less wholesome use of impersonation lol

#Twitter #Twurge #Twitterpocalypse

screenshots of blue check impersonations of Maye Musk tweeting "I tried okay. I really did try." "Perhaps I failed as a mother. But I'd like to see anyone start with Elon, and produce better results. The arguments of nature versus nurture are invalid when you have a child with the lizard king."

this one has the emoji indicia nailed

#ElonMusk #Twitter #Twitterpocalypse #TwitterMigrationAn

An impersonated tweet from a fake-blue-checked Elon Musk account that says "God I hate the poors" with two laughing emojis in the style of Elon
2 months ago

#Twitterpocalypse Fucking CLOWN.

Tweet by Elon Musk saying: Starting April 15th, only verified accounts will be eligible to be in For You recommendations.

The is the only realistic way to address advanced AI bot swarms taking over. It is otherwise a hopeless losing battle.

Voting in polls will require verification for same reason.
Fabio Romeo
3 months ago

Finally deleted my twitter accounts. I was holding onto the because I really liked a couple of profiles that aren't on Mastodon, but after two weeks without even opening the app I realized I don't miss it at all. So, to trash you go.

Next on the list: reddit and Instagram. I still use those a lot, and I'm thinking seriously if I should use it at all.

#socialmedia #twitterpocalypse #gone

How to speed up the move of “Tech/Nerd Twitter” to Mastodon! 🦣

— ‘Apps like Tweetbot have been around for more than a decade at this point, with loyal users, full teams of developers, and a major investment in the social network.

Jason Snell called Twitter's actions "clueless, classless, and cowardly," and John Gruber said this is likely the end of his regular usage of Twitter as Twitter's own client is "terrible."’

#twitter #twitterpocalypse #mastodon

Tweetbots message when opening the app concludes with: “… checkout Ivory for Mastodon.”
Message on Twitterific blog concludes with “… a Twitter that we no longer recognise as trustworthy nor want to work with any longer.”
Jack Graham
6 months ago

I hear Sam Bankman-Fried is looking for work.


The KamikaZEN 🇲🇽
6 months ago
The CyclopsFox 🦊
6 months ago

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am
#Musk #TwitterMigration #TwitterPocalypse #TwitterPurge #ElonMusk

Elon Musk as the Joker from Batman
Elon Musk as the Joker from Batman In black and white with red lips in a different style.
Elon Musk as the Joker from Batman on a purple background.
Ferdi F. Zebua 🌏
6 months ago

Elmo the Fake Space Karen seems to be deploying an army of bots to wage Edit War on the Wikipedia page for "Twitter Files"...

("Twitter Files" is that fake-ass "leak" that Elmo tried to feed right-wing press that accuses, falsely, that Twitter interfered in the 2020 & 2016 elections in favor of US Democrats.)

Anyways, any volunteer antifa feeling like fighting back, feel free...

#Elonpocalypse #Twitterpocalypse #WIkipedia #EditWar

Dismal Manor Gang
6 months ago


#introduction Dismal Manor Gang is retired moocher Dave and his former racing #greyhound Missy and Rocky. We live in the Dismal Dominion (Virginia low country). Dave takes pictures, listens to #jazz and #newgrass music, and is making a futile attempt to train his dogs and grow a garden.

We are helping the Twitter #AniPal clubs prepare for the #Twitterpocalypse. We are officers of hidden rank in #ZSHQ and enjoy #coffee on #PalsPorch. Dave is a #Dune fan.

Missy and Rocky in their #ZSHQ Zombie Squad Headquarters #ZSParade glitter funk. They are former racing greyhounds rocking retired life!
Missy and Rocky's life coach makes a rare appearance.

So it's Tuesday, did Elon let everyone back in the building? Is it still there? Twitter, I mean. I assume the building's still standing. Maybe up for sale? That's a way to bring in some cash!

#Twitterpocalypse #TwitterMigration

Mike Hicks
7 months ago

I think the spiritual successor has ended up being the Penguins Unbound group, which is now over on Meetup.

I was having trouble creating a new account there, and got some 500 server errors. Is the #twitterpocalypse hitting Meetup?
#PenguinsUnbound #TCLUG #MNastodon

Well, over the past few days I've gone through all my followers on twitter and followed people elsewhere.
What I would have liked:
Mastodon tumblr newgrounds cohost furaffinity pixiv artstation pillowfort deviantart itaku instagram
What I got:
Tumblr instagram furaffinity deviantart pixiv artstation cohost mastodon itaku

C'est la vie.

I'm ready for the #Twitterpocalypse now.

Mark A. Rayner
7 months ago

Weird dog, hiding from the latest Twitter news.

#twitter #twitterpocalypse #elonmusk #animal #cute

grizzly bear, leaning on a stump and hiding its eyes with its front paws
Austin Kocher, PhD 🌎
7 months ago

Mastodon has emerged as one of the fastest-growing and highest-profile options for people looking for an alternative to #Twitter in the wake of Elon Musk's erratic changes.

#MastodonNews @Mastodon #TwitterMigration #Twitterpocalypse @axios

7 months ago

@emmanewman I didn't want to loose you in case of #Twitterpocalypse !
Tip: if your notifications coloumn is too much, you can filter it and customise it, get rid of favorites, etc., it's the setting menu above it !

Austin Kocher, PhD 🌎
7 months ago

I just learned that 1,200 people resigned from #Twitter yesterday. 😳 The office holiday party is going to be soooo boring this year with the three people still working there. #Twitterpocalypse

7 months ago

Happy to see more #Twitter friends coming on over. We'll figure something out, don't you worry.

#twittermigration #twitterexodus #twitterexit #twitterpocalypse

7 months ago

The people asserting that we've never had anything like the #twitterpocalypse are kind of annoying me.

Sure we have, it's just the internet was smaller back then and people don't remember things for long.

There is literally a community that built its own servers because it was tired of being repeated kicked off of things and losing everything.

The #fanfic community.

Austin Kocher, PhD 🌎
7 months ago

Last line of this article from @theverge is the best: “Twitter no longer has a communications department to contact for comment.”

#Twitterpocalypse #TwitterMigration

“Hundreds of employees say no to being part of Elon Musk’s ‘extremely hardcore’ Twitter”

Dismal Manor Gang
7 months ago

#introduction Dismal Manor Gang is retired moocher Dave and his former racing greyhounds Missy and Rocky. We live in the Dismal Dominion (Virginia low country). Dave (the Dismal Wizard) takes pictures, listens to #jazz and #newgrass music, and is making a futile attempt to train his dogs and grow a garden. 
We are helping the Twitter #AniPal clubs prepare for the #Twitterpocalypse. We are officers of hidden rank in #ZSHQ and enjoy coffee on #PalsPorch. Most posts from #greyhound point of view.

#greyhound Rocky checks on his wing-lass and mentor Missy in the Dismal Manor back garden. Missy models the latest in Colonial rainwear.
Tim Gent
7 months ago

This is a great day to go on Twitter and post that you think the site has a great future under Musk.
If you're wrong, nobody will be able to troll you about it. #Twitter #Twitterpocalypse

Alex Jane
7 months ago

Ah, threadfics.
I'm going to miss you the most 😢

#twitterpocalypse #twitter #fanfic

jesusdelacruzol :verified:
7 months ago

En mi opinión que #twitter se venga abajo es una de las peores cosas que puede pasar para la libertad de expresión.
Si algo ha definido a Twitter es que permite que el no tiene altavoces mediático, se pueda expresa
#twitterrefugees #twitterexodus #twittermigrants #twitterpocalypse

Grrsly Adams Family Vacation
7 months ago

Hey, at least with @BlueBassist we know we’ll have a healthy local community after the #twitterpocalypse
No shouting into a void and hoping someone shouts back like in the #twitterdome. is awesome. I’m so glad I found you all.

Adam Gonnerman
7 months ago

No one gets severance if Twitter declares bankruptcy first, right? #twitterpocalypse

Madelena Mak
7 months ago

#ElonMusk got what he wanted after all.

The entire world including myself are talking about him now.

The entire front page of Reddit are news about #Twitter.

Every tech blog and mainstream newspapers are also talking about him.

He is the center of attention of the entire world right now.

He is living the dream.


#twitterpocalypse #twittermigration

Adam Gonnerman
7 months ago

The knock on effect of the #twitterpocalypse through the economy will be huge. This isn't just about all the people laid off, bad as that is. Businesses large and small that do business with or otherwise depend on Twitter are going to be in a bad place. More layoffs, closures, bankruptcies. I'm afraid we're only at the very beginning.

On the other hand, a lot of very sharp people will be out there doing things. So after the crash there will be something good.

Or so I hope.

Angus McIntyre
7 months ago

Right now, Sam Bankman-Fried is going “Yeah, but at least I only lost $9B of mostly other people’s money.”

And #ElonMusk is probably going “Yeah, but at least I didn’t invade #Ukraine.”

Everything’s relative.

#Twitter #TwitterPocalypse #FTX

7 months ago

Twitter's really in a lil bit of a rough place right now huh?

#riptwitter #goodbyetwitter #twitterexodus #twitterpocalypse #ElonMusk #twitterdown

The image shows 4 news headlines about Twitter offices closing and hundreds of employees quitting after yet another of Elon Musk's controversies.
The image shows currently trending tags on Twitter. They are, #RIPTwitter, #Final Days, #GoodByeTwitter, #Tumblr, #butts, #Twitter HQ, #Telegram, #Myspace, and #Elon
The image is a meme depicting Elon Musk holding a sink with text behind him that says, "Lol you get it guys? I'm going to sink the company!"
Ferdi F. Zebua 🌏
7 months ago

Latest: Last night Elon essentially ultimatumed like 90% of Twitter engineers that they have to go "extreme hardcore" or they can quit on the spot and take 3-months pay in severance.

This morning SF time apparently over 90% took up Elon on the 3-month pay offer.

Some analysts estimating Twitter will cease operating properly in about three weeks' time.

#twitter #Twitterpocalypse

Madelena Mak
7 months ago

What I love about the #Elon #Twitter takeover is that it is undoing decades of PR and indoctrinations for the public in believing that the rich are somehow always better, more capable, and more intelligent.

It is shattering the Mandate of Heaven for #Capitalism.

#Twitterpocalypse #TwitterMigration

Austin Kocher, PhD 🌎
7 months ago

Is this the beginning of the end for #Twitter? DownDetector notes major spike in user issues in the past 24 hours at a time when so many of the engineers have been let go. 👀

#Twitterpocalypse #TwitterMigration

Graph of spike in issues on Twitter website in past 24 hours.
Angus McIntyre
7 months ago

Say what you like about #ElonMusk, he's a quick worker.

There are probably only a handful of CEOs in the world who could bring a modestly-successful multi-billion-dollar business to the brink of collapse in just three weeks.

#Twitter #TwitterPocalypse

Ferdi F. Zebua 🌏
7 months ago

Ahaha lol... 😂🙃👏

...Yes yes, in the style of "Web 3 Is Going Great"; but the Twitter one is curated pseudonymously by current & former Twitter employees.

#fz_links #twitter #Twitterpocalypse

Tris Hussey
7 months ago

I don't think this is going to end well. Maybe Twitter will be "better" in the long run, but I don't think people have as much tolerance for toxic workplaces now. Twitter will limp along for the next 3-4 months, but I'd be surprised it's going to look anything like it does (or did) by mid-2023. If it's around much at all.

#birdsite #twitterpocalypse

Ferdi F. Zebua 🌏
7 months ago

Opinion column by Ian Bogost, reflecting on 'twitterpocalypse', he asks: "What is social media? And should we even try to save it?"


...Also if you've run out of free The Atlantic article views, an alternate URL:


#fz_links #TwitterExodus #Twitterpocalypse

Donald “chronos” King
7 months ago

<shinji>I'm so fucked up.</shinji>

#Twitterpocalypse #ElonMuskTwitter #Homestuck

Page 6028 of Homestuck (VIZ Media Edition).

Aradia is looking at the camera.  She has a huge, unsettling grin.

ARADIA: i think i mostly want to see what happens when this whole place breaks apart
A screenshot of the Twitter ad campaign dashboard, where I have turned the Aradia image into a paid Twitter ad.
Julian Harris
7 months ago

AFAICT Twitter Blue just cost a big US insulin provider $30bn in market cap through a fake blue tick account tweeting that they were giving away insulin. 🤯


Austin Kocher, PhD 🌎
7 months ago

Staying on #Twitter is a liability for major brands.

Yesterday a scammy Twitter-verified account (one that paid $8) posted as the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly that "insulin is now free." This morning, Eli Lilly's stock dropped off a cliff.

Musk's manufactured chaos at Twitter is having very real economic consequences.


Eli Lilly company stock drops from nearly $370 on Thursday to $345 on Friday.
Austin Kocher, PhD 🌎
7 months ago

I’ve been staying off the bird site bc I refuse to contribute content or traffic to that man, but I just scrolled for 10 minutes and let me tell you: the sheer scale of (entirely foreseen) mayhem and destruction is sensational.

Folks, it’s an absolute meltdown, like the climax of a zombie movie, except there are no heroes to save the day, just zombies.

It’s the #Twitterpocalypse.

Chris is.
7 months ago

For those people who are ON the shop but don't see the statistics, this is what the #Twitterpocalypse looks like on the admin side.

Needless to say, we're seeing a lot of new faces.

Three charts: "New users" +13160%, "Active users" +435%, "Interactions" +547%
John Lusk
7 months ago

New blog post: Interesting article on Ruby JITs

<blockquote class="wp-block-quote">
<p>«In the time since RubyKaigi an alternative JIT implementation was developed to address these concerns, one that generates C code from the existing YARV instructions, omitting Vlad’s RTL changes to MRI.»</p>
<cite><a href=""></a></cite></blockquote>

<p>#twitterpocalypse #twitter #ruby</p>

Paisley P. Peinforte 🪬
7 months ago

For those looking to prepare a lifeboat on Mastodon here is a service that can syndicate your Tweets / Toots to each service: