โ€œIt is a mistake to fancy that horror is associated inextricably with darkness, silence, and solitude.โ€ โ€” H.P. Lovecraft

#thriftStore #dolls #horror #bnwPhoto

Black and white photo of a rubber tote full of dolls heads wrapped in cellophane.
1 week ago

When you find a #Book at a #ThriftStore and you double take, then Google that this is really a George Orwell book even though you know it's a George Orwell book.

#Bookstodon #Reading #OldBooks #GeorgeOrwell #PaperBack #PaperbackCoverArt #FalseAdvertising

Book cover for Burmese Days by George Orwell. Paperback with a color cover drawing of 2 women scantily cladcand a man ravishing one womans shoulder. The cover looks like a romance novel from the 50s. Above the title it describes the book as "A saga of jungle hate and lust" in all caps. It is Orwellian in content, but the cover advertising still throws me because it does look like an old offensive romance(?) novel.
2 weeks ago

Was near a thrift store I hadn't visited in awhile, so I had to go in and do some CD hunting. Scored 34 CDs for 99 cents each. :Hype:โ€‹

#CDs #ThriftStore #ThriftHaul #Thrifting #CD

2 stacks of 34 CDs total sit on a shelf. Artists include Amerie, Jewel, Tom Petty, Jimmy Buffett, Ray Charles, Case, and more
Lainey's Luck
2 weeks ago

Yesterday we rested but we are back today!

Come try your luck at Ottawa's best thrift store:

Lainey's Luck at 523 Bank St.

Here till 6:30 Wednessday to Saturday
and till 5pm Sunday and Monday!


Elaine the mostly white cat sleeps on her side on a bed with her front paw cricked
the front of a sweatshirt with a drawing of a cat, who iswearing a sweatshirt with a cat, who is wearing a sweatshirt with a cat on it....
a green sweatshirt with a calvin klein logo
a sweatshirt embroidered with leaves
1 month ago

Also while out today, I hit up a local #ThriftStore and went CD hunting. So I was able to haul in 20 CDs for $21

#CD #CDs #CompactDisc #music #thrifting #ThriftHaul

20 CDs are stacked up in 2 columns on a shelf. They are from various artists, including Elton John, Vanessa WIlliams, Madonna, UB40, En Vogue, and more.
Lainey's Luck
1 month ago

Lainey is ready, are you? Halloween is coming, come get your costume at your local #thriftstore on #bankstreet in #ottawa

we are here until 6:30 today, from 11:30 - 6:30 friday and saturday and 11:30 - 5 sunday and monday

#CatsOfMastodon #threads #Halloween #halloween2023 #halloweencostume

Lainey the mostly white cat is sprawled out on the bed with one arm cricked, her belly fully exposed (it's a trap) and is looking over her shoulder at the camera
a row of hats on a counter, a bin of hoodies in front of the counter
a pile of shirts including several old uniforms like OCTranspo,
three long dresses hanging on the wall above bins of clothes in a store
1 month ago

โŒ Thrift store underwear
but are thrift store socks in the same area?? ๐Ÿค”
I mean, wash it in hot enough water surely it kills any kind of bullshit in it??
#thrifting #thriftstore #valuevillage

2 months ago

I can't believe the find here at a local #thriftstore I used to have this one and needed to return it to focus on another priority but it worked very well, no power cord but another from a different #laptop cooler worked no issue, both fans spin. all in all, a totally worth it trip ๐Ÿ™‚

a pic of the Targus Chill Mat+ for 17" Laptops, 4-Port USB HUB, Black (AWE81US) that I found for $1 at my local thrift store
Lainey's Luck
2 months ago

i hope everyone got some #sleep over the weekend, i know Lainey did โค๏ธ meanwhile we were busy restocking in a massive way!! look out for sweet #suede, lots of #leather, and thick #sweaters coming soon in time for the #coldWeather! Today, we put out new #purses and #bags for the first time! We also have lots of great #hoodies, some great #dresses and lots of finds for #halloween - deep in a bin is at least one firefighter uniform!

come support your local #thriftStore #ottawa 523 #bankStreet

we are #open from 11:30 - 6:30 wed to sat; 11:30 to 5 sun and mon, and closed tue.

*edited to correct the address!

Lainey, the mostly white cat with an orange and black head, is sittingon a light green sheet on a bed, looking to the viewers right with wide eyes
a pile of sweat shirts in a retail dump bin, with a grey hoodie with the  numbers 86 in large orange type on top
a blue trunk is filled with purses, a black a white striped one is in front
a row of dresses hangs on the wall behind several bins of clothing, a copper plate with pride Lainey stickers is in the foreground
Tom Lorenz
2 months ago

Me: Hi! Do you have any tea light holders?

Them: Yes! I have this lovely yellow one right here.

Me: I was really hoping to find one that looks more like a sphincter.

Them: Youโ€™re not gonna believe thisโ€ฆ

#TeaLight #Sphincter #ThriftStore

Pear-shaped tea light holder, photographed from above, looking at what would be the side of the pear.
Pear-shaped tea light holder, photographed from the side, looking at what would be the underside of the pear.
Lainey's Luck
3 months ago

New items everyday! Lainey is on the lookout!!

#thriftstore #CatsOfMastodon #ottawa

A large black metal wire bin filled with suede andleather jackets, with a white label with black writing that says SUEDE on the front
A view from the inside of a store, with a line of black wire bins down the wall on the left.  The bins are filled with different types of clothes and each bin is labelled.  At the end of row is a large bright window with sun streaming in to the shop.
A large black metal wire bin filled with skirts, with a white label with black writing that says SKIRTS on the front
Lainey the mostly white cat, has a couple brown and black spots and a multicoloulored tail, sits on a blue and green striped cushio n on a rattan sofa and looks over the left shoulder of the viewer
Alan Pringle
3 months ago

Made my #ThriftStore rounds and found some #movies not #streaming on services I have (or not at all):

* Forbidden Hollywood Collection: Baby Face, Red Headed Woman, and Waterloo Bridge

* Man with the Movie Camera

* In a Lonely Place

The $3 I spent went to the charities running the stores, and I get to see things I wouldn't otherwise.

Cases for Forbidden Hollywood Collection, Man with the Movie Camera, In a Lonely Place
Lainey's Luck
3 months ago

getting all the love for her unwavering support opening the store

#CatsOfMastodon #thriftstore #ottawa

Lainey, the mostly white cat, sprawled out ona hardwood floor, while a hand gives her all the belly rubs
a view into a 'buy the pound' thrift store with a round logo in white vinyl on the window, featuring a drawing of Lainey the Cat in the center of the logo, and bins of clothes line the wall in the background
Sean Fulmer
3 months ago

I had a copy of The #Dune Encyclopedia before our house fire a few years ago and I'd been wanting to replace it but it sells for over $200 online.

I found a copy today at the #ThriftStore for 25 cents. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

sudo beep
3 months ago

absolute score at Restore #thriftstore #nzmusic

ten bucks for 30 kiwi pop hits

Words and music to "In The Neighbourhood" by Sisters Underground (1994)
Table of contents from Nature's Best 2, including

Anchor Me


Better Be Home Soon


Bursting Through Cruise Control


For Today

Forever Tuesday Morning

Four Seasons In One Day

Fraction Too Much Friction


Heavenly Pop Hit How Bizarre

I'll Say Goodbye (Even Tho I'm Blue)

In The Neighbourhood


Mercy Of Love

Outlook For Thursday

Part Of Me


Renegade Fighter

Room That Echoes

Sensitive To A Smile

Sierra Leone

Sweet Disorder

Venus Violent

Why Does Love Do This To Me You Ought To Be In Love
Dying For Bad Music
3 months ago

#archiveorg is the virtual equivalent of digging through boxes of records to find a mildly interesting album with atrocious sound quality.
The archivist of this stash transferred the records with an electric hum from the playback device and removed too much crackling and noise, so the record sounds souless and dead. The cover artwork is a blurry, poorly cropped jpg. Available through a wonderful but awfully slow online service -, the #thriftstore #spotify

3 months ago

Today is National Secondhand Wardrobe Day. What has been your most fantastic secondhand wardrobe find?
#Poll #Polls #ThriftStore #SecondHand

Sharon Murphy
3 months ago

Today's #CharityShop buys. I'm no photographer, so apologies!
* A grey shirt with a blue bird and leaf print. It's longer at the back which I love! โ‚ฌ5
* A green stretchy blazer, very comfortable for work and for driving! โ‚ฌ6

Enjoying picking up a few pieces for #autumn in the charity shops in #Naas, Co. #Kildare

#Sustainability #SustainableFashion #ThriftStore

`Da Elf
3 months ago

*Roaring Laughter* ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

Why have I not heard this before?!?

@juliewebgirl Do Not be sipping beverage while listening to doing.

#ThriftStore #FunnyAsHell #Lyrics #DeLoreanBonus


`Da Elf
3 months ago
Flatch U. Lancelot
4 months ago

Hit up two #garagesales and one #thriftstore today. Garage sales are mostly hit or miss here, but we did alright this time (the prices didn't make us balk at least lmao). Found Tupperware and an iron I'm hoping to replace my teeny plastic traveling one.

The #thrift store prices were more on the "boutique" side, but not horrible; they at least had some better quality items that made sense for the prices. I did score an awesome vintage sweater for $2 because it had a couple of moth holes, which I will embroider over (later, after it's been in the freezer for a bit and washed).

Sweater with blue tulips, a large blue Tupperware container and a vintage iron.
Nick East (Indie Writer)
4 months ago

That's why I prefer to buy physical books from thriftstores. Worst case, if it's a double, I can just give it back to them... ๐Ÿ˜

@bookstodon @humour @bookbubble @bookstadon @books

#Book #Books
#Bookstore #ThriftStore #Duplicate
#Bookworm #Bookwyrm #Bookstodon #BookLove #BoostingIsSharing

there was a time when I hit every #thriftstore in the area and bought anything with #antennas on it to #hack. ๐Ÿ˜‚ #hamradio #hsmmmesh

4 months ago

"Perturbed cat", artist unknown. On temporary display at Local Thrift Shop until someone shows up with โ‚ฌ10, strange taste

#catsofmastodon #art #thriftstore

Landscape colour photograph of a painting of a tabby cat sitting in a wicker chair, confusion in its eyes, ears set half mast in 'perturbed' mode
5 months ago

I bought an ugly TV cabinet from the 90s for $5 today at the secondhand store. I am going to repaint it moss green, get new knobs, and put in shelving to make it into an armoire for the cabin.

#ThriftStore #ThriftStoreFinds

Rini :autism:
5 months ago

Friend and I had a conversation earlier about thrift/2nd hand stores and how ridiculous the pricing is in Finland and Sweden.
Most of the better quality clothes cost almost the same as new same one.
I would really want to buy my clothes in 2nd hand more often but there is no point for me to pay near full price on item I can get as new :/

How are thrift/2nd hand stores in your country?

#2ndhandstore #thrifting #thriftstore #shopping #upcycling

hpkomic ๐Ÿ‘ป
5 months ago

I tend to wear out a lot of clothes until they are threadbare - mostly because I tend to not have a ton of money to replace them. I still love my #RacerX shirt I found at a #thriftStore in my early 20s.

I still have my two #Incredibles shirts from when the first movie came out as well.


George Liquor, American
6 months ago

I don't really care much about #CountryMusic in general, but these Kris Kristofferson #CDs really stood out to me at the #ThriftStore today, so I coughed up the buck apiece and brought them home to listen and research. Turns out each of these albums only ever got the one #CD pressing on this One Way imprint (most editions were #LP or #cassette) so they're each worth $15-$25 to the right person.

Not goddamn bad listening either tbh. They'll probably stay in the collection for now !

The spine labels of four music CDs by Kris Kristofferson:
Border Lord
Spooky Lady's Sideshow
Surreal Thing
To The Bone
Alex Heberling ๐ŸŽจ
7 months ago

one year ago, I found a treasure trove of #space posters at the thrift store. some teacher or engineer or someone collected a bunch of promotional and educational posters from #NASA and several of its adjacent subcontractors, and they ended up at the thrift, where I found them for pocket change. they immediately went up on the blank wall in my living room. #astronomy #spaceflight #thrifted #thriftstore #hubble #ISS #spaceshuttle #Astrodon

two posters in poster frames, one of the Hubble space telescope, the other depicting a shuttle separating from the fuel tanks during takeoff
three framed posters of the ISS and the space shuttle MEDS
my wall with 5 posters arranged: the two ISS posters, the Hubble space telescope, shuttle separation, and John Glenn
the same room with posters but two more are on the wall to the right: milstar and shuttle MEDS
8 months ago

how is this song TEN years old already? it's still my favorite thrifting jam. i have it as a ringtone.
#ThriftStore #PoppinTags #IWantGrandmasCoat

Macklemore - The Making of 'Thrift Shop' (Vevo Footnotes)

8 months ago

I had a great #weekend, almost all my chores got done (still haven't started on taxes!) and got a little bit of playtime in too. Saved my first town in Din's Curse. #PCGaming

Also went #thrifting again and got a $6 set of Logitech desktop speakers for my secondary computer, and a cool $2 Johnny Cash t-shirt. #frugal #thriftstore

And #today another USB TV tuner stick should arrive from #eBay for my main #Linux machine. Hope it works!

Garrett Kelly
8 months ago

Big score at #GoodWill - this #thrifted #stargazing apparatus that somehow attaches to your collar via clothespin? THE STARFRAME! What a beaut!

Going to add it to my Wednesday Night UFO Watch arsenal for @wufo! Results to come!

#astrology #Astronomers #Astronomy #ufo #wufo #paranormal #thriftingfinds #ThriftStore

A thrifted star watchers decoder set in a box with advertisements about searching for constellations and being endorsed by the discoverer of Pluto. The box is pretty beat up and has an 80s vibe, sitting a shelf at Goodwill.
A picture of Mr. Mayer the inventor using the STARFRAME and for some reason he has it clothes-pinned to his shirt, maybe to determine how far to hold it away from your face.

My wife found this 1912 diary of an Ohio Northern University student at a local thrift store and, among the entries, is this note from one of his female friends. Thought it was too good not to share. #OhioNorthernUniversity #ONU #AdaOhio #OhioHistory #ThriftStore #Thrifting #Diary @histodons

Note written on a page in the diary from a young woman telling the diarist that when he's "married and at his ease" she'll be "doing as I please".

Picked up some really nice Prairie Style Art Deco accent lamps for the home office at the local thrift shop. Love them. #Lighting #PrairieStyle #ArtDeco #HomeOffice #ThriftStore #SecondHand

Photo of my desk in my home office with my two new Prairie Style Art Deco lamps.

I'll be a attended a 70s themed event on Saturday. Thrifting has me very ready for such a thing! #70s #vintage #clothes #thrifting #ThriftStore

Person in thrifted 70s clothes standing in a bedroom.
Matthew Sparby
11 months ago

Today's #ThriftStore find... A #Comrex CR-6500 composite monitor. When I first saw it, I thought it was an Amdek Color-1 but, no. It was clearly made by with the same Hitachi molds as the Amdek, though.
#VintageComputing / #RetroComputing

A Comrex CR-6500 color display showing a Commodore 64 karate game.
11 months ago

I have fiddled with a small #restauration project the last couple of days.

I bought this wonderful Rolce Royce of a tape dispenser in a #ThriftStore a couple of years ago, for the humble sum of 37dkk (~5$/โ‚ฌ).
I love it โ™ฅ๏ธ it has chrome and fine details, and it reminds me of a classic car โ€ฆ but it needed to TLC.

I took it all apart, cleaned it up and sanded of the rust, repainted in cream and pastel avocado green, buffed up the chrome.

Isnโ€™t it delightfully too much, just for tape?

Bulky and big metal tape dispenser. Top down view into the rusty and dusty interior.
The tape dispenser, side view, before restoration. The chrome is a bit dull and rusty and the color is a pale metallic green.
Restored tape dispenser with a nice fresh coat of paint. The chrome handle, that feeds the tape, is nice and shiny. The rusty top lid is cream coloured, as well as the ridged front (that look a bit like a cooling grille on a car). The rest has a fresh coat of avocado green.
Top lid of the dispenser, rusted from years and years of leftover pieces tape having been left on top of it.
1 year ago

My #introduction Hi all! New to the platform/instance and coming back after a long social media blackout. Iโ€™m a rare book dealer and lifetime horror fan. Iโ€™ll likely post about bookish nonsense and movie reviews. Please lmk if Iโ€™m doing this wrong. Looking forward to chatting. #horror #thrifting #thriftstore #classicfilm #bookstodon #Vhs #sciencefiction #punkrock #vinyl #8tracktapes #comics #bookstore #gaming #retrogaming #vintageaudio #literature #antiques #Brooklyn #AlamoDrafthouse

FiXato (fallback)
4 years ago