Adamas Nemesis
1 hour ago

Underrated feminine vibe: fulsomeness. A face with fine features filled out in supple fashion, a soft body shaped like a delectable hourglass, and a mind filled with pleasant thoughts, like the darling in "Looking Out to Sea" by Alfred Stevens.

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #sea #ocean #fashion #feminine #flowers

3 hours ago

Short Comic - The intense battle of Lord Romulos versus Lord Kumodio!

Commission for
Rowser (Telegram)
His oc Romulos fightning Kumodio (00LordRex00
oc on twitter)

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6 hours ago

Even moar dragons!

Some really old scans that I found forgotten in a folder, I just liked drawing creatures, and wings and stuff, also noodly dragons were a favourite because you can make such fun shapes with them. :ablobcatbongo:

I can still remember other art I had as I look through these, which is why I keep digging around. I'm sure I'll have tracked them all down soon... :artpeek:

#OldArt #Sketches #TraditionalArt

A page with two images of the same dragon, one is a loose sketch of a grumpus from the chest up, the other is a finished inked and coloured drawing of a floating dragon looking cute.
The dragon is blue with a icy-white mane running all the way from the head to tailtip, it has fluffy ears and two black horns, light blue feathered wings and two long whiskers.
A pencil drawing of a small dragon standing on a branch.
The dragon is standing upright and is seen to be a little fluffy with anatomy similar to that of a cat, the wings are made up of three long spines each with webbing inbetween, it also has similar webbed ears and a spiny mane that ends at the shoulders. The tail has webbed spines running from just behind the legs towards the end of the tail. The tailtip is a little bit fluffy.
A pencil drawing of a long noodly eastern-style dragon lying down, curled up on itself in a loose figure 8, reading a book.
A pencil sketch of a dragon lying on a rock, the dragon is drawn at a 3/4 angle facing to the viewer's left. It has crossed arms in front and the back legs sitting up on the higher end of the rock. It has feathered wings, a long mane running from the head to the tailtip and two long whiskers.
8 hours ago
pen sketch of an anthropomorphic goose,with a bloody scarred face in a somewhat clowny spiked rogue outfit, jumping towards the viewer
10 hours ago

Painting winter scenes can be so calming. I wish we got snow here, but at least I can make my own this way :)

#watercolor #painting #traditionalart #mastoart #fediart #winter #art #artistsonmastodon #landscape

A photo of a watercolor painting of a snowy landscape with distant overlapping forests fading in the background, with a murky foggy sky, the sun a blur. A few trees are in the foreground and are covered in snow. It has a calm early morning feeling. Brushes and paint lay next to the painting.
15 hours ago

Four guest art pieces I did last year. :zerotwowave: They contained references to other media, since I thought it'd be neat to have these all have a "theme."

From top to bottom, left to right:

👻 GHOST JUNK SICKNESS by Studio Cartridge (
👉 direct homage of the album "Painkiller" by Judas Priest ( )
👉adapted for the GJS universe
👉 heavy color correction

🌊 PHANTOMARINE by Claire Niebergall (
👉 references the Xanadu movie poster as a base
👉 mostly the exception to this pack, as its main intent was to homage the art movements instead, art nouveau and Platkatstil
👉 title lettering based on the comic's conlang
👉 *dadaism writing intensifies*
👉 more here:

🌽 NUMB by Niina Eveliina ( @NiinaEveliina
👉 homages an illustration for the anime "Kimagure Orange Road" done by Akemi Takada
👉 "hidden" reference to another comic done by Niina
👉 the simplest of all the guest arts, with the reference being more surface level + reversing the layout, as the characters in Numb have a different dynamic.

👁️ O SARILHO by Shizamura (
👉 a gif because the original comic uses a lot of mixed media, including animation and gifs
👉 we had to go to Portugal for this one, I think we took a wrong turn at Spain
👉 idea was to imitate newspaper news, simplified to homage Portuguese newspapers, especially "O Domingo". Thus, a fictional newspaper named after the comic with a headline alluding to possibly two characters at once
👉 GRAPHIC DESIGN INSANITY, with corrections to my Portuguese by Shizamura after I sent it in :zerotwoheart:
👉 more here:

#MastoArt #FediArt #art #illustration #CreativeToots #TraditionalArt (with some digital touch ups) #DigitalArt #FanArt #webcomics #webcomic #comic #comics #anime #manga #JudasPriest

Character Boggs from the webcomic "Ghost Junk Sickness" on a motorbike, in a picture homaging Judas Priest's "Painkiller" album cover.
Characters Halea and Phaedra from the comic "Phantomarine", in an illustration imitating early 20th century theater posters. There's a poem accompanying the image.

The Dadaist-style poem reads in Spanish:
 "la fantomarina,
 gran marina, 
mere, mare, more, 
en lealtad, 
mentirad y 

The translation for this poem is: "Phantomarine,
great marine,
meer, mear, meor,

Halea in loyalty,
and oceanity."
Characters Levi, Susan and Nikita from the webcomic "Numb." Levi is at the bottom, while Nikita and Susan are at the top, at the corners. 

Levi appears to be calling someone with a worried expression. Nikita is holding a phone with a broken cord and a smiling expression. Susan appears to be somewhere else.

This image is homaging a piece by Akemi Takada for the anime series "Kimagure Orange Road."
Animated gif featuring the character Nikita from the webcomic "O Sarilho." 

The base picture imitates early 20th century Portuguese magazines (for example, O Domingo), and thus all the text is in Portuguese. However the text has been adapted to be in-universe for the comic's world settings.

The gif part comes with mysterious eyes popping in and out and sometimes looking at Nikita. These eyes belong to the character named Foreigner and it's in reference to the two's relationship in the comic.
18 hours ago


And he's done!! Mr Milkman here to deliver your milk. Don't worry, it's not tainted with extraterrestrial mind-controlling hormones or anything. ✨🥛✨

#OC #originalcharacter #1950s #milkman #milk #creepy #villain #extraterrestrial #prismacolormarkers #traditionalart #sailordraws

20 hours ago

No Mr Milkman don't sell me any milk, my bones are fine...
Ahhhh the inks turned out so well!! Only thing left to do is add color, which is my favorite part. :blobcatbongo:
#OC #originalcharacter #1950s #milkman #sketch #inks #lineart #creepy #villain #traditionalart #sailordraws

Jesse Miksic
20 hours ago

Seen some things

Was trying for a grizzled rogue ex-cop in a sort of cyberpunk post-noir world. Need to push my concept harder next time around.

#sketchbook #penAndInk #drawing #cyberpunk #illustration #traditionalArt #SciFiArt #MastoArt #ArtAdventCalendar

A pen and ink drawing of a tough-looking man with a mustache, wearing a cabby hat and a coat with its collar turned up. He has a few abstract symbols tattooed on his neck and the side of his face. A series of human silhouettes and a street light appear in the background.
22 hours ago

Sketch tiiiiiime
This is all I have time for right now, but I'm literally so excited to finish up this drawing of my Milkman OC, he came out looking just right.
#sketch #OC #originalchacter #traditionalart #1950s #milkman #creepy #villain #sailordraws

neon svips :heart_sp_nb:
1 day ago

i love working with UV paint cuz then my room looks like this!!!

#mastoart #fediart #TraditionalArt #svipsart

photo of a dark room, u can barely see a wardrobe and a couch, and a painting made with UV acrylics, lit by a uv lamp
1 day ago

Draw a cave, they said.
it will be fun, the said. ⛰️🕳️

#art #mastoart #pencil #bleistift #drawing #fineart #pastel #doodle #TraditionalArt

Pencil drawing of a cave entrance from which a small stream flows. The entrance is made of spiral-shaped rocks.
1 day ago

Commission for Rowser (Telegram)

His handsome oc Rowseradimus with the company of Wroc,
Markof (Ultimate form) and Adimu's boyfriend
(I don't know if they have accounts here)

What a beautiful view of Shanghai/China!

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#dragon #crocodile #furry #furryart #bara #male #manly #traditionalart #cityscape #night #detailed #bulge #asian

Adamas Nemesis
1 day ago

Looking back on it sailing would have been *so* good for me when I was a kid. It would have played to my strengths and helped me to redress my character deficits in a way I'd have found most pleasant. What if...

Painting is Ivan Aivazovsky's "Strong Wind".

#sailing #hobbies #childhood #retrospective #thoughts #self #life #lifestyle #art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #sea #ocean #seascape

Adamas Nemesis
1 day ago

An expression as heavy as her face is full, but somehow she comes across as being the total package, maybe because - let's face it - musical girls are awesome. Especially when they have big instruments, like Louisia, Countess of Liverpool in this George Romney portrait.

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #thearts

1 day ago

Un dessin de tram mis en couleur avec un feutre et un pinceau à réservoir plein d’eau. C’est franchement lamentable, ai-je même le droit de qualifier ça d’aquarelle ? 😅

#MastoArt #TraditionalArt #watercolor #aquarelle

Photo d’un carnet de dessin avec un feutre et un pinceau à réservoir, tous posés sur un bureau.
Le dessin sur le carnet représente une jeune femme faisant la moue et peinte uniquement dans des nuances de violet.
JenJen :heart_sp_pan:
1 day ago

In case you're wondering which comic:

Jenitales. This plant shibari drug thing is taking forever.

#MastoArt #WorkInProgress #comics #shibari #lewd #TraditionalArt

Desk shot showing a comic page ink lines in the centre and paint palettes on the right.
Adamas Nemesis
2 days ago

Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach's rendition of a flower-holding maiden, true to ethereal and sublime form, shows her as if she's been touched by the melancholy of ages. Gotta love the vibe.

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl

Amanda Makepeace
2 days ago
Still from a video show part of my hand holding a mop brush that is removing excess gold leaf from a fawn drawing
2 days ago

I started on this WIP of concept art of Binny, one of my Sprite characters, transforming into her raging elemental form. I'm going to use colored pencils for this for Patreon.

#OC #OriginalCharacter #CharacterDesign #WorkInProgress #pencil #sketch #TraditionalArt #WIP

Binny's transformation into storm elemental with armors and electrified flail
Jesse Miksic
2 days ago

Without the within, within the without

This little sketch has gone through so many twists and turns

I think it will be exciting to add some color some day, but for now i am going to leave it at peace where it has landed.

#sketchbook #drawing #penAndInk #surrealism #surrealArt #traditionalArt #illustration #drawingOfTheDay #gothicArt #MastoArt #ArtAdventCalendar

A pen and ink drawing of a scene that looks partly like an exterior alleyway, and partly like the interior of a fancy house, with a stairway leading from one to the other. The interior section has a mirror with a silhouetted reflection visible. There is a disembodied eye, gazing malevolently out of the frame at the bottom.
2 days ago

Go see my art in the #Furfest art show if you're around :) Opens at 1p today

#art #TraditionalArt #furryart #MastoArt

Jesse Miksic
2 days ago

On the winds between the worlds I drift

It wasn’t the original intention, but as I developed this one, it got fully sideswiped by Stephen King and Dark Tower influence. So let’s just lean into that, eh?

#sketchbook #drawingOfTheDay #penAndInk #fantasyArt #illustration #traditionalArt #StephenKing #DarkTower #darkArt #surrealism #MastoArt

A pen and ink drawing of a figure looking down into a deep crack in the earth, with a free-standing door just behind. The landscape is empty except for some sharp rocks and a tall tower far in the background. The tower is on an island floating in the air.
Elaine Will
2 days ago

Just posted some new material from the Dollar Store #Sketchbook on the ol' Patreon: #MastoArt #Illustration #Drawing #Octopus #TraditionalArt

A sketchbook page by OP, featuring several small figure studies, a blue coloured pencil drawing of a church on a floating piece of ground, a small moon-like celestial body, an "Octopus Crossing" sign, and some small drawings of OP's characters in the corner
icy silvertail
2 days ago

more pokémon artworks :blobfoxheartcute:

#Pokemon #Fanart #TraditionalArt #Crobat #Azumarill #Seadra #MastoArt #FediArt

Willard Herman
3 days ago
Black and white ink drawing of two monstrous creatures. One creature much larger than the other. The larger creature on the right is called Urkopf, and the creature on the left is called The Watcher.

The creature on the right has only a head attached to a long tube that winds back and forth. It has many eyes. Sixteen eyes on its head and tube, then an eye on each of the four arms that reach out of its mouth. It has many large teeth. It is grasping another smaller creature. The smaller creature has two enormous eyes, only a torso and a head with several teeth, but no mouth. 

Both creatures sit on a large bed of tiny skulls. The sky is filled with black stars and clouds. There is a moon with a cloud crossing it. It is night.

*makes wild gestures at her patreon and site studio*

Page 1 of By Man & Angels issue 5 is up!
Thank you!

#comics #SpaceOpera #Scifi #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #gouache #ink

a teaser part of a comic page showing a space scene with fishlike space ships, landing on a barren planet
Aurous Azhdarchid
3 days ago

#Chaoyangopterus that might get colored, but who knows!
#traditionalart #paleoart #realartists

Inked lineart of a Chaoyangopterus in a quadrupedal pose
3 days ago

Close to the end of the journey. Here’s the drawing for „Peak” topic.


photo of the ink drawing, a winged boat is flying towards the peak of the mountain
Adamas Nemesis
3 days ago

A spirit we need a lot more of in today's world. Jean-Marc Nattier's "Allegory of Justice Punishing Injustice".

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #thoughts

The next Red Fan page is up for my patrons and studio members to read!

*goes back to feral mode to finish another page before midnight*

#comics #cyberpunk #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #Gouache

A teaser panel for a comic page. it's a scene from a large livingroom with a fancy modern fireplace to the right. digital shards are flying away through the air while a character standing in the room says "Jag alskar dig"
Adamas Nemesis
4 days ago

There's nothing else quite like gazing at the stars, holding your arms out, closing your eyes, and spinning around; it's like you take in the energy of the universe, which it looks like the girl in Alois Heinrich Priechenfried's "A Woman Looking at the Stars" is enjoying. 🙂

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifulwoman #beautifulgirl #nightsky #stars

4 days ago

In the hopes of getting better at inking I started a small series of witch themed pieces. I originally wanted to show the witch but in the end decided against it. It's now up to you to imagine who lives there :)

Some pieces are more successful than others. My personal fav is the toad 🐸 Things I learned: Old Golden Green by Rohrer&Klingner is beautiful. I should use a brush instead of nibs.

The accents are done with copper foil.

#ink #penandink #witch #raven #toad #cat #art #TraditionalArt

Green and black ink drawing with copper foil accents showing a witch's hut in the forest.
Green and black ink drawing with copper foil accents of a raven/crow sitting on a skull and carrying a ring in its beak. They're surrounded by candles.
Green and black ink drawing with copper foil accents of a toad sitting in a pond.
Green and black ink drawing with copper foil accents of shelfs with a cat in the centre surrounded by bottles, jars, candles and other small things.

Pushing out comic pages before the month switches over :artsweats:

#Cyberpunk #RedFan #comics #comic #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #WorkInProgress

Part of a comic page in progress. There's a panel of a man in a black suit with black eyes.

So, drunk Jen had a great idea and now sober Jen is implementing it:

I've made a special code for the fediverse, should any of you fancy buying my comics/art!

If you put in 💫 FediFriends 💫 at checkout you'll get a quid off, but more importantly - I can see who's a fedi person and pop you a little freebie in your parcel :artaww:


#FediGiftShop #Comics #TraditionalArt #MastoArt #Shop #Fediverse

A shiny gif of a horror piece - a masked woman is holding something in her hands that's dripping blood
A shot of a comic con table with some of Jens comics laid out. This focuses on her smut comics Jenitales.
5 days ago

Christmas chaos completed!! A fun doodle that I may color at a later point ^^ but for now it will work for my needs.

#ChristmasCardArt #art #MastoArt #TraditionalArt #InkArt #sketch #doodle #racoons

Three very "helpful" racoons just totally decorating a tree and not at all making a huge mess instead.
steve cooley
5 days ago

This friday night, December 3, 2023, if you are in the SF Bay Area, come see a tryptic of my #pajaroiterations original paintings, along with nearly 100 artists in the annual Works/San Jose Members show. #sanjose #campbell #santaclara #milpitas #cupertino #saratoga #willowglen #sfbayarea #sanfrancisco #california #traditionalart #fediart #mastoart

5 days ago

Snowflake? will also be in the #Furfest art show this weekend

#art #TraditionalArt #furryart #MastoArt

Nela Dunato
6 days ago

Latest illustration for my book about overcoming creative blocks, "Rest"
Watercolor, colored & watercolor pencils + gouache on 26x35cm watercolor paper.

🎁 Buy prints & products:

#art #MastoArt #FediArt #artist #illustration #artwork #CreativeToots #HumanArt #portrait #surreal #surrealart #painting #watercolor #watercolour #TraditionalArt #MixedMedia

Rest by Nela Dunato: a surreal mixed media painting of a content woman in a white dress floating in a colorful space nebula
Karen Kaspar
1 week ago

There is a wonderful view from the top of the mountain. The colors blue and purple relax the soul, you can leave all worries behind and find inner peace.

Morning mood in the mountains one - watercolor painting -

#MastoArt #art #AYearForArt #painting #FediGiftShop #MastodonArt #BuyIntoArt #TraditionalArt #contemporaryArt #watercolor #watercolour #monochrome #abstractart #landscape #landscapePainting #dreamscape #nature #outdoors #misty #morning #mood #blue #purple

Morning Mood in the Mountains One is a watercolor painting in landscape format painted by the artist Karen Kaspar. The viewer stands high up on a mountain and looks down on a mountain landscape in shades of blue and purple. The mountains disappear in the distance in the haze of the morning mist. The painting is inspired by my visits to the Bavarian Alps in Germany. I painted it in many layers of watercolour on special paper. This paper soaks up the paint and lets it flow. This leads to a partly blurred dreamy effect, which enhances the picture's effect. The painting has a relaxing and peaceful aura.
Karen Kaspar
1 week ago

For everyone who is still looking for special Christmas gifts - Redbubble also offers a Black Fiday sale - find my Summer garden abstract acrylic painting printed on many home decor and lifestyle products here:

#MastoArt #art #painting #FediArt #FediGiftShop #artist #InteriorDesign #MastodonArt #TraditionalArt #ArtCollector #flowers #flower #gardening #garden #floral #nature #NatureLover #bloomscrolling #florespondence #natur #blumen #artforsale #gifts #giftideas

Karen Kaspar
2 weeks ago

Are you in the mood for some fresh fruit?
Watermelon circle is part of my mini series of three acrylic paintings of fresh watermelons in bright shades of pink, green, white and blue in contemporary square format.


#MastoArt #art #AYearForArt #painting #FediArt #FediGiftShop #artist #InteriorDesign #MastodonArt #TraditionalArt #kunst #BuyIntoArt #ArtCollector #fruits #fresh #health #vegan #veganfood #smile #happy #vegetarian #food #foodie #happiness #goodvibes

Watermelon circle is an acrylic painting in contemporary square format by artist Karen Kaspar. It shows a slice of a watermelon in bright pink and green on a teal blue background. The slice is a round circle.
2 weeks ago

It baffles me that people can be so thoroughly unhappy and hollowed out, they see joy as insanity.

And here I am, drawing because I love it, for no reason beyond the joy of the next line, the next splotch of colour, the next brushstroke.

I love drawing.

There was never any need to dance, yet look how GOOD we got at it.

#drachenmagier #traditionalart #traditionalMedia #fantasy #fantasyArt #ForTheJoyOfCreating #SupportHumanArtists #art #MastoArt

Unicorn lady standing under a tree, reaching out to a small light
deer-like creature holding the night sky in its antlers
space sirene floating through the star ocean
2 weeks ago

More from the archives. - Pencil detailing was still my strongest skill, as I actually have fairly shaky hands which really shows when you look at my ink lines. Something that wouldn't really be fixed till I started working digitally with vector lines and stabilized brushes.

On the other hand pencil shading did translate well into coloured blending pencils, which I was getting more confident with.

#Art #OldArt #TraditionalArt

A pencil drawing close up of a dragon's eye.
A highly detailed pencil drawing of a scaly dragon from the shoulders up, looking to the viewer's left. Main focus of the drawing is the scale details, which range from large armour plates down to tiny hide-like dots.
The dragon has a flowing mane, webbed ears and two mostly straight horns.
An inked line drawing of a dragon mid flight. The dragon is looking to the viewer's left, wings half unfolded and the main body pose makes it look as if it's moving backwards.
A rear view of a colourful dragon sitting down, looking to the viewer's left, wings loosely spread to each side hiding most of the body. It's body is blue and the wing membranes purple, with a colourful mane meant to imitate the colours of the aurora. The neck is long and slender and bent over, posed with the tail it almost looks like a figure 8.
Karen Kaspar
2 weeks ago

For the art lovers in Europe - my collection of bird paintings at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries) is here

Für die Kunstliebhaber in Deutschland - meine Sammlung von Vogelgemälden bei Art Heroes it hier (kostenloser Versand):

#MastoArt #art #painting #FediGiftShop #artist #MastodonArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #TraditionalArt #watercolour #creativeToots #bird #birds #BirdsOfMastodon #BirdArt #birding #nature #BirdWatching #wildlife #vogel #cute #animals #robin

3 weeks ago

Moar dragons!

Pencil shading/rendering was definitely one of my fav things to do, and I kept trying to push into the sort of dark style of the Batman and later Gargoyles cartoons, which is why I wanted to lean into learning to use inking pens. - But the idea of not being able to erase mistakes was terrifying, which is why it took me a while to do anything other than simple linework.

Still avoiding irises!

#OldArt #Art #TraditionalArt

A 3/4 view of a sitting dragon, drawn in pencil. The dragon has finned ears and batlike wings, two black horns on it's head and a fluffy mane running from the top of the head all the way to the tip of the tail.
A low-view angle looking straight on to a gargoyle/dragon like person sitting on the corner of a rooftop. Full moon, wading in dark clouds illuminates them from behind.
A yin-yang like design of two dragons running/jumping around each other, a black one up top with a white mane and green eyes, a white one at the bottom with a black mane and blue eyes.
A half-body pencil drawing of an eastern dragon. The shading is very stylized in an attempt to create more dramatic lighting. The body is smooth with a fluffy mane running down the back with fur tufts on the elbows, cheeks, ears and chin. The head is held low and looking towards the viewer, mouth slightly agape with the tongue poking out, right arm is on the ground while the left is held up in a grasping/clawing motion.
Amanda Makepeace
3 weeks ago

"Ravens are the birds I'll miss most when I die. If only the darkness into which we must look were composed of the black light of their limber intelligence. If only we did not have to die at all. Instead, become ravens." --Louise Erdrich

#art #sketch #raven #pencildrawing #artist #artwork #MastoArt #traditionalart #drawing #graphite #birdart

Rough pencil sketch of a raven
3 weeks ago
Unicorn running over the canvas leaving colour and light in its wake
Kathaja Krim
3 weeks ago

My dude.
I'm still processing that sometimes I produce a sketch that comes out exactly like I wanted it to be. 🫢
I need to celebrate those rare moments~

#Zhaikes #ZhorKhat #WorldOfKrim
#alien #AlienOC #sketchbook #SciFi #MastoArt #TraditionalArt

A sketch of an alien man with insectoid feelers and bio-armor.
3 weeks ago

Some more old art from the DA archives!

My old online name was Dragonlady (or TheDragonlady when that was taken) and you can see why. I was obsessed with dragons when I was younger, as well as dinos, - which are just wingless dragons tbh.

Most of my work was still pencil, but I'd started playing around with inks more, still very hesitant with coloured work but trying.

#OldArt #Art #TraditionalArt

A black and white pencil sketch of a dragon mid-flight. The dragon's body is facing the viewer while the dragon itself is looking to its left, wings are raised up and the front right leg is raised up and forward towards the viewer.
A greyscale pencil drawing of a dragon sitting on a tree branch. The dragon is seen from the side, facing to the viewers left with the tail curled under and around the branch.
A cute cartoony style drawing of a baby dragon sitting down and looking straight at the viewer, tilting its head with a cute smile. (an attempted manga style) The lines are inked in black and the dragon coloured in with pencils, the body is red, the horns are yellow and the eyes are green.
A black and white inked drawing of a dragon head. The dragon is looking straight at the viewer with a smirk.
3 weeks ago

This was definitely one of my most ambitious Crayola marker pieces, haha. Had to do a lot of sciencing. 🤔 But I think it turned out really cute and I learned a lot! 🦦🌊 Hope y'all like it 💙

#marker #traditionalart #mastoart #fediart #animals #animalart #cuteart #art #drawing #artistsonmastodon

A photo of a sketchbook of a Crayola marker drawing of a realistically styled otter floating in light blue sun-lit water on its back, paws up to its mouth, with markers laying next to the sketchbook for the social media photo op.