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So, meine #Mastonauten, es blieb dann doch bei dem einen #Neuzugang, dafür ist es ein besonders cooler geworden😊

Feierlich verkünde ich, den Einzug von #Turtles #RadicalRescue für den #Nintendo #GameBoy 🤘😊

Ich freue mich sehr 😍

#retroGames #Gaming #shareYourGames #SvenIstHappy

Das Game Boy Modul zu dem Spiel ais dem Text.
2 days ago

I chanced upon a snapper laying eggs while out on a walk yesterday evening. I don't recall ever having a chance to see this before, so it was quite a special sight for me.

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A Mama snapping turtle laying eggs on the roadside
3 days ago

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge Sees Worlds Collide in Reveal of New ‘Dimension Shellshock’ DLC

An All-New Playable Character, Dimension-Crossing Game Mode, and More to Debut Later This Year in the Turtles’ Smash Hit Acclaimed Brawler

#Gamenews #GLG #Turtles #Gametrailer #Gaming #TMNT

4 days ago

Two Turtle species observed today: Painted Turtles basking in the sun, and a good-sized Snapping Turtle slowly moving along the bottom of a shallow stream.

#turtles #TurtleTuesday
#NaturePhotography #nature

Three small turtles basking on a partially submerged log in a lake. One of them put the front flippers on the back of another as if to have a better view of the surrounding water and aquatic plants.
A large brown turtle resting on the muddy brown bottom of a shallow creek. The large leaves of Yellow Pond Lilies provide the turtle with some cover and shade.
IZ Digital
5 days ago

‘In his place, one hundred and thirty-two turtles down from World, Broadback the Turtle contemplated the universe.’

New today from Mary Soon Lee, a 400-word gem:

‘False Dichotomy’

Art by Sumit Roy

It is Mary’s 2nd story for IZ Digital; her 9th for IZ

#shortfiction #fantastika #interzone #sff #turtles

Art by Sumit Roy for 'False Dichotomy', a new story by Mary Soon Lee

2. Reducing #PlasticPollution is a big challenge to protect #marine ecosystems 🌊!

A study reveals up to 86% of green #turtles🐢in the remote Azores feeding grounds were found to ingest #plastic.



#クサガメ #turtle #turtles

Some of the seniors in our community will pop out of their homes just to talk to the #turtles

Two turtles sitting on a log in a pond. Swimming by is a large fish.
Swede’s Photographs
1 week ago

Why did the turtle cross the road.

I came across this three-toed box turtle (Terrapene triunguis) while takin Ben to his appointment this morning. The turtle was crossing the road just down from our house. I stopped took a couple photos with my iPhone. The pick the turtle up and set it on the side of the road where it was headed. I worried that somebody would drive down the road and run it over.

"From the west to the east of its range, the three-toed box turtle can be found from eastern Texas to the northern edge of the Florida Panhandle. Its northernmost range is in Missouri and Kansas, while the southernmost one is in Louisiana. Three-toed box turtles interbreed with other subspecies of common box turtles which overlap the borders of this area. An example of this occurs in the eastern Mississippi valley, where this species is difficult to distinguish from the eastern box turtle. " -

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #turtles #reptiles

This is a relatively small turtle, I picked it up with one hand, fingers on either side of its shell.  It's mostly green but its head and front feet are more colorful, with yellow and red markings. In this photo, the turtle is crossing a gravel and dirt road, you can see the track it made moving itself along the ground.  Only its front feet are visible in this photograph.

Three-toed box turtles are so named due to the number of toes on the back feet, but some think that there are some four-toed examples too. "However, some speculate that the four-toed individuals are actually eastern box turtle × three-toed box turtle hybrids. Three-toed box turtles have a domed shell which grows to 5-7″ (13-18cm) in length. The highest part of its carapace or upper shell is more posteriorly positioned than in any of the other subspecies. The dorsal and limb coloration is commonly completely absent, although some dark blotches are common in adult turtles. These areas more often being a uniform olive green or tan color. Sometimes, faint yellow dots or lines are visible in the center of each large scute. In the males, the head and throat often display yellow, red, or orange spots. Frequently, the bottom shell or plastron is a straw yellow color and has far fewer dark markings than the plastrons of the other subspecies." -
Angelique Sophia
1 week ago

Liking the balance of logs and reflections in this turtle shot.

#turtles #NaturePhotography #nature #LincolnParkZoo #UrbanNature #reflection

Two turtles sun themselves on logs sticking out of the pond at Lincoln Park zoo.
1 week ago

Was visiting family in Illinois recently and took a bunch of pictures that are, suffice to say, way off Cape Cod… Red-eared Slider at Lake Sara; Effingham County, Illinois 05/27/23 #redearedslider #Turtles #turtle #turtlephotography #TurtleTuesday #Nature #naturephotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography #photography #effingham #illinois #NotCapeCod

SoMuchPingle 🐸🍩
1 week ago

A roadside Ornate Box Turtle (Terrapene ornata) in Iowa today. #herps #turtles #nature

A box turtle on the side of a sand road in Iowa
Amy Tabb 🇺🇦
1 week ago

Happy Friday! Scenes from the farm: three different snapping turtles and wild turkeys. Snapper 1 was navigating a creek, Snapper 2 was glamour posing in the corn field, and Snapper 3 was rustling around in some grass. I saw a few groups of wild turkeys on that morning, the photo shows 4 of them before they disappear into the woods. Wild turkeys are very skittish here.
#FarmPhotography #Turtles #Turkeys

Head and front of shell of a snapping turtle submerged in the ater.
A snapping turtle in a corn field, with the corn about 4 inches high and the snapper extending its neck.
Only the eye and top of shell is recognizable as a creature -- the snapper is behind and in tall grass.
Four turkeys at the edge of a field.  They look to me, behind them, before scurrying into the trees.
1 week ago

Niin se vaan tuli keski-ikä Leonardollekin.

#MiddleAged #mutant #ninja #turtles

Kilpikonnapatsas, jolla on siniset aurinkolasit ja saksofoni, Barcelonalaisen hostellin kattoterassilla.
Joseph Meyer
1 week ago

This red-eared slider is the tamest of many #turtles I have rescued on nearby #hiking trails. It was a kilometer from the nearest pond and kept its head out the entire time I carried it. When we neared the pond, its feet came out and it was ready to swim away.

A red-eared slider turtle on a dry and rocky hiking trail. It is dark green and about 20 centimeters in diameter. It has red spots on the sides of its head from which its name is derived.
1 week ago
photo of two black-crowned night herons and a turtle sitting on a log in a pond
2 weeks ago

Einen wundervollen #Dienstag wünsche ich euch meine #Mastonauten, wie versprochen, kommt heute ein kleines Update zu meiner #Sammlung
Aus #Nürnberg mitkommen durften folgende #Games:

- #MuppetMonsterAdventure
- #LostVikings2
- #DieHardTrilogy

- #DarkwingDuck
- #KingOfTheZoo
- #TheCastlevaniaAdventure
- #BartSpimpsonEscapeFromCampDeadly
- #TurtlesFallOfTheFootClan

Besonders freue ich mich hier über #Castlevania, #Muppets und #Turtles

#shareYourGames #Daddeln #gaming

Die Module der im Text genannten GameBoy Spiele.
Alle im Text genannten Spiele liegen im Dreieck angeordnet auf meinem Tisch.

Everybody turts…sometimes🎵


It's been a busy day so I'm a bit late getting to #WildlifeWins this #Sunday but here it is...

This week's good #news comes from #Bangladesh were there's been a record breaking year for the Ridley #Turtle.

After extensive conservation efforts, NACOM have found over 7500 eggs across 58 locations on three different islands. This represents a 30% increase on those found in 2022.

The Ridley Turtle is considered vulnerable on the IUCN Red List so such conservation efforts are extremely important.

More information on the conservation efforts and challenges can be read here: but what a wonderful news story this is to end the week with!

Happy Sunday all!

#Turtles #Conservation #news #goodnews #happy #happynews #positivity #hope

Rob Wald
2 weeks ago

Spotted these three sunbathers in a swampy part of Rock Creek Park, near Woodend in Maryland today. #Turtles #Birds #Swamps #Maryland #Nature

Left to right, a big turtle, small turtle, and a tall, slender water bird on a sunny log in a swamp. Greenery in foreground and background.
2 weeks ago

Numskull Designs announce TMNT 1/4 scale arcade cabs

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and its sequel Turtles in Time are joining their highly collectible range of Quarter Arcades.

#GLG #Gaming #Turtles #Arcademachine #Arcades #Retrogaming #90s

D Wilson
2 weeks ago

#photo #animals #turtles Is one named Myrtle? Turtles on a log in a mangrove swamp Dominican Republic.

Turtles on a log in a mangrove swamp Dominican Republic.

so very happy to see that folks are spreading the word about #WorldTurtleDay.

#turtles #EndangeredSpecies #ThreatenedSpecies

Deb Oppermann
3 weeks ago

#WorldTurtleDay I was thrilled to spot this Northern Map Turtle, a species of concern, on the Shawanaga River Ontario Canada. These Northern Map Turtles, at the slightest hint of danger, slip in to the water. The Map Turtles are a freshwater turtle and the light markings resemble the contours of a map, hence the name.
Check it out here
#turtles #MapTurtle #reptile #animal #wild #wildlife #nature #WildlifePhotography #BuyIntoArt #MastoPhoto #wallart #interiordesign

Northern Map Turtle on log in rive with terrific reflection and brown and green background

as part of #worldturtleday I absolutely recommend you to live a release turtle experience with absolute respect and awareness, I've done it twice with my unforgettable sea turtles: "dante" and "andromeda". 🐢🐢🤗

#animals #turtles #seaturtles #conservation

today is **world turtle day**, an annual observance of the plight of threatened and/or endangered turtles all over the world.

#turtles #WorldTurtleDay #EndangeredSpecies #ThreatenedSpecies #animals

turtle emoji with the earth as its shell
turtle emoji with a heart overhead
Ele Willoughby
3 weeks ago

For #WorldTurtleDay I’m sharing my ‘Turtles all the way down’ #linocut. Made for an exhibition about #cosmology I also took the opportunity to highlight the #biodiversity of #turtles. This hint of an infinite stack includes from the top down: …

#printmaking #sciart#turtles #biodiversity #conservation #cosmology #turtlesallthewaydown #MastoArt

My linocut print of ‘Turtles all the way down.’ The blue and green globe of the Earth is on top of a never ending stack of turtles of various species against the starry background of space. This hint of an infinite stack includes from the top down: an eastern mud turtle (Kinosternon subrubrum), a red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans), a black pond turtle (Geoclemys hamiltonii ), a painted batagur (Batagur borneoensis), a Oaxaca mud turtle (Kinosternon oaxacae), a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) and the hint of something larger.⁠ The print is on 11” x 14” beige washi paper with bark inclusions.
3 weeks ago

Bangladesh has recorded the highest number of olive ridley turtle eggs this nesting season, a conservationist group says.

The species’ main nesting grounds in Bangladesh are the various small islands off the southeastern district of Cox’s Bazar in the Bay of Bengal.

By Farhana Parvin

#News #Conservation #Environment #Wildlife #Bangladesh #Turtles

Pamela Williams Fine Art
3 weeks ago


Another version of my Sea Turtle Art. Yes I'm obsessed with these gorgeous creatures. I love the closer up saturated version of this one!


#artography #digitalart #seaturtle #turtle #watercolor #art #coastal #mastoart #fedigifts #turtles #silentsunday #AYearForArt #artmatters #SharePamsArt

Digitally painted original photo of an abstract sea turtle dipping their toes in the coastal waters on the beach.
Swede’s Photographs
3 weeks ago

Reflections 2

This is a pond slider turtle (Trachemys scripta) on a log in the middle of a lake. Kisatchie Lake, in the Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana. I personally, like the forest reflected in the lake.

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #lake #reflections #turtles #PondSliderTurtle

There is a turtle on a log on a lake.  The turtle is facing to the top of the frame with its head sticking out of its shell.  Its is a dark color, maybe a dark brown.  At the top of the frame is green vegetation on the opposite shore of the lake.  Reflected all the way back across the rippled water is the reflections of grey trees as well as the yellows and greens of other vegetation.
J blue
4 weeks ago

Grumpy turtle 🐢

Terrapene carolina

#TurtleTuesday #turtle #turtles #wildlife #nature #hiking

Close up image of a turtle partially hidden in its shell. It is staring at the camera and has a red iris that is more yellow towards the center with a big black pupil. It looks like the eye of Sauron. 

The turtle is on the forest floor with dry dead plant material such as pine straw, leaves and twigs. There is a small pebble in front of it and a pine tree seedling behind its head. 

The turtles beak and head are a dark yellow and the markings on its legs and feet are black and yellow. The shell is mostly black with some yellow splotches.
G. Paul Randall
4 weeks ago

New monkey bar at the park is a fine rendering of a red-eared slider. Well done.

Monkey bar in the form of a turtle.
Joseph Riparian 🏳️‍⚧️
1 month ago

today I communed with nature. I found this turtle in my yard, and also a salamander in my garage.

#turtles #nature

a close-up photo of a turtle I found in my yard. He looks very smart and brave, bright eye, head and arms fully extended.
1 month ago

This is Boudicca, an African spurred #tortoise who loves cherry tomatoes. She was malnourished before being rescued, which caused the unusual pyramidal development of her shell. She now lives happily in a university #greenhouse where she is well cared for and free to roam from biome to biome.

#turtle #turtles #animal #animals #animalphotography #photo #photography #nature #naturephotography #tortoisetuesday #pet #pets #saturday #weekend #outdoors #reptile #reptiles #herpetology #cute #feelgood

photo of an African spurred tortoise munching on some cherry tomatoes

#クサガメのガメ子ちゃん 7.0g
キャビ 2.5g
ちぃちゃん 4.5g


#クサガメ #turtle #turtles

Oona is drawing animals
1 month ago

Some sea #turtles for my 86th day of drawing animals as well as #Mermay

#ink #art

a horizontal page with three drawings of sea turtles in two shades of brown ink, with two of them larger and their patterning visible, and a third only a small thumbnail
1 month ago

#Turtles sunning themselves on a log in the #Beaver #Pond
Horse Hill Nature Preserve, #Merrimack, #NH
#wildlifephotography #photography #Reptiles

Close up of a turtle on a log in the water
Turtle on a waterlogged log in the pond
Three turtles on one log in the water
8 turtles on a log in the beaver pond sunning themselves
1 month ago

TODAY!! I'll be LIVE drawing with Julián Nariño on my IGTV! Come out and give us your #grickledoodle requests! Starts at 5pm PST! #grickledoodle #live #drawing #cartoon #MastoArt #wildlife #duck #turtles

It's been one week since I found Mikey being harassed by Canadian geese in the park and brought him home. He seems to be doing good and loves him some shrimp and earthworms.

How is everyone's day going? I just got back from a 1-year-old birthday party and I'm about to take several puffs and sit down for a break.

#TurtlesOfMastodon #turtles #RedEaredSlider #TMNT #turtlesofthefediverse

A baby red eared slider turtle named Michelangelo.
A baby red eared slider turtle named Michelangelo.
1 month ago

#turtle #turtles
Can anyone identify this turtle?
I'm thinking it's a yellow-bellied slider, Trachemys scripta scripta, but I'm far from sure. Sighted in Westphalia, Germany

1 month ago

Found a large snapping turtle in the road by Bayou St John. Multiple people stopped to help but we were w/out success until I remembered the 6 ft pole I keep in the car for bolt leverage when changing tires.

Got him across the street (in the direction he was going originally) and into the bayou with alacrity but much snapping, hissing, and general unhappiness in his part. Big thank you to all the helpers and the cop who sat and watched us with much amusement.

#Turtles #AnimalRescue #NOLA

1 month ago

look who i saw!!! let me know if you know what kind of turt this is!

#turts #turtles

a large flat shelled turtle with a long snout nose resting on a muddy bank
1 month ago

On the same Museum of Science naturalist hike at Holly Shelter yesterday, we saw an interesting variety of wildlife! A slider turtle, a pygmy rattlesnake!, a cool Beetle that lives in the Longleaf Pine bark, and a little garter snake.

PS the reason the Garter Snake and turtle are being held, is they were laying in the middle of a road so the naturalist was showing them to us before moving them into a safe spot.

#NorthCarolina #nature #hike #reptiles #insects #turtles

Chris Price
1 month ago

Happy Turtsday, early.


Two red-eared sliders bask on a rock at the edge of  a pond. An adult is on the right, and a younger (or at least smaller) turtle is on the left looking over their shell toward the camera.
Sharon Cummings Art
1 month ago
Colorful blue and aqua mandala sea turtle art by wildlife artist Sharon Cummings.
Damon Thomas
2 months ago

1944 was easily impressed. #comics @comics #40s #turtles

Comic panel – Snapping turtles can suspend breathing for an extra-ordinary length of time!
Erik Sagen
2 months ago

There will never be enough drawings of mustachioed turtles. Never. #Art #Turtles

2 months ago

Love this time of year when the faint rustle of leaves you hear turns out to be a baby turtle. Best of luck little one!

#Spring #Turtle #Turtles #Wildlife

Photo of a very small, dark brown baby turtle (perhaps a mud turtle) next to a rotting log and surrounded by brown fallen leaves.  Turtles head and legs are all extended. A few green out-of focus leaves are seen.
2 months ago

"Daddy, those turtles are giving a piggyback ride"

#Herpetology #Turtle #Turtles #Tortoise #Tortoises #Terrapin #Terrapins #Children #Nature #AltText

A picture of a turtle on another turtle's back. 

My 5 year old said, "Daddy, those turtles are giving a piggyback ride"

Slightly embarrassed, I decided he was old enough for *the talk* 
So I sat him down and gently said, "Buddy.. those are tortoises not turtles"

If you're not talking to your kids about herpetology, who is?
Deb Oppermann
2 months ago

I was thrilled to spot this #NorthernMapTurtle, a species of concern, on the #ShawanagaRiver #Ontario Canada.The Map Turtles are a freshwater #turtle and the light markings resemble the contours of a map, hence the name.
Sun Worshiper - Map Turtle available here
#reptile #animal #nature #wildlife #NatureLover #AnimalLover #WildlifePhotography #photography #PhotographersOnMastodon #BuyIntoArt #reflection #MastoArt #turtles #Herpetology #NatureMastodon #artforsale

Northern Map Turtle basking on log in the river with great reflections and bokeh background
Swede’s Photographs
2 months ago

Taking in the sun.

Here's a couple pond slider turtles taking in the sun at Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana.

#photo #photography #photographer #photographylovers #turtles

This photograph was taken at Kisatchie Lake, Kisatchie National Forest.  There are two pond slider turtles on a log facing left one right behind the other with their necks stretched out and heads sticking straight up into the air.  Their images reflect up in the calm rippled water.

On the left the log continues up out of the water for a couple meters. on the right after another couple meters of water is tall green foliage of some type.  

Several meters in the background is a shore covered with foliage as well as tress and sunken tree limbs. Reflections of the shore reach back across the water towards the turtles.

"The Pond slider is a medium-sized, semiaquatic turtle found in North America. Hatchlings and juveniles have a greenish upper shell (carapace), yellow bottom shell (plastron), and green and yellow stripes and markings on their skin. These patterns and colors in the skin and shell fade with age until the carapace is a muted olive green to orange-brown or brown and the plastron is a dull yellow or darker. Some sliders become almost black with few visible markings. The carapace is oval with a bit of rounding and a central crest with knobs, but these features soften and fade with age, adults being smoother and flatter. Males typically have much longer front claws than adult females, while females usually have shorter, more slender tails than males." -
Anne Fausto Sterling
3 months ago

oooh! Squid snacks!🍕🍕🍕
RT @bjkingape
People who help sea turtles w/ such dedication are wonderful-- gratitude to the #NewYork Marine Rescue Center, "a nonprofit stretched to its limits after receiving a record number of sick sea turtles in urgent need" #turtles #seaturtles #animals

Texas Observer Lives!
4 months ago

The Texas Observer is #nonprofit, member-supported #journalism

If you want us to keep reporting about the #environment, and appreciate our participation in the fediverse, please join us:

#PetsOfTheTexasObserver #turtles #Newstodon

A photo of a large pet turtle, seemingly sleeping on an open copy of the Texas Observer. Text: Mahmoud is very concerned about the water quality in his habitat. He's reading our series on Texas rivers." Another bubble reads "Become a member!"
Bjorn Idle
4 months ago

Two Red-Eared Sliders basking in the light and heat from a heat lamp.

I only recently found this hashtag, so it's my first entry for #TurtleTuesday

#Nature #Turtles #NaturePhotography

Two smalls turtles with red patches on the side of their head, and pale yellow stripes across their face and neck, rest on pieces of wood and stone, facing each other and looking up toward the light of an unseen a heat lamp

Fight for the reef map shows how close the mine would have been to Great Barrier Reef ecosystems. The mine was rejected due to the unacceptable risk of pollution and irreversible damage to the Great Barrier Reef, impacts on freshwater in the local area and potential impacts on seagrass meadows, which are critical feeding grounds and habitats for dugongs and turtles

A reminder: there are 29 other coal mines on Minister Plibersek’s desk which also need to be rejected to protect Australian communities and living wonders from climate impacts like bushfires, storms, floods, heatwaves and droughts.
See Move Beyond Coal assessment

#Auspol #Coal #FossilFuels #GreatBarrierReef #Seagrass #Dugongs #Turtles #TanyaPlibersek #ClimateCrisis

Map of Central queensland showing how close the Central !Queensland Coal would be to sensitive coral reef and coastal ecosystems. The mine would be less than 10km from the Great Barrier Reef World heritage Area.
Helen H
4 months ago

One of the world’s beautiful Loggerhead sea turtles swimming in the deep. Such amazing creatures and some of which return to the Florida shores every year to lay their eggs. Textures applied for artistic license.

My work:

#SeaTurtle #turtles #loggerhead #ocean #MarineLife #animals #photography #MastoPhoto #MastoPhotography #ArtOfMastodon #MastoArt #MastodonArt #MastoArtists #FediArt #art #artists #MastodonArtists #Fediverse #ArtMatters #FediGiftShop #AYearForArt

A loggerhead sea turtle facing forward and swimming in the ocean.  Complimentary textures added.
4 months ago
Swede’s Photographs
4 months ago

Spirits of Turtle Island.

My wife and I went to Georgia over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Across from our hotel was a partially hidden pond in a ravine. In the pond were a few species of water birds, so I went to investigate one evening just before dusk.

There was a small island in the pond occupied by these turtles. I took a couple of photos and briefly turned my attention elsewhere, when I turned back to the island, the turtles were gone. I probably spooked them. But there is a mist in the photo that I don't recall being there when I snapped the picture. 👻👻😅

I think the turtles are pond-sliders but I'm not certain at all. If anybody can definitively identify the turtles, please let us know.

#photo #photography #photographer #turtles #pond

Alex Radocea :verified:
5 months ago

Put your WiFi security skills to the test! We'll be giving a away Raspberry Pi 4s to the first challenge solvers!!! #wifi #turtles #ctf #raspberrypi #contest #hackers

Ok, this is cool: a team of biologists worked out that turtles can talk. The hatchlings even talk to each other in the egg to coordinate their hatching. Turtle talk is at frequencies not very audible for humans and it can take hours for some species to reply to each other.

“Had we had a bit more expansive imaginations, we might have caught this earlier,” said Karen Bakker, a fellow at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.