Steve Large
3 days ago

Remains of a 3000+ yr old forest, usually submerged, at #Tywyn #Gwynedd #NorthWales

It’s Wednesday here but I’m sending for the rest of the #fediverse as found some beautiful #thicktrunk #trees for #thicktrunktuesday #enjoy #springhill4000 #qld #brisbane #seqld

Óscar Morales Vivó
4 days ago

I’ve got quite a bit of materiel for #ThickTrunkTuesday with my recent hikes around the redwoods, but let’s start with this one from the core of Big Basin state park.

Nearly three years after the fire this fella would like to report that they ain’t dead yet!

A old redwood, burnt from top to bottom, yet with a tiny bundle of greenery growing off the top of one of its branches
Meanwhile, on Earth One
4 days ago

I have been working pruning this Monterrey cypress tree for the past two afternoons. It had several broken branches from the atmospheric rivers earlier this year. I got almost all my cut now, but there is a lot of cleanup left to do!


A tree with a ladder leaning against it, and many cut branches piled on the ground and lodged in the tree.
4 days ago
4 days ago

I know it's #ThickTrunkTuesday, but this guy impressed me with the breadth (and tenacity) of his roots -- they were four sidewalk sections wide!

Photo of a Philadelphia street tree, with a sidwalk in the foreground and a parked car behind.  The trunk is a mature width, but the above-ground portion of it root system is truly impressive, extending at least one sidewalk square deep and four wide.
Nelson Chu Pavlosky
4 days ago

For #ThickTrunkTuesday, check out this tree that looks regular size until you compare it to the human below for scale. I think it's thick!

Or maybe the tree is just closer to the camera.

A normal-sized adult looks tiny because they are walking far away down a wide forest trail. A large tree towers somewhat ominously above and to the left, standing somewhat at a slant; perhaps because it is rooted on a slope.
4 days ago

Lovely oak at Gemini Springs #ThickTrunkTuesday

Large spread out oak tree in morning sun with trees and shrubs and water silo behind it
Elizabeth Kennen
4 days ago

Interesting group of redwood trees on our nature walk in Moraga. A lovely trail near St. Mary's College of California.

#trees #nature #California #thicktrunktuesday

A group of redwood trees in Moraga, California.
Timothy Andrew
4 days ago

From my CD backup archives, here's a "#Dunny" on ice with a thick trunk in the background.

I had an assignment for the #Detroit #Metrotimes to take some interesting photos of this designer vinyl toy by #TristanEaton of #KidRobot (AltText has more info)

#Tuesday, March 22, 2005

They make some amazing stuff. In fact, they just released a new collection for #PrideMonth :)


#ThickTrunkTuesday #Monochrome #Photography #LGBTQIA

A Dunny with flames eyes and feet with a star on its forehead standing on a frozen swamp in a forest.

A DUNNY is a type of vinyl designer art toy created by Paul Budnitz and Tristan Eaton, and produced by Kidrobot since 2004.

The art toy is based on a rabbit figure with distinctive tubular ears. The origin of the name Dunny came from a combination of street slang and one of the early "Devil Bunny" prototypes. The Dunny is sold in 3-, 5-, 8- and 20-inch scales, though artists have customized Dunny models as tall as four feet. The toy has three points of articulation; a 360-degree rotational head and two arms. Some come with accessories, such as laser guns, ice cream cones, marker pens, Geisha fans, gas masks, crowns and hooded sweatshirts. Artist cards or stickers are also included, mainly with the annual series releases. Other (often themed) series releases typically include only a leaflet with the designs from that series.
4 days ago

For #ThickTrunkTuesday - marvel at this American Elm that comes with a name - "Smithsonian Witness Elm" and stats (circumference 17.75 ft; 5.4 m) and which has seen much of American history near the Capitol and National Mall area.
This is just outside the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

#Travel #WashingtonDC #NationalMall

The thick trunk on an American Elm - with lots of green and shade
American Elm with with info board in front with text and pics from History ( 1909, 1932). Some of the text reads:
The American Elm that Grew Along with America 
This American elm (Ulmus americana) is one of the oldest and most majestic trees on the Smithsonian grounds. It was planted around 1850, well before the opening of the National Museum of Natural History in 1910. Known as the Smithsonian Witness Elm, this tree has seen many momentous events pass between the White House and U.S. Capitol during its lifetime.

How big is i?t
Trunk Circumference: 17.75 feet (5.4m) Crown Spread: 116.5 feet (35.5m) Height: 80 feet (24.4m)
4 days ago

This large old tree was growing in the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, #NorthCarolina. I was intrigued by the ferns growing all along the trunk and on the branches.


Large, old tree with ferns growing all along the trunk and branches.
4 days ago

Humbug Mountain, Oregon.

OK OK, so the thick trunks are in the background and out of focus.

#ThickTrunkTuesday #BloomScrolling

A five-petal, pinkish red salmonberry is the focus, lower center. Around it are several serrated leaves. In the background, top half, are several cedar and similar tall trees, shown from a low angle. Sun filters through the canopy at top right, and blue sky peeks through in other spots.
4 days ago

For #ThickTrunkTuesday, a gnarly old kiwi vine. 🥝

On the left of the image is a multi-trunk kiwi vine angled toward an arbor and arching over a narrow concrete walkway. The vine has a skirt of ferns, and the right side of the walkway has a very green rose garden just starting to bloom.
Rom | Tapas in the sun
4 days ago

Your daily(ish) evening film photo.

Tree trunk - An ideal candidate for #ThickTrunkTuesday
Photo GPS location:,-4.474484

Camera: FE2
Film: Ilford HP5 Plus 400
Developer: Spur Acurol-N
Film ISO: 200 | Shutter speed: 0.008" | Aperture: f5.6

#photography #believeinfilm #filmphotography #analogphotography #filmisnotdead #blackandwhite #bnw #nikon #monochrome #spain #fp4

More film photos:

A black-and-white photo of an old olive tree, concentrating mainly on the old, gnarled, thick trunk
4 days ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday Yes, this tree in Hyde Park has a thick trunk, but, it also has a Budgie nest. The dark circles are individual nests within the large one.

4 days ago

Wollte den jemand schälen?

An der Rinde eines Baumstammes ist eine längliche Beschädigung, die mehrere Meter lang sein muss, zu sehen.
Airplanista 🇺🇦
4 days ago

My contribution to #ThickTrunkTuesday is this shot of one of our Old Growth Douglas Firs in our yard. This is Lily (yes we name our trees), and it has been determined by a pro Arborist that she is between 250 and 300 years old. At the max of that range, it means she was a seedling in 1723, when #Oregon was just a wild territory populated by Native Americans. That would be 81 years before the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

#trees #treehugger #PNW

4 days ago

Vielfalt. Farben. Baumstämme. - Variety. Colours. Tree trunks.

#ThickTrunkTuesday #Wald #Forest #Baum #Trees #Natur #nature #Naturephotography

Blick in einen Wald mit vielen unterschiedlichen Baumstämmen in verschiedenen Farben und Formen. Manche sind gerade, andere krumm. Die Farben sind braun, grün, grau und gelblich. Die Abendsonne beleuchtet die Baumstämme von links. 

View into a forest with many different tree trunks in different colours and shapes. Some are straight, others crooked. The colours are brown, green, grey and yellowish. The evening sun illuminates the tree trunks from the left.
4 days ago

"The trees were now large, and stood in regular, almost geometric, fashion, with roomy spaces between. There was little undergrowth, and I could see a long way in every direction. The forest was like a great church, solemn and silent and empty."
-- Lilith, George MacDonald

#nature #tree #trees #thicktrunktuesday #thankafictionalcharacter #outdoors #woods #forest #worldenvironmentday #photo #photography #relax #naturephotography #picture #sunset #summer #sky #beautiful #beauty #hiking

photo of a trail winding through a green forest at sunset
photo of a trail passing through an opening in a forest with the sun shining through a tree
4 days ago

Oak tree with acorn muncher #ThickTrunkTuesday

Close up of oak trunk with gray squirrel on side upside down eating something from his front paw with greenery in the background
4 days ago

Trees on either side of the path going up the #Viking age South Mound at Jelling, #Denmark.

#ThickTrunkTuesday #trees #TreesOnTuesday #travel #photography #TravelPhotography #history

Color photo of a row of tree trunks in front of a large, tall grassy mound. There are steps leading to a dirt path going up the mound with five trees to the left side and two on the right. In the background to the left is a white church and there are blue skies with puffy white clouds.
Javier Ibáñez
4 days ago

📷 #ThickTrunkTuesday
📍 #Madrid, #Spain
🗓️ 2023

Tree with its branches full of white flowers.
5 days ago
Closeup view of three large upright tree trunks in a city park. The left and right edges of the image are covered from top to bottom by two of the trunks. A third trunk sits between them. Low plant growth sprouts from the ground between the trees. Distant foliage appears between the trees.
Close view of portions of three large tree trunks in a city park. The left foreground of the image is dominated by plant growth in front of the largest trunk. The largest trunk mostly covers a more distant trunk. A third trunk at an intermediate distance sits at the right edge of the frame. The gap between the left trunks and the right trunk is filled by a very distant treetop and sky.
it's kat!
1 week ago
a california redwood (in scotland at puck's glen in argyll forest park) glowers down at me as i snap a photo.
a califoria redwood in scotland? yes - & it dwarfs an average human male & his oblivious rescued white staffy as they stand underneath during a stroll through puck's glen in argyll forest park.
2 weeks ago

A Wych Elm, or Camperdown Elm, or ulmus glabra 'Camperdownii' on the grounds of the Oregon State Hospital (yes, site of 'One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest') for this #ThickTrunkTuesday.

Looking up at a convoluted crown of very old curly Elm branches forming a circle, with twisted small branches sticking out, and sparse fall leaves silhouetted against a silver sky.
Anne Jefferson
2 weeks ago

A beautiful bur oak on the grounds of Fort Ticonderoga, in the “King’s garden” section of the site. #ThickTrunkTuesday #NewYork #LakeChamplain #BurOak

Trunk and lower branches of an open grown bur oak shading a grassy lawn
Ben Thompson
2 weeks ago

2023 has been an amazing spring for Hawthorn blossom.

#hawthorn #blossom #ThickTrunkTuesday #tree #TreeOfTheDay

hawthorn tree catching the light of the setting sun. a cloudless blue sky above with a tiny half moon.
Tim Smalley
2 weeks ago

A big old stag-headed oak tree in the fog.

It has a girth of around 8.5 metres, and has bags of character - it photographs well from lots of angles. It's also home to at least one barn owl - the first time I discovered that was when it flew right over my head in the twilight on a winter's morning.

Hope you had a great bank holiday weekend? ❤️ 🌳

#thicktrunktuesday #trees #woodland #forest #spring #fog #mastoart #tuesday #landscapephotography #nature

An ancient oak tree standing tall on a foggy spring morning.
2 weeks ago

Trees showing the way at Lake Kissimmee State Park #ThickTrunkTuesday

Clearing in forest with path down the middle and large oak trees on left side bending to the right arching over the path
Timothy Andrew
2 weeks ago

Someone down the block is having Maple Tree issues. Too much sun on the trunk I think. The photo looks nice, though :)


#ThickTrunkTuesday #DogWalkPhotos
#MastoArt #Monochrome #Photography
#Suburbia #Ypsilanti #Michigan

Vertical black and white of the base of a thick
Maple tree trunk in partial shade and sun. The bark has split and the raw wood is exposed and sandwiched between the bark that otherwise wraps around the tree. The background is a curb and paved street that’s covered in the shadows of branches.
Debra Martz
2 weeks ago

A few years ago, while hiking the Rim Trail of Bryce Canyon between two of the overlooks at Inspiration Point, I needed to stop for a breather!! What better place to take a break than beside this gnarly tree with roots that looked like legs (to me) "walking" along the edge! I even see a face profile on the trunk, do you?

Walking Tree - Bryce Canyon _Utah by Debra Martz

#ThickTrunkTuesday #Trees #photography #nature #FediGiftShop #BuyIntoArt

The lower part of a tree trunk with a large amount of roots spread out in all directions on the red dirt of a ledge.  Photography by Debra Martz
Bosque Bill
2 weeks ago

Say's Phoebe on Petrified Logs
Petrified Forest National Park, AZ

More "thick trunk" petrified logs—this time with bonus flycatcher and beautiful morning light!

#ThickTrunkTuesday #NationalPark #photo #WildBirds #Arizona

A brown and white bird with a yellowish belly is perched atop a stack of petrified log sections. There is a dry plant to the left and a light blue sky.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
2 weeks ago


I pass by this giant tree on my daily dog walks. It's magnificent! Click on image to see the whole thing.

Very large tree with a full crown of bright green leaves. There is a street in front of it,  and blue skies above.
2 weeks ago

#Esche, Teil 2
#thicktrunktuesday #trees #TreeTuesday
Hier die Höhle, bzw. der Eingang. Tier hat sie besenrein hinterlassen.

Stamm einer mächtigen Esche, davor ein Ableger
Eingang in die Höhle im Stammfuß einer Esche
Eingang in die Höhle im Stammfuß einer Esche
Blick in die Höhle im Stammfuß einer Esche
Bjorn Idle
2 weeks ago

An old gum tree in the desert outside Alice Springs, Central Australia.

Yep, the soil really is that colour thanks to the high iron content!

#ThickTrunkTuesday #Nature #NaturePhotography #Trees #Australia #AliceSprings

An old gum tree with a pronounced lean to the right, growing out of bright orangey-red, sandy soil. There's a range of sparse hills behind, and some low scrub and small trees dotted in the background
Emma Cox
2 weeks ago

Another wiggly rather than thick trunk Tuesday. Plus moss, moss and more moss.

One of the few remaining ancient temperate rainforests left in the UK.

Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor

#ThickTrunkTuesday #Mosstadon #Moss #Nature

Stunted, twisted oak trees erupt from in between moss covered granite boulders. In the foreground, the nearest boulder has moss which humans have scratched away so it looks like a bullseye target
2 weeks ago

#ThickTrunkTuesday in Kew garden.

Grüne Armee Fraktion💙💛
2 weeks ago

Working on it... #ThickTrunkTuesday

Janet Dane
2 weeks ago

I took this about 18 years ago today. I love the way the light comes through the Cedars at this time of year. #Nature #Trees #Mulmur #Forest #ThickTrunkTuesday

The sunlight casts a gold glow on the trunks of the trees. A leafy dark green background.
Holly Hill Native
3 weeks ago

#thicktrunktuesday champion in Indianapolis

Champion black cherry tree
Champion black cherry tree in Indianapolis
Tim Smalley
3 weeks ago

The spider tree.

I discovered this tree in one of my local woods, which was a former gravel pit that has now been reclaimed by nature.

It looks like it must walk around the woods at night, but it's always in the same place when I visit it.

#thicktrunktuesday #woodland #trees #forest #nature #landscapephotography #mastoart

A mature beech tree with the majority of its root system exposed to the elements.
3 weeks ago

Another #ThickTrunkTuesday fan, one of our resident blue jays, looking for some peanuts.

#birds #BackYardBirds #BackYardWildlife #photography #BirdPhotography

Close up color photo of a blue jay standing on top of a wooden fence.
Chris Kendall
3 weeks ago

For this week’s #ThickTrunkTuesday how about this majestic palm tree on the beach front at Brontë, Sydney NSW?

A palm tree silhouetted against the morning sun, taken in Sydney in August 2017