Amy Fountain
6 hours ago

#GoodNightFriends 💤 💤

Here's a #ThrowbackThursday costarring yearling #Gracie and tiny puppy #Niko cuddling together for a couch snoozle.

See you in the morning

#dogs #dogsOfMastodon #FediDogs

A little puppy is snoozling happily while cuddling with a mostly grown up dog on a couch.  They both look very comfy and content
J ▵ Y
8 hours ago

I’ll start with 2018, the year I met my first boyfriend at the age of 30. One of the biggest learning experiences of my life. Sometimes it’s triggering to watch, but I’m grateful for how much I’ve grown looking back at this. #ThrowBackThursday #1SecondEveryday

10 hours ago

#ThrowbackThursday to that time I made a hedgie friend in #Japan. Every time I go, I’m more convinced I’d love to give living there a try one day :blobfoxhappy:


CW: eye contact

Girl in a red mask and gloves holding a hedgehog
Elliott 🏳‍🌈
10 hours ago

#ThrowbackThursday like a poser..haha

Me. A white man with a slightly crooked smile.

Spreading some vertical joy in celebration of Mastodon 4.2 😆 (too soon?)

A *vertical* panorama of the oak canopy at Daley Ranch in Escondido, CA from January 2015.

#TreesOfMastodon #Vertorama #Panorama #Trees #NaturePhotography #Escondido #iPhonePhotography #ThrowbackThursday

A very elongated, vertical panorama photo of intertwined evergreen oak tree branches and twigs against a clear blue sky.
Aaron Neal Lucas
12 hours ago

#throwbackthursday #tbt From earlier this summer.

12 hours ago


White dog, blackened south,
Millions dead to reason.
Burning but not sign from God,
Thinking the new treason.


#ThrowbackThursday #Poetry #MastoPoem

Jeri Dansky
12 hours ago

When you hand your basic camera to someone else (especially back in 1988) you may not get exactly the photo you would have wanted. Still, it brings back good memories of an amazing place that more than lived up to expectations. #ThrowBackThursday #India

A smiling woman wearing a salwar kameez standing at the ponds in front of the Taj Mahal. The woman is somewhat out of focus and the top dome of the Taj Mahal is cut off.
M.Y. Hauger
13 hours ago
This a sequel to the brief game Which One. The game is a short point and click game where you make choices that will determine the results. This game was created in four hours.
#gamingcommunity #gamedevs #gamedevelopment #games #gamingcommunity #indiegames #throwbackthursday #newgames

M.Y. Hauger
13 hours ago
This is a brief point and click game where you answer a series of questions. How you answer will determine the results. This game was created in two days.
#gamingcommunity #gamedevs #gamedevelopment #games #gamingcommunity #indiegames #throwbackthursday #newgames

Andrew Michaels
14 hours ago

Some #ThrowBackThursday. Had to go to the DMV today and get a new license. 18 years apart and one #glowup later.

Baby Andrew is now… less baby Andrew!

#photo #florida #photography #Thursday #throwback

Andy Marfia 📸
14 hours ago

A busy day on Wabash Ave, in 1907, for #throwbackthursday. This photo comes from the Library of Congress and is noted as "Possibly by Hans Behm".

#Chicago #photography #blackandwhite #historicphoto

A black and white photograph along Wabash Avenue in Chicago, in 1907. Pictured is a busy sidewalk with men in suits and hats walking in both directions. A couple of horse drawn carriages are visible and an elevated train line runs down the middle of the street with buildings on either side. This photo comes from the Library of Congress.
14 hours ago

But really, what I WANTED to post for #ThrowbackThursday is a bit of a challenge to all y'all; who has the earliest example of digital video that they themselves created? 📹

This example would have made a GREAT TickTock... if it existed in 1992. 🤯

Check out the YouTube description for the longer story. :D

15 hours ago

Every second generation Kia Forte comes standard with antilock disc brakes, traction and stability control, front side airbags and side curtain airbags. A rearview camera is optional on the LX and standard on the other trims. The optional Uvo eServices telematics bundle includes roadside assistance, emergency crash notification and secondary driver .
#car #cars #carsofjapan #carsofmastodon #carsblog #thursday #throwbackthursday #photography #tbt

15 hours ago

The sedan's base 2.0-liter engine is perhaps the biggest news, as it's not often that a car swaps out its primary powerplant in the middle of its production cycle. Although it's slightly larger, the new 2.0-liter is more efficient than the smaller engine it replaces. Paired with the revised six-speed automatic transmission, the new engine increases combined fuel economy to 32 mpg (up one from 31 mpg)
#car #cars #carsofjapan #carsofmastodon #carsblog #thursday #throwbackthursday #photography #tbt

15 hours ago

The perennial small-car sales leaders have never faced stiffer competition, and the second generation Kia Forte is the latest shot over the bow. Although it falls short of a full redesign, the second generation Forte offers freshened styling, a new standard engine for the sedan, a sport-themed S sedan trim level, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity.

#car #cars #carsofjapan #carsofmastodon #carsblog #thursday #throwbackthursday #photography #tbt

15 hours ago

The 2nd generation Kia Forte receives mildly updated front-end styling with available adaptive xenon headlights, plus new taillights (with available LED lighting). There's a new S sedan trim level with sporty accents and a firmer suspension, and the sedan's base engine is now a 2.0-liter four-cylinder that is rated to deliver slightly better overall fuel economy than the discontinued 1.8-liter unit.

#car #cars #carsofjapan #carsofmastodon #carsblog #thursday #throwbackthursday #photography #tbt

15 hours ago

I was already in a #ThrowbackThursday state of mind when I was reminded that, 11 years ago today the space shuttle Endeavor was flown over my building in Alameda CA. As in RIGHT over.

I uploaded the video I took that day as a receipt. I would be the nerd losing his mind who says "Last chance to SEE!" at the start.

15 hours ago

#ThrowbackThursday to that time when Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth rocked the stage at Disney-MGM Studios in 2000 for the Walt Disney World Summer Jam Concert! #TBT

#DisneyWorld #WaltDisneyWorld #Disney #DisneyParks #wdw #DisneyPhotography #DisneyGram #Disney100 #DisneyMGM #SmashMouth #SteveHarwell

Bosque Bill
15 hours ago

City Lights Bookstore
San Francisco, CA

Inspired by the photo, End Kerouac, posted recently by @coggins This photo is the same street, but ~50 feet farther out Columbus and with the viewpoint in the opposite direction. You can see the End Jack Kerouac sign in both and, of course, the City Lights Bookstore. My photo was originally in color, but again, inspired by Mark Coggins I've made an attempt to replicate the feel of black & white film.

#photo #photography #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #street #streetphotography #sanfrancisco #JackKerouac #beat

Urban street scene with storefronts on the right; at end of the street tall pyramid shaped skyscraper; people on sidewalk; store sign = City Lights; clear sky.
15 hours ago

#throwbackthursday me in my 30s, in the 90s, out on the trail in California.

15 hours ago

#throwbackthursday Me in the 90s... in my 30s. I sometimes dream that I still have that hair.

#GuteNacht liebe Tröties und Toots!
Schönes langes Telefonat mit meiner Cousine anlässlich Ihres Geburtstages. Wer gemeinsam im Sandkasten gezockt und zusammen Keuchhusten hatte, bleibt ein Leben lang in tiefem Vertrauen verbunden.
Schlaft bunt und träumt schön 🍂✨😴💫🌈

Zusammen mit meiner Cousine im Sandkasten meines Elternhaus, beide in sogenannten Pumphosen und weißen Sonnenhüten (Gesicht mit Smiley unkenntlich gemacht) im Alter von etwa 2 1/2 Jahren
Penance RPG
16 hours ago

Ghosts and ghouls galore, is it safer out in the mists?

Find the rest of the adventure at

Support us on

Affiliates: @DnDiceUK 10%
@GemhammerGaming 20%

Use “Penancerpg” at checkout for % off your order at &

#ThrowbackThursday #IndieGames #TableTop #RolePlay #podcast #HomeBrew #ActualPlay #gaming #fantasy #indieRPGs #StoryTelling #TabletopGames #horror #TTRPG #RPG #RPGs #GamersOfInsta

Black background with a purple and white logo in the middle reading 'The Curse of Penance RPG. Enter Barovia, where a cery different Strahd awaits'. Purple text above reads '1. The Criminals & The Cultists'. A black, white and red Penance RPG logo is at the bottom
OL Reign 🤖
16 hours ago

Turning back the ⏰

Enjoy these 2015 & 2016 throwbacks of🔥


#RapinoeReigns x #ThrowbackThursday

16 hours ago

That one time I went to San Francisco for Kind of Funny Live 2 in 2016. There are a hand full of iconic structures in the world and I think this beautiful bit of engineering ranks up there.

For all the issues San Fran might have it's still a beautiful city in a beautiful place. I recommend at least a visit!

#TBT #ThrowBackThursday #KFL2 #KindaFunny #SanFrancisco #GoldenGateBridge #Engineering

Shot of San Francisco and the bay taken from the golden gate bridge.
Shot of the golden gate bridge in San Francisco from the San Fran side showing the full span over the bay on a bright summer day.
Draco From Gatorbox
16 hours ago

#throwbackthursday Here is me emceeing a FIRST Tech Challenge event in 2015, I believe in San Antonio, TX.

16 hours ago

Oh, hey, it's Throwback Thursday.



#TBT #throwbackthursday

17 hours ago

Ctrl-Alt-Del Gang, circa 2013 by unknown

#ThrowbackThursday #tbt #funny #humour #humor #tech

Three keycaps, Ctrl, Alt and Del stand in a triangular formation dressed up like human gang members ready to defend. Each member is wearing white gloves and their own choice of shoes. Ctrl on the left holds a Tommy Gun in one and in another a lit cigar while wearing a top hat. Alt at the top of the formation wears a baseball cap while holding a bat. Del is wearing a bandana as a face mask while holding a knife with the other hand shaped into a fist.
Antoinne Sterk
17 hours ago

Three Amigos (Sturnus vulgaris)

#Birds #ThrowbackThursday #Photography

Picture of three starlings sitting on a wooden fence. Taken in october 2009, somewhere in the polders of Eemnes.
Jason Didner
17 hours ago

Sweatin' it out in an acoustic performance on the Jersey Shore, 19 years ago!


Jason Didner performing acoustic at the Daily Grind in Ocean Grove, NJ, 2004
17 hours ago

For this #ThrowbackThursday I am getting with the company spirit and posting an old school picture. (The company I work for does school photos so there are LOTS of those flying around in the fall). I don’t have almost any pictures from my childhood, they are at my parents’ house. But I asked them to send a few for just this purpose. So… would we rather see li’l Kindergarten Cara or high school Cara?

17 hours ago

Here's my collection of turn-of-the-millennium computers, either gotten second hand or literally rescued from the garbage. Since 2023 marked the 25 year anniversary of Windows 98, my goal is to turn one of these into my ultimate retro machine that plays all my childhood computer games.

Two out of these three have non-functional hard drives, so my first step is to choose one, add a compact flash reader and see if I can get Windows 98 installed!

#retrocomputing #windows98 #throwbackthursday

An HP Pavilion and two Compaq Presarios from the days of yore. I'm thinking about using the middle one but not set on it yet

September 5th, 2003 - Playing with old technologies

I really have been using split keyboards my entire life.


old computer setup from 2003 - external power supply, old monitor, split keyboard, super old school tower
Brian Davis
17 hours ago

Late summer of 2020 the kids and I traveled to John Day fossil beds during the height of the Perseids. We called it a journey through time and space. Counted shooting stars till we fell asleep then hiked around the fossil beds all the next day.

Looking across a valley full of hills with bands of color made of fossilized soil.
A hill to the left is banded with layers of sand, pumice and fossilized soil. The scrub desert rolls off to the right.

In honor of Blue Donut Day which we celebrated this week, here is teeny Sprock looking teeny #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Kittens #ThreeLeggedCat #Sprocket #ThrowbackThursday #Kitten

A very little kitten sitting in the shadows with his face and front paws illuminated by patches of light from a window. He is in profile and looks so tiny. He is wearing a big puffy donut collar, his whiskers and eye whiskers catch the light.

For this #ThrowbackThursday I have the LG G4 from 2015.

How I loved this phone! The camera was great, the arc and the leather on the back... it was just an awesome, and much underrated #Android phone.

The only really bad thing, was the stock LG launcher, so I just used Action Launcher instead. I don't remember the name of that widget, but I remember it was pretty great too.

LG G4 with Action Launcher.
Kaysee Colorado
18 hours ago
Outdoor phone booth (not enclosed), the phone has been taken out, the roof cover of the phone booth is overgrown with moss.
Jason Stiff
18 hours ago

A Throwback Thursday to my VERY young days hitchhiking from Kalispell to Missoula with my Dad. I'll have your stormy 7-day weather forecast for ALL of Montana at noon on MTN!

#Montana #Billings #Missoula #Q2 #KTVQ #MTN #Wyoming #hitchhiking #Throwback #Thursday #ThrowbackThursday #weather #wx #mtwx #wywx #MastodonWeather #weatherMastodon #wxmastodon #photography

S31bz :linux:
18 hours ago

...also, throwback to when I got a Gentoo image worked on by @marcan running on my PS4 back in 2020
#ThrowbackThursday #linuxgaming #ps4 #homebrew

Bob Horowitz
19 hours ago

Ah the good old days.

This picture was taken about 20 years ago, with my first digital camera, the HP Photosmart 320. The camera had a whopping 2.1 megapixels... and yeah, I messed around with it using an ancient version of Photoshop 6 because I was cool and knew how to use Photoshop at the turn of the century :)

Obviously, that's not FDR... but it is a docent dressed like him aboard FDR's old boat, the USS Potomac.

#ThrowbackThursday #photography

A caped "FDR" in a dark cloak and top hat waves to the crowd from the deck of the USS Potomac. He looks like the real thing, leaning back, cigarette holder clenched between his teeth as he smiles that famous FDR smile.
19 hours ago

Wendy Carlos won multiple Grammy awards for pioneering the use of synthesizers in her music. She composed the original soundtrack for Tron. She also happenes to be trans.

Read more about Wendy Carlos here:

Alt text: Photo of Wendy smiling at the camera with surrounded by keyboards and computers. Text as in post.

#ThrowbackThursday #TransHistory #Trans

Photo of Wendy smiling at the camera with surrounded by keyboards and computers.Wendy Carlos won multiple Grammy awards for pioneering the use of synthesizers in her music. She composed the original soundtrack for Tron. She also happened to be trans.
Zoo Boise
19 hours ago

#ThrowbackThursday: What did some of your favorite Zoo #Boise animals look like as newborns? Let's start this series by meeting Amur #tiger Akasha now and as a cub!

Akasha was born at the Denver Zoo before moving to Mesker Park Zoo in Indiana. She came to Boise in 2022 for her reTIGERment in order to make room for a breeding pair at her previous home.

Collage of a female Amur tiger as a cub [in 2010] and today.
Tim Hall
20 hours ago

18 years ago this week, September 2005, a week in the Spanish #Pyrenees above #Benasque. Climbed Pic #Posets (2nd highest in the range) and Pic #Maladeta and a couple more 3000ers. #GayOutdoorClub

Looking across a mountain slope. Boulders in the foreground, a large snow patch, then rocky peaks at the back. Blue sky with some clouds.
A group of people sat at a rocky summit.
A man looking at the camera stood on a rocky ridge, which curves round to the left at the back. Some rock pinnacles, and below them are snow patches and boulders.
Two people walking on a path by a mountain lake. It is enclosed by several peaks.

#ThrowbackThursday Our beautiful 🌈OTRB boi #DooliDoo who gave us so much joy. Miss him every day. #SheltieLife #DogsOfMastodon

A blue merle Sheltie
Anthony Dean
22 hours ago

From March: Remember when "Sesame Street" decided to sell NFTs earlier this year? (*Sigh*) For the same $60, you could instead donate to PBS and A) directly support them and B) get a year of their PBS Passport streaming service.

As of this writing, 95% of all NFTs are deemed worthless.

#NFT #SesameStreet #ThrowbackThursday

James Harris
22 hours ago

I definitely remember. Well, more accurately @kaylacasey remembered


23 hours ago

love me a good glow-up.🤩
#ThrowbackThursday at it again.

#MastoArt #DigitalSketch #CharacterDesign

digital sketches of a design and its remake next to it. A buff woman in simple clothing and a cape. A dark sash with the print of an eye is covering her face. The newer design has a more defined and muscular body and brighter colors.
Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
1 day ago

#ThrowbackThursday #Travel #Peru

2011, Peru. High up in the Andes (at about 13K feet) we visited a small village of Quechua-speaking Indigenous people. These sisters were about to walk to their school located many miles away. We tried walking with them, but we couldn't keep up their fast pace. They got to school well before we did.

Two young Andean girls wearing traditional hats and skirts, and Western tops. They are holding small loaves of bread to eat for lunch later in the day. Their dog is sitting in the foreground. The terrain is steep and rocky. Mountain peaks in the background with bright blue sky above.
1 day ago

View from Cathole Road in Claremont, NH (March 2012). Locals come up here to view the sunset. On the right is Mount Ascutney in nearby Vermont.

This is a newly generated HDR image made from 3 exposures - a technique I rarely use and try not to abuse! #ThrowbackThursday #NewEngland #NikonD7000

Panoramic mountain vista taken shortly before sunset. In the distance to the left, ski trails covered in snow can be seen. To the right is a closer mountain with a TV antenna near the top. 

Trees cluster in the foreground. It's early spring, and many of them are still bare of foliage.

Quarta-feira = #ThrowbackThursday (com o @edgaramaya em #Chicago exatamente há dez anos — 21 de setembro de 2013)

Selfie of Antoni Maroto and Edgar Amaya at the Graceland Cemetery (Chicago, IL), taken on September 21st, 2013.
Fake Metro Trains
1 day ago

Throwback Thursday!

This 2004 Weston Langford pic shows Hitachi 69M on Platform 14 at Spencer St Station, leading a 6-car special to the Showgrounds.

Hitachi sets last ran on Melbourne's network in 2014.

#MetroTrains #ThrowbackThursday

1 day ago

It has been far too long since I travelled this road.

#Thursday #ThrowbackThursday #Photo #Photography #AltText

#LakeDistrict #Cumbria #England #UK

Sunshine briefly lights up a winter scene. In the far distance the mountains have their heads in the low cloud and snow on them. Nearer to the camera are the bare branches of deciduous trees and a mix of brown and green coniferous trees (Larch has needles that drop each year). The main feature of the shot is the narrow single track lane that leads into a half hidden farmhouse amidst scrubby fields and tumble down dry stone walls assisted by post and wire fencing.
4 days ago

Cher blog, pour ce #throwbackthursday du lundi voici une illustration réalisée pour l’expo « Robots » du Café Salé. Je ne sais plus si elle a été retenue, mais en tout cas elle a fini en pochette de disque ici :

#tbt #digitalArt #illustration #mastoart

Une peinture avec un robot qui arrose une fleur dans une décharge.
1 week ago

I missed throwback Thursday yesterday so here's a late submission.

A pano of the California coast from just south of Los Angeles California US from 2009.

#TBT #ThrowBackThursday #Photography #Photo #Panorama

Panoramic photo of the california coast line from south of los angeles facing north. Waves on the water and an evening sunset lighting the landscape.
Antoinne Sterk
1 week ago
Three parasol mushrooms stand proudly next to each other. The remains of an unlucky fourth lie against the third. In the background is a juneberry, blooming heather and some trees. This picture is taken in september 2014 on a late summer afternoon in Hilversum.
1 week ago

Why was Salafism established as a school of thought in the 19th century despite its ideas existing for much longer?
(/u/thefeckamIdoing delves into the evolving #History of Salafism for #ThrowbackThursday!) @histodons

Stefano Marinelli
1 week ago

Above us only #sky

(Sunset over my head, 18 June 2011)

#Sunset #Photography #Photo #Pic #Clouds #ThrowbackThursday #Memories #TimeFlies #Italy

At sunset, I gazed up at the sky. There were some dark clouds, some blue, some orange and red, and a faint contrail. I was relaxing in my garden after an intense day. Time flies, and I still remember that day vividly, even though more than 12 years have passed.
Brian Davis
1 week ago

For #throwbackthursday a shot of St Helens and Margaret from the west.

A range of mountains in the distance dusted with snow. The western flank of St Helen's crater is facing us on the right. The Mt Margaret wilderness is a range of lower peaks clustered on the left. In the foreground are bare trees and the Toutle river canyon that was carved when Helen's erupted.
1 week ago

#ThrowbackThursday to the wall of #memes in my old San Francisco apartment. I like knowing it’s still there under the coverup paint :blobfoxartist: :blobfoxcrylaugh:

#artist #mastoart #fediart

A wall painted with various internet memes
Fake Metro Trains
1 week ago

Throwback Thursday!

These MPTG pics show examples of Neighbourhood tickets, a system used prior to the introduction of Zone 1/2/3.

Passengers would need to use a ticket appropriate to the neighbourhood zone(s) they were travelling through.

#MetroTrains #ThrowbackThursday

2 weeks ago

Who remembers this old U.S. Robotics Sportster 14,400 Fax Modem? I remember being thrilled to use a 14,400 as it was so much faster then the 9600 baud modem we owned previously. The good old dial-up days of BBSs and FidoNet.

#ThrowbackThursday #tech

Funny cuz I’d still rock this flannel denim dress.


Picture of me 1995
2 weeks ago

Understanding the Technology, circa 1995

#ThrowbackThursday #tbt #funny #humour #humor #tech

A humours diagram illustrating the understanding of each part of technology by referencing a toilet and accessories. Some examples include, toilet bowl = input, toilet seat = user interface, toilet base = central processing unit, toilet drain = output, plunger = debugging tool, toilet paper = application software, etc.
2 weeks ago

From mis desventuras en Mexico.
Somewhere near Tampico.

I cropped a lot for composition sake. It looks ok on my laptop but if it's too grainy on here then I guess I'll delete.

#35mm #Photography #FilmPhotography #BlackAndWhite #StreetPhotography #BlackAndWhitePhotography #Monochrome #Bnw #BlancoYNegro #NoirEtBlanc
#Fotographie #Motel #Mexico #RoadTrip #Tbt #Architecture #ThrowbackThursday

Black and white photograph of an old Impala parked in front of a building with signs reading Motel and Cafe. A woman is standing by the open passenger side door. She's looking for trouble.
Bob Horowitz
2 weeks ago

For #ThrowbackThursday: a panorama of Heidelberg taken in 1989.

Yes, yes... long before Photoshop and smartphones, I used scissors and tape to stitch pictures together for my scrapbook 😁

You'll need to click to embiggen this.


A 3-photo panorama of an old German town. The remains of a castle on a hillside... overlooking churches and red-roofed buildings bordering a river below.

My Mastodon #ThrowbackThursday this week is the PICO-8 Classic I built!
I made custom branding vinyl labels on the controller and console, built and branded a matching keyboard and designed a custom, clean boot-up for the system as well!
It can also connect to a CRT for that extra authenticity!

#retrogaming #PICO8

My PICO-8 classic unit with containers and wood grain label
My PICO-8 Classic with it's custom keyboard
My PICO-8 splash screen on my CRT
2 weeks ago

Great American Aran Afghan, one of my most loved projects on Ravelry. Took 14 months to knit, finished in April 2010.

#knitting #knit #knitter
#GAAA #aran #cable #Paton #Wool #afghan

2 weeks ago
Color photo taken from a sidewalk late in the day looking down Canal Street in New York City. In the foreground lit up by lights is a large metal cart with lychee fruits piled up on it, small signs and scales, and two vendors. The street beyond is full of traffic and the sky overhead is gray.

Pixie and Mr. Minx are the best of friends, they've been napping together for years now. In the beginning Pixie slept on Mr. Minx but roles have since been reversed.

The new dog beds are a big hit too.

Have a great Thursday everybody!

#catsofmastodon #tuxedocat #manxcat #MrMinx #DogsOfMastodon #bullypit #Pixie #ThrowBackThursday #animalfriendship #Thursday

A fawn red dog named Pixie sleeping on a black and white tuxedo cat named Mr. Minx on a cream and tan dog bed.
A black and white tuxedo cat named Mr. Minx sleeping on a fawn red dog named Pixie.
2 weeks ago
Foto eines braun gesprenkelten Amselästlings beim Sonnenbad auf den Betonplatten des Balkons. Er hat den geplusterten Brustflaum zum Himmel gereckt, die Schwanzfedern weit aufgefächert und die Kamera im Blick. Am Bildrand unscharf kleine Blätter und Blüten.
Foto mit demselben Motiv und Bildausschnitt, aber anderem Fokus: Nun erscheint der Ästling als formloser, brauner Fleck. Stattdessen ist die kleine, fliederfarbene Glockenblume am Bildrand scharfgestellt.