#Threads Una altra app di META che sicuramente prometterà di non usare i dati per profilare etc etc... come aveva promesso di non fondere whatsapp con tutto il resto.

εκλεκτικός 🖖
54 minutes ago

Penso di trasferirmi definitivamente su #MastodonSocial. 😁

Alla fine, con le opportune accortezze, non sembra nemmeno di stare su un'istanza di oltre 1.7 milioni di utenti (dei quali oltre 260K attivi mensilmente).

Poi vedremo nel 2024 cosa accadrà con #Threads (se darà nuova linfa al Fediverso o tenderà a cannibalizzarlo). 😆

#Bluesky lo sto provando ma tenderei ad escluderlo, per me 300 caratteri sono ormai troppo limitanti. Va bene la sintesi veloce eh, ma 500 sono il giusto compromesso. 😁

Jane Lago
2 hours ago

I see that "hiding" words in Threads only "hides" them in replies to my posts. What I want is to be able to hide posts on certain topics from my feed, as I can do in Mastodon. #Threads

Etheria 🎉
2 hours ago

Threads is winning the battle and is replacing Twitter day after day

Threads: 16th
X: 77th

Threads: 3rd
X: 34th

Threads: 13th
X: 166th

Threads: 39th
X: Out of Top 200

Threads: 43rd
X: 96th

Threads: 19th
X: 119th

Threads: 18th
X: 116th

Threads: 35th
X: Out of Top 200

Threads: 14th
X: 59th

#X #Twitter #Threads #ElonMusk #Meta #Android #USA #Japan #Brazil #India #Mexico #UK #Korea

3 hours ago
Snow :misskey: :linux:
3 hours ago

Il social network di Meta che rivaleggia con X presto utilizzabile anche in Italia: Threads si prepara ad un nuovo boom di utenti, secondo il WSJ.

Per chi interessa.


3 hours ago

#Threads is coming to Europe.
Well in a very strange passive mode:

“According to sources who spoke to WSJ, Meta will comply with the regulations by giving EU users a choice of using Threads purely for consumption, without a profile that allows them to make their own posts.”

Which is weird as this is exactly what the iOS app already does for me since I was locked out after launch-day (being located in the EU): Read only.

IT News
3 hours ago

Threads globalizes keyword search, takes aim at Twitter - Threads, Meta Inc.’s emerging rival to Twitter, has expanded its keyword search fe... - #threads #news

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
4 hours ago

🇬🇧 In December #Threads will be available in Europe. I know what the response from #Mastodon people will be, but I'll ask anyway - will you create an account on this social network?

🇵🇱 #Threads w grudniu będzie dostępne w Europie. Wiem jaka będzie odpowiedź osób z #Mastodon, ale i tak zapytam - czy utworzysz konto w tej sieci społecznościowej?

kiq / キク
5 hours ago

#fedibird #threads スレッズ全文日本語検索きましたね。これでイーロンも調子こいていられなくなるのでは。つーか2023年7月からかなりの情報の蓄積があるものです。ビートルズで検索したらもう。カラフルスクリーム、spyshe、ヤ・ドリップなど関西のアイドル/ガールズグループの写真載せまくりのワタシのスレッズ

5 hours ago

Rapport: #Threads kommer släppas i Europa innan årets slut - Swedroid

5 hours ago
Im Juli bringt der Internet-Konzern Meta seine neue Plattform Threads auf den Weg. Unter Berufung auf die rechtliche Lage in der EU wird Nutzern aus Mitgliedsstaaten zunächst die Möglichkeit vorenthalten, sich dort anzumelden.#Wirtschaft #MetaPlatforms #MarkZuckerberg #XfrüherTwitter #ElonMusk #EU #Threads #Instagram #Digitalwirtschaft #Datenschutz
Start noch im Dezember?: Meta will Threads nun auch in die EU bringen
DigitalNaiv = Stefan Pfeiffer
6 hours ago

Meta will einem Bericht des "Wall Street Journal" zufolge noch im Dezember seinen Kurznachrichtendienst #Threads auch in der EU an den Start bringen. Dabei werde es auch die Option geben, Threads nur zum Lesen von Beiträgen zu nutzen, ohne eigene Posts schreiben zu können. - HORIZONT

Und springen jetzt alle #BlueSky‘ler auf den neuen Zug auf?

6 hours ago

#Threads はキーワード検索できるようになったら結構景色が変わるな。当たり前だけど自分が興味のあるキーワードから情報探しやすくなった

#Threads is working on a snowfall animation 👀

Cedric :ivory_logo:
7 hours ago

#Meta plans to launch #Threads in Europe in December, the largest expansion since its July debut, offering a choice of using Threads without a profile

7 hours ago

In the world of social media, new platforms emerge constantly✨ach competing for attention and user engagement. Instagram’s Threads, has quickly gained popularity🤩with its unique features and growing user base.

Threads‘ keyword search feature has now been extended to all languages. This expansion makes the platform more accessible to a broader audience and will enhance the experience for users in over 100 countries🌎.

#threads #meta #instagram #thursday #friday #tech #technews #techtrendsupdate

7 hours ago

おお、まじか、ついに #EU でも #Threads が解禁らしい

8 hours ago

「Instagramの #Threads #検索 が最新のアップデートで「すべての言語」をサポートするようになりました 」: TechCrunch

「Instagram の Twitter/X のライバルである Threads は、キーワード検索機能をアプリが利用可能なすべての市場に拡大することで競争力を高めています。 この機能は、 8月にオーストラリアやニュージーランドを含む 英語圏市場で最初にテストされ、 9月には米国を含む 他の英語圏およびスペイン語圏のほとんどの国に拡大されました 。 インスタグラム責任者のアダム・モセリ氏によると 、 キーワード検索は「すべての言語でサポートされる」という。」


#prattohome #TechCrunch

8 hours ago

#Threads がキーワード検索できるようなってると。ほんとだ!
:activitypub: 対応も待ってるよ :tony_laughing:

#Threads #ActivityPub

Almost half a year after release, #Threads is aiming for an EU launch this month.

Would be funny, if they'll still get sued for violating data protection laws.

#Threads のキーワード検索が全てのユーザーで利用可能に | 気になる、記になる…

heise online
8 hours ago

Freitag: Microsoft will Game Pass überall, Metas Threads bald auch in der EU

Xbox-Abo auf mehr Geräten + Threads vor EU-Start + Hacking-Team-Gründer in Haft + Malware-Analyse per KI + Ex-Landesdatenschützin im Podcast + Adventskalender

#Datenschutz #Download #EU #Google #Cyberspionage #Instagram #KünstlicheIntelligenz #Malware #Facebook #Microsoft #Security #Software #Spiele #Spyware #Threads #Verbraucherschutz #news

»#Meta’s #Threads to Launch in #Europe in App’s Biggest Expansion Since Debut: Expansion is expected in December, a signal of company’s commitment to microblogging service.« #tech #media

Aakash Kapoor
9 hours ago

A prime example of a choosing beggar, found on #threads

Guy asks artist for a design for his logo, artist provides link to place order, guy goes full on entitlement mode
9 hours ago


10 hours ago

推出至今接近 5 個月 Threads 本月在歐盟提供服務
今年 7 月初推出的社交平台 Thread,雖然在全球大部分國家提供服務,但就未有包括歐盟國家在內。久久未能在歐盟推出的原因,據說跟 Threads 能夠將用戶的行為和廣告資訊數據從 Instagram 匯入,母公司 Meta 未確定此舉是否符合歐盟有關網絡服務的嚴格規定有關。
The post 推出至今接近 5 個月 Threads 本月在歐盟提供服務 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#社交網絡 #Threads #歐盟

So has closed the door on chronological search results, citing security as the reason. asking a question

any plans to allow ordering search results chronologically (as in showing most recent threads first)?

From @haticeavci

No, that would create a substantial safety loophole.

From @mosseri

So excluding this feature would make Threads less useful for live breaking news events such as sports, natural disasters, politics, etcetera.

Mastodon & Misskey have chronological search enabled, & although much smaller than Threads, neither have viewed chronological search as a security threat.

Meta will need to provide more clarification on this issue, as it is confusing how smaller players are able to resolve this issue, yet Threads is unable to for some reason.

#Internet #Meta #SocialNetworks #Technology #Threads

13 hours ago




#Threads #日本語検索

15 hours ago



#fedibird #threads

They made #Threads in the EU work. I honestly think tasking a small team on Threads to make these changes was a higher priority than the fediverse operability, and partly to blame for the delay in actually federating with other instances.

“According to sources who spoke to WSJ, Meta will comply with the regulations by giving EU users a choice of using Threads purely for consumption, without a profile that allows them to make their own posts.”

:fediverse: :meta:

Mao PerrottaMurante :verified:
16 hours ago

#Threads arriverà presto anche in Italia. Gli utenti europei potranno utilizzare Threads solo per visualizzare i contenuti, non per creare post. Ma cos'è un scherzo??

@evan the most surprising thing that happened in social software in the last 12 months was the launch of #Threads and the promised support of #ActivityPub.

16 hours ago

Bald noch eine Plattform, um die #Freiheit des Abendlandes zu verteidigen.

„Instagram-Dienst Threads kommt bald in die Europäische Union“

kiq / キク
17 hours ago

#Threads 12月からEUでサービス開始、イーロンもっ調子こいてはいられなくなるでしょう “The launch represents Threads’ largest market expansion since its debut in July and signals the social-media company... / “WSJ News Exclusive | Meta’s Threads to Launch in Europe in App’s Biggest Expansion Since Debut” (1 user)

19 hours ago

Der Kurznachrichtendienst #Threads (#Meta) kommt voraussichtlich noch in diesem Jahr nach Europa.

Susanne Lilith
19 hours ago

@WinFuture Das ist doch ein Treppenwitz? #Threads
19 hours ago

Schon bald könnte es auch in Europa die #Twitter-Alternative #Threads offiziell geben, allerdings in einer stark eingeschränkten "Read only"-Version.,139886.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

εκλεκτικός 🖖
20 hours ago

#Threads prepara il regalino di Natale: probabile arrivo in UE a dicembre. 😁

E con il 2024 è probabile l'avvio della federazione con #Mastodon e il resto del #Fediverso.

Are you ready? 😆

Roni Laukkarinen
20 hours ago

Something that is still missing from Bluesky, Threads or Nostr:

- Unlimited edit feature
- Automatically delete old posts
- Follow hashtags

Something that is probably ever appear as a feature in places other than Mastodon:

- Custom emojis
- More than 500 chars

#SocialMedia #Bluesky #Twitter #Threads

20 hours ago

Das sind doch mal gute Nachrichten. Würde mich wirklich freuen, #Threads nutzen zu können.

21 hours ago

@Breznsoiza Hatte sich #threads jetzt eigentlich schon dem #Fediverse angeschlossen?

21 hours ago

Azt mondják decemberben már elérhetővé válhat a #threads. Azért kíváncsi vagyok rá, hogy milyen lehet, bár nem rajongok túlságosan a Metáért, ott mégis csak több ismerősöm akadhat az #instagram miatt.

22 hours ago

Pamięta ktoś #Threads? Otóż CEO Instagrama w różnych wywiadach wspomniał, że Threads w przyszłym miesiącu (grudzień?) będzie dostępne w Europie i będzie zgodne ze wszystkimi aktami. Podobno będzie można przeglądać bez tworzenia profilu, bo tego wymaga unia. Znów będą mogli pokazać tabelki inwestorom ile to użytkowników kliknęło przycisk na instagramie…

shrimp eating mammal 🦐
22 hours ago

hey, anyone over there, are people hating on Kissinger on #twitter or #bluesky or #threads ? i feel like back in the day #twitter would have lit up for one glorious day had Kissinger died then, but idk anymore


Sebastien Tarnowski
22 hours ago
Manfred :verified_breze:
22 hours ago

Zeit wird es #Threads dann hört dieses Shitter gejammer vielleicht endlich auf

1 day ago

One thing I didn’t really saw people talk about with the ActivityPub in Threads discussion, is that according to this interview:

  • Zuck seems genuinely excited about ActivityPub
  • Meta was at some point considering integrating it into Facebook as well
  • More interconnectivity is planned between Meta’s own messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram…), which required end to end encryption.

On that last point, and if they want to go all the way, I’m wondering if Meta could influence the protocol to support this kind of encryption as well.

I don’t know if that’s even possible; but all of that is interesting beyond just Threads joining the Fediverse (which was already interesting)

#Fediverse #Threads

Darnell Clayton :verified:
1 day ago

This is a bizarre agreement between #Threads & the #EuropeanUnion 🇪🇺 (assuming it's true).

👉🏾 Threads may finally launch in Europe in December

With #X / #Twitter imploding, opening up in #Europe could give Threads some extra momentum.

Still no word on when Threads will embrace #ActivityPub though (they will eventually, but no hard date has been declared).

AOE, Takashi
1 day ago

そっか、EUの基準に対応することも大きな課題だったな。それはそうとActivityPub対応はいつになるの(しつこく言い続けるぞ) #threads #fediverse /
Threads、来月に欧州でサービス開始か | 気になる、記になる…

Sebastien 🌍 🇵🇸🇺🇦
1 day ago

Let's all welcome #Threads to the EU. Every alternative to Elon's megaphone is an alternative period.

Padraig Fahy 🌈
1 day ago

#Threads is apparently going to be launching in Europe... in December.

This is gonna be interesting

Rolf van Root
1 day ago

Building a #Twitter app is easy, but replicating its community is not.

Lately, I haven't been very active here - I tried #Threads and #bluesky in between.

I stopped using Twitter this spring, and there is no going back.

Will we end up with a more fragmented social media landscape, and will Twitter turn into a Tumblr?

Here are my thoughts on that:


Darnell Clayton :verified:
1 day ago

After rewatching this video of #ElonMusk melting down, I realize that the #Fediverse may have a new problem: 300 million #Twitter migrants seeking out new home.


If you are on a #Mastodon, #Misskey, #Pleroma, #Pixelfed, etcetera instance, you might want to consider sending some funds to the site owner (& Fediverse platform creators) as they will need it sooner rather than later.

I expect the cost of instances to increase further once #Threads embraces #ActivityPub.

Doug Lerner
2 days ago

People often react when I post here on #Mastodon. They almost never do when I post on #Threads. There are a couple of things nicer about posting on Threads though that I wish Mastodon would consider adopting. (1) Longer posts. (2) Having #URLs count for a set number of characters. If I try to share a free article the URL can be long and I've used up my message count before I can say anything! Will these suggestions get heard by anyone?

schultzter :mstdnca:
2 days ago

@Polychrome @matthieu_xyz or you know, code it yourself and submit a pull request! Something you can't do with either #Threads or #Bluesky (in full transparency I'm going to add #hypocrit because the only PRs I've ever submitted are for documentation - though I'm pretty sure #Lovelace would personally break my fingers if I ever attempted to unleash any of my code on the internet)

2 days ago

Apparently bluesky is working on a way to disable replies to a post. Something that exists on Twitter, Instagram, Threads, etc.

It’s actually crazy that this still isn’t a thing on mastodon. We pretend that this place is safer, less harmful, offer more choice and customization, yet we still can’t deny replies to our posts.

Between this and open-DM by default. We can see that mastodon’s "safety" is very relative.

#bluesky #bsky #threads #mastodon #fediverse

heise online
2 days ago

Mittwoch: AWS setzt auf neue ARM-Chips, Flugdrohnen inspizieren Bahnstrecken

Amazon mit neuen Cloud-Chips + Flugdrohnen als Bahn-Inspekteure + Cybersicherheit in Berlin + Foto teilen ist teuer + Vodafone-Glasfaser kostenfrei + X leiser

#ARM #AmazonWebServices #Breitbandausbau #BSI #CloudComputing #Cybersecurity #Cyberwar #Drohnen #ElonMusk #Facebook #Glasfaser #Luftfahrt #Nvidia #Threads #Twitter #Urheberrecht #Verkehrssicherheit #Vodafone #news

Okay, I found one very compelling reason to be on threads.

#Threads #HideoKojima

A screenshot of a post on Threads by Hideo Kojima. It is a photo of him wearing a very overstuffed puffy coat while standing in a neutral position and looking at the camera.
Johannes Ernst
3 days ago

I have a comment here, though: there is nothing in #activitypub or any other relevant standards that says that #fediverse software needs to allow you to take your followers from one instance to another. In other words, the #fediverse does not actually promise anybody that they can take their followers!

(Maybe it should. I sure would like that. Some apps allow you to do that. But whether eg #threads ever implements it is entirely up to them)

@mike @mmasnick

Johannes Ernst
3 days ago

Now in the dot-social podcast episode, @mike and @mmasnick discuss how much #fediverse and #threads users understand the proposition of “own your followers”. They come to the conclusion: probably not much. (I would agree.)

Frozen Canuck
3 days ago

I've reached out to The Fully Charged Show (FCS) a couple of times asking if they could create an account on #Mastodon. Sadly, I've never heard back 😞. With that being said, Robert Llewellyn and FCS co-CEO Dan Caesar recently said that they will personally no longer post on #Twitter / X and will instead be on #Threads.

Really hoping Threads sticks to their promise that they'll be fully interoperable with the #ActivityPub protocol

Frozen Canuck
3 days ago

Glad to hear that Stephen Colbert is doing well after his surgery due to a ruptured appendix. Feel better, Stephen!

Also happy to learn that Stephen Colbert and The Late Show have ditched Twitter/X for #Threads. Sure, would've liked to see them here on #Mastodon but getting off #Twitter is what matters most.

#TheLateShow #StephenColbert

@timboard It's just the lazyness and lack of public pressure why they didn't start something like as a site to do so.

After all, #Germany did so quite some time ago with and thus provides an accessible and public way to communicate to the public that is #SelfHosted.

#Threads is just #NSAbook in a different UI, so this required no effort from the existing #SocialMedia team to onboard...

3 days ago

@oliver_schafeld #Threads.... das ist ja wie #Bluesky auch nur vom Regen in die Traufe.

Oliver Schafeld
3 days ago

Stell dir vor, du willst großes Kino – und dann wendet sich das Große Kino ab.

"#Disney, #Paramount, Lionsgate, #Sony Pictures, #Universal und #Warner Bros. Discovery [haben] seit ungefähr zehn Tagen nichts mehr auf #X / #Twitter veröffentlicht."

#Hollywood Studios sind auf X/Twitter verstummt, posten stattdessen auf #Threads.

Das umfasst Accounts für #StarWars, #Pixar oder den #Marvel Studios teils mit Meldungen an Millionen von Followern täglich.

heise online
3 days ago

Antisemitismus bei X/Twitter: Hollywood-Studios verstummen, immer mehr Abschiede

US-Filmstudios betreiben Accounts auf X/Twitter mit Millionen Followern. Schon seit Tagen sind sie verstummt, Neuigkeiten gibt es stattdessen jetzt auf Threads.

#ElonMusk #Filmindustrie #Threads #Twitter #X #news

Tim Board
4 days ago

#Mastodon is clean, fully equipped, and organized.
#Threads is an endless maze without many options to make it personal or fun.
#Facebook is messy and too busy.
#Bluesky is a gated rest home.
#Twitter is a chaotic dumpster fire full of crazies who just want to watch everything burn.

In addition to #Mastodon, I've been on #Threads for quite some time now, and signed-up for #Bluesky over the weekend.

Threads has a general gross feeling, not far from the feel of using #Twitter just before the fall, but has the benefit of more users that I used to follow on Twitter.

Bluesky makes me think of the good old days of Twitter and has that nostalgia but there's not a lot of people that I've found to follow, yet.

However, Mastodon feels like home.

4 days ago

#Threads was useful for breaking tech news - it’s fulfilled what #Twitter/#X used to do (I realized it’s a year since I stopped going there, happy anniversary to me!). But here on #Mastodon is the place I feel most comfortable sharing. Haven’t posted much recently- busy building something- but when I do, will be here first 😊

Randy (Bluesbreaker)
4 days ago

@endeavorance I agree with that. Have not been able to find value there with one exception. A person is posting recipes, nothing else. I commented and we actually went back and forth a few times. So she adds value and replies to comments or questions.
I do not appreciate a site that has timed edit, let alone NO edit like #Bluesky. Character limit too low.
I look at a lot of networks, but #Mastodon is the only one that's worth the time investment. (Can't join #threads in EU.)

I've been poking at Threads a bit more recently and its definitely feeling more "where mainstream online posting happens" than just a few months ago.

I don't feel comfortable calling it "home" like I do here, but I at least will see some other stuff there.

Bluesky still confounds me. I do not see the appeal over of it Mastodon, aside from maybe the custom feeds thing is neat?

#Bluesky #Mastodon #Threads

David Megginson
5 days ago

@timbray Word from younger relatives is that holdouts on Twitter-X who didn't flee to the fedi last year are moving to #BlueSky now. They humour me about being in the #fediverse (it's a cute dad-generation thing to them), but just laughed sarcastically when I asked if anyone was going to #Threads.


Gabriele Pollara
5 days ago

Thought I'd see what #Threads was like - this is the welcome screen summary - pretty bold that #fediverse / #Mastodon integration is so boldly stated. Makes me more confident it'll happen - now curious when & how well it will work!

Sometimes I think Mastodon folks discount our presence in a self defeating kind of way as "small" simply because BlueSky and Threads are run by 'big people' and so are assumed to be 'big'. The reality is all three "Twitter alternatives" are quite similar as far as activity. Bluesky and Mastodon are very similar in total numbers. Threads I think is a bit more of a mirage.
Here are some recent numbers, MDAU is Million Daily Active Users:

Bluesky : ~0.5-1.0 MDAU and 2 Million Total

Mastodon: ~1.2-1.5M DAU and 8-14 Million Total

Threads: ~10 MDAU and 100 Million Total

(Note the images are at different time periods so trends look different if anyone has some good resources for this let me know)

Total users: @mastodonusercount
Active users @mastodon_daily_active_users

#mastodon #threads #TwitterMigration #bluesky #mastodonMigration #numbers #stats

A graph of Bluesky daily active users shows a steady trend upward from zero April 19 2023 to around 500,000 in September.
A threads graph from near zero in July 2023 with an immediate spike to 50 million daily active users and then a sharp decline to a fairly steady 10 million by August to end of September
The latest graph from the mastodon users account show November 10 to 25 total users are around 14 million rising steadily
The graph from mastodon daily active user account for the past month shows fairly steady total users around 8 million and active users declined from 1.8 to 1.5 million
Alex Afouxenidis
6 days ago

Strange that lots of #academics on #bsky are not really engaging with anyone, except perhaps with few other academics and they just reposting their original twitter material. Huge majority anglo-american. Probably some of them are on #threads too.

Not sure what the actual point of such activity is all about though

By the way I'm just doing a bit of looking into bsky, once I finish that I'll be off!

Hank G ☑️
6 days ago
@danyork I haven't logged into my account since the summer of the year Musk took it over. However I still follow a handful of people through Nitter. Ironically that insulates me from the UI/UX enshitification which I keep seeing people there (or formerly there) bitching about. However I can see the comment chains on people's posts. What a dumpster fire. I can only imagine how bad it is with the algorithm building a timeline of posts and the order of comments rather than the time-based one Nitter generates. Half of the people I follow that didn't jump here are now on BlueSky or Threads primarily/partially now. Friendica, the fediverse service I'm on, will have BlueSky integration active on my server in the next release. Threads should hypothetically have ActivityPub, the protocol that makes the whole fediverse go, integration working soon. At that point I won't even need Nitter any longer and Twitter can consume itself in a black hole :). #Twitter #Threads #BlueSky #friendica #fediverse
Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
6 days ago

Has #Threads enabled #ActivityPub based federation yet?

Did #Tumblr follow up on their promises in that regard?

Or was it all just a marketing stunt? ;)


6 days ago

Months ago, before Threads existed, I had a #Bluesky account after someone invited me. I deleted it after some time, because I prefer #Mastodon. Now that many people have moved to #Threads, which I can't do in the EU, Bluesky sent me an invite via email from the waiting list! Should I take it and see what changed?

c't Magazin
6 days ago

Mastodon, Bluesky oder doch X: wer beerbt Twitter? | c’t uplink

Seit Elon Musk Twitter gekauft und auf links (Rechts?) gedreht hat, ist vieles in Bewegung. Über Vor- und Nachteile der Alternativen sprechen wir in c’t uplink.

#Bluesky #ct #ctuplink #ElonMusk #Facebook #Instagram #Mastodon #Pebble #SocialMedia #Threads #Twitter #X #news

6 days ago

Why isn't this being shared more broadly?

Musk is indeed a dictator of one. And as much as I love Mastodon, the train left the station & it missed it. And without the equity of a mover like the EU or the US govt, it's sadly never going to pull in users to attain critical mass.

2M = BlueSky
9M = Mastodon
100M = Threads
400M = Twitter

"Why We’re Still Trapped on Twitter" - Adam Conover

#twitter #Mastodon #threads #bluesky

Martin Owens
1 week ago

I think @adamconover is arguing for #socialism instead of #mastodon

Bold statement.

"What if instead of relying on the free work good-hearted volunteers to build an alternative to the bird site we invested public resources in that effort"

#SocialMedia #Twitter #X #Threads #BlueSky

Martin Holland
1 week ago

In see it too and understand your thoughts. I hope, it get's more active, when #Threads federates and have read about a bridge for #Bluesky.
I really like #trunksapp and all the work you did!

Laurens Hof
2 weeks ago

Biden and the White House join Threads

The White House has joined Threads with a variety of new accounts. The government announced accounts for President Biden, first lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff, as well as accounts for the White House and a Spanish version, La Casa Blanca.

The move comes after a week in which Elon Musk continued his descent into white nationalism and antisemitism, as well as major advertisers fleeing the platform after having their ads placed next to nazi posts.

The White House has condemned Musks posts as “unacceptable”. The Hill reports that the move towards Threads has been in the work for several weeks. While the latest controversies might be a good confirmation for the White House, it does not seem like it might be the direct reason.

Overall this should boost Threads uptake significantly, with it being endorsed by the most powerful political figures. One thing to watch for his how politicians from both sides of the political spectrum will approach this move. For democratic politicians there is now a significant incentive to follow Biden to Threads. Republicans have been aligning themselves more closely with Elon Musk however, and might be less incentivised to join another platform.


2 weeks ago

Reupping: On the anniversary of moving to Mastodon full time I’ve written a long blog post about my thoughts and experiences, the good, the not great. With some thoughts about Bluesky as well.

This platform is one best things that’s happened to the web in the past 20 years. It’s not without its problems and it’s probably not for everyone but for me this janky platform has been pretty great.

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2 weeks ago

The workshop notes also reveal that some of the FediForum sessions concerning the IFTAS system featured multiple participants straight from Meta. There's no need to speculate further. The Zuckerberg entity seeks to impose this surveillance technology on the fediverse before federating.

The September FediForum and the solutionist machinations it platformed provide further detail for our understanding of Facebook's designs on the fediverse. The water is gradually being brought to boil, and it remains to be seen if the frogs of the FediPact 🐸 can leap to action in time.

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2 weeks ago

Other aspects of the IFTAS surveillance scheme are outlined in the slide deck. They include centralized realtime image and video scanning utilizing Thorn's "AI". Transgressive accounts would be auto-reported to authorities. It should also be noted that Thorn technology employs Amazon's facial recognition algorithms.

As a further comment to this prospect, consider that we are now observing how the moderates currently in power in the so-called United States seem to be gift-wrapping policies (KOSA, the border wall, the criminalization of protest and homelessness) for the reactionary extremists who may well succeed them.

Technologies such as Thorn's should be evaluated in the same light. They may - or may not - only detect CSAM for now. But how will they be repurposed if there are drastic political changes in the US or other "democracies"? What beliefs, convictions, sexual or gender identities will come to be mandated as equivalently deviant? Europol already has some ideas:

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A slide from an IFTAS presentation at FediForum which reads: "CSAM / CSE: Deploying centralised service. 'Safer' from non-profit Thorn. Image and Video scanning. Servers will be able to opt in at no cost. Automated reporting to NCMEC, Arachnid." An image from the Thorn website is also displayed.
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2 weeks ago

The blocklist system IFTAS proposes is called CARIAD - "Consensus Aggregated Retractable IFTAS Allowlist Denylist".

CARIAD's blocking data will be aggregated from two sources. The first is the Facebook Mafia spider-holed at Stanford, which fabricated the CSAM-scare influence operation that roiled the fedi a few months ago. More on them here:

The second is "an aggregation of at least ten of the largest ActivityPub service providers"; this would seem to be a sugar pill to win over Mastodon gGmbH and a few other megaservers.

The system itself is somewhat similar to that proposed in the Nivenly FSEP plan which has proven so controversial over the last couple of months; except that, instead of centralizing blocklist control with WelshPixie, CARIAD centralizes control with Meta-linked authoritarian techbros.

More on FSEP :

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The centralization scheme is being developed in partnership with an entity called Thorn - a for-profit "AI" surveillance privateer which pretends to be a "for the children" NGO. Thorn is hot news lately due to its blatantly corrupt involvement in the EU Chat Control plot, which would destroy the free internet and online privacy in Europe but create a huge business opportunity for Thorn.

Thorn is also notorious for its mascot, a washed-up celebrity rape-apologist who resigned in disgrace several weeks ago:

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The FediForum dedicated no less than four sessions in support of a plan by the IFTAS thinktank for a realtime centralized "AI" surveillance system for the fediverse.

The last of these pages includes a link to the slideshow overview of the scheme:

Also provided is a link to a proposal paper for a blocklist component, which they call CARIAD:

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