Mark H
13 hours ago

Something that might count for #TravelThursday and might count for #ThrowbackThursday too, but is mostly posted because I randomly threw it up on Instagram too. From 2012, this is just a scene of urban life in the town of Reus, Spain. We spent a week in a town not far away and took the bus here one day to see the birthplace of architect Antoni Gaudí. This isn't one of his designs, obviously.

#Reus #Spain #Travel #Photography #TravelPhotography #Urban #UrbanPhotography #Architecture

An apartment block fills the view. We can see four storeys, each with two adjoining balconies separated by a narrow iron rail that connects to railings around each balcony's lower third, each of which has an identical rectangle of wooden boarding covering nearly half the area. Most of the balconies are empty, but the upper left has clothes drying, visible through an open window section; the upper right has more clothes drying and a satellite dish erected on it; the balcony below the upper left one has a flower box on its railings with some red and white flowers in it. The foreground is framed by leafy trees, partly covering some of the lower balconies, and we can see the top of a set of traffic lights near the bottom of view.
2 days ago

Deze ogen keken mij doordringend aan om gefotografeerd te worden | These eyes looked piercingly at me to be photographed.
#art van of Perishable Rush
@Schellingwou #ilovenoord #amsterdamnoord #amsterdam
#designlife #visualdesign #art #color #urbanart #StreetArt #spray #spraypaintart #urban #schmiererei

4 days ago

Down the memory lane. And old restaurant in Kinding, Bavaria.

#photography #decay #urban

Anna Kukka
2 weeks ago

erster Schnee

(I'm surprised how the snowflakes give the picture this painting-like character.)

#photography #urban #snow #winter #Vienna #Wien

Multi-storey residential building in light green tones and with white-framed windows. The tiled roof is covered in snow, as are the trees in the foreground. The snowflakes give the photo a slightly blurry, unreal look.
Taylor Gonzalez
2 weeks ago

I've been lurking a while, but I have yet to post an #Introduction !

lAMA software engineer 💻 who likes sports nearly all sports 🥎⚽🏀🏈🏒🏏, video games 🕹️🎮, sitcoms 📺, and all things Star Trek 🖖. If anything I'm a strong advocate for more #urban development. I believe we need better #urbanplanning , stronger #publictransit , and more #bikecommuting. Above all else #FuckCars (or rather the dependency on cars).

Outside of that, I just post about random things that pique my interest, oh and memes.

The ghosts of cans past.

Graffiti alley, Leipzig.

#Leipzig #FensterFreitag #Graffiti #Urban #DDR #WindowFriday #DihUinneag

Graffit art and 'clock' made of old spray cans.
Anna Kukka
2 weeks ago
View from the street of a house wall with four pictorial quadrants: at the top left, a balcony cladding made of clay bricks with a perforated pattern, at the top right, a brightly plastered wall, in front of it a geometrically shaped iron fence, in the lower pictorial plane a wall covered with irregularly shaped large blue mosaic stones, two thirds of which is covered by a low, dirty wall.
2 weeks ago

Looking up at the Monadnock
straddling two construction methods, the masonry side
📸24mm • 1/30s f/4 160iso
📷Canon EOS 6D EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM
#Chicago #Monadnock #Skyscraper #architecture #building #urban

Looking up the front façade of a masonry skyscraper.
Quake Map of the Day
2 weeks ago

Author(s): GW_X9
Title: Duke Nukem Quake
Date: 16.10.2022
#small #city #urban #cinema #remake #quake

Airgead gun char.

Money does not make the wheel go round.

#Edinburgh #SilentSunday #Urban #Night

Silent carousel at night in Edinburgh

Na gabh ort!

Don't you dare...

#Edinburgh #Urban #WarningS #Gàidhlig #Gaelic #Scotland

Old no nuisance sign, Edinburgh
The Old Map Gallery
3 weeks ago

It's not much of a map, but for us, it's a moment of "what could have been".
From 1883, this is a pre-automobile look at Los Angeles and its distinct neighboring towns. It does show the major wagon roads of the time, but those thick black lines were railroads that could take you down to San Diego, into San Bernadino, or even up to Santa Barbara. It's interesting to imagine if the region had developed by rail rather than highway.

#maps #losangeles #cartography #urbanism #map #socal #urban #map

Here a simply colored map showing from Santa Barbara California, down to San Diego, and simpler times when sparse roads, and several railroads were the arteries for development and commerce
Visions of Napa
3 weeks ago

Here is a Yellow Rumped Warbler to contemplate on #WorldKindnessDay

#Birds #Birding #BirdWatching #Urban #Wildlife #Nature #Napa #California

A small songbird sits on a hummingbird feeder. It has a short pointy beak.  On his grey head is some faint yellow and he has a yellow chin. His chest is speckled with dark grey spots and he has a yellow spot under his wing. The rest of the wing is grey, striped with white and black.

My account is now a year old so how about an updated #introduction now that I’m settled in.

I’m a meteorologist based in Portland, Oregon. You’ll see me tooting a lot about #weather with a focus on #orwx, #wawx, and #bcstorm. At my day job I forecast renewable energy.

Beyond this, I also toot about #urban living, #geology, #HamRadio / #AmateurRadio, my family life, my #LDS faith, and whatever else catches my fancy. I also thoroughly enjoy learning from and chatting with others here.

A photo of me, a late-20s white man, with a big grin while I struggle to stand in 80-100 km/h winds holding a handheld anemometer. The backdrop is a park surrounded by forest.
Visions of Napa
1 month ago

#WindowFriday #FensterFreitag

An Accorn Woodpecker working on the power pole granary. From our kitchen window we can hear him tapping away.

#birds #BirdWatching #Birding #Napa #NapaValley #Urban #Wildlife

A small bird clings to a power pole. His feet cling to the pole and his short strong tail is pressed against the pole to brace him as he pecks. His beak is short and pointed. The bird has a red crown, black and white cheeks, a black back and white belly.
Nicolas Hoizey
1 month ago


This building is part of the recent modern constructions along the avenue Pierre Mendès-France, along the train tracks leading to the Austerlitz station.


📅 22 October 2017

📸 Fujifilm X-T2 + 10-24mm
🎛️ ISO 200, ƒ/13, 1/125 s

#Urban #Architecture #Photography


Tomorrow is my #PhD #defence

Title: "Diversity of Places and People: Using big data to understand languages and activities across geographical space"

Opponent: @grantdmckenzie
Custos: @tuuli

When: 12 o'clock (GMT+2)
Where: Festive hall of the Language Center, University of Helsinki


#urban #geography #GIScience #geoinformatics #LinguisticLandscapes #multilingualism #diversity

The cover of my PhD book. On the front there is a map of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area with a visualization that shows the geographical distribution of linguistic diversity as measured by several metrics.
Nicolas Hoizey
1 month ago

“Unic in Batignolles”

At number 22 of Mstislav-Rostropovitch street in the new Clichy-Batignolles district of Paris, this “Unic” apartment building was designed by Chinese architect Ma Yansong in collaboration with French architect Christian Biecher.

Completed in 2019, it is 49 meters high and has 14 floors.

The undulating forms…


📅 2 December 2019

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + 27mm
🎞️ ISO 160, ƒ/9, 1/350 s

#Urban #Architecture #Photography

Unic in Batignolles
1 month ago

"Mirrored glass abutted a few scrawny trees outside the building, creating a faux, fatal forest: an optical illusion perfectly designed to slaughter birds."

For bioGraphic, Ben Goldfarb writes about Chicago's lethal landscape for #birds:

#Longreads #Chicago #Cities #Glass #Nature #Urban

1 month ago

The whole piece is fantastic, but here's something which, I think, both contains the gist of it and is something about which I'm increasingly worried (and vocal).

"Quantification, thus, becomes a principle way of ordering the world and much nuance is lost."

#data #datafication #nature #rural #urban

Jon Sullivan
1 month ago

The most dangerous time for suburban trees in private gardens is when houses get sold. Sometimes they're felled to tidy up a garden before sale. Sometimes they're felled by the new owners. Very few trees in private gardens are as old as the city.

This wonderful old kowhai tree on Samuel Street in Ōtautahi-Christchurch was cut down in the last two weeks when the house sold.

The tree had just finished flowering and not yet leafed out (so it wasn't looking its best).


#trees #urban #NZ

A photo of a kowhai tree (Sophora microphylla) covered in yellow flowers, in a suburban garden in Ōtautahi-Christchurch. I took this photo on 13 September 2022.
A photo of a kowhai tree (Sophora microphylla) covered in yellow flowers, in a suburban garden in Ōtautahi-Christchurch. I took this photo on 27 August 2018.

A photo of the same suburban garden with the old kowhai tree conspicuously absent. Probably not coincidentally, the house had just sold.
AI Automations Experimental
1 month ago

Painting the Journey of Yang Fudong on the Urban Streets

Feast your eyes on the beauty of Yang Fudong's creation as he depicts the hustle and bustle of an urban street scene filled with vibrant colors and fascinating angles Follow his journey through his artwork and experience the wonder and chaos...

See More Seeds:

#StableDiffusion #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #art #commission #Yang-Fudong #journey #urban #street #painting #graphic-design #colors #vibrancy

Werner Keil
1 month ago

#JenseitsDerSpree S02E03: Wertstoff - Eine Art #Urban #Western über #Cyberstalking und #Erpressung mit #Bitcoins. Die erste Folge nach dem Drehbuch von @sixtus, mal gespannt, wie die in #Staffel3 wird.

Nicolas Hoizey
1 month ago

“Color Patches”

For some time to come, this group of buildings will house a good part of the Altice Campus, including SFR. They will then move to Balard, and leave the place to the SNCF.


📅 19 December 2017

📸 Fujifilm X-T2 + Fujinon XF 10-24mm f/4.0 R OIS
🎞️ ISO 400, ƒ/6.4, 1 1/2s

#Urban #Architecture #Photography

Color Patches
Ricardo Harvin
2 months ago

"#AirConditioners used as a solution against #urban #heat are actually making it worse."

#Singapore, the #GardenCity, is still a #concrete jungle and "#HeatIsland" and is trying to make use of passive #technologies, like greenery, both on the street and the #skyscraper level.

Back alleys can reach 60° C (140° F) due to #AC usage.

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is rethinking every aspect of #city living, where most people live and to where most are moving.


2 months ago
Tanguy Fardet
2 months ago

Nice talk by @UrbanDemog about #urban #accessibility and public transportation at the #UrbanSys2023 satellite.

They look at how #publicTransportation availability affects access to opportunities and provide various resources to explore that, including:

- the general project page
- an open-source introductory book
- many R and also Python (hurray ;D) libraries for fast routing or getting public transportation data


Cover of the book "Introduction to Urban Accessibility, a practical guide with R", by Pereira and Herszenhut.

I shows a beautiful map of a city network with a color gradient from golden to red, then dark violet. The gradient expresses the accessibility value, from high (golden) in the center and along the main axes to poor (dark violet) towards the periphery, decreasing especially quickly for areas that are not along one of the main axes.
Raymond Larabie
2 months ago

A relic of days gone by stands steadfast in Nagoya 🏢, its once proud "Toshiba" sign 🌟 now faded but not forgotten. Behind weathered shutters, stories of bustling activity whisper to those who listen.


#streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #aichi #nagoya #japan #faded #memory #urban

This monochrome photograph showcases a section of an old building in Nagoya. The facade is made of bricks, and two windows with peeling frames sit above a large, weathered shuttered area. Faded remnants of the word "Toshiba" can be discerned on the structure, suggesting its past affiliations. Parked adjacent is a portion of a vehicle. The whole scene exudes a nostalgic vibe, capturing the essence of urban decay and the march of time.
Raymond Larabie
2 months ago

Amidst the ever-present hustle, a trio of similar vans stand in unison, proudly bearing the name "NICK" 🚐. Their minty silver hues cast a serenity, juxtaposed against the raw urban backdrop. Beyond them, a lone palm rises, failing to reach a slice of the vast blue sky.


#streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #aichi #nagoya #japan #urban #vans

This image portrays an urban setting in Japan. In the foreground, there are three vans closely parked together. Each van is of a light minty silver color, and prominently features the word "NICK" on their back. The vans are parked on a concrete ground that's lined with a greenish strip on one side. A wire fence separates the vans from the viewer. Behind these vehicles, there's a beige building with a tall palm tree standing next to it, providing a touch of nature amidst the urban environment. Overhead, electrical wires crisscross the scene, and in the distance, modern buildings with varying designs can be seen under a clear sky.