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Aaaah! I can't even begin to try to describe how important this season is. They're making the horrific wait times for trans-affirming care in the UK an explicit topic. Which is something that I've noticed many many cis people are entirely unaware of and shocked about when they find out about it.

And they're showing t4t relationships! This means so much to so many of us. :heart_trans:

#SexEducation #SexEducationS4 #trans #transgender

This shirt is a tad too large now that I'm post top sugery but I plan to go on wearing it, as long as the message remains on point

#trans #poetry

Selfie with tee shirt. The legend says Read Books Punch Nazis
Sex Ed for Bi Guys :heart_bi:
1 hour ago

#Sex can be intimidating when it's with someone that has a different sexual equipment than yours, especially when you've never done that. Or maybe you're a guy with a clit / t-dick and a bonus hole, and you want to learn more about your sexual body. Here's part 1 of my Sex with #Women and #AFAB People miniseries!

#bisexual #men #trans #nonbinary #queer

A bowl of red cherries.
1 hour ago

Was just grossly misgendered.

You know what I told him? I said, “You poop your diapers, eat shit off the ground, and have a single word vocabulary—who do you think you are to casually point your finger at me and call me “da-da”?


BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
3 hours ago

But say... if you want to organize a protest for BLM, or you have a crucial job and come out as queer/trans to a friend... that info can be gathered and used against you if E2E encryption ends. By A hacker, someone with a grudge and the right software, the gov't etc.

It's still not safe to be queer/transgender in the US. It could ruin your life, or end it. It is very much NOT "So what?"

Just saying. Pay attention to Internet Privacy laws and politicians stances.
#blackmastodon #IT #Trans

4 hours ago

Sam is fundraising for top surgery. Donate if you can, share if you can't:

#Trans #TransSupport #TransFundraiser

4 hours ago

To my #trans folks on #hrt.
Have you noticed a change in your hair color and/or eye color during your medical transition?

#poll #transfem #transmasc

Queer Lit Cats
4 hours ago
Queer Lit Cats
4 hours ago

Pink News: MAFS UK: Channel 4 slams Nathanial’s claim of being ‘manipulated’ into relationship with trans bride Ella #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #marriedatfirstsight #datingshow #RealityTV #Culture #TV

4 hours ago

All this talk of Starfield has made me re-install NMS after the Echoes update and I have to say, it still has one of the best in game photo modes I have ever experienced #screenshot #nomanssky #trans

Me infront of my ship on the paradise planet I now call home
5 hours ago

Having a child does not equate to having a possession to do with as you wish. Having children comes with responsibility. Responsibility to feed, clothe and provide a safe environment to grow, to ensure the physical and mental health needs are met. Sharing your DNA does not guarantee your offspring is going to resemble you in any way. Parents' responsibility is to nurture, guide and support kids as they mature, discover and become their best selves.
#humanrights #kids #trans

Gonna be going live tonight with Wacky woohooo Pizza man adventures! and by that I mean DMC5, usual time of 4:30 PM EST/1:30 PM PST in the Fox Den!

#dmc5 #dmcv #devilmaycry #pngtuber #twitch #pngtuber #vtuber #trans #transstreamer

6 hours ago

Jamie is raising fundraising for a beard transplant. Donate if you can, share if you can't

#Trans #TransSupport #TransFundraiser

Queer Lit Cats
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Pink News: Billy Porter puts Ron DeSantis on blast with powerful message of defiance: ‘We will always say gay’ #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #BillyPorter #don'tsaygay #RonDeSantis #Celebrity #Culture #News #US

Time for my #introduction.

I focus on #retro on modern #gaming and #technology. I'm a sucker for #nostalgia of all kinds, but im also an avid current gen #gamer. I'm an oldschool #Android Stan with a love for #FOSS and the #fediverse.

Aside from tech I'm a lover of #birds and #birding. We need to protect our feathered friends by caring for our #environment.

I'm a stauch #progressive and support #transrights. Leave my #trans sisters and brothers alone. They're precious.

Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
7 hours ago

... and a few folk here have just mentioned bigger numbers ~1M. Each of those accounts whether a bot or real is likely to sh*t on you if noticed or deny your existence

So that's one side and the other reason I have big feels is that as #trans we have normalized a lot there as a survival mechanism (and I do get it) which is a bit like the old boiling frogs alive, especially the last year as Elon has encouraged it

Queer Lit Cats
7 hours ago

Pink News: Louise Redknapp and Kéllé Bryan praised for shunning Eternal reunion tour due to anti-trans bandmates: ‘True allyship’ #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #LouiseRedknapp #pridefestival #MightyHoopla #Celebrity #Culture #Music

Sunlight... ☀️🥰💗🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️
#Trans #transgender #transwoman #translife #Body_Positive #No_Shame #Love_Yourself #nude #nudeart

8 hours ago

Mikalya is raising funds for medical transition. Donate if you can, share if you can't:

#Trans #TransSupport #TransFundraiser

Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
8 hours ago

I just saw a trans woman closing her account on Twitter casually mention she has a blocklist of 325,000 accounts.

Forget the logistics (ie. blocking can be semi-automated and shared)

That's 325,000 accounts of likely hatred and bile. Just let that number sink into you for a moment ...

#Trans #TransRights #Fediverse :flag_transgender:​

Davie Dean
9 hours ago

#trans people are just the best

Queer Lit Cats
9 hours ago

Autostraddle: What Kind of Cozy Under-The-Covers Sex Is Your Zodiac Sign Having This Fall? #Dykes #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #Podcast #Astrology,Tarot&Witchcraft #LesbianSex

neon svips :heart_sp_nb:
9 hours ago

full render commission WIP, starring Lune', a computer witch, introducing you to her den✨

#svipsart #digitalart #procreate #nsfw #furry #furrynsfw #trans #transfem #fediart #mastoart #

work in progress of a drawing of a transfem snow leopard witch, sitting on a chair in her tech-cluttered room; cityscape can be seen from the window
three word chant
9 hours ago

if my 60+-year-old mum and her 70+-year-old friend can manage to use my correct pronouns, I think anyone who can't might be facing a skill issue

#gender #trans

10 hours ago

It's #FundingSunday and Cynthia is fundraising to cover the costs of food and medicine. She's a Ugandan trans woman, currently living in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. We've heard numerous reports about conditions at Kakuma from LGBTQ+ people living there and discrimination at the hands of camp staff is rife.

Donate if you can, share if you can't.

#FundingSunday #Trans #Transgender #Nonbinary #LGBTQ #LGBTQI #LGBTI #LGBTQ

Cynthia, a black trans woman with long locs and glasses.

Redecorating the bedroom, lilacs and lavender walls.

Its nice to feel i can have things the way I really want rather than how i think others think I should


Cornelia Kost
11 hours ago

Mein Körper hat sein Geschlecht nicht geändert.
#trans #transaktiv

Die gewendelte Feuertreppe am Hauptgebäude der Akademie Waldschösschen.
12 hours ago

In the last week I found around 14 articles in Irish media with non-trivial mentions of #trans topics.

- 2 on healthcare
- 2 counter-protesting an anti-trans rally (1 attacking that counter-protest)
- 2 on "cancelled" ex-writers, writers, and musicians
- 1 on the far-right Dáil mob
- 1 on the ex-teacher
- 2 on general queerphobia
- 3 general cultural articles
- 1 on transphobia abroad

Plenty of articles blaming the left for the actions of the far right too.

Transgender World
13 hours ago

Turkey’s president Erdoğan doesn’t know what Pride colours are, makes UN complaint anyway

Some UN diplomats have suggested that Erdoğan has confused the 17 different colours associated with the sustainable development goals with the colours of the Pride flag

#Transgender #trans #lgbtq

Transgender World
13 hours ago

Harry Potter panel at London Comic Con pulled after LGBTQ+ charity complaint

#Transgender #trans #lgbtq

Transgender World
13 hours ago

California governor vetoes bill on gender-affirmation in child custody cases

#Transgender #trans #lgbtq

Transgender World
13 hours ago

Democrats have criticized Republicans for putting anti-LGBTQ+ amendments in the $886 billion NDAA to excite their right-wing voter base before an election year.

#Transgender #trans #lgbtq

Transgender World
13 hours ago

The Guardian have removed a transphobic sentence from a review of the final series of Sex Education.

#Transgender #trans #lgbtq

Transgender World
13 hours ago

Updated EHRC guidance suggests misgendering trans pupils not discriminatory

The UK’s equalities watchdog has issued an update to previous guidance, stating that teachers who misgender trans pupils are not guilty of discrimination.

#Transgender #trans #lgbtq

15 hours ago

Please please please add a CW to any news stories about transphobia or other anti-trans bigotry. This is doubly important if it involves violence or politics. Remember, many trans people gather here to escape from transphobia / transmisia in our daily lives. Please respect our mental health by using the CW feature! ​:neofox_pleading:​ #Trans #Transgender

20 hours ago

Hey, if you have the chance to share or donate, you would really be appreciated by a poor queer family escaping oppression and discrimination.

#queer #fundraising #needhelp #trans

Miriam Robern
22 hours ago

Going to a support-trans-youth rally tomorrow to combat this Parental Rights nonsense, trying to figure out a sign. I have two leading contenders.

#Trans #TransRights #TransKids

Ada :v_trans:
23 hours ago

Bonus question: How do trans people not power-walk everywhere?

It's faster, safer, yet somehow frowned upon? Like, who would want to be outside longer than necessary?

#trans #adhd #avpd

Matthew Sheffield
1 day ago

Anti-trans policies are the camel's nose in the tent. Christofascists spend millions trying to figure out how to manipulate secular people, women, & non-Republican Christians into giving them power.

If they win, all the TERFs, the gay Republicans, the atheist libertarians, etc. go to the closet--or worse.

By standing up for #trans people, you are protecting yourself and everyone else.

Matthew Sheffield
1 day ago

It's easy as a cisgender person to think that anti-trans bigotry and policies don't affect you. But this couldn't be more wrong.

Christian supremacists have realized that they can't gain converts anymore and so they've resorted to state power to mandate their doctrines.

They're using fear of #trans people to cement full control over everyone. That is the real goal. They hate trans people, but they hate you as a non fundamentalist as well.

Helen Shaw (Athena Media )
1 day ago

Irish Minister of State, mother of trans young person, describes how she has been abused and given death threats .....#trans #ireland - and why we need hate speech legislation.

lee :Fire_Trans:
1 day ago
Lee looks up and away from the camera. ze's standing in front of a nonbinary flag and wearing a collar and a white crop top with pink sleeves that reads "boypussy" in the Barbie font. also behind hir is a decorative paper rack and some pride/anti-racist/autistic posters.
Lee now looks towards the camera and reaches up to scratch at hir neck.
1 day ago

that time salix was just gonna practice a futomomo on me… but after just a little tugging at the rope, i fell all the way into subspace.

so if you wanna watch me writhe around and get hard and beg to be fucked, check out the whole photoset on my site:

#shibari #kinbaku #rope #ropeBottom #trans #transPorn #SWpromo #nsfw

Zora's nude butt as she's lying in bed with one leg in a shibari tie that winds up her thigh, fixing it to the lower leg and rendering her immobile. She hugs a blahaj. Zora is exposed and ready to be used and you can see her tiny balls peaking out from underneath her butt.

A trans in Chicago #trans #selfie

Me, a white trans woman with curly brown hair taking a selfie in a hotel room. I’m wearing a black tshirt that says “skip school. Take hormones. Kill god.” Jean shorts, black chucks and a snake necklace.
1 day ago

It’s #BiVisibilityDay, so we met up with Hafsa Qureshi to chat about the importance of bi visibility, biphobic myths and assumptions and life as a genderqueer bi person.

Watch the full video:

Transcript available at:

#BiAwarenessWeek #Trans #NonBinary

Hey. Is it just me, or is there suddenly more anti #trans stuff being shared by the YouTube algorithm?

1 day ago

It's great to see folks talk and show how well there transitioning is going but I cant hell and feel left behind. My experience transition has been so miss and it's been 7 years... its mostly just pain. I mean I keep trying it's all I got but I am finding it hard to relate to other trans folks.

I am really the only one that transition options haven't panned out? I am just alone in this one.

#trans #transgender #hrt #transition

1 day ago

This is what happens when you wear nothing but heart shaped pasties to Brisbane Pride!

#pride #sunburn #trans

A white woman's sunburned breast. There is an unburned section in the shape of a heart over the nipple and areola
Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 day ago

Injected 0.15 mL (6 mg) of estradiol enanthate into the vastus lateralis muscle in my right thigh 💉🩹

Gently pricked a couple of places before finding an ideal injection site. Went in & came out smoothly with no leakage 😌 (Why does this sound so lewd? 🤣)

Funny to think I've been doing such injections for over a year now :TransHeart:

#DIYHRT #HRT #transition #trans #transgender #injection #injections #TransHealthcare

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 day ago

Major swelling today 😅

Doesn't hurt, but my top lip is pulled a bit tight, slightly affecting my speech & ability to drink from a cup.

Totally worth it though.

#electrolysis #HairRemoval #EvieElectrolysisExtracts #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #transition #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+

CW: direct eye contact: red swelling

A selfie of my face with my head tilted slightly to my right, showing off my left check. There's visible upper lip swelling & redness on my chin.
A selfie of my face roughly head on. There's visible upper lip swelling & redness on my chin.
A selfie of my face with my head tilted slightly to my left, showing off my right check. There's visible upper lip swelling & redness on my chin, plus on my right cheek where hairs were zapped there.
Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
2 days ago

Gender-Witchery Style Guide 2023-4 :blobhaj_witch:

🍂 Autumn > wear black
🌨️ Winter > gotta be black
🥀Spring > yup, still black
🌻 Summer > okay maybe some colors 💃

Out doing some coffee shop witching today ☕🧹

#Trans #Transgender #TransJoy #TransAtFifty

CW: Selfie, direct eye contact

A close up selfie photo of a brunette trans woman in a black low cut blowse
Transgender World
2 days ago
LA Legault
2 days ago

#Trans people visiting #Canada, #Toronto’s Mayor welcomes you.

Mayor Olivia Chow of Toronto flew the Trans Pride flag outside of city hall

@erkhyan #Funfact: #Switch as character was originally designed to be #Trans but that got sadly axed...

Ten :verifiedtrans:
2 days ago

I'm really happy with how this look turned out. Just gotta learn eye makeup 😜

#trans #transjoy

A woman with green hair, black rimmed glasses, and green lipstick. She is winking at the camera.
Sam Nabi
2 days ago

Fantastic interview with a #trans youth in NB, what support in school means, how anti-trans protesters are misinformed about what is happening in schools, and navigating protest safety. #cdnPoli

Disabled & Deaf Trans People's Survey

#trans #Deaf #HoH

when u want to participate in #FatCockFriday but you're stuck at work but maybe you can get away for a moment so you can snap a quick pic cuz you've been horny for literal *days* 🙃🥵

here's an old pic until then:
#trans #nsfw #transman #dick

mirror selfie of me in a bathroom with my shirt pulled up and pants pulled down to my knees. I'm giving a haughty look to the camera- you can see my dick clearly and it's pink/red and hard. I've got some fairly nice muscle tone too
KrissyKat 🏳️‍⚧️
2 days ago

I just noticed my Finasteride for transitioning is manufactured by Hetero Labs. 😹😹😹

#trans #transgender #medicine

Finasteride container with manufactured by Hetero.

Finasteride is used by trans women in transitioning because it reduces testosterone. Also, by people looking to stop hair loss.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 days ago

Any trans women / fems in London this Sunday 14:00 to 16:00 (2023-09-24) looking for a little free electrolysis?

My electrologist needs another 1-2 folks for a BIAE (British Institute and Association of Electrolysis) Gender Affirmation Care course.

Full details here:

#London #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #electrolysis #HairRemoval #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

2 days ago


35,1 % der Transgender-Jugendlichen in den Vereinigten Staaten leben in Staaten, die ihre Existenz illegal gemacht haben. Keine andere Gruppe von Menschen in den Vereinigten Staaten hat so viele Gesetze, die ihr Existenzrecht direkt verbieten.

It's conservatives worst nightmare: A trans girl so popular with her peers she stole the homecoming crown by winning it fair and square.

Our TWIBS columnist Alyssa Steinsiek points and laughs at the right wing tears being shed over a trans girl who was apparently too pretty and nice and well-liked by her peers. #trans #news #journalism #transgender

2 days ago

Media outlets reporting on the rise in transphobic attitudes in the UK like it’s nothing to do with them 🤔In 2021 Trans Lives survey, 93% of participants reported that media transphobia had impacted their experiences of transphobia from strangers on the street.

#Trans #Transgender #Nonbinary #TransLives #Transphobia

93% of participants in TransActual’s research reported that media transphobia had impacted their experiences of transphobia from strangers on the street.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 days ago

Face exfoliated & scrubbed ✅
Strong numbing cream applied ✅
Area covered in cling film (aka plastic wrap) ✅
Strong painkillers taken ✅

Today is session 13. It's another 2-hour session, which will bring my cumulative total up to 21 hours.

Wish me a good session? :PleadingFace: :TransFemHeart:

#electrolysis #HairRemoval #EvieElectrolysisExtracts #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #transition #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQIA2S+

CW for photos: direct eye contact

Photo of my face, showing the facial hair that's grown over the week.
Photo of my face after I've applied a thick layer of numbing cream (lidocaine 5%, prilocaine 5%) over the areas that may be zapped today.
Photo of my face with cling film (aka plastic wrap) over my face to help the cream absorb deeper into the skin, with an area cut out for my mouth.
stephie :betterpride_flag:
3 days ago

Auch in #Kanada kommt der sogenannte "Kulturkampf" gegen die Rechte von #trans Personen an. Politiker der Konservativen greifen das Thema auf übernehmen Rhetorik aus dem Nachbarland.
Nun hatten Anti-Trans-Aktivisten zu landesweiten Protestmärschen aufgerufen.
Der sogenannte "1 Million March 4 Children" traf glücklichweise auf viel größere Gegenproteste. Besonders Gewerkschaften stellten sich den Transfeinden entgegen.

Chelsea Thompto
3 days ago

One of the most frustrating and constant aspects of being a #transwoman in #highered is young cishet white (mostly male-identifying) students being openly dubious about my expertise and disrespectful at even the slightest hint of critical feedback. It is especially bad in the technical aspects of my teaching #webdev #creativecode .

This has been happening throughout my 4+ years as a full time faculty member and across all institutions at which I have taught.

#academicchatter #academia #trans

Hey babe, do you have a tramp stamp?

Me nervously trying to sound cool: no…but…I have slut stickers!

Anyway, I'm now calling my HRT patches "slut stickers"

#Trans #Transgender

Geordi La Forge meme where he's saying no to "HRT Patches" and yes to "Slut Stickers"

Trans creatures of the fediverse: Did you change your last name too? (I don't care about legal status. What do you ask creatures to call you; what do you write on forms when it doesn't have to match an ID card?)

​:boost_requested:​ for visibility
#transgender #trans #namechange #poll

Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 days ago


If a partner wants you to choose between transitioning & staying with them, they don't truly love you.

If they did, they'd want you to be the real you & be happy, even if it potentially caused your relationship to end.

No truly loving partner would prioritise their needs over yours.

Please choose to be yourself: not what a partner wants you to be :TransHeart:

#trans #transgender #transition #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

3 days ago

Oh, and one thing: Please never say (or vocally disagree when others say) that you don't know any #queer or #trans people.

You do.

But in the current climate (or maybe just around you), these queer people don't feel comfortable being themselves, so you may not see them. Being invisible is bad enough, but don't deny our existence.

I am queer. But my colleagues, my neighbours, parts of my family, even some (distant) friends don't know that I am queer. Some may have their suspicions, others will have no idea. But I'm not openly queer around them because I don't feel sufficiently safe.

Steffen Christensen
3 days ago

Update #2: my eldest has received a bouquet of flowers with the trans colours in it along with a card that reads, "I'm sorry people suck sometimes."

People do the nicest things.
#parenting #LGTBQ #trans

A photograph of a glass jar with brilliant flowers in the colors of the trans flag on a wooden table with a white wall with vertical wainscoting in the background.
Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
3 days ago

If eyes 👁️ are the 'window to the soul' huh?

There's no onus for trans women to be weak, smiley, dysphoric, angsty, fit any stereotype, to conform, give a toss about blahajs, or be anything at all for you. We simply 'are' who we are, period

#Trans #TransAtFifty #TransAuthenticity

CW: selfie, direct eye contact

A selfie of a brunette trans women in a red blouse with a pendant heart shaped necklace and pink lipstick. Her grey-green eyes are cool and piercing
Joscelyn Transpiring
3 days ago

Any #LGBTQ, #Trans, #Nonbinary, or #Queer people in #SanDiego, CA that would be interested in practicing or learning martial arts?

I've been thinking I would like to get back into practicing martial arts and would love to maybe host an informal group so I have people to practice and learn with! I practiced Taekwondo and Judo for over a decade, once upon a time, and used to teach back in my early 20s....but I am really out of practice and out of shape, so I need folks I can feel comfortable exercising and learning with.

I have a space in my garage and could easily get some mats and a punching bag. I would host and teach for free, and would be happy to adapt what we do to anybody's accessibility or disability needs. Not a sure thing yet, but would there be anyone interested in these parts?

(Please Boost to help me find people)

#MartialArts #Taekwondo #Judo

3 days ago

Wendy Carlos won multiple Grammy awards for pioneering the use of synthesizers in her music. She composed the original soundtrack for Tron. She also happened to be trans.

Read more about Wendy Carlos here:

Alt text: Photo of Wendy smiling at the camera with surrounded by keyboards and computers. Text as in post.

#ThrowbackThursday #TransHistory #Trans

Photo of Wendy smiling at the camera with surrounded by keyboards and computers.Wendy Carlos won multiple Grammy awards for pioneering the use of synthesizers in her music. She composed the original soundtrack for Tron. She also happened to be trans.