4 weeks ago

Eleven years of thoroughly rewarding ownership. I never thought I'd keep her this long, but the longer I own her, the more I appreciate everything about her.

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Damien Scully
6 months ago

The answer to yesterdays #NameThatCar challenge... Well as many of you worked out it is a third generation (W30) #Toyota MR2.
The one where a reviewer once suggested that Toyota had got so carried away they forgot to include a boot /trunk!
This slight rough looking one was being worked on at a local garage, so still in use.
It's not a car I have driven but it looks good and will I suspect be a future classic.
Well done if you got it.
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A black Toyota MR2 Roadster parked on a garage forecourt. The roof is raised and the driver's door look to have paint issues.
ViaMedici ⚕️
7 months ago

#australia bester Act!
Aber nur wegen dem #ToyotaMR2

7 months ago

Mais alguém notou o Toyota MR2 mk1 na participação da Austrália na Eurovisao...ou fui só eu?
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9 months ago

1989 #Toyota MR2 SC

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Runabout Racer Weekly Forzathon Challenge, Spoiler Sport Seasonal Championship - B700 - Japanese Retro Sports Car

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Close up shot from the rear of a 1989 Toyota MR2 SC with a red TRD livery and TRD and Toyota badges on the bumper. The road is wet and water streams off the tires as storm clouds darken the horizon.
Wide angle front shot from above of a 1989 Toyota MR2 SC racing down a wet road. The car features pop-up headlights and a Toyota TRD livery with orange, red, and yellow geometric patterns. Puddles pool in the road and dark clouds loom on the horizon.
11 months ago

Seven hours to do one seat. I have no idea how professionals do this.

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Edit: it helps if I include the before & after photos...

11 months ago

The Mister Two I saw at the shops the other week; it's back!


Toyota MR2 in black, second generation.
11 months ago

Was just in traffic with a white 2nd gen Mister Two! I think it needs an engine rebuild though, was very slow. But bodywork looked good still!

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1 year ago

"Hey unfunk, why don't you drive your car with the roof off more often?"

Well, because my drive home today took about as long as taking the roof off and putting it back on did.

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1 year ago

So, I urgently need new #brake pads, and I decide to splurge and buy new, uprated rotors along with them.

Nope, they're not only out of stock, they don't make them anymore. I either have to get rotors from Japan or the USA, or get OEM equivalents.

I guess I'm getting the OEM equivalents. I could have saved two months of fucking around if places were clearer about their stock levels and shipping prices. Sigh.

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