September 14, 2023 - Day 257 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 278

Game: Patch Quest

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Mar 3, 2023
Library Date: Sep 14, 2023
Unplayed: 0d
Playtime: 24m

Patch Quest is a top-down 2D twin stick roguelike-metroidvania-monster catching bullet-hell mashup.

This is the fifth game in this month's Humble Choice bundle.

With cutesy cartoonish graphics, you run around a "patchwork land" armed with a lasso and a gun-that-is-not-a-gun-but-really-it-is-a-gun, to capture monsters and ride them while you shoot others with the not-gun that makes them "fall asleep" and disappear.

Unlike last night's game, it's not that I'm too tired too understand it, it's just that it just all feels kind of bland.

There's a basic story to try and provide a reason to want to care about this odd maze full of monsters and give me a reason to catch or not-kill them, but I was kind of glad when I was done.

Patch Quest is just kind of:

2: Meh

#PatchQuest #TopDown #Twinstick #Roguelike #Metroidvania #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

3 weeks ago

RT @NLKProteomics: Connect with future leaders in #topdown #proteomics in-person or on zoom at this exciting event! Registration is required.

1 month ago

Zoals deze, combinatie van de Minstroom, het oude spoor van Maliebaan en een hoekje Abstede.

#Utrecht #Photography #Drone #TopDown #CaptionWillFollow

September 2, 2023 - Day 245 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 265

Game: Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Apr 25, 2013
Library Date: Feb 20, 2014
Unplayed: 3481d (9y6m13d)
Playtime: 21m

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine is a top-down pixel-art-styled stealth heist game.

I'm not sure what I found more surprising: that this game is over 10 years old, or that it's been in my library unplayed for 9.5 of those years.

In this game, you break out of prison, and assemble a team of thieves, with the goal of pulling off a heist.

It apparently has co-op mode as well, although I only played in single player.

When I started this project, I was openly hostile to pixel-art games. What I've learned over the past 8 months is that while pixel-art based games can be the product of lazy devs, or devs who are hopped up on caffeine and nostalgia, a good game can overcome my feelings about pixel-art (and lazy devs can be just as lazy using vectors, voxels, Unity, or Unreal).

On that basis, I think I'm done commenting on pixel-art, other than to mention if it's the art-style of the game.

With that said, Monaco isn't a true pixel-art game. Even though the environments and characters are pixel-art, the lighting and UI elements are not.

Monaco is a lot of fun. Even though each of the characters you embody is only a small blob of pixels, each has their own skillset, and even in the early stages of the game, can see how they'll fit together for "the heist".

As a stealth game, the lighting is used to great effect throughout, and and having your area of vision lighting up a room and suddenly spotting a guard is nerve-wracking.

Making it through the level undetected and making a clean getaway give a great buzz.

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine is:

4: Good

#MonacoWhatsYoursIsMine #PixelArt #TopDown #Stealth #Heist #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

1 month ago

Beat Bloodrayne Betrayal. Last stretch of levels were kinda a pain in the ass. I plan to post some boss-fight vids on YouTube this week, and I'll give more details in the description. In the meantime, I started #Alienation ! It's playing like a #topdown #actionrpg but with a sci-fi setting and guns instead of magic. #videogames

1 month ago


D'accord à condition que le "politiquement viable" ne soit pas une resucée des vieux "principes de réalité" de papa #crise #lamaisonbrule #ellefaitpassemblant ... #radicalité sans #extremisme quand même, logiques #bottomup et désobéissances de toutes sortes *en même temps* que négo #topdown : inclusivité kwa non ?


Adrian Segar
1 month ago

Here are sixteen consequences of concentrating on top-down (traditional) rather than bottom-up (non-traditional) conference process.

#TopDown #process #meetings #consequences #eventprofs

August 22, 2023 - Day 234 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 254

Game: Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Apr 19, 2023
Library Date: Apr 18, 2023
Unplayed: 126d (4m4d)
Playtime: 32m

Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition is an updated version of Desktop Dungeons (Nov 7, 2013). I'm not exactly sure what makes it "Enhanced", but it was given away free earlier in the year, and if you owned this, you got the sequel "Desktop Dungeons: Rewind" for free, which seemed like a deal that was too good to be true.

Desktop Dungeons is a top-down bitmap pixel-art roguelike dungeon crawler puzzle game.

It's also a great example of a game where the gameplay overcomes my dislike of pixel-art games.

In one sense, it's a pretty standard dungeon crawler. Explore the dungeon, attack mobs.

However, each square you uncover goes towards refilling your health and mana. You need to explore the fog of war to find mobs, but if you clear the fog of war and then try and kill the mobs, you're gonna have a bad time.

It took me a few goes to get through the first level, but by the time I did, I was hooked.

Between dungeons there's some resource management and basic city-building going on, but the game is designed to be played in short chunks.

Desktop Dungeons Enhanced Edition is:

4: Good

#DesktopDungeons #TopDown #DungeonCrawler #Puzzle #PixelArt #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

Viktor Glukozavr Kurochkin
1 month ago

Just discovered these guys #YellowLabGames on #ddc2023 who are working on an amazing #brawler #roguelite #topdown #RPG #pixelart 2D game about a drummer #Metavoidal Prepare your drumsticks! I am really excited about it.

RunicPixels (Luna)
2 months ago

Some more progress on my fanmade terraria top-down mockup.

#terraria #topdown #pixelart

August 12, 2023 - Day 224 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 244

Game: Hot Brass

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Feb 17, 2021
Library Date: Aug 4, 2023
Unplayed: 8d
Playtime: 16m

Hot Brass is the final game in this month's Humble Choice bundle, and answers the question, "What if Rainbow Six Siege was a top-down game about SWAT cops?"

I'll start out with saying I'm wary about reviewing this, purely on the basis of it being by a local Melbourne developer, and if I rip it to shreds, I feel like there's a chance that I probably know someone who knows someone.

However, I need to get this out of the way. I cognitively understand why "ACAB" is a thing, yet I still struggle to reconcile it personally with some people I know who are very much C, but very much not B.

However, one cannot get away from the fact that SWAT teams are militarised police, and Hot Brass is a SWAT team simulator, so TCAB.

On a purely gameplay front, I wasn't quite sure how to make sense of the game, but a couple of minutes of the tutorial and I was ready to jump ahead and into the game.

It's much the same as most first or third-person shooters: WASD movement, CTRL to crouch, point weapons with mouse. Space to sprint is an odd choice, though. 1 & 2 to switch between primary & secondary, 3 & 4 for flashbang & door breach charge.

Right-click to yell at a non-compliant suspect... F to tase a suspect into compliance, E to handcuff a compliant suspect... got ugly quickly.

I tried to just play without thinking about it too much, but I couldn't compartmentalise.

I've lived with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life, and my late Dx for autism explained a lot of that. I'm trans.

I'm now painfully aware in a way that I wasn't when I was younger that there are several different aspects of my identity in which an encounter with police could end badly for me, and I still have the privilege that comes from being white and educated.

I'm not Breonna Taylor, or Elijah McClain, or Eric Parsa, or Maddie Hoffman, or Clare Nowland. These names and more are burned into my brain, countering the lifelong messaging that the police are there to protect me.

As I breach the door in the first mission, then start yelling at someone expressing thanks that the police have arrived, followed by handcuffing them, it's all a bit too visceral, even as a top-down game with my character represented by a circle with a MP5 icon. I'm not having fun.

The mechanics of the game are well executed, and on a purely technical level, it seems like a good game. Some of the illustrations in the loading screens are... I can see a lot of effort and love went into them, and I'll leave it there.

Unfortunately, I can't enjoy playing as a cop; Hot Brass is:

2: Meh

#HotBrass #TopDown #Shooter #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

stephann :godot:
2 months ago

I published a pixel art asset on featuring 17 home video game consoles. Handheld consoles and Joysticks/Gamepads are on roadmap. It's my first commercial item on

#pixelart #aseprite #2D #topdown

2 months ago

In the last three days, I drew some new #topdown #tileset. ✏️ Even though I like them, I found them to be too visually crowded. 😕 I want to explore and achieve a more minimalistic art style. ✔️ #pixelart #art #gameart #gamedev #indiedev

3 months ago

I've started porting a project I was working on some time ago from #Unity to #Godot 4.1 :godot: I'm playing with the tilemap at the moment. After studying it for a while I'd say it's pretty powerful but not easy to set up. A plugin named TileBitTools helped me here with my #topdown tilesets 🙏 #gamedev #indiedev

3 months ago

More recent #pixelart done in authentic #NES graphics. In this #topdown scene #mockup I have used all the 4 palettes with a lot of shared colors to render fewer materials (stone and grass) but at many different angled bevels, trying to wrap the texture seamlessly around all the ramps and flat surfaces. Could be done with less colors to allow more materials, but the shading and shadows would be less natural and interesting.

Tearcell Games
3 months ago

#godotengine 2D reflection tests. Two techniques in play here, the altar and the purple framed mirror are 'faking' reflections by making copies of the player (and anything else with a 'reflection component).

The big pane is using a #shader, that would be a great solution if this was a side scrolling #indiegame, but can't really work in a #topdown game in most cases, as it can't render anything that is 'in front' of it in render order.

Testing and showing off two 2D reflection techniques.

June 29, 2023 - Day 180 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 199

Game: Tower of Time

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Apr 12, 2018
Library Date: Dec 21, 2022
Unplayed: 191d (6m9d)
Playtime: 43m

Tower of Time is a... I guess top-down tactical RPG? It's a squad-based dungeon crawler that has some very nice, polished aspects, and some "we used interns for this" design decisions that feel a little jarring.

And so much text to wade through.

I'm not sure how much actual *playtime* was in that 43 minutes, because this is a game in love with telling its own narrative, in grandiose text screen after text screen that you need to get through to actually play the damn thing.

The actual dungeon-crawling aspect isn't too bad. The squad-based strategy is this odd mix of tactical & real-time strategy.

You can pause the action and go semi-tactical, or you can slow down time by clicking on one of the squad members action keys which is almost like bullet-time.

Live switching between the different squad members in play and trying to synergise their skills feels a little bit like the aspects of character synergy in Honkai Starrail.

The first level dungeons are quite pretty, but I'm not sure if the slowdowns during the game were due to the graphics settings, or that it was running off spinning rust.

Tower of Time is:

3: OK

#TowerOfTime #TopDown #RPG #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

3 months ago

Auch auf Mastodon ist es, wie sonstwo: Der Großteil der Unternehmen, die von Kommunikation leben, betreibt auf Social Media kaum welche. Seien es Tageszeitungen oder Rundfunkanstalten (Ausnahme: Arte) - sie alle betreiben ihre Accounts als reine Topdown-Sendekanäle.

#communitybuilding #sendeempfänger #topdown #socialmedia #publisher #journalismus #örr #rundfunk #medien

June 17, 2023 - Day 168 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 186

Game: Weird West: Definitive Edition

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Apr 1, 2022
Library Date: Jun 5, 2023
Unplayed: 12d (12d)
Playtime: 1h45m


Weird West is a top-down twin-stick immersive sim set in an alternative wild west full of monsters bad juju.

The whole point of this endeavour was to reduce the number of unplayed games in my pile of shame, not add to the pile, and yet here we are with Weird West.

I assume part of it is my ADHD, and the "ooh, shiny" dopamine hit when something grabs my interest. A couple of weeks ago I saw the demo for Weird West and grabbed it. I also (and I have no recollection of doing so) wishlisted it.

Running on 2.5 hours sleep this morning, and I get an email saying "Weird West is on special!"

Fired up the demo, bought the game. Between Weird West, and Evil West, I guess the old west crossed with the supernatural is a thing now.

The cross between top-down and immersive sim makes for some interesting gameplay, however there were times when I felt like I wanted to zoom right in to a third-person perspective when in fights, but the fixed camera position made it a little bit frustrating.

Given that if you ask me to choose between western and sci-fi, I'm going to choose sci-fi, I was a little surprised at the way Weird West hooked me.

Weird West is:

4: Good

#WeirdWest #TopDown #ImmersiveSim #TwinStick #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

4 months ago

Where do you prefer to follow the development of an indie game you're interested in? (where development is too early for steam)

#indiegames #indiegame #gamedev #devlog #games #game #roguelike #roguelite #shooter #topdown #videogames #godot #godot4 #godotengine #unreal #unrealengine #unity

June 7, 2023 - Day 158 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 175

Game: Honey, I Joined a Cult

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Nov 4, 2022
Library Date: Jun 7, 2023
Unplayed: 0d (0d)
Playtime: 19m

Honey, I Joined a Cult is a top-down tycoon/management sim, in which you create a cult.

When June's Humble Choice bundle dropped today, I went through and added the 5 games I didn't already have to Steam.

With the idea of reviewing the bundle over the next week.

This is a tycoon management game about building a cult. I really did not think this through.

For those of you new to my story, my family & personal history is intertwined with two separate cults. This game was starting off from a long way behind, and literally started causing me anxiety.

Firstly, the music. I didn't get around to turning it down, but disco funk is somewhere below Kenny G for me, and definitely didn't not enhance my calm, or gameplay experience.

Secondly, the game visually feels a bit like The Escapists but with vector art graphics instead of pixel graphics.

Finally, coming off a city-builder management sim last night into this was like jumping off a moving bullet train into a push wagon. It... was not pleasant.

I wanted to give this a chance, but at 19 minutes, it was all a bit too much, and I was out.

Honey, I Joined a Cult? Actually:

1: Nope

#HoneyIJoinedACult #TopDown #ManagementSim #HumbleChoice #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

June 5, 2023 - Day 156 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 173

Game: Carto

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Oct 27, 2020
Library Date: Sep 1, 2021
Unplayed: 643d (1y9m5d)
Playtime: 74m

I committed to self-care last night, to resting and trying to shake off this virus. Therefore, to not force myself into playing a game.

At 11:30pm, having spent a good chunk of the day either asleep, or at least in bed, my brain was having none of it.

Got up, and decided to try and play something cozy & chill. As Steam were running a "Cozy & Family Friendly" sale/promoted category, I thought I'd click through and see what was on sale, and there was Carto, a game I've owned since Sept 2021.

Carto is indeed a cozy top-down puzzle game, with a unique gameplay mechanic. As young girl, travelling with your granny on her airship(!), an accident leaves you stranded, and collecting pieces of a map.

Each section of the map is square, and you can open the map, and rearrange the pieces of the map to navigate to different places, or solve puzzles BY rearranging the map pieces.

It was perfect for "I'm too tired to fall asleep", and kept me playing until I was sleepy enough to sleep; I went to bed and was out like a light.

This is a game that would also work great on a big screen, via SteamLink, so if you've got that kind of setup, it's a great way to chill out.

Carto is:

4: Good

#Carto #TopDown #CozyGaming #Puzzle #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

June 2, 2023 - Day 153 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 169

Game: Shadowgrounds

Platform: Steam
Release Date: May 8, 2006
Library Date: Oct 5, 2011
Unplayed: 4258d (11y7m28d)
Playtime: 30m

Take the basic feel of Doom, & move it to Ganymede; mash it up with an early 2000's boomer shooter, make it top-down, limit ammo, add AI companions, who frequently stand in your way, preventing you from moving to get away from the mobs overwhelming you because you'd run out of ammo.

That's Shadowgrounds.

Setting the game options is done in an external app before opening the game. It seems I'd opened the configuration app and closed it again, at some stage in the last few years, meaning that the game has actually been unplayed for over eleven and a half years.

Oh well.

To try and say something nice about the game, it uses light, shadows, and jump scares very effectively.

It's also a 17 year old game where you cannot *aim* at the mobs you're trying to kill to conserve ammo, so you're just doing a spray-and-pray in their general direction, and hoping you don't run out out of... nope, I'm out of ammo. Again. Back to the pea-shooter.

Nope, overwhelmed by mobs and dead. Again.

But at least you respawn... a total of five times, apparently.

Even as I wrote the review, the rating on this just kept slipping.

Gotta give Shadowgrounds a big *old*:

1: Nope

#ShadowGrounds #BoomerShooter #TopDown #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

5 months ago

Volgende grote stap van de werkzaamheden in Anna's Hoeve zijn begonnen.

Dam is gebouwd, en de grote bergvijver wordt leeggepompt. Daarna gaan ze iets met fundering doen voor een vlonderpad en ecologische oevers aanleggen.

Mooi om te vergelijken met de situatie van iets meer dan een jaar geleden.;Actueel_orthoHR

#Hilversum #Drone #TopDown #Photography #AnnasHoeve

Topdown view of works going on in a park. Green trees, tracks made by diggers, a dam build across some water.

Apr 21, 2023 - Day 111 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 121

Game: NeuroVoider

Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: Sep 1, 2016
Library Date: Jan 30, 2019
Unplayed: 1542d (4y2m22d)
Playtime: 27m

NeuroVoider is a top-down roguelite twin-stick shooter RPG... with pixel art.

I don't have a lot to say about this game, so allow me to digress; I don't get why so many indie games are done in pixel art. I'm not saying they can't be done well, I don't understand why so many people choose them.

Maybe it's selection bias on my part; a lot of my games came in Humble Bundles, and maybe someone at Humble has a huge amount of nostalgia for pixel art games.

There's the occasional one that transcends the style, but for the most part, the game has to be that much better for me to be able to get past the pixel art.

Anyway, NeuroVoider was off to a rough start for me being a pixel art game, but twin stick shooters are a huge ask.

You play a brain in a robot body, that has to shoot other robots.

I don't quite understand why, but in spite of being able to do a huge number of different things with one hand on my beloved G13, and the other targeting with a mouse, when I need to move with the left stick and aim with the right, I become incompetent.

If you're a fan of this kind of game, it might be more your thing, but I can't see myself going back to it.

NeuroVoider, sadly, was:

2: Meh

#NeuroVoider #PixelArt #RPG #TopDown #TwinStick #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

According to my Road Trip app, we’ve put 45 miles a day on the Portofino since we took delivery on 31 Jan. A good start! #ferrari #roadtrip #topdown

Apr 12, 2023 - Day 102 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 109

Game: Subterrain

Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: Jan 21, 2016
Library Date: Apr 9, 2018
Unplayed: 1829d (5y3d)
Playtime: 73m

Subterrain is a top-down sci-fi horror survival game.


You play an imprisoned scientist who has to break out of his cell, and finds that the entire prison, and apparently, base on Mars has been overrun by zombies, maybe. Based on some flavour text, on something I picked up.

It's moody & atmospheric, and I spent 73 minutes exploring all of the nooks and crannies of the prison, waiting for something to happen.

There's next to zero guidance, and you need to discover your way forward, which is why I explored every nook and cranny; all the while collecting things until I hit my carry limit. There's a recycle-and-build system in there somewhere, but by the time I got close to it, I'd had enough.

The game itself is well designed, and the sound design kept me thinking that something was just about to happen... but no. I killed two zombies in the first two levels.

There's a hint of something interesting in there, but it's buried under so much drudgery, that for a moment I questioned why I'm doing these reviews at all.

Ultimately Subterrain felt like style without substance, and I'm genuinely disappointed; it feels like I wasted 73 minutes of my life that I didn't enjoy, and won't get back. It's just:

2: Meh

#SciFi #TopDown #Survival #Horror #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

6 months ago

A stitched topdown view of a road with a cycling path running alongside it. This bit of road is now closed and will be removed in the near future. They basicly moved it, and the new road has a better flow.

I spend way to much time on map sites with aerial photos, so I am sort of used to this perspective. But being able to get a close up, at a moment of my own choosing does add another dimension to it.

#Photography #DronePhotography #Drone #Road #TopDown #Pattern #Nature #Landscape

Topdown view of a road snaking its way through a forest. Road and paths flow from top left to either bottom left or bottom right.
7 months ago

Vanuit de lucht volgen van de werkzaamheden aan deze kruizing vind ik best interessant.

Vanaf hoe ze begonnen met stukken weggehaald asfalt en gestreepte lijnen op de grond van de toekomstige situatie, tot nu ze zo goed als klaar zijn.

Al het asfalt is gewalsd, de nieuwe lijnen zijn getekend en alle drempels zijn bestraat.

#TopDown #WegWerkZaamheden #Hilversum #Drone

Top down view of road works.
Top down view of road works.
7 months ago

I have a plan to publish here only high quality content. Of course from my perspective 😎 #introduction Let me start from photo of crossroads in Katowice - Chorzowska and Sokolska streets.

#katowice #photo #dronephotography #topdown

Two crossed and elevated roads made in evening from drone perspective

Jan 23, 2023 - Day 23 - NewPlay Bonus Review
Total NewPlays: 30

Game: Mr. Shifty
Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: Apr 14, 2017
Library Date: Jan 8, 2018
Unplayed: 1841 days (5y15d)
Playtime: 26m

Mr. Shifty is a game that, had it not come in a bundle, I definitely would not have bought it; were I not working my way through this little project, I'd probably have never played it.

Going in dark, based on the name, I didn't really want to play it, and then it turned out to be a controller-based, top-down, (theoretically) twin-stick "shooter", action game.

That would have been my loss.

The right stick is rarely used, and the titular character cannot (as yet?) shoot.

What he can do is teleport, and punch things, and so I found myself navigating a level working out how best to teleport to a point that I can punch the enemies, without them one-shotting me.

Initially frustrating, at the 5 minute mark, I was "15 minutes will never end", but as I started to get the hang of it, it turns out to be wildly entertaining, even if there is some frantic button mashing involved.

At the 26 minute mark, I logged out with level 2 completed.

While deaths are frequent, each level has mini-stages, so you're returned to the start of that mini-stage, to try and teleport and punch your way through; sometimes the best strategy is letting the environment take care of the enemies.

Turns out, Mr. Shifty is kinda:

4: Good

#MrShifty #TopDown #TwinStick #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

9 months ago

Playing badly at my own game.🚀
ANXRacers - Race across the Stars!
#gamedev #indiegames #screenshotsaturday #2d #topdown #timeattack #racing #speedrun #Trackmania #EliteDangerous #retrogamer

It's actually kind of creepy how much this band sounds like Dead Moon. #deadmoon #topdown

9 months ago

Little known fact that #JohnMastodon is a cruzin' bud with #JamesDean.

They're still riding the PCH in that Porsche 550 Spyder together... #topdown of course

Photo of James Dean and mystery passenger in James Dean's Porsche Spyder, circa 1955.
10 months ago

Decided to actually do some game dev reps and am making a space shooter akin to Xevious/Galaxia/Gradius/etc. Here's a rough first draft:

#gamedev #spaceshooter #topdown #spaceship

- #germany #weinheim #exotenwald -

I lived a long time in Weinheim, and the most remarkable thing there is the forest called Exotenwald. I have taken a lot of #photos there, & this was taken with my #dji #quadcopter #drone

The #photo has been printed a few times for relatives and is one of my most sold ones.

#fotografie #fotos #aerial #topdown #nature #landscapephotography #landschaft #wochenende #natur #mastodonart #art #kunst #foto #landschaftsfotografie #sky #silentsunday #stillersonntag

Top down few of a German forest - here Weinheim Exotenwald
10 months ago

Hallöchen meine lieben #Mastonauten, ich muss mal meinem Namen hier alle Ehre machen und euch etwas #Retrogaming in die Timeline zaubern, na ja, zumindest optisch ist es #Retro. 👾

#BlossomTales - The Sleeping King 👑

Dieser #Zelda Klon im Pixelgewand bietet alles, was mein Herz für isometrische #ActionAdventures höherschlagen lässt, Dungeons, eine schöne Welt, eine nette Geschichte und Gadgets, ganz viele Gadgets 😊

Spielzeit: ~ 7 Std.

Wertung: Sehr Gut

#Gaming #Metroidvania #TopDown

Screenshot aus dem Spiel Blossom Tales: Zeigt eine Kampfszene mit Schwert im Wald
Screenshot aus dem Spiel Blossom Tales: Zeigt eine Kampfszene gegen einen Boss mit Pfeil und Bogen.
Screenshot aus dem Spiel Blossom Tales: Zeigt eine Kampfszene mit Schwert im Dungeon
Screenshot aus dem Spiel Blossom Tales: Zeigt eine Dorflandschaft
Dave Tabb
10 months ago

How do we identify #proteoforms via #ProSight 4.2 for Proteome Discoverer 3.0? Enjoy this 45-minute tour! #TopDown #Proteomics

Linux ☑️
6 years ago

* Tesla vs Lovecraft *

A manic top-down shooter released with same-day Linux support.

If you like fast-paced and completely over the top shooters that go on and on then this is definitely for you.

#gaming #Linux #Steam #indie #action #topdown #10tons