ᴚ uɐᗡ
2 hours ago

I'm liking #megalodon over #tusky or the official app.

Both are excellent free android options for #mastodon 🐘

Megalodon presents more of a user's followers across other servers. Whereas Tusky has a simpler cleaner feeling interface.

BUT.. Is there a way to change the focus point on an image when you toot? Such that the (aggressively) cropped image visible in the TL shows the best possible portion.

This was simple in Tusky, but I can't find the feature in Megalodon..

Andreas Wieland
4 hours ago

@dennishorn Mein Tipp für eine einfache Oberfläche, mit der ich am Handy super klarkomme, ist #tusky . Ich find die nicht komplizierter als #twitter seinerzeit...

4 hours ago

@PaulaToThePeople it is possible in #tusky, see attached pic. There's a triangle you click to reveal the message you're replying to..

Screenshot of Tusky showing a post expanded while replying, with the triangle to title it on/off highlighted in red.
8 hours ago

#mastodon I just saw #tusky mentioned. What is that?

Die föderierte Zeitleiste läßt sich bei #Tusky im Bedarfsfall als Tab definieren... nur der Vollständigkeit halber erwähnt... ;-)

9 hours ago

Erst jetzt, nach einer Woche, habe ich bemerkt, dass #tusky mit einer neuen Installation die föderierten Timeline nicht anzeigt. Habe ich etwas vermisst? Nein. 😉

PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
10 hours ago

One thing I don't like about #Tusky: While I'm replying to a post there is no way to go back to that post and re-read it, or parts of it, so I know what I'm answering to. I can't remember 500 characters while also thinking about a reply. Not to mention longer posts.

Dmitry Borodaenko
18 hours ago

@futurebird Yet another reason to use #Tusky: image caption UI is great.

Screenshot of the "add caption" dialog in Tusky.
22 hours ago

Ça y est : j'ai changé de tel et j'ai fait le grand pas pour degoogliser à fond :
@zaclys et #k9 pour les mails
#nextcloud via #zaclys pour le cloud
#fdroid pour le store (et #aurora pour 2/3 app)
#osmand pour la carto
#tusky pour masto
#qksms et #signal pour les messages
Je me sens liiiiiibre :ablobcatwobble:

23 hours ago

@avradi @pachli. An advanced #tusky fork

Und wieder eine Frage in die Runde. Wie nutzt ihr Mastodon auf dem Smartphone?

Ich bin immer noch in der Findungsphase. Nach der offiziellen App über Tusky und Fedlilab bin nun bei der Chrome web App gelandet. Bei Tusky und Fedlilab kamen keine Benachrichtigungen durch. Nur beim öffnen der App. Bei der offiziellen App fehlt mir die Listenfunktion.

Mal schauen ob's mit der web App besser funktioniert. Welche Apps nutzt ihr auf Android?

#mastodon #webapp #tusky #fedilab

bonobo 🐒
1 day ago

@socjo amb el #Tusky sembla que també.

O és el teclat del mòbil.
Ara dubte... 🤔

@Caelumtangi @spla

image/gif on diu "Molt bé. Estupendu".
image/gif animat de Jordi Pujol, el molt honorable, i amb el rètol "No millor. Molt millor"
Adrian Morales
1 day ago

Every vampire, especially orange ones, must know to take good care of their fangs. Please visit the dentist as often as the shadows of the night are cast upon this mortal realm. 🧛‍♂️ 🧛‍♀️ 🍊

#OralHealth #Vampire #Orange #Monday #Dentist #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

An orange vampire showing off his fangs and taking a selfie in the mirror because, in Eastern Europe, they do have a reflection.
Adrian Morales
1 day ago

Cat lovers will confirm that if a cat likes you, a cat likes you. They don't care who you are. They don't care how or what you look like. They don't care what you did. You could be a criminal. You could be in prison. Cats are of Divine nature. God likes you. 🐈 ❤️

#EverydayIsCaturday #Monday #Motivation #SecondChance #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

2 days ago

Yesterday I replied to a thread from, I think, the #Tusky app. Im sure it was a reply because the OP was tagged automatically. Checking things today, I see my message as "standalone": it does show the original message above, and when I go to the original thread itself, my message is not there. What could have happened? #askmastodon #mastodon

(Maybe I was hacked: someone posted the same joke as me 4 hours later 😅)

#Pachli, ein von #Tusky abgeleiteter #Android-Client für #Mastodon und kompatible, ist in Version 1.2.1 erschienen (z.B. via IzzyOnDroid F-Droid Repo). (Direkt via F-Droid ist nun Version 1.1 verfügbar).

Pachli (Ein voll ausgestatteter Android-Client für Mastodon und ähnliche Server.)

Miha Markič
2 days ago

@frozencanuck @Tendar @ChrisO_wiki 3. It's possible by copying the original, at least #tusky helps you there. The only drawback is that OP doesn't see the quoted toots.

2 days ago

Are there people who follow their #Pixelfed account with a #Mastodon client? I've been doing that for a while now, but lately my timeline is not refreshed anymore. I've tried several clients. They do refresh the notifications, though. I don't like the Pixelfed client very much, but Android clients #Tusky and #Fedilab don't work on Pixelfed anymore.

Adrian Morales
3 days ago

To the 《all men because we don't know which one》 commentators on Mastodon, please deactivate your account. Go back to Twitter/X.

Imagine claiming 《all women because you never know which one of them could be the next fraudster Elizabeth Anne Holmes or the next sex cultist Allison Mack》

That would be a gross generalisation of half of the world's human population.

Please leave Mastodon before you are reported and suspended! Thank you!

#SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

3 days ago

Well, in the end I uninstalled #FediLab, #Tusky, #Megalodon and all the other clients for #Mastodon that I downloaded. I'll stick with #Moshidon, without being able to have notifications, but super comfortable and simple.

3 days ago

What can I do to investigate why videos on mastodon doesn't play on my phone? I have the same issue both in #Tusky and the official app. I'm getting "Can't play this video" in Tusky, and in the official app the videos just load forever without playing.

I'm self-hosting #Mastodon, but it works fine when using a web browser. Due to this I'm thinking it's not an issue with my server, but it still might be.



No problem here...

And #Tusky doesn't use your credentials.

Could you still login to your instance using the web UI?

4 days ago

@keefmarshall Try #Pachli ( The readability you like about #tusky, without all the missing posts.

Pachli 1.1 can, under certain circumstances, forget your reading position, which is very annoying. 1.2, which I'm in the middle of releasing now, fixes that bug.

4 days ago

Trying out #fedilab as an alternative to #tusky as I'm really getting fed up with the missing timeline posts. But I just can't seem to get the contrast / font as readable in fedilab - I have the same problem with the stock Mastodon app.

Both the core website and the Tusky app seem to get this just right for me...

4 days ago

A patch has been commited to @pachli to improve remembering reading position.

I recall waiting a long time for #89 to get addressed in #Tusky

Hopefully remembering reading position can be stabilized quicker in pachli. Lets wait for version 1.2 to re-visit.…

I was kind of being a cheap-ass not getting #Fedilab, but free #Tusky works fine.

I did not realize Fedilab supports #markdown . **That's worth the $2.49.**


Und mit welcher #Tusky-Version bist Du unterwegs?


Sind Benachrichtigungen gemeint?

Da erinnere ich dunkel, daß die letzte Änderung bei #Tusky nicht mit #Pixelfed spielt, da die dortige Implementation der #Mastodon-#Client-#API nicht ganz paßt.

In dem Fall würde Tusky 21.0 ggf. besser funktionieren (aktuell ist 23.0).

Nebenbei: Ist die Pixelfed-App schon final verfügbar?

Lluis Franco 👾
5 days ago

¿Soy el único al que cada vez que voy a subir una imagen con #Tusky, peta entre dos y tres veces hasta que al final la sube? Es muy cansino, la verdá 😕

Elly van Amstel
5 days ago

Boosten is leuk. Maar een artikel delen vind ik soms fijner. In #Tusky kun je Toots delen. Vind ik prettiger dan alleen boosten. "Je blijft toch een #Microblogger"
Bijvoorbeeld deze leuke tentoonstelling over #Pokemon in het @vangoghmuseum ✌️
Leuk om met de kids naartoe te gaan!


In den neueren Versionen ist die föderierte Zeitleiste nicht mehr Default... was manche irritiert... ansonsten kann man z.B. auch eigene Listen als Tab definieren. Bis zu fünf Tabs sind möglich. (Stand: #Tusky 23.0).


@Sibshops @sxa

#Fedilab offers a lot of functions, but i also mostly use #Tusky... ;-)


#Pachli basiert auf #Tusky 23.0. Ist ziemlich neu... siehe @pachli

@Sibshops @sxa

Besides of #Tusky you may want to take a look at #Fedilab then...!?!

Jacobo Guimeráns :verified:
6 days ago

I started using #Tusky (by @Tusky) and so far, I'm liking it a lot. The only issue I have is that notifications only pop up when I have the app open (I don't know if this is an app issue or if it's just me being dumb). But regardless, I love how seamless and responsive the app is. Kudos to you, Tusky!

6 days ago

Ok, ho provato #Tusky, che vedo essere abbastanza usato anche qui: è leggero ma non fa più di quello che fa la versione web base.

#consiglisegretinonrichiesti se accedete da mobile: esplorate le app per navigare nel #fediverso e non limitatevi a quelle "ufficiali" o a quelle più usate.

Stewart X Addison
6 days ago

My primary niggle with Mastodon is that if you have multiple accounts on different servers, if you're accessing them during the web interface favouriting or boosting something you've seen on one account on the other is a real pain. On the #Tusky app I use it's not too bad as you have the "open in account blah ..." drop down that lets you switch over and do what you want.
Anyone found a good solution to this that isn't just cut & paste to the other browser window and search for the toot link?

Kaum zu glauben … Mein Alter Ego war so erbost über die Diktatur mit den riesigen Bildern, dass er sich eine Auszeit von #Mastodon nimmt und sogar die #Tusky-App vom Handy gelöscht hat.

Beim ehemals blauen Piepmatz war häufiger zu lesen, dass sich Leute Detox-Zeiten nahmen, um sich von der dortigen Kloake zu säubern. Doch wer hätte gedacht, dass das auch hier nötig sein könnte und das aus einer ganz unerwarteten Richtung?


Zum Thema Alternativzugriff auf #YouTube siehe z.B.

Ansonsten z.B. erwähnenswert: #AntennaPod, #DeltaChat, #Fedilab, #FreeOTP+, #K9Mail, #OpenCamera, #OsmAnd~, #RethinkDNS, #SyncThing, #Tusky, #VLC, #Wikipedia, #Zapp, diverse Apps aus der Simple-Reihe und einen Haufen weitere... ;-)


1 week ago

@kr1st This seems to be a long-standing bug in #Tusky unfortunately. It sometimes "forgets" to show the "load more" button (or doesn't realise that there are more posts), so you lose a whole chunk of timeline. It's been a problem for a long time - if you search in their issues log you'll see a bunch of bugs raised:

I keep the stock Mastodon Android app installed as well just for this reason - so I can see the missing posts when this happens - it doesn't have this issue.

1 week ago

How do I get the federated timeline in #tusky ?


On my mind today:

In practice, "Posting to your Own Site, Syndicating Elsewhere" aka #POSSE is extremely difficult

Lately I've finished a lot of big projects that took weeks to complete. My mental place is that I'm so tired & very happy & I take pics of it & I want all the serotonin from likes, comments, questions, awesome interactions, etc.

We all know: I can do that - share RLY quickly with mobile apps - #insta #masto and #tusky #discord #reddit & now #bluesky🧵1/?

The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
1 week ago

Yeah no, #fedilab is not for me.

Going back to my old love #tusky <3

Conny Duck
1 week ago

It is in the newest #Tusky Nightly update, please let me know if there are any problems with the new badges!

1 week ago

I hate it when this happened.

On #Mastodon #Tusky , scrolling federated, found an interesting entry by a stranger, about breaking into an old pin-locked Sony Xperia Z1. Then I pressed the wrong button, the timeline refreshed, and I lost it. Scrolled through the live feed from the top again, didn't find it. It's gone. Damn.

Conny Duck
2 weeks ago

Why don't I see role badges with my testaccount? It is on 4.2.0. Can admins turn this feature off? Asking because I want to add them to #Tusky.

Alex Haist
2 weeks ago

Is there a way to hide polls in #Tusky ? I am weirdly compulsive about them and would like to stop having to exert willpower.

2 weeks ago

Anybody know if @Tusky is likely to get a translation service for posts any time soon.

#tusky #translation

2 weeks ago

I've tried Fedilab and Tusky extensively and I think Tusky has the best interface. It's smooth is what it is.

Fedilab has a few extra features I wish Tusky had (e.g. enabling quotes, not erasing the contents of the search bar if you switch from searching words to accounts or accounts to hashtags). But it's clunky and it reliably would NOT load people's timelines when I looked up their handles.
#Tusky #Fedilab

2 weeks ago

@deckytoyou @jake4480

The web-based version of #Mastodon is definitely better than #Tusky - it shows you what's 'trending' and is a much better way to get a sense of discussion across the overall network.

Maybe I should try a different client app for #Android

2 weeks ago

It is hard for #Tusky to show posts from different #instances . Can this be fixed? How can simple folks like help?

#mastodon #mastoadmin #mastodev #fediverse

2 weeks ago

@anneroth am Horizont ist @pachli . Der Entwickler hat die letzten releases von #Tusky laut github auch veröffentlicht und die App soll in der nächsten Version die laut github am Freitag fertig gestellt werden sollte endlich nicht mehr das "mehr laden" Problem haben sondern automatisch alles nachladen was man verpasst hat.

2 weeks ago

I'm logged into my tiny instance via #Tusky. I'm looking at the profile of a friend who hasn't posted in a while. I don't even see the old #toots? Why? They're not hidden, they're fully accessible. Why do I need to open his profile in the original instance from a browser to read them? And if he's got a locked account, how would I see them? I *am* essentially using a browser anyway. Why don't they just load on demand?

Same with other people's followers, same with older toot interactions/threads.

So, I ended up with an #iPhone as phone after running #Android for complicated reasons. My favourite
#mastodon #client, #tusky is not available on #ios. So what is a good iPhone client?

Dallman Ross
2 weeks ago

@elithebearded Thanks, I do use #Tusky most of the time. It's just that I also have the official app installed on my phone.

Dallman Ross
2 weeks ago


I'm not sure whom to report this to, but on my Android phone using the default Mastodon app, I could not post a certain reply yesterday. I tried closing and re-opening the app and trying the exact same text, which I had saved to my copy-and-paste buffer.

I then opened #Tusky and pasted the same text in as a reply and was able to post it.

It's marked as unlisted, as the other party marked the thread that way. It's very short and has no wonky characters:

Screenshot of error message from Mastodon Android app
Preston Maness ☭
3 weeks ago

@categulario He usado #GrapheneOS (cuándo tenía un Pixel), totalmente sin Google. Aún ahora (con un Samsung), todavía uso la mayoría de los apps siguientes.

Mucho como @wurt, usaba...

* DAVx5 para contactos, calendario, y tareas (tenía (y todavía tengo) una cuenta pagada con para alojar CardDAV y CalDAV)
* Las #SimpleMobileTools apps (contactos, calendario, galería, marcar, SMS, tiempo, archivo, etc)
* "Tasks" para tareas
* OsmAnd+ para navegación sin internet
* #SyncThing para transmitir data entre aparatos
* #k9mail para email
* #KeepassDX y #FreeOTPplus para contraseñas
* #Orbot para la red #Tor (con #SignalMessenger)
* #Tusky para mastodon
* #FFupdater para luego descargar #Firefox y otras.

Usaba #FDroid para descargarlas.

Finalmente, descargaba Signal Messenger de su sitio directamente como apk.

Me gustaba la experiencia. En la mayor parte, todo funciona.

Kalle Kniivilä
3 weeks ago

@megalodon The latest pre-release #megalodon version is otherwise working great, but in the mornings, when I haven't been checking for like 8 hours, I get a big, non-recoverable hole in the timeline. Same problem in #tusky when reading from oldest to newest.
If I use the web interface I can see loads of posts that never appear in the app. Is this a problem with the Mastodon api, not being able to fetch old posts before new or something?
But somehow #fedilab manages to get all the posts.

Adrian Morales
3 weeks ago

Let's get something straight:

- Children are not allowed on social media, including Mastodon.

- Parents or guardians may talk about their own children, but please make sure not to reveal their identity.

- Conversations or any kinds of debates on what children should be exposed to are not permitted whatsoever.

I will delete your posts. I might even suspend your account. We are not friends on this matter.

#Tuesday #SocialMedia #Mastodon #Megalodon #Tusky #Fediverse

3 weeks ago

@nemothorx @geekgirl @ash @drew @leadegroot @TG_Esq Works on #tusky too. I wonder if it's a video encoding thing?

Cecile is a rando
3 weeks ago

Word hyphenation ah! that's how it's called. Nobody knows how to disable it on #tusky?

(You can tell I don't read much books because they usually have that hahaha)

Cecile is a rando
3 weeks ago

is there a way to disable the word splitting with - on new lines on #tusky?

i know it's a normal thing but my brain can't process half words like that easily, it's annoying to read

I've tried #Tusky and #Fedilab, where the latter is a clear winner, it has so many useful functions and features and it's being actively developed (updates almost every week).

4 weeks ago

Wedi bod yn arbrofi gyda #Tusky a gweld 'Trywydd' yn chwithig am 'Threads' wedi cynnig 'Edefyn' fel awgrym. Yna sylwais bod cymysgedd o 'gweinydd' ac 'enghraifft' am 'instance' (baswn yn ffafrio 'gweinydd' g.ll.), ond mae yna hefyd servers ac examples yn y testun gwreiddiol hefyd. Sori os yw''n hen drafodaeth @nic @davidoclubb @carlmorris @iestynx

sgrînlun tusky
cyfieithiadau tusky efo 'trywydd'
cyfieithiadau tusky efo 'gweinydd'
cyfieithiadau tusky efo 'enghraifft'
1 month ago

After using both the official #Mastodon and #Tusky #Android apps for a while, I think my preferred app is the official Mastodon app. For now, I'll keep both on my phone because I appreciate the ability to follow hashtags on the Tusky app.

#TuskyApp #MastodonApp

1 month ago

@gruber #Tusky, but this is only available on #Android! What a pitty for all iOS users!
Don't be sad, there is a way out! 😉🤫

1 month ago

O, I missed an episode of Nik the Nitpicker! It's a fun one, where Nik the Nitpicker is quoting a public text out of context to make his point.

I can only wonder if Nik the Nitpicker has also taken the non-public quotes he brings up out of context?


@gopal @Tusky @teamtuck Also, there are currently not mobile #Firefish clients that are as #accessible or usable for #blind and #LowVision / #VisuallyImpaired users as #Tusky is. If Tusky were to add support for Firefish, it would help close that gap.

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
1 month ago

In the #Tusky Mastodon client, I really enjoy turning off:

- Account Preferences > Timelines > Download media previews
- Preferences > Show link previews in timelines

This can save bandwidth when I'm out and about on mobile data.

It also means that if I'm looking at my phone in the dark with a black theme, I don't get zapped in the eyes by bright photos. I just see the media descriptions, when people are kind enough to add those; my night vision is preserved.

Keep up the good work @Tusky!

Essie :enby:
1 month ago

So after all this kerfuffle, I wanted to try the #tusky app out. First impressions is it's very clean, I like the UI. I really like the trending tags page. My astigmatism doesn't really like the white text in dark mode so I might not be able to continue using it.

The app I currently use is fedilab. I didn't use tusky at first because the Google Play rating wasn't great. But after reading through it, it seems to be people rating their experience of mastodon as a whole rather than the app. So the 3.5star rating seems very harsh with that in mind.

I really like the UI. I'm gonna use it for longer to get more of a feel. It definitely feels pretty plug and play. Or as plug and play as the fediverse can be.

Recently, I've been reminded how much I love @Tusky! ♥️🎆🎉

Been donating $10/mo via Open Collective since last year and this is a great time to up that.

My love letter to Tusky wouldn't be complete without this little gem from Reddit. FOSS ideals don't force us to accept free speech absolutism.

Don't like it? Fork or f*ck off. Cf.

Meanwhile, amount of organized hate deployable by that community is immense.

We get fedi we choose to build!

#FOSS #Tusky #fedi

ValCats - 2mo ago

Tusky redirects all links to various Gab domains to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley because they for whatever reason have a raging hate boner for them, so if you use their app you're not allowed to even be linked to them. Either use regular Mastodon or use Husky which is a fork of Tusky that doesn't censor links to Gab.

Wer das #fediverse und vor allem #mastodon auf einem Android device erkunden möchte, der hat die Qual der Wahl bei den Apps.

Die offizielle Mastodon App ist, mit Verlaub, zumindest für Menschen mit (Seh-)Behinderung eine einzige Zumutung!

#tusky ist sehr gut, recht übersichtlich und wird relativ gut gepflegt.

Neu im Dauertest bei mir: #megalodon. Die App ist sehr schön und strukturell gut aufgebaut. Man findet sich schnell zurecht. Einstellungen für größere Schrift: Leider nö!

Megalodon: Eine Mastodon App.

Ich wünsche mir als kurzsichtiger Mensch noch die Möglichkeit, größere Schrift einzustellen.
Kalle Kniivilä
1 month ago

@osma @briankrebs Maybe this is why I sometimes seem to get unrecoverable (and invisible) gaps in #tusky in the mornings. Like several hours when nothing seems to have been posted, except I can see the posts elsewhere.

David Edwards
1 month ago

Hello! I've been on Mastodon for maybe a year now on a different instance. I thought I would write an introduction to this one.

I have worked in the Android space since about gingerbread professionally.

My day job revolves around an Android app to access library content. In my free time I have my family, computer games and contributions to #Tusky.

DeeAnn Little
1 month ago

Anyways, since @Tusky has been running on a very small and dedicated team and in my opinion under-funded, I'm very happy to become a backing financial supporter, which I should have done years ago. #tusky

Luke Martell
1 month ago

TBH this whole #tusky thing has made me want to donate more to them not less.