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#Toyota quer aumentar a sua linha de EV no mercado europeu até 2026

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8 hours ago

Híbrido não basta. #Toyota antecipa «Yaris Cross» 100% eléctrico

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#Toyota APM: veículo 100% eléctrico “made in Portugal” para os Jogos de Paris

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Elektroauto Toyota FT-3e Concept: Bescheidenheit ist eine Zier

Der Toyota FT-3e Concept ist eine Studie, die in die Zukunft von Toyotas Elektroautos weisen soll. An kleinere Autos hat Toyota dabei aber wohl nicht gedacht.​

#Elektroauto #Elektromobilität #Toyota #news

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“The United Auto Workers #UAW, fresh off a historic, victorious #strike against the #BigThree #automakers, announced plans to unionize not just one, not two, but more than a dozen of the remaining non-#union auto companies in the US. #Tesla, #Toyota, #Honda, #Volkswagen – essentially all of them”
“Elon Musk prides himself on #Tesla’s non-#union status; by ‘prides himself’, I mean ‘has been found guilty of illegal #union-busting in federal court’” #labor #workersrights

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Elektroauto: Klonlaster von Toyota auf Ducato-Basis

Mit dem Toyota Proace Max kommt Mitte 2024 ein weiterer batterieelektrischer Kleinlaster heraus. Er basiert auf der Transporter-Baureihe von Stellantis.

#Elektroauto #Elektromobilität #Stellantis #Toyota #news

Toyota представила два електроконцепти кросоверів, що мають з’явитися в 2024-25 роках #SportCrossover #Електромобілі #UrbanSUV #Новини #Toyota #Авто

Bis zum Jahr 2026 will Toyota mehrere neue Elektroautos in Europa auf die Straße bringen. Danach soll dann die Batterietechnik einen Innovations-Sprung machen. Doch auch andere Techniken bleiben eine Option.#Automobil #Toyota-Modelle #Toyota #Elektromobilität #Elektroautos #JapanischeAutobauer #Autohersteller
Elektroautos und noch mehr: So will Toyota Europas Automarkt aufmischen
1 day ago

#Toyota Sport Crossover Concept is voorbode van nieuw batterij-elektrisch model voor Europa

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Neue Elektroautos von Toyota: Ein Urban-SUV und eine Fastback-Studie

2024 und 2025 sollen zwei weitere Toyota-Elektroautos auch in Europa auf den Markt kommen. Der Konzern holte sich dazu Entwicklungshilfe von BYD aus China.

#Elektroauto #Elektromobilität #Toyota #news

2 days ago

#Toyota onthult Urban SUV Concept als voorbode van nieuwe batterij-elektrische SUV in het B-segment

The Japan Times
2 days ago

Toyota has said it will increase the percentage of zero-emission vehicles in its European sales to over 20% by 2026, offering at least 15 electric and fuel-cell models. #business #companies #toyota #carmakers #electricvehicles #europe
2 days ago

#Coches | Toyota ratifica su apuesta por el hidrógeno y anuncia una nueva generación de pila de combustible y vehículos FCEV para 2026

@Toyota_Esp #Toyota #Hidrógeno #PiladeCombustible #FCEV
2 days ago

#Coches | Toyota estrenará una nueva generación de baterías en 2026 con casi 1.000 km de autonomía y de LFP para popularizar sus eléctricos

#Baterías #Tecnología #Toyota @ToyotaPrensa #CochesEléctricos
2 days ago

#Coches | Toyota tendrá «un Yaris Cross 100% eléctrico» y el nuevo Urban SUV Concept adelanta las claves de este modelo que llega en 2024

@Toyota_Esp #Toyota #ToyotabZ #SUV #CochesEléctricos
2 days ago

#Coches | El Toyota Sport Crossover Concept fusiona estilo y tecnología en un gran eléctrico que llega en 2025, ¿el esperado relevo del Camry?

#Toyota #CochesEléctricos #Conceptcar @ToyotaPrensa #beyondZero

The Japan Times
4 days ago

Toyota Motor has halted production on some aging lines at joint venture in China while operations continue as normal, the Japanese automaker said Saturday after a media report that it was partially suspending production due to weak sales. #business #companies #toyota #carmakers #china

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#GT7 #ビバ丼自動車部 #corolla #toyota #トヨタ

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#GT7 #toyota #ビバ丼自動車部 #自動車部 #トヨタ

David Chasteen
5 days ago

Hell yeah. Get 'em, Shawn.

Thousands of autoworkers at #toyota #Honda move to unionize after #UAW Big Three victory


6 days ago

🚗 Toyota just dropped the curtain on its newest masterpiece: the 2024 Toyota Hilux Champ Pickup, setting the stage for an exciting new driving era! The grand reveal happened in the vibrant auto landscape of Thailand.

🔧 Under the hood, the Champ offers diverse engine options. The base model rocks a 2.0L petrol engine (137 PS/183 Nm), while the top-tier variant boasts a 2.7L engine (164 hp/245 Nm) for that extra kick.

#ToyotaHiluxChamp #NewEraOfDriving #Toyota

🚗 Toyota just dropped the curtain on its newest masterpiece: the 2024 Toyota Hilux Champ Pickup, setting the stage for an exciting new driving era! The grand reveal happened in the vibrant auto landscape of Thailand.

🔧 Under the hood, the Champ offers diverse engine options. The base model rocks a 2.0L petrol engine (137 PS/183 Nm), while the top-tier variant boasts a 2.7L engine (164 hp/245 Nm) for that extra kick.

💪 Need more power? Check out the 2.4L turbo-diesel engine with 148 PS and a whopping 343 Nm of torque, allowing for a remarkable 1-ton payload capacity. This baby's a true champ on the road! 

#ToyotaHiluxChamp #NewEraOfDriving #Toyota
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6 days ago

Don't even bother debating Bernie Marcus' degree of involvement in today's #HomeDepot. They're one of the leading donors to seditionists.

Meanwhile Lowe's has a Black CEO who donated $25m of his own money to support Black-owned small businesses in 2020, and he does not support #Trump.

I love #Toyota cars and have to boycott them due to support for sedition. I can boycott Home Depot standing on my head.

FredC ⏚
6 days ago

Pour une tonne de CO2 évitée par les véhicules électriques, les SUV en émettent 30

> Selon un rapport publié par Greenpeace, les ventes croissantes de SUV par trois constructeurs annulent complètement les avantages climatiques des véhicules électriques vendus par ces mêmes constructeurs. Ces véhicules, bien plus polluants, on…

#Greenpeace #SUV #Voiture_électrique #Emissions_GES #Toyota #Volkswagen #HyundaiKia #FdC #RevueDePresse #Shaarli2Mastodon

The Japan Times
1 week ago

Toyota on Wednesday revealed that production lines at the Fujimatsu plant of wholly owned unit Toyota Auto Body in Kariya, Aichi Prefecture, had been halted again. #business #companies #toyota #carmakers
1 week ago

#Coches | El Toyota GR Yaris WRC es una edición limitada para los amantes de la distinción y la deportividad, con tres grandes inconvenientes

#Deportivos #Toyota #Utilitarios @ToyotaPrensa @Toyota_DE #GRYaris

The Japan Times
1 week ago

Toyota said on Wednesday that its October global vehicle production hit a record for that month, helped by an easing of the semiconductor shortage and defying the impact of an accident at a supplier facility. #business #companies #toyota #cars #carmakers

1 week ago

@markmetz #Toyota #EV

Yeah but Toyota has been the slowest car maker to promote EVs and it only has 1 EV in its entire product line -- the bz4x, which is the worst name you could possib ly choose for a car that you'd want to sell -- and on top of that the bz4xt only has a 242-252 mile range, depending on the model.

1 week ago

A lire cette enquête, on se dit que les constructeurs #auto sont des salauds ( bonjour #peugeot, #renault , #toyota etc)
Et que les acheteurs ne valent pas mieux...

Comment les vendeurs de pick-up esquivent le malus écologique avec la complicité de l’Etat – Libération

2 weeks ago

The #Toyota #Avalon: for the distinguished #senior citizen who has given up, and is content to await the sweet release of #death .

The #Buick <anything>: for the already-dead.

#SeniorCitizen #car #SweetRelease

michael fulgenzi
2 weeks ago

I enjoyed this piece by Sarah Miller from the #ParisReview blog because I once had a #car like the one she writes about. It wasn't a #Toyota Yaris but a #Ford Escort LX hatchback. I loved it. And it loved me back.

Neil E. Hodges
2 weeks ago
Thinking about getting aftermarket suspension to reduce the body roll of our #Toyota #RAV4. The stock amount of body roll leaves me feeling anywhere from physically uneasy to outright sick. :(
Forbidden Evil
2 weeks ago

In 2004 there was an earthquake in the Indian Ocean, which triggered a devastating tsunami.
Toyota Motorsport GmbH in Cologne/Germany took this as an opportunity to collect donations with a factory tour in the hallowed halls of sport.
For an entrance fee of 30 euros, anyone could get an overview of the work of this company.
There were certainly secret areas that remained hidden from the public.
Nevertheless, it was a very interesting insight!

#photography #motorsport #toyota #f1 #factory

An F1 car stands in the middle. Surrounded by cabinets with tools
Carpets with the red inscription TOYOTA are placed around the car.
David Egts
2 weeks ago

"[#Toyota's] new solid-state #battery has the potential to double the range of most EVs, boasting an impressive 745-mile range. What sets this battery apart from its competitors is its remarkable charging time—it can be fully charged in just 10 minutes."

2 weeks ago

Mercedes ist der profitabelste Autokonzern der Welt

Die größten Autokonzerne der Welt haben bei Umsatz und Gewinn im dritten Quartal Rekordwerte erreicht. Bei der Gewinnmarge hatte mit Mercedes-Benz ein deutscher Autobauer die Nase vorn.


#Autokonzerne #Elektroautos #Mercedes #BMW #Toyota #Startup

Die größten Autokonzerne der Welt haben bei Umsatz und Gewinn im dritten Quartal Rekordwerte erreicht. Bei der Gewinnmarge hatte mit Mercedes-Benz ein deutscher Autobauer die Nase vorn.#Autokonzerne #Elektroautos #Mercedes #BMW #Toyota #Start-up
Mercedes ist der profitabelste Autokonzern der Welt
heise Autos
2 weeks ago

Autoindustrie steigert Umsatz und Gewinn, Akzeptanz des Elektro-Autos schwierig

Die größten Autokonzerne der Welt wachsen im dritten Quartal kräftig, allerdings steigen die Risiken – darunter auch die mangelnde Akzeptanz fürs Elektro-Auto.

#Auto #Elektromobilität #Daimler #Toyota #VW #news

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Controversy surrounds a South Korean golf club's policy of restricting services for drivers of Japanese cars, banning brands like #Toyota and #Lexus. The club cites historical reasons for the ban, drawing mixed reactions online.

Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
2 weeks ago

UK advertising authority bans two Toyota SUV adverts on the grounds that they have neglected their responsibility to environmental issues.

#UKpolitics #Toyota #SUV #CarFree #Media #AdfreeCities

Bob LeFridge
2 weeks ago

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority has banned two Toyota ads "for condoning driving that disregards its environmental impact... stating that the SUV ads had been created without “a sense of responsibility to society”."


#SUV #Toyota


Toyota SUV adverts banned for condoning driving that disregards its environmental impact in a landmark ruling, that the SUV ads had been created without “a sense of responsibility to society”.

An important precedent because arguably, none are.

#toyota #ad #suv #climate #climatechange #nature

Julian Lam
2 weeks ago

The waitlist for a #Toyota #Sienna is 2-3 years. Must be nice to be a salesperson in an industry where you don't have to do any outreach.

The "men laughing" meme reading "and then they said, you can buy this used sienna with only 700kms for 15k over MSRP"
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2 weeks ago

Toyotas Stand bei der Batterie-Wiederverwertung und seine Zukunftspläne

Toyota setzt vor das Recycling seiner Traktionsbatterien eine Phase verlängerter Wiederverwendung. Über den Stand der Dinge gibt Toyota einen kurzen Überblick.

#Akku #Elektroauto #Recycling #Toyota #news

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #46/2023 is out! It includes the following and much more:

➝ 🔓 🇯🇵 #Toyota confirms breach after Medusa #ransomware threatens to leak data
➝ 🇺🇸 😂 Ransomware gang files #SEC complaint over victim’s undisclosed #breach
➝ 🔓 🪶 Attackers claim Plume Design, Inc data breach
➝ 🇺🇸 💰 #ICBC paid ransom after hack that disrupted markets, #cybercriminals say
➝ 🔓 #Dragos Says No Evidence of Breach After Ransomware Gang Claims Hack via Third Party
➝ 🔓 ✈️ Hackers swipe, damage from attack is global
➝ 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 Russian #CyberEspionage Group Deploys #LitterDrifter USB #Worm in Targeted Attacks
➝ 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 Israeli Man Who Made $5M From Hacking Scheme Sentenced to Prison in US
➝ 🇫🇮 ⚖️ Alleged Extortioner of Psychotherapy Patients Faces Trial
➝ 🇺🇸 💸 #LockBit ransomware exploits #CitrixBleed in attacks, 10K servers exposed
➝ 🇺🇸 ⚖️ #IPStorm botnet with 23,000 proxies for malicious traffic dismantled
➝ 👶🏻 🧨 Teens with “digital bazookas” are winning the ransomware war, researcher laments
➝ 💸 #Ethereum feature abused to steal $60 million from 99K victims
➝ 🇩🇰 🇷🇺 #Denmark Hit With Largest #Cyberattack on Record
➝ 🇨🇳 🇰🇭 Chinese Hackers Launch Covert #Espionage Attacks on 24 Cambodian Organizations
➝ 🇲🇾 Major Phishing-as-a-Service Syndicate '#BulletProofLink' Dismantled by Malaysian Authorities
➝ 🇪🇺 🥳 EU Parliament committee rejects mass scanning of private and encrypted communications
➝ 🩹 #ICS Patch Tuesday: 90 Vulnerabilities Addressed by Siemens and Schneider Electric
➝ 🦠 🐍 27 Malicious #PyPI Packages with Thousands of Downloads Found Targeting IT Experts
🇻🇳 🇮🇳 Vietnamese Hackers Using New #Delphi-Powered #Malware to Target Indian Marketers
➝ 🔐 #Google Adds #Passkey Support to New Titan Security Key
➝ 🐛 Zero-Day Flaw in #Zimbra Email Software Exploited by Four Hacker Groups
➝ 🩹 #SAP Patches Critical Vulnerability in Business One Product
➝ 🐛 New #Reptar CPU flaw impacts Intel desktop and server systems
➝ 🐛 New #CacheWarp AMD #CPU attack lets hackers gain root in Linux VMs

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Tribe of Hackers: Cybersecurity Advice from the Best Hackers in the World" by @marcusjcarey and Jennifer Jin

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One day I want to know what compelled Toyota to go from world pioneer and leader in Hybrid cars only to miss the boat 20 years later with the EV transition. Their single “BZ4X” just coming out now (in North America) while other companies on multiple continents have entire EV lineups just boggles my mind. What a monumental screw up. I say this as an owner of three Toyotas over 20 years, including currently a hybrid. Had they had an offering in 2019 we likely would have bought it. But instead we went to Hyundai.
#EV #ElectricVehicles #Cars #Toyota #Hyundai

Gerard van Oel
2 weeks ago

Minder plaatsen om #CO2uitstoot te verbergen

“Uit het jaarlijkse duurzaamheidsrapport van #Toyota voor 2022 blijkt dat de #emissies van jaar tot jaar met 45 procent zijn gestegen, omdat het bedrijf de manier waarop het de emissies verantwoordt heeft moeten herzien, daartoe gedwongen door een Europese uitspraak die autofabrikanten verplicht om rekening te houden met de #LifecycleEmissions van het gebruik van de auto's die ze maken."

CelloMom On Cars
2 weeks ago

Fewer places to hide #CarbonEmissions

"#Toyota’s annual sustainability report for 2022 showed #emissions jumped by 45 per cent year on year, as the company revised the way it accounts for emissions, forced to by a European ruling that requires auto makers to account for the #LifecycleEmissions from the use of the cars that they make."

Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
3 weeks ago

Apparently you can’t get a new Prius from #Toyota here any more, due to poor sales. I guess there’s no point to economical small saloons if Toyota sells so many utes and SUVs here. Environment? What environment?
Their ads are terrible, too.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 weeks ago

Yeah, we need some federal privacy laws now!

Data collection in cars aren't violating your privacy, judge says - Desk Chair Analysts

#DataCollection #Ford #GeneralMotors #Honda #Lawsuit #Toyota #Volkswagen #Washington #TechNews

Someone driving a car down a highway with an iPhone connected to the car via a cable.

"Can we buy an #AstonMartin?"
"No, we have Aston Martin at home!"

*Aston Martin at Home: #Cygnet*

To be honest, the metallic #AmarenaCherry - Colour really looks awesome!

Otherwise it looks like the result of an Aston Martin interior designer living out their #leather fetish on am unsuspecting #Toyota / #Scion #iQ...

The redeeming factor is propably that it has not only a shitload of leather but also a ton of premium acoustic foam to sound nice aka. be silent inside.

Das #Wasserstoffauto scheint sich als Sackgasse zu entpuppen - der #Toyota #Mirai ist ein Ladenhüter! Aber so ist das: erst dann, wenn man eine Sache probiert hat, kann man fundiert erkennen, ob es ein Holzweg war; dieses Lehrgeld muss gezahlt werden. Daher keine Häme! Technologische Weiterentwicklung besteht nun mal aus „Versuch und Irrtum!“

Wie weit kommt man mit 15 kwh Energie? Vergleich der Reichweite beim Einsatz verschiedener Energiespeicher 
Batterie: 100 km
Wasserstoff: 35 km
Power-to-Gas: 20 km
Power-to-Fuel: 15 km

Quelle: Sterner, FENES OTH Regensburg 2017 
@Marc Andreßen
1 month ago

Right after the #UAW won at the Big 3, #Toyota gave raises at their U.S. plants. But like union President Shawn Fain says:

"Toyota isn't giving out raises out of the goodness of their heart.

They did it now because the company knows we're coming for them."

Right after the @UAW won at the Big 3, Toyota gave raises at their U.S. plants. But like union President Shawn Fain says:

"Toyota isn't giving out raises out of the goodness of their heart.

They did it now because the company knows we're coming for them."
1 month ago

Eleven years of thoroughly rewarding ownership. I never thought I'd keep her this long, but the longer I own her, the more I appreciate everything about her.

#Anniversary #Car #Cars #CarsOfMastodon #Toyota #MR2 #SW20 #ToyotaMR2

1 month ago


Reminder, unlike #unionized workers, Toyota workers don’t get a #pension.

Union workers get paid what they’re worth.

Non-union workers get screwed by #oligarchs.

Reuters: #UAW gears up to organize #Toyota, other nonunion #automakers

#labor #laborunions #unions #UnionStrong #tesla #bidenomics

Frozen Canuck
1 month ago

Toyota to raise factory workers pay by 9% starting Jan 1st. That brings hourly pay up to $34.80.

While #Toyota factory workers are not unionized, they are benefiting from the many #UAW members who went on #strike for fair pay.

Rising tide lifts all boats as they say.

The Japan Times
1 month ago

Toyota is more than doubling its investment in a Greensboro, North Carolina-area plant currently under construction to make batteries for fully electric and plug-in hybrid models, in a sign the Japanese carmaker expects U.S. demand for those vehicles to grow. #business #companies #toyota #carmakers #electricvehicles #us #batteries #manufacturing

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
1 month ago

Toyota raises worker wages after UAW strike settlement

Toyota is raising the wages of its factory workers — all of them non-unionized — after the UAW strikes at General Motors, Ford and Stellantis culminated in pay hikes for unionized employees.

Why it matters: After reaching tentative deals with the Detroit Three, the UAW is setting its sights on organizing non-unionized automotive plants in the U.S. — with Toyota a possible target.

Driving the news: Toyota spokesman Scott Vazin confirmed Tuesday in an email to Axios that the automaker "did provide wage increases today" for workers at all of its U.S. plants.

#USPol #Politics #News #UAW #Strike #Labor #Toyota #AutoIndustry #Union #UnionStrong

Markus Peuhkuri
1 month ago

Mitähän Tojotan työpaikkaruokalassa oikein sujautetaan sapuskoihin?
Luodaan täysin keinotekoinen ominaisuus, jolla kuljettaja joutuu jakamaan huomiotaan pois liikenteen seuraamisesta vain sen takia kun "on aina niin tehty".
Eikä manuaalivaihteistossa sinänsä vikaa, jos se on toteutettu kustannusten tai käyttökelpoisuuden takia. Ei se synkronoimaton laatikkokaan mikään vaikea ole, mutta en sitä arkiajoon kaipaa automaatin tilalle.

#toyota #trafficSafety #toyotaBullShit

Ang Black
1 month ago

It's a digital gearshift but honestly sounds like a headache waiting to happen😑

#Toyota EVs make a massive U-turn to bring back gearboxes and stalling | TechRadar

> Manual transmission could make a return in upcoming EVs

Phil Thane ✅
1 month ago

Toyota claims to have created a battery for EVs that will last for 1200km and be able to be recharged in 10 minutes. Two questions that don't seem to be addressed in the media are: 1. How do you get that many Watts down a charging cable? Either you use an insanely high voltage charger or a very fat cable to handle lots of amps. So fat it'd be hard to lift. 2. How do you keep the battery cool while pushing that many Watts into it? #Toyota #EV #Battery #RapidCharger

Fabian Laasch ⚡️🔋
1 month ago

Da schau einer an. #Toyota macht einen Rückzieher bei #FCEV.

"We have tried #Mirai but not been successful," said Nakajima. "#Hydrogen stations are very few and difficult to realise, so Mirai is smaller [in volume]."
#Wasserstoff im PKW dürfte damit mittelfristig gestorben sein.


If you look further up in this thread, they're growing, but not at the rate they were.

In fact, several manufacturers are scaling back production of BEV's for various reasons, as #Toyota predicted they would.

Toyota believe #Hybrids are a better & cheaper way forward, but using sustainable fuels, hence their huge investment into #Hydrogen.

heise online
1 month ago

Kurz informiert: Twitter, FTX-Prozess, Tauschkit für Akkus, Weltraumbabies

Unser werktäglicher News-Überblick fasst die wichtigsten Nachrichten des Tages kurz und knapp zusammen.

#Akku #ElonMusk #Hybridantrieb #kurzinformiert #Toyota #Twitter #news

1 month ago

Most people want to support the purchase of EV's as their next vehicle and truth be told, manufacturers such as Toyota have done their part. Governments around the world haven't. Private organizations cannot build infrastructure at the scale required for full EV adoption and while battery technology leap frogs that means nothing if you don't have a place to plugin. Further the tax credits are not steep enough based on where we are with inflation worldwide compounded with the average cost of a vehicle. Lastly commuting whether gas or ev is at an all time high due to lack of investment in infrastructure period. Lack of diversification in travel (trains, shorter air routes, building of new cities and residential housing) has contributed to this stalling.

#toyota #ev #transportation

@Hypx @respectmyplanet

Sabine Hossenfelder is considered amongst the best in her field globally.

However, I didn't just rely on what she said. I read several empirical, peer reviewed studies from authority sources, including research data from #Toyota, #BMW, the #European Joint Research Centre, the Science & Technology Facilities Council etc...

They all had pretty similar conclusions, so not being an expert in this field, I'll happily bow to their greater knowledge.

@stevel @Hypx

OK, the Marai is different. It uses a #Hydrogen fuel cell to drive electric motors, where #Toyota are experimenting with using Hydrogen as a direct combustion engine replacement for petrol/diesel.


I don't think #Toyota are giving up on #Hydrogen mate. Looking for the "H" Yaris rally car, they're advancing liquid hydrogen technology because of the volume issue.

Essentially you need far more space to hold hydrogen to travel a similar distance to petrol/EV, but Toyota are confident they can overcome the challenges they've faced.

@Hypx @respectmyplanet

I actually watched around 10 videos on the matter, several of which were from high value, empirical sources who all said much the same to my dismay.

#Toyota also had a #Hydrogen Yaris rally car which could go toe to toe with any petrol rally cars, but they had to remove the rear seats, so that area & the boot (trunk) was all taken up by the hydrogen tank.

c't Magazin
1 month ago

(Etwas) weniger Show in Tokio​

Die "Tokyo Motor Show" ist Geschichte, es lebe die "Japan Mobility Show". Mit leicht geänderten Konzept meldet sich die Automesse aus der Pandemie zurück. ​

#Auto #BMW #Elektroauto #Honda #Lexus #Mazda #Nissan #Recycling #Subaru #Toyota #news

If solid-state #batteries are a 'game changer' for the production & sale of #electricvehicles then #Toyota's announcement that they think they are nearing the point when they can mass produce them at the same level & costs as 'normal' car batteries looks like good news;

But, by Toyota's own admission this is still around four year's off... and such claims/targets have slipped before, so don't hold you breath.

Perhaps the bigger Q. for the UK is where do we stand on this next step in car-tech?

Raymond Larabie
2 months ago

The aged Toyota forklift rests gracefully, its metal surfaces reminiscent of an impressionist painter's passionate brushstrokes, echoing tales of boring bygone days. 🎨
#streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #aichi #nagoya #japan #impressionist #Toyota #forklift #brushstrokes #boring

"Consumers’ choices are limited in so many ways with cars, because: They’re all bad."

All of the cars we researched earned our *Privacy Not Included warning label. All of the car brands we researched got our “data use” and “security” dings -- and most earned dings for poor data control and bad track records too! We can’t stress enough how bad and not normal this is for an entire product guide to earn warning labels.

Subaru’s privacy policy says that even passengers of a car that uses connected services have “consented” to allow them to use -- and maybe even sell -- their personal information just by being inside.

Sign the petition to stop this abuse.


#Cars #Privacy #DataPrivacy #Research #Tesla #Ford #Subaru #Chevrolet #Nissan #Toyota #Kia #Audi #Jeep #Honda #Volkswagen #Nissan #Automotive

Downshift 🍁
3 months ago

Your car is probably #spying on you. If your vehicle was made in the last few years, you’re probably driving around in a data-harvesting machine that may collect personal information as sensitive as your race, weight, and sexual activity. #Volkswagen’s cars reportedly know if you’re fastening your seatbelt and how hard you hit the brakes.

#privacy #transportation #car #BMW #Ford #Toyota #Tesla #Subaru

Autonomie und Solidarität
3 months ago

If You’ve Got a New Car, It’s a Data Privacy Nightmare
"Bad news: your car is a spy. If your vehicle was made in the last few years, you’re probably driving around in a data-harvesting machine that may collect personal information as sensitive as your race, weight, and sexual activity. Volkswagen’s cars reportedly know if you’re fastening your seatbelt and how hard you hit the brakes.
That’s according to new findings from Mozilla’s *Privacy Not Included project. The #nonprofit found that every major car brand fails to adhere to the most basic privacy and security standards in new internet-connected models, and all 25 of the brands Mozilla examined flunked the organization’s test. #Mozilla found brands including #BMW, #Ford, #Toyota, #Tesla, and #Subaru collect #data about drivers including race, facial expressions, weight, health information, and where you drive. Some of the cars tested collected data you wouldn’t expect your car to know about, including details about sexual activity, race, and immigration status, according to Mozilla."

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Straße mit leuchtenden Zahlen auf welcher Autos fahren

Ok, Let’s talk about #hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (#FCEV) as an alternative to Battery Electric Vehicles (#BEV).

A FCEV uses the same electric motors as BEVs but gets its power from chemically reacting H₂ with O₂ from the air in a way that produces an electric current - a fuel cell. None of this is new technology Fuel Cells were a mature and reliable power source by the time the Apollo program was landing people on the moon. The issue with fuel cells is the same as with Enteral Combustion Engines(ICE) they are most efficient in a very narrow energy band great if the goal is to power the life support on a space craft, but not for the extremely variable loads needed to drive a car.

For this reason, FCEVs are hybrids with the same Li batteries as BEVs and ICE Hybrids like the Prius. Like ICE Hybrids they use the battery to accelerate and as storage for regenerative breaking with the fuel cell providing a constant recharge.

Why I’m skeptical of FCEVs

1) Greenwashing Hydrogen. FCEV advocates will point out that the only tailpipe emission is water vapor. The question is where does the hydrogen come from. By far the least expensive way to produce hydrogen gas is to crack the hydrogen atoms off of petrochemical hydrocarbons. As a mater of basic chemistry it takes far less energy to crack hydrocarbons than it does to electrolize water. And unlike the electrical grid where technologies like solar, wind and nuclear are already deployed and becoming an increasing share of our electric grid. Processes to produce hydrogen from water at anything close the the cost to strip it off fossil fuels is in the same development stage as cold fusion. at least for the next decade green hydrogen will be a premium product only available to the wealthiest buyers.

2) Hydrogen storage is hard. To fit enough hydrogen on a moving passenger car for it to have a 300 mile range requires pressures of 10,000psi (700 bar). The kinds of pressure vessels that can safely handle that pressure are expensive, and need regular inspection. Having had to keep a compressed air tank of just 200 psi in a fixed certified, I can tell you that there will be significant costs to regularly inspecting a 10,000 psi tank full of flammable gas that needs to survive a collision with one of the 2023 lineup of full sized puck up trucks.

But that is just the start. Hydrogen leaks. No matter how good you think your valves and fittings are the smallest molecule in the universe stored under huge pressure will find a way out. Ask anyone who has experience in the space industry where hydrogen is already the fuel of choice and they will tell you that hydrogen leaks are just a fact that has to be engineered around. On a vehicle this will be a small annoyance but at a fueling station this will be significant. The farther Hydrogen is transported and the longer it must be stored the higher the losses. There is also the energy factor of compressing that gas. To the best of my knowledge the prodigious amount of work done to pressurize the fuel is never recovered

FCEVs and BEVs both started to be produced about a decade ago, and while Tesla has scaled out its supercharger network world wide in that time. Hydrogen has less than 100 filling stations all in California. While these stations can fill a car in 5 minutes, they can only fill 2 to 5 vehicles before spending an hour refilling their high pressure storage tanks. One could argue that all Hydrogen needs is an eccentric billionaire ready to lose money for a decade building out infrastructure, however I think the infrastructure challenges with hydrogen exceed even Musk levels of ambition.

3) Cost. My M3 already costs noticeably less per mile that the equivalent ICE vehicle. Baring a huge technological leap, hydrogen will always be more expensive. because the least expensive hydrogen is processed out of the same fuel that runs ICE cars and provides less energy per molecule than those hydrocarbons when reacted with O₂ hydrogen cannot help but be a more expensive fuel.

So why are hydrogen FCEV still a thing? Well the vehicles are lighter, fueling times are comparable to gasoline, and the petrochemical industry is desperate for them to succeed. The oil industry can see the writing on the wall as states like California will ban new ICE vehicle sales in 2030. While holding out hope for a green hydrogen future a generation away, they can continue to have a market for their product as gasoline and diesel phase out. “Hydrogen will become the green fuel of the future” explain their sock puppets knowing that dirty hydrogen from their product will always have a price advantage. And to be fair, turning a mobile source into a point source of emissions does provide the opportunity for carbon capture (so called Blue Hydrogen), but all this still add even more cost while BEVs already have a price advantage in their fuel - not to mention that every home in the developed world has the infrastructure to charge BEVs.

Why write all this? Because when you get down to it most of the #FUD being spread around #EV s is coming from FCEV advocates who are trying not to let hydrogen become the betamax of the transition away from ICE transportation. In doing so they are making it harder than necessary for the world to move away from ICE transportation.


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Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
3 months ago

"we do not believe that the production system failure was caused by a cyberattack,” a #Toyota spokesperson told CNN.

Steve Herman
3 months ago

#Toyota forced to halt operations at 12 of its factories in #Japan due to a system failure.


"In the US, minimum width standards of parking spaces usually range from 8.5 to 9.0 feet... (and due to larger US vehicle sizes) most #parking spaces will be within 16 to 20 feet (4.9–6.1 m), with 19 feet (5.8 m) feet deep being the standard DOT recommended depth for standard perpendicular parking."

The #Ford F150 is 19.3 feet long and 8 feet wide. It's been the best-selling US vehicle for for decades, only recently eclipsed in this country by the #Toyota RAV4.

Stephen Shankland
4 months ago

New Unified Patents patent takedown for a car notifying somebody of speeding other violations. Intellectual Ventures, a big NPE, held the patent. It had been used in lawsuits against Toyota, GM, and Honda.
#IP #IntellectualProperty #patent #Toyota #Honda #GM

My '95 #Toyota #Previa #MiniVan started making some loud clunking sounds when shifting and I'm concerned I might've let the transfer case oil leak out while I was replacing the starter (that ended up not needing to be replaced but that's a different story). I drained it and the oil looked pretty brown so I reckon we haven't changed the oil in at least ten years, so it's due. Couldn't refill because the check hole plug is 1mm smaller than the drain one 😕, so I gotta go back to #HarborFreight #car

Jared Stevens
4 months ago

New Land Cruiser announced today in the US. Totally caught me by surprise today.
#offroad #landcruiser #toyota

ducksauz 🦆
4 months ago

Damn, I love me a boxy wagon, like this ‘89-90 Camry LE

#Toyota #Wagon

Maroon 1989-90 Camry LE wagon parked the wrong way on the street at a quite jaunty angle.
Kristoffer Lawson
4 months ago

It seems #MercedezBenz is planning a baby #GWagen #EV. #Suzuki better hurry with their #Jimny EV. MB has a head start in EV technology. Most of the Japanese car makers are going to be in trouble in the near future.

Personally I feel #Suzuki’s EV efforts would be better spent speedily executing the Jimny programme, rather than faffing around with the uninteresting #eVX and dealing with #Toyota in the process. An affordable Jimny EV would fly off the shelves.

5 months ago

"Toyota claims battery breakthrough in potential boost for electric cars"

'It's physics, Jim, but not as we know it.'

But seriously, Toyota, give us the evidence.

#EV #batteries #Toyota

Pratik Patel
5 months ago

How Your New #Car Tracks You

Vehicles from #Toyota, #Honda, #Ford, and more can collect huge volumes of data. Here’s what the companies can access and sell.


Dave Rahardja
6 months ago

Spotted: A heavily-modified #Toyota #4Runner. It has a Cummins diesel engine and a highly custom gear train. I don’t really understand what all those levers do. The owner says they provide ridiculous gear ratios for rock crawling, and independently-selectable front, rear axle power, or 4WD.

Bonus: Spot the #doggo

#cars #weirdCars #rareCars #overlanding #offroad #restomod

Gold-colored Toyota 4Runner on very tall offroad suspension and tires. It has its hood propped open.
Close-up of the engine bay. It shows a diesel engine in the place of the original engine.
Driver’s side shot of the interior of the 4Runner. A beige interior features a black steering wheel and numerous levers on the floor.
Close-up of the levers sticking up out of the floor of the 4Runner. There is one main gear selector, and three shorter levers clustered close together right behind it.
6 months ago

It is Tuesday with another big update! No moves (yet) for #redditMigration today, but I still added a new section to the list!

That's right, we're now tracking subreddits on #reddit that are run by "scabs", where reddit admins intervened to promote lower ranked moderators to the top moderator position.

I'm sad to report that communities focused on #celebrities, IWantToLearn, JustGuysBeingDudes, searchandrescue, and #toyota #tacoma are now run by corpo-friendly mods.

BT (Binary Tango)
6 months ago

I have a feeling that #Toyota is going to cling onto combustion engines and their not so successful hydrogen cars till the end of time.

"Toyota shareholders reject climate resolution in win for automaker" -

#Toyota, #Daimler in deal to combine Japan #truck operations

> Daimler Truck and Toyota will invest in the company equally and cooperate on the development of #hydrogen and other technologies in areas such as connectivity and #autonomous #driving

heise online
7 months ago

GM, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai: Bald Rover-Stau auf dem Mond?

Südkoreas größte Autogruppe, Hyundai Motor, reiht sich in die wachsende Schar der Mobilitätskonzerne ein, die Mond-Rover bauen wollen. Ein kleiner Einblick.

#GeneralMotors #Hyundai #Mond #Mondlandung #NASA #PostausJapan #Raumfahrt #Toyota #news

Die Erde vom Mond aus.

Added the labra love sticker to my Skoosh and it looks bloody amazing. I love it!

#Labrador #DogsOfMastodon #Toyota #Yaris

Backside of a white Toyota Yaris, with a Labrador love sticker on it.

Another website had 3 images still up of my new car! This beautiful one will be mine on Friday April 14th around 1PM. Can't wait to drive her home and make her mine. 😊 Will definitely need to add my sheep to this car 😂
As she's white, she'll definitely be called my Sheepo again after all my sheep have been installed. 😂

#NewCar #ToyotaYaris #Yaris #Toyota

White Toyota Yaris
White Toyota Yaris
White Toyota Yaris

Well the sunny days became too numerous to spend enjoying them and now I must remove the starter motor from a 1995 #Toyota #Previa with AWD (which means I have to remove the front drive shaft first) #thoughtsAndPrayers

Isaac Halvorson
9 months ago

Toyota Sera?? Now that's not something you see every day, let alone one for sale, let alone in Minnesota. These things are weird and cool. Look at the doors! And the gauges! And it's right-hand drive! #cars #toyota

9 months ago

Yet another #recall:

#Kia, #Hyundai, #Nissan and #Toyota among 347,000 cars under recall:

The latest vehicle recalls, posted in the last week to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website, include loose steering wheels, faulty airbags, short-circuited sensors and other issues. A total of 347,240 vehicles are affected, including models by Kia, Hyundai, Toyota and Nissan.

Rumor: #Toyota and #Suzuki Teaming Up on a Lightweight #SportsCar
The #midEngined coupe will reportedly have a 120-hp 1.0-liter three-cylinder. Could it be an #MR2 successor?