David Njoku
1 hour ago

Here's a thing I don't understand about British (and American?) right-wing politicians.

RIGHT-WING POLITICIAN: We don't want low skill immigrants like fruit-pickers or care workers. Our people should stop being lazy and start doing these jobs.

RIGHT-WING POLITICIAN: We want to attract the brightest talents to our country - doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs.

ME: Wait, why don't you want our people to do *those* jobs?

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Does Russia need to interfere with the UK Elections next year considering both Red and Blue teams will keep the Brexit rot going?
The Big Lie will continue in the same way that British Officer in Bridge Over The River Kwai thought building an excellent bridge for the Japanese would really show them who the boss was....

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Rishi Sunak standing at a lectern during a press conference. On the front of the lectern is a red panel with the words "pop the stoats" printed in bold capital letters. #UKPol #Shitpost #AltTextOnlyPhotoshops #AltTextOnlyMemes

11 hours ago

These clowns convene a “star chamber” because they think it makes them sound important. Privy chamber, more like.

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"Far-Right terrorists explode bomb in London Suburb"

Lawrence Fox's boys strike again

#ULEZ #UKPOL #London

"Stop the bots" the rat-like British PM says

Fine, I'll have a word with the Orcas and we'll take out every fucking superyacht in British waters.


The Pigfucker has a point, but it comes from a very British place of taking stuff from Foreigners.

#UKPOL #Ukraine

Cameron supports using money from frozen Russian 
 assets to rebuild Ukraine
penwing (they/them)
15 hours ago

This is basically another example of Tories promoting ideology and policy over realities…

At least she admits that most people close to the issue disagree with government policy - she tries to say it’s because we don’t understand the law around Self-ID, but we do - all too well - that’s why we want it to change

#UKPol #transphobia #tories #SelfID

penwing (they/them)
15 hours ago

Just seen Badenoch’s tweet about changing the countries whose documents will be accepted for gender recognition -

“Too many people do not understand the law when it comes to self-ID. I have engaged extensively with LGBT groups in my role as Minister for Women & Equalities. But many of these groups support self-ID, which is not Govt policy. ”


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‘Everything is in jeopardy’: how new UK visa rules will tear families apart | Guardian
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Once again the civilised World (rapidly shrinking by the day) is in awe of the supposed 'Democracy' of the Americans.
Why is this traitorous POS running for government? How is letting that happen serving Democracy?


Jan 6 rioter running for George Santos' 
 House seat made jarring comment 
 about Congress on day of attack

The Xenophobia of the British nation, cutting our noses off to spite our ugly little brit faces.
Imagine preferring the misogynistic horror of Saudi Arabia to this shit stained island!

"we're world beating" lies a Tory spiv


'If you go to Saudi, it's sunny': foreign 
 care workers could quit UK after 
 Ban on bringing dependants has raised fears that England's care 
 staff shortage will only worsen
Matt 🌻
20 hours ago

How many governments in the world are happy to brag about being able to ignore any domestic or international law, including the Human Rights Act?

Add United Kingdom 🇬🇧 to that list.

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The UK Prime Minister standing at a podium which reads “stop the boats” and flanked by two union jacks. On the screen, the text reads “stop the boats” and also “government introduces toughest anti-illegal immigration law ever”
penwing (they/them)
20 hours ago

He also brags that “ Let me just go through the ways individual illegal migrants try and stay.
Claiming asylum – that’s now blocked.
Abuse of our Modern Slavery rules – blocked.
The idea that Rwanda isn’t safe – blocked.”

How is any of that bragging material?

#UKPol #SmallBoats

If Trump seizes control of America at the end of next year, how do we think Prime Minister Starmer will deal with that?


penwing (they/them)
21 hours ago

So, Sunak’s press conference had this -

“And spurious Human Rights claims – you’d better believe we’ve blocked those too … because we’re completely disapplying all the relevant sections of the Human Rights Act.”

So, I think, what we need to be asking Sunak and other Tories is “are we saying it is now “The Humans (That We Happen to Like) Act” - and therefore utterly meaningless - or are small boat arrivals just no longer considered Humans?”

#UKPol #SmallBoats

21 hours ago

Just heard a snippet on the news about Rwanda including a clip from Sunak, and it has got to the point where hearing Sunak's voice makes me swear and wince as much as hearing Johnson's voice does.

An impressive achievement.

#UKPolitics #UKPol #Sunak

21 hours ago

Boris Johnson got the best education money can buy, but you can't buy intelligence, empathy, honesty or integrity.
#ukpol #CovidInquiry

23 hours ago

How did we get to the point where this tetchy little inadequate became our Prime Minister?

#UKPol #FuckTheTories

rhys the great
23 hours ago

Not actually sure what the point of that was. Presented nothing new, did nothing to appeal to the ERG, and did nothing to sway public discourse to provide him cover.

Instead, he just appeared weak, childish, and petty. If anything, he fuelled the rebellion on the vote and a potential leadership challenge.

Bonkers. He's politically inept.

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Aral Balkan
1 day ago

“You’ve attacked lawyers, judges, civil servants, the head of the Metropolitan Police, people who are worried about deaths in Gaza, you’ve attacked the homeless, you’ve attacked migrants as being part of an invasion.

Isn’t the truth you’re a headline-grabber who does it by spreading poison…?”

– Nick Robinson to Suella Braverman

Via @calmeilles

#ukPol #SuellaBraverman #tories

rhys the great
1 day ago

This is unlikely to be an election announcement.

Rather I think this will be a message to his own party that the vote will be treated as a confidence vote — or, in other words, "Support my bill or else I'll let Starmer take your seats."

...which is much the same thing, really.

#UKpolitics #UKPol #politics

rhys the great
1 day ago


This is incredible, a Yuletide miracle! It's actually frigging happening!

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Peter Nimmo
1 day ago

History: Robert #Jenrick was the minister investigated by #police for bending #planning rules to the financial benefit of a pornographer who was a #Tory donor

Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
1 day ago

Even when she's trying to smile nicely for the cameras, Braverman ends up looking like an evil demon who wants to possess your soul.

#UKpolitics #ukpol

A photograph of the Conservative Party politicians Suella Braverman and Robert Jenrick.

Braverman is on the left (of the image, lol!) and she is wearing a pink and black jacket. She is staring directly at the camera with an intense look on her eyes.

Jenrick is to her right as we look at the picture, he has on a grey suit, white shirt and a pale pink tie. He has a slightly bemused grin on his face.
1 day ago

This law is abhorrent. The idea that the govt can just decide that a certain group of people no longer have human rights goes against the very point of human rights. It goes against the very idea of the rule of law.

This bill should die at the first stage, and anyone who supports it should lose their seat.

This is how fascism progresses.

#UKPolitics #UKPol

New Rwanda bill gives ministers power to disregard some human rights law - BBC News

Tim Richards
1 day ago

Interesting read, drawing international connections.
Why does the spirit of Remain survive? Because it is about so much more than Brexit - Rafael Behr


"Robert Jenwick resigns over his desire to break International law and torment refugees"

That's the headline.


British Politics in 2024

"We should be allowed to be as cruel to Foreigners as we like"

And that's it. That's all that's discussed, that's all that is done. Everything else is left to rot, the Economy, the Environment, the NHS, it can all go to hell so long as we're talking about 'the Foreign Horde'

The Tories won brexit on Xenophobia and that's the only trick they have.

Makes me wonder what the fuck Labour are doing, copying this Xenophobia and silencing dissent.


Oh I'd like to believe that, I really would. But you don't ever give us something concrete to vote on, just "we're not the Tories"
Is that because you hold the Voters in contempt and view us as unruly children needing the 'Headmaster's' firm guidance?

#UKPOL #Labour

British Lawmakers spitting on the Rule of Law and Human Rights.
Xenophobic parasitical scum.

#RobertJenwick #UKPOL #Tories

Robert Jenrick resigns as immigration minister 
 Rajeev Syal 
 The immigration minister, Robert Jenrick, has quit, just hours after the 
 prime minister tabled a bill to save the Rwanda deportation policy. 
 He stood down after the legislation did not allow ministers to override 
 international laws which have stopped the government from sending 
 asylum seekers to central Africa. 
 Jenrick's resignation will be seen as a move to position himself as the head 
 of a growing rightwing rebellion aimed at ensuring that the UK can act 
 unilaterally and send flights to Kigali.

The cosy xenophobia and indifference of the British Mind
The implication Working Class people should NEVER marry a foreigner, or really look beyond their home town
"Know your place."

I hate it here. The culture here is cruelty and indifference or you don't fit in.

#JamesCleverly #HomeOffice #UKPOL

When I mentioned their predicament to a lawyer friend he was dismissive, 
 saying that middle-class families always found a way round these problems. 
 Other friends suggested we remortgage our house to raise the E62,500 capital 
 that was the alternative route to a spousal visa. But it would have to have 
 been in their bank account for a minimum of six months before they even 
 reapplied; this was time their soaring stress levels meant they didn't have. 
 And anyway, they wanted to pay their own way. The Home Office said any 
 change to the capital threshold would be announced in due course.

Poisonous little troll, she hides from the Public so what would she know about our voting intentions?

The majority are sick of this story, we're worried about the Cost Of Living Crisis, real stuff like that.
Not the Great Replacement Theory Sue Ellen reads every night, they're obsessed with Xenophobia and cruelty.

#UKPOL #Braverman

Tories face 'electoral oblivion' unless 
 Rwanda flights go ahead, says 
 Former home secretary urges PM to block all human rights laws 
 used to halt deportation flights

While the Tories and their media buddies obsess over being cruel to refugees and the #Rwanda plan, not a single issue that genuinely affects British voters is being dealt with.
"Cost Of Living Crisis?"
Nah, fuck that. Pick on a minority instead, then ignore the majority of people who aren't interested in pointless cruelty


Jonathan Schofield
3 days ago

What if:

1. People to the left of Starmer are *really* disenfranchised from the prospect of voting Labour (🙋🏼‍♂️)

2. Starmer’s chasing of swing Tory voters is running out of gas


It's a day ending in "y" when the British Government does a Xenophobia instead of help anybody.
Will it change with the Thatcher Fanboy in charge next year?

#UKpol #Tories #Labour

That thing about Western (Anglo) Democracy where you can't actually criticise any moderate politician for fear of "letting the bad guys in", no matter what they do or say.
Are we all children or something? Are their positions that tenuous that a single toot saying "I don't agree with this policy" will bring them down?
If so, then they've already lost, haven't they?


Yule Infused Sentient Nog
4 days ago

Noticed the drama & pearl clutching but hadn't read the story. Clearly many others hadn't either. Jesus you made Phil drop the f bomb for the very first time in the years of doing his politics channel.

Maybe don't believe any old shite you read in The Torygraph is the takeaway here.

#UKPol #Labour #GTTO #ToryScum

5 days ago

"There are some very good news stories in the NHS" from the health secretary has real "The hundreds of miles of sailing before the Titanic struck the iceberg were actually very comfortable" energy #BBCLauraK #ukpol

6 days ago

"Israel Reopens the Gaza Slaughterhouse"

"Phase One of Israel’s genocidal campaign on Gaza has ended. Phase Two has begun. It will result in even higher levels of death and destruction"

"It plans to finish the job... to render Gaza uninhabitable, to see its 2.3 million people driven out in a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing via starvation, terror, slaughter & infectious diseases"

#Israel #Gaza #USPol #UKPol #CdnPoli #EuroPol #EthnicCleansing #Genocide

1 week ago

Animals other than humans oust their bully leaders.

Humans vote for theirs.

Leader animals come in two categories. The bullies are the minority & they usually don't last very long before they are ousted, killed or kicked out of the group. The others have true leadership capacities: they break up fights, keep the peace & defend the underdog.,15201

#Leadership #USPol #UKPol

You'll notice that like with the public support for being cruel to refugees, handing back the Marbles and for action on Climate Change, it doesn't matter what the majority think, Westminster will just 'dismiss' that in the arrogant, anti-democratic way they do and then expect that to be the end of the matter.

Does that sound like a Democracy to you? Doesn't to me. 😔

#Brexit #UKPOL

Majority of Britons support rejoining the 
 EU single market - poll 
 November 29, 2023 2:48 PM GMT hours ago
1 week ago

If you're in the #uk you might want to write to your MP **TODAY** to ask them to stop/amend the 'data grab' bill

#ukPol #dataGrab #privacy @openrightsgroup

Britain is not a serious country, don't ever listen to us.


MP labels grey squirrels 'Hamas of the 
 squirrel world' 
 Jim Shannon likened the common rodent to Hamas who killed 1,200 civilians on October 7
1 week ago

"COP28: inside the United Arab Emirates, the Oil Giant hosting 2023 Climate Change Summit"

Documents show "the UAE hosts planned to advise a Colombian minister that Adnoc “stands ready” to help the country develop its oil & gas reserves.

Echoes of when the UK expanded "its North Sea oil fields less than two years after urging the world to raise its climate ambitions as summit host"

Do oligarchs & their puppet govts care? Pfft, no!

#COP28 #UAE #USPol #UKPol

1 week ago

A Corrupted COP
"New revelations show just how bad the oil countries really are"

COP28 host nation, UAE, "used its official position to leverage new oil & gas deals around the world... a timely reminder that there are entire nations that essentially operate as oil companies, with precisely the same attention to morality as Exxon or Shell."

Bill McKibben

#USPol #UKPol #ClimateCrisis #COP

The European Network
1 week ago

The UK is backing down from its climate ambitions at COP28.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak does not share his predecessor Boris Johnson's concern for the environment and has announced a number of retreats on key measures to achieve carbon neutrality.

#UK #Politics #UKPol #COP28 #Climate #Environment #Sunak #Carbon #CarbonNeutrality

Dave Underwood
2 weeks ago

From Peter Geoghegan:

'The more I think about it, the more I think this is a complete scandal.

Donors can now give £11,200 to British political parties anonymously, while parties can spend more than ever.

Welcome to the dark money election - brought to you by the Tory government'

#ukpol #Tories #GTTO #UKPolitics #GTTONow

2 weeks ago

@essjayjay @AutisticMumTo3 @PamCrossland

Labours foreign policy is set by Washington

Economic policy set by big business donors

Social policy set by fear of the right-wing tory press

What is the point of #Labour ?

#Starmer #UKPolitics #Demcracy #UKPol

Stephen Radford :telly:
2 weeks ago

Why do only pensioners get the winter fuel allowance? Do the disabled or those with children who cannot work not seem vulnerable enough to need heating? #UKPol

2 weeks ago

Neo-liberal gibberish.

Do all politicians now read the same book about running the country or something?

Do they not get taught that state spending on infrastructure is a net benefit to the economy? If we don't invest in ourselves, why should others?

All they seem to do is treat the country like it has a credit card rather than a sovereign currency.

Economic illiteracy.

#UKPol #UKPolitics

Labour unlikely to meet its £28bn green pledge at all - BBC News

2 weeks ago

With a shorter summer, how would schools get the large building maintenance projects done that currently happen during summer? Or major IT refresh work?

If we lose that time, it means we then need to plan for out of hours work during term-time, splitting projects up, or bringing in temporary provision, all which cost significantly more.

#UKPol #UKPolitics

I’m a teacher, and even I think we should cut the long school summer holidays | School holidays | The Guardian

@geoglyphentropy @derpoltergeist the butcher of thousands during COVID wants to talk about 'protecting Britain' does he?!
#UKPOL #BorisJohnson

Jonathan Schofield
2 weeks ago

“The current Labour Right is so constitutionally incapable of winning a political argument, so inflexible in its phobic attitude to the Left, so wounded in its entitlement to rule, and so traumatised by the brief loss of power to Corbynism, that it can't even affect magnanimity in victory.

Sore winners.”

An excerpt from (@leninology) Richard Seymour’s:

2 weeks ago

The west's climate-catastrophe plan:

* Silence & gaol dissenters;

* Impoverish & brainwash the rest;

* Impose forever wars & prison-camp epidemics to kill as many as possible (eg, Gaza).

Welcome to 21stC global fascism.

Psychopaths care for nought - even their own children - except power

Most are old men; they'll die in relative luxury.

"Even if billions perish in the coming climate catastrophe... we shouldn’t be too concerned"*

#USPol #EuroPol #CdnPoli #UKPol

Democracy in chains Nancy MacLean
Stephen Radford :telly:
2 weeks ago

I’d somehow forgotten Jeremy Hunt was our chancellor until that pathetic Autumn Statement #UKPol #UKPolitics

Jonathan Schofield
2 weeks ago

#ukpol #GeneralElectionNow
Have you ever been less enthused at the prospect of who could realistically form the next UK government?

(If yes, please name the election year)

Yule Infused Sentient Nog
2 weeks ago

Russia didn't just invade #Ukraine they invaded the UK & US as well. The difference is. The Ukrainians bravely defend their country with their lives, while the UK & US facilitated, supported & rolled over. Here in the UK the government made an oligarch a Lord (for life). They launder their money, ignore assassinations on UK soil, let them interfere with our elections & of course #Brexit Putin's master plan of hobbling us.

#UKPol #Russia

2 weeks ago

Watch: Israeli children sing, “We will annihilate everyone” in Gaza

"Israel’s national broadcaster Kan uploaded this song to X (formerly Twitter) in which Israeli children sing in celebration and support for the Israeli army’s mass extermination campaign of Palestinians in Gaza.

"The sweet faces of children make an incongruous accompaniment to the genocidal lyrics of the so-called Friendship Song 2023"

#USPol #UKPol #CdnPoli #Israel #Gaza

The European Network
2 weeks ago

“Dark money” has surged into UK anti-abortion groups in recent years, aiding controversial activism and raising questions about overseas political influence inside the country.

According to data shared with Euronews by the Good Law Project, "shadowy" funds - where the source is obscured and not fully disclosed - nearly doubled for the UK branch of the "hate group" Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) from 2020 to 2022.

#UK #Politics #UKPol #Abortion #DarkMoney

2 weeks ago

"What is it now, Sergeant?" 1982

#USPol #UKPol #CdnPoli #EuroPol #AusPol #Israel #Palestine

Israel-Palestine cartoon from 1982