Oakland Privacy
14 hours ago

Atlanta police use Signal to discuss ‘Cop City’ amid outcry over transparency

High-ranking members of Atlanta’s police department have been using Signal, an encrypted phone app, to communicate about the controversial police and fire department training center known as “Cop City” – to each other, to other police departments and to companies involved in building the project, the Guardian has learned...

#Atlanta #CopCity #Signal #transparency

Sohan Dsouza
14 hours ago

From @BenjaminToff and @FelixSimon: 〝Rather than being rewarded for transparency, news organizations that disclose their use of these tools are perceived as less trustworthy and may therefore have fewer incentives to be so forthcoming.〞

#AI #genAI #transparency #media #news #ethics #psychology

#Lobbyismus - Wie #Amazon seinen Einfluss in der EU ausbaut

EUpolicy #ThinkTanks #Techpolicybyismus-wie-amazon-seinen-einfluss-in-der-eu-ausbaut/?via=nl
#EUpolicy #ThinkTanks #Techpolicy #Transparency

The #Government’s resistance to revealing the risks in their #NetZero plans, including #RishiSunak’s private jet controversy, suggests hidden flaws. The upcoming legal battle may force #Transparency, exposing the truth. Time for #Climate accountability.

#ClimateChange #COP28

I'm thrilled that the US regulators are taking such proactive steps to ensure the safety of our citizens with the proposed labeling system for AI healthcare apps! #SafetyFirst #AIHealthcareApps #Transparency #Regulation #WashingtonDC

Poetry News
2 days ago

Google steps up as they strive for more
and build a geothermal plant in the desert shore
Data and cookies, so much in store
Clicking "Accept" will open the door
To a transparent consent framework galore

#google #geothermalenergy #cookieconsent #transparency #iab #poetry

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
2 days ago

@adamshostack I think I forgot to toot that post last week, but yes, the notion that the IT for a county and corporation counsel can just decide not to disclose details of a #databreach to the residents who might be affected and to the county board is .... shocking and concerning.

My post about it all:

I'm guessing I won't be getting any Christmas cards from them...

#transparency #disclosure #notification #incidentresponse

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
2 days ago

Following up: I've also sent off a media inquiry to the American Bar Association to see if they can give me any clarification on this question.

I may be re-framing it incorrectly, but perhaps the question boils down to whether a lawyer can ethically and knowingly submit false information to a regulator and deceive victims of a breach in service of their client -- or if they are violating the ethics code for lawyers.

I've also sent an inquiry to the Maine Attorney General's Office to ask for clarification on Chapter 210-B §1348. Security breach notice requirements -- to ask what it means by determining the scope of an incident and whether entities can wait to notify until they have figured out everyone who needs to be notified -- even if that takes them 8 months or more. At what point is the scope determined and notifications must be made?

#ethics #lawyers #databreach #notification #disclosure #transparency #honesty #statute

I can't find the lists of countries pledging at #COP28 on #energytransition:

* 116 sign the Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge,
* 27 countries sign UAE Hydrogen Declaration of Intent,
* 52 countries sign Global Cooling Pledge

But the 50 companies that signed Oil and Gas Decarbonization Charter (OGDC) to reduce operational emissions are listed.

Checked media release PDFs for links to any lists. Nothing. I could only confirm Australia signed Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge from a DCCEEW media release.

Other journalists have also asked for the pledge lists. Nuran Erkul got the Renewables pledge from media desk (Image attached) which reveals No China. No India. No South Africa. No Turkey. No Indonesia.
#COP28 #Australia #Transparency #COP28UAE

COP28 Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge list of 118 countries, supplied from COP28 media desk, not available online as at 2 December.
Frederik Borgesius
2 days ago

‘Professor of epidemiology at Maastricht University is hired by the chemical industry through his wife's company… [The prof] is registered as a director at his wife's company. Maastricht University says it has not been informed.’ #academia #netherlands #transparency Original reporting by @nrc_nl

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
3 days ago

Why we need legislation requiring more transparency in breach notices, Saturday edition (Bluefield University):

#EduSec #Transparency #incidentresponse #databreach #cybersecurity #deception #FTC #HHS #OCR #HIPAA #HITECH #GLBA #security

I've listed some elements that I would like to see in legislation. Please add your own thoughts in the comment section under the post or here.

@brett @douglevin @funnymonkey @mkeierleber @BleepingComputer @eff

3 days ago
Steve Maclellan
3 days ago

Interference in science: scientists’ perspectives on their ability to communicate and conduct environmental research in Canada

Interference in science: scientists’ perspectives on their ability to communicate and conduct environmental research in Canada
climate change and pollution
3 days ago

#Texas Judge Orders Release of #Uvalde Shooting Records

For more than a year, the state Department of Public Safety has blocked the release of records that could offer more clarity into the police response.

The agency can appeal the ruling.

#Police #MassShootings #News #Lawsuits #Transparency #DPS #TexasRangers

Photo of Texas Department of Public Safety officers outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, on May 24, 2022. 

Photo credit: Marco Bello/Reuters
Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
4 days ago

The listing for plastic surgeon Dr. Jaime Schwartz has reappeared on the Hunters International leak site. Dr. Schwartz has not responded to multiple inquiries since October about this incident and there is no substitute notice or statement on his website -- even though patient data was already being leaked.

Has he notified patients? We do not know.

Has he notified HHS? We do not know.

#databreach #ransomware #extortion #HealthSec #cybersecurity #incidentresponse #transparency

h/t, @brett

(Edited to delete statement that Schwartz's identity info is also now listed, as @brett alerted me that it was listed even before now.)

Mattis van 't Schip
4 days ago

If anyone has access to the agreement text... it seems I cannot find it on the EU websites and posts. #transparency

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
4 days ago

Proliance Surgeons in Washington notified HHS that 437,392 patients were affected by a #ransomware attack that encrypted files and systems and resulted in some files being exfiltrated.

Their undated website notice about the incident does not disclose when the attack occurred or was first discovered, but it appeared to be earlier this year (circa February). They first notified HHS on November 20.

The information involved includes individual names, and one or more of the following: date of birth, Social Security number, medical treatment information, health insurance information, phone number, email address, financial account number, driver license or other identification information, and usernames and passwords.

I haven't seen any group claim responsibility for this breach and Proliance does not state whether they ever negotiated with the unnamed TAs or paid them. Has anyone seen any group claim responsibility for this one?

Questions to Proliance have been sent.

#databreach #incidentresponse #ransomware #transparency #infosec #HealthSec #cybersecurity #HIPAA

@brett @BleepingComputer @jgreig

Johannes Bahrke
5 days ago

RT by @jb_bax: Important trilogue tonight on #MediaFreedomAct 🇪🇺

Time to find agreements on:

🔹 Right to media #plurality

🔹 Media ownership #transparency

🔹 Editorial #independence safeguards

🔹 Relationship with VLOPs

🔹 Governance

Our goal: strengthen media freedom & pluralism in 🇪🇺


[2023-11-29 19:41 UTC]

6 days ago

To restore trust in government and in the political institutions, we need to make government more transparent!
#auspol #transparency

6 days ago

"It’s disappointing how often the major parties vote together to stop Australians knowing more about what actually happens in government."
David Pocock, Independent Senator #auspol #transparency

#Portugal : II Plano da Rede Nacional de Administração Aberta 2024-2027

Sugestões de melhoria dos serviços públicos.

Prioridades do #OGP (Open Government Partnership):

* Dar mais Poder ao Cidadão
* Aumentar a Transparência do Estado
* Combater a Corrupção
* Fortalecer a Democracia

#Portugal #PublicAdministration #ParticipaçãoCidadã #PubicParticipation #Transparency #survey

1 week ago

RT by @Cedefop: #Europass has tools and services that contribute to better #recognition of #VET #qualifications and #skills for example by adding #transparency.

A great seminar on the 28th of November on these topics by Cedefop and @eu2023es! Join the discussions.

#EuropeanYearOfSkills #EYS2023


[2023-11-27 19:16 UTC]

Idiot Business
1 week ago

"Unobscured Innovations Inc. - Introducing the world's 1st transparent conference table! No more guessing who ate the last donut. 💡 #idodiotic #businessideas #transparency"
#BusinessIdea #Business #Ai #Llm #LlaMA2

1 week ago

In the last year, #HealthCanada’s #PestManagement #Regulatory Agency has been criticized for not releasing #information about the #safety of #pesticides because #data are considered confidential business information.

This level of #secrecy contrasts with #Health #Canada’s efforts to improve #transparency related to therapeutic products.

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
1 week ago

It seems that Alphv (BlackCat) has re-encrypted Henry Schein, Inc. again. This appears to be the third time the TAs have locked the firm.

People may remember BlackCat's post ranting about Coveware and their alleged advice to Henry Schein that led to BlackCat re-encrypting Schein the first time.

On November 22, the firm announced another disruption.

To their credit, the firm is posting frequent updates on their site.

#databreach #infosec #cybersecurity #incidentresponse #transparency

@brett @campuscodi @BleepingComputer @briankrebs @GossiTheDog

Ken S
1 week ago

The defensiveness among Australian political circles is ridiculous.

Why can’t we admit failure, develop a new plan for more ambitious targets, and get on with it.

This unconstructive atychiphobia, treated by Dr Spin, is why Australia developed the fearful and evasive ‘Robodebt’ culture within the public service - which spends millions on spin doctors and drains funds so to procrastinate on FOI.
#AusPol #AusBiz #AusGov #ClimateCrisis #Robodebt #OrganisationalCulture #Leadership #PublicRelations #Transparency #Accountability

1 week ago

CERT-IN Goes Exempt From RTI Amid Apple Investigation and FinMin Server Breach

The Indian security establishment always followed a security through secrecy model. CERT-IN is also being fit into that model where no information is shared with anyone outside the security industry. Srinivas Kodali writes.

#CERTIN #RTI #transparency #DataBreach #FinanceMinistry #security #infosec #cybercrime #india

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
1 week ago

Mission Community Hospital issues notification for May 1 ransomware attack:

Once again, we see a notification that is not as transparent as one would hope. Nowhere do they even tell the patients this was a ransomware incident and data was exfiltrated.

#databreach #infosec #cybersecurity #ransomware #RansomHouse #HIPAA #incidentresponse #transparency #notification

@brett @BleepingComputer

Charlie McHenry
2 weeks ago

Maryland police union fights law meant to open disciplinary records - because of course they are… they’re cops. #police #policing #cops #Transparency #PoliceUnions

2 weeks ago

Tether, Bitfinex agree to drop opposition to FOIL request - Tether and Bitfinex say the decision not to appeal the Freedom of... - #transparency #bitfinex #newyork #tether #crypto #media #foil

2 weeks ago

*New #preprint*
"Let's be clear: Why and how to demonstrate data and methods transparency in nonprofit research"

Transparency means being honest and open about one’s practices. Transparency is considered a gold standard in the nonprofit sector and associated with a range of positive outcomes. We propose that transparency should also become a guiding principle for nonprofit scholars as a documented practice.

#transparency #openscience #preregistration #nonprofit

#NHSEngland has awarded a significant data contract to #Palantir, US tech co-founded by Peter Thiel. This decision has sparked controversy, considering Thiel’s critical stance on the #NHS and raised questions about #data security and #transparency.

Andrea Leong
2 weeks ago

New report from the Australia Institute looks at how we might reduce the power of $$$ in deciding who gets elected:

Great to see a recommendation for real-time disclosure of #politicaldonations — an obvious, straightforward, and much-needed reform.

I appreciate the research into the effects of donation caps and spending caps... Surprise! Established major parties are in the best position to exploit loopholes and maintain exorbitant corporate donations.

No offence, but organisers of small parties knew this.

#transparency and #accountability in government should be our first port of call.

#auspol #democracy

Sohan Dsouza
2 weeks ago

Also, all ticketed events and ticketing platforms should be mandated to advertise not the ticket price range, but the checkout price range (not accounting for any waivers).

For example, if tickets cost $10-$30, but total fees run between $5-$15, the only prices permitted to be publicized would be "$15-$45"

#fees #platforms #transparency #enshittification

Sohan Dsouza
2 weeks ago

For mandatory display on checkout screens:

Total: $ XX.XX

Net Transaction Split To Platform Corporation
On this transaction (max): XX%
Buyer/Rider/Diner/… Relationship
12mo: XX%
All: XX%
Seller/Driver/Restaurant/… Relationship
12mo: XX%
All: XX%

#fees #platforms #transparency #enshittification

2 weeks ago

Dark money think tanks hail ‘full expensing’ measure in autumn statement.

Opaquely funded lobbying group claims to be responsible for parts of Jeremy Hunt’s budget, calling it ‘amazing news’

#autumnstatement #economics #UKpolitics #transparency #thinktanks #whofundsyou

Emmanuel Veneau 📸
2 weeks ago

Thoughtful. Auch, France, August 2023.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #AsTheDaysGoBy
#photography #curtain #lace #transparency
👤 Virginie F.

A woman sits on a chair behind a lace curtain separating two rooms. In profile, she has her legs crossed and her chin resting on her left hand.
Todd A. Jacobs, CISM CISSP
2 weeks ago

This well-written article offers an interesting take from a business perspective, discussing the potential impact to other companies from the turmoil at #OpenAI. However, the overall lack of #transparency around the fiduciary and #governance issues at play means the publicly-available information from both OpenAI and #Microsoft is just #PRspin at this point.

Boards are responsible for oversight. I have yet to hear anything from either side that addresses whether such oversight was exercised properly or not; all the news is about finger-pointing, financial risks, and personalities. I hope others with #boardofdirectors and #csuite experience see through this, and aren't distracted by the colorful sideshow that's still unfolding.

Marlijn Gelsing
2 weeks ago

@avhuffelen interesting to learn more about EU's stance on open source technologies at and compare it to what e.g. Meta and OpenAI mean by open and source in yesterday's @DAIR stream #redress #regulation #transparency #ai #openingupchatgtp #education

2 weeks ago


Best to support media that have journalistic integrity. Providing fact-based news and insight enables the public (well, most of the public) with info to nurture critical thinking. Very important for today's youth.


"And finally, the code allows the conservative justices to say that the issuance of the code has already addressed the ethics issues, therefore backstopping their refusal to explain themselves to Congress.

It’s a code designed to quash dissent, not to bind the justices in any fashion."

#SupremeCourt #corruption #ethics #ClarenceThomas #GinniThomas #SamuelAlito #Alito #JohnRoberts #SugarDaddies #transparency #accountability #democracy

@jrm4 @bageera @BigAngBlack

And I think #Transparency and #Accountability is key here.

Not because #TheBadSpace lacks these but because we that's how it works best for everyone...

And I do welcome everyone to contribute to it in good faith.

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
2 weeks ago

Does claiming you were hacked when you had really just screwed up violate the FTC Act?

New: I have followed up on my recent OpEd with another example of misleading and deceptive notifications and why HHS and FTC can and should do more enforcement, but why we also need legislation enacted.

#databreach #infosec #leak #cybersecurity #HIPAA #HITECH #FTC #transparency #incidentresponse #unfair #deception

@brett @euroinfosec @amvinfe @BleepingComputer

Steve :verified:
3 weeks ago

Interesting report from Centre Think Tank on the transparency of think tanks.

Centre Think Tank describe themselves as follows:

"Centre is a centrist and moderate organisation. We support better public services and boosting business. This is similar to the Nordic countries which also have strong public services and support businesses."

One key finding:
"...We also saw that right wing organisations were less transparent than left wing organisations"

No shit sherlock!

#ThinkTanks #Transparency #WhosTalking

Front page of a report By Centre Think Tank. The report title is "Following the money"
sub-title "Who funds think tanks and how we can increase transparency"
There is an image of a giant pink piggy bank with a golden coin falling into its slot.
A young male sits in a bean bag and writes on a laptop on his knee

Not to mention that OS/1337 should really excel with #transparency and #reproduceability in that the first #release should be completely possible to #DIY from scratch by running a single #bash script that yoinks said sourcecodes, .config files and in the end spits out a working & #bootable #1440kB 3,5" #FDD image.

Nothing fancy but something useable - even if it's just a #dropbear #SSH #Client (aka. #dbclient) and the basic #toybox tools to get #IPv4 connectivity.

#OS1337 #Linux #embedded

Code The City
3 weeks ago

Last chance to book for #SODU2023, Scotland's only #OpenData event. Held in Aberdeen for its fourth year. We'll welcome the community from across Scotland and beyond to share, explore, plan, discuss, and investigate all aspects of open data, its sources, uses, and justifications. 

Don't miss out - book today, One-day tickets £15. Weekend £30. Student rates. Thanks DAMA UK and Scottish Government for their support. #innovation #transparency #citizenempowerment #community 

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
3 weeks ago

@euroinfosec Great! I think we need to identify what we consider the minimum necessary elements or conditions to be disclosed and also what kinds of deceptive language or possibly misleading language need to be flat-out prohibited.

Maybe you can do an OpEd on your site, too, and we can start to get more people publicly speaking up on this issue.

And fwiw, I think the #GDPR and Canadian laws are also too weak in terms of mandating disclosure and transparency. I actually got sued in a Canadian court and had a court order against me for reporting on a breach and disclosing info on it.

It didn't stop me, of course, but still, the presumption should be disclosure and transparency.

(For those who don't know me IRL, my dad always told me I was a "tough cookie." 😂 )

#databreach #disclosure #notification #incident response #transparency #FTC #HHS #OCR #SEC

@brett @douglevin @funnymonkey @zackwhittaker

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
3 weeks ago
Code The City
3 weeks ago

Next weekend it's #SODU2023, Scotland's only #OpenData event. Held in Aberdeen for its fourth year. We'll welcome the community from across Scotland and beyond to share, explore, plan, discuss, and investigate all aspects of open data, its sources, uses, and justifications. Don't miss out - book today, Single day tickets £15. Weekend tickets £30. Thanks DAMA UK and Scottish Government for their support. #innovation #transparency #citizenempowerment #community 

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
3 weeks ago

@amvinfe You raise some points about the Hopewell Area School District's lack of transparency following a ransomware attack by the Medusa TA. It looks like there's nothing on the district's site with any update and no local media news coverage since October 23 or 24. Thanks for covering this one and digging into the leaked data.

@douglevin @brett @funnymonkey @mkeierleber

#databreach #ransomware #transparency #incidentresponse #EduSec #infosec #cybersecurity

The Mayor 🏵️
4 weeks ago

There is a new post up on Patreon 🎉

Recommended reading for anyone who is interested in finding out how donations to the site are spent.

#Patreon #Mastodon #MastoHost #RunningCosts #Finances #Donations #Transparency #OsloTown

Code The City
1 month ago

We're almost at #SODU2023, Scotland's only #OpenData event. Held in Aberdeen for its fourth year. We'll welcome the community from across Scotland and beyond to share, explore, plan, discuss, and investigate all aspects of open data, its sources, uses, and justifications. Don't miss out - book today, Single day tickets £15. Weekend tickets £30. Thanks DAMA UK and Scottish Government for their support. #innovation #transparency #citizenempowerment #community 

1 month ago



Is there anybody there?


New on here so flailing around in the dark a bit.


What to do.

What to do.

Fuck it…I’ll just jump in the deep end and see what happens.

Introductions are always a good thing. They make it personal and that’s what it should be.

Not sure if they’re a thing on here but maybe they ought be - we might be kinder to each other.

So here goes.

Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start.

I’m the Bee Guy - the founder of the first and only true native wild bee sanctuary on the planet - The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland.

A not for profit social enterprise 24/7 365 advocating for native wild bees. Not about honey bees - they’re fine. Only on here for the #bees and the #planet. Heart on my sleeve, head in the stars, feet in a muddy puddle. Big plans. Need your support. Thoughtful brave disruption.

Language matters. As a species we’re more fucked than we can imagine so we need to imagine better.

We need to fight for the good things but we need to have fun in that fight.

You won’t find me with the usual enviro talking heads. They don’t get it. (I think I scare them).

So let’s save it all and have a fucking blast along the way.

We don’t need PowerPoint presentations we need #action. We don’t need #people that read off Powerpoint presentations we need people that read the room.

But above all we need #transparency, #empathy and #love for all #creatures.

Don’t do personal stuff on here really. Live for my kids/family. Don’t use my name simply because I don’t like it much. Socially awkward but I’ll wax lyrical forever for the planet. Not an expert. Don’t want to be. With what I know I drink to sleep.

That’s it.

For now.

Nice to meet you.

Have the best day you can.

Go #gentle.

‘I get knocked down, but I get up again

You are never gonna keep me down..’

P.S. The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland is the only certified #vegan #organic land in #Ireland.

Black and white image of myself The Bee Guy, seated, head leaning against left hand eyes down.
Black and white image of a bumblebee bum as the bee forages on a flower.
Code The City
1 month ago

Two weeks until #SODU2023, Scotland's only #OpenData event. Held in Aberdeen for its fourth year. We'll welcome the community from across Scotland and beyond to share, explore, plan, discuss, and investigate all aspects of open data, its sources, uses, and justifications. Don't miss out - book today, Single day tickets £15. Weekend tickets £30. Thanks DAMA UK and Scottish Government for their support.
#innovation #transparency #citizenempowerment #community

Kathy Reid
1 month ago

The @FAccT #FAccT2024 conference on #Fairness #Accountability and #Transparency #CfP is now open, submissions due 11th January 2024:

The conference will be in #RiodeJanerio in #Brazil 🇧🇷

(their #Mastodon account doesn't seem to have been updated as yet)

Jeff Brown
1 month ago

📢 Standing up for #Research and #Transparency! 💡🔍

A Berlin-based software developer, Travis Brown, is fighting to restore his suspended account on X (formerly #twitter after conducting vital research on the platform.

His account on X was suspended on the grounds that the research he carried out on the platform was in violation of the company's terms of service.

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
1 month ago

Exclusive: Advarra hacked, threat actors threatening to leak data:

#databreach #cybersecurity #infosec #PHI #incidentresponse #transparency

This is an ugly incident also involving harassment... please consider not just reproducing any claims about named individuals without redacting names.

@brett @BleepingComputer @briankrebs @campuscodi @jgreig @vxunderground

1 month ago

New executive order, issued by President Biden, outlines broad actions aimed at establishing standards for AI safety and security #AI #data #transparency #OpenAI #LLMs #policy #POTUS #regulation

chip with a blue electronic brain on it
Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
1 month ago

@douglevin @brett @funnymonkey @michaelfklein

Anon student or some hacker fomenting action?

CCSD parents, students, and employees may be even more upset when they read my new post this morning.

Exclusive: Hackers claim they still have access to Clark County School District, and reveal more details about hack and stolen data:

@brett @douglevin @funnymonkey @campuscodi @BleepingComputer @jgreig

#CCSD #hack #extortion #EduSec #databreach #incidentresponse #transparency

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
1 month ago

Hackers escalate: leak 200k #CCSD students' data; claim to still have access to CCSD email system:

More data was leaked, so this post is an update on the situation with Clark County School District.

#databreach #cybersecurity #transparency #infosec #extortion #incidentresponse

@brett @douglevin @funnymonkey @BleepingComputer @jgreig @campuscodi

1 month ago

#Development #Releases
CSS ‘prefers-reduced-transparency’ · Chrome 118 introduces a new media query feature

#WebDev #Frontend #CSS #MediaQueries #Transparency

1 month ago

The Nature Positive Plan, data and consultation

Reforms to the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act must enshrine a fair say for the community

"Meaningful public participation – involves restoring trust in the system. This requires transparency, proper consultation, and the public’s right to challenge decisions in the courts".

"Meaningful consultation requires time, expertise, and properly funded expert bodies that can build a culture of continuous improvement. Again, Australia’s record to date has been piecemeal and poor."

"To get agreement, we need a better way than the standard project-based approval processes and private negotiations between developers and landowners. The underlying principle must be that all citizens, not just directly affected groups, bear the burden of advancing the common good."

"These elements are: good environmental information, regional environmental planning and meaningful public participation."

"Australia lags badly in gathering and assembling essential environmental information. Without it, we are flying blind."

#consultation #energy #transition #electricity #laws #roads #protests #climate #NaturePositive #data #renewables #governance #transparency #rights #EPBCAct #conservation #biodiversity #PublicParticipation #extinction

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
2 months ago

@douglevin @brett @funnymonkey

From a news story by News12:

"Team 12 Investigates uncovered that Mattituck-Cutchogue was one of six Long Island school districts to suffer from ransomware attacks in 2022. Three of those incidents were never publicly reported.

Through a records request, we found that cybercriminals hacked into surveillance systems at Merrick, North Merrick and New Hyde Park school districts in April of last year.

The ransomware compromised video servers, disabled lockdown systems and impacted badge access. Some of the systems were down for more than a week before district officials discovered the breach.
The districts reported that no public notification was required because no personal data was taken."

Read more:

#EduSec #cybersecurity #transparency #disclosure #ransomware #databreach

Todd Battistelli
2 months ago

Corporations: “We take equity concerns so seriously that we’ve classified all related data as propriety. That way, we’ll innovate better. Trust us, we’re doing great work.”

#equity #DEI #BusinessCommunication #transparency

Jérémy Garniaux
2 months ago is back online after a 3 hours break, sorry about the inconvenience!

Our provider @mastohost ran into a hardware issue that is about to be fixed, and in the meantime he redirected the traffic to another functional host.

Please see this thread for details:

#mastoAdmin #transparency

This NC republican-fascist law absolutely violates the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments, and likely the 1st Amendment.

Be watchful.

Our #democracy is fragile & in the crosshairs of those who wish to see it crumble so they can have more power.

Pay attention!

This👇🏻 is #NorthCarolina where they want to bring the curtain down on #transparency

Republicans did the same thing in Florida. And, I started to look at all the Red states and laws that have been passed and they're all doing it. Arkansas limited the FOIA too along with a few other no-good things, Texas as well.

2 months ago

#Virginia Law Allows the Papers of #University Presidents to Stay Secret, Limiting Public Oversight

A provision in state law exempts college presidents’ “working papers and correspondence” from disclosure even after they step down — as we found out when we asked about one ex-president’s role in campus expansions that uprooted a Black neighborhood.

#Education #Colleges #Transparency #EminentDomain

Cory Doctorow
2 months ago

That's where medievalist @DrEleanorJanega comes in, and her "Against Voltaire, or, the shortest possible introduction to the Holy Roman Empire" is a banger:

Now, while it's true that #Enlightenment thinkers gave medieval times a bum rap, it's likewise true that a key element of Enlightenment justice is #transparency: justice being done, and being seen to be done.


Ken S
2 months ago

Generally respect Jenna Price’s op,
but this one is terrible: the thought that any respectable journalist suggest ‘never put anything in writing’.

The rule is that all respectable Public Servants in liberal democratic societies should follow is ‘Everything is in writing. If not, then the public will ask “Was due process followed?”, and if FOIs are resisted the public will ask “What are you hiding?”.’

‘Four things belong to a judge…’ - Socrates.
Same can be said of the wider public service, about where their obligations are first and foremost.
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@breadandcircuses Thanks for excellent eye-opening excepts!

@sjgenco 's article definitely worth a read. The destructive 'Age of Oil' cycle of people + planet = more profits for the few. IMO, the few haven't realized that their cycle is destroying the economy.

🛢️​&⛽​ doubling down on extraction and to point of:

"The industry has co-opted the UN COP process so successfully that Saudi Arabia was able to remove any mention of phasing out fossil fuels from the 2022 IPCC report." #transparency

Of these two helicopters circling our neighborhood one is not showing up on radar at all and the other is showing up with "N/A" origin and destination.

Cool #government #transparency we have here in #Minnesota.

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How Columbia Ignored Women, Undermined Prosecutors and Protected a Predator For More Than 20 Years

For decades, patients warned #Columbia about the behavior of obstetrician Robert Hadden.

One even called 911 and had him arrested.

Columbia let him keep working.

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Exciting news 🥁: we’ve acquired database. Together, we will maintain high quality retraction data and make it openly available for the scholarly community. This is a major development, building on our continued commitment to, #opendata that fosters #transparency and #researchintegrity. All the details can be found on our blog,

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An inexcusable gap from breach to notification, or an excusable one?

Repeat after me: "Date of discovery" does NOT mean the date you completed any investigation. It is the date on which you first knew or reasonably should have known that you had a breach of unsecured PHI.

It is not a huge breach as breaches go, but Sightpath Medical's breach notification raises a lot of questions about compliance with HIPAA's Breach Notification Rule. I hope #HHSOCR investigates this one.

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from the intro:
#Lesbian feminists evaluating their representation in 1980s computer databases raised unique #privacy concerns, including fear of antifeminist backlash and wariness about the #stigma that could result from personal information falling into homophobic hands. To address these concerns, the Women’s Information Exchange promoted a burgeoning feminist data politics based on user control and #transparency about how and why information about individuals would be collected and stored.”

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3 months ago

Bienville Orthopaedic Specialists notifies 243,000 patients of cyberattack:

BOS notification doesn't mention ransomware at all or whether there was any payment demanded or paid, yet their listing was removed from Abyss's leak site, it seems.

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