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Mystery rider questions continued:

Was my driver friendly?

Did my driver make any conversion that I felt was inappropriate, and if so, what was the nature of the discussion?

Did I notice anything of concern about my driver, and if so, what?

Would a tip my driver and if so, what value wouldI tip?

Overall of a score between 1-10 how would I rate this ride?

Overall of a score between 1-10 how would I rate Uber?

Ride was free for me as a participant of being a mystery rider 👍🏻

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Linux Is Best
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Uber mystery rider questions:

Was the car that picked me up the one listed (make, model)?

Was the car clean?

Did I happen to notice any issues with the car?

Did I use a seatbelt and if so, was it easy to use?

Did the driver have music playing, and if so, was it loud?

Did the driver have the car temperature controlled?

Did my driver ask if I was comfortable?

Was my ride comfortable?

Did I feel safe in the car, and if not, why?

Did my driver obey the speed limit?

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Linux Is Best
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I am the mystery rider today. 🤣

It seems Uber has a new consumer satisfaction program they are running. They pick someone at random and today, that someone is me. 😀

Since the pandemic, obtaining a ride 2-3 towns over has proven problematic. First, there are fewer drivers available. Second, most of the drivers like to stay in town or hover around the colleges for those short trips.

Today, anyone who repeatedly declines the ride is in for a big surprise. 🤣

#Uber #MysteryRider #UberRides

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倫敦 Uber 終於可以叫「黑的」 的士司機工會提出反對
倫敦的 Black Cab「黑的」可算是當地相當有標誌性的交通工具,最近 Uber 終於開放所有 15,000 部 Black Cab 加入平台,不過當地的士司機對此就表示反對。
The post 倫敦 Uber 終於可以叫「黑的」 的士司機工會提出反對 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#生活科技 #uber #倫敦 #的士

#Uber #Eats, le ras-le-bol des #livreurs

> 📦 Les livreurs #Uber_Eats sont appelés à faire #grève pour dénoncer la baisse de leur #rémunération, ce 1er weekend de décembre. Avec une nouvelle méthode de #calcul...

2 days ago

Die News vom Mittag:
1️⃣Keine Chance für #Uber, #Cabify und Co auf #GranCanaria?🚕
2️⃣Auf den #Kanaren fehlen in 5 Städten noch die #Umweltzonen🧐
3️⃣#Ferienwohnngen sind der #Sündenbock für fehlende #Mietwohnungen?⛱
Jetzt alle Beiträge unter❗️ ❗️lesen

Der Vizepräsident von #ASCAV sieht, dass #Ferienwohnungen als #Sündenbock für mangelnde Mengen an Mietwohnungen auf den #Kanaren hingestellt werden:

Cynthia (Arty)
4 days ago

How is #Uber #CustomerSupport worse than #Amazon email support?!

Multiple people keep asking me for a screenshot and none of them can tell me how to attach an image when there's no option to.

I ended up deleting my account...

Werner Keil
4 days ago

Just submitted "Java Diary of an Uber Driver" about the #Uber riders SDK for #Java and #Android to @jcon Europe 2024. #JCONEurope #JCON #JavaSocial #EnterpriseSocial

Better Streets Australia
5 days ago

The #1 recommendation from the "One Less Car" research report by Uber is more bicycle and walking infrastructure!

#uber #transit #urbanism #visionzero #climate #climatecrisis #uber #australia

LMG Security
5 days ago

After 6 years of silence, while awaiting his trial and sentencing, #Uber's former #CISO speaks out about the 2016 #databreach. Read his previously untold perspective and takeaways for CISOs and #DFIR teams in this interview:
#Cybersecurity #Infosec #IT

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Rafa Font 🌻 🇪🇺 🏀
6 days ago

Trade #Unions negotiating with #Uber

"The extent to which Uber will go to avoid playing by the rules is unprecedented in the #Netherlands"

"Uber makes it more difficult than any other company — even Deliveroo — for its employees to access their own work data"

"Union activists were disconnected [..] Disconnections happened just before the weekend, when drivers make most of their earnings"

By Amrit Sewgobind, Netherlands Trade Union Confederation, on @euobserver

#Uber is having a second go at recruiting #London cabbies to its service via a special #Taxi option to the ap.... whether this is an attempt to divide the cab drivers opposition to Uber or a pragmatic good faith willingness to 'accept' a segmented market remains to be seen.

But as Uber seldom does anything in good faith the latter seems unlikely, so hopefully cabbies will again resist the American exploiter of #gigeconomy #workers

6 days ago
IT News
1 week ago

Big brands keep dropping X over antisemitism; $75M loss, report estimates - Enlarge (credit: Pool / Pool | Getty Images Europe)

The latest... - #onlineadvertising #israel-hamaswar #lindayaccarino #coca-cola #microsoft #paramount #elonmusk #comcast #netflix #twitter #policy #airbnb #amazon #google #apple #sony #uber #ibm #x

Bin Chicken 🗑𓅠
1 week ago

Uber warns of 85 per cent price rise under Labor's gig economy laws

This article has a strange spin. Seems it's trying to scare customers and imply Labor is to blame for threatened price-hikes, but all I'm seeing is an admission from Uber that the company is ripping-off its gig-workers to the tune of FOUR HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.

Uber doesn't pay its workers minimum wage, casual award rates, or penalty rates for public, holidays, weekends and night, and it's a massive problem that they're stealing superannuation from workers.

Uber is running an unsustainable business model, and has lost money practically every financial quarter for all of its existence. Uber has been finding it more difficult to get more rounds of funding, so it will need to increase its prices or go broke before long. In the meantime, Uber needs to pay its workers.

#PayYourWorkers #Uber #UberEats #GigEconomy #GigWorkers #AusPol

ブラックフライデーに合わせ、Amazon本社前で配達員らが抗議 労働環境改善求めたのに対応は「従業員じゃない」:東京新聞 TOKYO Web


『「Make Amazon Pay(アマゾンは正当な賃金を払え)」と声を上げた』

#Amazon は尋常じゃないくらい儲けてるのに、なぜ自分らのために働いてくれてる人たちにまともな給料払わないのか??

あとライドシェア導入も結局これと同じこと起こるよ。#Uber なんてそれで世界中で問題になってるんだから。

#ブラックフライデー #MakeAmazonPay

2 weeks ago

[Перевод] Как объяснить суть Kubernetes таксисту

Не так давно я побывала на конференции Kubecon 2023 в Чикаго. Готовясь к конференции, я почитала статьи в блогах, а на самой конференции посетила несколько семинаров для начинающих (в жанре «101»). Но всё равно не могла сказать, что уверенно понимаю эту технологию. Хуже всего прошёл последний день конференции. Я решила добираться в отель на такси и вызвала Uber. И водитель спрашивает: «А о чём была конференция»? Я ему отвечаю: «О Kubernetes». Попыталась объяснить, но почти сразу поняла, что двух слов на эту тему связать не смогу. Только представьте себе: уезжать с трёхдневной конференции, но быть не в силах рассказать таксисту о той технологии, которая на ней обсуждалась. Фейспалм. Поэтому теперь попытаюсь реабилитироваться и пофантазировать, как следовало бы рассказать о Kubernetes таксисту Uber.

#timeweb_статьи_перевод #Kubernetes #Uber #оркестрация #Nodejs #MongoDB #ЦП #YAML #Kubelet #Go #API

John Lindsay
2 weeks ago

Have had a dodgy run with #uber last few days. Got ditched in BNE after waiting for driver for 15 minutes. Just kept driving along freeway without turning off for us. Had another driver in BNE who was waiting about 200m from the hotel. He was very cautious, even when he ran red lights. Today in ADL driver was showing on map as being in a particular street off Nth Tce but was actually in a loading lane behind the next building. His app showed the same thing. Not his fault but crap. One of the drivers said the ditching drivers also have DiDi on another phone and will abandon a fare if they get a better looking offer.

2 weeks ago

的士罷工 無疾而終 《文匯》盛讚Uber三優點 籲的士業界深思
17個的士團體原計劃今天(22日)發起罷駛,惟因林村停車場拒絕借場,加上政府答應下月再與業界討論打擊「白牌車」 […]
#港聞 #uber #文匯報 #的士

Remember this during this holiday’s travels…Uber steals from its’ drivers. They are listed on the NYSE now…stockholders are more important than the laborers again. #uber #lyft #corporatethieves

2 weeks ago

Trois questions à Martin Willems sur le procès Deliveroo en appel
Le procès pour faire reconnaître le statut de salarié des livreurs Deliveroo s'est ouvert ce jeudi 16 novembre à la Cour du travail de Bruxelles. Il s’agit du procès en […]
The post appeared first on .
#Politique #Belgique #Economie #TroisQuestionsÀ #Capitalisme #Cne #Csc #Deliveroo #DroitDuTravail #ÉconomieCollaborative #Justice #Uber #Ubérisation

2 weeks ago

的士明天罷工取消 業界:因政府已釋出善意打擊網約車平台
的士業界不滿政府未有取締白牌車包括 Uber 等平台影響生計,打算在星期三罷工,不過繼無法租用場地後,最後決定暫時取消罷工。
The post 的士明天罷工取消 業界:因政府已釋出善意打擊網約車平台 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#科技趣聞 #uber #的士

The Times Of India
2 weeks ago

A man in India fell victim to an online scam after seeking help through a fake customer care number that appeared in Google search results. The man had been charged extra for an Uber trip and was directed to download an app and provide personal information for a refund. He ended up losing over Rs five lakh in multiple transactions. Scammers often alter Google search results by contributing false information to business pages.
#Rs #Uber

Stephen Repetski
2 weeks ago

#Uber, which set out to destroy the taxi industry, is now partnering with...taxis...

2 weeks ago

Last #uber I took had games on an iPad. Now I'm just disappointed with each subsequent ride that lacks this.

The Japan Times
2 weeks ago

Japanese authorities are stepping up surveillance of unlicensed taxis at Narita Airport near Tokyo, as a spike in the number of arrivals increases demand for transport into the capital. #japan #crimelegal #taxis #naritaairport #chiba #tourism #ridehailing #uber #sharingeconomy

Hanno Terbuyken
2 weeks ago

"Uber is now just a much higher cost version of the traditional operators they vilified as an “evil taxi cartel”. Their fares are now higher than traditional taxis used to charge, they no longer offer a lot more cars in peak periods and they no longer serve neighborhoods throughout each city."

Hubert Horan's looks at #Uber are always worth a read if you want to understand predatory, non-profitable enterprises better. There is a good way to do business; this is not it.

Anders Eknert
2 weeks ago

> The Go monorepo is the largest codebase at Uber, comprising 90 million lines of code (and growing)

Come again? The #Kubernetes project is 4 MLOC, the #Linux Kernel is 17.5 MLOC. How on earth is a fucking taxi app 22.5 times the size of Kubernetes?

#Uber #Madness #golang

Emissão Verde ⚡
2 weeks ago

Dos camiões eléctricos e autónomos à #Uber dos camiões. É este o futuro do sector?

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 weeks ago

Between driving for #Uber yesterday and suffering vertigo today, running a news site can be difficult.

Miro Collas
3 weeks ago
brad m
3 weeks ago

#electricvehicles #EVs
2 by @davidzipper

Why #Norway — the poster child for electric cars — is having second thoughts
Electric cars are crucial, but not enough to solve #climatechange. We can’t let them crowd out car-free #transit options

#Uber and #Lyft were supposed to reduce carbon #emissions, but they turned out to be polluters. #Robotaxis look to repeat some of the same mistakes #ridehailing

David Zipper
3 weeks ago

My latest in The Verge:

Would cities full of robotaxis worsen the environment or help repair it?

Based on what we've learned about ridehail -- a very similar service -- it's likely to be the former.

#avs #uber #climate

Omg I’m in an #Uber pool and there are three people in the back with microphones doing #karaoke to bohemian rhapsody

Olhar Digital
3 weeks ago

Uber terá serviço de tarefas domésticas nos EUA e Canadá

Confira! 👇

#Uber #Pro

Frederik Borgesius
3 weeks ago

'Data Subject Rights as a Tool for Platform Worker Resistance: Lessons from the Uber/Ola Judgments', paper by Jill Toh

#law #ai #tech #uber

Frederik Borgesius
3 weeks ago

'Digital Workers’ Rights'. Fascinating presentation by Jill Toh & Jef Ausloos today at @iHub
#law #ai #tech #uber

Zoidberg Rodríguez
3 weeks ago

My #uber driveri is on his phone in traffic. Should I #flipper BLE spam him?

Y'all, PLEASE order the correct #Uber for your group size. JUST BECAUSE a minivan comes to get you - when you ordered an UberX (4 ppl) - does NOT mean you can fit 6 people in it!

Drivers *can* and *will* limit your party size to the amount you paid for - not the amount you through you could get away with...the pay difference to us is enormous! It takes a lot to operate a minivan. Gas & maintenance is expensive! Pay us what we're worth!


Tim Richards
3 weeks ago

Speaking of Uber, I just took a short trip within Geelong and the driver was a delightful bloke from Afghanistan. Has been here for years, came by boat as an asylum seeker originally. Loves living in Geelong.

I enjoy using Uber in regional cities for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it seems to be a viable full-time job in the country, so the drivers enjoy their work more. Secondly, there's usually not some distant airport that they're all obsessed with driving to, so they expect to do lots of short trips and don’t mind that.

#Uber #Geelong

New #uber front door service:

Karlin Lillington 🦇
4 weeks ago

My column today: #Uber whistleblower Mark MacGann says he's never been contacted by any regulator, public body or politician of any party, since his 2022 disclosures -- Ireland is not welcoming to whistleblowers. Why? #UberFiles

4 weeks ago

NYC Cab Drivers Just Sued #Uber and #Lyft for Hundreds of Millions in Unpaid Wages

Uber and Lyft have made profits by exploiting their ambiguous legal status to avoid paying workings billions in wages, but taxi unions recently sued the corporations for millions.

New York Taxi Workers Alliance (NYTWA) has clawed back $328 million in stolen wages from Uber and Lyft for over eighty thousand drivers throughout the city.

#union #labor #Solidarity

Linux Is Best
4 weeks ago

From the screenshot.

From 5.0 to 4.99 because some driver, thought 20 dollars wasn't a good enough tip.

This tip culture is insane!

#Tip #TipCulture #Uber

Linux Is Best
4 weeks ago

I am really tired and fed up with the tip culture

I tipped an Uber driver, 20 bucks in cash. —Tax free, outside the app, without them needing to wait to get paid or go through Uber.

The driver who I never spoke with, who had the music up (loud), who I had just given five (5) stars, looks at me and says, "That's all?"

Are you kidding me?! 🙄

I politely replied, "Sorry, I don't keep much cash on hand." Proceeds to give me a dirty look and my Uber rating of 5.0 is now a 4.99

#Uber #Tip

Got an initial appointment for driving with #Uber tomorrow. Apparently they're better than they used to be, so no harm in going down to the office and seeing what's involved.

And it's not as if my first choice company are rushing to get back to me!

If all goes to plan, I'll be renting a minicab for a few months to a year, while I gather lots of data and see if driving for a living is something (a) I can do, and (b) that can be a workable income stream.

heise online
1 month ago

Mittwoch: YouTubes invasive Adblock-Erkennung, Geld zurück nach Support-Betrug

Datenschützer gegen YouTube + Tech-Support-Betrugsopfer erstattet + Kritik an EU-Zertifikaten + Uber mit Gewinnen + Italien-Inkasso bei Airbnb + Bit-Rauschen

#Adblocker #Datenschutz #FederalTradeCommission #Internet #Kriminalität #Kryptowährung #Security #Steuerrecht #Uber #Verbraucherschutz #Verschlüsselung #YouTube #news

heise online
1 month ago

Uber schafft zweites Quartal mit Betriebsgewinn​

Auf den überhaupt ersten Quartalsgewinn folgt bei Uber gleich der zweite. Das Geschäft brummt.​

#Börse #Finanzen #Mobilität #Uber #news

Colin O’Brien
1 month ago

A little bit of guerrilla activism spotted near the European Commission.

#Brussels #Uber

A fly poster with the following title: Uber hurts local business. And the following text: Thanks to a massive amount of venture capital, we offer rides that are not economically viable to us, while underpaying our workers. We compete unfairly with local companies with sustainable business models and run them out of business to create a monopoly.
Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

The idea that a company can do anything to create or continue a monopoly so long as its prices go down and/or its quality goes up is directly to blame for the rise of #BigTech. These companies burned through investors' cash for *years*, selling goods and services below cost, or even giving stuff away for free. Think of #Uber, who lost $0.41 on every dollar they brought in for their first 13 years of existence, a move that cost their investors (mostly Saudi royals) $31 billion.


maeve harris
1 month ago

#Uber and #Lyft must pay $328 million for #wagetheft, having saddled drivers with taxes and fees that should have been paid by drivers

heise online
1 month ago

Wegen Lohndiebstahl: Uber und Lyft zahlen 328 Millionen US-Dollar in New York

Weil sie Fahrern in New York jahrelang Steuern und Gebühren vom Lohn abgezogen haben, die die Fahrgäste hätten zahlen müssen, zahlen Uber und Lyft Millionen.

#Uber #news

Si vous êtes à Tananarive le samedi 4 novembre 2023 à 10h, je présenterai mon ouvrage « En attendant les robots. Enquête sur le travail du clic » dans le cadre de la manifestation Novembre Numérique de l’Institut Français de Madagascar.

#intelligenceartificielle #ia #microtravail #digitallabor #gigeconomy #amazon #uber #facebook #machinelearning #madagascar

Présentation @ Institut Français Madagascar 4 nov

Yesterday while I was driving #rideshare at #WaltDisneyWorld I stopped to pick up a guest & their family. I hit the button to open my van's side-doors & my attention was attracted towards a man flailing his arms & yelling at a woman & her daughter. His exact words were: "You damned #Jews! You think you own the world! You're gonna learn different!"

As the man saw me & walked towards me, I closed the doors, put the van into gear, and drove away. 🤬

#Disney #DisneyWorld #Uber

Happy Holliedays
1 month ago

I just did my once-a-month visit to Instagram and a friend had sent this video, a guy with a super deep voice who made a recording you can use when you're in an Uber/Lyft and feeling unsafe.

It's just the sweetest thing and made me tear up that a guy would think to do this. Yes I am a total dork, why do you ask?

Anyway it's here if anyone wants it:

I made an audio recording and put that here as well:

#Lyft #Uber #RideSharing

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
1 month ago

My latest video for @show is about Trickle-Down EV economics.

Can we please stop pretending that #Uber and #lyft and other #RideSharing platforms are AFFORDABLE?

They're not. They're equitable. They're not universally available. You can't BUY an Uber with cash. You can't get an UberPass.

You can't jump on an Uber for the same price at 12 am as you can at 6pm.

Ride Share is not equitable. It's another way for wealthier citizens to get around, and in its most dire form, a tax on our more vunlerable citizens who don't have a car, whose bus just failed to turn up, and who need to get to work or they'll be fired.

Mojo ♻️
1 month ago

Inflated Opal fares to the #Sydney Airport are costing families more than double the price that sharing an #Uber would. Private Owners of the Airport #Train Stations, #SydneyAirport Link, have increased the cost of Opal travel incrementally since the train line was privately built in 2000 for the Olympics. #privitisation #publictransport

1 month ago


Es ist nicht das erste Mal, dass einE EU-KommissarIn bei Digital-Themen eine eigene Agenda verfolgt, statt das Allgemeinwohl im Fokus zu haben.

Erinnert sei an die frühere EU-Kommissarin für Digitales, Neelie Kroes:

"Auf EU-Ebene sicherte sich Uber dem Bericht zufolge die Unterstützung der EU-Kommissarin für Digitales, Neelie Kroes. Die Niederländerin übernahm nach ihrem Ausscheiden in Brüssel 2014 und nach Ablauf einer durch die Kommission auferlegten 18-monatigen Karenzzeit einen üppig bezahlten Berater-Job bei dem US-Unternehmen.

Unterlagen aus dem Datenleck legen jedoch nahe, dass es schon während der Karenzzeit im Zusammenhang einer Polizei-Razzia gegen Uber in Amsterdam im März 2015 Kontakt zwischen Kroes und Uber gab."

Bei solchen Jobs sollte künftig verstärkt darauf geachtet werden, dass solche Schlüsselpositionen nur integre Menschen mit hoher Reputation und untadeliger Gemeinwohl-Orietierung erhalten.

#EU #EU-Komission #Chatkontrolle #Uber

2 months ago

From µDeploy to Up – an #Uber story:

Uber moved most of its containerized #microservices from µDeploy to a new multi-cloud platform named Up in preparation for migrating a considerable portion of its compute footprint to the cloud.

#InfoQ #CloudNative #CloudComputing #CloudMigration

Travis Briggs
2 months ago

Lyft: "We're pretending that we found you a ride so that you don't call an Uber! Enjoy this parade of various fake progress bars and fake updates!"

#Lyft #RideShare #Uber

2 months ago

All these ycombinator guys say
“Move fast and break things”

When what they are breaking is our society; not in a great way.

#uber #airbnb #lyft #tech #technology #startup #siliconvalley #software #twitter

"As empresas de transporte por aplicativo Uber e 99 dizem que esse serviço é autorizado por legislação federal e que não cabe aos municípios autorizarem o funcionamento. Informam que o mototáxi pode ser fiscalizado pelos municípios, mas a contratação via aplicativo não". É uma visão bastante criativa. O que #Uber e 99 fazem é buscar a erosão da regulação, explorando as fragilidades e desigualdades que permeiam a vida da classe trabalhadora. Não merecem endosso. Via RD:

Reuben Binns⁉️
2 months ago

GDPR Article 22 in action:

#Uber "drivers are entitled to information about the existence of automated decision making used in the management decision to dismiss them ... The Court of Appeal also found that the human review of the robo-firing decisions was nothing more than a symbolic act."

Frederik Borgesius
2 months ago

Case in NL on Article 22 GDPR, automated decision-making & right to an explanation

‘Uber ordered to pay €584,000 for failure to comply with court order in robo-firing case.

Uber failed to comply with Court of Appeal order to provide meaningful information on the automated decision to dismiss workers.’
#gpdr #ai #adm #tech #uber #privacy

Hey #uber don’t tell me my nearest ride is 2 minutes away, and then switch it to 7 minutes away once I book it. Thats’s just pathetic and sad.

2 months ago

This is a cool worker owned rideshare Co-op looking to fundraise to expand the app to other cities 🤩 This could be a great alternative to uber and lyft

#uber #lyft #rideshare #coop #technology

John Mizerek
2 months ago

@rose_alibi if a person ever has to take an #uber then they should have prepared better.

Cory Doctorow
3 months ago

AB5 wasn't perfect - it swept up all kinds of genuine freelancers, like writers who contributed articles to many publications - but the response wasn't aimed at fixing the bad parts. It was designed to destroy the good parts.

After #AB5, #Uber and #Lyft poured more than $200m into #Prop22, a ballot initiative designed to permanently bar the California legislature from passing any law to protect "gig workers."


Andrew Woods
3 months ago

i think bad things are happening at Uber. i haven’t been able to order food from Uber Eats in 2 days, and now trying to get a ride home is not happening.

#NYC #Uber #iOS

3 months ago

I have #socialanxiety and #autism among other things

*at uber final interview*
Interview panel: if you had one person you could have dinner with, alive or dead, who would you pick?

Me *panics*

Me: my mom cause she died last year and i miss her *starts crying*

*5 minutes of extremely awkward silence*

Panel: ok.

Yeah i didnt get the #job
#uber #tech #business #interview #technology #careers

@simon_brooke @lispi314 @screwtape @pkw that's what the founder of #uber said in his defense
I am trying to see a solution here and i regret to say this, but replacing one type of monster with another type doesn't convince me

Matt Bailey
4 months ago

"A lot of drivers felt they were in a black box. We asked them, have you ever had coffee with another Uber driver? Have you ever talked to one? Do you know any by name? And the resounding story over five years of interviews and surveys was 'no.'”

Fantastic interview on fantastic research about what Uber has done to DC and other cities - #transit #transportation #urbanism #cities #uber

Minnesota Reformer
4 months ago

#Lyft says it will pull out of #Minneapolis completely if the City Council passes a proposed ordinance setting minimum pay rates for drivers and new rules on terminations. #Uber says it could do the same.

Paris Marx
4 months ago

In this week’s Disconnect Roundup, I give some updates on SF robotaxis, Worldcoin exploitation, and Uber’s finances. Plus, a bunch of recommended reads, labor updates, and other news you might have missed!

#tech #worldcoin #uber #sanfrancisco

4 months ago

#uber, même en étant des salauds, continue de perdre beaucoup d’argent.
“Uber's algorithm seeks out "pickers" who are choosy about which rides they take, and converts them to "ants" (who take every ride offered) by paying them more for the same job, until they drop all their other gigs, whereupon the algorithm cuts their pay back to the rates paid to ants” (by @pluralistic)

Ruth Mottram
4 months ago

It's almost like clockwork now, I have a small car crash fascination with the #uber saga because, although it's not available in #denmark, for sound regulatory reasons (and incidentally demonstrating the power of labour organisation), it's kind of fascinating to see just how long the beast can stagger on. I was therefore not exactly surprised to hear the company report yesterday it was profitable (again). And sure enough, here comes @pluralistic to debunk it. (Again)

Cory Doctorow
4 months ago

#Bezzle (n):

1. "the magic interval when a confidence trickster knows he has the money he has appropriated but the victim does not yet understand that he has lost it" (#JKGabraith)

2. #Uber


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A mammoth drowning in tar, from the La Brea Tar Pits. Next to the sinking mammoth is a sinking Uber logo. In the opposite corner is a sinking business-man whose head has been replaced by a bag of money. Running diagonally across the whole image is a jagged, declining red line as from a stock-chart.


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Paris Marx
4 months ago

This week in the Disconnect Roundup: Uber reported a profit, but what does that mean for the company’s future? Plus, a bunch of recommended reads on things like chips and Starlink, along with labor updates and other news you might have missed!

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Cory Doctorow
4 months ago

#5yrsago The UK’s largest #EstateAgency is on the verge of bankruptcy

#5yrsago America’s big cities are increasingly home to people living in their cars

#1yrago #Uber's still not profitable: An effective wealth transfer of $2.8 billion from labor to capital in just three months


Cory Doctorow
4 months ago

Think of #Uber, lighting $31b of its investors' cash on fire, losing 41 cents on every dollar it brought in, in a bid to drive out competitors and make public transit seem like a bad investment.


Kevin C. Tofel
4 months ago

As a learning experience, I’ve been an #Uber driver for the last 10 days. I was curious what it was like, how the app and algorithm works. Very interesting.

Here are numbers for mileage, time and income so far. Note that I live in Montgomery county, PA, just NW of Philly. I’m sure more money is to be made in Philly, but I don’t care.

Also: We have a 14 month old Tesla Model 3. Did 7,000 miles in the first year. This can easily rack up miles. Electricity cost is about $1 per 30 miles driven.

A spreadsheet of daily Uber driving for the final 10 days of July
4 months ago

Updated #introduction to keep my timeline spicy. Enjoy the ugly hashtags.

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Justin Ekis
4 months ago

I'm open to opinions, would you take away any stars if an #Uber driver immediately got on the phone after picking you up? Just a social call, not anything vital. I'm going to assume he is using a bluetooth headset at least. I'm tempted to use Aira to find out but don't want to use that much cellular data.

Cory Doctorow
4 months ago

In *Survival of the Richest*, Doug @Rushkoff calls this "#GoingMeta": don't provide a service, just figure out a way to interpose yourself between the provider and the customer:

Don't drive a cab, create #Uber and extract value from every driver and rider. Better still: don't found Uber, invest in Uber options and extract value from the people who invest in Uber.


David Megginson
4 months ago

@ajsadauskas @technology The one thing I don't sympathise with in that list is the taxi services — at least here in Ottawa, they were even more exploitative than Uber or Lyft, with a small number of plate holders acting as feudal lords for the drivers, and extracting rent from their vassals even on a bad shift with few fares.

The city could have fixed that by issuing more plates, but the plate-owner lobby was too powerful.

#Taxis #Uber #Lyft #Ottawa

Anyone else experiencing a situation where the #Uber Cancel Ride button is no longer accessible? I'm using the iOS app with VoiceOver. I double tapped the Cancel button until I was blue in the face without results. Fortunately, the driver was able to cancel without any consequences on either side, but, um, this is unacceptable. #accessibility

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #28/2023 is out! It includes the following and much more:

➝ 🇺🇸 ⚖️ #BreachForums owner #Pompompurin pleads guilty to hacking charges
➝ 🦠 🇺🇦 🇵🇱 PicassoLoader #Malware Used in Ongoing Attacks on #Ukraine and #Poland
➝ 🦠 🪷 #BlackLotus UEFI Bootkit Source Code Leaked on #GitHub ... or not
➝ 🔓 🙊 #WordPress plugin installed on 1 million+ sites logged plaintext #passwords
➝ 🇺🇸 🇧🇪 The Big Brother in your pocket: How a US company secretly tracks and rates half of the world's mobile users
➝ 🩹 🏭 #Honeywell DCS Platform Vulnerabilities Can Facilitate Attacks on Industrial Organizations
➝ 🇺🇸 📝 Biden-⁠Harris Administration Publishes the National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan
➝ 🇨🇳 🎮 Chinese Hackers Deploy Microsoft-Signed Rootkit to Target Gaming Sector
➝ 🇷🇺 🫡 Russian submarine commander on Ukraine blacklist assassinated
➝ 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 Russian hackers lured embassy workers in Ukraine with ad for a cheap BMW
➝ 📨 🇨🇳 #Microsoft mitigates China-based threat actor Storm-0558 targeting of customer email
➝ 🇩🇪 🏦 #DeutscheBank confirms provider breach exposed customer data
➝ 🩹 Microsoft Releases Patches for 132 Vulnerabilities, Including 6 Under Active Attack
➝ 🇬🇧 ⚖️ Two Teens Accused of Masterminding Hacks on Grand Theft Auto and #Uber
➝ 🇺🇸 🩺 HCA #Healthcare reports #breach of 11 million patients’ personal data
➝ 🇹🇹 🔌 Trinidad and Tobago facing outages after #cyberattack
➝ 🇪🇺 🇺🇸 EU adopts more robust data privacy agreement with US
➝ 🍏 🩹 #Apple Ships Urgent #iOS Patch for #WebKit Zero-Day
➝ 🇫🇷 🕵🏻‍♂️ Liberté, Égalité, #Spyware: France okays cops snooping on phones
➝ 🥷🏻 🔓 PoC Exploit Published for Recent #Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Vulnerability
➝ 🦠 🌎 #RomCom RAT Targeting #NATO and Ukraine Support Groups
➝ 💸 🏧 Hackers Steal $20 Million by Exploiting Flaw in #Revolut's Payment Systems
➝ 🇮🇹 🏥 Luigi Vanvitelli hospital impacted by ransomware
➝ 🇺🇦 📰 #Twitter Blue accounts fuel Ukraine War misinformation
➝ 🇺🇸 💕 Top Suspect in 2015 #AshleyMadison Hack Committed Suicide in 2014

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Battlefield Cyber: How China and Russia are Undermining Our Democracy and National Security" by Michael McLaughlin and Bill Holstein

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Chris Adams
5 months ago

Reminder: using delivery apps like #Uber, #GrubHub, #Relay, or #Doordash is implicitly picking the side against workers.

Tax evasion by Big Tech

We end up paying tax while big tech goes free.

Google, Meta & Uber all in bed with PwC to get confidential information so that they could avoid taxes.


@sean 🎶 Yoo-hoo #Uber... 🎶