Hrefna (DHC)
2 months ago

I am struggling with all of these comments from tech professionals breathlessly commenting on the #twitterAlgorithm like it contains some dark secret or big scandal.

LIke… yes they have a list of republicans that they do A/B testng with. Given the "being hauled before congress" is that at all remotely surprising?

Of course the count of likes matter. That's been suspected for _years_ and is a bog standard feature.

Of _course_ they assign you into clusters, they are optimizing engagement.

Wessel van Rensburg
2 months ago

Amplifying status inequality: If your following to follower ratio does not make the cut, #Twitter will algotihmicly downgrade your visibility. #TwitterAlgorithm #RecommenderAlgorithm

RT @sterlingcrispin: Quick analysis and insights of The Algorithm provided by @TwitterEng

UserMass .scala
- if you follow over 500, and your following to follower ratio is above .6 , you'll get punished and seen less. So if you follow 800 people and have 1000 followers, unfollow 200 people

2 months ago

Ich finde das Twitter-Algorithmus Ding ja grade echt spannend.
Aber mag mich mal jemand kurz aufklären, ich hab da nicht mitbekommen, wie es überhaupt dazu kam?
Also, war das ein Leak? Oder beabsichtigt?
Und was heisst das für die Zukunft?
Ich hab hier Postings gesehen, die Github zeigen mit der bisher aktuellen Fork-Anzahl die wohl jetzt schon bei 6k ist?
Auf jeden Fall macht es klar, dass es keinen Sinn macht, über die eigene Bubble hinaus auf Twitter Reichweite zu bekommen. Geschweige denn darüber sinnvolle Interaktionen zu haben. 🤔

#twitteralgorithm #twittercode #fragen

katherine ✨️ ve/ver
2 months ago

If you care about open source and a healthy development environment, you'll ignore the Twitter repository on GitHub and refuse to do free work for a billionaire. #twitter #twitteralgorithm #simpingforbillionaires

2 months ago

>Twitter revealed its algorithm to the world. But what does it mean for you? I spent the evening analyzing it. Here’s what you need to know:
#twitter #twitteralgorithm

Oliver Ding
2 months ago

Das ist bächtig möse. #TwitterAlgorithm
RT @aakashg0
9. Making up words or misspelling hurts

Words that are identified as “unknown language” are given 0.01, which is a huge penalty.

Anything under 1 is bad.

This is really bad.

Gordon Ramsay Facepalm
Anke Domscheit-Berg
2 months ago

Very helpful analysis of the #TwitterAlgorithm ⬇️
RT @aakashg0: Twitter revealed its algorithm to the world.

But what does it mean for you?

I spent the evening analyzing it.

Here’s what you need to know:

2 months ago

📈📊🔍 Discover the VIP metrics in the spotlight! Check out our latest blog post that delves into Twitter's algorithm and how it can affect user equity.💻🤔
#TwitterAlgorithm #UserEquity #SocialMediaMetrics

2 months ago

@kentindell @revk

Yeah, but no, but yeah.

This was pushed to main branch with no oversight? Who's managing the processing at #twitter?

Doh, sorry, forget I asked that.


Yonei 🪴🌿
2 months ago

Twitters PRs on their "the-algorythm" repo are gold, its like a 4chan thread. Been watching them for like half an hour now
#twittercode #twitter #twitteralgorithm

2 months ago

alright i gotta stop what i'm doing and read the danged #TwitterAlgorithm

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
2 months ago

The various models in the algo lack the data... so I guess you'd need to go grab some data from mastodon to train the models #twitteralgorithm

(the .txt files with the offensive words is misssing :(

Tim Kellogg
2 months ago

Naming the repo, “The Algorithm” is weird on its own. Releasing it as AGPL is highly suspicious. Randomly deleting features like IsDemocrat and IsRepublican on a whim really completes the picture that this is a sham to make it seem like melon is doing good things #TwitterAlgorithm

Tim Mulholland
2 months ago

Nothing says "transparency" like deleting code and doing a force push.

#twitter #TwitterAlgorithm

Comfortably Numb🦋
2 months ago

Twitter published source code for its "algorithm". And immediately people began finding very important issues


Added api to recommend “hot singles in your area”

this is my cat

Rewrite it in Rust.


We need more focus towards fried chicken sandwiches

Can someone donate me 1 ETH

Has anyone tested this in Internet Explorer?

I am going back to Reddit.

the voices are getting louder.
Dr. Jorge Caballero
2 months ago

@mmasnick The internet is undefeated


Screenshot that focuses on a photo of a spicy chicken sandwich on a sesame seed bun, with pickles, and a large leaf of fresh green butter lettuce. It looks delicious.

The caption reads, "Thoughts on this chicken sandwich I made?"

The source of the image is a closed Github pull request to the Twitter Algorithm repository.
Dr. Jorge Caballero
2 months ago

Actual Github issue on the #TwitterAlgorithm repository: "Replace 'author_elon' with 'nothing'"

h/t @stux :blobcatroflmfao:

A screenshot of closed Github issues on Twitter's algorithm repository. A small sampling of the trolling:
"Replace 'author_elon' with 'nothing'"


stark@ubuntu:~$ █
2 months ago


This makes me feel better about most of my #git commit messages in my personal code that no one ever sees

#Twitter #TwitterSourceCode #TwitterAlgorithm #Algorithm

rosethornne 🌻
6 months ago

Dear #TwitterAlgorithm: when I click on a profile to mute and block them, this does NOT mean that I want you to fill up my feed with all their deplorable friends.