Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
3 hours ago

These workers deserve better

Tesla wins legal battle in Sweden as unions fight for change - Desk Chair Analysts

#Lawsuit #Sweden #Tesla #Unions

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3 hours ago

Tesla wins legal battle in Sweden as unions fight for change

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David August
4 hours ago

Actors: Vote yes for the 2023 Film/TV SAG-AFTRA tentative agreement with the AMPTP by Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

Vote here:

If you don’t have your voting PIN you can get it on the voting site.

Please ask me any questions you have and I’ll try to answer them as well as I can.

#ActorsStrike #SAGAFTRAStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #UnionStrong #SAGAFTRAmember #u1 #film #tv #contract #TentativeAgreement #ratification #labor #unions

[SAG-AFTRA performer logo - SAG-AFTRA] 
[all over background of a patchwork of digital screens]

Fast Answer? Name a union on Mastodon with their own mastodon instance.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #Unions

tim d (he/him)
7 hours ago

here's a video interview of myself and some of the other librarians, explaining the abysmal situation our union is in

#SomervilleMA #SomervillePolitics #Unions

an image capture from a video interview, showing four librarians seated in chairs in front of a library
Sean Boyer
8 hours ago

Look no further than #quebec if you want to know what it's like to live in a culture that fundamentally cares about #unions, #students, and showing their #government who's boss!

It's funny that thousands of #workers #strike, closing schools and creating pandemonium - but hardly a mention in media at all.

Learn from Quebec. Learn from #france. Stand up for yourself and others!

Join unions. Support unions. Strike. Protest. Make life better for everyone!

… had to find a way to get these inmates over to the intake center
“But I was able to uh get my way through a series of gates on the outside and I actually had to break a window to get into the control center. Once I got in, we got that building evacuated, transferred all the inmates over to intake.”⁶⁶⁴ [sic]
📓 Lisa Johnson

“… a major thing in changing the mindset from the inmates run things to now the officers run it. And we did you know...” “... And the inmates knew. The jig is up you know. I guess they [the officers] are gonna run it.”⁶⁶⁶ [sic]

#NIC #ACI #PrisonRiot #History #CorrectionalOfficer #NotYouMeme #Unions
#Numerology 👿
#DeathStarVulnerability (?) #ExhaustVentLocation (?)

⁶⁶⁴: Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional Officers, The Communicator, October 1991.
⁶⁶⁶: Ron Brodeur, interview with the author, March 17, 2011.
ACI: Adult Correctional Institution of Rhode Island
NIC: National Institute of Corrections

Brodeur was put in charge of this task. He was given several buses and then had to find a way to get these inmates over to the intake center. He describes it as such:

“But I was able to uh get my way through a series of gates on the outside and I actually had to break a window to get into the control center. Once I got in, we got that building evacuated, transferred all the inmates over to intake.” [footnote 664] [sic]

Clearly, the atmosphere was chaotic. Eventually the riot ended when the inmates got tired and realized that they were not accomplishing anything.
… It became clear to the inmates that conditions had shifted. He explains:

“And that was a major, that was a major thing in changing the mindset from the inmates run things to now the officers run it. And we did you know...” “... And the inmates knew. The jig is up you know. I guess they [the officers] are gonna run it.”[sic] [footnote "666"]

The riot elicited the sympathy of the public and management.

Trade #Unions negotiating with #Uber

"The extent to which Uber will go to avoid playing by the rules is unprecedented in the #Netherlands"

"Uber makes it more difficult than any other company — even Deliveroo — for its employees to access their own work data"

"Union activists were disconnected [..] Disconnections happened just before the weekend, when drivers make most of their earnings"

By Amrit Sewgobind, Netherlands Trade Union Confederation, on @euobserver

"A People's History in Catalonia" has been a great read. I especially enjoy the complexity of class struggles from the medieval through to modern times. The next section is titled "Unions or Death" around the XIX century.

Ha sido una gran lectura. Y disfruto especialmente de la complejidad de las luchas de clase desde la Edad Media hasta los tiempos modernos. La sección proxima es titulada "Uniones o muerte" alrededor del siglo XIX.
#catalunya #spain #españa

The bottom of a page of the book dimly lit shows the aforementioned title, third line from the bottom. With dense text above and on the portion of the facing page that is visible.
Joseph Kohlmann
22 hours ago

NewsGuild-CWA members (that’s me!) call on EC to take additional steps to protect workers and civilians:

If you’re also a NewsGuild-CWA member, please consider writing our Executive Council a message in support of publicly calling for a ceasefire. Hurry, though: they’re meeting on this subject **tonight**. Please send a letter via the above link just as soon as you read this!

#Unions #Palestine #Solidarity #NewsGuild #CWA

David August
23 hours ago

I just finished writing this article. I think many are underestimating just how impactful this SAG-AFTRA tentative agreement can be:

#ActorsStrike #SAGAFTRAStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #UnionStrong #u1 #contract #TentativeAgreement #ratification #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #GAI #generativeAI #automation #UBI #labor #unions

Tony Meredith
1 day ago

It's a miserable story here about modern England, set within familiar themes of austerity, incompetence, and political theatre. Cruelty included. Badly needed immigrant care workers are being exploited and abused.
The only bright spot is that unions are trying their best. It looks like #Unison research led this FT piece.
#SocialCare #Immigration #unions #PublicSector #ChristinaMcAnea
Long hours and large debts: care workers stranded by UK’s migration policy -

Ethan Marcotte
1 day ago

long shot, but what the heck i’ll put this out into the world:

if you work for an outlet or publication that’s pulling together an end-of-year book list, i’d love to get you a review copy of YOU DESERVE A TECH UNION for consideration. let me know!


#bookstodon #unions #1u #YDATUbook

Two copies of YOU DESERVE A TECH UNION sit on some loose pieces of paper, all stacked on a wooden table. A black pen and pencil are lined up to the left of the books. A green leafy plant frames the top- and right-hand edges of the photo.
Michael Kazarnowicz
1 day ago

If you read news, you’ve probably heard about Tesla’s conflict with Swedish union IF Metall.

It got me thinking about other examples of “the Swedish model” and how to explain it to, say, an American.

The spirit of the law is common sense to me: it is about markets being self-governing by the involved parties. The state is the keeper of the rules the players agree on. You can see it in government agencies like the National Board for Consumer Disputes


#sweden #tesla #unions #law

Mark W. Alexander
1 day ago
Tech news from Canada
2 days ago

Wired: A Damning Report Claims a Major Gig Economy Union Had a Culture of Abuse and Toxicity #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #UnhappyUnion #gigeconomy #Business #unions

sounds interesting
2 days ago

“Swedish #unions describe their fight against Tesla as existential for the Swedish labor market. Sweden doesn’t have laws that dictate workers’ rights, such as minimum wage. Instead, around 90 percent of Swedish #workers are covered by #collective agreements, a type of contract that regulates the relationship between employers and their employees, including #pay, pensions, and working hours.”

#Tesla #Sweden 🚘 #UnionsStrong #UnionsWork

2 days ago

@gratefuldread This concept is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in the labor movement in my adult life. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take much effort to get the rail unions on board. #labor #unions #solidarity

chris actually
2 days ago

#Sweden knows how to #strike

Nearly all their #Unions declared solidarity with the workers #union over the tesla collective bargaining strike, so #tesla had no option but to sue the government... for the strike. Respect, #swedes 🇸🇪

Holland House Books
2 days ago

.. and it's not all about the sewing - at least, today isn't, although the original musical was about the people behind the sewing machines.

With music by multi-talented Harold Rome, and performed by workers who could rehearse only after the day job and at weekends, the show went on stage in 1937, running to 1,018 performances (it once held the record for longest-performing Broadway show).

Happy Pins and Needles Day !
#pinsandneedlesday #unions #musicals #actorslife

2 days ago

Want a good laugh?

#Tesla is saying they are suing the state of #Sweden because #unions are being mean to them. Paperwork has yet to be filed.

2 days ago

Ten #Swedish #unions on #strike or #blockade against #Tesla for not signing the agreement with the unions. Tesla is suing companies and authorities involved in the blocked services.

#ElonMusk takes zealot stance against #union as #Tesla #strike expands in #Sweden
#Automaker has always had hard stance against #unions, and it has been able to fend off #unionization efforts at its manufacturing facilities. Several other unions in Sweden have joined forces to mess with Tesla’s operations in order to put pressure on the company. Port workers, electricians, and cleaning services that deal with Tesla in the country have refused to work with the company!

David August
3 days ago

I made this image for an article I’m writing called “Dominion Over the Machines” about how the SAG-AFTRA AI precedents (if ratified) may move things forward not just for actors, but for every human that may face non-humans doing their work.

Interesting times we’re in.

#robots #dominion #over #machines #ActorsStrike #SAGAFTRAStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #UnionStrong #u1 #contract #TentativeAgreement #ratification #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #GAI #generativeAI #labor #unions

Standing in the rain, a robot cradles a human who knells and is screaming in distress as the robot holds them with either care or malice, apparently the robot in control. It is fraught and tense but also some care or regard seems to be happening between them as their fates are bound together.
Jennifer Moore 😷
4 days ago

"What began as a strike by a group of 130 mechanics affiliated with the national union IF Metall, responsible for inspecting Tesla’s cars, has now evolved into a multi-sector protest aiming to secure a collective agreement defining wages, working hours, and benefits for those employed by the company.

"... for the first time, Elon Musk is facing the strong workers’ protections that characterize almost all of Europe"

#Tesla #Sweden #unions

Chris Merle
4 days ago

Sweden could be a new nightmare for Elon Musk

“Port workers have refused to unload Tesla’s goods at Swedish ports for days, cleaning staff have announced their refusal to clean Tesla’s showrooms and workshops, and electricians have pledged not to repair the company’s charging stations. Since Nov 20, postal workers have joined the movement, ceasing deliveries of letters, spare parts, and pallets to all Tesla addresses in Sweden.”

#ElonMusk #Sweden #UnionStrong #Unions

The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee #EWOC is a project of the Democratic Socialists of America #dsa and the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America #ue that aims to build a distributed, grassroots organizing program to support #workers #organizing at the #workplace and also helps #unions

4 days ago

It's The End Of The Tories And They Know It (And I Feel Fine)

#UK #Politics #Tories #Unions #Parody

Parody of: It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine) by R.E.M.
Credits: Swedemawson & Jason Spacey
jesse jarnow
5 days ago

happy black friday: #amazon workers are on #strike across europe over (what else) better pay & working conditions. #labor #unions

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
5 days ago

Apple's meddling again!

Apple caught denying benefits to union workers - Desk Chair Analysts

#Apple #AppleStore #Benefits #Labor #NLRB #Unions #TechNews

Members of the IAM CORE union. They are employees of the Towson, MD Apple Store.
Darnell Clayton :verified:
5 days ago

#Unions in #Sweden 🇸🇪 have declared war against #Tesla & #ElonMusk. Examples include:

👉🏾 Postal workers not delivering Tesla license plates
👉🏾 Dockworkers blocking deliveries of Tesla cars at the ports
👉🏾 Electricians refusing to work with Tesla

This might also spread to #Germany 🇩🇪 too. Elon Musk bewildered by the situation.

‘This is insane.’ Swedish workers are getting under Elon Musk’s skin

Wendy M. Grossman
5 days ago

This week's net.wars, "Faking it", suddenly understands X's missing headlines, discovers AI's ability to fake scientific data, frets about driver safety, and watches a lot of the oh-my-god UK covid inquiry hearings: #NetWars #birdsite #ads #AI #unions #covid

LA Legault ✌🏻
6 days ago

Meanwhile in #Québec, #Canada today: #unions #generalstrike

CBC Montréal footage
6 days ago

So how would it look different if the government wanted you to get infected, get #Covid, and pass it on?

I'm now +10 weeks out from having Covid and eventually testing negative.
And some days I still have very little energy. Other days are OK.

And my government and my boss is doing sweet F*** All to get #CleanAir in shops and offices. And what are the #Unions and #WorkSafe doing? More #SweetFA from what I can see.

I saw #TheGreens website - they demonstrate an understanding.

Dave Rahardja
6 days ago

VW is raising workers’ wages 11% because of competition from unionized manufacturers, even though their workers aren’t unionized. Hyundai announced a 25% wage increase over the next four years, even though their workers aren’t unionized.

#Unions raise wages for everyone, not just unionized employees. Imagine how much greater workers’ bargaining power would be if more would #unionize.

#unionStrong #solidarity

“Volkswagen becomes the latest automaker to hike wages for U.S. factory workers”

Solidarity with Swedish Tesla workers and their ‘insane' strike. ✊

“Elon Musk calls strikes ‘insane’ … Strike at carmaker prompts sympathy action from dockers, painters and postal workers in fight over Swedish labour model”
#solidarity #unions #workersrights #CollectiveBargaining #Tesla #Sweden

Børge A. Roum
1 week ago

If you need one, single heuristic for voting – find out who's doing stuff to help unions, or doing union-like stuff, like making us all a big union and we all get healthcare and a decent wage. Look for those people, that's your vote. Every time.

—Heath Enright, in episode 213 of the podcast The Skepticrat, from @piatpod

#unions #healthcare #WorkersRights

Normalize Unionizing Fast Food Restaurants!!

This is the best part of this story: “Andrews said the employees were looking for help communicating with new management, who workers said is consistently ignoring any concerns they bring forward.”

When people know why unions exist (to help speak for employees!) they seek them out!

#Unionization #AW #BC #Unions #Labour #MinimumWage #WorkersRights

Jake Rayson
1 week ago

Boston meetup: “Why do tech workers deserve a union?”

Tuesday 28 November at 7pm, come to Remnant Brewing in Somerville

with @beep and Rand Wilson

#Boston #tech #union #unions

Michael T Babcock
1 week ago

Cory Doctorow @pluralistic has really laid it out again, the status of the web, and society, and how working together can empower people instead of profit-takers:
#essay #freedom #web #www #encryption #privacy #unions #liberty

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
1 week ago

Tesla may have picked an unwinnable fight with Sweden’s powerful unions | Martin Gelin | The Guardian

For the first time anywhere in the world, workers for the US carmaker Tesla have gone on strike. It’s not a coincidence that this strike is happening in Sweden, which has one of the strongest labour movements in Europe. More than 90% of workers are protected by collective bargaining agreements, and the system has strong backing among employees and employers alike. With good reason: the Swedish labour relations model has sustained relative industrial peace between wage-earners and corporations for decades.

By refusing to play ball, Elon Musk’s car giant may have picked an unwinnable fight. What started as a minor local disagreement has grown to the point that it could have global implications, with potential ripple effects for labour movements and auto workers across Europe and the US.

#Politics #News #Sweden #Tesla #ElonMusk #Musk #Strike #Labor #WorkerRights #Unions

Sean Boyer
1 week ago

In 100% on-board there - however where that can't happen, #unions fill the gap. They should not be overlooked because there are better but non-applicable solutions for some.

Stevie's Yer Da'
2 weeks ago

Organised labour is the only thing that can and will defeat fascism. Fascism isn't our only problem though, because the corporate media and political class would rather have fascism than fully support and be led by organised labour.


2 weeks ago

@flexghost The #rightwing #nazi #antisemite #elmo causes another problem for himself #sweden #tesla #unions

The European Network
2 weeks ago

Swedish workers are uniting against Tesla. Cleaners will stop cleaning Tesla showrooms, electricians won’t fix the company’s charging points, and dockworkers will refuse to unload Tesla cargo at Swedish ports.

What started as a strike by Tesla mechanics is spreading, in something Swedish unions describe as an existential battle between Elon Musk’s carmaker and the conventions they say make the country’s labor market fair and efficient.

#Sweden #Tesla #Strike #Unions

Ben Waber
2 weeks ago

Next was an excellent pair of talks at the first day of the #NBER Organizational Economics meeting with David Deming (the importance of allocative skill for worker pay) and Nina Roussille (pay secrecy as a collective bargaining tactic with real fieldwork evidence from the recent Hollywood strikes!). Highly recommend both (11/11) #economics #work #unions

Stop That
2 weeks ago
Ethan Marcotte
2 weeks ago

My friend @aworkinglibrary is a labor organizer-turned-professional coach, and is looking to connect with managers (or aspiring managers!) who want to understand how to navigate a unionization effort in their workplace. If that sounds like you, please fill out this short survey:

I’m so glad Mandy’s gathering data on these questions; I think there’s a real need here.

#TechUnions #UnionizeTech #unions #1u

Mandy Brown
2 weeks ago

Also I’ve talked a lot about tech unions lately and now I want to hear from folks. Are you a manager (or aspiring manager) navigating a unionization effort in your workplace? If so, I would love if you took a few minutes to fill out a short survey:

Boosts and/or shares in your Slacks appreciated! #TechUnions #unions

thomas (they/them) 🌺
2 weeks ago

Tonight I attended this class on #WorkerOwned #Cooperatives here's a photo of the whiteboard where everyone put up their thoughts on cooperatives, why we're focused on building them, and what we want from them.

Today we discussed Finance everything from CDFI’s, credit unions, Bank of North Dakota, Class A & B Stock, Seed commons, and a bunch of stuff in-between.

#SolidarityEconomy #solidarity #unions #labor #laborstudies

List of words on the whiteboard:
Disrupt, Learning & transformation, Solidarity, Ownership, Anticapitalist, Justice, Living like an ecosystem, Mutual-aid, Community, Unionizing, Profit for us , Regenerative economy, Cross-pollination, Worker power, Worker autonomy, Better labor conditions, Connected peoples, Democratic  decision making,
Ethan Marcotte
2 weeks ago

PEOPLE OF BOSTON! Do you work in tech? Are you curious about unions? Let’s have a meetup about it!

On Tuesday 28 November at 7pm, join me and veteran labor organizer Rand Wilson at Remnant Brewing for an evening of discussion: we’ll talk about unions, the path to forming your own, and the challenges (and possibilities) of organizing in the tech industry.

Space is limited; RSVP here!

#BostonMA #CambridgeMA #SomervilleMA #unions #TechUnions #UnionizeTech #1u

Join us for a free evening of discussion with fellow tech workers, titled “Why Do Tech Workers Deserve A Union?” Your hosts are author & designer Ethan Marcotte, and veteran labor organizer Rand Wilson. It’ll be at 7pm on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, and it’ll take place at Remnant Brewing in Somerville. RSVP at!
Linux Is Best
3 weeks ago

It should not be controversial for your local school teacher to want to be paid for their work. Or for your local school teacher, to want enough staff members, so your child can receive the proper attention and education they deserve.

Showing support for educators should not be seen as extreme or radical.

#Teachers #Educators #Unions

Ethan Marcotte
3 weeks ago

Before YOU DESERVE A TECH UNION came out, I wrote down a few ways folks could support the book — and that doesn’t necessarily mean *buying* the book!

I mean, if you have the means and the interest, I’d of course be DELIGHTED and HONORED if you picked up a copy. But here are a few other options:


#YDATUbook #unions #TechUnions #UnionizeTech #1u

Two copies of “You Deserve a Tech Union”, Ethan Marcotte’s latest book, rest on a wooden table. The book on the left is closed, showing its bright red cover; the book on the right is open to the start of the fourth chapter, which is titled “Every Tech Worker Deserves a Union.”
Børge A. Roum
3 weeks ago

The Swedish painters union is now blocking all painting of Tesla cars in Sweden, in solidarity with their brothers and sisters in the Swedish metal working union, who is on strike against Tesla for their terrible working conditions.

Info on the strike, in English:

More power to the workers, fuck the billionaire!

#Tesla #unions #strike #Sweden #workersoftheworldunite #FuckElon

But the largest Seoul Metro union affiliated with the militant umbrella Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) threatened to stage a general ...

Two major umbrella unions plan to stage large-scale rallies in central Seoul this weekend, as police warned of stern measures against illegal acts in violation of the revised Assem...#seoulsubwaystrike #Unions #strike #union #Seoul #labor #korea #southkorea #thekoreatimes #koreatimes #koreatimes #koreannewsinenglish
Unionized Seoul subway workers threaten second strike

Joseph Kohlmann
3 weeks ago

Pacific Media Workers Guild joins calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza #Union #Unions #Gaza #Palestine #Solidarity

Joseph Kohlmann
3 weeks ago

Via Twitter:

“We, a growing caucus of cross-unit NewsGuild-CWA members, urgently call upon the NewsGuild executive committee to push for a ceasefire in Gaza and demand an end to U.S. aid to Israel.”

#Palestine #Gaza #Ceasefire #Union #Unions #Solidarity #NewsGuild #CWA

Labor For Palestine: NewsGuild-CWA members demand TNG-CWA leadership speak out against the genocide of Palestinians.

We, a growing caucus of cross-unit NewsGuild-CWA members, urgently call upon the NewsGuild-CWA executive committee to push for a ceasefire in Gaza and demand an end to U.S. aid to Israel. As organized labor, we must stand for justice by condemning and divesting from the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people and apartheid state of Israel.

As of now, over 10,000 Palestinians, 4,100 of whom are children, have been killed. At least 39 journalists have been killed, as have entire families of journalists on-the-ground. Those who remain are working without access to food or water. As organized labor representing media workers, NewsGuild-CWA must acknowledge the unilateral destruction affecting the work of journalists within Gaza.

Additionally, NewsGuild-CWA must pressure the U.S. government to stop funding and supporting Israel's genocide of Palestinians. These billions should instead be put towards life-affirming systems like healthcare, education, and infrastructure for our working class.

We implore TNG-CWA to be on not just the right side of history, but its own constitutional promise "to raise the standards of journalism and ethics of the industry; to foster friendly cooperation with all workers." Living up to those words requires nothing less than demanding a ceasefire.
Sarah Stierch
3 weeks ago

Friday 11/10 there will be a rally to support @uniteherelocal2 and unionizing at the Fairmont Sonoma MIssion Inn in Sonoma. Please spread the word and show up if you can! #unions #Sonoma