"(alternate account at"

Oh, I see. Nah, you were never voting for Biden, regardless. You're a communist accelerationist who wants Trump to destroy democracy in America so that the glorious communist revolution can come.

"After Trump, our turn."

#politics #uspol

24 minutes ago

Netanyahu’s Goal for Gaza: “Thin” Population “to a Minimum”

"The White House requested billions to support refugee resettlement from Ukraine & Gaza"

Netanyahu’s plan has two main elements:

*persuade Egypt to allow refugees to flow to other Arab countries

*open up sea routes so Israel “allows a mass escape to European and African countries"

To those apologising for this genocide, just stop
The evidence is overwhelming

#USPol #Israel #Gaza


  1. Figure out your personal #ethics; major 💡 for me hearing Khadija Mbowe: figure out your LOVE ETHIC 🫶
  2. From (1) if ever you felt un-grounded or un-certain of your values like me, thinking in terms of ethics as a word for the sense of justice I feel in my bones and in flashes of clarity — may lead you to more certainty in or like a veil is lifted from your values
  3. Once in the vicinity of (1) & (2) you will recognize the calm resolve of someone like Sarah Kendzior who describes herself as being an “independent voter” in the least concerned about being quantifiable way. She truly votes the issues. Which often has her voting on partisan lines, but should be recognized as the telltale mark of #uspol two-party winner-take-all system and other worse quirks in our (her’s and my) regime
  4. Speaking of regimes, even voting where the authoritarians have currently won control is worth it for feeding that last hopeful | defiant | angry | abiding inch within you that they cannot touch
1 hour ago

Former ICC chief prosecutor: Israel’s siege of Gaza is a ‘genocide’

"Since Oct 7, accusations of genocide & ethnic cleansing have been used to describe some of the actions of Israel & Hamas.

"How are these terms defined? Can they be applied in the current situation in the occupied Palestinian territories?

"Fmr chief prosecutor of the ICC, Luis Moreno Ocampo, examines the genocide allegations in the Israel-Gaza war.

#USPol #Genocide #ICC #Israel #Palestine

Megan Lynch (she/her)
1 hour ago

Good god, there are so many reasons to boot DeJoy, but I'd think people would want to do it based on USPS fee/service hikes alone. #USPol

Because of course.

"Trump pardoned them. Now they’re helping him return to power."


Eric Blair
1 hour ago

Say it with me now:

“Judaism does not imply support for the far-right Netanyahu government.”

Netanyahu is a Trump-like figure leading a fascist faction in Israel, and the longer we take to make that clear, the more American Jews will be endangered.
#uspol #trump #maga #israel #netanyahu #likud #fascism

Amy Spitalnick
A festival in VA canceled a menorah lighting -
which had nothing to do with Israel -because it
claimed celebrating Chanukah would imply support
for the "killing/bombing" of Gaza.
It is antisemitic to hold Jews collectively responsible
for Israel. Period.
ould be very clear: it is anti
1 Jews collectively responsil
el's policies and actions, an
re a political litmus test for.
icipation in community eve
Statement on Second Sunday's
Cancellation of Hanukkah Celebration
1:21 PM • Dec 3, 2023 • 728.3K Views
Election Graphs
1 hour ago

Daily "Probabilistic Views" Summary:

338.0 days until polls start to close

Odds with Independent States:
Trump: 97.2% (was 96.5% a week ago)
Tie: 0.4% (was 0.5% a week ago)
Biden: 2.4% (was 3.0% a week ago)

Odds with Uniform Swing:
Trump: 76.9% (was 77.0% a week ago)
Tie: 0.0% (was 0.0% a week ago)
Biden: 23.1% (was 23.0% a week ago)

This is a nowcast, not a forecast!

More info here:

#USPol #Election2024 #Biden #Trump

If #DonaldTrump wins in 2024, I am going on a total #media and #socialmedia black out, because I'm not doing this again. I don't do endless loops.

#politics #uspol

maeve harris
1 hour ago

#uspol: predictions of gloom and doom for the #gop expressed by multiple sources warm my heart

Election Graphs
1 hour ago

Daily "Categorization View" Summary:

338.0 days until polls start to close

Trump Best: Trump by 134
(Was Trump by 88 a week ago)

Expected: Trump by 86
(Was Trump by 86 a week ago)

Biden Best: Biden by 70
(Was Biden by 70 a week ago)

Tipping point: Trump ahead by 1.2% in PA
(Was Trump ahead by 1.2% in PA a week ago)

This is a nowcast, not a forecast!

More info here:

#USPol #Election2024 #Biden #Trump

El Santo Negro :gitea:
2 hours ago

Completely endorse this. Its time for voters to flex their muscle.

#uspol #Gaza
Swing-state Muslim leaders launch campaign to ‘abandon’ #Biden in 2024 - POLITICO

The bubbling anger among Arab and Muslim Americans over the president’s handling of the #Israel-Hamas conflict could threaten his chances of reelection.

"Pay attention to me!" - someone criticizing Biden

"No. Only a vote for Biden stops Trump. Only." - me

#uspol #politics


this means "Cheney republicans" will be money-bombing conservative Democrats and DINOS.

if you're a registered Democrat, now more than ever #TheSquad and #ProgressiveCaucus will need your direct contributions (don't just give money to PACs, for the love of dog. give it directly to your faves).

then push them for legislating against Citizen's United, among many other electoral reforms.

#uspol #LizCheney #2024Elections

@biplane @MattFerrel @hfinyow @marcelias

In 2016, a quarter of Berners went bust, half of those by voting for Trump. They wanted Trump to win and they got what they wanted. If they couldn't have their St. Bernard, they preferred fascism, if only as a way to punish Clinton for beating him.

#uspol #populism

Captain Superlative
5 hours ago

It takes a lot of privilege to assume things can't get any worse.

It takes a lot of privilege to assume that everyone sounding the alarm is just stupid or ignorant or corrupt.

It takes a lot of privilege to assume that your actions or inaction can't make the situation worse.

It takes a lot of hubris to be that much of an asshole.

Not everyone can afford to be that much of an asshole.



The Democratic Difference
5 hours ago


On Thursday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom did a stellar job of highlighting the big economic wins that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have delivered for the American people.

For the next 11 months, as we fight to preserve our democracy, every Democrat needs to do the same.

#USPol #USPolitics #BidenDeliversForAmerica #Economy #Biden #Trump

The Choice is Clear

Donald Trump is plotting to make himself a dictator and his only economic plan is to give more tax breaks to big corporations and wealthy lobbyists while repealing the Affordable Care Act and stripping healthcare from 40 million Americans. 

MAGA Republicans defend Trump’s assault on the Constitution and they have a radical plan to ban abortion, limit civil rights, and cut Social Security and Medicare.

Joe Biden has a very different plan. His focus is strengthening and expanding the middle class while defending freedom and democracy at home and abroad. Instead of giving more tax breaks to the rich, the Biden plan includes a new billionaires tax to fund investments in vital programs that help ordinary folks, like the expanded child tax credit. 

Biden doesn’t just talk about helping working Americans, he delivers. He started by providing $1,400 relief checks, reopening schools, and vaccinating the country with the American Rescue Plan, which ended the COVID recession and jumpstarted the economy.

Biden Democrats followed that up with historic investments in U.S. infrastructure and manufacturing, and they also delivered the Inflation Reduction Act, which has brought down prescription drug prices and made record investments in fighting climate change. Inflation and unemployment are both lower today than when Ronald Reagan bragged about “Morning in America” in 1984. Wages are rising faster than inflation, and the economy has added over 14 million jobs.
LA Legault ✌🏻
6 hours ago

I know people really want this to be some far-right ploy, it isn’t, read #uspol

“That man broke my heart 💔 “

7 hours ago

Jamie Raskin: "Let me get this straight," Raskin said in his statement. "After wailing and moaning for ten months about Hunter Biden and alluding to some vast unproven family conspiracy, after sending Hunter Biden a subpoena to appear and testify, Chairman [James Comer (R-Ky.)] and the Oversight Republicans now reject his offer to appear before the full Committee and the eyes of the world and to answer any questions that they pose?" #uspol

"Today, 10 states have an uninsured rate below 5 percent...Their success indicates that, even without another major federal health care reform effort, it is possible to reduce the number of uninsured in the United States. If states are more aggressive about using all of the tools available to them under the ACA, the country could continue to bring down the number of uninsured people within its borders."

#healthcare #insurance #healthpolicy #medicaid #aca #USpol


What's interesting is that it is once again the far left, as exemplified by Tlaib and Omar, that's leading the pro-Trump charge.

#uspol #populism

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
7 hours ago

"President #Biden blasted corporate “price gouging” more forcefully this week than ever before...

assailing firms for not lowering prices even as supply chains have healed. “Let me be clear: To any corporation that has not brought their prices back down — even as inflation has come down, even [as] supply chains have been rebuilt — it’s time to stop the price gouging,” he said in a speech"

#Corporate #PriceGouging #Economics #Economy #USPol #Politics #USA #News

News headline and photo with caption.

Headline: Economic Policy:
Biden turns up pressure on corporate ‘price gouging’ as 2024 nears

By Jeff Stein
December 1, 2023 at 6:00 a.m. EST

Photo with caption: President Biden speaks about the economy on Monday at the White House. (Michael Robinson Chávez/The Washington Post)
8 hours ago

Fixed your headline, Reuters:

Trump calls on supporters to keep Black and Brown people from voting in Democratic-run US cities

#Trump #VoterSuppression #racism #BadJournalism #2024Election #USPol

Captain Superlative
8 hours ago

If you think Biden and Trump are both equally terrible, you are not just dangerously delusional.

You have a dangerous lack of imagination and a dangerous ignorance of history.

If these are the last days of our 'Weimar Republic' and you don't know what that means, it will be your fault.


Zhi Zhu 🕸️
8 hours ago

"the woman had agreed to have a sexual encounter with #Ziegler that was to include his wife, Bridget... But when the woman learned that Bridget couldn’t make it, she changed her mind & canceled... “Sorry I was mostly in for her,” she said...

Ziegler then showed up at her apartment uninvited & raped her. The woman reported the alleged assault to police"

#GOP #Republican #Republicans #MomsForLiberty #Violence #Misogyny #Politics #USPol #Florida #USA #News

News headline:
Florida GOP chairman under fire as more details emerge in rape inquiry
Republican Party chair and his wife, a Moms for Liberty co-founder, part of three-way encounter with alleged victim, affidavit says

By Lori Rozsa and Will Oremus
December 2, 2023 at 9:21 p.m. EST
Lukas VF Novak
9 hours ago

Biden Administration Unleashes Powerful Regulatory Tool Aimed at Climate

"The #Biden administration’s crackdown on #methane leaks from #oil wells is based in part on a new powerful policy tool that could strengthen its legal authority to cut #GreenhouseGas emissions across the entire economy — including from #cars, #PowerPlants, #factories and oil #refineries."

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #JoeBiden #Democrats #USpol #COP28

flame coming out from a pipe next to an oil rig in flat landscape

This is insanely self-defeating. Under Trump, Muslims will be the first up against the wall.

(And that's how we know that #AbandonBiden is an op.)

#uspol #muslim #biden #israel #hamas

9 hours ago

Paraphrasing Al Jazeera analyst Marwan Bishara:

If Biden & Blinken seriously want the Israeli government to limit civilian deaths, they should stop talking to them... because every time they do, it gets worse.

At least 700 Palestinians were killed in the past day. Funded by the US.

How many civilian deaths will it take? As many as it takes.

If anyone knows how to access copies of Bishara's conversations with news anchors, please advise.

#USPol #Israel #Gaza

10 hours ago

@junesim63 @CEMedia

Some people’s graves need to be turned into urinals.

"Today's Sunday papers queue to pay respects to warmonger Henry Kissinger's "flawed legacy," but please read this excoriating alternative assessment of that legacy from @CEMedia "

#Kissinger #USPol #Imperialism #WarCrimes

10 hours ago

I AGREE- As this year ends and a new one begins. It’s time to shake things up. No more Mr. and Ms. nice guy.
#government #news #breakingnews #uspolitics #politics #uspol

I wonder how many more POC sock puppets there are. When you think that POC will be better off under fascism than shitty democracy, you’ve lost way more than the plot. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

#USPol #Politics

11 hours ago

"Unions and Elected Officials Are Joining the Movement for Palestinian Freedom"

"When a group of pro-Palestine state legislators and activists launched a five-day hunger strike outside the White House this week, members of Congress and major unions showed up in solidarity. The movement against Israel's war on Gaza just keeps growing."

#USPol #Palestine #Israel

#Biden's falling support among Muslims and Gen Z is exactly why I wish American parties behaved as political parties and not as idiotic cults of personality. If they did, they would be more open to a fairly obvious solution: have him resign and get Harris to do a better job as POTUS and candidate. Other governing systems do it ALL THE TIME.

I'm not even saying that's definitely the solution -just that some people cling to Biden much more strongly than they need to. #uspol #Harris2024

12 hours ago

"52-year-old British documents reveal 'Israel's secret plan' to deport Palestinians to Sinai"

At the start of Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip, 200,000 refugees displaced from other areas in Palestine lived alongside 150,000 Palestinian original residents.

Now, of more than 2m living there, ~70% are refugees.

Gaza's "overcrowded refugee camps developed strong resistance groups that fight back" against the decades-long occupation.

#USPol #UKPol #Israel #Gaza

12 hours ago

A protestor is in a critical condition after setting themself on fire outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta. A Palestinian flag was found at the scene.

"As of Saturday morning, the protester’s name, age & gender have not been made public, but it has been disclosed that they apparently set up outside the building in the city’s midtown neighborhood on Friday afternoon".

#USPol #Israel #Palestine

Mike Blake ☮️
12 hours ago

Good explanation of the #abandonBiden campaign. The correct response is for #biden to demand #ceasefireNow .


"Let me clarify something for those curious about why Muslims are supporting the #AbandonBiden campaign:

This has nothing to do with Trump.

This is about Biden's tacit approval of the killing of more that 6,000 children in Gaza.

This is about not voting for the man who didn't say anything about 5 premature babies being forcibly removed from incubators at gunpoint and then being left unattended to starve to death over three weeks.

This is about basic human dignity. You can not force people to vote for someone who doesn't blink when children that look like ours are incinerated with white phosphorous, or buried alive beneath rubble.

If you think any amount of complaining about the orange man or 'what about deportation?' will force us to vote for Biden you are mistaken. We are afraid to stand in front of Allah (God) and have the pure souls of infants testify against us on the Day of Judgement.

This isn't about supporting Trump, it's about not supporting Biden and if that bothers you, then you need to take it up with your elected officials and their policies not us."

12 hours ago

"Did Israeli PM Netanyahu start Bombing Gaza Again to Stay out of Jail & Appease Fascists in his Cabinet?"

Jewish Power leader & Minister of National Security "Itamar Ben Gvir demanded a resumption of the slaughter. He said if the pause went on, he would withdraw his bloc from the government & cause it to fall.

"If Netanyahu loses his hold on the office of prime minister, the corruption cases against him would proceed, & he likely will go to jail."

#USPol#Israel #Gaza

I'll stop saying "From the river to the sea" as soon as you stop saying "criticism of #Israel is #antisemitism."

#hamas #gaza #AbandonBiden #uspol

13 hours ago

"Israeli Officials Knew of Oct7 Attack a Year Ago, But Didn’t Act"

Israel had Hamas's specific plans, incl for taking out Israel's automated machine guns, & specific points where Hamas would breach the wall.

"Despite knowing..the devastation the incursion would cause, Israeli leaders declined to act"

Some in Israeli intelligence saw the Oct 7 attack "as an “opportunity” for Israel to take another major step in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine".

#USPol #Israel #Gaza

13 hours ago

Britain's Boer-War concentration camps, its Christian Zionism & Israel's wars on Gaza

When Britain couldn't beat Boer-War guerrilla tactics, Kitchener launched a scorched-earth policy; "sporting shoots" (success was "bags" of killed & captured Boers); & forcibly removed civilians into concentration camps, where tens of thousands died from malnutrition & disease, especially children.

#USPol #UKPol #israel #Gaza

Britain's Boer-War concentration camps,
17 hours ago

Today's Sunday papers queue to pay respects to warmonger Henry Kissinger's "flawed legacy," but please read this excoriating alternative assessment of that legacy from @CEMedia

#Kissinger #USPol #Imperialism #WarCrimes #Laos #Cambodia #Vietnam #Chile #Indonesia #Nicaragua #Israel #Gaza
Politicians who respected Kissinger and back the Gaza genocide are one and the same

Jason Lefkowitz
18 hours ago

Separated at birth?


George Santos yelling after being expelled from Congress.
The awful CGI Sonic the Hedgehog from the first trailer for his movie. The one with teeth. His facial expression looks a lot like Santos’.
Paul Chambers
18 hours ago

Texas GOP executive committee rejects proposed ban on associating with Nazi sympathizers and Holocaust deniers after members complained such a ban. #USPol #Texas

Jason Lefkowitz
19 hours ago

As Eric Adams awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect


Slate headline: “Something Mystifying Is Going On With Eric Adams”
Captain Superlative
19 hours ago

Bernie Sanders is not a socialist.

Countries with universal healthcare systems are mostly not socialist countries.

Unions are not socialist organizations though socialists may be members.

In socialist countries there's no need for unions. In fact, iirc, unions are usually illegal in socialist countries.

The words "socialist" and "capitalist" are usually just nebulous insults.

And that's fine if that's what you're into.

But if it's not, maybe take a moment and think about who benefits from these baseless categorizations.


LA Legault ✌🏻
21 hours ago

They had to know it was coming with the resumed conflict: #uspol

#Muslim association drops #Biden for 2024

Alternate headline: Skyylar can't come home for Christmas because Nana wanted small government

via @WorkingFamilies


Paranoid Factoid
22 hours ago


Recently, Tucker Carlson posted an 18 minute video story on UFOs over at the hell site. He interviewed Rep Tim Burchett (R-TN) with a focus on how the "deep state" has hidden knowledge of UFOs and free energy systems (violating thermodynamics).

It's pretty much every UFO conspiracy rolled into one short video. Aliens, MIB, Zero Point, Area 51 crash, retrievals, etc.

What's the #GOP play here?

#UFOs #politics #USpol #TuckerCarlson #Republicans


Rep Tim Burchett being interviewed on Tucker Carlson at the hell site.
1 day ago

"How Corporate Media Helped Lay the Groundwork for Israel’s Genocide in Gaza"

"Corporate media outlets have treated Palestinian suffering as a nonstory for many decades."

"U.S. corporate media have treated Gaza’s inhabitants as nonpersons, & daily life in Gaza as non-news.

"News media omissions often function as tacit permission for abuses of power."

#USPol #UKPol #Israel #Gaza

1 day ago

"The conflict between the Palestinians & the outcome of a 100-yr-old colonial occupation by Jewish Zionists in Israel backed by major imperial powers, starting with the British & a century later the US

"This century-long assault by Israel has one objective – to force an indigenous people from their land.

"Historian Rashid Khalid breaks... “the hundred years of war on Palestine” into six periods..."

#USPol #UKPol #Israel #Palestine

Chris Ely
1 day ago

It's a shame that people only watching Fox or Newsmax never get to see news that is positive.

We should all be happy with how much Joe Biden has been able to correct after he inherited a disaster from Donald Trump.

Alternative 🔗:

#USAPolitics #USPol

Paul Chambers
1 day ago

Trump to Iowa, "We've been waging an all out war on Amercian Democracy."

Ohio Republican Party, "We concur and endorse." #Ohio #GOP #OHPol #USPol

🔗 Ohio GOP endorses Donald Trump in 2024 presidential run, becoming first state party to do so.

The Democratic Difference
1 day ago



On Thursday, Gavin Newsom did an excellent job of highlighting the remarkable economic achievements of the Biden presidency.

For the next 11 months, as we fight to preserve our democracy, every Democrat needs to do the same.

#USPol #USPolitics #Economy #Biden #Trump

Last night, Gavin Newsom did an excellent job of highlighting the remarkable economic achievements of the Biden presidency.

For the next 11 months, as we fight to preserve our democracy, every Democrat needs to do the same.
2 days ago

"Mass Assassination Factory”: Israel Using AI to Generate Targets in Gaza, Increasing Civilian Toll

"When a child is killed in Gaza, it’s because somebody made a decision it was worth it.”

"It has turned the Israeli military into a “mass assassination factory,” with a “total disregard for Palestinian civil life"

"As an Israeli journalist, [Yuval Abraham's] reporting is still subject to military censors"

#USPol #Gaza #Israel

2 days ago

"Israeli Officials Knew of Oct7 Attack a Year Ago, But Didn’t Act"

Israel had Hamas's specific plans, incl for taking out Israel's automated machine guns, & specific points where Hamas would breach the wall.

"Despite knowing..the devastation the incursion would cause, Israeli leaders declined to act"

Some in Israeli intelligence saw the Oct 7 attack "as an “opportunity” for Israel to take another major step in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine".

#USPol #Gaza #Israel

2 days ago

"Israel Reopens the Gaza Slaughterhouse"

"Phase One of Israel’s genocidal campaign on Gaza has ended. Phase Two has begun. It will result in even higher levels of death and destruction"

"It plans to finish the job... to render Gaza uninhabitable, to see its 2.3 million people driven out in a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing via starvation, terror, slaughter & infectious diseases"

#Israel #Gaza #USPol #UKPol #CdnPoli #EuroPol #EthnicCleansing #Genocide

Solarbird :flag_cascadia:
2 days ago

So the Koch family have endorsed Nikki Haley in the Republican primaries (via their proxy organisation) which is kind of a big deal. Basically, it puts her into the "if Trump falls" pole position.

#uspol #uspolitics

2 days ago

A few follow Friday suggestions for political and legal news in the USA:

* Political news commentary - informative and humorous!

* Legal analysis, a must follow if you want to keep up with all the different Trump trials:
@Teri_Kanefield ⬅️ moving to a new server

* News about the US Congress:

#USPol #USA #USNews #Politics #FollowFriday

Jason Lefkowitz
2 days ago

It’s up to you which fat guy shimmies down your chimney on Christmas Eve. Leave out milk and cookies and it’ll be Santa Claus. Leave out your credit cards and it’ll be George Santos


David August
2 days ago
[23 photos of The Count from Sesame Street] 

What George Santos faces after being expelled from Congress.
Kent Brewster
2 days ago

Fortunately, Bowen Yang has plenty of other characters left to play on SNL. #uspol #santos #divadown

Screenshot from somone's phone, showing the New York Times breaking news alert that George Santos has been removed from Congress.
Mike Blake ☮️
2 days ago
Alexander Hay
2 days ago

Are we sure it's #GeorgeSantos who's been expelled from #Congress, and not 12 squirrels in a long coat?

#News #USA #USPol #USNews

Perhaps b/c of algorithms or whatnot, you haven’t seen yet, but now you know. You share responsibility. Israel’s gov’t made it’s aim for Palestine clear: remove all Palestinians—dead or alive.

The tide does seem to be turning in favor of humanity, but for years now Washington has also been clear: tax the 🇺🇸 people and give massive amounts of their 💰 to so-called defense contractors, bomb-makers.

We could be learning. We could be implementing great transportation. We could be healing.


Jason Lefkowitz
2 days ago

When asked for comment on being expelled from the House of Representatives, George Santos said “as unofficially already no longer a member of Congress, I no longer have to answer a single question. That is the one thing that I'm going to take forever.” Which I wish I could tell you is a joke I made up but no, George Santos’ comment on being expelled from the House of Representatives is just as incomprehensible as everything else about George Santos


Jerry Levine
2 days ago

Santos, following expulsion from the House of Representatives: "I MUST GO NOW, MY PLANET NEEDS ME."

#uspol #Santos

I must go now but it's george Santos.
Raging LibTarg 🐗✊🏾🤬
2 days ago

This your reminder that every day Senator Bob Menendez doesn’t resign is another day of embarrassment for Democrats.

That said, bye Felicia!

#politics #houseofrepresentatives #uspol

3 days ago

"MSNBC Drops Mehdi Hasan’s Show as He Speaks Out for Palestinian Rights"

"Hasan has been one of the only news anchors on a major broadcast outlet speaking up against Israel’s brutality.

"He formerly worked for Al Jazeera English & The Intercept & has gained a strong following as a candid & forthright host & interviewer."

"Clips of him interrogating or debating public figures, often right-wing ones, have frequently gone viral".

#USPol #Palestine #Censorship


But, but, but... this isn't compatible with that fake #GenocideJoe narrative! Whatever are we to do? What excuse do we have for helping Trump win?!!!

#uspol #israel #hamas #politics

3 days ago

Animals other than humans oust their bully leaders.

Humans vote for theirs.

Leader animals come in two categories. The bullies are the minority & they usually don't last very long before they are ousted, killed or kicked out of the group. The others have true leadership capacities: they break up fights, keep the peace & defend the underdog.,15201

#Leadership #USPol #UKPol

3 days ago

"A mass assassination factory: Inside Israel’s calculated bombing of Gaza"

Permissive airstrikes on non-military targets;

loosening of constraints regarding expected civilian casualties;

& use of an artificial intelligence system to generate more potential targets than ever before...

"have enabled the Israeli army to carry out its deadliest war on Gaza"

Author was also interviewed on Democracy Now Fri Dec 1
#Israel #Gaza #USPol

Mx. Luna Corbden
3 days ago

Hmm my congressional rep sent me a flier where he's actually talking about carbon emissions and alternate energy WHAT!!??

Of course, he's complaining that Biden is moving too fast and doing it wrong (he has a huge hard-on for the dams, which is fine), but at least he finds it politically expedient to speak to the problem. A far cry from his war on grizzlies in last month's series of newsletters.

I wonder if Indivisible is active enough here to be effective, or what? I haven't had the energy to get involved lately, and a couple of years ago the group here seemed pretty small. But I have sent him a few emails of my own. Maybe it's time to send one again and praise him for his sudden attention to climate change.

#uspol #WAPol #DanNewhouse

Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 days ago

Why do people skip right over letting folks know the seriousness of the situation straight to "it's so serious it's inevitable so don't bother rousing yourselves to action"??? This is how we got here! There are more of us than of them - there always were. But sitting on our asses instead of organizing is the problem and coverage that says organizing doesn't matter ensures the problem worsens. #USPol