Damien Scully
5 months ago

The answer to the outstanding #NameThatCar challenge is a car that I like the look of, but have never really desired, despite owning its siblings! I would like to drive one sometime! The image with its odd vents made a few folks to think "rear-engined" whereas it is in fact Triumph's pocket homage to the E-Type, the #Triumph #GT6 MKIII. The vents are either cabin air or just decoration!
Well done if you got it right!

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Front 3/4 view of a purple Triumph GT6 MK3. It is parked in a field amongst other classic cars.
Rich D May
6 months ago

Snow foam definitely feels like "cheat mode" when it comes to cleaning your car. It's far too much like fun to be a 'proper' chore.

#ClassicCar #Triumph #TriumphGT6 #GT6

A red car - a 1972 Triumph GT6 Mk3 - sitting on the road covered in white 'snow foam'. Some houses and an area of grass are visible behind it.
The same red Triumph GT6 sitting by the roadside now clean of foam and looking rather smart (if you don't get too close)