimming behind her.
A female mallard duck standing on very shallow water and tossing water away from her. The water droplets can be seen flying away from her. A male mallard is swimming next to her and a female mallard is cleaning herself a bit further.
Two mallard ducks, one male and one female, standing on the rocks next to the sea, both with their wings open. Another male is standing on the side and looking towards the camera.
A male mallard duck standing on shallow water, flapping his wings and looking towards the camera.

And the third set of the pictures from yesterday's walk with @vivia.

Featuring: a yellow-legged (?) gull in juvenile plumage, a cat watching from above, a cormorant with a destination and a panoramic view over the sea with Mount Olympus barely visible in the distance.

#BirdWatching #Photography #Seagull #Cat #CatsOfMastodon #Cormorant #MountOlympus #Thessaloniki #Greece

A yellow-legged (?) gull standing on stones right in front of the sea
A white and gray cat looking down on the street directly into the camera from a balcony
A cormorant swimming towards its destination and showing off its colors
Panoramic view over the almost completely quiet sea towards Mount Olympus from Kalamaria/Thessaloniki, surrounded by grass and a pine tree. The clouds and humidity in the air give it a dreamy view.

A set of photos from today's walk in the sun with @vivia. First day this year that I could walk outside with just a t-shirt.

This time the pictures feature a pair of round starlings, a cormorant with its catch (some kind of worm), a very fluffy black redstart and a cat that looked annoyed at us interrupting its sunbathing with our noises.

#BirdWatching #Birds #Photography #Starling #Cormorant #BlackRedstart #Cat #CatsOfMastodon #Thessaloniki #Greeee

Two shiny, round starlings sitting on the mast of a ship and looking at each other
A cormorant swimming in the sea with its catch in the beak: some kind of worm
A round and fluffy red blackstart sitting on a tree in the sunshine
A white cat with some black spots sitting on a roof on top of wood, looking over its shoulder as if complaining that the humans interrupted its sleep

Some bird pictures from today's walk with @vivia, this time featuring a female black redstart, a cormorant and seagulls and crows.

#BirdWatching #Photography #Thessaloniki #Greece

Female red blackstart sitting on a rock at the sea
Cormorant sitting on a pole in the sea and in the background the White Tower of Thessaloniki
A row of seagulls (Mediterranean gull) sitting on a lantern pole. In the background: lots of seagulls and dark rain clouds.
Two hooded crows sitting on a lantern pole, looking curious towards the camera

Pictures from today's afternoon walk with @vivia. Finally had the chance to take a picture of one of the groups of feral parrots (ring-necked parakeets) we have here.

#Photography #BirdWatching #Thessaloniki #Greece

Two ring-necked parakeets looking at each other and sitting on a plane tree with seeds capsules
White wagtail sitting at the edge of a wall at the sea and looking towards the sea
Cormorant with spread wings at the sea, and behind it a hooded crow landing, also with spread wings
Black-necked grebe swimming in the sea, showing its red eye to the camera
Auschwitz Memorial
5 months ago

For at least the fourth time since it was installed in 2014, vandals desecrated a Holocaust memorial in Thessaloniki, a Greek city whose population once had a Jewish plurality.

90% of Thessaloniki’s Jewish population was deported to death camps.


#memory #antisemitism #Greece #Thessaloniki #vandalism #desecration #Jews #monument #memory

Autonomie und Solidarität
6 months ago

Der 16jährige #KostasFrangoulis starb heute

Alle auf die Straße heute !
#1312 #ACAB

"Der 16-jährige Kostas Fragoulis, der von einem Polizisten in den Kopf geschossen wurde, starb heute. Er hatte acht Tage lang im Hippokrates-Krankenhaus um sein Leben gekämpft, nachdem er operiert worden war, um die Kugel zu entfernen, die ein Polizist abgefeuert hatte. Der Fall hat explosive Zustände in Roma-Gemeinden geschaffen, ihre Lager sind in Aufruhr. Linke Organisationen und antiautoritäre Gruppen riefen für heute Abend um 18 Uhr zu einer Versamlung auf den Propyläen (Tor der Akropolis) in Athen auf. Ähnliche Mobilisierungen werden in Thessaloniki und an anderen Orten erwartet. ..."

#AlexisGrigoropoulos #Thessaloniki #Athen #Greece #Police #abolishpolice #Antireport

Autonomie und Solidarität
6 months ago


A life for 20 Dollars
#KostasFrangoulis live endet this morning, after he was shot in the head by a police on 5 Dezember 2022


His funeral will be held in Thessaloniki on Thursday 16-year-old Kostas Frangoulis which ended on Tuesday morning, after he was shot in the head by a police officer of the DIAS group.

“It was announced the death of 16-year-old Kostas Frangoulis by a policeman’s bullet. When the state apparatus seeks to cover up, cover up, soften the consequences, we will be there, so that Kostas, Shampanis, Alexis, Mangos, Zak, Ebouka and all the victims of state violence are not forgotten . Let’s not get used to death! No peace without justice!“

The funeral will take place in the Holy Church of Pammegisto Taxiarchon in the cemeteries at 10:00.

In its wake news of the death of 16-year-old Roma, demonstrations protest in Athens and Thessaloniki, against police violence and with a request that his family be vindicated 16 year old.....

#abolishpolice #KostasFrangoulis #Greece #Thessaloniki #Antireport #DIAS