Ain Tohvri
2 minutes ago

As a #developer, navigating online shopping forms and baskets, how many times have you used Inspector to get stuff done, e.g. info extracted? #eCommerce #UX

We want to hear about your BEST or most CURIOUS experience at our past events! 🤩 Share those unforgettable moments, mind-blowing insights, or unexpected encounters that made front conferences truly unforgettable! #webdesign #webdev #ux #ui #frontconference

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A video every interaction designer should watch

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Doron B
2 hours ago

One large monitor (33"+) or two medium ones?
One large monitor will give you...

• Optimized desk space.
• Effortless cable management.
• Seamless view, no margin.
• Lower price (upon a smart buy).
• Neat setup looks.

Then, just use "magnetic" windows.

#Coding #UX #VideoEditing

Roy Greenhilt
9 hours ago

Blah blah #Blizzard is a horrible company blah blah...

Fuck it. I'm installing #Diablo IV.

Or would, if I could get the download and the drivers updated.

Is there anyone in the world who thinks #Windows is a stable, mature platform? Their #UX and Driver chaos makes Linux look like tiddlywinks.
9 hours ago

"The problem with A/B testing is that you just did all of the work to build it before you learned if it was right or wrong."

#prodmgmt #ux #engineering

A diagram of an opportunity solution tree. There's an outcome at the top, which branches into several opportunities, which in turn branch into several solutions.
K-ZO da Snowman
11 hours ago

Anyone in the #SFBayArea got any leads on #UX jobs? Got a homie who's looking, she is the BOMB.

J'ai rarement vu idée si saugrenue ...

#Qwice #UI #UX
12 hours ago

Business outcomes
Product outcomes
Traction metrics

What’s the difference? And which should you use to set the scope of your discovery work?

Come find out:

#prodmgmt #ux #engineering

Defining Outcomes July 2023  “The content is great and the weekly practice sessions are very intense. Defining good outcomes to reach is a key point for successful product teams.” - Geraldo Farias, Senior Agile Coach, Farfetch, Portugal
Tristan Harward
12 hours ago

One of the worst and increasingly common #UX #DarkPatterns: inventing new types of notifications and enabling them by default.

“Oh you turned off all the notifications throughout the app? Ah but not this one! It’s new! Enjoy!” 😡

UX Collective
14 hours ago

If you’re looking for new opportunities you can now apply to have your portfolio added to our directory. It’s all curated and you can choose to be public or anonymous. #UX
14 hours ago
14 hours ago

You may already know that SpeedCurve lets you test URLs across a wide variety of browsers, devices and geolocations. Did you also know you can test complex use cases? These include:

🗺️ User journeys
💳 Checkout processes
ℹ️ Submit login form
📲 SPA & AJAX navigations
🍪 Set cookies

Learn how:

#webperf #ux #webperformance #frontend #testing

#Nintendo doesn't talk a lot, but I am curious about the #UX #design meetings that resulted in "you know we need to change in the sequel? Let's make sure the loading screen has terrible contrast!"

Loading screen from Breath of the Wild, with an excellent 20.4 contrast ratio.
Loading screen from Tears of the Kingdom, with a terrible 2.0 contrast ratio (at least 4.5 recommended!)
Pavel A. Samsonov
15 hours ago

Unless you have new information coming in, revisions provide diminishing returns.

Testing something imperfect and low-fidelity five times will yield far better results than refining one "deliverable" artifact ten times.

#UX #UXDesign #UserResearch #ProductManagement

Andreas Sturm
16 hours ago

#Userinterface aus der Hölle: Unsichtbare Bedienelemente an zentraler Stelle um ohne Passwort in die erweiterten Einstellungen zu gelangen 🥳😱🤡🙄

Android app "Cloud Intelligenz" gehört zum #Wechselrichter der #Veska #Solaranlage bzw. #Balkonkraftwerk
von #nettoonline. Den Wechselrichter kann ich nicht empfehlen. Steigt ständig aus und nimmt Mehrleistung über Tag nicht ohne Neustart an.

#ux #ui #uux #userexperience #usability #software #development #frontend #veska #netto #android #app

Bild einer app mit sichtbaren Bedienelementen und einem unsichtbaren Button und der Anleitungsanweisung "Schritt 2: tippen Sie in den freien Bereich um in die erweiterten Einstellungen zu gelangen"
Bild eines Solar Wechselrichters WVC 600
Jochen Wolters
16 hours ago

It's hard to describe how much I appreciate it when software companies take user feedback this seriously.

Here's to the fine indie software houses that run circles around the "big guys" in this regard.

(In this case, Flexibits, whose Fantastical calendar app is high up on my "can't-live-without-these-Mac-apps" list.)


An email from Flexibits Support. The subject line is "IxD Bug: Some popup menus do not open on mouse-down".

The email reads:

Hi Jochen,

I wanted to reach back out and let you know that our team has filed a bug report for the issue you reported so that they can look into getting that fixed.

I don't have a timeline for this currently, but we will update you when we have more information.

In the meantime, if there is anything else we can help with please let us know!

Thank you :)
17 hours ago

🔖 Have you tried the latest #developer tutorial from the @dailyco blog?

💡 Learn how to enhance #UX and improve search performance in #ReactJS apps by implementing client-side search with #FuseJS.

🏁 Get started ➡️

#React #JavaScript #programming

17 hours ago


I have a user interface suggestion for Mastodon.

Currently, the little box where you enter your toot text is on the left side of the screen. This means that the information from that little box goes into your left eye (mostly) and is transferred to the right hemisphere of your brain. The problem is that for most people language processing is in the left hemisphere, which means all that information has to cross the corpus callosum to get to the left side of the brain to get processed. For someone like me with dyslexia that really screws things up and causes me to drop words and makes it very difficult to use.

So my suggestion is to put the little box on the right hand side of the screen or in the middle, or give the user an option as to placement and size of that little box.

That's my suggestion.

(Sometimes I write stuff in a separate window using a word processor and then copy it over to the little box, but that is kind of tedious, especially for short, quick toots.)

#mastodon #development #UX #UI #fedi #software

spent 30 minutes searching for this bloody #UX blackhole

bad user experience
UX Collective
19 hours ago

Penpot’s unparalleled responsive layout feature makes design easier and faster for designers and coders thanks to the power of CSS standards. Find out and try it now: #UX #ad #CSS @penpotapp
20 hours ago

Worthy Read: Assumption vs. Hypothesis—To the Death! by Tristan Kromer (@TriKro)

#prodmgmt #ux #engineering

A headshot of Tristan Kromer. He is shown wearing a microphone, indicating that this is likely a photo taken during one of his talks or presentations.
Steve Faulkner
21 hours ago

Assume the Position—A Labelling Story By @lloydi

“Many aspects of web design have become de facto standards. In other words, it may not be that there was ever a hard-and-fast rule about how something should be laid out/designed, but has come about through years of repetition. Breaking away from such trends only causes usability problems, whether the de facto standard is actually the best approach or not; it’s all about familiarity”

#a11y #ux #WCAG #WebDev

Thomas Rigby
1 day ago

I really like the competitive element to these cigarette bins!

#ux #delighter #manchester #GayVillage

A bin for cigarette ends split into two compartments. Above reads would you rather face... the buns are labelled a zombie or a vampire. The cigarette butts form a crude bar chart. Vampire is slightly winning.
1 day ago

Back to the future -- Desktop widgets really look alike, don’t they? #UI #UX

1 day ago

:minetest: Important new #Minetest feature: Mouse #shortcuts for crafting and moving item stacks around. There are now many convenience features when sneak-clicking or dragging item stacks around to make inventory management faster. For example, Sneak+Click on the crafting output crafts and moves item(s) to the inventory.

Very good, stuff like this is what Minetest needs! 👍

More info here:

#games #UX #FreeSoftware
1 day ago

Are you the lone discovery advocate at your company?
I feel your pain. I worked this way for years.

But you aren’t alone. Come join a community of like-minded peers:

#prodmgmt #ux #engineering

The words "CDH Membership" next to a logo with several hands connecting in a circle. Faded in the background is an image of a woman communicating with others through a computer.
Jochen Wolters
1 day ago

Oh, for all the times that I’ve thrown away napkins and utensils from takeout food, or tediously (and often in vain) wrote in the order comment field not to include them…

I wish that literally every online food order platform had this simple toggle, and in exactly the right location like this one.


A checkout page of an online food order site. Beneath the list of selected dishes is a toggle switch labeled “Include utensils and condiments.” The toggle is switched off.
1 day ago

This talk by @Oozenet gives an amusing demonstration of why UX is a software development discipline unto itself, and why it's so confusing and difficult to get right. The talk is mainly about dev ethics and I recommend watching the whole thing, but the #UX demonstration starts at about 23:00:

#video #talks #ConferenceTalks #SoftwareDevelopment
1 day ago

Too low-energy to get much done today, but I was at least able to crack into some AppleScript I started back in 2017 for automating our stop-motion animation software at work.

Lots of:
click button 1 of window 1 (nope, error)
click button "Open Take" of dialog "Choose Take" (nope, error)
click first button of dialog 1 of front window (nope, error)
tell application "Dragonframe" to take a hike

#AppleScript #Programming #UX

hamish campbell
1 day ago

@Edent you are describing the #geekproblem with the blindness to good #UX how can we communicate the "problem" to our #geeks as have been trying to do this for 20 years and they still don't want to hear it
1 day ago

Worthy Read: Design Systems with Your Most Vulnerable Users in Mind by Kellen Mrkva, Eric J. Johnson, Crystal Reeck, and Nathaniel Posner (@KellenMrkva)

#prodmgmt #ux #engineering

A diverse group of people are walking along a straight line that has been created by a giant finger. The group includes elderly people, mothers with children, and people from various minority groups.
Coral 🦉
2 days ago

Please hit me with links to your web and digital interface design UX must-reads of the last few years, if you've got them handy. Part of my focus is accessibility, but don't feel limited to that, or only to the library literature. #library #libraries #ux #a11y #WebDesign

Leanne J
2 days ago

Wow. New Apple #VisionPro is a beautiful looking product and experience. Nice physical product design and UI too.

Great #UX highlights:
• Display shows you, and makes it visually obvious when you’re recording (Google Glass got this privacy aspect wrong)
• Minimal controls needed.
• Portable battery pack rather than needing to be hardwired all the time. Before long, this will be all integrated.

The Walt Disney Company partnership and immersive storytelling is very clever. Can’t wait to see it.
2 days ago
2 days ago

"When crafting copy, it’s important to keep it friendly and concise, but aim to include all the key information that potential participants might want to know before signing up." - @rebecca_klee

#prodmgmt #ux #engineering

A screenshot of a pop-up notification from the Optimal Workshop app. It asks the person if they are currently trying to do a task or have done it recently, and if so they'd be willing to participate in an interview.
Clayton Dewey
2 days ago

A great collection of demos of different scroll-based animations

#CSS #JS #UX #WebDev #OpenSource

Adrian Howard
2 days ago

The Agile & Lean UX News 145: #UX Questionnaires, Running Pre-Mortems, A Decade Of Public Digital #Transformation, #UserResearch In #Agile Teams & more!

2 days ago

UX Y’all 2023 call for speakers, Deadline is June 20. Event is Oct 5-6 in Raleigh, NC. #UX #events #raleigh #RTP

Richard Rutter
2 days ago

Are you #hiring #ux designers or any related disciplines at the moment? The newly launched #uxlondon jobs board is currently free (and not just for jobs in London)

Yakari Van Dessel
2 days ago

LukeW gives a good example of when poor UX has a negative impact on the most important value of business: money. #ux #uxdesign
2 days ago

Worthy Read: How Highly Diverse Teams Can Help Untangle Complexity by David Komlos and David Benjamin (@complexitydk @complexitydb)

#prodmgmt #ux #engineering

A group of hands with various colors joined together in a circle, forming a colorful and diverse unity
Jan Eckhoff 💉⁵
2 days ago

„1. Menschen machen Fehler.
2. Die Regierung ist für die Sicherheit der Menschen zuständig.
3. Die Gestaltung der Straße sollte fehlerhaftes Verhalten von Menschen einkalkulieren und den daraus entstehenden Schaden so gering halten wie möglich.

Diesen Leitgedanken folgend organisierten die Niederländer die Straßen in ihren Städten neu.“

#Verkehrswende #Menschzentrierung #UX @fedibikes

JW prince of CPH
3 days ago

I am absolutely certain there's keyboard shortcut for changing #Youtube closed captions size, because I must have hit it by accident (since I did not, in fact, click into a sub-menu I didn't know was there to change the size to 50%) but I can't find any documentation on it, even in the well-hidden places where sparse & incomplete info on other shortcuts is found.

Because for some reason YT has decided to enable a host of hotkeys, then go out of their way to keep anyone from knowing them.

3 days ago

Product Talk Daily: How One Chief Product Officer Is Reinventing Product Management At Her Company
#prodmgmt #ux #engineering
3 days ago

"The course helped me hone my interviewing skills and gave me clarity on how to obtain the information I need without falling into the bias trap.”
- a student’s rave review of our Continuous Interviewing course.

Join us:

#prodmgmt #ux #engineering

Continuous Interviewing June 2023  "The course helped me hone my interviewing skills. Easy to follow, the course fit into my working schedule like a glove! Thanks Teresa for a brilliant programme." - Roberta Cucuzza, Senior Product Manager
3 days ago

"I’m sensitive to the dynamic where the product manager is CEO...that’s not the environment I want to cultivate." - @hopegrrr

#prodmgmt #ux #engineering

A screenshot of Teresa and Hope discussing product discovery at CareerBuilder.
Jan :rust: :ferris:
4 days ago

As a designer/an engineer your most important concern is not what feature to implement next - it's about how a new feature interacts with all other existing features in the system.

#UX #ProductDesign #UserExperience #UXDesign #Design #Engineering

Front Conference Zurich
4 days ago

👋🎟️ Curious to know why you haven't grabbed your tickets for the upcoming Front Conference 2023 yet? Share your thoughts in the comments! #webdesign #webdev #ux #ui #frontconference

oatmeal 🐧
4 days ago

#emacs great addition to emacs’ #ux and usability, especially for those who prefer a more subtle approach than a total look overall provided by package like org-modern and others, which might clash with their theme of choice and opinionated frameworks like #doom and similar

Joe Taylor Jr.
4 days ago

Meanwhile, in places like Europe and California, businesses now face stiff penalties for failing to follow privacy rules.

Read the full article: How to Get Your Boss to Pay for UX Projects

#websiteROI #userexperience #customerexperience #UX

Rob Whiting 📓
5 days ago

A really interesting look at how the RNID have been building, structuring and developing their #UX #Research User Insights 🗄 Library.

^ via RNID's @Katie_Popple

… along with great #ResearchRepo/#UX #Research #Library resources like the one from @hackneycouncil ⤵️

Great to see more of this work being put out in the open for others to learn from and make use of. 🙂


Madelena Mak
5 days ago

How round is a rounded rectangle too round? How round is it not round enough? 🤔

#ux #ui #uxdesign #uidesign

Topher 🌱🐧💚
5 days ago

Also, feeling safe and like your privacy is respected is absolutely 100% a part of #UX.

Disrespecting and/or disregarding user #privacy is an insanely fast way to instantaneously decimate user experience for a large portion of your user base.

It also brings you a bunch of negative PR and repels a good deal of existing and prospective users essentially forever, no matter how good your product may be otherwise.

Respect user privacy.

Topher 🌱🐧💚
5 days ago

You don't get to decide if you have good UX.

Your users do.

And if your users hate your product and can't figure out the interface and are absolutely miserable using every last part of what you created, your product sucks.

Stop thinking your vision is pristine, impeccable genius and acting like everyone who doesn't like it is somehow mentally inferior and should just learn and adapt to your delusions of greatness.

You are wrong. Stop for a bloody second and listen to your users.


Rob Whiting 📓
6 days ago

🔎 The User Experience Research Field Guide - A comprehensive guide to doing #UX #Research. ⤵️

A useful looking overview of research techniques, methodologies and phases.

Stephen Bell
6 days ago

The constant banner ads, interstitial ads and popups in Quickbooks' admin area are infuriating. Like, I already pay for your product, and this is keeping me from getting my work done. #ux

Scott Jenson
6 days ago

I started watching a movie last weekend and now I can't remember which streaming service it was on.

I get choice breeds competition but it also makes for frustrating #UXDesign (I'm not asking for cable companies to come back!) But splintering my experience across 7 services has significant consumer drawbacks.

I don't know, maybe if they offered their catalog as an API (w/ billing) so a single service could unify them? Silly me, that's against late-stage capitalism where companies > people #UX

Chris Wood
6 days ago

"Potential app" created designs for how Apple could support healthy usage patterns for iPhone users:

Their ideas include measuring "time well spent" and mandating settings for attention-draining patterns like infinite scroll. Really inspiring work.

#UXDesign #iOS #UX #Design

Chris Wood
6 days ago

Humane By Design's 7 principles, by Jon Yablonski:

A thought-provoking way of assessing to what extent our design work helps people to thrive.

#UXDesign #Design #UX

Silvia Maggi
6 days ago

New in the Good UX repository: Glossier’s bottom navigation.


Paweł Grzybek
6 days ago

The "Introduction to Design Systems" course by Figma is a really outstanding resource. I really appreciate the emphasis it puts on accessibility.

#ui #ux #a11y