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The same old tree one week later.

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A tall maple with orange red green leaves against a blue sky
The trunk of a massive maple tree
Daniel, sehr müde.
2 hours ago

Alt-Text: @Rachelburch You will hear the sound of a small #stream, flowing over #boulders and other #obstacles. The stream seems to get smaller towards the background in the left. It is framed by #mosses and #ferns. Also some mid-elderly but still impressive #Trees kind of frame the scene.

Thank you, @Rachelburch , for that wonderful experience <3

I hope you don't mind me adding some description for that video 🙈​

John Clark
3 hours ago

Officially, yesterday was the first day of Fall. That makes today the second day of Fall!
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Looking up at a tree canopy glowing with orange leaves
3 hours ago

a river alder on the river Bovey, Devon, Britain

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a river alder
5 hours ago

#TodaysWalk was a bit haphazard, but I kept an eye out for more flaky-barked #Trees all the same.

One that I found (pictured) is called Persian Ironwood, or Parottia persica, and lives in, as well as on, Brenchley Gardens (also pictured).

The branched trunk of a Persian Ironwood tree, looking up towards the canopy. The leaves are about the size and shape of beech leaves, if a little rounder and floppier, and the bark is a greenish-brown, flaking and peeling in places to reveal the fresh beige surface below. A large flake of bark, about eight inches long, curves across the foreground, but isn't much in focus.
Brenchley Gardens is still a road. It is roofed by a thinning canopy of leaves, still green in the early autumn, formed by trees from Brenchley Gardens to the right and, on the left, the supernumerary woodland that frills the bottom of One Tree Hill. The asphalt is lovely and smooth, with recently re-painted lines although, for this one blessed moment, there's no traffic to enjoy it.
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Oosterse hemlockspar (Tsuga canadensis), bast-bark-rinde-ecorse-corteza
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Photo of treespecies Tsuga canadensis : Category is bast-bark-rinde-ecorse-corteza
7 hours ago

Two Peacocks on Tree Branch
By Ohara Koson (1877 - 1945)

#art #nature #birds #trees

Painting of two large blue peacocks, with large blue feathers with touches of brown and soft orange in them, sitting on a brown branch of a grey and brown coloured tree, which you see part of right above in the painting. In the painting are more little brown tree branches. The background of the painting is very light brown below, and warm pinkish orange above.
Jon Tromans
8 hours ago

They be logging in the #forest

Harvesting a lot of the evergreen needle #Trees

The forest used to be mainly Oak and broadleaf trees but the Victorians saw to that by making furniture and using the wood for coke to fire the furnaces for iron making in Ironbridge, UK.

A lot of the forest is now being replanted with more broadleaf trees so hopefully in 100+ yrs it will look a lot different than now.


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Jon Tromans
9 hours ago

Trees make an excellent umbrella ☔

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Moseik--Turkse eik (Quercus cerris), boom-tree-baum-arbre-arbol
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Photo of treespecies Quercus cerris : Category is boom-tree-baum-arbre-arbol
10 hours ago

Magnolia Branch
By Jen Beaudet-Zondervan ©

IG: @jbeaudet_art

#art #nature #trees

Bright coloured bit abstract painting of a thin branch with many leaves in various shades of pink, and some orange ones. The background of the painting is coloured bright light blue in the middle, and white and light grey around the edges.
11 hours ago

Magenta Mood
By Julia S. Powell ©

#art #trees

Watercolor painting of a full tree with many little leaves, coloured in various shades of green, blue, purple and pink, to an off white background.
Greg Klebus
11 hours ago

Aspen trees. Lee Vining Canyon, Yosemite National Park, CA, USA - September 2023

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Aspen trees growing near a creek with green grass and bushes surrounding them
12 hours ago

How climate warming could disrupt a deep-rooted relationship
Researchers from Syracuse University and the University of Minnesota find that warming trends will likely result in major disturbances of networks of fungi potentially harming forest resilience

#science #ecology #ClimateCatastrophe #trees #fungi

14 hours ago

No, using only industrial carbon capture is nonsense. Trees certainly have limits, but apart from being natural carbon sinks, they can provide multiple #ecosystem services. Industrial #carbon capture, on the other hand, is expensive, energy-intensive, and dependent on the availability and security of storage sites.

#trees #forest

"Bill Gates Says Planting Trees to Solve Climate Crisis Is 'Complete Nonsense'"

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Ruwe iep (Ulmus glabra), knop-bud-knospe-bouton-capullo
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Photo of treespecies Ulmus glabra : Category is knop-bud-knospe-bouton-capullo
Paul Houle
19 hours ago

Leaves of Ginkgo Biloba in silhouette that I saw last night in Collegetown; I like the self-similarity in this image

#photo #photography #plants #trees

6 leaves of the famous tree Ginkgo Biloba,  5 of which are fully visible in sharp focus on a stem and one which is partially visible and fuzzy.  All of the leaves have a fan-like shape,  most have a single deep notch in the leaf.
BomengidsNl TreeGuide Europe
19 hours ago

Vijg (Ficus carica), kenmerk
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Photo of treespecies Ficus carica : Category is kenmerk

Fall is here and leaves are turning. A sketch of a sugar maple in my cousin’s yard.

Hashtag list: #Vermont #sugarMaple #trees #watercolor #watercolour #mastoArt #art #drawing #sketch #sketching

Ink sketch of a sugar maple tree. From the bottom, it shows a grey rock wall that goes past the base of the tree, then the trunk of the tree rises upward. At the top of the page is where the trunk has broken off in a windstorm, but larger branches continue upward. The bark is grey and lined. Where the tree broke off the wood shows through as light brown. There are green and yellow leaves surrounding the tree, since it’s fall and the leaves are starting to turn. Light blue sky and more green from leafy understory that form the background.
S. K. Riley
21 hours ago

Happy Spring Equinox Australia! 🌳
Looking forward to seeing these big trees in bloom.

#Spring #Equinox #Trees #Flowers #FloweringTrees #Bloomscrolling #Australia

Bright red-orange Illawarra Flame tree flowers seen side by side with lavender-purple Jacaranda tree blossoms, South East Queensland in October-November. Image by
23 hours ago

Tuscany Sunset
By Andrea Borella ©

#art #nature #landscape #trees #Tuscany #Italy

Painting of a Tuscany landscape in Italy,  with a field with grass in various shades of green in the foreground, with also touches of dark purple and red in it. There are four big trees with green, light blue and light purple coloured leaves. In the background are more fields, coloured in shades of yellow, orange, red, green and light brown. Here and there are some small turquoise and green coloured trees in the landscape. The sky is purple with yellow clouds..
Cascade Pine
23 hours ago

Velvety red growths on a maple leaf, caused by mites. Looks pretty!

#pnw #plants #trees #leaves #maples #nature #naturePhotography #macroPhotography

A maple leaf is hanging in the sunlight. The tip of the leaf is covered in a bright red, velvety-looking growth.
23 hours ago

A home in the Hills
By Maggie Deall ©

#art #nature #trees #landscape

Creative painting of a small brown wooden cabin in the woods. The soil in front of the cabin is pianted in vertical brushes of pink, purple, brown, green and yellow. On the left and the right are trees with many little blue, green and pink coloured leaves. Some of these leaves are floating in between the trees, painted rather abstract. The sky is coloured in the same shapes of the floating leaves, in various shades of blue and some white.
J blue
1 day ago

Tropical storm Ophelia knocked down our native redbud tree, Cercis canadensis. Really disappointing. 😔 I called a arborist to see if it can be reset.

It also looks like there is a large root that is rotten. Is that terminate damage? I poked around and didn’t see any.

#ophelia #Tropicalstorm #hurricane #trees #tree #NativePlants #permaculture #gardening #jardin #plantas #arbol

The trunk of the red bud tree that is leaning down towards the ground. The trunk is pointed upwards in the photograph and the roots are in the middle and the bottom. some of the large roots are still submerged in the ground and look OK whereas one root that is rotted is pulled away from the tree. 
The trunk of the red bud tree that is leaning down towards the ground. This is at a different angle where the trunk is pointing right and the damage is towards the left. Some of the large roots are still submerged in the ground and look OK whereas one root that is rotted is pulled away from the tree.
A closer image of the rotted root that is pulled away from the tree. There are some holes in the top part of the root. 
Adamas Nemesis
1 day ago

Equinox is here, the dark season begins. 'Tis the tide the leaves turn to rust, ready for their slumber, and dance to the parting caress of ever-chillier winds, like these beauties in my photographic piece "A Forest Bathed in Red".

#art #photography #autumn #fall #autumnfoliage #fallfoliage #trees #forest #leaves

1 day ago

Oh, I nearly missed that it is the autumn equinox. Have a serene celebratory conker.

#autumn #autumnEquinox #conker #trees #photography #nature #animation

A conker with large googly eyes and a smiling mouth, has arms stretched up holding on to an autumn leaf like a parachute. It is swaying left and right as it floats down past never ending autumn leaves, blurred, in the background. It is very serene, and a little bit cute.
Amanda Makepeace
1 day ago

Happy Autumn Equinox! 🍂💛

#nature #autumn #trees #naturephotography #equinox

Two autumn leaves, one orange and one yellow, sitting on a large shoal stone with water and bubbles

Happy September Equinox!!

Where I live that means autumn, so to spread the festive mood here's a picture I took last October (the leaves haven't really started to change here yet this year):

#equinox #autumn #nature #trees #lake

Many trees with multicolored fall foliage on the shore of a lake. The waters of the lake reflect both the trees and the cloudy sky above.
Zheka Khalétsky
1 day ago

Tree Paths
#blue #trees #roads

Tree Paths

View from above on three alongside cobblestoned paths in a park, running past the viewer. There are two dark tree trunks between the closer path and the middle one. There is a lawn with sparse grass along the farthest path.


Bratislava, Old Town, the Castle Park, the 20th of September 2023

📷 Maybe I've seen too many movies.

September 22, 2023, 7:57 PM

#FediversalPictures #Photography #Trees

night scene. across a disused, asphalt parling lot, lit unseen streetlamp, a car is parked next to a large tree, headlights and brake lights on. the car is facing a woods.

📷 On the road home.

September 21, 2023, 8:45 PM

#FediversalPictures #Photography #Trees

night view of a landscaped area with narrow roads, lined with streetlamps.
2 days ago
Within the park is a small area where palm trees are clustered
Kerry Mitchell
2 days ago

@Tarnport Some people claim that they do talk to trees (and that the trees talk back) #trees

2 days ago

Pink & White Blossoms
By Juan del Pozo ©

#art #nature #trees

Painting of a pond in a park with trees coloured in shades of pink, blue and yellow across the shore. These colours are reflected in the pond. In the foreground is a row of high green grass. The soil across the pond is light green. In the background you see more threes in the colours green, brown and pink. The sky is coloured in shades of blue.
Planet Chad Photography
2 days ago

Every once in a while, I will try some landscape photography.

This scene at the Linn Cove Viaduct is more popular with the fall colors but I wanted to try something different with everything green and the white clouds in the sky.

The Linn Cove Viaduct is located along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Western North Carolina.

#landscapephotography #northcarolina #trees #clouds

A landscape shot of the Linn Cove Viaduct which is a bridge along the Blue Ridge Parkway in western north carolina. The skies are a mix of blue sky and white clouds with green trees along the bottom and going up the mountain top
2 days ago

Today is a rather grey day here - no sun and lots of drizzle. BUT it's supposed to change again to sun and mild temperatures.
In the meantime let's look at this colorful picture of trees which I took a couple of years ago in the beautiful Mont Tremblant area in Canada during the Indian Summer.

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Red, yellow and green colored leaves on trees with dark tree trunks - the picture looks almost like a painting.

Spreading some vertical joy in celebration of Mastodon 4.2 😆 (too soon?)

A *vertical* panorama of the oak canopy at Daley Ranch in Escondido, CA from January 2015.

#TreesOfMastodon #Vertorama #Panorama #Trees #NaturePhotography #Escondido #iPhonePhotography #ThrowbackThursday

A very elongated, vertical panorama photo of intertwined evergreen oak tree branches and twigs against a clear blue sky.
3 days ago

Pearl Beach, Michigan, August 2023

#Photography #Trees #Michigan

Color photograph looking across a street at what looks like a large wall of ivy surging up over the top of a squat red fire hydrant
Color photograph looking across a street at the branches of a weeping willow stretching up out the top of the frame next to some power lines
Color photograph of a very tall tree in a park, everything's very green
3 days ago

Birch Trees in Autumn 2
By Rona Foster ©

#art #nature #trees

Colourful painting of a group of thin birch trees, with yellow, red and orange coloured leaves, standing on also yellow, red and orange coloured soil, with some touches of blue and turquoise in it. Behind the trees you see part of a bright light blue lake, and there are mountains in various shades of purple on the horizon. The sky is blue, with some touches of white in it.
Zheka Khalétsky
3 days ago
Bratislava, Old Town, the Castle, the 11th of September 2023
Zheka Khalétsky
3 days ago
Bratislava, Old Town, the Castle, the 11th of September 2023
Derick Rethans
3 days ago

Shade in Hampstead Heath

#Trees #Photography #London #PhotoOfTheDay Sep 9th

A big thick tree trunk with lots of greenery around.
Atlas Obscura
4 days ago
A sweet archive of almost biblical proportions can be found at the University of California, Riverside.#agriculture #orchards #trees #disease #fruit #food #science #podcast #section-Articles
Podcast: The Ark of Citrus
5 days ago

Ladybird Book Nature Corner
Artist: SR Badmin
#Nature #illustration #trees

Mixed media illustration of two mature oak trees in early Autumn growing along a light woodland. The tree on the left in the foreground provides a detailed study of the bark. The tree on the right in the background shows the beautiful outline.
Robin Applegarth
5 days ago

This #oldgrowth coastal #redwood, Sequoia sempervirens, lives in Prairie Creek State Park, #California. It’s 23 ft. wide and over 1,500 years old. 🌲

#thicktrunktuesday #trees #nature

Sign for Big Tree, a giant redwood living in CA state park
Giant coastal redwood with sign showing it’s size and age, photo by R Applegarth
6 days ago

On Sunday I saw a huge Brown Top Stringybark with a 3.5 metre diameter. Earlier this year I saw a whopper that was over 60 metres tall and about 400 years old. These huge messmates are among the biggest trees in Australia.

#thicktrunktuesday #trees #tasmania #lutruwita

Tall tree silhouetted against a sunny background. The trunk is long with branches only near the top. It dwarfs the other trees around it which are perhaps 30-40 metres tall but with much thinner trunks
Jeremy Osborn
6 days ago

Ink & Copic Marker drawing on sepia-toned paper 9/18/2023

Got to get in shape for upcoming spooky tree season.

#ink #drawing #trees

(6.2 x 6.7 in, 15.75 x 17 cm)

A drawing of a crooked, gnarled tree. The top half of the tree has leaves on the peak of the tree, but the bottom branches are bare. There is a large rotten hole in the middle, reminiscent of the maw of demon.
The Wee Owl Studio
6 days ago

I have some charcoal tree studies available. These are original drawings on A4 paper, this one is a mature Scot's pine...
or you can search for 'TheWeeOwlStudio' on Etsy
#FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots
#trees #charcoal #drawing

Original charcoal drawings - Tree studies
A collection of charcoal tree studies.  This one is a Scot's pine.
Materials: Charcoal pencil, White acid free sketchbook paper
Width: 21 centimetres
Height: 29.5 centimetres
Albert Cardona
1 week ago


How amusing that the link for "common plant" (to "explain" what a tree is) leads to the poem "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer

#trees #APOD

Mythology Monday 📚
1 week ago

Hi, Myth Lovers! Join us for Monday's theme: #Trees. Which myths feature trees? Write up a story & tag #MythologyMonday with your tree lore tweets. See you Monday! 🌳

Art: Two Trees of Valinor by Roger Garland

@mythology @folklore @TarkabarkaHolgy @juergen_hubert @curiousordinary @wihtlore @FairytalesFood @bevanthomas @FinnFolklorist @Godyssey

#mythology #Folklore #folktale #legend #Storytelling

Artwork of three trees, one with two stems intertwined and a golden hue, the other with a singular stem and silvery hue.
CelloMom On Cars
1 week ago

" The #Menominee Tribe’s tradition of doing “what’s best for the #forest” has become a global model for sustainability."

“We come in every 15 years, take out the weak #trees, the sick trees, and the ones that are dying, but leave the healthy stock to grow some more and reproduce,” he says. “We don’t plant anything. This is all natural regeneration, and the way we do it the forest just gets better and better.”

1 week ago

Today we went to Liffey Forest Reserve where there is a beautiful walk to a magnificent tiered waterfall. The waterfall was wonderful, there were great fungi and lichen/moss, and some huge trees, including a 50 metre tall Stringybark with a 3.4 metre diameter.

But my favourite was very small. The forest has great stands of Sassafras and Tasmanian Myrtle Beech trees. Myrtle Beech can live for 500 years, so when I saw this baby growing from a mossy stump, I wondered whether it would outlive the human race.

#tasmania #lutruwita #trees #forest #climatechange #mosstodon

Tiny Myrtle Beech sapling with just a couple of branches and about 10 leaves growing out of a moss covered stump
Primo Natura
1 week ago

"Substituting half of animal products, such as pork, chicken, beef and milk, consumed globally with more sustainable alternatives could “almost fully halt” the conversion of forests and natural land for agriculture, according to new research."

#Food #Agriculture #Trees #Research #Emissions

Janet Dane
1 week ago

The outlook. Looking south today.
#Hills #Mulmur #Nature #Trees #Scenic #Trail

The sky is dark ish on by the horizon, brightening to orange and yellow then upward to blue with darker, small, puffy clouds. What struck me the most was the white sheen on the fields - at this time of year it’s dew.
Jess the Dessert Geek!
1 week ago

So whenever we walk by the kousa dogwoods we take photos to see how their flowers/leaves/fruits are doing, and this photo just has nice vibes? I slightly dislike that it's not working with the rule of thirds, but playing with cropping it hasn't produced a better version.


A photo from underneath some kousa dogwood branches. The sky is clear blue and the leaves are dappled with light, and there are two red fruiting bodies which look like red balls covered in brownish dots just off from center.
1 week ago

A #Wander in the hills and #woods today, with a circular walk along (the alternative route of) the #WalesCoastPath between #MargamPark and #Brombil and back again.

Met a very obliging #GreySquirrel on the way to the picturesque ruin of the 14th Century #CapelMair.

The last picture is a panoramic shot (so click, zoom and pan), showing part of the #PortTalbot #TataSteel plant, which is prominent in the UK news at the moment

#Cymru #Wales #Landscape #Trees #Wildlife #Squirrel

A Grey Squirrel:

A healthy looking Grey Squirrel sits on it's haunches on top of a fallen tree. It's fluffy grey tail is held erect and it's forepaws are held across it's white chest. It's ears, face and front paws are a ginger colour
Capel Mair:

Looking up a grass and bracken covered slope towards the Eastern end of a ruined grey stone chapel. Both arched end walls are largely intact, with some stone details around the large windows still visible. The side walls are more damaged, with the closer one to the camera mostly fallen down. The sky is a deep blue with a high thin covering of white cloud breaking up
An Oak and Beech wood:

Looking up a wooded slope covered in fallen leaves. The trees are mostly Oaks and Beech In full leaf and the bright sun shining through the canopy gives the light a green tinge
A Panoramic shot from the hills above Margam:

Looking from a grassy path above a steep bracken covered slope that leads down to the M4 motorway, which can be seen disappearing into the distance in the left of the photo. From left to Right, the green fields of Margam Park and a large reservoir either side of the motorway give way to the industrial structures of the Tata Steel plant, which stretches to rightmost of the photo. In the distance Swansea and the Gower coastline can be made out over Swansea Bay

For some reason I keep being inspired to draw things around me. This time, a #tree!

Kinda proud of this one

#drawing #penAndPaper #inkDrawing #ink #art #MastoArt #natureArt #Trees #HandDrawing

A kinda detailed tree, a willow
Tina LeCour
1 week ago

I've always been fascinated with the Tree Of Life, hope you enjoy this one called "Evolving Tree Of Life" Happy Friday:)

Can Be Purchased Here..

#trees #treeoflife #spirituality #art #artist #arte #artwork #mastoart #fediart #fedigiftshop #artbooster #buyintoart #ayearforart #artforsale #wallart #creativetoots

This is a beautiful Tree Of Life with colorful circular evolving spring blooms!