2 hours ago

@fuesstest @heinzskunk hab nen T440s. Blöder als den verlöteten RAM finde ich diese Zweiteilung des Akkus: einer zum Tauschen, der andere ist fest verbaut.

Doof das! Habe letztens (vor 2 Jahren) den Akku getauscht. D.h. nur den einen; der andere ist immer noch der alte(!). Doof das!

Soweit ich weiß, hat der T480 das gleiche (dämliche) Design. Ich würde es beim nächsten #ThinkPad vermeiden.

Heinz Skunk (Mastodon)
2 hours ago

Eventuell zieht hier diese Woche noch ein T480s ein.


2 hours ago

This #thinkpad x220 is a great little #linux laptop for its age, but it doesn’t offer any viable storage options for adding more SSDs to backup data. I want to add two SSDs to have two extra copies of everything. Back to the drawing board. #SelfHosting

Petro Dudi
9 hours ago

Is the X220 ThinkPad the best laptop in the World? I have an X230, and can say that these are pure beasts of machines. #ThinkPad #IBM #Lenono

Heinz Skunk (Mastodon)
10 hours ago

So, ich glaube ich muss mein x240 mal gegen was moderneres austauschen. Nervt irgendwie, dass ich hier 2 4K Monitore rumstehen habe und die damit nicht bespielen kann. Hat von euch jemand eine Empfehlung, wo man gebrauchte Thinkpads kaufen kann? Ansonsten schlage ich beim nächstbesten EBay Händler zu.


@TheDailyBurble @sneak Yeah...

Cuz I even find #ThinkPad|s to restrictive...

1 day ago

Könnte schlimmer sein? Das war so mein erster Gedanke! Auf dem Heimweg hab ich dann noch einige Menschen in Badebekleidung gesehen und mir gedacht nein für den 2. #Oktober passt das doch echt nicht mehr… bin sehr gespannt wie das dieses Jahr noch weitergeht
#ThinkPad #klimakrise

Ich sitze auf einem Holzsteg der in einem Bach steht. Ich trage kurze Hosen und auf meinem Schoß steht ein Notebook. Im Hintergrund ist der breite Bach zu sehen. Links und rechts davon alles grün und die Sonne scheint durch die Bäume
`Da Elf
2 days ago

Right then.

I'm Pissed off with my #ThinkPad and #Linux because they've failed with:
1. Coming out of #Suspend.
2. #Microsoft and #UEFI #BIOS.
3. #Linux #Firmware Updates that broke the above.

I'm RESONABLY ANGRY wasting hours carrying my new machine about.

I'll do a write up and my Terror updating my BIOS without popping in my Window NVRam (which will never happen ... my machine has never booted Windows and that's not going to be a thing, ever).

I'll write up the fix ... suppose I'll blog.

revolutionary girl erin
2 days ago

Got my crappy motel battle station up and running

#thinkpad #x230

A thinkpad X230 on a nextstand with a lenovo keyboard and a thinkpad mouse on a motel 6 desk
Raphael Luckom
2 days ago

I have decided after using one* for six months that the best adjective for #lenovo #thinkpad laptops is "rubberized." It is an impression that permeates.

* technically two; the first one stopped being able to turn the screen back on after sleeping.

Ade Malsasa Akbar
2 days ago

Finally my poll "What's Your ThinkPad" ended and here's the recap:

T series 42%
X series 33%
Carbon series 11%
Others 14%
Respondents 136 people

Thank you all friends who have participated here.

Boost is very appreciated.

#poll #thinkpad #gnu #linux

Este #ViernesDeEscritorio me puse juguetón porque coincidieron los fondos de pantalla de dos de mis dispositivos que suelen estar conectados: el de mi #ThinkPad #T430 y el de mi #Umidigi #Bison.
En la laptop, #KDENeon, en el celular #Android10

Escritorio KDE Plasma, con paneles claros, uno superior para el control de ventanas, menú global, bandeja del sistema y reloj; otro inferior (flotante) como dock.
La imagen de fondo es una foto del Malecón de Veracruz, donde se ve a una niña viniendo hacia la cámara en una patineta, a una lado, una señora con sombrilla la observa.
Desde el dock, se pulsa sobre un icono que hace referencia a Android, mostrando la ventana del programa scrcpy, que permite ver e interactuar con la pantalla de celulares Android. El fondo de pantalla del móvil, es una foto de la misma escena, pero la niña está más cerca de la cámara y en una pose más dinámica, guardando el equilibrio, sobre su patineta.
La ventana de scrcpy es minimizada y mostrada varias veces, en forma semejante a una animación tradicional por superposición de imágenes.
4 days ago

Wytrzymałem na #Windows11 niecały tydzień 🫠

Zainstalowałem na moim starym #ThinkPad #LinuxMint i śmiga aż miło! Polecam!

Dużo łatwiejszy i bardziej intuicyjny w obsłudze niż okienka.

Jason Nabein
4 days ago

where is the barbie pink #thinkpad of my dreams. will i have to custom order a 3d printed case for my x230? :blobfoxcry2:

Christian Stankowic
5 days ago

Time to replace the dead CMOS and that shitty HDD ⚡️


A mSATA-to-IDE adapter, an old 60 GB mSATA SSD and a new CMOS battery
The adapter with mounted SSD next to the utterly slow 1.8“ IDE HDD and the tablet stylus for size comparison
6 days ago

足の上に #ThinkPad X1 carbonを載せているんですが、めちゃくちゃ熱くてやけどしそう

6 days ago

My network devices are unmanaged, but I can still connect to wifi manually using `iw` #networking #networkmanager #internet #thinkpad

spaceman 🐈‍⬛🚀
6 days ago

Replacement #thinkpad arrived from Lenovo. Many passive-aggressive sounding emails in my inbox to send the old one back as it is well over the return date, but they'll have to wait until my files have been backed up.

and mmmm we have new car smell fragrance but where can I get myself some new electronics odour

Me complace anunciarles que mi #DarthVader ha vuelto a sobrevivir :darthvader: :coca:


Matthias Drexel
1 week ago

@steff am handy auch alles bestens, am #thinkpad bleibt tunnelt er nicht durch den VPN, selbst wenn wireguard eine Verbindung hat. Muss wohl am network manager noch liegen. Verschieben wir mal auf post-urlaub

Matthias Drexel
1 week ago

So ganz klappt das mit #wireguird am #thinkpad doch noch nicht.


Joel Carnat ♑ 🐘
1 week ago

Giving another try for #FreeBSD workstation on the spare #ThinkPad X260…

Bradley Taunt
1 week ago

New post:

"The X220 ThinkPad is the Best Laptop in the World"

#thinkpad #laptop #linux #hardware

Quick #ThinkPad question — anyone know a good place to get decent T440p batteries?

1 week ago

Lots of old Thinkpad enthusiasts would say that an X230 is still able to do modern tasks. Yes it can, but it's gonna be really hot. The CPU is struggling just to browse the web, especially if you access websites like Twitter and Youtube. I found a way to make browsing those websites less taxing though:

- Use
Old Twitter Layout for Twitter

- Use
pipe-viewer to browse and play Youtube videos

#linux #thinkpad

It's just infuriating bs. and the fact that one can't just pop-in genuine parts bought from Apple similar to EVERY SINGLE #Fairphone, #Samsung, #Motorola and #Lenovo #ThinkPad device is just a big #AssholeMove that should be outloawed - espechally since this is designed to prevent any #IndependentRepair from gaining tools and/or parts access...

NOONE's gonna wait WEEKS for a display or hand over a technician the IMEI / SN of a device to swap a screen - that's just arsenine!!!

Initial impressions of the ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 4:

I love the form factor and size. In that department, it's exactly what I was looking for out of a laptop. It's essentially the same size as my old X230, which I feel is ideal. This X13 is, however, much thinner and lighter while maintaining this "ideal" size.

I'm also
thrilled with the power management and hardware compatibility of the onboard Intel CPU. Battery life with TLP installed and configured is indicating between 9--12 hours, compared to the 3--5 hours on my AMD-powered T14 Gen 2. Furthermore, it also runs a lot cooler, and the fan rarely kicks in---again, all welcome contrasts from the AMD-powered T14 Gen 2 (which would get fairly warm and have the fan running even on battery and in power-saving mode).

The track-pad is much larger, the screen is 16:10 vs. 16.9, and the screen also appears to have more contrast/vividness and brightness or legibility at lower brightness settings all compared to the T14 Gen 2. The keyboard
maybe has less travel, but the keys seem to "snappier", or more resistant to being depressed, which seems to compensate well. The build quality is a noticeable improvement over the T14 Gen 2, which, I suppose, is to be expected, comparing the X-series to the T-series.

The first thing I did was remove the bottom chassis cover and replace the stock Western Digital 256 GB SSD with a 1 TB SK Hynix P41 SSD. I then installed openSUSE Tumbleweed on it with KDE Plasma. Most things are working brilliantly "out of the box", while others are "half baked". For example, system hibernate is intermittent, though it
does work when it wants to. ---This is still an improvement over the AMD-powered T14 Gen 2 which did not support hibernate whatsoever. The computer properly disengages the keyboard when folded into "tablet" mode, but the screen does not automatically rotate, nor does it provide a virtual on-screen keyboard. I have read that there are scripts or packages out there that can fix this, but I've yet to do a deep investigation. I understand that Gnome provides better support for these functions, as do distributions like Ubuntu. That being said, the touchscreen and on-board stylus works perfectly without any setup. #computer #thinkpad #x13

This week, I'm going to upgrade my #ThinkPad X60 from 32-bit Core Duo T2400 to the 64-bit Core 2 Duo T7200. I'm quite excited since that means this laptop will get faster and more usable by modern standards.

I found a good deal on such motherboard, which are pretty rare by modern standards.

Michal :verified: :btw:
1 week ago

Fellow Thinkpad owners, my T440s screen is slowly disintegrating. Not only do I have bottom backlight issues, today a bright green vertical line appeared on the screen (it seems blue + red pixels are dead/disconnected).

If I decide to replace the screen, what are my options for home repair? Do I need to get the exact screen that I already have, or can I go for an "upgrade" from a later model, e.g. get a fancy 1080p OLED instead of this old ghosting TN panel?

#thinkpad #diy #screen #repair

Bright green vertical line on Thinkpad screen

Is there anyone who has an original BIOS dump from Thinkpad X60 (32-bit one with core duo SoC)? Unfortunately I forgot to do a dump before flashing libreboot and now, I would like to flash the original bios back on this laptop.

#thinkpad #libreboot #ibm #retrocomputing #bios

Laptop Retrospective
1 week ago

A guest #ThinkPad

1 week ago

Cory Doctorow @pluralistic : "I'd like my Framework laptop to have a Thinkpad-style pointer" src:

this lack of a #thinkpad-style #pointer is exactly the reason of me not buying a #framework #laptop

1 week ago

Hello ! Je cherche une batterie pour un Lenovo Thinkpad T520 ! Je sais où en acheter une mais si t'as un laptop de ce modèle et que tu ne l'utilise plus, je veux bien la batterie si elle est encore rechargeable !
#hardware #Lenovo #Thinkpad

Jeff Fortin T.
1 week ago

#Nautilus 45 really flies on #Fedora 39 beta with my auntie's #ThinkPad X220; #performance speedups everywhere are already noticeable, particularly when loading folders and generating thumbnails! This computer has never felt this fast.
The months I spent profiling, troubleshooting and testing various potential fixes/branches were worth it!

There is still room to improve #GNOME Files' performance for large folders:[]=1.%20Performance

1 week ago

Finally my X230 has 8 threads

#thinkpad #x230

Jeff Fortin T.
1 week ago

Current status: upgrading my auntie's #ThinkPad X220 to #Fedora 39 Beta, because I only see auntie once or twice per year, F37 #Linux is soon going to be End-of-Life, and winter is coming, so #YOLO 🤠

1 week ago

Time for a day of causing trouble and to much junk food 🥑

#hacktheplanet #infosec #student #osint #thinkpad

Set up
Danny Whitt
2 weeks ago

All of which is to say that I wholeheartedly endorse @caseyliss ‘s, not one but two, picks for IBM ThinkPad laptops in the recent @atpfm “Top Four” crossover-ish podcast episode.

(Captured in the thread above, the ThinkPad 600E circa 1999.)



Flying Armageddon
2 weeks ago

GOG is having its 15th birthday and they've brought back their old website live: What's even better - it works on Internet Explorer 6.0 (with ssl-removing proxy). Niceeeee!

#gog #giereczkowo #retrogames #thinkpad

Windows 2000 with Internet Explorer browser displaying an old version of homepage. In the bottom right corner there is an about box for Internet Explorer, version 6.0.
[josemas@mastodon ~]$
2 weeks ago

Otro #viernesdeescritorio participando con mi #kde #plasma en #endeavouros. Por otra parte, estoy configurando #fedora 39 con #gnome 45rc en mi #thinkpad T570, así que puede que la semana que viene enseñe otro #desktop ;-)


@xoagray and since #Lenovo stopped making #ThinkPad #CompactKeyboard|s with #wired #USB and I need a new #Keyboard for the #NUCbook anyway, I guess I've to get in contact with #Sprintek and get some #SK8707-06 - #FlexPoint™ PS/2 Pointing Stick Mouse Modules...

Product Photo of the detached design Trackpoint Module with a large PCB seperated from the Trackpoint...
Laptop Retrospective
2 weeks ago

A new #ThinkPad came my way, ask your questions and they may end up in a follow-up video.

Tomáš Janoušek
2 weeks ago
#Introduction 👋🏻

∙ moving here from 🐦
∙ software developer 🧑‍💻 (passionate about free and open-source software, but sadly in a proprietary/cloud software day job)
∙ live in London (🇬🇧), but Brno (🇨🇿) is my hometown
#Debian #Linux 🐧 on a #ThinkPad 💻, for 18 years and counting (never reinstalled!)
#bash, #Haskell, #Python, #Rust these days (alphabetical order); previously #C, #Elixir, #Erlang, #Perl, #TeX, …
∙ likely #neurodivergent ♾, possibly #ActuallyAutistic (yet to be diagnosed)
∙ love cycling 🚴, both urban (fixed) and sport (road/gravel)
∙ love rollerblading 🛼 even more, mainly urban and endurance, wannabe speed
#metalhead 🤘
#beer 🍺 connoisseur (of course, I am Czech after all)
2 weeks ago

Fractured English Inside
#Linux #Thinkpad

The boot screen for MuLinux El-Torito on the screen of a ThinkPad R400. At the top of the screen it reads, "Welcome to muLinux EL Torito!" and just below that, "Fractured English Inside."
Christian Stankowic
2 weeks ago

X41t chunky boi vs. normal X40


An opened X41t next to a normal X40 - the convertible is really chunky in comparison
The X41t in closed state next to the X40
The X40 on top of the X41t
Christian Stankowic
2 weeks ago

After 12 years I finally have a #ThinkPad X41t again 🥹


An opened ThinkPad X41t convertible tablet
The X41t in Tablet Mode
Trying to write "Hello Mastodon!" using the handwriting recognition - but it was mistranslated

@jennzycos @fuchsiii @Raspberry_Pi making it an upgrade to the current #Lenovo #ThinkPad #CompactKeyboard woth #UltraNav which doesn't eveb support #USB via it's #USBc port and only with a shitty wireless dongle...

Also it would be an expensive shitpost unless one were to make like 10 of them at once...

But if someone wants to see that happen, let me know...

In the meantime, if anyone finds a silent tactile switch woth near zero travel like the #ThinkPad #CompactKeyboard with #UltraNav (USB) has (i.e. "Island-Style keycaps and scissor m-on-rubberdome) let me know...

@finn this is what #Lenovo dieswhen they don't push more #Enshittificatiob into the #ThinkPad product lime.

*points at @fuchsiii who's #StillMad about the #ThinkPad25*

2 weeks ago

How many fedi points do I get for having a ThinkPad running QNX?

#ThinkPad #QNX

2 weeks ago

The Analog Devices AD1984 is a very capable codec (24bit/96khz, excellent linearity) in the T6x/X6x line of #Thinkpad|s. Unfortunately hard wired to only 'notebook'-use. Re-tasking the Intel HDA 'Widgets' to make the Microphone-Input-Jack a Line-In worked … good in the signal sampling sense; as long as one is ok with mono input :(
Next up: Repurposing PORT-C_L and R (wired in the X61 to the internal Mic, both channels) for Line-In. Don't judge my soldering, it is bad. (and it's a dumpster-find)

Pin-Layout of Audio Codec Chip AD1984 from official datasheet
Foto of soldered copper wire to a electronic component board, Motherboard of Laptop Thinkpad X61
Christian Stankowic
2 weeks ago

@leyrer @ClickClackHack @datenspuren @karlnepomuk @Beinhard "Nur noch das eine"

Kann man übrigens sowohl über Tastaturen als auch #ThinkPad sagen 🫠


Thinkpad users.

Do you have any tips on how to improve battery life on a T14s Ryzen 5600u with Fedora?

It gives me a couple hours less than on Windows and that is pretty much the only thing preventing me from wiping the Windows partition altogether.

I'd love to keep using Fedora but I'm not dead set on it. I would consider Elementary OS as well.

I like Gnome over KDE. Does Tuxedo OS or PopOS give a better experience over all?

Boost if you can, please.

#Linux #Thinkpad #GNULinux

unixviking :debian: :freebsd:
3 weeks ago

@sesivany Let's be honest: only the two lower ones are relevant... #thinkpad #thinkpadlover 😎

Antoine Martin
3 weeks ago

In other news, I've upgraded my laptop to #qubesos r4.2. Excited to try out the new #zfs driver, and I'm hoping #xen 4.17 supports my #thinkpad T14 Gen1 AMD a bit better. I've had the laptop for two years and it still feels like Qubes' AMD support is rocky.

That said, I've upgraded my Qubes #alpinelinux packages for r4.2. It looks like it works! I haven't tried the pipewire stuff, though. My Qubes system is heavily modified so who knows.

fuck it i have so many of these and nowhere to post them, so you get an assortment of #thinkpad glamor shots on your timeline

collage shot of Thinkpad x230t & x230 with pen resting on the lid of the laptop
T430 sat with lid open on a table
T430 sat with lid open on a table, screen showing.
macro photo of Thinkpad x230 with logo reflected in the screen
Jörg Kastning
3 weeks ago

Um @stdevel auf einer Konferenz zum Gespräch zu bitten, stelle man ein #ThinkPad auf einen Bistrotisch und warte 3, 2, 1... 🕵️

Ade Malsasa Akbar
1 month ago

This #poll about #ThinkPad is running for 4 days left with 70 people already participating (and is still counting).

Do you have a ThinkPad? I'd love you to share your experience here.

Once again, mine is T430 and it works perfectly with #Kubuntu.

Ade Malsasa Akbar
1 month ago

Thank you for boosting my latest poll above. I've got many new friends here once again.

#thinkpad #poll

@Tecci @morenonatural

Ade Malsasa Akbar
1 month ago

What is you ThinkPad?

Please share yours and its compatibility with your GNU/Linux.

Mine is T430 and it works perfectly with Kubuntu.

Boost is very appreciated.

#poll #thinkpad #gnu #linux

Bradley Taunt
1 month ago

Applied new thermal paste to my #x220 early this morning. I wasn't nearly as difficult as I initially thought!

#Openbsd is running roughly 4-5 degrees cooler now on heavier tasks, and sits around 40C at idle.


Bahman M.
1 month ago

@faassen A #ThinkPad (even a cheap one if any) is always worth the investment.

I've had my first laptop back in 2002 and have had only 2 laptops so far: T61 RIP (2002-2012) & T530 (2012 - present)

There have been reports of ThinkPads outliving their owners 😂

Besides, the Linux support is excellent for those machines (except the ones w/ nVidai GPUs.)

Tech Pizza Mondays
1 month ago

Calling all Fedizens in Toronto!
Pizza will be served at 6pm at Victory Cafe!

Want to turn followers into friends?
No one can do it for you, you have to show up yourself! 😀

Bonus topics tonight include CoSocial ( )and digital coops in general, and Thinkpad servicing (maybe with a live demo?) and anything you'd like to bring for Show-and-Tell 👀

🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 #🍕

#Toronto #Tech #Pizza #Mondays #TechPizzaMondays #CoSocialCa #Thinkpad #ShowAndTell

Oh, tiens ! Relançons ce délicieux vieux Thinkpad du début des années 2000, quand ils étaient super inventifs et bardé de ports en tous genres ! (Il y avait même une lumière au-dessus de l’écran pour allumer le clavier !)
Euh, retrouvons dans quel tiroir de quel placard il se cachait…

#Thinkpad #retrocomputing

1 month ago

Hermine likes to join for hacking.

Photo by @linkmauve

#CatsOfMastodon #cozy #switch #coffee #ThinkPad #cats

A picture of a white fluffy cat lying on a table between laptops and cables.
1 month ago

I'm a simple guy: I see an old #Thinkpad, I buy it.

@aral I like portable stuff, but I also made the switch to ortholinear (for #dyspraxia a great thing). So I decided to replace my aging Lenovo #ThinkPad x220 by a refurbished Dell Latitude 5290 2in1 tablet. I am quite happy with it. I am typing this with this "old" tablet on an ortholinear 47 keys keyboard.

Of course the #StarLite is a nice modorn alternative.

Bradley Taunt
2 months ago

Realizing I might need to redo the thermal paste on my older X220... Not looking forward to disassembling the whole thing.

#thinkpad #laptop

@mattl Geez, that's really atrocious...

Compared to that, the pink #IdeaPad-#Netbook that @fuchsiii owns is "classic #ThinkPad - Quality" and that was a €200 machine at release!

Christian Stankowic
2 months ago

Oh and check-out this awesome present by @fleaz - a #ThinkPad book and a „notebook“ 🤩

The book „How the ThinkPad Changed the World“ next to a notebook in the design of a ThinkPad
The first page of the notebook where an owner can be written down
Christian Stankowic
2 months ago

Recently bought a decent shelf for my #ThinkPad collection 💻

An empty IKEA shelf
An shelf filled with various ThinkPads
Florian Wilhelm
2 months ago

My #linux laptop (#Thinkpad E590) #freezes in unpredictable situations. I've had this in various reinstalls of different Linux distributions (#ubuntu, #fedora, #debian). The EFI hardware test does not indicate any faults, neither did memtest. Can anyone give me a hint for finding out what's wrong? I suspect a hardware issue as I've changed the software stack multiple times, still I'd like to know what's wrong. I don't really know what to google for.

Boosts appreciated.

Marvin Johanning
2 months ago

It's so tiny, I love it! Obligatory terminal window with neofetch is also there.

I love how you need to remove only a handful of (regular Phillips head!) screws no matter what you want to replace. Two for the RAM, one for the hard drive etc.

#lenovo #arch #linux #thinkpad

An opened Lenovo ThinkPad X220 on a table running Linux. A terminal window is open on the desktop.