King Mob
2 hours ago

While the rich can dodge paying tax without sanction in the UK, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt plans to stop social security for the unemployed he thinks are “disengaged” from working.

Hunt wants to force people into taking jobs that pay deprivation-level wages while letting his wealthy chums off their responsiblities of payimg tax. (Remember, there have only been 11 prosecutions for tax dodging in the UK over the last 5 years - despite it being rife among the rich and wealthy.)

Hunt says, “Those who won’t even look for work do not deserve the same benefits as people trying hard to do the right thing.”

For Hunt, doing “the right thing” means taking work below subsistence levels and living a life if poverty and insecurity.

He’s vile and he’ll be cheered on by the vile right-wing and their media cronies. The UK has become a truly terrible place to live if you are poor.

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8 hours ago

Watching Sunday with Laura Kussenberg now, and good *grief* is Rishi Sunak insufferable!

Making up some war on motorists (???) nonsense, talking over Kussenberg, claiming inflation is a tax (it isn't) - good grief!!

#BBCLauraK #ukpolitics #ukpol

Steve Loughran
9 hours ago

@mralanjohnsmith I don’t think here cares past the detail that they rant about it on GBNews and Reform UK voters think it’s true

Really it’s a failure of the advocates “everyone needs a pub in walking distance” would make a better story as it hard to argue against that or encourage driving to pubs.

11 hours ago

"Tory swing voters switch to Labour after Sunak’s green retreat, poll finds"

Sunak is not exactly proving to be a political genius, is he? 😂

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12 hours ago
King Mob
13 hours ago

While prosecutions for benefit fraud are on the increase, you would think that in an fair and equal country, tax evasion by the rich would be also prosecuted with the same zeal.

Not in the UK.

In the last 5 years there’s been a 67% fall in HMRC investigations of the rich leading to prosecutions for tax evasion. Only 11 rich tax dodgers were prosecuted in the last 5 years.

This is deliberate. And the same tax dodgers are the ones clamoring for tax cuts from their mates in the Tory government.

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13 hours ago

@juneussell @bullivant @harriettmb @ToniScott

My point was not that Starmer will go, it's that it would be good for Labour if he did.

Starmer now effectively ownes the Labour Party. Members don't get a say. Labour is now the party of the neoliberal rump.

At the same time the planet is on fire and inequality is growing. And neither political party are going to do much about it.

IMHO #UKpolitics is falling apart as people increasingly dislike both parties.

(Sunak is more vulnerable imo )

15 hours ago

Leaving disabled asylum seekers to rot in an old care home is not an aberration – it is the system working exactly as intended.

Frances Ryan, excellent as always, on the shameful conditions in which 55 disabled asylum seekers find themselves. Some are profoundly disabled, with no grab rails, no commodes or shower chairs, and no trained care workers, only security guards
As ever, the cruelty is the point.
#AsylumSeekers #Refugees #Disability #HomeOffice #UKPolitics

15 hours ago


Good point. When you have a compliant media, and well funded think tanks generating propaganda, you can paint your opposition as whatever you what. And then attack them for something they didn't say.

That feels like the basis of modern politics tbh


16 hours ago

@bullivant @juneussell @harriettmb @ToniScott

If I had to put money on it I'd bet Badenoch, but I wouldn't get good odds, which says a lot.


16 hours ago

It's hard to decide who is the more objectionable human being, Sunak or O’Leary.

I suppose one is the spawn of the other.

#ukpolitics #climate #ryanair #uk

Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary has praised Rishi Sunak for watering down Britain’s “unrealistic” net zero targets as he criticised the City’s “frankly mad” approach to ethical investment.
🧡Karen a woke Karen 🧡
17 hours ago

The public have summed up Rishi perfectly. But Starmer has no spine to take them on. British 2 party politics is grim, just like the Manchester rain welcoming the Tories at their conference today. Keep on raining on their parade! #ukpolitics #SocialistSunday

Rishi Sunak shown the results of a survey of the first words that come to mind when hearing his name.  'Rich people', 'Himself', 'Rich', 'Money', 'The Rich'.
17 hours ago

"And is it the job of the National Theatre to employ delinquent far-right-leaning actors in Shakespeare plays in order to keep them out of trouble, like some kind of iambic borstal?"

Stewart Lee imagining what GB News and Tufton Street might do having infiltrated the National Trust's Council.

You know what to do...

#woke #UkPolitics

18 hours ago

@bullivant @juneussell @harriettmb @ToniScott

I think almost anyone would have more traction with the public than Starmer.

The public liked the 2019 manifesto. Even Tory voters want to see rail and water nationalised. The latest collapse in Sunaks rating were due to him U-turning on popular green commitments.

Starmer gets an easy ride from the fossil fuel owned media because he is offering continuity, but voters want change.

Politics is failing.

#climate #ukpolitics #starmer

Gothish Andy
18 hours ago

Ah, the #Conservative Party Conference. What a week if, like me, #Schadenfreude is your favourite pastime.

Straight up this mornin', Priti Patel appearin' on Sky News, smirkin' and talkin' about the future of the party.


19 hours ago

The UK has reduced CO2 faster than most of Europe. This is more an indication of how slowly the EU is acting on climate change.

The UK has gone some way to transform it's energy sector but transport and domestic energy use lag behind.

Whether it is heat pumps or community heating schemes our government needs to act soon.

#climate #ukpolitics #green #energy #eu #co2

Richard Knott
22 hours ago

British exporters face hefty EU carbon tax bill after Sunak weakens climate policies #climatecrisis

Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
1 day ago

First Dog on the Moon asks "Should you just stop reading things that make you angry? Ask agony aunt Dr Dog!"


#Press #UK #MentalHealth #FirstDogOnTheMoon #UKPolitics #Cartoon

A cartoon dog of a political cartoonist:

"Inflatable Plant wonders should | just stop reading things that make me angry? Some anger is important and necessarzeh(‘lafable but oo much can be unhelpful. Try to read just enough unless you are a political cartoonist in which case you have to read everything and you are furious all the time"

The dog reads its phone which says "EVERYTHING!!" and looks enraged
Patricia wants to know how to explain the difference between less and Fewer Perhaps don't? Why not let people be wrong? We usually know what the person who used the “wrong” word intended. And if we don't we can ask. Anyway it's happening fewer often these days.

It only ever really matters if someone is writing something like instructions for arming an atomic bomb or legislation banning the incorrect use of irregardless.

A cartoon dog next to a nuclear bomb asks "GoT EnOUGH URANIUMS?"

Another replies "More of less - Give or take a few"
1 day ago

Hacker: Bernard, Humphrey should have seen this coming and warned me.
Bernard: I don't think Sir Humphrey understands economics, Prime Minister; he did read Classics, you know.
Hacker: What about Sir Frank? He's head of the Treasury!
Bernard: Well I'm afraid he's at an even greater disadvantage in understanding economics: he's an economist.,_Minister#Episode_One:_The_Grand_Design
#UKpolitics #comedy
(and yes, those hashtags go together so well).

Richard Knott
1 day ago

AllShorts:Uk GDP exceeds France… Did it?

1 day ago

@bullivant @harriettmb @ToniScott

I think Labour should ditch Starmer, he is only being kept afloat by the fact that Sunak is so bad.

#ukpolitics #labour #tory #sunak #starmer

Sinai approval rating at -45 after ditching green commitments. Starmer now down to -25
Preston MacDougall
1 day ago

@fulelo Is this the current British Minister of #Education ?

Emily King
1 day ago

Totally fecking normal island...

Revealed: UK government keeping files on education critics’ social media activity
#UKPolitics #UKEducation #NormalIsland

2 days ago

Furious at Sunak dismissing road safety in a desperate bid to regain some votes.

The death rate of pedestrians / cyclists when cars are traveling at 30mph is SO MUCH higher than 20mph.

I thought "it's a good job Sunak wasn't in power when compulsory seat-belts were brought in" & then I thought "hah, I bet a load of people didn't want them either"

And I was right & TIL those people included the government.

They don't care.

#UKPolitics #UKPol

2 days ago

That's not right is it? It's been paid for from parliamentary funds & is just a blatant attempt to get some material for future election leaflets / news.

It's disingenuous bollocks.

Cant decide whether to just bin it, write an enthusiastic A-grade report of the Scottish Government just to wind them up or list the current challenges we face that they are apparently interested in but accidentally missed in their survey.

#UKPolitics #UKPol #Scotland

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2 days ago

Received a letter from one of our MSPs on Scottish Parliament headed paper.

It says we face "many challenges" & "I want to do what I can to understand your situation". There is a survey.

The survey asks NOTHING about our situation or what challenges we're experiencing. It asks us to rate the Scottish Govt on a number of topics & our local council overall.

It is sent by a Conservative.

Number of time Conservatives are mentioned: ZERO


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2 days ago

FFS: Truss could run again in a contest for the Tory leadership if they lose the next election and Sunak stands down. 🤦‍♂️

#UKPolitics #ConservativeParty #RishiSunak #LizTruss

2 days ago

The #Tories is a dead party. This is the takeaway from the most recent @YouGov survey.

The % of Britons aged 18-24 who said that they would vote #Conservatives at the next election, is 1%.

Yes, that's correct, 1%

For Britons under the age of 65 the Conservative party has been practically discredited completely.

In case you don't remember, the Tories has been running the country since 2010.

It's worth reading this table. 👇


Emily King
2 days ago

I'm making the mistake of watching BBC Breakfast while making my little one's brekkie.

Transport minister on the telly justifying Sunak's latest round of BS to try and stop the Tories losing the next election.

I'm here trying to understand how they're squaring going against the mandates of Tory-led local councils. Because in Cornwall it's a Tory-led unitary authority that's been rolling out new 20mph zones.



Steve Loughran
3 days ago

Feeling really un-British this week. Suella #Braverman denounces me for having been brought up as Scottish in a migrant ghetto in London (“County” Kilburn) -now #Sunak calls me un-British for liking a 20 urban speed limit in our rood. At least we do have a car, but it’s electric & only done 50 miles this month -less than my bicycle
haven’t felt so unwelcome since Theresa May’s “Citizens of Nowhere” speech. still, at least I and my son have Irish passports: we can escape

49 miles, 18 kilowatt hours and three pounds 69 costs
the magnificent rhys
3 days ago

Never lose sight of what the Tories do to everything they're ever allowed to be in power of. They demean, denigrate, corrupt, and pervert every ministry and every public institution they are permitted to worm their way into, to the point where the public can no longer rely on their own institutions to tell the truth.

The Tories should never be allowed to be in control of anything ever.

#politics #UKPolitics #UKPol

A screenshot from a Guardian news article detailing how the Home Secretary's own statements about her portfolio are outrightly false, and how newspapers defending their reporting based on it being facts as disseminated by a Minister has failed the test of truth.
Matt Green
3 days ago

New video:

Will the Government extend HS2 to Manchester?

#HS2 #comedy #funny #satire #ukpolitics #politics #RishiSunak

4 days ago

I woke up this morning so, so angry and sickened by this Tory government's decision to allow the Rosebank oilfield to go ahead that I fired off two emails, one to my Tory MP and one to Keir Starmer.
The first is an obvious target, but why Starmer, you say?

"A categorical refusal to allow the project to proceed under a Labour government could squash it right now"
Chris Mason, Political Editor BBC News

Starmer is just as culpable.
#Rosebank #UKPolitics #Oil #Gas

Steve Loughran
4 days ago

#rosebank is a crime, #sunak is a criminal-he should be remembered and condemned for his sabotage of the UK’s Net Zero plans. We are part of “Th Fossil Five” - those countries still trying to maximise oil and gas production and rationalise it away -and starmer isn’t doing anything to address this. All he should have to do is warn that all tax breaks will go and then the spreadsheets can talk for themselves.


David Njoku
5 days ago

Outside of genocide, culture cannot "disappear". Culture always changes in a thriving society. Not everyone will always be best pleased with the rate of change or the source of its influences, but that is a different conversation.


Open Rights Group
6 days ago

In March, ORG and @the3million defeated the UK government for a SECOND time over attempts to deny migrants access to their data.

Now the government is appealing the decision.

✊We need your support to continue fighting the UNLAWFUL immigration exception ⤵️

#ukpolitics #migrants #dataprotection #GDPR

6 days ago

Nissan will make the switch to full electric by 2030 in Europe. "We believe it is the right thing to do for our business, our customers and for the planet," said Nissan's chief executive Makoto Uchida.
Nissan is the only #UK manufacturer to have its own battery plant in the UK.
Nissan is also aiming for price parity with petrol cars by 2030 and is pioneering a cheaper all-solid-state-battery (ASSB), which charges more quickly.
#Nissan #ASSB #EV #ElectricCars #UKPolitics

Natasha Jay 🇪🇺
1 week ago

New Statesman : Who would win if an election was held today?

How the House of Commons would look according to our latest UK election modelling

🔴 Labour: 415 (+213)
🔵 Conservative: 153 (-212)
🟠 Lib-Dem: 28 (+17)
⚫ Other: 54 (-18)

Worth a read. Also note it's not adjusted for a potential Lib-Dem upside via tactical voting. Enjoy


#UK #UKPol #UKPolitics #ukpolls #NewStatesman #Labour #Libdems

Labour: 415
Conservative: 153
Lib Dem: 28
Other: 54