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Latina immigrants reported high levels of social stress (largely attributed to immigration and discrimination) and exposure to traumas, which were significantly associated with higher levels of somatic symptoms. #Latina #Immigration #Stress #Trauma

Jack of all trades
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Latina immigrants reported high levels of social stress (largely attributed to immigration and discrimination) and exposure to traumas, which were significantly associated with higher levels of somatic symptoms. #Latina #Immigration #Stress #Trauma

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Latina immigrants reported high levels of social stress (largely attributed to immigration and discrimination) and exposure to traumas, which were significantly associated with higher levels of somatic symptoms. #Latina #Immigration #Stress #Trauma

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Latina immigrants reported high levels of social stress (largely attributed to immigration and discrimination) and exposure to traumas, which were significantly associated with higher levels of somatic symptoms. #Latina #Immigration #Stress #Trauma

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Latina immigrants reported high levels of social stress (largely attributed to immigration and discrimination) and exposure to traumas, which were significantly associated with higher levels of somatic symptoms. #Latina #Immigration #Stress #Trauma

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#healing can come from unexpected places. Check out #IFS #internalfamilysystems for #trauma #recovery help. #psychology #innerchild #lgbt A Self-Proclaimed 'Daddy' Helped Me Heal My Childhood Trauma

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This week's substack is about trusting your instincts, and how that can be difficult, both due to trauma, or actually, when you learn the habit of unpicking things in #therapy.

#SelfCare #MentalHealth #CPTSD #Trauma

Check it out (including free sample):

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Dunno how to tag or describe this but, I hate my parents. They're not worth hating. I want to forget. I want to waste less time hating them. It's been years. I don't know what, if anything, will help me let go.

Wrote this up on reddit. Didn't realize I was tearing up until I came here. Intellectually, they're gone. I know. Good as dead. But I'm still mad.

#trauma #mh #raisedbynarcissists #parents #parent #mentalhealth #psychology

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I like it when antagonists say correct things and the party agrees on the statements but disagree with the antagonist's actions/conclusion about what should be done. It's even better when the antagonist became like that because of a traumatic event that may or may not reveal a truth not even the party knows even when a character was involved during that time period.

#trauma #antagonists #RPGs

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[P] Here, this is the kind of thing I mean when I say that social identity is really evil. I'm not even allowed to talk about my own pain, about neurodivergence, about my traumas... I can only say the "right" things to say, which have been ordained as correct. It's apocryphal and heretical to talk about things that matter to me. Hence why I call myself pariah.

#psychology #dragons #trauma #autism

Emilio Alessio Loiacono
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🔵 Loren Schauers e l’emicorporectomia: l’amputazione di metà del corpo subita a 19 anni

👉 Leggi la sua storia:

#emicorpectomia #chirurgia #amputazione #trauma #EmilioAlessioLoiacono #MedicinaOnLine

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@seriouslyfab moi en pensant au velours côtelé : 😱😱😱 #trauma

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𝟭𝟭 𝗼𝗱𝗱𝗹𝘆 𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗰𝗶𝗳𝗶𝗰 𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗹𝗱𝗵𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝘁𝗿𝗮𝘂𝗺𝗮 𝗶𝘀𝘀𝘂𝗲𝘀 ...trauma issues that are 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘰𝘯 among many of us urban, Internet-connected contemporary people.

𝘛𝘩𝘦𝘺 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘯𝘰𝘵 to be ashamed of, and 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 𝘤𝘢𝘯 be coped with in day-to-day life.


#fz_webVideos #trauma #psychology #psychiatry

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To Jonathan Karp, the president of Simon & Schuster, which is publishing “#Enough,” #Hutchinson’s continued inner #conflicts are understandable: “This book is about #trauma, & about trying to #overcome trauma. And it was written in the white heat of the moment.”
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“How much can I speak to without hurting her?”

WaaPaKe (Tomorrow), a new #film by Dr. Jules Arita Koostachin, is having its world premiere at the #Vancouver International Film #Festival on Oct. 1.

It takes on the topic of intergenerational #trauma from the #residentialschool system and the resulting #parenting learned from #survivors.

WaaPaKe (Tomorrow) is also set to screen at the #imagineNATIVE Film + #Media #Arts Festival in #Toronto

#VIFF #Indigenous

A woman sits in a chair. She is surrounded by homey features, a lamp with a beaded shade, a photo on a table. Three pairs of footwear are featured, a pair of red high top sneakers, a pair of purple suede lace up ankle boots, and a pair of beaded moccasins with fur around the tops.
Queer Lit Cats
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New Yorker: Graham Swift on the Human Wilderness #NewYorker #Post-TraumaticStressDisorder(P.T.S.D.) #Books/ThisWeekinFiction #DisableInlineSignupUnit #MentalHospitals #Fiction #Fights #Trauma

3 days ago

I'm recalibrating, and I'm moving to complete my scoping review around these topics, which have cropped up as the project has grown: #fatjustice #eatingdisorder #trauma #BodyNeutrality

Jo Jitsu
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For all the #trauma I've been through, I have no hate or resentment to anyone. I just don't have a hateful heart.
More often I literally forget it. But when my traumas resurface, I'm reminded how little they cared for me, & too much trouble to fix what they broke. They looked away instead. Often justifying it. It reinforces why I distanced myself from them. I don't feel I owe them anymore grace & I don't hold them in debt to me either. I leave it to God to give us what we need when they refuse.

Drew Naylor
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#Xeno Protag Not Get Traumatized Challenge (Difficulty: Impossible)

#Xenogears #Xenoblade #Xenosaga #trauma

Shiri Bailem
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Saw this and had to meme it.


A single frame from a comic strip featuring Doctor Doom standing over a glass capsule containing another Doctor Doom saying "It is my gift to the world: Me. In case there is ever a crisis so dire that I alone cannot overcome it." There's text on the capsule that reads: "In case of global catastrophe wherein the Real Doctor Doom is indisposed, break glass." Below this frame is the text in large letters: Hyper-Independance and in small letters: (it's a trauma response)
Courtney Cantrell
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"Living in a culture that...actually shuts down people who are trying to build better things is a really isolating and destructive experience.

"...#ClimateChange is throwing...pain, #trauma, #stress, angst & cultural toxicity at us. It can breed distrust, apathy...nihilism & ...deep fear. Even for people who are experiencing the #ClimateCrisis at a distance, through the lens of the #media, there’s a medically recognised causal pathway to #depression, #anxiety & #PTSD.”

5 days ago
Peter Spork
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Über die epigenetische Vererbung von Traumata wird echt viel Unfug erzählt. Hier bei ARD alpha habe ich versucht, ein wenig aufzuklären.
#epigenetik #trauma #psychotherapie #geflüchtete #migration #kinder #prävention

Zumbador Art
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I finished a series of 8 illustrations today. They're for a piece my brother wrote to process a traumatic event. I was worried that he'd not like the approach I used but he's apparently pleased. So that's a relief.

It's been a while since I've done any drawings in Photoshop so this was fun.
#Illustration #trauma

White on black illustration of a cold chisel (photoshop drawing)
white on black illustration of a fist (photoshop drawing)
white on black drawing of a lotus flower (photoshop drawing)
white on black drawing of a maze (photoshop drawing)
Cindy Weinstein
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It's #WorldAlzheimer'sDay. How I love and miss and grieve for my dad every day and will forever. Let's make pictures like this -- the suffering so physical and emotional -- a remnant of the past. I cannot wait/we cannot wait for that to happen.


My dad with eyes closed, hands in fist-formation, one on top of the other, with an expression of pain.
Cindy Weinstein
6 days ago

It's #WorldAlzheimer'sDay. How I love and miss and grieve for my dad every day and will forever. Let's make pictures like this -- the suffering so physical and emotional -- a remnant of the past. I cannot wait/we cannot wait for that to happen.


Man with eyes closed and hands in fist-formation, one on top of the other.
Rabi'a Elizabeth
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A local #Cinema here in Granada is showing a revival of Victor #Erice's 1973 #Film "Spirit of the Beehive," which is obliquely about the way members of a family, parents and children, come to terms (or not) with the oppressiveness of the Franco régime. The film's plot and meaning can be opaque to the point of impenetrability, but it certainly succeeds in communicating the hauntedness of private #Trauma to the viewer.

I'm a bit tempted to see the film on the big screen now that I'm here in #Spain. But for me it hearkens back to a point in my life where my nostalgia / self-pity was nearly lethal. The hauntedness of the film resonated with that self-pity intensely.

If you haven't seen the film, it's worth a look because it is deservedly considered a classic of #Spanish #Cinema. But, for me, there are certain periods of my life I'd prefer not to revisit in any way ... and rewatching that film would take me back there.

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#family #CPTSD #trauma #recovery

youtube-therapist-patrick-teahan has done it again: he has made me get all verklempt first thing in the morning!

here, he talks about fathers who didn't protect the child from other abusive family members, but this can apply to any caretaker.

as one of the people in the comments said, "Dealing with the realization that the “good” (actually just slightly less outright terrible) parent didn’t protect you is so much more difficult than any emotions towards the “main” abuser."

in my family, my dad was the main asshole and mom was the one who urged me to just play along and take it. growing up, i always thought of me and her as "co-victims" together, but now i see that that's not the case at all..

and as some other commenters said, i also grew up thinking that most parents actually didn't like their kids. especially fathers. i thought that NO fathers liked their kids and that they were all pretending. it took my brother becoming a parent and me seeing what a good dad he was for me to realize that that wasn't true.

ancient saturday night live gif of the "coffee talk" lady saying "now i'm getting a little verklempt".
Janice Selbie
1 week ago

#motherhood #trauma #emotionalincest #enmeshment I have worked with many clients recovering from this painful dynamic. What Is A Devouring Mother? The Parenting Term Explained

Jo Jitsu
1 week ago

Every once in a while I am reminded of things I went through that were really awful, but I totally forgot, but still affect my body and emotions to this day. I've been through so much it's mind blowing even to me. But the body *does* remember.

#PTSD #C-PTSD #trauma

#88-year-old #Oregonian turns to #Psilocybin to heal from decades-old #pts #ptsd #trauma...

This is a must from #PBS #OPB #ThinkOutLoud for all those interested in #plant #plants #therapy #planttherapy #healing via a #mushroom #mushrooms #shroom #shrooms #trip...
And all those #ageist individuals who's own fear of growing #old makes them #prejudice against the #elderly....
At eighty-eight years #young #VivianAnderson is more lucid, open minded and forward thinking than most people half her #age!



Kidz Podcast
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Korrigierende Erfahrungen - manche Erfahrung ist so schlimm, dass korrigierende - andere Erfahrungen die Angst nicht verschwinden lässt. Und wenn sie 100 - ach 1000 mal gemacht werden


Abstrakte Kunst
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I'm theorizing that limited life span has prevented humanity fully understanding the generational impact of traumatic stress from #racism spanning thousands of years. I believe DNA expression such as #SCD is an example of epigenetics over long periods.


How stress hormones effect DNA
T. T. Perry
1 week ago

Enduring good memories of infant trauma: Rescue of adult neurobehavioral deficits via amygdala serotonin and corticosterone interaction


Rincón-Cortésc et al., 2015, PNAS,

"Our findings suggest that trauma-linked cues have an unexpected positive value in adulthood (i.e., antidepressant properties) and may provide insight as to why victims of childhood abuse are attracted to abuse-related cues."

#Trauma Parenting #Kids #Children #Family #Addiction #MentalHealth

OutOfExile_IDR § Unseen®™️
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"With Gentle Affect - Surviving Trauma"

Written with gentle affect and love for all:
Words can be a powerful thing. Sometimes we may say something unintentionally that can open the wounds of another. The range of emotion conjured, may sometimes be manifest in response. Sometimes it's an acquired instinct.

In a world that has become so full of hate, there are many that have survived great trauma. Words that may seem innocent, can be like thrusting the sharpest of double-edged swords, slashing open the heart's healing scars. Sometimes, if one pokes the hive, the bee is likely to sting out of instinctual self-preservation. It's important to be mindful of others we encounter. Only they may know the shadows that haunt within them.

Being an advocate is not an easy task. You're basically telling people what they may do is not right but, without advocacy, where does #change lie? Taking the brunt and standing firm for others that may not have the strength? If one day it may help to prevent others with invisible disabilities from being subjected, how can I remain silent.

With that said, the last time I checked, I'm human too. I have a brain, a heart and everything. I also don't harbor bitterness or resentment... It messes up the atmosphere inside.[]

"If one breaks one's leg, they may have trouble walking, patience and understanding is key. The same is true for the brain.
Today's installment was going to be about the brain and spelling. There's link to an interesting article below. I always welcome kind correction and thoughtful constructive feedback.

OutOfExile_IDR © 2022

Don't Foster misconceptions.
What goes wrong in the brain when someone can't spell:

Image by German Artist "finemayer".
Buy finemayer a cup?:

#Sensitivity #disability #TBI #InvisibleDisabilities #trauma #pain C-#PTSD #ActuallyAutisic #DisabilitySolidarity #equality
#accommodation #understanding
#disagreement #PeaceMaking
#communication #resolution #peace #consideration #coexist #healing #MentalHealth #patience

(Migrated reboot originally posted Dec 15, 2022)

Image of the Earth suspended in a field of indigo incandescent stars. The sun is shinning from the right of view. Daylight's dawn slowly makes it's Atlantic crossing from the edge of western Africa.

On the sunny side of earth, a lone dove looks down at the planet's surface holding the Proverbial olive branch in the customary place.

Artwork by: finemayer

This long-read pulls together many of the threads I've been seeing, as a professional in the people-care side of things.

So. Much. Trauma.
(and re-triggered of old trauma).

It's from a US viewpoint, whereas my perspective is also informed by the EU and Canada and beyond. But then, we're all also affected by the global media, so it's not surprising that it adds up to pretty much the same conclusions.

Plenty to think about.

Via @protimetheft
#trauma @lifecoaches

Wataru Tenkawa
1 week ago

"Research shows people who speak another language are more utilitarian and flexible, less risk-averse and egotistical, and better able to cope with traumatic memories."
How thinking in a foreign language improves decision-making
#language #trauma

pro time theft
2 weeks ago

Does it feel like things are weirder and more unpleasant than usual lately, the last few years, COVID, increased political corruption, everything?

Great article bringing to light all of the collective trauma we've felt in the USA and what I'm sure is everywhere in the world.

#trauma #CollectiveTrauma #politics #anger #covid #USA #Trump #politicians #rapists #polarized #America #SexualAssault #abuse

2 weeks ago

#anime #hell #CPTSD #trauma

i don't know if CPTSD made me #goth, but what i *do* know is that it's halloween in my heart all year long.

with that said, one of my favorite anime is "hozuki no reitetsu", a comedy that takes place in japanese hell.

it's like it was made for me & my interests.

anyway, if halloween also lives in *your* heart, you may enjoy the show:

content note: episode 3 has a fucked-up "gender panic" plot. i reeeeally hate the anime convention where 2 characters are trying to determine the gender of an ambiguously-gendered 3rd character. it is sooooo fucked up. and it's always used as a throwaway comedic thing. hate. it.

Sampath Pāṇini ®
2 weeks ago

American exceptionalism is the ability to memoryhole better than the rest of the world.

Forgetfulness is a trauma response.

So is cynicism.

#American #trauma #exceptionalism

2 weeks ago

As I'm reading through the (potentially triggering) statistics in this article, I'm struck by how much is relevant to me and my circle directly, and it's staggering to realize it all at once. #Pandemic #Covid #COVID19 #Trauma #GunViolence #MassShooting #MassShootings #OpioidCrisis #ClimateChange #NaturalDisasters #HurricaneHarvey #USPolitics

2 weeks ago

#CPTSD #trauma #recovery

if you have a mean inner voice, how mean is it?

Medien weisen manchmal vorab darauf hin, wenn in einer Geschichte Gewalt dargestellt wird. Das mag gut gemeint sein, hilft aber wenig oder macht es sogar noch schlimmer.#SozialeMedien #Medien #Medienpsychologie #Trigger #Triggerwarnung #Trauma #Gewalt #Angst #Medienkonsum #Computer #Handy #Smartphone #Film #TrueCrime #PsychologieHirnforschung
Triggerwarnungen wirken nicht so, wie sie sollen

Study links epigenetic changes to historic trauma in Alaska Native communities

* specific epigenetic differences observed in those in Alaska Native communities who reported experiencing most intense symptoms of distress wh. reflecting on historic losses

Association between gene methylation & experiences of historical trauma in Alaska Native peoples

#Alaska #Indigenous #epigenetics #CulturalGenocide #neocolonialism #trauma #genetics

Title: Association between gene methylation and experiences of historical trauma in Alaska Native peoples

Figure 2. The gene names associated with each significant CpG site were included in a pathway analysis indicating potential biological function using the reactome tool over-representation analysis. The genes were not significantly over-represented in any pathway, but four of the five genes were identified as involved in biological pathways, and this figure highlights the coverage of biological pathways in which these genes play a role. The genes were pleiotropic, meaning each gene likely has a function in more than one biological pathway. The pathways include roles in homeostasis, immune system, metabolism, signal transduction, transport of small molecules, muscle contraction, vesicle-mediated transport, metabolism of RNA, and chromatin organization



@mckra1g oh, I'm so sorry. 😢

I've seen an uptick in violence since the pandemic. I think financial & personal stresses have pushed ordinary people past breaking.

I'm so glad there's good teaching on handling #trauma right now.
Ex: NICABM periodically runs excellent free online courses \o/
And I have this one on my radar for this winter:

As a coach, I can reduce harm by helping people name what's happening to them and find appropriate support.
#iLoveMyJob #lifecoach

3 weeks ago

#family #CPTSD #trauma #recovery

i'm a fan of youtube therapist patrick teahan and his latest is a doozie: "when they take the abuser's side."

if you sucked in your breath or winced when you read the title, then you'll know what this is all about.

in my case, aside from many betrayals large & small, probably the biggest i've experienced (and continue to experience) is my mom's insistence that it is right & good to submit to narcissist dad.

she wants it for herself & she wants it for me. according to mom, i should be nice to dad and live in his fantasy world where he's a great guy and we all love and respect him. instead of the reality which is that he's such a schmuck that basically no one wants to be around him & he had to trap a woman (my mom) to have even a single person be his friend. she thinks that both of us should continue to preserve this magic experience for him where we're deferential and smile at him and do what he wants, all the way up until his death. she's signed up for that, and i am expected to do it as well.

so i guess that's kind of a life-long betrayal from my mom (who is a co-dependent, but also a narcissist in many ways).

and then there's the general narcissist betrayal from dad (where regardless of the issue, he's always right, or always has the upper hand or lesson in some way).

anyway, if you've ever met me and wondered why i have a bit of a haunted, serious vibe, that's more or less why.

Nix Kelley
3 weeks ago

We cannot take every memory with us. We do not *have* to take every memory with us.

#trauma #grief #hope #GenerationalTrauma #essay

Writing workshop. PWYC. Writing About Oppression
With Cicely Belle Blain | September 20, 2023
Writing about your own trauma can be powerful and relatable for readers—but difficult to do. Poet, activist, and equity consultant Cicely Belle Blain will teach you to do this while staying true to yourself.. #WritingWorkshop #WritingCommunity #PWYC #trauma #oppression

Writing About Oppression
With Cicely Belle Blain | September 20, 2023
Writing about your own trauma can be powerful and relatable for readers—but difficult to do. Poet, activist, and equity consultant Cicely Belle Blain will teach you to do this while staying true to yourself.

I need a NOT THEM TO BE!

Ed Suominen
4 weeks ago

I’m an atheist but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand how meaningful prayer is for those who believe. The Serenity Prayer is one I still find value in, whoever you decide to address it to. Its roots are in the ancient philosophy of #Stoicism, which taught—a couple millennia ago—changing what you can and accepting what you can’t.

I would also add: “Grant me the gratitude to appreciate the healing from #ChronicPain I’m starting to take for granted.” The #trauma is fading. But I’ll never forget.

Mostafa Hussein Omar
4 weeks ago

I guess it is time for an #Introduction! I'm a psychiatrist based in #Egypt. I worked in #addiction, #trauma rehab. I learned about #Linux in 2002 & through it met a small community of great geeks (how I met #FreeAlaa). I started blogging in 2005. #Jan25 revolution happened & I tried to witness as much as I can. I enjoy #DIY, #woodworking (built our kitchen cabinets). #Cycling, #Windsurfing, #35mm #photography & #urbansketching. #Vegetarian, I enjoy #baking & #cooking (sometimes overwhelming).

1 month ago

#CPTSD #trauma #recovery #family

"our families often used our sensitivity to gaslight us. criticism was often really pointed & really personal." - therapist patrick teahan

this was certainly true in my family growing up. anything you've ever done in your life could be used as ammunition to remind you that you're still a little dumdum. and i was made fun of for being too sensitive. it was very much a "what's the big deal?" attitude. in fact, just recently my mom asked me why it bothers me when dad yells.... i didn't even know how to respond...

i also liked this part about the difficulty of receiving feedback: "positive feedback can feel manipulative & not really true. with negative feedback, which feels more familiar unfortunately, we can become defensive about it or take it all in."

also the parts about a mistrustful default attitude & high levels of intensity.... ha ha ha.... i may know something about those issues...

1 month ago

this is so cool: "I made a Diorama that changes from DAY to NIGHT!"

instead of letting this wonderful work inspire me to do something of my own, all i can think is "i better quit art now since there's no point even trying when people are that good."

then i start thinking (mistake!). i think about how i basically never let myself indulge in something creative for long enough to get to the skill level where i might make something this amazing (nevermind the fact that if i didn't already give up 1/3 of the way through a project, i will reliably give up about 2/3 of the way through the project).

i guess my issue is that i don't really ever let myself "lose significant amounts of time" to something that only pleases myself. i have too much other shit on my to-do list (that i'm also ignoring). i believe this is that executive dysfunction i've heard so much about.

for example, i'm totally stuck on even a small creative project right now...a zine.. i have some scenes, characters, and some art, but i have no idea what the words or the plot should be. i don't even know if my story makes sense (i think it might not lol. it's about ghosts and there are quips about work and jobs? why would a ghost need a job??? if you have to have a job in the afterlife, then there really is no justice either in life OR death). i'm stuck & i don't know how to proceed so i just wallow & fall into despair.

my to-do list is neverending & i hate it & neglect it & turn away from it & so the list grows and grows. then, at the end of the day, since i've barely scratched the to-do list, the cop in my head won't "allow" me to do anything "fun" (ie creative). i'll smoke & watch youtube (because the addict in me runs the show around here & it's always down for some self-destruction that will leave me feeling guilty afterwards), but i won't let myself do art. i hate it here (here = in my head). really wish i could return my brain for a new one...this one has never worked right.

#ExecutiveDysfunction #CPTSD #trauma #recovery

Tiffaney MB
1 month ago

Don’t allow the stress of thinking about the days ahead to steal your present peace.

One breath at a time.

One thought at a time.

One day at a time.

Peace. ❤️

#SelfLove #SelfAwareness #SelfCare #YouMatter #Anxiety #Depression #Beauty #Empathy #Boundaries #HumanRights #Creativity #Coach #BlackMastodon #LifeCoach #RadicalSelfCare #Community #SelfWorth #Trauma #MentalHealth #Love #Peace #Panic #Breathe #Loneliness #Love #Voice #Purpose #Destiny #Stress #MentalHealth #Thoughts

Ed Suominen
1 month ago

@n @PacificNic This was one of the most profound replies I’ve seen for quite a while. Thank you for giving voice to the insanity we’re witnessing.

I’ve called it a Jonestown-style self-poisoning on a global scale. Never thought I’d ever see anything like it. And there’s a #trauma inflicted by witnessing and trying to survive it.

I’ve experienced real trauma with real pain and loss, and this is not insignificant by comparison.

Agent Joséphine Baker
1 month ago

Dieses Kleinreden der NS-Zeit von Adenauer bis Gauland, Massen, Höcke: eine deutsche Täter-Tradition.

#Nazis #Holocaust #trauma

Does anyone have any experience with AEDP psychotherapy? What’s the take on this… not sure this will be as affective as EMDR… open to all thoughts and opinions here #aedp #therapy #trauma #emdr
1 month ago

While the journey may be a long one, the destination—healing from trauma—is achievable.

That’s the core message from James Bay Cree residential school survivors who share their experiences of the institutions and the impact they had upon their lives.

This first volume of recovery stories provides medicine to others who were harmed by that system and offers paths to healing from it.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #books #recovery #trauma #residentialschools #healing

Two photos: At left an older man in an apron works on a moose hide. At right a woman sits smiling at the camera.
1 month ago

The Traditional Health Gathering put on by the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations was hosted this year by the James Smith Cree Nation, which came to international attention a year ago Sept. 4 for unimaginable tragedy.

That day 11 people were killed in a stabbing spree by one man. The community has since leaned into traditional ceremony and Indigenous spirituality to heal.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #healing #spirituality #ceremony #trauma #resilience #strength

A group photo. In the back row are First Nations chiefs in feather headdresses, along with an RCMP officer. In the front row are people with star blankets draped over their shoulders and wrapped around them.
Cat - One Creative Cat she/her
1 month ago

When in France, I listened to a radio show about #ADHD where the interviewee explained ADHD was linked to #trauma, no mention at all of #neurodiversity during the 45mn interview.
I got surprised.
Here in the UK, ADHD is considered to be neurodiversity.
I am curious now!
Not that bit about trauma, bc ND and trauma are sadly often going together, but about the discrepancy of explanation. Is it doctrinal? Research based?


Texas police officer holds innocent family at gunpoint after making typo while running plates

* held innocent Black family at gunpoint
* traffic stop caused by officer misreading car's license plate
* Civil rights lawyer David Henderson thinks the family was profiled, that police violated family's constitutional rights
* video:

#Texas #DefundThePolice #SystemicRacism #trauma #PoliceState #RacialProfiling
2023 and STILL: #BlackLivesMatter #BLM

2 months ago

in some families, children keep the adults "young" - young at heart, willing to laugh, willing to see wonder in the world...

i think for me growing up, it was kind of the opposite. i became "old at heart" based on the ways of the adults.

it surely hurts the adults to not be influenced by childrens' open-heartedness. and you can imagine what it does to children to grow up in a dead-inside-is-default way of life.

anyway, i'm still the child in this triangle between me & my parents. so i provide the things children provide: levity, smiles, laughter, warmth.

it takes a lot of focus to maintain a fuzzy aura of open-heartedness, on top of a hard wall of "none of these peoples' foolishness is going to break my (relaxed, ambling) stride", on top of my actual softie-soft feelings on the inside.

it's sad that there are so many homes & so many families so powerfully sealed in their own reality that children grow up thinking "is this all there is?" but as kids grow up, it becomes harder & harder for the adults in the house to keep the child at home, so i think most children do eventually realize that another world is possible. especially with the internet!

anyway, i have less than a week left here. no bleak mood from my dad (a dark gray cloud that hovers around the house, moving from room to room) is going to spoil it. i still have a couple friends to see, a couple things to do, and a couple things to finish.

i can be angry, bitter, and sick of it, but i'm getting out of here lol. i am getting on that plane!

#family #patriarchy #CPTSD #recovery #trauma

David Gray-Hammond
2 months ago

We really need to highlight the issues with CAMHS for Autistic children and young people. So, if you feel comfortable to do so, please share your experience of being involved with CAMHS.

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy #neurodiversity #neurodivergent #camhs #NHS #healthcare #trauma #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #askingautistics

Text reads "If you had had contact with CAMHS, what was your experience like?"
2 months ago

still in des plaines, IL, at my folks' house. got a couple more weeks to go. it's the final stretch.

things had been pretty peaceful lately and seemed to be getting slowly and steadily more peaceful. but there was a major rupture today with full-on yelling and me sitting on the stairs like a forlorn child, once again listening to parents fighting in the kitchen (the kitchen is a big flash point for my parents, as is driving around looking for parking. both of these are common sights of familial rupture.)

i am ok. i am strong & i came into this with over a month of mental/emotional & even spiritual preparation (the spiritual part was like "cheezus, if you're out there somewhere on that great cheeseball in the sky we call the moon, give me the strength to not kill these people during the 8 weeks i have to live with them.").

so while the fight sucked in the moment & my heart is still racing, my metaphorical ship is still on course. or rather, returning to course. the course is a lazy one because these family ruptures affect me very seriously (primarily at the emotional level) so i don't have much brain energy left afterwards to focus on anything. i guess it's a kind of shellshock.

anyway, i have some art i can do without thinking too hard, so i'm just going to focus on that.

i'm also going on a major work slowdown in terms of things i do for my dad. at least until my parents can sit down and resolve the problem like f'ing adults.

my dad won't even try to sit down and talk about what happened. he says "there's no point! this is how it is! why does it affect you?" and my favorite: "tomorrow no one will remember!" i was like "that's where you're wrong my friend. maybe *you* forget, but mom & i don't."

anyway, i am definitely learning lessons! here are some of them:

* outdoors time & alone time really does help recharge my batteries
* you can be in an environment where you're well-fed, well-rested, not have to go to work, be comfortable, and that same environment can ALSO be hurting you emotionally, mentally, & even spiritually (if spirituality is an aspect of life that's important to you).
* thank you cheezus for allowing recreational cannabis purchases to be legal in the state of illinois so that people like me can go get their supply & not lose their minds.
* lev the cat (my mom's cat) is also helping me get through this, just like my childhood cat, murka, helped me get through my childhood. pets can be extremely important in situations like this. <3

#family #CPTSD #trauma #recovery #abuse

Rat (she/her)
2 months ago

There's also a weird sort of #shame that I feel, like the #Christfascists won. Their goal was to keep me from experiencing any sort of sexual or #queer liberation, to make me straight and vanilla, and they basically won. I was too stupid and pathetic to figure out I was #bisexual and #kinky before the #pandemic, when I had a chance to actually explore those identities in meaningful ways, so I might as well just be straight and vanilla. The Christfascists won.

Logically, I know that none of that is actually true and it's a #trauma response from being raised in religious fundamentalism, but it's where my mind goes in darker moments.

Anyway, here's hoping for nasal or pan #covid vaccines! And if you organize #kink and #BDSM events and care about inclusivity, please realize that #CovidIsNotOver and tell people to #WearAMask.

Anarchy How
3 months ago

🍞#Bread; 🌹#Roses; 🏞️#Parks ;🌊#Oceans.

• Teach #Philosophy & #ReligiousStudies at a Midwest #CommunityCollege.
#CPTSD survivor focusing on social re-entry & rewiring.

• Gravitate to #postcolonial #anthropology
• Curious how #trauma vocabularies can help unwind schizmogenesis.
• Fascinated by the #solarpunk, #fediverse & #anarchist approaches to our problems.

#StarTrek is my hope,
#Christianity my #mythology, &
#OpenCulture my approach.

Screenshot of a horta mother communicating with Spock while Kirk and McCoy discuss the silicon-based life form.
Alan Kotok
3 months ago

Trial Underway Testing Dried Plasma for Transfusions

A clinical trial is recruiting participants to assess the safety and feasibility of a system for spray drying and re-constituting a person's blood plasma.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Plasma #Blood #ClinicalTrial #Frozen #SprayDried #MedicalDevice #Trauma #AdverseEffects #ShelfLife #FirstResponders #Military

Bag of donated blood plasma
3 months ago

Hey dude, I haz neurology am shut-in. I used to run an arts business volunteer board of directors do civics ride orange bike all over GrittyCity be friend glamp hard rock shows raves accordion recital thrift make love art openings sticker/flyer bomb drive fly to ‘yerp. Not no more
Fire up some #hash tags #fnd #migraine #ptsd #cpstd #functionalNeurologicDisorder #MMJ #feminist #disability #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #Trauma #DisabilityRights #SensoryIssues #Privacy #Hemipeligic #fibromyalgia

i am a real person sign
woman wearing glasses mask w her hood up her long orange red pink colored hair frames face
KaCi :AuPan:
3 months ago

I just did some healing bodywork by moving/dancing to the following songs, that others might like too:
Air: Alone in Kioto
(relax, watch clouds and birds, move slightly)
Moby: Porcelain
(activates the mind a bit more, let the thoughts flow and the body move)
Air: Cherry Blossom girl
(continue to dance, celebrate yourself, continue flowing)
Relax and write a comment if you like 🌸
#Trauma #ActuallyAutistic #dance