6 months ago

More typical are these (if they're not fighting, sleeping, eating or tossing things from shelves or tables, they love watching birds). 😅

#Cats #MastoCats #CalicoCats #TortoiseCats

Nimue, the tortoise cat, is scratching the cat gower, while Loki is happily resting in her hammock, front paws folded, looking up into the camera.
Loki the calico cat sits on the window sill watching birds outside, her sibling Nimue is standing next to her.
Loki is still watchfully sitting there while Nimue is now standing in a funny bended pose, her head tilted, scratching the semi transparent curtain.
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1 year ago
A tortoise cat is lying sprawled over @fischblog's lap, who is stroking her neck, with a smug looking expression on her face.