Electro Wow
1 hour ago

Antares Audio Technologies, 🌀 creators of Auto-Tune and the industry standard for vocal production software, 🎙👄 proudly announce the launch of their dedicated Spanish language website and video tutorial series. 🎥 #music #news #tips

Guilherme Dea
9 hours ago

Thank you so much for all the tips and recomendations, you guys are so nice! I'm going to try all of them and see which one works best for me, thank you thank you so much! #dev #tech #tips

Muir Dragonne
14 hours ago

Did you know that your Sims can open their own Lemonade stand in The Sims 4? Simply grab one of the City Living Selling Tables and the Summer Drink Tray from the Backyard Stuff pack and set up shop! #sims4 #tips

A screen shot from The Sims 4 of a child sim selling lemonade to an adult sim.
17 hours ago

#godotengine #tips
Useful video on glow effects

1 day ago

The word "parallel" conveniently contains two parallel lines in the middle to remind us of the double-l spelling. But don't overdo it: paralleled, paralleling.

#words #tips #parallel 📚
1 day ago

Some helpful Google Chrome features are hidden behind menus, and unless you go exploring, you probably won't find these tools that'll help you make the most of your Chrome experience. #google #chrome #tips #tricks #shortcuts

Tech news from Canada
2 days ago

Wired: How ChatGPT Can Help You Do More With PDFs #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Business/ArtificialIntelligence #artificialintelligence #Gear/HowToandAdvice #What'sUp,Doc? #ChatGPT #Gear #tips

PJ Coffey
2 days ago

Quite useful.

I found several people I _thought_ I was following but clearly am not.
@metin - Find people to follow:

I.e. add http:// and your server


#tip #tips #MastoTips #FediTips #mastodon #MastodonTips #fediverse #FediverseTips

2 days ago

Comme déo ça fait plusieurs années que j'utilise une #pierre d'alun pour son unique ingrédient naturel (version magasin #bio qui coûte 1💪) mais quand ça glisse du dessous de bras et que ça tombe par terre, ça pète comme du verre. Et les éclats non polis ça passe plus sous les aisselles.
J'ai essayé de percer pour y mettre une ficelle mais ça part en poudre.
Alors voilà comment j'ai fait une poignée (alt).
#3615malife #diy #tips #astuce #velo #recyclage

Une pierre d'alun (déo) avec une poignée support en chambre à air de vélo pour éviter qu'elle glisse des mains.
:rss: AAPL Ch.
3 days ago

iPhone 15シリーズのUSB-Cポートでも「液体検出」機能は搭載されており、液体検出警告が出た場合はUSB-Cケーブルやアクセサリーを外して乾燥を。
#applech2 #iphone15 #iphone15pro #tips #usb_c #新機能

Guillaume Gete
3 days ago

Le sachiez-tu ? Si sur une Apple #Watch on laisse appuyé sur le bouton pour faire sonner un#iPhone plutôt que d’appuyer une fois, ça fait en plus clignoter le flash du tel. #tips

Hugo Gástrico
3 days ago

Pagas por el pescado que compras, el anisakis es comida gratis.

#tips #consejos

Tech news from Canada
4 days ago
Limbo of Wonders :godot:
4 days ago

#GodotEngine #Tips! 💡:godot:
Did you know you can export properties and hide them in the inspector? 🤔
This is super handy for @tool scripts! ⚒️

Should be easier, right? #Unity has [HideInInspector], and I think we should have @hidden. Check out the linked proposal, and if you agree, give it a 👍: 📝

4 days ago

¿De qué trata la nueva función de búsqueda?

Todo este tutorial se ha hecho entrado a traves de la web, no usando aplicaciones.

Para poder usar la opción de búsqueda hay que tener en cuenta que la instancia donde estes registrado se haya actualizado a la versión 4.2.0. Esto se puede ver pulsando en los tres puntitos. Si nos vamos abajo del todo, pondrá la versión.

Además, la instancia debe permitir que se use la opción de buscar. Esto depende del administrador de la instancia.

Además, los perfiles deben haber activado la opción "Incluir publicaciones públicas en los resultados de búsqueda". Por defecto está desactivada esta opción. Si queremos que encuentren nuestros mensajes usando el buscador, tenemos que activar la opción. Para ello vamos a: rueda dentada - pulsamos las tres rayas de arriba a la derecha - perfil - privacidad y alcance. Ahí veremos la opción que tenemos que activar. La activamos y bajamos para pulsar en guardar cambios.

#tips #mastotips #busqueda #buscar

Pulsamos los 3 puntitos de abajo a la derecha y vemos abajo del todo la versión. En este caso 4.2.0
Rueda dentada.
Opción perfil.
Periapt Games
4 days ago

An intuitive understanding of dice probabilities also lets you answer questions about populations in ways that tend to, but don't always, conform to your expectations.

Say you've randomly generated a group of (6d6=)21 soldiers on the road.

How many are in poor morale? Might be any number of them: 1d20.

How many are currently battle-ready? Likely most but not all: 1d8+10.

How many are carrying bows? Don't know, perhaps half: 2d10.

#TTRPGs #tips

4 days ago

Really enjoying #mastodon but it would be a whole lot cooler if you could add #hashtags to #lists. Anyone have any #tips #tricks or #workarounds to this?

Hugo Gástrico
4 days ago

Las mangueras a chorro son para lavar el coche por dentro, ahí donde no llegan los rodillos del túnel de lavado.

#tips #consejo

When I was crafting the finale of the Chimera Trilogy, "Blue Shadow Legacy," I hit a creative roadblock. The story wasn't as gripping as I wanted. That's when I reached out to Anna Mocikat, my writer friend and cyberpunk enthusiast. Her books are pure cinematic magic—fast-paced, immersive, and full of suspense. She tipped me off to a game-changer: "Story" by Robert McKee, a legendary guide for screenwriting. Here's what I learned from it:
#WritingCommunity #tips

Tech news from Canada
5 days ago

Wired: How to Switch iPhones or iPads and Transfer Data (2023) #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Gear/Products/Phones #Gear/HowToandAdvice #BackItUp #how-to #iPhone #phones #Gear #tips #ios

Cancer Care Parcel
5 days ago

Read Our #Chemotherapy Guides, #Tips, #Gifts And #Freebies

Explore Our Articles, Tips, Freebies, Gifts And Products For People Undergoing #Chemo For Cancer Treatment

1414 Code Forge :it:
5 days ago

Dove trovare alternative ad applicazioni e servizi digitali proprietari? Oltre a suggerirvi di dare un'occhiata all'eccellente lavoro di @lealternative, stasera vi indichiamo un progetto leggendario: @alternativeto.

#AlternativeTo è un sito crowdsourced, nato in Europa, che offre una lista delle soluzioni alternative a praticamente qualsiasi strumento digitale.

#FOSS #Tips #Programming #Software

5 days ago

"On-premise computing" is commonly seen in the edge computing world, but a "premise" is the logical basis for something. The better word is "premises," which has meant a building and its property since the 17th century.

Also acceptable is "on-prem" for the hep IT crowd.

#words #tips #edgeComputing #IT

6 days ago

#GodotEngine #tips
When you using C# in Godot, all classes are "partial" by default. It means that you can use different names for each script in this class. BUT you can't "Export" your variables to editor, because names don't match.

:rss: 窓の杜
6 days ago

#forest_watch_impress #Microsoft #Office #Excel #オフィス #エクセル #オフィス_ドキュメント #Windows #ドキュメント #tips

6 days ago

While we're on the topic, if there are topics that you absolutely do *not* want to see (or would rather be warned first), please make good use of the filter feature.

#Tips #FediTips #Safety #Accessibility #UserExperience

Screenshot of Mastodon preferences feature Add new filter, features fields for title, expiration, contexts, filter action (i.e. warn or hid entirely), and keyword or phrase.
6 days ago

While hashtags are indeed helpful in apps like Instagram and TikTok, on Mastodon they're absolutely critical. Hashtags dramatically increase discoverability of your posts across the Fediverse. So if your goal is to reach everyone who might be interested in the thing you're talking about, make sure you pick relevant hashtags and use them liberally.

#Tips #FediTips #Hashtag #MastodonMeta

6 days ago

acabo de descubrir este "recurso mastodóndico"

para "condensar" hilos y poder leerlos del tirón

#mastodontips #tips #mastoreader

1 week ago

#GodotEngine #tips
VS Code + Godot plugins. C# debugging.
How to set VS Code as default editor:
- Open the Editor Settings in Godot
- Select Text Editor > External
- Make sure the Use External Editor box is checked
- Fill Exec Path with the path to your VS Code executable
- Fill Exec Flags with "{project} --goto {file}:{line}:{col}"

GDScript -
C# -

1 week ago

WSL has a new update with some big changes! We have some fun new features for you to try, including automatic shrinking of both memory and disk size, and an entirely new networking mode! Check out the blog post for more details. #devops #tips #wsl

1 week ago

#Unity to #GodotEngine #tips
There is no SortingGroups in Godot, but you can enable option "No Depth Test" on your material. Then you can use "Render Priority" for material (not the best if you using same material). What i'm using is "Sorting" -> "Offset" for MeshRenderer (value here is not order, but distance). If you using 3D and 2D together make sure Offset is big enough for objects to not clip through (my step is 5).

Enable "No Depth Test" for material
You can set render priority (limited to 128)
Set "Sorting" -> "Offset" for MeshRenderer
Vanfunfun :goose_honk:
1 week ago

Recordad, niñes: si la receta de tzatziki griego 100% real no fake que sube una persona angloparlante dice que se le eche un diente de ajo, puede que te pases de guay y le pongas dos y tu aliento ahora sirva para limpiar el óxido de cien barcos varados
#lifehacks #tips #yanohayvampirosenMálaga

1 week ago

Here are some #tips for #testing #web #applications to identify potential XML eXternal Entity injections (#XXE) #vulnerabilities. It is another article in the #AppSec Tales series. The #practical #guide for #Penetration #Testers and #Bug #Bounty #Hunters. I hope you like it and enjoy reading it 💻

Metin Seven 🎨
1 week ago

My top Mastodon posts:

Change the account to yours to see your top Mastodon posts.

#mastodon #fediverse #mastotips #tip #tips #link #info

Club de TéléMatique :verified:
1 week ago

Easily install on debian applications not in official repository: #linux #debian #tips

CPU cleaning tutorial. #hardware #tips

Someone removes CPU pins with sharp tool.
1 week ago

#unity to #godotengine #tips
If you need to convert your sky boxes there is a tool (don't forget 2x1 ratio)

1 week ago

#godotengine #tips
i was thinking why is my sky box texture in low quality
you have to set import quality manually

1 week ago

How can you limit one's home feed to English Only posts?????
#tips #hints #howto #fedhelp #fedtips #mastodonhelp #mastodontips #FediverseTips

Dan Schroeder
1 week ago

Level up your #PowerShell knowledge by getting #tips in your terminal, and contribute your own PowerShell tips to share with others. The PowerShell tiPS module is now available in beta. Give it a try and let me know what you think. #PSTweetChat

Next steps are to get a lot more tips added. Hopefully the wonderful PowerShell community will have plenty to add as well 🙂

2 weeks ago

v0 by Vercel Labs

Generate UI with simple text prompts. Copy, paste, ship.

Explore the prompt library and join the waitlist today.

#ai #frontend #webdev #tips

Liath LaVerne Hawke
2 weeks ago

Need advice for growing a ko-fi channel. something I've always struggled with but i want to do it the right way this time. #Art #WritingCommunity #ArtAdvice #Tips

Bob Belderbos
2 weeks ago

Ever used a join() in print() like so?

>>> row = ["1", "bob", "developer", "python"]
>>> print(','.join(str(x) for x in row))

You can also use the sep keyword of print() to do the same:

>>> print(*row, sep=',')

#python #tips #pybobtips

ItsFOSS put up an article with 15 handy tips for LibreOffice.

#FOSS #LibreOffice #Tips

News18 India
2 weeks ago

Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: It is always better to keep an eye on health, rather than be tempted by the delicacies and regret later.
#GaneshChaturthi #Tips #HealthyDiet #GaneshFestival

Adrian Segar
2 weeks ago
working productively: a photograph of the view out of my office window in early winter
2 weeks ago

Bin gerade in #Berlin unterwegs, hat jemand #tips die man als techie/neard sich hier ansehen sollte?

PS: sowas wie c-base, da kriegt man echt schnell nen tunnel ;)

I need to emphasize this article I boosted yesterday:

For anybody working with #Firefox (and you really should using this browser in order to keep the Internet as is!), the #PIM #tips on that page are a must-read.

E.g., the search bar has some nice filter tricks, selecting text within links, show context menu even if site prevents it, 2 methods to duplicate tabs, mute tabs, work with sets of tabs, direct access shortcuts to tabs, ...

2 weeks ago

סיבה לתת פיברוט לפוסטים:
כשעושים חיפוש טקסטואלי "סתם" לפי מלים ולא לפי האשטג, הוא מחפש רק בציוצים שפיברטת (? או שעשית להם גם בוסט? או בציוצים שלך?).
#tips #טיפים

Proton Mail
3 weeks ago

Here are 4 #tips on how to stop spam emails. Read to the end of this thread to get all 11 tips on our blog:

1️⃣ Use hide-my-email aliases 😎 Services like #ProtonPass
allow you to turn off the alias if you receive spam. It’s a straightforward way to keep your inbox clean.

Daryl White
1 month ago

Remember to save your changes before you try to `git commit`.
You know, should you ever try to not save first while writing docs or something.
Not that I know anyone who might do that.

#git #amWriting #tips

1 month ago

Bulk export of highlighted content in your books from your Kobo ebook reader is straightforward with this trick:
#ebooks #ebook #kobo #export #highlights #hacking #sqlite #tips #hacks

Web Axe
1 month ago

"Tweaking Text Level Styles" for accessibility, such as <mark> and <del> by @aardrian #html #css #a11y #webdev #tips

1 month ago

Tips: Har du en Chromecast med Google TV och vill ändra vad knapparna på fjärrkontrollen gör? Ladda ner kostnadafria appen Button Mapper.

Jag har precis ändrat så att Netflixknappen på min fjärrkontroll startar SVT Play (TV4 play om jag håller in knappen). Sjukt smidigt!

Appen ska fungera på alla möjliga Androidenheter, så du kan även mappa om hårdvaruknapparna på din mobil eller surfplatta, om du vill. #chromecast #googletv #android #app #tips

The Conversation U.S.
1 month ago

Millennials have accumulated more debt than previous generations, and prenups can help millennial couples navigate some of the concerns about debt in marriage.

For example, couples can agree in a prenup to allocate student loan debt to the person who took out the loan.

That’s useful even if you’re not a millionaire.

#finance #tips #lifehacks

Beyonce and Jay-Z hold hands on stage.
1 month ago

My Kickstarter tips (part 1) went out yesterday! Part 2 is being published in an hour or so :)

You can read part 1 here, and sign up for the newsletter to get part 2 right in your inbox:

#kickstarter #tips #newsletter

substack preview image
1 month ago

I just want to say, I'm so glad I found this community. THANK YOU. I'm already having support from kind people who doesn't know me, I'm gonna cry with joy :bunhdcomfyhappy:
I want to offer quick #commissions in exchange for #tips, it can be a pet portrait, your OC, a meme, whatever you like. So if you donated and want one, pls contact me!

A pink cartoonish cat, with an afro like Bob Ross, painting on a canvas. Paint is a sketchy doodle cat with green hair and a silly face. There's a text saying "let's draw some happy little FURRIES"
1 month ago

A five minute job took me thirty because of previous bad workmanship.

DIY’ers. Take this free tip. Take your time and do it right once. Then the chances of you having to do it again are then greatly reduced and anyone else coming behind you won’t think you’re a complete prick.

#TimberTips #DIY #tips

Dislike a certain news or sports event appearing in your feed, even though you like the person posting it? Use profile filters to mute the hashtag or words. Go to Edit Profile and select filters. Add a new filter. Here is just one of mine because people sharing word game results is profoundly irritating to me. #Mastodon #Fediverse #Tips

Leonieke Aalders
1 month ago

A building over a kilometer long? Four tram stops? Municipal housing? Yes, get your exercise time in and walk around the Karl-Marx-Hof.

Or visit its Waschsalon Nr. 2 where you can visit the Red Vienna / Rote Wien exhibitions.

#KarlMarxHof #DasRoteWien #RedVienna #Vienna #CityTrip #Vacation #Tips #ViennaTips ​:riesenrad:​

1 month ago

Voor de Nederlandse nieuwelingen hier... Drie snelstart-tips:

Kijk deze info

Ga @feditips volgen

En zie mijn eerdere en gepinde post over jezelf vindbaar maken voor mensen met een gedeelde interesse

#tips #nieuw #beginner #mastodonNederland

Kulvir Bahra
1 month ago

This week's reflections are around my productivity. Moving on from Trello Kanban boards which were very useful for the previous 4 years, to a more bespoke solution using an excel spreadsheet with a colour coded system.

The four coloured statuses are: Doing (orange), To do (red), Waiting (yellow) and Complete (green).

Finding this to be the best but simplest way to manage my tasks with a single overview view of the bigger picture.

#productivity #kanban #tips #agile

1 month ago

6. If it *IS* windy, SCANNER is on 24/7. I sleep elsewhere in the house with the scanner running so the rest of the family can sleep (no, they do not appreciate the radio chatter). Phone stays ON (normally it is off). #wildfire #safety #tips

1 month ago

4. In RED FLAG, I move all the furniture/flammable stuff away from the house, tuck stuff that might blow around in the sheds (or weighted down with heavy objects). Also dampen down the mulch and plants (only helps to a small degree, but the plants can use it anyway in dry windy conditions). Radios are charged and ready ahead of Red Flag. (cont). #wildfire #safety #tips

1 month ago

Federal plain language guidelines 👉

-Write for your audience
-Organize the information
-Choose your words carefully
-Be concise
-Keep it conversational
-Design for reading
-Follow web standards
-Test your assumptions

#writing #plainlanguage #tips #webwriting

1 month ago

Any model makers or painters of small things have any recommendations for a way to hold objects while painting?
I'm having a problem where I hold it with my fingers but then I either get paint where I don't want it or thumb/finger prints in the wet paint.

#art #tips #painting #painters

Talya (she/her)
1 month ago

Queers of Fedi, maybe y'all can finally help me.
Other than a guest lecture (which we already had), what is a good #LGBTQ activity to do for a group of mostly cishet male developers that would be an engaging and educating experience?
Bonus if it doesn't just concern cis people.
#AskFedi #tips #pleaseboost

bilbo_le_hobbit :bzh:
2 months ago

Vous vous souvenez des flux #rss, ces vieux machins un peu passés de mode? Sachez que ça pourrait être un formidable outil de veille, de recherche sur le fédiverse. Tout ici peut être rssable ! Vous en avez marre de scroller à la recherche d'un pouet posté il y a qques jours? Avec un lecteur de flux rss, dorénavant, vous récupérerez tous vos pouets. Suffit de rajouter .rss à l'adresse affichée par votre navigateur. Hashtag, compte, fil spécifique, ça marche avec (presque) tout. #astuce #tips

2 months ago

My #tips for some approaches to dealing with #heatwaves (on a personal basis, if you're able to).

Leonieke Aalders
2 months ago

Want to see an awesome Hundertwasser building in Vienna?

Go see the Spittelau incinerator!

No, wait, hear me out: Vienna has a gorgous waste incinerator plant, designed by the same Friedensreich Hundertwasser who designed the eponymous Hundertwasser Haus.

While the latter is an amazingly beautiful building, it is always swamped by busloads of tourists.

The incinerator at Spittelau (Müllverbrennungsanlage Spittelau - Hundertwasser) can be reached when you take the U6 in the direction of Florisdorf to station Spittelau.

#Hundertwasser #FriedensreichHundertwasser #SpittelauMüllverbrennungsanlage #Vienna #CityTrip #Tips #ViennaTips ​:riesenrad:​

Wall of a building, black and white irregular mosaic blocks with rounded yellow, blue, red shapes surrounding its windows.
2 months ago

Secret escape codes

<Enter> ~ .

↑ Quit #SSH when it's hung.


↑ Enter #neovim's normal mode again from within embedded terminal.

#nvim #linux #tips #thingsIAlwaysForget

How do you all deal with #dust in the computer desk/area at home? Any tips? Air filter?

#workingfromhome #tips

Voor mij was de eerste stap iedere dag naar buiten om te wandelen en na een paar maanden werd het een dagelijkse gewoonte. Vooral het wandelen in de natuur doet me altijd goed, het is mijn gratis medicijn. Daarnaast leef ik nu veel bewuster in een lagere versnelling met meer hobby's, zoals lekker gezond koken en besparen.

#gezonderleven #wandelen #ontspannen #gezondeten #besparen #ontstressen #vertragen #stappenplan #tips #gezondeleefstijl

#introduction 👋 I'm Donald, solo founder of 💡Smartman Apps📱. Well, there's Smartman 🤓 as well, but he never seems to be around. 🙄 Some people say they've never seen both of us in the same room, but I'm sure they're just imagining.
We post things for both individuals and business - you'll see posts/blogs from me about #dotNet #dotNetMAUI #Maths (I'm also a #Computer Science/Maths #teacher /tutor) #Nutrition #Fediverse #Tech and more, Smartman will post about #WorkSmart #Tips #Analysis #Facts 🙂

Stefano Marinelli
2 months ago

Dear friends of #BSDCafe and #Fediverse,

Here are some more #tips for those coming from other social media platforms or who are new to the Fediverse: 🌟

• Add #hashtags to your #profiles. Include your interests and the topics you'll be posting about frequently. This will make it easier for others to find you. 🔍🏷️

#Engagement grows based on the topics you discuss and the hashtags you use, as well as your #interactions. There are no #algorithms guiding others' choices here; you'll be known based on what you say and do. 🗣️🚀

• There are troublemakers in the Fediverse too. Instances exist that are FULL of troublemakers, delinquents, and unwanted content. But you can mute, block, or, if you prefer, report such instances. 🙅‍♂️🚫

More to come... #FediverseTips #SocialMediaEtiquette #FediTips #Mastodon 📝😊

2 months ago

At the risk of repeating myself, here's my list of #heatwave preparation/adaptation #tips -- these (and other things) will pay off very strongly, this year, or next year, or the next. If there's some heatwave preparation you can do this week, it's worth it.

2 months ago

A horse traveling at a moderate pace to Canterbury gives us the word "canter," a shortening of the 17th century "Canterbury pace." A singing horse might be a "cantor." #words #tips #canterbury #singinghorses

A horse in a pink bridle appearing to sing, but probably not singing, as far as we know.

Looking for some hashtags to follow?

SheepOfMastodon / SheepsOfMastodon

HummingBirds / HummingBird
BirdBuddy <-- 💜

#FediTips #Tips #MastodonTips

2 months ago

"Do Not Fuck Around With Heat Or It Will Quickly Find You Out"

Brandon Blatcher has an ☀️excellent☀️ set of tips for dealing with the heat, including RECOGNIZING WHEN YOU'RE ABOUT TO DIE and RECOVERING FROM THIS FUCKING HELL. Good roundup.

#heat #tips #extreme #weather #survival #sun #summer #advice

"99,1 Fahrenheit" by Philippe Gillotte on Flickr: Close up photo of a big, round, orange sun against a background that fades from dark orange at the top to black at the bottom
2 months ago

@npr_bot #AC #AirConditioning #heatwaves #heatwave #tips "extreme temperatures present a significant challenge to AC systems, which engineers and installers say are really only designed to keep indoor temperatures about 20 degrees cooler than outside."

Air Support Project
2 months ago

8/13 🏢 Outdoor air can also get inside, especially in leaky homes with open doors and windows. Keep your doors and windows closed, run filtration systems, and reduce sources of indoor smoke. Wearing a well-fitting N95 mask outdoors offers protection from smoke particles.