Fred Edwards 🔻
15 minutes ago


you ever want to see how #toxic people can be, go read the comments on Riley Reid's #TikTok sometime.

the vast majority of people are absolute scum.

Trash Robot
3 hours ago

The #bullshit regarding #quantum is reaching a fever pitch on #tiktok now. I suspect this is a coordinated campaign. But by whom? Who is paying to spin up quantum bullshit on tiktok of all places? Things are getting really weird. This is not the technology dystopia I planned for.

It makes me imagine an alternate plot for Terminator/War Games/The Forbin Project. What if the machine never actually works, but a cult forms around it who *believe* it works, and that cults seizes power? What if "skynet" was just a sock puppet for fascist generals and tech CEOs, who are the actual ones using machines to kill us all?

Nicholas Bauer, PhD
3 hours ago

I've recently started seeing really hyper-local ads on TikTok.

Probably based on my phone number because they're Water Country and Story Land so far, New Hampshire staples.

#NewHampshire #TikTok

6 hours ago

【曽田陵介 登場!!】以心伝心ゲームが想像以上に白熱した! ゆなたこ/さくら/曽田陵介/ロイ/木内舞留 【超十代】

#8467 #TikTok #なえなの #小西詠斗 #山之内すず #木内舞留 #超十代 #高橋文哉

【曽田陵介 登場!!】以心伝心ゲームが想像以上に白熱した! ゆなたこ/さくら/曽田陵介/ロイ/木内舞留 【超十代】
Rand Fishkin
9 hours ago

Phenomenal post on #Tiktok #Marketing from Steph H at Inflexion Games:

Incredible how they not only drove awareness, but actions (Steam wishlists) for their upcoming game.

Krafty :arch: :gitlab:
10 hours ago

I was just reading through this article and it has two videos linked. The first is a clip from a Joe Rogan podcast and the second is a TikTok by AOC. You know you've screwed up as a government when these two are BOTH calling you on your shit!

#restrictact #tiktokban #tiktok #joerogan #aoc

Diana Diaz Valencia
12 hours ago

#TikTok se suma a la tendencia de los #chatbots con #Tako, su nuevo asistente de búsqueda de contenido -

There is too much bleed happening between two separate questions.

1. Should a state be able to ban an app?
2. Should #TikTok be banned?

Reasoning for one does not rubber stamp the other, and conflating the two isn’t smart. Giving corporations expanded free speech rights over the course of my lifetime is what has led us to this even being a debate in the first place, and I believe that’s a good thing.

17 hours ago

もーりーしゅーと、一関でも兄弟愛全開の仲良しランウェイ💓山下幸輝も登場で8LOOMメンバープチ集合!舌ぺろ&ウィンクでファン熱狂❤️‍🔥【TGC teen ICHINOSEKI 2023】

##モデル #8LOOM #entertainment #mdpr #mdprChannel #ModelPress #TGC #TGCteen #TGCteenICHINOSEKI2023 #tiktok #youtuber #アーティスト #アイドル #インフルエンサー #クリエイター #もーりーしゅーと #モデルプレス #俳優 #君の花になる  #君花 #女優 #山下幸輝  #芸能

もーりーしゅーと、一関でも兄弟愛全開の仲良しランウェイ💓山下幸輝も登場で8LOOMメンバープチ集合!舌ぺろ&ウィンクでファン熱狂❤️‍🔥【TGC teen ICHINOSEKI 2023】
20 hours ago

Du pass Culture à TikTok, le parcours trouble d’Éric Garandeau

L’ancien conseiller culture de Nicolas Sarkozy travaille aujourd’hui pour #TikTok qui a noué, grâce à lui, des partenariats avec le château de Versailles ou le Festival de Cannes. Mais Éric Garandeau pourrait être rattrapé par une activité passée: son passage au #PassCulture, sévèrement mis en cause dans un rapport temporaire de la Cour des comptes, auquel Mediapart a eu accès.

Eric Garandeau alors président du CNC en 2012. © Photo Denis Allard / REA
20 hours ago
やまあい&きょうあい&さんこは『今日好き』カップル集結✨「キス・ハグ・密着」の嵐に会場が沸騰寸前❤️‍🔥カップルの近況報告も…🎤【TGC teen ICHINOSEKI 2023】
20 hours ago

2019년 8월 18일 혼마 마이 틱톡 AKB48 Team 4 研究生 本間 麻衣 (MAI HOMMA) TikTok

#18일 #2019년 #8월 #AKB48 #AKB48Team4 #HOMMA #Mai #TEAM #TikTok #Vlog #本間 #本間麻衣 #研究生 #麻衣 #마이 #틱톡 #혼마

2019년 8월 18일 혼마 마이 틱톡 AKB48 Team 4 研究生 本間 麻衣 (MAI HOMMA) TikTok
Thatchetthief Me Too
22 hours ago

@YouTube People get their videos removed for #bullying and #harassment on #TikTok. So what do they do? Put their videos on youtube. This youtube channel should be removed.

1 day ago

By the way die rechtsextreme Szene macht sich auf #TikTok lustig darüber, dass #MarkusLanz Ikonen der rechten Szene einlädt.

Solltet ihr vielleicht wissen.

Ich denke Mal einige von euch hier arbeiten ja in dem Bereich.

Das alles so kaputt mittlerweile ist, liegt auch an denjenigen die denken wirklich jede*r hätte mediale Aufmerksamkeit verdient.

Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 day ago

#SocialMedia #TikTok #China: "If democratic countries replicate China’s tendency to block access to foreign media platforms, this could further empower illiberal regimes to restrict citizens’ access to the open web, and contribute to a more fractured internet. What’s more, other social-media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter, pose similar risks to Canadians, and we certainly can’t ban them all.

Instead of a ban, the question we should be asking is: Can we minimize the harms caused by social-media platforms, while also maximizing the rights of their users?

The answer is a clear yes. And better yet, it can be accomplished by simply passing the online safety and privacy legislation that the government has already committed to. The advantage of this approach is that the very things we can do to protect Canadians from the risks of TikTok and Chinese state influence will also protect them from similar harms from other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube."

1 day ago

Bring your lamb to election day in Turkey!

#fynny #tiktok #video #turkey

No Mugs No Masters
2 days ago

centralized social media is just greeeaaaat.

#tiktok #moderation #censorship

most of the video is Forrest making a bouncer pose looking gruffly at the screen. Superimposed over their face are the words "social media 'community guidelines.'" When they say "you!" they step closer to the camera. At the end of the video they're all crouched down with the words "Marginalized people not willing to be sacrificed".

I’ve realised I spend way too much time mindlessly scrolling #TikTok and #Instagram so they’ve been deleted off my phone.

InfoWorld :press:
2 days ago

On the next #TodayinTech, #EuropeanUnion goes after #Facebook parent #Meta for its data transfer practices, while #TikTok takes on Montana’s ban of the social media service. Tune in as we unpack the tech news whirlwind, including more #AI image foolery. #press

2 days ago

TikTok testet einen neuen KI-Chatbot namens Tako, der automatisch auf Nutzeranfragen reagieren soll. 🤖 #TikTok #KI #Chatbot

Yle Uutiset
2 days ago

Putin väittää rakentavansa tuhoamastaan Mariupolista mallikaupungin – Tiktok-nuoret paljastavat, että kaikki on valhetta

Vuosi sitten vallattu Mariupolin kaupunki on Venäjän tärkein sotasaalis. Videot ja kuvat sosiaalisessa mediassa osoittavat, että kaupungissa kytee katkeruus miehittäjää vastaan.

#Venäjänhyökkäys #VenäjänhyökkäysUkrainaan2022 #Tiktok #Telegram #VladimirPutin #ulkomaat

AutisticMumTo3 She/her
2 days ago
2 days ago
2 days ago

It's weird having listened to the newest #SleepToken record (Take Me Back to Eden), having discovered them a few months before during their singles releases and listening to their back catalog and like...

I don't know if being in a moderate camp on a cultural product is just hard to gauge. If you're going to write a Yelp review and you don't just always do that, you're probably going to write a 1 or a 5 star, not a 3 star.

There's a very rapidly growing hardcore group that has had the music, the live aesthetic, the vocalist's style as legitimately life changing. Then there are people that thinking their music is worthless.

I have three of their songs of their latest album on my 1000+ track Starred list on streaming ("Euclid," "Take Me Back to Eden," "Chokehold"). I also think a lot of their music is instrumentally uninteresting and the album, as a whole, is kind of boring to do an unbroken listen to.

I guess with proggy stuff I have an inherent thought that it will be album-oriented. Sleep Token seems to be much more of a singles band than is expected for their genre, and that's fine. It's an adjustment of my attitudes rather than their work.

I will say this came up with "Astronaut in the Ocean" (not by Sleep Token) which was blanketing #TikTok for forever before I ran into it on a shuffle. There's a lot of either being exposed to music on a very tight loop that seems to affect a lot of people. I don't use TikTok, had no idea about this song until a couple weeks ago, and thought it was pretty great even if its lyrics are pretty nonsensical and in the TikTok era pop/hip hop songs are going to come in at 2ish minutes than the 3-3.5 minutes millennials grew up with in radio edits.

But it felt like a lot of people had been emotionally scarred by music coming in such a barrage and it sort of meant that using TikTok and then any song that blows up there, leads to a rapid burnout.

Now let's get back to Sleep Token to finish up. Besides TikTok, another thing that can cause a lot of polarization is essentially buying pre-release hypes or interviews at face value. A lot of people pointed out that claims about it being radically experimental were, basically bullshit. I feel like listening to an album and ignoring what is being said about the album by anyone connected to the act itself is the better way to evaluate.

Every act is probably going to talk about their new project being experimental, or heavier, or whatever. #Chevelle does this and they've created albums that are definitely distinct recently but aren't a radical creative departure. An album has to be justified as to why it exists, and that's a common thing to say. I assume an album will be largely consistent of the act's sound, particularly their last album or their most recent well received one.

So Sleep Token's album is above average. This is a very long way of writing a 3 star review, which I feel explains why more 3 star reviews of anything not by actual critics aren't written.

#metal #music #newmusic #album #progmetal #prog #review #hype

Cory Albrecht
2 days ago

Happy #CropDusting Day! (No, not that one, you weirdo!) #TikTok

Kenny Smith
2 days ago

I await the Prize winning columns in local media aghast at these revelations.

“Last year 270 people in Alabama’s #prisons died, the most of any calendar year on record. The deaths included 19 homicides. Those in #prison, their family members and prison advocates have used #TikTok to highlight the degrading conditions in Alabama’s prisons, even as the #DOJ is preparing an unprecedented legal action against the state.”

#Alabama DOC remains an under-examined concern.

2 days ago

Just made my first #tiktok about @GrapheneOS and my initial impressions on my new Pixel 7a. #infosec

maxmoon 🌱
3 days ago

@angrylinus Can you tag stuff appropriately so people can filter it out. #tiktok

Libros de Babel 📖
3 days ago

[Nuevo Post] 📣 ‼️ 🆕

La popular red social TikTok continúa con su apoyo al mundo de los libros y a su comunidad de BookTokers con la creación y convocatoria de sus propios premios literarios

Los 'TikTok Book Awards', por el momento están convocados en exclusiva para Reino Unido e Irlanda, aunque imaginamos que en el futuro se extenderán globalmente

Os contamos los detalles en nuestro blog 👉🏼

#libros #books #TikTok #Booktoker #Booktodon #Bookstodon #TikTokBookAwards

3 days ago

Quant à #TikTok c'est à se demander si vous vous informez un minimum

3 days ago
No se ha mostrado una sola prueba del supúesto espionaje realizado por redes como #TikTok, en cambio existen muchisimos, incluso el propio reconocimiento de las instituciones y la legislatura de Los Esclavos Unidos... pero #Europa prohibe el uso de TikTok en toda el area publica y las instituciones directa e indirectamente dependientes del Estado... pero NADA dice sobre las #GAFAM

Hipocrecia elevada al ∞
3 days ago

InterPride is accepting requests for information to manage a TikTok account and leverage this growing platform for fundraising. IP currently has a strong social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and podcast distribution sites. TikTok continues to grow in popularity among a younger audience worldwide.

Download the RFI at

#interpride #pride #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lgbtqiaplus #queer #ChosenFamily #tiktok #tiktokaccount #tiktokpride #rfi

Randy Resnick
3 days ago

When you talk about #Instagram here on Mastodon (or anywhere in the fediverse) have you actually spent much time on Instagram? Because #Pixelfed is only like Instagram in the most basic sense. Instagram is mostly populated with people selling products, services or themselves. Instagram is like a tame version of #TikTok. If federated platforms begin to look like these places I personally will drop them.

Marcel Waldvogel
3 days ago

Even cooler: @davidgerard did the voiceover for this video with his calm, British voice.
If you ever need to show an explanation of why #GetRichQuick doesn't work, both in general and specifically in #Cryptocurrency, have this video handy. It's also compatible with Generation YouTube, and—under parental guidance (due to the required 90 second attention span)—with Generations #Instagram and #TikTok.

Das gab Binnenmarktkommissar Thierry Breton - mit spürbar geballter Faust - in Brüssel bekannt. Denn die EU scheint den Alleingang von Twitter und dessen Noch-Chef Elon Musk nicht einfach hinnehmen zu wollen.#EU #Twitter #Desinformation #DigitalServicesAct #DSA #ThierryBreton #Google #Meta #Microsoft #TikTok #ElonMusk
EU: Twitter verlässt Verhaltenskodex gegen Desinformation | DW | 27.05.2023
3 days ago

#TikTok is testing an AI chatbot called #Tako to help users find videos based on their interests. The chatbot will sit above the TikTok profile icon to the right of a video and is powered by a third-party chat assistant.

Trash Robot
3 days ago

I'm sharing this from #tiktok
This is part of what I mean about #quantum computing making people crazy: it's now part of an alt right pipeline new age spirituality narrative.

3 days ago

So many amazing personalities on #tiktok just fill my #FYP. This is a character who is a skeleton in black lights. So, if horror is a trigger, skipcity.

Chumchum Tumtum
4 days ago
Jim Naureckas
4 days ago

Interesting how corporate interests mirror state interests: #Facebook points the finger at #TikTok to distract people from criticism of Facebook, while the US attacks #China spying to distract from much more ubiquitous US spying.

#surveillance @FAIR

Cleo of Topless Topics
5 days ago

is anyone on my corner of the fediverse a fan of or themselves a #contentCreator (#youtube #twitch #tiktok #instagram #peertube #pixelfed etc-anything, really)? if so, please connect with me!

i know it's gauche to ask for boosts on the fediverse, and normally I never do. but every time I search for #contentcreator on my own instance I get NOTHING, and I don't want to have to make a half dozen accounts on other instances to find other creators either. if I could just establish a network of fellow #creators (preferably #videoCreators, but #artists, #writers, #photographers etc are fine also) here on my home account, that would be wonderful.

maybe I could even find some creators to say hello to at #anaheim #vidcon in three weeks 😁

Arlyssa D. Becenti
5 days ago

#scams on #tribal communities isn’t new.
Been covering fraudulent #rehab centers off and on since December. What pisses me off is that after regular everyday #Natives posted about it on #tiktok and it gained traction, that’s when state and tribal entities acted.

I found it’s been happening since 2019 - so why no warning until recent?

#indigenous #arizona

Cleo of Topless Topics
5 days ago

hastily drawn #webcomic page once again mocking #patreon #tiktok #twitch etc for their #censorship #banned policies towards a photo or video of a woman without a shirt (or wearing a strapless dress) cut off at the shoulders as "implied nudity," but not a woman wearing a teeny tiny bikini and g-string. and of course, not banning topless people who "look male," even with full nipples fully on display. make it make sense 🙃 #feminism #sexism #genderEquality

poorly drawn comic page with the title "according to Patreon, tiktok, twitch, etc:" with two panels, on the left, a photo of a woman with the frame cutting off under her neck and the caption "implied nudity" ; on the right, a curvaceous woman with tiny bikini triangles covering just get nipples and a g-string thong barely covering her pubic region, captioned "not implied nudity"
Maxi 7x 💉
5 days ago

Bitte sperrt es doch endlich.

A fake climate change theory is going viral on #TikTok after Joe Rogan talked about it

5 days ago


I would not count on #TikTok as a sustainable platform.
Today, a hybrid #Chinese spyware and malware in #US telecommunications has been discovered. #TikTok will, IMO, be banned in the #US, unless sold (unlikely).
In #Europe, it is the 2nd runner up for #megafines, after #Zuckerberg's #Mega has been served a record fine, argues #McGarr, Solicitors and Director of Data Compliance Europe, in his #radio interview...

6 days ago

#TikTok is used by the “woke” youth.

That’s the difference. Justice reflecting electoral selection.

TikTok is the enemy without. Legitimately.
The people who use TikTok are ‘the enemy within’. Illegitimately.

Glyn Moody
1 week ago

#TikTok’s lead privacy regulator in Europe takes heat from MEPs - not a good week for her... #DPC

Bryan Hansel
1 week ago

What seems crazy to me in the #TikTok banning thing is that DJI drones use an application that bypasses the Google Play Store (you have to sideload the app), gathers GPS flight tracks and images at a lower level than any spy balloon could, and Congress doesn't seem to care.

Funny thing about me is I don't give a single fuck about #TikTok, but if my state tried to ban it you bet your ass I'd use it every day.

1 week ago

Everybody talks about #totk and I'm just sitting here if this is the new #TikTok

A *naked* attempt to bring the #TikTok generation back to cinemas with a tantalizing #nepobaby vibe, HBO's #TheIdol is not the first television series to debut at Cannes, but it's certainly the oddest, writes The Times' @marymacTV #press

heise online
1 week ago

Tiktok klagt gegen Verbot in Montana

Montana hat Betrieb und Bereitstellung von Tiktok in dem US-Staat verboten. Dieses Verbot sei mehrfach verfassungswidrig, sagt Tiktok in einer Klage.

#Datenschutz #Datensicherheit #Recht #TikTok #Zensur #news

Tiktok-App auf Smartphone

TikTok sues Montana over new law banning the app | CNN Business #TikTok #Montana #USCourts #USConstitution #uspoli @cdnpoli

1 week ago

TikTok reicht Klage gegen Verbot in US-Bundesstaat Montana ein

Die Videoplattform TikTok ist gegen ihr Verbot im US-Bundesstaat Montana vor Gericht gezogen. Sie klagt, dass das Verbot unter anderem gegen das in der Verfassung verankerte Recht auf Redefreiheit verstoße.


#TikTok #Montana
1 week ago

#TikTok will “soon” grant Oracle full access to its source code, algorithm and content-moderation material to try to alleviate national security concerns, per Bloomberg.

1 week ago

#TikTok sues #Montana over ban, claims national security concerns "unfounded"

Unless legal challenges succeed, Montana's ban will take effect in 2024.

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
1 week ago
⚡️🇫🇷Debunking TikTok claims involving President Zelensky's 'luxury real estate' assets (FRANCE 24 English News VIDEO) #Ukraine #NATO #Press #News #TikTok #Mastodon #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

Chip Stewart
1 week ago

#TikTok has sued Montana over its law banning TikTok entirely, signed by the governor last week. Grounds include #FirstAmendment (unconstitutional prior restraint, which it definitely is), federal preemption, commerce clause, and bill of attainder. We’re about to see if courts think allowing companies based in other countries do what Facebook and Google have long done is enough to overcome classic constitutional protections.

Steve Herman
1 week ago

#TikTok files a lawsuit in US District Court for #Montana, arguing the state’s legislation banning the Chinese-owned app violates the First Amendment and parts of the federal Constitution that limit state powers.

1 week ago

#TikTok filed a lawsuit against the state of #Montana for its new law restricting downloads of the app

What you need to know about Temu, the online shopping app dominating download charts | CBC News #temu #OnlineShopping #TikTok #Amazon #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 week ago

From 19 May: TikTokers immediately sue to block Montana’s “unconstitutional” ban - EnlargeBRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / Contributor AFP Surprising no one, immediately af... #data-privacy #first-amendment #montana #national-security #policy #tiktok

Adam Cook
1 week ago

Yes, I understand that both these videos are basically ads and I have no affiliation with them at all.

But I did think that the camera work, ambiance and the sites visited were excellent... so I posted them. 🤪

Plus, I wanted to give a shoutout to Anna's #TikTok channel since it often features uncut, live streams of Midtown and Downtown #Detroit.

Chris Trottier
2 weeks ago

Montana is banning #TikTok for alleged spying and surveillance.

The problem is that, to enforce it, the ban requires more spying and surveillance than Apple and Google currently allow.

This is a case of the cure being worse than the disease.

But Montana’s ban also faces many technical hurdles. The law would rely heavily on the app stores to cut off TikTok users, levying $10,000-a-day fines on TikTok, the app stores and any other “entity” that “offered the ability” to download TikTok in the state.

But Apple and Google have both said blocking Montanans from downloading TikTok would require a complete rewrite of how their users are tracked.

The app stores, technical experts say, are divided by country or global region, and they don’t change or discriminate based on which state a user is in. Changing that system would require not just carving the stores into state-specific chunks but closer monitoring of people’s locations and a by-the-minute system to define what happens when, for instance, a user drives over state lines.
2 weeks ago

Five #TikTok users have filed a lawsuit to overturn a planned ban on the video sharing app in #Montana, arguing in a legal complaint filed in federal court in Missoula that the law is an unconstitutional violation of free speech rights #legal

The Conversation U.S.
2 weeks ago

Montana has a new law banning #tiktok

Why would they do that when all other non-Mastodon social networks grab enormous amounts of user data? (China)

Is banning it even possible? (Not really)

A #cybersecurity researcher explains
#News #Privacy #China

2 weeks ago

🌞 Good morning #fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 48F at Logan and visibility is 10 miles.

More revelations are emerging about U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins in the wake of a bombshell federal ethics investigation into Rollins.

#Montana is the first state to ban #TikTok.

Deutsche Bank will pay $75M in a settlement to victims of Jeffrey Epstein; victims claim the bank should have seen evidence of sex trafficking in Epstein's transactions.

Deborah Pearlstein
2 weeks ago

Ok, so Montana banned #TikTok. Actual text of the bill here: Possibly the silliest of all possible ways to do this, Montana's law says expressly it doesn't like the site's content; almost impossible to imagine a law in this form survives #FirstAmendment review under the US #Constitution. That's not to say every law going after TikTok would fail, and here's why not:
#SocialMedia #Lawfedi

Ryan Singel
2 weeks ago

Montana's governor just signed a law banning TikTok in the state starting January 1

But Montana's previous governor issued an order saying that no ISP could sell to the Montana government if it blocked or throttled any application

So by my understanding TikTok gets banned in January in Montana and the government no longer gets internet service.

Seems like a fair tradeoff to me.

#netneutrality #montana #tiktok

Kriszta Satori
2 weeks ago

BBC News - #TikTok : #Montana to become first US state to #ban app on personal devices

I wonder how they gonna do it but #Montana is only the beginning of the end for #TikTok in the western world!

2 weeks ago

Montana verbietet als erster US-Staat TikTok komplett

Die chinesische Kurzvideo-App TikTok ist im US-Bundesstaat Montana wegen Sicherheitsbedenken künftig verboten. Das Verbot schütze die Bürger von Montana "vor der Überwachung durch die Kommunistische Partei Chinas", so Gouverneur Gianforte.


#TikTok #Verbot #Montana

I don't use #TikTok myself, but I don't see how #Montana is possibly going to enforce this ban.

2 weeks ago

Google and Apple's GC's office looking at the new Montana #TikTok ban law like

Chris Pirillo
2 weeks ago

shouldn't the conversation be about the use of our personal and private data from any company - foreign or domestic - not just the ones with apps we opt into using? #privacy #tech #tiktok #video #montana #government

2 weeks ago

#Montana governor signs bill banning #TikTok in state - making Montana the first state to ban TikTok and prohibit mobile application stores from offering TikTok within the state.

Chris Trottier
2 weeks ago

#Meta is about to pay a record European Union fine for transferring user data from EU servers over to servers in the US.

How big will the fine be? Significantly bigger than the fine that Amazon paid for privacy violations, which was for 746 million euros ($821.20 million).

But I don't think a fine is good enough. Surely if
#TikTok will be banned for "theoretically" transferring data to Chinese servers, Meta should be banned for doing the same thing.

And frankly, when
#Barcelona comes to the Fediverse, we should all be leery about how Meta handles data. Frankly, I don't trust them.

May 17 (Reuters) - Meta Platforms Inc (META.O) is set to face a record European Union privacy fine related to data transfer of Facebook's EU users to U.S. servers for failing to comply with a warning by a top EU court, two sources familiar with the matter said.

The penalty will be higher than the previous record 746 million euros ($821.20 million) fine for Inc (AMZN.O), according to the sources.

Meta declined to comment, while the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) and the European Commission did not immediately respond to Reuters' requests for comment.
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 weeks ago

Metallica Remind a TikTok User They Still Hate Escape
Metallica's got some feelings on the matter. The post Metallica Remind a TikTok User They Still Hate Escape appeared first on MetalSucks.


ChatGPT making things up about the article:
Metallica took to TikTok this week to remind an eager fan that they still hate the song "Escape" from their 1984 album "Ride the Lightning." After a fan shared a clip of himself listening to the song, Metallica responded in a comment: "Nope. We still hate it. You better spin (some other) Metallica songs next time." This is just the latest example of the band's ongoing rejection of the tune from one of their earliest albums, and over 35 years after its release, "Escape" remains a fan-favorite while Metallica remains openly dismissive of it.
Waag Futurelab
2 weeks ago

Waag Futurelab zet zich in voor kritische reflectie op technologie. TikTok schendt de privacy van kinderen iedere dag. Stichting Take Back Your Privacy is een actie gestart tegen TikTok, die we steunen. Neem deel en claim schadevergoeding via #TikTok #privacy