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@flexghost #tRump #indicted WooHoo fucking FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

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Donald Trump indicted over classified documents case. “Former US President Donald #Trump has been #indicted over his handling of #classified documents after he left the White House.
Mr Trump, 76, faces seven charges including unauthorised retention of classified files, US media reported, but further details are unclear.
It is the second indictment of Mr Trump and the first-ever federal indictment of a former president.”BBC News

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FYI: this is what #FoxNews viewers are being fed tonight. Are you kidding me???!!!? FFS!!!

But yeah.

Yet meanwhile #Trump #Indicted #ClassifiedDocuments #Espionage #Law #Legal #Obstruction #SeditiousConspiracy #Insurrection

#FauxNews BS gaslighting tonight “Biden allegedly paid $5M by Burisma executive as part of a bribery scheme”
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Ex-US-Präsident: Trump in Dokumentenaffäre angeklagt

Der Fund geheimer Regierungsdokumente in seinem Anwesen hat für Ex-US-Präsident Trump ein juristisches Nachspiel. Laut eigener Aussage wurde Anklage gegen ihn erhoben. Seit Monaten untersuchte ein Sonderermittler den Fall.


#Trump #USA

Q: what do you call Trump being indicted?

A: a good start.

Now do Clarence Thomas.

#trumpindicted #trump #clarencethomas #scotus

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Trump was continually "the first president who..." during his corrupt dynasty. This indictment is one more on a long list.


It turns out #Trump has been #indicted for stealing top secret documents. Now they need to indict him for inciting a riot.

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If anybody deserves to have a little bit of joy out of this, it's Cohen

'Mazel!' Michael Cohen responds to Donald Trump indictment #TrumpIndicted

#news #politics #trump

Happy #IndictmentDay to all who celebrate! #Trump

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And here come the bootlickers as expected…Vivek Ramaswamy responds to #Trump indictment: “It would be much easier for me to win this election if Trump weren’t in the race, but I stand for principles over politics. I commit to pardon Trump promptly on January 20, 2025 and to restore the rule of law in our country." #trumpindictment

David Dean
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Trying to find things to boost that aren't #Trump.

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Trump has been indicted on 7 counts - according to him... DOJ not saying yet.

#Trump #News #BreakingNews

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Donald Trump, the new wide receiver of Guantanamo Bay Prison. #donaldtrump #trump #TrumpIndictment #trumpindicted

Trump says he’s been charged in Mar-a-Lago classified-documents investigation - The Washington Post

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But may God curse the Deplorables, enablers, shills, hacks, traitors, terrorists, racists, fascists, liars, seditionists, coup-plotters, cranks, crooks, kooks, and millions of ignorant scum-sucking plebs, who empowered a sadistic psychopath to so grievously afflict society. May they burn, and rot in the same pit as Antichrist Trump, in Hell. Amen. #MAGA #Trump

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A third charge is false statements, according to sources familiar with the indictment.

#Indicted #ClassifiedDocuments #Espionage #Law #Legal #Obstruction #SeditiousConspiracy #Insurrection #Trump

a.d. 
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The #trump should be trending soon around here. #Mastodon #traitor #criminal #LockHimUp

I did a list of everything we know so far and where it appeared in the timeline.

The investigation into Trump's classified documents: A timeline

#news #trump #indictment

Dave Spector
23 minutes ago

If I were literally EVERYONE who is a #Republican in the #Congress, #Senate, or in the #RNC. I would be existentially TERRIFIED right now.

Why? Simple...

Trump will do ANYTHING to save himself.


He’s got all the goods on all these people. Financial crimes. Affairs. Their Epstein adventures and other probably much, much worse things.

…and he’ll use it.

#Trump #Indictment

Stop the GQP & Fox News
24 minutes ago

Former President Donald Trump claims he's been indicted on Truth Social. And we're not talking indicted next Tuesday -- but NOW. This is real, so buckle in.

#TrumpIndicted #TrumpIndictment #magameltdown #indicted #trump #donaldtrump #truthsocial #formerpresidenttrump #jacksmith #justiceiscoming #justiceishere #news #politics #uspolitics #uspol #uspoli #republicans #gop #gqp

Image of Trump with orange filter. Words state "Indicted!"
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@cnnbrk What is the world coming to when a Republican can’t get away with committing multiple federal crimes?! #HappyIndictmentDay #Trump #TrumpIndictment

It's about time...

"Donald Trump indicted over classified documents case"

#Unfit #Crime #GOP #Republicans #News #Trump #Democrats

Josh, or whatever
25 minutes ago

Fundraiser! Make me money!

Frigging #trump and the awful #maga #republicans.

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Michael Fenichel
25 minutes ago

> Donald Trump has been indicted [this time]... on federal charges of mishandling classified documents.

> According to The New York Times, the Justice Department filed the indictment on Thursday in Miami’s Federal District Court....

> ...One person familiar with the matter told the...Times that he has been indicted on seven counts...

> “I have been summoned to appear at the Federal Courthouse in Miami on Tuesday, at 3 p.m,” #Trump wrote...."I AM AN INNOCENT MAN!”

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What a day, a religious bigot bites the dust, and trump is indicted !!! wow #trump

Kevin Brabant
27 minutes ago

No one is above the law.
At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work.
#trump #jacksmith #uspolitics

28 minutes ago

Me twiddling my mustache in the background while #Trump proclaims his innocence.

28 minutes ago

The best part about this #indictment is that #trump will either shut up about the documents or double down with the bitching and bury himself.

Listen To Your Gut Instinct
28 minutes ago

If #Trump has been #indicted for #Conspiracy as rumored, someone else is in the pipeline. You can't have a conspiracy of one. Who will it be?

29 minutes ago

In a video filmed in his Bedminster office that #Trump posted on his Truth Social platform on Thursday evening, he declared: “I’m an innocent man. I’m an innocent person.”

(yeah…. whatevs….)

#Indicted #ClassifiedDocuments #Espionage #Obstruction #Law #Legal #Obstruction #SeditiousConspiracy #Insurrection

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People, I posted it when it broke. #Trump Thread:

29 minutes ago

Retention Of National Defense Info, Obstruction Reportedly In #Trump Charges
Federal prosecutors are reportedly bringing charges for “willful retention of national defense information,” per ABC.
If convicted, Trump could be disqualified from being able to hold future office.
Other charges, also reported by The Guardian, include conspiracy to obstruct justice, making false statements, and corruptly concealing government documents. #TrumpIndicted #trumpcrimes

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Trump Indicted on 7 counts!

Thank you Coach Beard 🇺🇸 ⚖️

#trump #indictment #jacksmith

Profile picture of US Special Counsel Jack Smith, who looks a LOT like the Ted Lasso character "Coach Beard"
30 minutes ago

Tonight, nobody’s happier than DeSantis, Pence, Haley, Scott, Christie, et al.
#CriminalTrump #DonaldTrump #Trump #TrumpIndictments #MaraLagoDocs #JackSmith #MerrickGarland #DOJ

Tony Pennino
30 minutes ago

One more indictment and Trump wins a set of steak knives.
#TrumpIndicted #indictment #Trump #IndictTrump

Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross holding up a set of steak knives.
Listen To Your Gut Instinct
31 minutes ago

Because I am really greedy, I hope a #Trump #indictment in DC for #espionage will follow shortly.

Philip Martin
33 minutes ago

If they can do this to a former President of the United States of America, they can do this to ANYONE*!!!

*anyone who is in illegal procession of government records, including, but not limited to, classified documents.

#TrumpIndicted #Trump

Ari Melber saying “dayenu” when recounting each of the 7 counts of indictment had just made my day. (Dayenu in hebrew means “it would be enough”) #msnbc #arimelber #trump

David Bloomberg
38 minutes ago

Pat Robertson died AND Trump got indicted — June 8 is a hell of a day!

#Politics #USPolitics #News #USNews #Trump

***Dave Hill
40 minutes ago

Since there is no chance I would be on any federal jury, I feel free to say, I hope they nail #Trump to the wall.

In other news, #Trump got indicted (again). In other-other news, water is wet, and crime wave sweeps Gotham!

Joanne Freeman
44 minutes ago

History is always happening, of course.

But we happen to live in times when REALLY OBVIOUSLY HISTORIC EVENTS are happening on a weekly -- sometimes daily -- basis.

The indictment of a former President of the United States for federal crimes is one of those events.


#trump #indictment #politics

Wendy Siegelman
45 minutes ago

Trump indicted

Trump is the first former president in U.S. history to face federal charges.

The indictment was filed in Miami and per one source there were seven counts.

Trump is expected to surrender himself to authorities in Miami on Tuesday.

#Trump #TrumpIndicted #TrumpIndictment

The only bad thing about trump being indicted is that his face is going to be plastered across my tv screen. I’m going to radio. #trump #TrumpIndictment

Nicolle Wallace is right - trump has been a national security threat since the day he was sworn in (actually, even before.) #msnbc #TrumpIndictment #trump

Taking a BIG celebratory bong hit tonight!

#Trump TrumpIndictment #uspol #Cannabis #LOCKHIMUP

Dave Spector
56 minutes ago

Bwa-hahahahahahahaha.. #Trump #indicted

NYTimes alert about the indictment of Donald Trump
58 minutes ago

#trump Keep the charges coming...

BOOM: #Trump has been indicted!!!!!!
The indictment, filed Thursday in Federal District Court in Miami, is the first time in U.S. history a former president has faced federal charges

1 hour ago


Aure Free Press
1 hour ago


Live updates: Trump says on Truth Social he’s been indicted in classified docs probe

Special counsel Jack Smith has presented evidence in Florida and Washington, D.C., about the former president's handling of documents after he left office.

Charged with multiple felonies.

Has to appear at federal court in Miami on Tuesday!
#BREAKING #news #BreakingNews #Trump #MAGA #USA

Image from Microsoft SwiftKey Beta Keyboard
2 hours ago

Steve Bannon is so guilty that when he goes to prison he'll have to wear 3 jumpsuits!
#Bannon #Trump #SteveBannon

Steve Bannon singing while wearing 3 jumpsuits
6 hours ago

@GottaLaff Typical #Trump #lawfare move, never admitting he lost. #TFG does this to exhaust opponents, to get them to quit. But #EJeanCarroll is moving forward with her other defamation suit and increased the fine to $10 million as a start.
This is why I wrote this piece.
"WHY WE MUST keep CRUSHING Trump after we WIN."

KBSez ✅
6 hours ago


"The media needs to stop focusing on the paperwork and make it clear that the former president’s actions posed a serious threat to the country."

#trump #Indictment #NationalSecurity #Theft #Documents

7 hours ago

🙄 "#Trump asked for new trial in #EJeanCarroll civil case in which jury found him liable for sexually abusing & defaming her & awarded her $5m in damages.

In filing in Manhattan fed court Trump’s lawyers said $2m award for sexual abuse portion of verdict was “excessive” bc jury found Carroll was not raped & that the conduct Carroll alleged did not cause any diagnosed mental injury.

They also said $2.7m award for defamation claim was “based upon pure speculation” #legal

"With one or two federal indictments looking like a strong possibility, some GOP lawmakers are calling for Congress to defund the DOJ and the FBI — including Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Michigan), a Trump ally who supported his efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results."

~ Alex Henderson

They believe he's above the law. They believe Republicans should be above the law.

#Trump #JimJordan #JoshHawley #Republicans #LawandOrder

Georgiann Baldino
8 hours ago

#Pence was #Trump's enabler.


Having now appeared in public as both a leather daddy and a cowboy, Mike Pence is only four costumes away from achieving his dream of cosplaying the entire Village People. "
8 hours ago


Billionaire #Trump supporter offers to buy #CNN: report

"Billionaire John Catsimatidis suggested he's considering making an offer to buy CNN from its parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, saying that if he were to take over the network, all he'd want from compensation is "$1 per year"

11 hours ago

Via David Cay Johnston:

Upside down - #Pence says NOT indicting #Trump would “restore equal justice under law.”

The ex-VP’s mind is a moral mess favoring unequal justice and presidential criminality.

11 hours ago

Via Kyle Griffin:

NBC News: David Harbach, a prosecutor working with the special counsel's classified documents investigation, has been spotted heading into the grand jury meeting room at the federal courthouse in Miami. #JackSmith #Trump #legal

11 hours ago

Via Tamar Hallerman:

Two firms that vetted fraud claims for #Trump's campaign could help #Fulton prosecutors establish intent, a crucial factor for any potential charges to stick #FaniWillis #legal

Kriszta Satori
19 hours ago

BBC News - Possible #charges loom for Donald #Trump over classified documents

22 hours ago

GOP Contempt charges against #FBI's #Wray dropped. Not a coincidence that this happened late evening on the day #Trump was informed he was a target for Jack #Smith.

The MAGA Congress knows what is about to go down and that's going to be bad for their entire narrative.

ᴚ uɐᗡ
1 day ago


#trump #babyblimp #guiltyAF #b3d

classified documents stuffed in fast food trash outside Mar-a-Lago. A Trump baby blimp appears from behind the resort and lurches forward, to the strains of a distended YMCA

#JimmyPesto was a shitty character anyway

> #JayJohnston, an actor known for his roles in the TV series "#ArrestedDevelopment" and "#BobsBurgers," has been arrested and charged for his alleged participation in the #Jan6, 2021, attack on the #capitol

#insurrection #oathkeepers #proudboys #fascist #sedition #maga #trump

an animated douchebag and the real life douchebag who does his voice
1 day ago

Confirmation of some information posted in my earlier thread 👇🏼

#Trump’s lawyers told he is target in Mar-a-Lago #documents investigation 1/… 🪡

1 day ago

🍿#Trump ally #Bannon subpoenaed in special counsel #JackSmith's #Jan6 #GrandJury probe

The Washington, D.C.-based grand jury is separate from one investigating the former president's handling of classified documents.

1 day ago

Via Elie Mystal:

I haven't been closely following GOP primary to elect their next Grand Wizard...but sure seems all these people are counting on #Trump being indicted for espionage but not coup so they can cont to crt votes of insurrectionists

But it's not like indictment will knock Trump out of the race. & as I've been saying, indictment at this pt is unlikely to result in a trial before primary. SO..we'll still have to see if any of them says "Espionage is bad" & run against Trump on that 1/

1 day ago

9/ And per @atrupar, #Trump is now spewing his usual word-slaw on LiesSocial …rebutting the above article in my thread.

“…no one told me I’m being indicted…”

Yes, he’s calling his own FakeTwitter site out for lying. Ironic much?

1 day ago

👀” The #DOJ is preparing to ask a Washington, DC grand jury to indict #Trump for violating the Espionage Act and for obstruction of justice as soon as Thursday, adding further weight to the legal baggage facing Trump as he campaigns for his party’s nomination in next year’s presidential election.” 1/…🪡


1 day ago

🤣Via @atrupar:

Mar-a-Lago ketchup reserves are about to go through some things

#Trump #legal #JackSmith

A post from TruthSocial:

BREAKING: Feds inform Trump of imminent indictment by Special Counsel Jack Smith.
Flipboard News Desk
1 day ago

Multiple reports indicate that special counsel Jack Smith’s investigation of Donald Trump for the classified documents held at Mar-a-Lago is wrapping up, and some experts expect an indictment as soon as this week.

Vox has the latest:

#Trump #USPolitics #Politics #News

1 day ago

Via @emptywheel:

Lots of people asking if #JackSmith is doing this for convenience or legitimacy.

No. He's going to present the case where venue is, period. There may be reasons why he HAS to present 793 or false statements charges in FL. There may be reasons why he HAS to present 1519 or 2071 in DC.

1/… 🪡 #Trump #documents #legal

1 day ago

Taylor Budowich, who has worked as a spokesman for Donald #Trump, has arrived at the federal courthouse in Miami to appear before a grand jury as part of special counsel #JackSmith’s investigation into the former president’s handling of classified #documents.

2 days ago

Well well 👀 1/...

"#MarkMeadows Testified to #GrandJury in Special Counsel Investigation of Trump

Mr. Meadows, the final White House chief of staff under Donald #Trump, is seen as a potentially key witness in the #documents and #Jan6 inquiries." #legal #JackSmith

2 days ago

"The latest twist in the inquiry into #Trump’s handling of classified #documents is the surprise revelation that a previously unknown federal #GrandJury in #Florida has recently started hearing testimony in the case." #legal 1/... 🧵

The hardest thing for the prosecution to prove in prosecuting Trump for stealing classified documents was always going to be his intent. Did he have criminal intent? Did he even know he had to go through a process to declassify things, beyond just "thinking about it"?

Now, they have evidence that he *did* know. #LockHimUp #uspol #Trump #classifiedDocuments

Chris Christie threw his hat in the ring for the #Republican presidential nomination, further crowding the field. A crowded field is one of the biggest reasons why we got #Trump in 2016 - he pulled the most votes but was only around 25%.

He was able to stand out in a crowded field by good marketing and appealing to biases. A crowded field makes this possible again.

#2024Election #politics

2 days ago

It's official, per everyone: #ChrisChristie is running. What a joke, although I hope he demolishes #Trump a few times before he drops out. #2024election

2 days ago

1/... "To ward off a potential indictment in #Fulton County, one of Georgia’s top Republicans is looking across the Pacific.

Attorneys for David Shafer, the outgoing chairman of the state GOP, are arguing that the actions of a group of Hawaii Democrats more than six decades ago justify their client’s move in 2020 to convene a meeting of “alternate” electors in #Georgia supporting #Trump even though his opponent had won the state." #legal

2 days ago

Via Zoe Tillman:

New (and confirming earlier reports): Special Counsel #JackSmith's office has been active in #Florida for several weeks, issuing grand jury subpoenas in records probe -- at least one witness has already testified, another expected this week. #Trump #legal

2 days ago

2/ "The push caps yrs of pressure from conserv activists who've harangued such academics online, in person & filed open-records requests to obtain corresp of those working at pub univ's. The targeted researchers study online spread of disinfo, incl [lies] that have been accelerated by #Trump, other GOP politicians. Jordan argued content removals urged by some in govt suppressed legit theories on vax risks COVID origins +news stories wrongly suspected of being part of foreign disinfo campaigns"

2 days ago

See humans, this is what happens when you cut mental health services to the bone.

You get Michaels

QT Mike_Fabricant: I still say we should give @\Nigel_Farage a knighthood.
And IF #Trump is re-elected to the #US #Presidency, he should be our trade envoy or even His Britannic Majesty's Ambassador to the US as he enjoys a strong relationship with him - let's use it for a comprehensive trade deal!

2 days ago

Via Kyle Cheney:

Even tho #Pence already testified to the grand jury, #Trump (the appellant) is opposing dismissal of legal fight.

Trump sought in March to assert executive privilege over Pence's testimony but was rejected by Chief Judge Boasberg.

This is 1 of several sealed proceedings representing fights bw Trump & #JackSmith's team over grand jury witnesses. We've been able to ID some of these cases via sourcing & other clues from Appeals Court docket, which logs sealed entries #legal

2 days ago

Via @emptywheel:

Look on the bright side, Chris Licht: Your effort to get in bed with fascists hasn't yet done AS MUCH damage as Elmo's decision to do the same.

Brian Stelter:
#CNN's #Trump town hall did measurable damage: "While the town hall attracted more than 3 million viewers, the audience has left CNN in droves since... Veterans at CNN said the Nielsen data shows that its audience is clearly angry at the network."

2 days ago

I will not post #Trump’s entire latest rant here, but I will share one word of it.

He upchucked another deranged, panicky outburst on Lies Social, per @atrupar, which ended this way:


#FlopsweatTrump is doing everything he can to incite another violent insurrection, or several smaller, scattered attacks that will result in people getting hurt or killed.

This is why I don’t ignore him. It’s important to stay aware and informed.

3 days ago

👀Exclusive: An employee at Donald #Trump Mar-a-Lago residence drained the swimming pool last Oct, ended up flooding a room where computer servers containing surveillance video logs were kept.

While unclear if room was intentionally flooded or if it happened by mistake, incident occurred amid series of events that federal prosecutors found suspicious” YA THINK?