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Please if you see this help me get some food and medicine, I am a Transgender person who is in a difficult time💔🏳️‍⚧️
#MutualAidRequest #MutualAid #HelpFolksLive2023 #translivesmatter #TransCrowdfund #Transgender #trans #help #crowdfunding #fundraising #urgent #Food #medicine

Keith 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

As I already previously asked on reddit: Who assigned her as gate keeper on such matters? Her transphobia is disgusting. A transwoman is a woman and people like #MartinaNavratilova have no right to attempt to erase their lived experiences.


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Urgent I have to pay the rent right now🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

There is only $100 left to cover the rent, we are very close, please, this is desperate, could someone send them right now, I beg you, I don't have more time💔🙏🏽

#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #translivesmatter #HelpFolksLive2023 #fundraising #crowdfunding #trans #rent #urgent #Donate @lgbtqbookstodon @mutualaid


1 week ago

Heute Anhörung zum Selbstbestimmungsgesetz im Ausschuss für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend des Bundestages! Wir sagen, das #Selbstbestimmungsgesetz muss diskriminierungsfrei sein!
#translivesmatter #selbstbestimmung #selbstbestimmungsrecht

Selbstbestimmung geht uns alle an, weil sie uns ermöglicht, Entscheidung über unser eigenes Leben zu treffen und somit die individuelle Freiheit und Autonomie eines Menschen zu schützen. - Ricarda Hofmann, Podcast Busenfreundin
Selbstbestimmung geht uns alle an, weil immer noch viel zu viele Menschen nicht verstehen, dass Geschlecht sozial konstruiert ist. Wir gewinnen alle, wenn diverse sexuelle Orientierungen und Geschlechtsidentitäten selbstverständlich werden. - Volker von Witzleben, Ben & Jerry's Social Activist
Selbstbestimmung geht uns alle an, weil die freie Wahl des Geschlechtseintrags ein wichtiges Persönlichkeitsrecht ist. Das Selbstbestimmungsgesetz ist ein wichtiger Beitrag zur offenen Gesellschaft und stärkt die Demokratie. - Leni Bolt, Coach und Autorin
Selbstbestimmung geht uns alle an, weil es um das Grundrecht geht, in der geschlehtlichen Identität respektiert zu werden und ohne Diskriminierung leben zu können. Kalle Hümpfer, Bundesverband Trans*
Rawr eBooks
1 week ago

the kids had a Substitute for that last week, and No one else Basically. good #translivesmatter Day. STEAM Vents and Azusa, lost but Seeking.

#DoctorWho My favorite scene in the new episode is the kitchen discussion between Donna and her mother about whether or not it’s okay to call Rose “gorgeous.” It is packed with human interpersonal navigation and the dynamics of mother-daughter love. It’s complicated. #TransLivesMatter #Motherhood #Daughter

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Let's go friends, all united to be able to reach the goal, there is not much time left, there is only $530 left to be able to cover this month's rent and be safe. I beg you, please donate and share🤞🏽💔
#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdfund #settlersaturday #translivesmatter #HelpFolksLive2023 #crowdfunding #Transgender #fundraising #urgent
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Dit is de teneur van veel PVV stemmers, van heel extreemrechts. NSC vindt het goed als het maar in wetten verankerd ligt. #FightRacism #FightFascism #FreePalestine #TransLivesMatter

Sebastian Kruis
Den Haag de-islamiseren i.p.v. de haat faciliteren. 
Huis voor huis, straat voor straat, wijk voor wijk #DenHaag weer vrij maken van deze geimporteerde haatideologie.  
Keuze is simpel: aanpassen of wegwezen! 22 november is D-DAY. #StemPVV
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Good morning friends, I am still behind on my rent, please I need to get the money soon otherwise you will throw me out on the street, I beg you for a little help since I need around $600 to cover the rent, I hope the good people can you help me in this difficult time🏳️‍⚧️💞
#MutualAid #translivesmatter #TransCrowdfund #trans #rent #HelpFolksLive2023 #LGBT @lgbtqbookstodon @mutualaid$BlackTransss

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Friends it is the worst thanksgiving night of my life as I am alone in the dark and in danger of losing my home again, I can barely eat please can someone help me on this special day to keep me safe and stay in my home please💔

Please feel free to donate and share🤞🏻

#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #translivesmatter #ThanksGiving #HelpFolksLive2023 #trans @lgbtqbookstodon @mutualaid$BlackTransss

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I'm so scared I don't want to lose my home ever again it's the hardest thing in the world there are a lot of bad people out there who just want to hurt me just for being a different person please don't hesitate to help me stay in my home.
#BlackLivesMatter #rent #MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #translivesmatter #trans #crowdfund #MutualAidRequest
@mutualaid @Yehuda @IndigenousMutualAid

PinkPain 🏳️‍⚧️
2 weeks ago

Wir Gedenken unserer Geschwister!

Unter dem Link findet sich eine Lister der bekannten #trans Opfer seit dem 1.10.22 #TDoR2023 samt Todesursache.

#trans #transawarenessweek #translivesmatter #transrightsarehumanrights

Transgender Day of Remembrance

* aka International Transgender Day of Remembrance
* observed Nov 20 annually
* memorializes those who been murdered as a result of transphobia
* founded to draw attention to continued violence directed towards transgender people.

TDOR: In Memoriam

#TransgenderDayOfRemembrance #TDoR #TransLivesMatter #BTLM #BlackTransLivesMatter #transphobia #ACLU #GLAAD #NCTE #DurhamGenderAlliance

2 weeks ago

Today, on Transgender Day of Remembrance, we honor those lost to anti-transgender violence. Started in 1999 to commemorate the lives of Rita Hester and Chanelle Pickett, TDOR reminds us of the ongoing struggle against transphobia. Let's stand in solidarity, remember the lives lost, and strive for a world that respects and protects all.

#TransDayOfRemembrance #translivesmatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransRightsMatter #lgbtqia #solidarity #tdor

Mongoose painted in colors of Trans Pride flag carrying a snake in its mouth. Reads: I'll tread Where I Please.

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance, where we reflect and celebrate the lives of those we have lost. It impacts us all differently based on our experiences, but it always helps to have supportive friends and family.

As the culmination of Trans Awareness Week, it is also an opportunity to continue to highlight our struggle to the wider community in the hope that we can save lives. Let's try and change the statistics around violent crime and suicide by first educating each other. Visit to learn more. #trans #transrights #tdor #tdor2023 #TransRightsAreHumanRights #translivesmatter #transawarenessweek #narrativecuriosity

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance 2023.

Today, trans people worldwide gather to remember those we have lost to violence and discrimination in their many forms during the past year.

Here in #Bournemouth we will be meeting for our own TDoR candelight vigil at 6pm. Please spare a thought for those doing the same in your own village, town or city.

#SayTheirNames #TransLivesMatter #TDoR #TDoR2023

A collage of photos of some of the trans people we have lost in the past year.

Dr Annetta Mallon
2 weeks ago

Today is Transgender Day of Rememberance.. Advocate, speak up, protect, build safer, kinder communities and help to bring the number to zero.

#GDEP #TransLivesMatter #TransgenderDayOfRemembrance #Inclusion #visibility #love community

A Prussian Blue cracked ice background with text in the blue and pink stripes of the trans flag. "November 20. Transgender Day of Remembrance. Vale"
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2 weeks ago

Urgent Trans Help 🏳️‍⚧️💞

Could someone help this poor trans girl? I haven't been able to sleep for days since I don't have my medication for depression, I can barely eat and it's costing me a lot. Could someone please send me $100 tonight so I can be at peace and be able to buy my medication and food?
#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #Transgender #translivesmatter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMastodon #trans #settlersaturday$BlackTransss

2 weeks ago

One of the kids I thought in middle school Sunday school has died. I don’t know all the details. The funeral is on Wednesday. I don’t know the full story at all, but my heart is fucking broken.


Dave Awl
2 weeks ago

I know I'm late posting this, but this really is a heroic speech. Short but very eloquent and clearly from the heart. This guy (speaking in support of his trans daughter and in opposition to anti-LGBTQ policies) is a model for supportive parents everywhere. If you haven't seen it yet, take a minute and watch. #translivesmatter

Erica Crooks
3 weeks ago

Instead of people fearing Transgender people, perhaps they need to educate themselves about Transgender people with proper information.
Here's some recommended resources that I know of.


_ Erica

#translivesmatter #trans #transgender #lgbtq #pride #transrights #transawareness #transgenderawareness

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Because no one wants to help me because so much hate against transgender people I have received more hate messages than help, I'm just trying to survive this cruel world today I will have to go to bed again without being able to eat and without my medications because everyone hates me It's difficult to be in this position, sometimes I would like to disappear from this cruel world😭💔

#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #crowdfunding #translivesmatter #trans @lgbtqbookstodon

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Please, friends, could you help me tonight to get the remaining $200 so I can buy some food and my medications. I have only been able to get $20 so far. Please, I am very hungry, help me💔🤞🏻
#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #HelpFolksLive2023 #crowdfunding #translivesmatter #settlersaturday #trans
@vantablack @mutualaid @lgbtqbookstodon$BlackTransss

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Please, could someone send me $220 so I can buy my medications and finally be able to eat something. I'm starving and I don't want to go through a depressive attack again. Please help me🤞🏻🏳️‍⚧️
#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #HelpFolksLive2023 #translivesmatter #BlackMastodon #LGBT #crowdfunding @vantablack @mutualaid @lgbtqbookstodon$BlackTransss

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Everything is going very badly. I have not been able to escape from this horrible city since everyone hates me. My medications have run out and I have no food. God, but what's happening? Everything is against my life, I have had to suffer too much😔

Please help me I need my depression medication urgently and something to eat.

Goal 220$
#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #translivesmatter #trans @mutualaid$BlackTransss

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@mutualaid Good night everyone I hope you can see this I am in the worst moment of my life I need urgent help I don't have to eat and I have to take some medications please I beg for help my family has turned their back on me and I don't know what to do I must fight on my own donate to this difficult fight🏳️‍⚧️💞

Goal for medicine and food:250$
#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #HelpFolksLive2023 #fundraiser #urgent #BlackMastodon #translivesmatter #help #Transgender @mutualaid @vantablack @BlackMastodon

“It’s easy to fictionalize an issue when you're not aware of the many ways in which you are privileged by it.” — Kate Bornstein

#lgbtq #transgender #transLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #StreetArt #UrbanArt #enby #gender #NonBinary

Mural of a rainbow unfurling around a number of non-gendered human forms representing different ethnicities.
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Any help can be fundamental for me, please consider sharing as much as you can and if you have anything extra, do not hesitate to donate. I am still very far from my goal and I would like to be able to get a little closer. I thank you all for any help. Happy and blessed day to day all 💞🤗
#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdfund #HelpFolksLive2023 #crowdfunding #translivesmatter #BlackMastodon #help #Transgender #UrgentHelp #trans
@mutualaid @vantablack @BlackMastodon

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TRANS HELP 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

I'm so sad, no one wants to help me, I haven't received any kind of help, I feel like I'm going to suffer a lot these last few days, being here in hell, no one loves me and everyone wants to mistreat me, I just want to escape far away, God I hope it's soon, I can't stand so much suffering💔😭

#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #crowdfunding #Help #translivesmatter #trans @mutualaid @vantablack @BlackMastodon$BlackTransss

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TRANS HELP 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️

I'm so sad, no one wants to help me, I haven't received any kind of help, I feel like I'm going to suffer a lot these last few days, being here in hell, no one loves me and everyone wants to mistreat me, I just want to escape far away, God I hope it's soon, I can't stand so much suffering💔😭

#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #crowdfunding #Help #translivesmatter #trans @mutualaid @vantablack @BlackMastodon$BlackTransss

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1 month ago

@mutualaid @vantablack God, I just hope that today is a blessed day for me and I hope that many people can see this and help me get out of this difficult situation. I thank everyone who has provided support. You don't know how difficult I am going through. I just want to make someone happy again day💞🙏🏼
#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdfund #translivesmatter #HelpFolksLive2023 #Transgender #BlackMastodon

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Urgent Trans Help 🏳️‍⚧️💞

This difficult week is almost over. I would like to end it in a good way. Please friends, could you help me change my life and get out of this horrible city. I would like to start from 0 since no one wants me here and I have had many problems. Please try to help me in any way💔
#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #HelpFolksLive2023 #help #crowdfunding #trans #translivesmatter @mutualaid @vantablack$BlackTransss

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1 month ago

Please, friends, I would like to change my life soon. I can't stand being here. People are very bad and want to hurt me. I want to start a new life somewhere else. I just want to be happy. I can't stand so much suffering. My family has turned their back on me and no one wants to help me. please help me friends💔😭
#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #crowdfunding #translivesmatter #trans @mutualaid @vantablack$BlackTransss

Warszawska Formacja Ⓐ
1 month ago

W SERCU KAKUMY - relacja osoby queerowej z obozu dla uchodźców

💜 W sercu Obozu dla Uchodźców Kakuma, miejsca przeznaczonego na schronienie dla uciekających przed prześladowaniami, społeczność LGBTQ+ stawia czoło przerażającym trudom. Życie tutaj nieustannie rzuca kłody pod nogi, a ciągłe wyzwania nie pozwalają ani na chwilę odetchnąć.

🖤 Kiedy uderza choroba, nadzieja staje się jedynie odległym wspomnieniem. Osoby LGBTQ+ nie mają dostępu do niezbędnych leków, a ich prośby o pomoc trafiają w próżnię, ponieważ personel szpitalny piętnuje ich nienormatywne tożsamości. Dyskryminacja towarzyszy im na każdym kroku.

💜 Niewielka pomoc w postaci 10 dolarów na osadę Kalobeyei, kilograma groszku łuskanego, jednego litra oleju kuchennego i zaledwie kilograma kukurydzy na cały miesiąc – tylko tyle czeka na przebywających w Kakumie. Te dostawy są brutalnym przypomnieniem ich statusu – nieudokumentowani i pomijani, uwięzieni w świecie, w którym nie mogą legalnie pracować.

🖤 UNHCR (Agencja ONZ ds. Uchodźców), organizacja mająca na celu udzielanie schronienia i wsparcia, wydaje się zapominać o swoim zobowiązaniu wobec marginalizowanej społeczności queerowej. Inne osoby otrzymują dokumenty, podczas gdy osoby LGBTQ+ pozostają wykluczone, padając ofiarą instytucjonalnej homofobii.

💜 Jednak trudności nie kończą się na głodzie i braku dokumentacji. Obóz Kakuma jest miejscem nieopisanych okrucieństw – lesbijki padają ofiarami gwałtów, transkobiety są siłą rozbierane publicznie, a liche namioty nie dają żadnego schronienia przed atakami. Naruszane jest ich człowieczeństwo, a ich dobra są kradzione.

🖤 Podróż na targ czy do punktów wodnych staje się trudnym doświadczeniem pełnym niebezpieczeństwa i nienawiści. Niektórzy zostają zmuszani do małżeństw, których nigdy nie pragnęli, są przymuszani do rodzicielstwa, a jednocześnie pozbawieni prawa do edukacji swoich dzieci.

💜 Namioty, które miały zapewnić schronienie, oferują niewiele bezpieczeństwa i ulgi. Są bardziej jak kruche kokony, w których ci ludzie istnieją, narażeni na wrogość zarówno ze strony społeczności goszczącej, jak i uchodźczej. Są odrzucani jako „diabły” przez tych, którzy powinni okazywać empatię.

🖤 Obóz to miejsce, w którym głód to stały towarzysz, czysta woda to luksus, a prawo do życia i miłości w wolności jest odległym marzeniem. Świat musi wysłuchać tego wołania o pomoc, bo nigdy nie jest za późno, by rzucić światło na najciemniejsze zakątki rozpaczy i niesprawiedliwości, oraz dążyć do zmiany.

💜 W nieprzejednanych cieniach obozu, moje istnienie stało się męką dzieloną z innymi osobami queerowymi. Nasze dni były naznaczone nieustającym cierpieniem i rozpaczą. Byliśmy rozsiani po tym ponurym miejscu, narażeni na ciągłe ataki. Dla lesbijek była to przerażająca rzeczywistość gwałtu, podczas gdy osoby trans były przymusowo obnażane publicznie, poddawane okrutnemu oglądaniu przez innych. Nasze skromne domy zostały obrócone w popiół, pozostawiając nas jedynie z goryczą utraty.

🖤 Przetrwanie oznaczało posiadanie pieniędzy, aby kupić choćby kroplę wody, linę ratunkową, która często nam umykała. Leki, zwłaszcza te istotne dla nas, osób trans, były odległym marzeniem, niszczonym przez tych, którzy mieli nas chronić. Niektórzy z członków społeczności LGBTQ+ rodzą dzieci w wyniku niewypowiedzianej przemocy, a teraz te niewinne dzieci stoją w obliczu niedożywienia, a ich krzyki rozbrzmiewają w naszych koszmarach.

🇺🇳 Najbardziej przerażające jest to, że nasze cierpienie ma miejsce pod czujnym okiem UNHCR (Agencji ONZ ds. Uchodźców). Jej przedstawiciele milczą, a ich bezczynność jest bolesnym dowodem naszej izolacji i porzucenia. Jesteśmy desperacko zdani na pomoc z zewnątrz, na odrobinę nadziei w tej mrocznej, niekończącej się nocy cierpienia.

Zrzutka na pomoc uchodźcom w komentarzach 👇

#KakumaRefugeeCamp #QueerLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter #RefugeesWelcome

Queerowi uchodźcy w kenijskim obozie
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1 month ago

I hope to be lucky enough that many people can see this and help me in any way, feel free to boost and donate share with friends who can help I am alone in such a difficult time in my life I have no friends and my family turned their back on me for being a trans person praying that everything gets better soon thank you for what you can do for me💔🥺
#MutualAidRequest #HelpFolksLive2023 #TransCrowdfund #translivesmatter #crowdfunding #Trans
@mutualaid @vantablack

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1 month ago

@mutualaid @vantablack God please I'm tired of suffering I just want a little peace in my life and to be happy again, I don't want to continue sleeping on the street I'm so scared out here I don't want to continue suffering so help me in any way 💔🤞🏼
#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #HelpFolksLive2023 #crowdfunding #help #trans #BlackMastodon #TransCrowdfund #translivesmatter #emergency

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1 month ago

God, I have only received 1 donation of $15. I think I will have to go back to the streets. No one wants to help me. I feel like everyone hates me. I am a person like everyone. I wish everyone would help me and care about me. But not again will I have to go. to the street, many times I wish I was no longer here, no one loves me😭💔

@mutualaid @BlackMastodon @vantablack
#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #trans #translivesmatter

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1 month ago

Please, friends, it's already a little late. Could someone please send me $70 so I can sleep in a safe place? I don't want to continue on the street💔

@Tinu @mutualaid @BigAngBlack @vantablack
#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdfund #HelpFolksLive2023 #BlackLivesMatter #translivesmatter #Homeless #help #trans

Emily C Taylor
1 month ago

Reminder: there's another 2SLGBTQIA+ Rise Against Hate rally coming up this Sunday Oct 29 at the #YEGdt Legislature Building, noon-2:30pm, to advocate for the importance of providing 2SLGBTQIA+ education and safe spaces, and against the UCPs AGM resolutions which target 2SLGBTQIA+ youth. Those interested can find details and meeting location on Facebook:

#TransRights #TransRightsAreHumanRights

A t-shirt coloured like a trans flag which reads "TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS" in black is spread out on a wooden surface. Below it in the bottom right of the photo, a long-haired black cat is sitting with his front paws together and looking up at the camera with yellow eyes.
Keith 🏳️‍🌈
1 month ago

It's always so heartbreaking whenever I hear of stories such as this. Another trans woman of colour has been killed. She was killed by a passing vehicle last weekend. I suspect this was a targeted attack. My heart goes out to her family.


Even though I'm still working on writing up #TDoR2023 cases for next month's memorial vigils, names we will be remembering during #TDoR2024 are already starting to arrive.

It's neverending. 😭

#SayTheirNames #TransLivesMatter #TDoR

A screenshot of an Excel spreadsheet giving details of known #TDoR cases.
Erica Crooks
2 months ago



_ Erica

P.S. Happy early Pride 2024. ;)

#NationalComingOutDay #ComingOutDay #InternationalComingOutDay #LGBTQ #TransLivesMatter #LGBTQLIVESMATTER #NONBINARY #trans #transgender #queer #pride

And for more content from Erica Crooks
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The Official Erica Crooks Websites :
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This is the world I live in.
This is the world you live in.

And I'm scared.
I cry almost everyday.

I just want to be me.
I just want to live.
I just want to be free.


(And yes the video is audio only)

Chantal Coolsma
2 months ago

For British mastodon users. Boost for higher reach.

#TransLivesMatter #March #LGBTQ #london #UK #FCKTories

Prof Kemi FG
2 months ago

Pretty frequently I'll see "surgery regret" being used as a reason to delegitimze gender-affirming surgery, but I would like to remind all my fellow cis people that:

1) Surgery regret is an issue in ALL surgery, including, as the link shows, knee surgery.
2) Surgery regret in non-gender affirming surgery is literally orders of magnitude higher. 18% of people getting knee surgery regret it, in comparison to about 1% of gender surgery.

#TransLivesMatter #LGBTQ #surgery

2 months ago

It's the last day of September and we've raised over $3750 for #translifeline in memory of @nova. ❤️ PLEASE BOOST so that we can get as close to our $5000 goal by the end of the day as possible! You can give anytime right here:

#trans #transgender #transally #translivesmatter #transrights #transrightsarehumanrights #charity #charitystream #charity #fundraiser #fundraising #fundraisers #smallstreamer #smallcreator #twitchstreamer

2 months ago

We're now at nearly $3700 for #translifeline in @nova's memory! Let's keep this momentum going! Please give if you can, and repost so others are aware. This amazing org deserves all the support, so anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. ❤️


#trans #transgender #transally #translivesmatter #transrights #transrightsarehumanrights #charity #charitystream #charity #fundraiser #fundraising #fundraisers #smallstreamer #smallcreator #twitchstreamer

2 months ago
2 months ago

There's still a few days left in September to help us reach our $5000 goal for #translifeline in memory of @nova. We're at $3300 now. Will you help us reach even higher? Donate anytime at

Please give if you can and please share to help spread the word ❤️

#trans #transgender #transally #translivesmatter #transrights #transrightsarehumanrights #charity #charitystream #charity #fundraiser #fundraising #fundraisers #smallstreamer #smallcreator #twitchstreamer

Addendum 3

[video] How to handle family talks about gender identity

Gender identity is a topic that is coming up in the news often – and maybe at dinner tables as well.

Here’s what experts and one parent of a trans child say you should know about handling such a sensitive subject.

#Canada #1MillionMarch4Children #transphobia #TransYouth #TLM #TransLivesMatter #GenderIdentity #SelfIdentity #FarRight #ChristianRight #SOGI #neoconservatism

Addendum 1

[2023-09-19] B.C. human rights commissioner slams hate-fuelled anti-LGBTQ2S+ rallies planned in Canada

* protests against Canada's LGBTQ community planned across Canada 2023-09-20
* counter-protests planned
* 1MillionMarch4Children “standing together against gender ideology in schools” 🤨
* re: Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity taught, B.C. public schools

#Canada #SOGI #1MillionMarch4Children #transphobia #TransLivesMatter #FarRight #ChristianRight

Addendum 19
See also addendum 9

Saskatchewan judge to hear school pronoun policy injunction application

* lawyers for UR Pride, org. representing LGBTQ people in Regina, to argue in favor of injunction
* lawyers f. Egale Canada & McCarthy Tetrault LLP say policy violates 2 sections of Charter incl. equality rights & right to security of person

#Canada #Saskatchewan #transphobia #TransLivesMatter #populism #FarRight #CultureWars #neoconservatism #URPride #EgaleCanada

Addendum 20

Canada: Transgender rights deeply divide voters - most believe only 2 genders

Canada & Culture Wars: On gender, >1/2 say person is M/F, but 1/3 say that’s too limiting

* Most accepting of child who wished change gender identity hesitant on hormone therapy >> Action4Canada
canada AND transphob*

#Canada #transphobia #TransLivesMatter #TLM #CultureWars #neoconservatism #FarRight #ChristianRight #Action4Canada*

canada AND transphob*

Boards of education
Liberty Coalition Canada
Focus on the Family Canada
Far-right politics in Canada
Peter Wallace
Maher Jebara
Mark Paralovos
Matthew Lee
Rasha Alnaqeeb
Blueprint for Canada
Canada Family Action Coalition
Paul Safi
Pat Suwalskiis
Terry Rekar
Patrick Allard
Todd MacDougall
Glen Armstrong
Paula Dametto-Giovannozzi
Conservative Party of Canada
Meet the Extremists and Social Media Influencers at the Centre of the Far-Right Siege of Ottawa
Ashley Darling
Barbara Perry
Shannon Boschy
ARC Foundation
British Columbia
Bill Whatcott
Chanel Pfahl
Emily C Taylor
3 months ago

#TFW there’s a demonstration to attend tomorrow and you have an old pink t-shirt lying around and also some bleach, blue fabric dye, and black acrylic paint. 🤔 And a helpful cat. 😄 #TransLivesMatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights #NoSpaceForHate #Maker #CatsOfMastodon

A trans flag coloured t-shirt lying on a wooden floor with black text reading TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS. A long haired black cat is lying on the floor beside the shirt looking up at the camera.
A t-shirt on a coat hanger hanging in the shower stall. It has a bleached white stripe in the center, two pink stripes on either side of that with a regular bleach spots, and the top and bottom are a teal blue, which is still drying.
A section of blue, pink and white T-shirt folded around a cutting board, with adhesive transparent vinyl stuck onto it. A paint brush is brushing black paint into the cut outs in the vinyl, which reads “trans rights”. A stencil for the word “are” is beneath waiting to be stuck on next.
a utility knife lying on a partially unrolled cylinder of adhesive transparent vinyl (available for only $1.30 at your local Dollarama)
Emily C Taylor
3 months ago

Please join if you are available for the #TransLivesMatter counter protest happening TOMORROW across Canada.

Edmonton details:

Canada-wide details (attached image - double check your local sources, I have not confirmed all these)
#TransRightsAreHumanRights #NoSpaceForHate #YEGevents #ABpoli #YEG #CanadaPolitics


Wednesday, September 20 (local time) 
8:00 AM 
- Montréal: Roddick Gates, McGill University 
- Sarnia, ON: City Hall 

8:30 AM 
- St. John's, Nfld.: Confederation Bldg. 
- Corner Brook, Nfld.: City Hall 
- Toronto: Barbara Hall Park 

9:00 AM 
- Sydney, N.S.: Regional Municipality Bldg. 
- Ottawa: Supreme Court of Canada 
- Kingston, ON: Confederation Park 
- Peterborough, ON: City Hall 
- Toronto: Queen’s Park (same as above!) 
- Guelph, ON: City Hall 
-  Kitchener, ON: City Hall 
- London, ON: 1250 Dundas St. 
- Edmonton, AB: 111 Ave./142 St. 
- Kamloops, B.C.: Kamloops Courthouse 
- Terrace, B.C.: 4620 Loen Ave 

10:00 AM
- Halifax: City Hall 

11:00 AM 
- Charlottetown, PE: Allen St. Sobeys parking lot 

12:00 PM 
- Whitehorse, YT: Yukon Legislative Bldg. 
- Vancouver: Vancouver Art Gallery 

3:00 PM
- Victoria, B.C.: Provincial Legislature Bldg. 

Protest safely!
Deep State Dude
3 months ago

Just a quick reminder that absolutely NONE of your problems in life are because trans people exist.

Get a life, grow up and mind your own effing business. 🏳️‍⚧️

#stoptransphobia #Transgender #translivesmatter

Addendae 1

Alabama Judges Use Abortion Ban Logic to Block Care for Trans Minors
Beginning to see the appalling legal consequences of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision

* trio of appeals court judges allowed Alabama’s ban on gender-affirming care for minors to go into effect

#SCOTUS #TransHealthcare #TransLivesMatter #neofascism #ChristianRight #WomensRights #abortion #Roe_v_Wade #Alabama #transphobia #transgender #GenderIdentity

Trans woman goes undercover in Spokane hate church. What she uncovered should scare all of us

* Video essayist Jordan L. went undercover to infiltrate Sure Foundation Baptist Church
* known for viral sermons calling for the execution & public hanging of parents of trans children >> search: "baptist church"

#ChristianRight #evangelicanism #FarRight #transphobia #TransLivesMatter #extremism #CultureWars #SureFoundationBaptistChurch #BaptistChurch

I. E. LaBailey
5 months ago

#fundraising #mutualAidRequest

Hi everyone on reading the public account!

This pic below of a person with red hair is my friend Ruby, one of my dear friends and really a firecracker of a human being. She's doing really well, that is except that the damn VA can't do much more to pay for her meds and etc to complete her transition.

Luckily, since Ruby and I live in one of the few free states left in the USA,
🌲🦫🦆 the expenses for Orchi, FFS and contouring can be quickly met, although the price tag is still in the thousands of dollars.

And as you may already know, once we jump this hurdle its smooth sailing form here on out, as far as quality of life is concerned and it's excelsior from there.

I did some more and found out that basically if everyone who follows
just me on the all the socials were able to kick in a $20, this fund drive would be over in a day. Let's make it happen! Click the link below (be sure to "boost-and-star" as well, plz) and I hope all our dreams come true. Thanks! ​:trans_heart:​

#LGTBO+ #TransLivesMatter #TransJoyMatters #Fundraising #Helping #surgery #GoFundMe

(pic poetry: reverse image of a pink-skinned woman with crimson-red long, straight shoulder-length hair, wearing a black t-shirt that says "Shape shift with me" holding a red mobile device in their left hand to take a selfie. Eye contact, with a smirky smile.)

Ariel Salminen
5 months ago

In the other news, Airbnb yesterday kindly edited my new name and pronouns into all of the reviews I’ve received over the past 12 years. Fuck yes. 😍


This is one in a sea of hundreds of such posts you have seen.

I am trans, suffer from extreme depressive disorder and just over one year sober.

I have crippling social anxiety. Finding work is a bit harder than it needs to be.

I would super appreciate help with rent, medical and quality of life.

Venmo/CashApp help is most immediate and useful.

I still really need $400 a.s.a.p. -I lost the overdraft protection I was given to medical. New medication was really expensive. $400 would cover costs for a few things and relieve pressure in general for about a month.


I have some in my gofundme towards my surgery, would be swell to have more to cover my FFS when that comes. There is a new time frame for this and it would be swell to have something secured before it gets too close.


My YouTube could help me get more cred and exposure. Please go Subscribe and share. Will up the chances of it growing better!


If you have any gig style job like voice acting, video edits, original music, graphic design (I am ok), writing for your OC or TTRPG or any number of things, let me know.

Seriously. I work fast and will be happy to work with anyone.


I have never had such a loving community. Never have had a community like this online. I would just drift alone in the cyber ocean. It now feels like I am traveling with some of you.

If you have other social networks, please repost to those. I do not use fb, insta, whats, tic, twit, snap or generally anything other than Youtube and this.

🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖

VENMO - nailsthatglow
CASHAPP - $nailsthatglow

​🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖

My Venmo and CashApp will help with meds and living expenses. gofund me is most helpful for bigger stuff.

Much Love is felt! I have so much love for all of you!

Another big thanks to those that have helped me out so far!
It is wonderful to feel that support.

#trans #crowdfunding #lgbtqia #disabled #medical #transition #transfem #nonbinary #queer #Transgender #translivesmatter #writers #Neurodivergent #socialanxiety #transhealthcare #rent #Identity #writingcommunity

🦇​🖖🏳️‍⚧️🦇🖖​💜​🖤​🖖​​🖤​💜​ 🖖🦇🏳️‍⚧️🖖🦇​

I love you!

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VENMO - nailsthatglow
CASHAPP - $nailsthatglow

Purple and pink light on a space cat with a cute smile standing in front of a green screen

If I can get a dozen donations to my gofundme/venmo/cashapp combined by10PM PST, I will post two nudes tomorrow afternoon.

#trans #crowdfunding #lgbtqia #medical #transition #transfem #nonbinary #queer #Transgender #translivesmatter #transhealthcare


7 months ago

@GottaLaff they’re out to get anyone they can by abusing their power. They ignore scientific evidence & the majority of us are forced to deal w consequences. They need some consequences.
Going after an already overly vulnerable population. What’s more disgusting than that?
Man we need an overhaul.
And #FckHate #FckRepubliKKKans

🖖:heart_transgender:​ :flag_nonbinary:​ :heart_rainbow: ​Rent + Transition Help :heart_rainbow:​ :flag_nonbinary:​ :heart_transgender:​🖖

Rent and food to prevent over drafting and general emotional stresses. My girl busts her ass but we are riding below the line because everything I have goes to my medical.

Venmo/CashApp help is most immediate and useful.

Still need $400 for medical around the cormer.

Also now need $200 also for extra stuff.


I have some in my gofundme towards my surgery, would be swell to have more to cover my FFS when that comes.


Shopping for work is hindered by many things. I mostly have t-shirts and only two bras. Desperate to get more a more diverse wardrobe.


The job hunt continues. Still limited by social anxiety and depression and... well the world wants to kill trans people.


I have never had such a loving community. I also did not like myself in the past. It will be nice to help others in the same way one day.


VENMO - @nailsthatglow
CASHAPP - $nailsthatglow


If you have other social media, please share there.

Much Love is felt! I have so much love for all of you!

Another big thanks to those that have helped me out so far!
It is wonderful to feel that support.

#trans #crowdfunding #lgbtqia #disabled #medical #transition #transfem #nonbinary #queer #Transgender #translivesmatter

🦇​:heart_rainbow:​:flag_transgender:​ :flag_nonbinary:​🦇​

I love you!

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Stop the GQP & Fox News
7 months ago

Three academic all-stars in Iowa used their acceptance of an award from Gov. Kim Reynolds as an opportunity to troll her on-stage. The trio called out her transphobia and fetish for book bans. Impressive, Gen-Z... impressive!

#politics #uspol #uspolitics #genz #generationz #bannedbooks #ireadbannedbooks #education #students #kimreynolds #iowa #transphobia #translivesmatter #lgbtqia #lgbtq #transrights #trans #kimreynolds #iowa #news #currentevents

Iowa student next to Kim Reynolds. He is donning a shirt that reads "I read banned books" in blue lettering.