Have you seen the issues and PR's in the #twitter repo? You probably did. It's crazy. Should we call it shitPR-ing? I'm so sorry about some #GitHub developers who did meaningful things for the community and now would need to deal with solving this. Not that Elon doesn't deserve it.

Evie (SleepyCatten)
12 minutes ago

I finally deactivated my Twitter account today 😌

I'd only kept it going as a bridge for old followers to find me in the fediverse & elsewhere, but I never wanted to keep it going forever.

As such, I gave everyone following me a month's notice, made a few reminder posts, then deactivated it today ✊

Feels very much the end of an era, but I'm much happier not being there.

#Twitter #fediverse #Mastodon

19 minutes ago

Now that the #Twitter algorithm is open source, I wonder if anybody will make a #Mastodon fork that will hook it up?

I know it's against what Mastodon stands for but it'd be interesting nonetheless.

24 minutes ago

Breaking news: #Twitter to be turned into a non-profit organization

In an official statement, the company's CEO, Elon Musk announced on April 1, 2203:

"It's no longer turning a profit anyway, so this was the logical thing to do. As a tech genius, I always arrive at the most logical decision.

I'm delighted to say that it's now safe for all who left during the great #MastodonMigration to return home."

31 minutes ago

@kentindell @revk

Yeah, but no, but yeah.

This was pushed to main branch with no oversight? Who's managing the processing at #twitter?

Doh, sorry, forget I asked that.


36 minutes ago


Yes, and I wonder, is #BrookeJenkins from the #SanFrancisco #DistrictAttorney's Office on this potential case of large-scale #embezzlement?

Former incumbent and now #Veep, #KamalaHarris, would probably have opened an investigation into #Twitter possibly defrauding many #NPO's by now.

rootfs :oh_no:
39 minutes ago

Just found out a few things:

1. Twitter published their twitter algorithm on github, you can see here:
2. It actually had code in it's stats collection code to check for Elon Musk (also Democrats, Republicans, and VITs/very important tweeters)
3. They removed the code, but in a super obvious way:

It's an absolute barrel of laughs for the demonstratable incompetence of it all.

#twitter #elonmusk #elon #github

50 minutes ago
Was pushed 10 hours ago, 00:00 GMT, with no branches and 3 commits. Are you seriously asking me to believe that this is the code they've been using in prod?
#twitter #elonmusk

53 minutes ago

I simply don't believe anyone would really hard code "author_is_elon".

If I wanted to track my personal account's performance, I'd make a query for it. Even if I wanted to special case boosts for my account, it wouldn't be done like this.
It's April 1.
Or there is some seriously lousy programming going on.

The line in question is at the very end of what looks like a ludicrously long switch statement (I don't know Scala BTW). I don't see how you could validate this code.
#elonmusk #twitter

54 minutes ago
Paine L. C.
1 hour ago

April 1, 2023
Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent

The Effects of Jesus’ Ministry

John 11:47–48

One beautiful truth to reflect upon within this context is that God uses all things for His glory and for the salvation of those who believe. With this meeting of the Sanhedrin, these men began to plot the death of Jesus.

#God #Jesus #HolySpirit
#Catholic #CatholicChurch #Catholicism #HolyEucharist #Christianity
#Twitter #CatholicTwitter to #Mastodon
#Lent #Saturday

1 hour ago

So that legacy blue tick withdrawal and changing screen names is going well on #twitter 🤣🤣🤣
April fools was a good day to choose 😂

Imposter trolling the labour party with inclusive policies they've abandoned.

Meme The Thing photo below, MacReady and arctic station staff look on, photo below shows an innocent looking dog staring back at then with a blue verified Dog tick mark pinned to it.
heise online
1 hour ago


Teile des Twitter-Codes waren öffentlich einsehbar

Teile des Codes von Twitter waren aufgrund eines schwerwiegenden Datenleaks öffentlich im Internet einsehbar. In Verdacht steht ein ehemaliger Mitarbeiter.

#Datenleak #ElonMusk #Twitter

Darnell Clayton :verified:
1 hour ago

@revk Try contacting Amazon on #Twitter & they should have a human talk to you & fix this.

1 hour ago

Like it or not, but the ideas behind #Bluesky to allow a marketplace of algorithms (think of positive ideas like discoverability), combined with being decentralized (and account portability), while also offering a smoother onboarding than #Mastodon, might make it a more promising alternative to #Twitter.

I also have to say it’s actually good to see #ElonMusk / Twitter showing the algorithms and the other source code behind how things work.

#️⃣ #TwitterMigration #TwitterBlue #BlueskySocial

Roland Weyers
1 hour ago

Zojuist de daad bij het woord gevoegd: mijn #Twitter-account gedeactiveerd. En dat is geen 1 april-grap.

Geen zin meer in de fratsen van "mister money" #ElonMusk

Doe lekker mee! Gooi vandaag ook je Twitter-account in de prullenbak!

#DeleteTwitter #JoinMastodon #ByeElonMusk

Melding voor het Twitter account @rolandweyers: Dit account bestaat niet.
🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ
1 hour ago

🇬🇧 I have a confession! Tonight I rethought my behavior and find that I miss #Twitter after all. #ElonMusk is a genius. #Mastodon is crap and nothing happens here. That's why I'm going back to Twitter goodbye!

🇵🇱 Muszę się Wam do czegoś przyznać! Dzisiaj w nocy przemyślałem swoje zachowanie i stwierdzam, że jednak tęsknię za #Twitter. #ElonMusk to geniusz. #Mastodon to gówno i nic się tutaj nie dzieje. Dlatego wracam na Twittera żegnajcie!

#PrimaAprilis 😂

Adam Cook
1 hour ago

@BruceMirken It is something else what is going on over there.

I think that I am going to start a petition to the #NWS to try to get them over here.

The members of the #Fediverse that no longer are on #Twitter are being denied a vital public emergency service. has been selflessly providing a fantastic service by building/maintaining Twitter-to-Mastondon NWS bots... but I fear that the new Twitter API monetization strategies will grow intolerant of that in time.

betamax65 👴🏻
2 hours ago

Hmmm ich hatte keine Erstattung angefordert #Apple #twitter #twitterriffic

Bruce Mirken
2 hours ago

#ElonMusk is actually removing the verification from emergency responders if they don't pay him. How does anyone with a conscience stay on #Twitter ?

2 hours ago

#Twitter recently obtained a subpoena compelling #GitHub to provide identifying information on a user who posted portions of the social network's source code, giving the company until April 3 to provide details on user "FreeSpeechEnthusiast".

#Privacy #Anonymity

2 hours ago

No creo que ke salga bien al Murk quitarle las insignias azules a los antiguos usuarios verificados de #Twitter. Ya hoy desconfío de la insignia porque cualquier troll la puede llevar. El problema del #fediverse para reemplazar Twitter, es que es difícil interactuar en el idioma propio

2 hours ago
Koen Hufkens, PhD
2 hours ago

One of the reasons I don't like #ML. It is far to easy to hide from any accountability by using a wrapper script and no model weights (and then screaming #IP when asked for audits or say ethical review board). In absence of those, all is reverse engineering and guesswork.

Recent reveals of the #Twitter "algorithm" show nothing else. No surprises there.

2 hours ago

@froomkin @r0h1n

really good article! Maybe put a couple hashtags in, for people who subscribed (or filter) for them.

#Twitter #TwitterMigration #Elon #ElonMusk #hellsite #birdApp

Nemo_bis 🌈
2 hours ago

While the demise of the #TwitterAPI probably remains a bigger story, the European Commission and @EC_Commissioner_Breton should acknowledge this rare case of increased transparency at #Twitter, encourage others to follow suit.

Publishing your code and models as (proper) #FreeSoftware should be promoted as a cheaper and efficient way to increase compliance with the #EU's #DigitalServicesAct/ #DSA and #DigitalMarketsAct/ #DMA.

Nemo_bis 🌈
2 hours ago

That #Twitter published such a repository under #AGPL is definitely a good development.

I suspect no contributions will be merged and there will no inbound licensing to care about, but... is there anyone left at Twitter with experience writing a CLA for a #copyleft project in a proprietary shop?

2 hours ago

nearly unanimous response from MSM: 'we're not going to pay for blue checkmarks because they are being rendered meaningless'

#Twitter #Verified

Just another rakyat
2 hours ago

Meanwhile on #Twitter:

Mark Cuban tagged Elon Musk on Twitter and asked:

@elonmusk, question for you. I'm losing about 500 to 1k users a day.
To counter this I went Blue thinking it gave me some preference and would help retain or grow users. Any suggestions?
Ian Betteridge
2 hours ago

In hilarious news, it turns out the #Twitter algorithm tracks how well Musk's tweets are doing. That's either because Elon wants to ensure he gets maximal reach or because some poor employee got shouted at some time as Musk *thought* it was limiting him and added code to prove it wasn't true.

Either way, #Musk remains a thin-skinned man-baby who should be nowhere near ownership of a large-scale platform which fortunately has an undue influence over our media.

Nemo_bis 🌈
2 hours ago

On 2023-03-29, Elon #Musk finally became user #1 by number of followers on #Twitter, overtaking Barack Obama. It took one year of relentless attention-seeking and tricks, including setting 44 G$ on fire.

It helped that Obama's audience slowed down a lot: on November 2022 alone, 2 % of Obama's *follows* vanished (presumably very active Democratic users who deleted their accounts).

Can Musk give us a break now? Let's hope that the publication of means yes.

"Twitter Stats Summary / User Statistics for elonmusk ( 2023-03-19 - 2023-04-01 )" on Socialblade
"Twitter Stats Summary / User Statistics for barackobama ( 2023-03-19 - 2023-04-01 )" on Socialblade
"Twitter Analytical History for BarackObama" on Socialblade
Biziday 📰
3 hours ago

Elon #Musk încearcă să scape de un proces intentat de speculatorii unei 🪙#cryptomonede, care îi cer 258 de miliarde 💵#USD despăgubire, considerând că miliardarul a manipulat valoarea acesteia prin postări pe 🐦#Twitter.


#News #Știri

I just love the fact that people are trolling on Twitter's GitHub repo for their algorithm :ms_laughing:

#Twitter #GitHub #trolling #algorithm

Raymond Scott Pert
3 hours ago

News organizations reject #ElonMusk 's demand of paying to keep checkmarks on #Twitter The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, POLITICO, and Vox all scoffed at the notion on Thursday that they would pay Twitter for the feature, which has been free since it was introduced years ago but will soon be phased out.

Elon musk and the blue check mark from Twitter side by side
Michal Špondr
3 hours ago

Musk nechal open-sourcovat algoritmus řazení Twitteru. V potaz se bere candidate sourcing, ranking, filtering, mixing and serving. Ale nezveřejnil váhy jednotlivých faktorů.

Martin Holland
3 hours ago

"Why journalists should finally leave #Twitter

Blue checkers lose their coveted checks Saturday. As a newsroom lawyer, I hope journalists use it as an opportunity to leave the platform for good.


It doesn’t benefit their careers, doesn’t drive #traffic to their employers’ websites and opens them up not only to defamation litigation and charges of bias, but also to threats and risk of bodily harm."

3 hours ago

#twitter @LanceUlanoff #Techradar
Musk prefers hard earned cash to having you be the product. In a world where the platform is open this cannot happen.

4 hours ago

Today's the start of the #Twitter #verified #bluecheckmark #Shakedown!

#ElonMusk is trying to get people to pay for their free verified checkmarks. He's letting anyone who pays $8 to parody a person or a brand that didn't pay Twitter for their old free Blue Checkmark. It's extortion. A shakedown.

A parody account that is verified (for 8 bucks a month) liked my tweet. Note you do NOT see the name of the parody account, only the icon for The @NewYorkTimes and the Blue checkmark.

Verified tweet from the New York Times. Saying they liked 2 of your Tweets.  This is what the user sees when a parody account that is verified (for 8 dollars a month liked my tweet. You do NOT see the name of the parody account, only icon for The New York Times and the Blue check mark.
4 hours ago

Hmmm, so really Elon is hoping the “community” will improve twitter for free. That is a good way for him to save engineering resource.

Right now though it shows that indeed the man who says he wants the algorithm not to be gamed by people has indeed gamed it to promote himself.

Of course.

#elon #twitter #elonmusk

Konstantin :C_H:
4 hours ago

The #Twitter algorithm seriously contained a metric, whether the author of a tweet was named #Elon.

They now removed it in the greatest GitHub commit of all times:

Lydia Conwell
4 hours ago

If #Twitter dies, we'll still have #Elon

less wholesome use of impersonation lol

#Twitter #Twurge #Twitterpocalypse

screenshots of blue check impersonations of Maye Musk tweeting "I tried okay. I really did try." "Perhaps I failed as a mother. But I'd like to see anyone start with Elon, and produce better results. The arguments of nature versus nurture are invalid when you have a child with the lizard king."

@mastodonusercount #Mastodon looking strong 💪. #Twitter #ChiefTwit Let's GOoooo!

this one has the emoji indicia nailed

#ElonMusk #Twitter #Twitterpocalypse #TwitterMigrationAn

An impersonated tweet from a fake-blue-checked Elon Musk account that says "God I hate the poors" with two laughing emojis in the style of Elon

there are impersonators everywhere, there's a J.K. Rowling account going wild

#TransRights #JKRowling #Twitter

Two impersonator tweets on Twitter from "J.K. Rowling" that say "I'm retconning the series so Harry looks into the mirror of Erised and becomes Harriet Potter, the Girl who Lived, ushering in an era of tolerance and joyous exploration in the WIzarding World ..." and the next one that says, "the sorting hat is nonbinary."
Geoff Berner
7 hours ago

Maybe I've got this wrong but it seems like what's funny here is the tech giants fired all these tech workers and now 1000s of them have more free time to work on making Mastodon better via open source thingie, and now Facebook and Twitter are in terminal decline and Mastodon is adding 50,000 users/day. #mastodon #twitter #facebook

7 hours ago

公開された #Twitter のレコメンドアルゴリズム、こういうネタ issue みたいなのがいっぱいあってすごく楽しそう :tony_neutral:

Support Netscape · Issue #531 · twitter/the-algorithm

Ivan Rodriguez
7 hours ago

I'm wondering why many open-source projects, like #angular, #react, #vuejs, #svelte, and #bootstrap, are not abandoning #Twitter like many people are, especially after what Elon Musk did to the platform.

#twittermigration #twitterexodus #foss #opensource #software

7 hours ago

Problem 2: There is still a HUGE amount of things about Twitter that is kept secret, kept proprietary. What they released is backend stuff. But what is relevant for users even more is e.g. the frontend code, things the user *actually* execute on their machine. Can they actually trust this code? Who knows? Can they legally copy and share it? Hell no, because it is #proprietary. The whole Twitter #algorithm nonsense is a farce.

#opensores #Twitter

7 hours ago

#Twitter continues to be and always has been #proprietary software. The fact that they've recently published a bunch of hand-picked code snippets that they claim "run Twitter" ("The #Algorithm") changes absolutely nothing about it. It's a distraction from the real issue: That Twitter as a whole is proprietary.


Ukraine War Bulletins and News
7 hours ago
⚠️🇨🇳Musk to bypass official diplomacy and plans direct technology transfer with Chinese Premier | Could China buy Twitter? (Reuters News VIDEO) #Ukraine #News #Invasion #Russia #Twitter #Mastodon #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive #China #Musk #ElonMusk #Starlink #Twitter

8 hours ago

The White House will not pay Elon Musk for Twitter verification or reimburse staff if they pay for it.

"It is our understanding that Twitter Blue does not provide person-level verification as a service. Thus, a blue check mark will now simply serve as a verification that the account is a paid user."

So, Twitter made their algorithm open-source with a strong copyleft licence, AGPL-3.0. People are already spamming it with troll issues and PRs ...

And this is where you'd think I would say that doing stuff like that is bad and so on. But no. I would actually encourage it. Not because "twitter bad" but because them making the algorithm open-source is a performative action.

What? But it's AGPL-3.0 I hear you say. That's a great license, I hear you say! Yes, it is, but they require you to sign a Contributors License Agreement. While I haven't read Twitter's CLA terms myself (couldn't find it), these typically give the company all rights to the code you contributed, which also means that they can relicense the project at any time. That means that the AGPL-3.0 licence is practically pointless.

I'd suggest that instead of spamming pointless BS about Twitter sucking (do that on Twitter instead and @ Elon when you do it), we should instead spam about how having to sign a CLA is predatory.

Tell them to switch to using Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) instead which is what actual FOSS projects like Linux uses. They're as simple as signing the git commit. DCO prevent the company from taking all the work contributors put in and making the software proprietary in the future.

#Twitter #FOSS #OpenSource

Comment on a GitHub PR for Twitter's algorithm.

CLA Assistant commented:
CLA signed.
All committers have signed the CLA.

#Twitter made public parts of the computer code that decides how the social media site recommends content, allowing users and programmers a peek into its workings and the ability to suggest modifications to the algorithm. #press

#ElonMusk defended his controversial pay model for #Twitter, claiming that any social media platform that didn't follow suit would fail because they would be swarmed by bots #press

Stefan Bohacek
9 hours ago

"Social media platforms’ economic incentives simply don't value the socially important reasons behind verification, and verification was once what made Twitter useful.

If journalists can no longer easily figure out who said what, they will stop using Twitter as a source. As Twitter’s utility fades, so too will its prominence."

#twitter #ElonMusk #SocialMedia #verification

9 hours ago

'We aren't planning to pay': News organizations refuse to purchase Twitter verification at Musk's demand

Once "a way to tell real accounts from fake one," has turned into "a status symbol

Per CNN, the platform will start "removing legacy verified checkmarks" on April 1, as "Musk has aimed to charge organizations that want to retain a checkmark adjacent to their account name $1,000 a month, plus an additional $50 a month for each affiliated account."

#Musk #twitter

Ukraine War Bulletins and News
10 hours ago
⚠️🇺🇸Elon Musk puts a price tag on Twitter's blue check mark as Twitter costs user a subscription fee | (DW Business News VIDEO) #Ukraine #Mastodon #News #Twitter #Musk #ElonMusk #Starlink #Invasion #Russia #9yearsOfWarInUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

10 hours ago

Okay I now see why #Twitter is so overly done now lol.

I can't find anything and all my tweets get lost and no one repsonds.

Here I make an intro when signing up and I get loads of engagement.


Bruce Mirken
10 hours ago

"#Twitter’s good qualities—features and practices that many users all over the world came to rely on—are all but gone now."



This is going really well for Elon..LOLLLLL

"Brilliant Genius" Rocket Man..

Run Twitter on Windows Server
2003 and not Linux
I cannot find the gay agenda anywhere?
We need more focus towards fried chicken sandwiches
Get John'
's balls on my timeline

Am I the only person who had been on Twitter for years and years without being aware that blue checks even existed before Evil Musk took over? #Twitter #BlueCheck

Tim Mulholland
10 hours ago

Nothing says "transparency" like deleting code and doing a force push.

#twitter #TwitterAlgorithm

Stefan Bohacek
10 hours ago
Stefan Bohacek
10 hours ago

For a little while into Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, folks, myself included, wondered if he's trying to destroy Twitter on purpose, or just really bad at managing a company.

And I think it's pretty clear now that he just likes to take risks, as rich people often have the opportunity to do so, and being addicted to Twitter, he really just overestimated how addicted the rest of us are. (1/2)

#twitter #ElonMusk #news

Kris Nóva
10 hours ago

Wow! 🎉

Im so excited that #Twitter has made the decision to work in the open out of their recently open sourced algorithm repositories — so excited to watch Twitter build a thriving and healthy open source ecosystem complete with a reasonable set of governance, code of conduct, community forums, and open decision making!

and to think all of this happening the same week that the guy from Home Alone 2 gets arrested!

Such a wild week to be alive!

(This post is sarcasm)

Jeri Dansky
10 hours ago

Mastodon doesn't seem to have a daily Main Character like Twitter did, but sometimes my home timeline is dominated by a few main stories, as it has been today:
- #TransDayOfVisibility
- The ruling in the #Dominion lawsuit
- The #Twitter code / #algorithm release
- All the #tornadoes (and a bit of other bad weather and fire news) #tornado #weather

I wonder if other people's timelines look like this, too, or if they are quite different from mine.

11 hours ago

How Trumpy. Via Zoe Schiffer:

#Twitter hasn’t paid 1000s of $ in charitable donations that employees made in 2022, around time of acquisition. $ was taken out of employee paychecks but never reached orgs. Benevity, 3rd-party platform used to facilitate payments, told employees Twitter hasn’t yet approved the payments. After I started asking around about this Twitter said it’s “actively working” to get the $ to the NGOs.

Twitter was supposed to match donations but that also has not yet happened

I actually bookmarked this article in my web browser (does anyone else actually do this anymore!?) because it is that on point. This basically means I’ll have it for the next 15 years or whenever my backup drive packs it in.
Very. Well. Said.
#Twitter #TwitterDeath #DumpMusk #DumpTwitter #Mastodon #TwitterMigration

Large Anguish Model
13 hours ago

The presentation of the #Twitter "we've open-sourced the algorithm" thing carries a powerful "Will This Do"? energy

stark@ubuntu:~$ :idle:
14 hours ago

It will be intresting how the community responds to the #Twitter #sourcode and the #pullrequests and #issues that will be created.

I also look forward to see how Twitter responds to this. Many #opensource projects are actually very hesitant to introduce pull requests and issues by the community which are not direct bug fixes. I wonder how Twitter will respond and if this opportunity to contribute is true or just something to keep us distracted.

#Twitter #Github #SourceCode #Opensource.

stark@ubuntu:~$ :idle:
15 hours ago


This makes me feel better about most of my #git commit messages in my personal code that no one ever sees

#Twitter #TwitterSourceCode #TwitterAlgorithm #Algorithm

The list of issues on #Twitter's #algorithm release is lovely..

I suspect this may not have the expected/intended effect.

Stefan Bohacek
15 hours ago

So apparently Twitter is indeed open-sourcing their Algorithm. Good for them.

The links to the code and accompanying blog post are here and here, respectively, and I'm not really going to go through all this, I don't care, but the thing that got me was their prompt at the end of the blog post to apply for a job there.

Ah, after all they've done to their (former) employees.

#twitter #algorithm #TheAlgorithm #opensource

What’s Next?

Twitter is the center of conversations around the world. Every day, we serve over 150 billion Tweets to people’s devices. Ensuring that we’re delivering the best content possible to our users is both a challenging and an exciting problem. We’re working on new opportunities to expand our recommendation systems—new real-time features, embeddings, and user representations—and we have one of the most interesting datasets and user bases in the world to do it with. We are building the town square of the future. If this interests you, please consider joining us.
Daniel Supernault
15 hours ago

Source code for Twitter's Recommendation Algorithm #twitter

phildini @ the shop
15 hours ago

I continue to love that I am just completely locked out of #twitter, thanks to how much they bungled the anti-2fa rollout

Clicking a link to to a tweet takes me to a page to turn off 2fa.

Clicking the button on that page does nothing.

I can't go to any other part of twitter.

This is glorious; I'm free.

Hacker News 50
15 hours ago

Twitter open sourced the recommendation engine



Roni Laukkarinen
15 hours ago


Well you have 0 following, 0 followers, that might explain it. My Mastodon is way busier and nicer than #Twitter which is the death valley, literally.

1. Follow everyone
2. Take part in conversations
3. Use hashtags
4. Have fun