Random #DeepRockGalactic thought. Playing through the Season 3 missions the guy that talks mentioned that the Miner's Union is bitching about working during a plague.

I think that's the first mention of a union? I know for a while on their discord they banned the word "Union" as a joke consistent with DRG the company's philosophy (It started breaking stuff so they turned it off.)

But I'm glad to see space miners have unions. its a step up.

Using my last day of #PlayStationPlusPremium to do some game trials. First up is #SteelRising. As I heard, its Souls-Like. I am not a fan of the whole genre. Died once and uninstalled.

I much preferred 7th gen action games over these 8th/9th.


From the game Steel Rising.

Aegis, an automaton and protagonist of the game, is featured.  It is dressed in 1791 Page clothing.  Ruffled collar, powdered wig, etc.  Its face is painted like a porcelain doll, as it is one.  There are articulation points in the cheeks and jaw to allow it to move its mouth while it speaks.

Aegis' design is the best part of the game IMO.

What are some #chairty #VideoGame sellers akin to Humble Bundle? With HB getting hinky since they were bought by Ziff Davis, I'm looking to expand my charity purchases. I already do #Itchio. I was hoping for a place that has stuff other than Indie games though.

#TourmaGaming #HumbleBundle #VideoGames

...I need to remember to make a trans transam in #NeedForSpeedHeat.


A photo of a Pontiac Trans Am.  It is painted white with blue and pink stripes akin to the transgender flag.  Making it a trans (gender) am.

I was thinking about it before bed, but of the AAA #VideoGames developers, #EA is the least bad IMO atm. They haven't been sued for anything in a while that I'm aware of, they're putting out games that I actually want to play, and they don't seem to be needlessly interfering with developers.

#ActivisionBlizzard, #SquareEnix, fucking #Ubisoft have all been having major issues. Lawsuits, NFTs, predatory passes, etc.


EA used to be my least liked. What five years will do...


The speed skating meme.  A man stands in front, shocked that he's in the lead.  Three men behind him are all in varying states of falling down.  The man in front had been so far in last, he did not run into the other three.

EA is the one in the front at the moment.  With Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Square Enix, etcetera having fallen behind.

Does anyone know how to get the #Stadia controller to work with PC games? I've tried plugging it into my computer and tried on both #EpicGameStore and #Steam games and it is completely ignored. Steam sees it, but #Destiny2 does nothing with it. It's a good (and soon to be useless, controller, so. I'd like to be able to use it like that.


I think I've figured out why I'm liking #DeathStranding. The gonzo plot has me hooked, trying to figure out wth is going on, and the "Tree Squirrel" aspect. I love games where I can climb and potentially skirt around problems. I've been doing a lot of that so far.

This all must be rather compelling because I haaaaate stealth. Running from things isn't much better. So BTs and MULEs are basically awful.

I really do hope I can keep going.


A screenshot from the game Death Stranding.

Sam stands in the middle of a large, open, circular platform that is descending into the ground.

Downloading @play0ad

Should be interesting. Its been aaaaaages since I've played this type of game.

Also interesting is I'm using #LinuxMint to download it as it comes with a #torrent client built in and I don't have one on windows.