The Zen Lady
1 month ago

This is Addison, one of the Red Pandas at Tulsa Zoo. I call her Addy and right after I called her name, this is what I got! Animals love to stick their tongues out at me! 🤣

Maybe she doesn't like to be called by a nickname? 🤔

#RedPanda #ZooPhotography #TongueOut

A red panda with cinnamon colored fur but white fur around her muzzle, above her eyes, and on her cheeks. Inside of the ears is light tan. She has dark eyes, a cute black nose and she is sticking her tongue out.
1 month ago

work in progress - gotta add a background and detailing

Akugaki the Akaname is a yokai who's tired of being a shy lesser spirit regulated to creepy bathroom-licking shenanigans. After spying on all sorts of hunky guys at the bathhouse he haunts, he decided enough was enough and started working out and learning to entertain. He now works for an erotic kabuki troupe, doing lewd body play performances. He one day dreams of becoming popular enough to dance along with the greater yokai at the Hyakki Yagyō, the night parade of a hundred demons.

He also likes to cook, but because he's an Akaname, he can't tell the difference between food that tastes good or bad, since everything tastes delicious to him, even dirt. His meals are made with a lot of love and care, but the results may be a bit of a coin flip. He also gives exquisite, bowel-churningly deep rim jobs, but that goes without saying.

#nsfw #muscle #furry #yokai #mythicalcreature #bara #sweat #sweaty #smokingporn #drugs #bigdick #chain #foreskin #tongue #tongueout #armpits #sheer #frustratedsquirrel

The Zen Lady
1 month ago

A video compilation of a photo shoot of Tanvir, the male tiger at Tulsa Zoo. He went through a wide variety of facial expressions in under 2 minutes. Plus like so many other animals, he sticks his tongue out at me!

#tiger #TongueOut #FunnyFace #ZooPhotography #caturday #CatsOfMastodon

2 months ago

I have entered day 3 of excessive grooming to get rid of the smell. I am nearly bald. #Cat #CatsOfMastodon #TongueOutThursday #TongueOut

Colin, an orange cat, on a bed licking his side. His tongue is long. His eyes are closed. His fur looks luscious.
The Kosher Coonhound™
4 months ago

If this doesn’t say lazy Sunday, I don’t know what does #treeingwalkercoonhound #coonhound #tongueout #lazysunday #mastodog

Closeup of face of tricolor hound sleeping w/one eye open & tongue out
6 months ago

I went outside by mistake. Eric has taken over the bed in an ugly way. I have just verbally abused the tall one because she interrupted me eating a box. I am now running around shouting. Someone has cleaned my litter tray so it no longer smells of me. There was ice in my water trough. Today is awful! :ablobcatcry: #CatsOfMastodon #BlackAndWhiteCat #UglyCat #DirtyCat #Cat #Cats #Blep #Fangs #TongueOut

Eric. A black and white cat, is lying on his side on a bed. His paws are dirty. His ears are crushed into non existence.  His mouth is slightly open , his tongue and teeth slightly showing. His nose is half pink, half black. His undercarriage looks ungroomed.
6 months ago

I am giving up. The bed fort is not working for me today. #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Blep #TongueOut #OrangeCat #Cats #Cat #GingerCat

Colin, an orange cat, is sitting upright half under a duvet. The camera is below him and he is looking up to the left with a tiny bit of tongue out.
Pêche et framboise
2 years ago

Pink vs Blue VIII

This world is made out of sugar. It can crumble so easily but don't be afraid to stick your tongue out and taste it.
― Sarah Kay

#cute #bikini #bottomless #tongueout #pussy

3 years ago

Keep it out, let me add some more! #ddf