2 days ago

"Group of friends take over Nashville hotel for hours after no employees were found". #WeirdNews Fun story, but I'm not posting a URL because all the webpages I opened of this article have too many ads, autoplaying video, and other bullshit. ☹️ #UXFail #WebDesign #www #fail

Thomas Svensson 🖖
2 days ago

Jaha, då är det igång igen. Att under en tid bli påminnelsebombad av Apple om att aktivera #ApplePay på min jobb-telefon och jobb-padda, bara för att jag uppgraderade deras OS.

#UXfail #suck

I wanted a coffee and I have a coffee powder all over the flat instead.
I was grinding the coffee beans while also walking around the flat and talking with my girlfriend. Then I noticed that I didn't mount the cup collecting the powder in the grinder. 🤦
My excuse is that this is really a #UXFail as it is possible to assemble it without the cup.

Photo of a cup not being in the grinder
Photo of the disassembled grinder. It has three parts. 
The upper part with beans, handle and the grinder itself; The cup collecting grinded coffee and a hollow foot that it can stand on and that holds the cup in.
Otávio Carneiro
1 week ago

Eu adoro essas soluções caseiras de usabilidade! #ux #uxfail

Cafeteira com um botão marcado como "não usar" por um papelzinho impresso e colado na máquina
Michael Rowe
2 weeks ago

Such a useful notification in macOS Ventura... and if you click on any of them it just takes you to the Login Items page... doesn't tell me which one is which nofication.. #UXFail

Ross of Ottawa
2 weeks ago

Ugh - the 'verify' step takes just one second if you remove the trailing 'designs' folder from the URL pointer to your account. Wish it had indicated that it was having a problem rather than just spinning, making you think it was working. :(

#Printables #UX #UXfail

Wolfgang Stief
3 weeks ago

Niemand möchte jemals Text mitsamt Formatierung kopieren und einfügen. Nur Textverarbeitungen machen das ständig. #uxfromhell #uxfail

Michael Friess
3 weeks ago

Und so informieren die Stadtwerke Böblingen auf ihrer Webseite. Die Warnung in “Neutralblau” erscheint auf den meisten Schirmen erst nachdem man scrollt
#UX #UXFail #Böblingen

I have no idea who designed the UI for Teams, but it does so many weird and counter-intuitive things.

If you press the up key, you are suddenly editing the last comment you posted.

If you then press Esc, which I expect would cancel that action, nothing happens.

I have to pick up the mouse and click the small "X" button that also often gets overlayed by the popup menu, and then I have to press Discard in a modal dialog, even though I made no changes.


#Microsoft #UXfail #Teams

All five x’s on this screen mean something different. #uxfail

Screenshot of login for X, featuring five x’s.
1 month ago

Il y a un an, j'ai designé une interface où la modification se fait via une modale. Je SAVAIS que ce n'était pas une bonne idée sur le long terme, mais c'était tellement simple sur le coup...

Et ça y est, le jour redouté est arrivé : ma modale a bien évolué, et j'ai maintenant besoin de faire apparaître une modale sur la modale 😭.

Bon, j'ai pleuré un bon coup. Et maintenant, je vais essayer de limiter la casse en évaluant mes options (merci au chouette

1 month ago

🌟 Инновации в #Skype, диалог с самим собой! Уже знакомый паттерн из разных мессенджеров для быстрого сохранения заметок на будущее.

Сделан, в духе #Microsoft, через задницу.

Для начала, он в разделе Favorites (Избранное). Если щёлкнуть по нему правой кнопкой, всплывает меню с разными действиями, среди которых… "Add to favorites" (добавить в избранное).

Так он в избранном или нет? Интерфейс однозначного ответа не даёт.

Но что хуже, убрать его оттуда тоже не даёт.

В этом же меню пункт "Hide conversation" (скрыть беседу)… ага, тоже ничего не делает.

#UX #UXFail

#Safari #uxfail When you close the last un-pinned tab by clicking the little x, the entire window stays open. When you close it by cmd-w, the entire window closes. Where did UI consistency go?

Franck ☠️
1 month ago

Encore un site qui veut trop en faire avec la validation d'email ! vous savez que est un email valide ?


C'est malin, mon compte créé il y a quelques temps avec un email n'est plus reconnu comme valide :-p

Quinten Quist
1 month ago

Kontakt mit dem #Strato Chatbot. Aus einem damaligen Projekt bei meinem AG kannte ich es, daß man Möglichkeiten offeriert, die Antworten als User zu verbessern. Strato stattdessen wirbt um Servicemitarbeiter hinter dem Link ( o.O.


Screenshot eines Chatbot-Dialogs, in dem die Maschine keine Antwort liefert, einen schönen Tag wünscht und auf eine Reaktion darauf anbietet, bei Strato, dem Anbieter des Chatbots zu arbeiten.
Stefan Walter
1 month ago

Zwei QR-Codes direkt nebeneinander auf einer Packung, ohne weitere Beschriftung zum Scannen. Der kleinere ist der relevante und wird natürlich nicht zuerst erkannt… #uxfail #Deye #wechselrichter #logger

Paul @ cccamp: 5869
2 months ago

I want to bring together people who believe that improving #UX can be powerful for putting #FOSS into the hands of more people, so I'm founding a group called #FossUX!
Let's see where this goes; come be a founding member and share your thoughts at #cccamp23 or in the Matrix space!

#userexperience #uxdesign #uxresearch #uxfail #userresearch #userfriendly #freesoftware #opensource #oss #floss

2 months ago

If somebody knows someone who works at Etsy, please let them know they have an issue on the 2FA tunnel.
Can’t scroll and the dropdown options are hidden behind the sticky footer. It's better with a narrow viewport. #UXfail #UX

Firefox 116, macOS 13.4.1

2 months ago

Twee verbeterpunten voor webshops:

⬜ Ja wil graag de nieuwsbrief ontvangen
⬜ Ja, ik wil graag herinnerd worden aan het schrijven van een review
Opt-in in plaats van ongevraagd tig mailtjes nog na de bezorging ontvangen.

Als ik je de eerste keer al heb weten te vinden, dan lukt het me een tweede keer ook wel.

Stuur je me ongevraagd nog allerlei mails, dan sta je voor een volgende bestelling onderaan mijn lijstje.
#webshop #ux #uxfail

2 months ago

Tous les trois mois ça se déconnecte. Et alors il faut remettre le code wifi. Wtf.

Et j'ai très envie de parler à quelqu'un de Legrand /netatmo actuellement.


Configuration de netatmo sur tel mobile.

Voulez-vous vous connecter à l'appareil ?

Seul le bouton "annuler" est visible dans l'écran pourtant plein de vide.
Jochen Wolters
2 months ago

@PavelASamsonov Should be a slider, not a toggle. #UXfail 😈

Natouille 🍷 🥃 🍾
2 months ago

Je profite de la vague X pour refaire mon #introduction

Sur Masto depuis la vague francophone de avril 2017 ( j'ai quitté twitwi définitivement en 2018), j'ai rencontré plein de gens sympas et rigolos (oui, même les jumeaux), y compris mon namour 🥰

UX designer depuis des lustres, je chouine sur les #UXFail, j'adore collectionner les copies d'écran d'interfaces déglinguées et poster des #websitefromhell qui dégomment les rétines.

J'aime ici la bonne humeur générale.

2 months ago

#twitter has two exit buttons now. progress. #x #uxfail

Login screen showing apparently two "close" buttons
2 months ago

Impeccable ça

#uxfail #uifail

une liste déroulante qui liste tous les jours de plusieurs mois consécutifs. Une ligne contient le nom du jour abrégé, son numéro et le nom du mois.
Claudius Link
2 months ago

New low on cookie settings.
Toggle buttons without an indication what is on or off 🤮

#UxFail #WTF

Screenshot of a manage cookie settings dialogue.
The settings are toggle switches. They look identical for both switch positions

It's a common practice in Unity to start the name of a scene, prefab, etc. with an underscore so it will be listed first in the project window.

This is because things are sorted lexicographically and underscores come before letters in ASCII, right?

Well, no.

So what the heck is Unity using to sort things? Did they ... did they really add the underscore as a special case?

#unity #unity3d #GameDev #FacePalm #UXFail

On this form, an empty string fails the "does not contain illegal characters" requirement.

Holy triple-negatives, Batman.

And what is an "illegal" character? Based on the remaining criteria, I think this means, "non-ASCII".

The whole form (which is the whole webpage) looks so 90s and amateur. Good job, Oracle.


Oracle Netsuite password form, with failed requirements including "does not contain illegal characters" and "new passwords match" along with specific requirements for uppercase, lowercase, numeric and non-alphanumeric characters.
Erik Moeller
2 months ago

@libreoffice has this odd behavior where if you select some text and export a PDF, by default you end up with a PDF that contains ... the selected text. This is how I've routinely ended up with PDFs containing the word "the" or "of" just because that happened to be the active cursor selection.

Classic case of "pick sensible defaults" to avoid #uxfail.

Didn't see an existing bug for this so I've opened one here, curious how the project responds to #UX issues:

2 months ago

This is the most rediculous filter UX I've ever seen.

#mastodon #Android #filter #uxfail

Posts matching the filter not removed but shown with a warning banner.
Marco Pacchiarini
2 months ago
Photo of an extremely confusing parking ticket machine

Pokaždé mě udivuje a rozčiluje, když vývojáři nemyslí na zcela základní ovládání formuláře pomocí klávesnice.
Toto je prosím #Google, ověření uživatele na #YouTube. Objeví se formulář, input políčko nemá focus, tj. uživatel musí do něj kliknout, potom po zadání číselného kódu se automaticky sice zvýrazní tlačítko SUBMIT, ale opět nefunguje klávesnice, nestačí stisknout Enter, musí se opět myší kliknout 🤦
#a11y #UXfail #UX #webdev

YouTube: phone verification.
Enter your 6-digit verification code.
Franck ☠️
3 months ago

CMB again, 72h avant de valider un IBAN, puis ensuite 48h dans un autre message, toujours dans la même appli


Franck ☠️
3 months ago

CMB : quelle idée alakon de masquer les 5 derniers chiffre d'un IBAN qui n'a rien de confidentiel, surtout dans l'appli où on peut les afficher qu'une fois authentifié fortement !


3 months ago

UX failures: there are now four (4) competing scroll bars on screen for this webform.


screenshot of a webform with four (4) competing scroll bars
Natouille 🍷 🥃 🍾
3 months ago

Heureusement qu'on me dit quoi faire au moment où je me déconnecte parce que sinon, j'aurais pas su 😅 #UXFail #PrenezMoiPourUnJambon

Page de déconnexion avec le message suivant : 
La prochaine fois que vous vous connecterez à votre espace personnel, vous devrez entrer vos identifiants et votre mot de passe.
3 months ago

Oh putain le gros #fail de #Gthumb là…
Pfff vas-t’en expliquer ça en anglais maintenant… #RapportDeBug #UxFail

Madelena Mak
3 months ago

And then there's the ultimate second-most annoying popup that has ever graced my 4K monitor.

The most annoying popup was still a record held by Clippy, of course.

#uxfail #ArcBrowser #arc #uxdesign

Madelena Mak
3 months ago

...but whoever designed the rest of the UI needs to tone down their ADHD.

The introduction page content says no to clutter, clicks and distractions yet the page design is all clutter, clicks, and distractions.

#ArcBrowser #Arc #uxfail #uxdesign

This is like Microsoft Bob, but in a bad way. And that constantly blinking New Tab button while I tried to read their onboarding... Ugh.
PositivDenken 🤯
3 months ago

My phone thinks, I’m sleeping. At the same time it’s playing music. Not sure how that goes together. #iphone #uxfail #uxwonders

Natouille 🍷 🥃 🍾
3 months ago

Le mail kilométrique de Gandi où tu dois TOUT lire pour trouver l'info importante, vraiment... 🙄 #ContentDesign #UXFail

industrial curiosity
3 months ago

#uxfail it would be REALLY nice if my #android would alert me when one of my #google accounts fails to sync. or show some sort of indication on the calendar app instead of letting me think everything's A-OK :/

3 months ago

Nextbike’s map sometimes isn’t very helpful…
#Nextbike #UX #uxfail

Screenshot of the Nextbike app showing a map with hundreds or thousands of bike icons in blue and grey with little numbers that are obfuscating the underlying map visuals.
Ange des ténèbres 🐈
4 months ago

#UXfail : Tentez de faire modifier une livraison sur le site de #LaPoste et avoir un message d'erreur très explicite...

Merci, entre ça et le fait que le courrier a été foutu dans le mauvais bureau de poste, j'adore >_>

Message d'erreur : laposte.modification.livraison.103
Roy Greenhilt
4 months ago

Dear People who Make Websites. Please, for the love of god, don't do this. No message, no info, no recourse, just...

#badux #doordash #web #webdev #uxfail

"Something went wrong."
Ryan Dormanesh
4 months ago

Tried the official #ChatGPT app, it sucks! It’s rare for a website to be better than the dedicated app. Haptic feedback while the AI types? Why?! All chats are labeled as 'New Chat' unlike the website, which names chats intelligently. And no auto-scroll? Every chat or messaging app since the days of IRC has understood the importance of autoscrolling when new messages appear. This is basic UX, don't make your users work for the information. #AppReview #UXFail

4 months ago

I just reinstalled @element on Android and set up a new @matrix account on it. The handy UI that divided rooms and people (DMs) into separate tabs is gone, replaced by a one column UI with a confusing mixture of rooms and people. I've been through all the settings, multiple times, and I can't figure out how to get my familiar UI back.


#matrix #Element #UI #UXFail

David Runge
4 months ago

"Engaging new UI design" is when you have to use your #adblocker to remove a #popover element that is not going away by clicking on it or the new feature it is advertising.

Just happened with the new #gitlab merge request menu. It was blocking the #edit button 🤪


Roy Greenhilt
4 months ago

Said it before, Ill say it again.

#mac / #macos "Search" function?

100% hot garbage. NEVER works the way you'd expect.

"Somewhere in this folder is a file with the name 'license' in it... just can't find ti atm..."

"Here are all the files across your machine that have embedded somewhere in their metadata the word 'license'. Also, I'm going to lock up, but you won't know it.

If starting a shell, typing 'find . -iname '*license*' is faster, something's wrong.

#rant #uxfail

The UX spidey-sense is a blessing and a curse. I'm happy I can make software a little less awful for people, but it means I'm the one who has to pay attention to the crud in the corners.

Like, in this dataviz tool, you can mouse over a segment of a stacked bar chart and get a popover with tabular data...but that popover scrolls...and it vanishes before you can mouse over it to scroll through said table...

#UX #UXfail #UXdesign #InteractionDesign #IXD #UIDesign

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
5 months ago

Yes, Apple Computer, when I search for "Emoji", I totally expect my #iPhone settings to return this list. Totally. #UXFail

Alison Meeks
5 months ago

@PDFlynn I don't use Edge so not sure it's functions but Shift scroll down brought my view down to 80% and allowed space for the fixed stuff down below. #UXFail

Michael Veale
5 months ago

seriously? #UXfail

a drop down menu asking for the 'street type', with options of 'drive', 'highway', 'paseo', 'plazuela', 'passage', 'road' etc.
Natouille 🍷 🥃 🍾
5 months ago

Quand tu as monté ton site rapidos, mis en place la rubrique des questions fréquentes mais que le service comm a pas eu le temps de finaliser les réponses #UXFail

Un menu accordéon avec des questions, et si on déplie la question "quelle différence entre la location et l'achat ?", on a la réponse "answer"
5 months ago

Impossible d’accéder à l’espace client de la poste (

Visiblement, React n’est pas content.

Désactiver JavaScript affiche le message « You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. », en anglais dans le texte qui se traduit par : « Vous devez activer JavaScript pour exécuter cette application. »

#uxfail #react #laposte

L’image est divisée en deux :

* gauche : une page vide de tout contenu.
* droite : la console du navigateur correspondant à la page chargée, qui indique plusieurs avertissements puis des erreurs « Error: [react-tag-commander] Data layer was not initialized ».
WeKeys :unverified:
6 months ago

Je ne pense pas que ce soit une façon professionnelle de nettoyer un écran.
#fail #menage #microsoft #uxfail #pub #adsgoeswrong
Poke @mmu_man

Heureusement c’est un homme avec des biceps de feu qui réalise cette cascade. À ne pas reproduire mesdames…

Une pub pour une société de ménage pour professionnel. 
Une personne nettoie une dalle d’écran LCD en pchittant du liquide nettoyant dessus

"ouin ouin les gens ne lisent pas la presse"


Capture d'écran d'un article de La Voix du Nord, dont le contenu principal occupe à peine 20% de la hauteur de l'écran, le reste étant rempli de publicités
Natouille 🍷 🥃 🍾
6 months ago

WAHH, La Banque Postale, j'avais pas vu le lien !!!!

#a11y #UXFail

Capture d'écran d'un message de ma banque. Il y a un texte en gris clair sur fond blanc, qui est un lien "Accéder à la liste de vos autorisations de prélèvement"

Sérieusement même sur les sites de cagnotte maintenant il y a cette m**** ? 🤬


20 euros remboursés immédiatement sur votre participation ! Faites-vous rembourser 20 euros dès maintenant suite à votre participation sur En cliquant sur "J'en profite", vous pourrez découvrir l'offre soumise à conditions proposée par Réductions Privées afin de bénéficier de vos remboursements.
Formulaire d'inscription au site "Réductions privées" dont les modalités sont "Bénéficier de mes 20 € de récompense de bienvenue sur ma commande directement sur mon compte en banque. Après une période d’essai de 15 jours et pour seulement 19,90 € par mois, vous bénéficierez d’un minimum de 20% de remboursement (1) sur le montant HT sur tous vos achats chez nos partenaires, 18,00 € de récompense fidélité (3), vos frais de livraison remboursés (2) et bien d’autres réductions."
6 months ago

Ah the wonderful case of a radio button, that's actually a one-way checkbox. #UXfail #DarkPattern

Claudius Link
6 months ago

And #PayPal doesn't really like you to report fraud.

On the fraudulent page there is a "report this link" option. But clicking it send you to a "form" where you need to specify the link again.

There PayPal tells you that they can't disclose any information about a result or consequences of the report because of data protection. And that the data will be treated securely and anonymously.

Then they require you to enter you name and email 😡​ 🤡​

When you try to enter an link in the form field you get an error.


Screenshot of the PayPal.Me form field with an URL causing an INVALID_CONTENT_REQUEST error
PositivDenken 🤯
6 months ago

One of the key distinctive features of the iPad once was, that it would keep its battery for over a month, if you didn’t use it. Now, every time I pick mine up, I have to charge it first. What is this shit doing? Am I holding it wrong?

#apple #ipad #ux #uxfail

6 months ago

I am sitting at one of the very few oenches in the station. It is positionned so you can see the timetable display, except the train numbers and departure times, which are hidden by the infodesk.
The other bench is right under the timetable so you can see it from there only by bending your neck and reading upsioe down.

#UXFail or intentional design to prevent people from waiting too long on the benches?

Damien Guard
6 months ago

A: Let's make settings obscure the view so you can't see how your text looks with the font choice.
B: Evil.
A: Should I put a preview in the settings then? A ray of hope?
B: Sure... but make the preview text draw at a different scale to the actual window.
A: Lulz you're bad.

#uxfail #windows11

New Notepad settings pane with theme, font and open file in tab choices shown... obscuring the very window font affects. With a badly scaled preview.
Alan Langford
7 months ago

Yes by all means, make it so some field changes on your form automatically update the back end, while others require a save button. Yes indeed, that's is the best user experience ever!
#UX #UXFail #murderousIntentions

Natouille 🍷 🥃 🍾
7 months ago


Je suis sur un formulaire de paiement d'examens anapath.
Je commence à remplir et je clique APRÈS sur la popup des cookies.

Ça efface tout ce que j'ai saisi 😅

Natouille 🍷 🥃 🍾
8 months ago

Alors, comprendre les commandes de ce micro-ondes, comment dire...

Les commandes d'un micro ondes. Avec des tas d'icônes dont la fonction est compliqué à deviner
Matthias MProve
8 months ago

#chi2023 registration is open. Sort of…
3 times: "We did not find a membership associated with this email."
5 times: "Sessions timed out." – even after an immediate 2nd attempt.

How about you? Did you succeed?


We did not find a membership associated with this email. Make sure you are using the email that is associated with your ACM/SIG membership and try again. You may also want to make sure your membership has not expired by going to your myACM account and checking it. If needed, update your membership and try again. To register as a non-member, please close this window to return to the event website and select the Non-member registration option.
Contact the planner if you have any questions.
Session Timed Out.
8 months ago

With web forms, for birthdate, a text input should be used for the best usability. A dropdown for the year is bad, but this is ridiculous! Sorry, but no one will be born in 2055 for another 32 years. Found multiple instances in the same painful process to sign up my son for a sport. #rant #UX #UXfail #UIDesign #UIFail #usability #forms 😖

An open select dropdown control. Options at top start with the word Year, then go from 2055 down to 2024. The options are cut off from image at that point.
🦉Tomo Nagaka 🎸
8 months ago

Oulala… Perso je comprends Reset comme : remise à zéro et non comme valider le nouveau mot de passe. Un avis ?

Une page de réinitialisation de mot de passe, avec les indications des caractères que doit contenir le mot de passe, en dessous le champ pour taper le mot de passe, et enfin 2 boutons : l'un qui indique "Cancel", l'autre "Reset".
À côté un lien pour avoir contacter si on n'arrive pas à se connecter.
8 months ago

Ugh! Why does Slack make it so hard to find the control to show all Channels?! 😖 #UIFail #UXFail #Slack

Natouille 🍷 🥃 🍾
9 months ago

Ce formulaire est un #UXFail ou je ne m'y connais pas.
Je vous laisse tester.

Content Design & UX Writers
9 months ago

The absence of UX writers at Twitter is becoming painfully obvious. #contentdesign #uxwriting #UX #writing #uxfail

9 months ago

You would probably not be surprised to hear that the :dumpsterfire: formally known as Twitter's new checkmarks are not accessible. They differ by color only which makes them hard to detect by users who are color blind.

#a11y #accessibility #UXfail #a11yfail #wtfUX

Twitter screen with blue checkmark.
Twitter screen with yellow checkmark.
Twitter screen with grey checkmark.
Natouille 🍷 🥃 🍾
10 months ago

"On a refondu notre site, on espère que vous allez l'appréciez"

Sauf que non, ce nouveau site est une catastrophe. #UXFail


10 months ago

@gfalken Not allowing paste is actually a security risk, because it discourages the use of complex, generated passwords using password managers. #ux #uxfail

Claudius Link
10 months ago

Please, for the sanity of everyone
DON'T use a month based date picker for entering a birth date!

Cheryl Platz :verified:
10 months ago

Not me spending a WEEK with my new #iPhone 14, missing my iPhone 8 and *desperately* swiping up from the bottom to try and get the control center, before I finally realized they’d moved the gesture to the top right 😂 #uxdesign #uxfail

10 months ago

Ah lovely. Uptime robot has let a designer at their notification emails and now we need to scroll through large font "Monitor is Down/Up" to see details, even though that's anready the subject of the damn email. Wonderful improvement, that. Simply wonderful. #uxfail