C. R. Collins
5 minutes ago

#Today, a shining date in local bird history, the doves have prevailed. Pooping on the furniture can recommence.

A dove sits on the head of the scare owl put out to know, scare them. Worked for less than a month.
8 minutes ago

#Today is very much a baby-steps kind of day. #MECFS

C. R. Collins
8 minutes ago

#Today, less than 20 days since the scare owl was deployed, scouts descended. While her buddies stand guard, the brave dove goes in for a closer look.

My back patio table with the large fake owl that kept all birds off the furniture for a little over 2 weeks. Two doves sit at opposite ends while a third goes in for a look
1 hour ago
One processor to rule them all

45 years ago #Today, Intel released the 8086 microprocessor which would give rise to the x86 architecture and would dominate the market in the PC era

[

Steven Lipton
1 hour ago

This week's Image uploaded to RedBubble. And now available for t-shirts and a whole lot more at . I find adjusting for different items rather time-consuming, so I consider it my art project for the day.
What a week! #WWDC really got me thinking about the future. I do believe we are at the cusp of Spatial computing. It's more than Ar/Vr. These accessories work with a device to run in a 3d environment. This is a platform and a system creating a world around you. I'm intrigued on how to pull it off. I will explore it a lot more. #Today #mastoart #art

Jonathan Kamens
3 hours ago

A bird pooped on my arm #today while I was out walking. I suppose I should be happy it was just my arm! How's your day going? 🐦💩

Sarah J Hoodlet
5 hours ago

For those who don't know, I keep a #quotes journal, documenting snippets from #books I've read that speak to me for one reason or another.

The result is a unique #journal of my own, reflecting on my life using the words of others as prompts for thought. I've never been one for #journaling, but I find this to be quite introspective.

Today's quote is from the late Louise Dickinson Rich. There are a few takeaways here, but one is greater than the rest:

Find your happy.

#WritingCommunity #Today

Several items atop a dark wood table.

In the top left, a hardcover edition of "We Took to the Woods" by Louise Dickinson Rich is placed atop a rose gold MacBook. On the top right is a cup of chai tea (latte style) in a blue and gold mug. An open leather-bound journal and accompanying pen takes up the bottom of the photo. 

Beneath the title and author, the quote reads as follows:

"There are other things that contribute to health besides a balanced diet. There are fresh air and sunlight and lack of nervous tension. I think, probably, whether you're better off in the country or in the city depends, in the final analysis, on where you'd rather be. You're best off where you're the happiest." 

pg. 127 (of this edition)
6 hours ago

#puzzles #today the genius square puzzle is right up my street

6 hours ago

#Today (so far), transplanted two dozen plants up in the front yard flower garden. I’m finally running out of space up there; and, accounting for natural spread, my work in that area is done (once I ensure they establish).
#Flowers #Joy #PollinatorGarden #Goals

8 hours ago

You know the time is almost up for your species when the first natural response to an Obituary is an expensive bottle of whiskey and a professionally done multi-layer ganache cake with all the frills. Everyone celebrates, enjoys the cake, and cheers on the dead.


Lydia Schoch
8 hours ago

The air quality is better today in Toronto thanks to all of the rain. Walking is the only exercise I’m doing for now until we dip back down to lower pollution levels. My breathing was a little off during the worst of these past few days, so I want to remain cautious. #Today #FitFam

9 hours ago

#Today #LineOfTheShow

"Due to increased volume, call wait times may be longer than usual, also, we're incredible fascists and we don't really care about wages or hiring people, please try our dystopian chatbot that may or may not convince you to end it all. Have a nice day!"


Edwin Downward
9 hours ago

#Today promises to be another one of those days where I struggle to see a clear line of what needs to be done next.

9 hours ago

#today my son is back on court with #AndyMurray shortly, it seems!

Yahia Lababidi
9 hours ago

📖 #Today's #meditation :

Think of the devil as scared and all their counsel issuing from a place of desperation.

#devil #evil #fear #spirituality #motivation #life

Nathan Lowell
9 hours ago

A new day, a new chance to succeed.

For me, juggling is a state of mind that needs to encompass a wide range of experiences.

We like the effortless rhythm of toss and catch, of braiding the air or rolling a circle.

But that doesn't happen without practice, starting and stopping, dropping and picking up to start again.

Yesterday's successful juggling left me scrabbling under the mental furniture looking for the dropped balls.

Today, I start again.

I hope you find your rhythm #today

Mark Tillotson
10 hours ago

#Today I am going back to Ogunquit Beach with my girlfriend!

I hope you are expecting to have a wonderful weekend as well.


#Beach #Ocean #Tides #LowTide
#Ogunquit #Maine #OGT
#Photo #Photography

An image of the shore with blue sky with layers of clouds and a sandy shore.
10 hours ago

It's a lovely day to be productive. Get it done!

#Today #TheLittleThings #Writing #WritingCommunity

♦ Y U R E ii ♦
10 hours ago

Went to the gingercat turf & its so dark, I only see this cutie
:0130: :0130: :11135:

Please support catfood/kibbles 🙏🏻
#CatsOfMastodon #Mastodon #MastoCats #Fediverse #kindnessmatters #today #gingercat #straycats

10 hours ago

It’s happy #TGIF again Masto people!
The temperature is 66F 18C w/sunny skies in the woodlands of MO.
We have a fun filled day #Today. 10yo granddaughter came to stay yesterday, spent the night and today we will take a convertible ride out to lunch and then meet up with our son and grandson who are camping in a remote area along the river. The temperature looks perfect for a day outdoors.
I’m striving for a workout before we head out, woke up late😡so whatever.
Be kind in your actions & words🤗

Mr. Funk E. Dude
10 hours ago

Boost for the win! 🚀🎉 Use #today on Mastodon to talk about your daily adventures and connect with others who genuinely care. Mastodon's strength lies in valuing lives, not chasing popularity.

By helping someone feel seen, you rock the spirit of Mastodon!

#today I'll be hanging with the mayor and some of her friends. #Boston #Pride #LGBTQIA #GayMastodon #GayLife #MySocialLife #Lunch

11 hours ago

Just was alerted that #Google #Chrome is no longer going to update for #Mojave. LOL. That's fine. I don't have the money to buy a new primary driver machine right now, so we let Chrome updates go. Ah well. #today

♦ Y U R E ii ♦
12 hours ago

People of #Mastodon Please boost my toots for reach, Thank you 🙏🏻🥺

#CatsOfMastodon #Fediverse #today #friday #Caturday #kindnessmatters

Patrick Stewart
12 hours ago

I finally had a good night's sleep after several days of not having enough hours. If you live in the north of the United States, hang in there and wear masks when you go out so you don't breathe in all the air from the fire. Take care out there! Here is your #morning #mantra

I am thankful for living to see another #sunrise and I will use this gift to help everyone I can.

#photography for #today is a #sunset yesterday.

Sunset over a neighborhood between houses
Roma's Snack Bitch ™️🇮🇹
12 hours ago

#today I started my first ever batch of #nocino, using an old handwritten (in Italian) recipe that belonged to my 2x great aunt.

Warner Crocker
12 hours ago

Good morning. Trump has been indicted on federal charges so here’s an Orange Lily to commemorate the moment. #Summer #photography #flowers #Chicago #Today #Trumpindicted

An orange lily
Joyce Lionarons
12 hours ago

Air quality is much, much better in my area this morning. says it's "unhealthy for sensitive groups," and AccuWeather calls it "poor." That's three steps up from yesterday's "hazardous." I'm still skipping my early morning walk for another day.

♦ Y U R E ii ♦
13 hours ago

mastodon notifications= 0

:blobcatsadlife: :blobcatsadlife:

#Friday #Mastodon #Fediverse #cats #CatsOfMastodon #kindnessmatters #today #Toot

13 hours ago

#today I'm feeling very "Groundhog Days". I need a change of scenery/routine but AQI is supposed to be better-but-still-not-good this weekend and the senior beast has to be crated whenever we leave that makes me feel guilty. Oh, and I was hoping the AQI would increase the masking, but nope. People around here have decided "fuck my lungs". I guess menu planning/grocery list and laundry are the order of the day.

14 hours ago

The rats shared my rooibos tea this morning. It was not hot, but much warmer than anything they've encountered before. The cashew nut milk probably attracted them.

Jasper takes one lick, then backs off. Shakes out his little hands, *shake*, like that, washes his nose. Then goes back for lick, then backs off for another shake and wash.

Saffy drinks, glances up at me whiffling her whiskers at the unexpected temperature, and just goes on drinking, noting the heat but not worried by it.

I also watched Maurice wash behind his ears: he doesn't use his hands like I assumed. He reaches up with his little arms straight up, and rubs the inside of his wrists behind his ears, exactly like a lady applying perfume to her pulse points. 😂

And to wash his chest, he doesn't do that "crane and lick" thing that cats do, he very sensibly takes hold of his loose chest-skin and pulls it up to his mouth as if it was a jersey. Too cute.

#rats #today #Ratstodon #PetsOfMastodon

A agouti hooded rat with a brown head and neck and white butt, drinking milky tea from a cup.
An aguoti hooded rat with a brown head and white butt, crouched next to a cup of milky tea, washing his nose.
A cream and white rat, drinking from a cup of milky tea.
♦ Y U R E ii ♦
17 hours ago

Good Day everyone! 👋

Please support some food/kibbles 🙏🏻🙏🏻

#Mastodon #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats #Fediverse #Caturday #kindness #today #friday

He who feeds a hungry animal feeds his own soul.
17 hours ago

#today was a day of one task leading to another task to another to another. I ended the day with a lot accomplished. Replaced the shabbin's weather protection tarps with thick, clear ones, so that's a huge and bright improvement. Tore down a pallet wall and rebuilt it. Organized my kitchen space to incorporate more shelves. Cleaned up a bunch of mess the builder guy left. Took Advil.

♦ Y U R E ii ♦
1 day ago

Have a wonderful day people of #Mastodon

forgive me for asking help/support for food/catkibbles 😢😢
Hoping for a little kindness 🙏🏻

#kindnessmatters #MutualAid #today #CatsOfMastodon #Fediverse

1 day ago

After 2 hours of unexpected thunderstorms our air quality remains unhealthy. In fact, the air quality numbers are have gotten worse. To add insult to injury, the temperature is now down to 61 degrees. In June.

When do the hordes of locusts arrive?

♦ Y U R E ii ♦
1 day ago

please notice me 🥺😢 :blobcatbigsob:

#Mastodon #kindnessmatters #today #cats #Fediverse

Nathan Lowell
1 day ago

Morning left another new opportunity for success on my doorstep.

Maybe success is only picking up after yesterday's party. Maybe it's doing your laundry so you'll have clean clothes tomorrow.

Maybe it's sitting quietly for a few minutes feeling your breaths.

Maybe it's surviving until tomorrow.

You get to decide what success means to you. You can always make a different decision tomorrow.

The secret is continuing to make them.

I hope you find satisfaction in the decision you make #today

Warner Crocker
1 day ago
Yellow begonia
Patrick Stewart
2 days ago

Did you ever see Toy Story 3? Remember the scene toward the end where all of the toys accept their fate of being incinerated, but the giant claw comes and saves them all? Let's try to make #today the claw because lately, it feels like the incinerator. Here's your #morning #mantra for #Thursday.

I am thankful for living to see another #sunrise and I will use this gift to help everyone I can.

#photography for today is run down factory by my house.

sunrise over a dark water tower.
2 days ago

Good morning #today

Coffee is vital for survival. Dinosaurs didn't have coffee, and look how that turned out.
2 days ago

I'm up way too early #Today but for a good reason- have to pick my daughter up from the airport. And, then other daughter and DIL arrive later in day. The circus is coming to town, as my husband would say. Our quiet little lives are waking up. 30 people here Saturday. Let the games begin.

♦ Y U R E ii ♦
2 days ago

mikayy say hi ❤

Be kind always.
Please need support for getting some catfood 🙏🏻
#CatsOfMastodon #Mastodon #Fediverse #catsoffediverse #caturdayeveryday #kindnessmatters #today

wobweger :verified:
2 days ago

2023-06-08 #friendlyReminder #today put #SALAMI hype in context , worth listening every single time 👇

#today I hear, they're going to start the Electric Slide. Someone round up @BTyson @TheQuinbox and @MikeGorse Good, you got 'em. Maybe @Furball and @MidnightRaven and @riversidebryan come on up here! We start in 3 minutes. Meanwhile, y'all get acquainted! I put the needle on the record. Let's go!! I take my place, and we dance.r

2 days ago

just spotted this shared to me on a group chat. Too funny to not share here. #startrek #sttng reference. It won’t take a moment for folks to enjoy it. Just… let it happen. It almost plays itself. ;)

#funny #today

A meme in two parts. Above, a man is depicted with an Apple Vision Pro headset on, and below, a game from Star Trek TNG which was a plot of an episode about aliens taking over through coded messages under a amusing pastime game.
2 days ago

#today my spouse gave my dog a bread crust. Dog did not eat this and instead just kind of carried it around the house. He refused to leave it home when we went for a walk and carried it with him for over a mile. Now that we’re back it’s on the floor.

My dog, Frankie, on a walk,  carrying his precious bread crust
Nathan Lowell
2 days ago

Dawn presents me with a brand new chance to succeed every single morning.

It's always up to me what I do with it.

Yesterday doesn't really matter, unless it left a mess for me to clean up.

Picking up the drops is just part of the process of juggling.

Tomorrow? I can't do much about it yet.

I'll focus on my juggling of mind, body, and spirit today. I'll write a little, read a little, play a little, and get some exercise.

Maybe I'll succeed. Maybe not.

I hope you find your focus #today

2 days ago

Happy #WhiskersWednesday you beautiful Masto people!
A cloudy 72F 22C with a brief shower, lasting only minutes. Low % of much needed rain #Today in the woodlands of MO.
Spooner, my box 🐢 will be relying on her inside UV light today. Yesterday I spotted her rustic tunnel moving with her inside, hubs said I’ll find her a bigger tree😁and she said does this box make my butt look big?Lol
Happy Hump day to all you Mon-Fridayers!
Time to get moving for my workout, no plans are good plans.
Be kind🤗

A shorthair orange/white tabby cat, Cato, with orange mustache laying on the upper catwalk in cathouse with head resting on the railing peering downward with prominent whiskers.
Mr. Funk E. Dude
2 days ago

Boost, boost, boost! 🚀 Let's make #today on Mastodon a place where we genuinely care about one another. It's not about clout, but about acknowledging lives. Re-blog and support each other's stories.

You rock for making Mastodon special!

2 days ago

One of the things I have learned about birds is that access to water is important. Some birds only come to our "bird area" for the birdbaths, not the feeders.

I love the various styles of use. Some birds stand daintily on the rim and drink. Some hop in, jump around and do a little dance as they splash + fluff their feathers.

My favorites are the ones who hunker down in the water and just sit, like it's a relaxing hot tub. You can almost hear the "Ahhh".

Enjoy your day!


Warner Crocker
3 days ago
3 days ago

Outside of tragedy, find the funny in whatever may go wonky today.
Things will go wonky and can usually be mentally spun into something funny. After all, what else is there? To beat yourself up? Obsess over what went wrong? Nope.

#today #laugh

Kermit the frog facing the Statue of Liberty in a casual pose. Caption "Sometimes I feel like I have my life together and then I'm like wow, that was a really nice 45 seconds"
3 days ago

Watched the cormorants and gulls play musical poles from the bird hide on Park Island this morning.

An airborne bird has advantage over a perching bird because of sheer momentum, but if you have the charisma, you can keep your perch in the face of an invader by squawking loudly enough.

Saw more than one incoming cormorant end up in the water after being squawked at.

Then they are all like "bloody hell don't you know I don't have oil on my feathers, they're not waterproof! And now I have to start all over drying them off."

Nobody does grumpy quite like a cold, wet cormorant.

#today #birds #ThingsISaw

View of the Zandvlei estuary through a long, narrow horizontal gap in a wooden bird hide. The view is mostly of an expanse of  grey water, and the far shore of trees, shrubs and some buildings. Beyond that, mountains and a cloudy sky.
View through a long, narrow, horizontal gap in a wooden bird hide. It's an early morning view of a body of water. The sky is bright with the rising sun, and that's reflected in the water. A row of poles stand in the water nearby, with two cormorants perched there, one with its wings spread to dry.
Blake (Pandora Blake)
3 days ago

After a non-stop work day I'm on a train, wearing my loudest shirt, on my way to a date in the evening sun and looking forward to conversation, play, dinner and wine.🍷

What are you up to #today?

Selfie of me on a train, wearing a shirt that looks like an explosion in a psychedelic factory
4 days ago

#Photos taken in my #garden earlier #today. I've selected these slightly soft focus images as they bring out the colour better at the expense of the shape or form.

All of these #roses are grown using #organic methods and never had a drop of weed or insect killer, let alone artificial fertilisers. I feed them using a nettle and comfrey mix grown in my #backyard .

#naturephotography #color #abstract #uk #eastanglia #permaculture

Full shot of a slightly soft focus yellow rose - giving the impression of being in the presence of the archetype colour yellow
Unfolding peachy orange rose flower, slightly out of focus to accentuate the abstract nature of colour.
This is a really creamy orange feast of a many folded blossom, slightly out of focus to take attention away from the detail and on to the sheer sensory experience of the colour itself
The detail at the heart of this deceptively simple pink rose bloom fades into shades of pastel pink and darker as the eye drifts to the edge of the bloom.
4 days ago

Saw this excellent bumper sticker today, and made a new doggo friend at the gate right next to the car. Such a sweetie, let out small, breathy whines as I petted him. And just look at those enormous paws.

#today #DogsOfMastodon #PetsOfMastodon #Dogs #Mondog

Bumper sticker on car bumper, it says "LET YOUR DOG KNOW I SAY HEY" in uppercase white letters on black.
Sweet-faced dog behind a gate, reared up with his huge paws against the bars of the gate. He's shaggy, with a white body,  a black and white face and little brown eyebrows.  His expression is sweet and tentative, and one of his huge paws is lifted a bit as if to get attention.
Patrick Stewart
4 days ago

Greetings, fellow people, and welcome back to #Monday. It's going to be a week. A whole week. Just think about all the chances you have to start something over, try again, or begin something new! It's never to late to change your #habits if you want to. Here is your #morning #mantra

I am thankful for living to see another #sunrise, and I will use this #gift to #help everyone I can.

#photography for #today is this amazing fog I caught floating above the ground one morning on my way to work. I thought it was awesome!

fog floating above a green grassy field with a long line of cars behind it
5 days ago

Good #morning friends! What’s on everyone’s plate #today?

#cat #catsofmastodon #siamese

A Siamese cat curl up between a pillow and the couch
Julie Goldberg
5 days ago

I had breakfast #today with a person around 70 years old who still chooses not to have a cell phone, a computer, or even an email address. She has a landline and an answering machine. She has learned enough computer skills to do her part-time job, and the rest of the time, she sculpts, gardens, and cooks. She seems perfectly content.
I was going to be late to meet her, so I called the diner to leave a message for the host to give her, just as everyone used to in the not-so-distant past.

Patrick Stewart
5 days ago

Almost forgot today was #Sunday. I didn't sleep in but I did get to go to breakfast with my mom and brothers which is very rare. I hope you're spending today with someone you care about even if that's your self. Here is your #morning #mantra.

I am thankful for living to see another #sunrise and I will use this gift to help everyone I can.

#photography #today is the sunset by my old house.

Sunset down a neighborhood street
Peter Platt
5 days ago

Visited the #allotment this morning and the greenhouse tomatoes needed to have their side shoots removed. I brought them home and stuck them in water to make new plants, much to the dismay of Mrs P - "we have enough tomatoes already" (actually no we don't) 🙂
I've promised these will be left outside for neighbours to help themselves once they're potted up.
Does anyone else have this irrational dislike of throwing away viable plantlets? Is there a name for it? Do I need help?
#today #GrowYourOwn

A windowsill containing a number of vases and containers each containing a number of tomato side shoots
5 days ago

I hope everyone has a great day 🌞 #today

"In case no one has told you today: 1. Good morning 2. You are awesome 3. Have a great day 4. Nice butt
Warner Crocker
6 days ago

Good morning. Smoke from Canadian fires is back in the Chicago air this summer morning, so here’s a Smoke Bush. #Summer #photography #flowers #Chicago #today

Smoke tree or Smoke Bush
6 days ago

Good morning from baby Pomp doing his best seal impression 🦭!

What’s everyone up to today? I’m doing some work and then going to try and relax this afternoon before the new week starts :) #sunday #today

#catsofmastodon #cat #siamese

A Siamese cat with blue eyes staring at the camera
6 days ago

#Today I squealed in glee while putting on my socks. The soles of my feet are back to their normal color! Medication side effects are receding.

6 days ago

Happy #Caturday from the baby cats!

I’m checking out the new studio’s grand opening today! I’m so excited but nervous I won’t fit in. Wish me luck!

#catsofmastodon #saturday #today

A black cat staring at the camera, curled up against a Siamese cat who isn’t totally in frame

Lookit what Amazon brought the cats #Today! Betty, especially could use some training to learn a bit of self control. ☺️ #CatsOfMastodon #ClickerTraining
CAT SCHOOL Clicker Training Kit for Cats - 1 Cat Training Clicker, 1 Target Stick, 1 Step-by-Step Instruction Booklet - Clicker Tools for Cat Training, Fist Bump Training, Positive Behavior

Daisy Doo, a little black and white Sheltie girl dog out for a neighborhood walk.
Cat School Clicker training kit. CAT SCHOOL Clicker Training Kit for Cats - 1 Cat Training Clicker, 1 Target Stick, 1 Step-by-Step Instruction Booklet - Clicker Tools for Cat Training, Fist Bump Training, Positive Behavior
Mr. Funk E. Dude
1 week ago

Boost, boost, boost! 🚀

Let's make #today on Mastodon about real lives. Acknowledging others' stories is powerful. Mastodon stands out for its genuine care, not just chasing clout.

Your help is awesome! Keep it up!

Jessi Minter
1 week ago

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a great Friday. It's sunny here but after the soggy flood from yesterday...humid. 😓

Always loved roses with different bloom color potential on the same bush. This one is from the greenhouse but I wanted to share it. 🌹 ❤️

#BloomScrolling #today #explore_joy #roses #photography

Two blooms on a rose bus at the greenhouse center. One is a soft peace with yellow tinge, the other a deeper red orange. Both are open with loose delicate petals.
Sally Paul
1 week ago

#Bloomscrolling #today Our tulip tree is in bloom, which makes me so happy.

Bloom of a tulip tree, a fast-growing poplar tree here in Michigan. Its blooms resemble tulips, hence the name.
1 week ago

Oh no.

I asked IT to install a huge amount of stuff kind of urgently (because I found out today about some work that needed doing for central government... with a deadline of three months ago).

They got onto it very quickly, bless them. And have been working hard.

Aaaaand..... I've just figured I only actually need about a third of what I've asked them for.

I feel so guilty now.

#work #today

1 week ago

(Been writing all day so most of what I saw was words on a screen, but still, saw a few things)

Things I saw today:

A pied kingfisher doing a rapid grooming routine: Right wing, left wing, right side of head, left side of head, beak wipe right, beak wipe left, shake out the butt feathers. (The butt feather shake looked very satisfying)

A pied kingfisher (different one) jumping off a pole straight into the water, emerging with a small fish, dropping the fish very deliberately, immediately diving and catching it again, and dropping it back into the water again. Poor fish! Or lucky fish?

A caterpillar munching on an aloe flower, and a few florets down on the same flower, a bee, packing her pockets full of dark orange pollen.

A single goose keeping watch on the roof of the flats opposite my house. In the rain, all heroic and misty.

#ThingsISaw #today #AmWriting