6 months ago

Saw this bad boy parked up with the window down, brave

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Damien Scully
6 months ago

The answer to my holiday #NameThatCar challenge was a car that my mother had when I was a teen. This is the one I would most like to now own, it is as a number of you #WeirdCarMastodon folks correctly identified a #Triumph Vitesse which was a really a Gerald for the brave with a 6-cylinder engine. This one and my mother's were both the 2.0 version
Thanks to everyone who had a guess and well done if you got it.
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Front 3/4 view of a white Triumph Vitesse convertible. The car has a green stripe that runs from the dual headlamps towards the rear of the car. The roof is down a red interior is visible.
Damien Scully
8 months ago

The answer to yesterdays #NameThatCar challenge for #WeirdCarMastodon was as guessed by a fair number of people...

A Triumph TR6, which some purists regard as the last "proper" TR. Being a TR7 fan I am disinclined to agree with that point of view.
It is a fine looking car, especially with the roof down.
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A bright red Triumph TR6 driving with the roof down on a sunny day. The car is being driven by a man in a dark coloured cap.
Damien Scully
9 months ago

Back in the late 70's my mum had a Triumph Vitesse very like this one. Possibly not in as good condition, but the teenage me loved that car.
This one was at a small classic car event I hell organise in the town I live in.
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White Triumph Vitesse with very dark stripe and red interior. The car is a convertible with the roof folded down. A small crowd and other vehicles are visible in photo with blue skies and some fluffy white clouds.
White Triumph Vitesse convertible viewed from front 3/4 view. The roof is down and the red interior of the car is visible. The Vitesse has dual headlamps with a great period chrome work.
Damien Scully
1 year ago

@GerardFS is it bad that I was instantly drawn to the Triumph Spitfire rather than the people?
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