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To save her coven, Tempest must find her courage, and risk everything for what she loves...

Need a break for a bit? This Solstice-themed urban fantasy ebook is on sale for .99 on most retailers! You can also request it from your library:

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By Witch’s Mark book cover on a phone, leaning against a crystal.
Juliet E McKenna
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It's Book Quote Wednesday and the word is early. Let's look back to the first time Dan and Fin met up and worked together as they faced The Green Man's Foe. #BookQW

Contemporary fantasy rooted in British myth and folklore from Wizard's Tower Press.

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Cover art shows a supernatural humanoid under water peering through weeds.
Book extract reads: The phone in the office startled me out of a deep sleep early the next morning. I scrambled out of bed and hurried down the corridor. My heart was pounding as I snatched up the old-fashioned receiver. ‘Yes?’
The line crackled. ‘Hello? Is that Dan? It’s Fin Wicken.’
‘Oh, hello. How—?’
She spoke before I could work out how to ask what I could do for her. I still wasn’t fully awake.
‘Can you meet me at that crossroads in the woods at noon? By the fingerpost where you were parked the other day?’
‘Okay.’ I couldn’t see any reason why not, even half asleep.
‘Great. See you then.’ Fin rang off before I could ask what this was about.
Since I was up, I thought about ringing Eleanor, to let her know Fin was coming back, before she headed for the university library. As soon as I’d had the house to myself last night, I’d called to tell her what Jude Oxway had said about those potentially valuable books

Are fantasy writers the latest trend on OnlyFans? Is that why Matthew thought I was good match?
Meanwhile, ALL my books are available on Amazon and on #KindleUnlimited #books #authors #bookstodon #fiction #IndieBooks #paranormalmystery #urbanfantasy
Latest book:

A sanpshot of an Instagram message I got that says:
Hii ANCA ANTOCI | Fantasy Author, my name is Matthew I'm from Trive X. we're an OnlyFans agency and we're looking to onboard new talent. And we think you have the potential to work with us! Please fill out the form and we'll get in touch with you. Link to form.
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Today I give those in the #TTRPG spaces who like to run urban fantasy games an NPC to possibly show up in your games. The Pretty Boy.
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William C. Tracy
2 days ago

This is an incredible bunch on #amazing #scifi and #fantasy #books for you to enjoy! Browse away, and find something new in #spaceopera, #urbanfantasy, or #dystopian fiction!

6 days ago

Today I have something to offer the #TTRPG players who like to run games in urban fantasy settings. I present for your use, The Building That No One Lives In.
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Susanna Shore, Author
6 days ago

Two-Natured London bundles are on sale on Amazon for the next couple of weeks to celebrate the upcoming book 8, Beloved Warrior, on December 17. Only 0.99 each.

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Three book bundles on white background.
Halloween Every Dave Higgins
6 days ago

Eternity and You: Tips for the Young Vampire by Matthew S. Cox

“Having previously shown one possible set of struggles from becoming a vampire, Cox continues his urban fantasy series with the realisation that being happy as a vampire now might be different from being happy as a vampire forever.”

More thoughts:

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6 days ago

Ilona Andrews – Kate Daniels

Une saga d'urban fantasy ça rime pour moi avec "médiocre mais divertissant". Mais Kate Daniels m'a agréablement surprise : persos au top, intrigues passionnantes, worldbuilding chouette. Bon, la relecture est dégueulasse, et c'est dommage, mais c'est une série de qualité, globalement.


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Devon Ellington
1 week ago

Episode 89: Attempted Capture
The magic killing Gaston tries to include Lianna in its deadly thrall.
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1 week ago

Today's offering of an idea is aimed at #TTRPG settings in an urban fantasy style. I offer up to you all The Pills.
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Mario Bühling
1 week ago

Hey Leute,
auf gibt es ab heute, bis Ende Januar, immer mittwochs die letzten noch fehlenden Folgen von The Order of Things (Band 2). :)
#Comic #Webcomic #Urbanfantasy

Comicpanel von The Order of Things. Es zeigt eine Hand auf die Lichtstrahlen zufliegen.
1 week ago
Susanna Shore, Author
1 week ago

Born to Be Badger by Shelly Laurenston is out today, in case you're in a mood for totally bonkers urban fantasy/paranormal romance. My review:

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Paige Ewing
1 week ago

I'm blushing.

Gotta say, that's the kind of review that makes an author's head swell.

"my favorite #urbanfantasy of the year"

Susanne Leist Author
1 week ago

I open the guest room door
as violent winds pummel the inn.

Lightning illuminates the blood
dripping onto the floor.

I shiver in fear.
Who else is here?


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C.L. Cannon's #Fantasy & #SciFi #BookFair 🧙 🤖 Featuring over 200 #indieauthors ✍️ 📚

Discover New Authors! Find #Free and #Sale #Books

And? 👀

Enter to win a #Kindle Fire, $10 Starbucks gift card, and a 10 month subscription to OwlCratel! 🦉

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C.L. Cannon's Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair, featuring over 200 indie authors! Enter to win a Kindle Fire, $10 Starbucks gift card, and a 1-month subscription to Owlcrate! A goth girl levitating in repose above a green light witch sign near a bare winter tree. She has a Santa hat on her head and a red-white start Christmas ornament in her hand.
EH Lupton
2 weeks ago

The holidays are stressful. Treat yourself to a book with a happy ending. Sam and Ulysses meet in September, fight evil together all autumn, and face off against a god in late December, so this is the perfect time of year to read it. Plus, you'll be ready for the sequel in January.

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Praise for Dionysus in Wisconsin
* An intelligent, fun book that KJ Charles would enjoy.
* The magic swirling around [the characters] is fascinating and scary.
* Sam and Ulysses are both delights.
* I was quickly taken in by the world of magic woven seamlessly and believably into the world of late 60s Madison.
* [Combines] dry but laugh-out-loud humor...tense actions scenes, and beautifully romantic chemistry."
Pick up your copy today. On Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo/Kobo Plus.
The book cover is yellow ochre and black in the style of Greek black figure art. One man is seated, dressed as Dionysus, holding a thyrsus and a goblet. The other is standing, facing him, one hand on his chest, wearing jeans and a leather jacket. They both have some green leaves in their hair. One of the leaves of the thyrsus is the state of of Wisconsin. Dionysus in Wisconsin by EH Lupton.
Rod Faulkner
2 weeks ago

N. K. Jemisin is one of the best authors writing in speculative fiction today. Her imagination and world building are off the charts.

For example, her “Great Cities” duology?


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Juliet E McKenna
2 weeks ago

It's Book Quote Wednesday and the word is 'attempt'. After coming face to face with this new enemy, Dan Mackmain wonders if he should try living in one world instead of two #BookQW

Contemporary fantasy drawing on myth and folklore ancient and modern, from Wizard's Tower Press

#SFF #Fantasy #Books #Bookstodon #UrbanFantasy

Cover art shows a black panther in woodland at night. It's looking straight at you, mouth half-open, and those teeth look lethally sharp. 

Book extract reads: Fin got the key into the ignition on her second attempt. ‘I don’t think I can drive home,’ she said abruptly. ‘Not safely.’
I wasn’t at all sure I could. ‘Let’s find a room somewhere close for the night.’
She nodded and started the engine. She didn’t slow down as we drove through Darley Combe and I didn’t suggest it. We wanted to get well away from this place. I was already using my phone to look online for the closest modern, anonymous chain hotel.
‘Head for Barnstaple.’
Fin tossed her phone into my lap. ‘Directions?’
I found her satnav app and put the phone in the holder clipped to the dashboard. Then I used my own phone to call Hazel.
‘Voicemail, still.’ I didn’t leave a message. I couldn’t think what to say.
Neither of us spoke on the half-hour drive. Just before we reached the hotel, Fin saw an open supermarket and pulled into the car park. She didn’t ask me and she didn’t need to. We bought toothbrushes and other essentials. Walking through the brightly lit aisles, we both breathed a little easier. This was closer to normal life. Safer.
Susanna Shore, Author
2 weeks ago

My latest book review is up: Born to Be Badger by Shelly Laurenston. As bonkers and violent as ever. Very entertaining.

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Paige Ewing
2 weeks ago

Today is launch day for Explosive Chemistry! I couldn't be prouder.

"...hidden gem."

" ... a proper ripping yarn."

"You will want more."

Snag a copy anywhere you buy books:

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2 weeks ago

Simane the Slayer is trying to banish the werewolf. More at
#art #MastoArt #webcomic #urbanFantasy #werewolf #blackAndWhite

A comic page with 6 small panels floating in front of a full page panel, showing a semi-surreal image of Simane, wracked with pain, with a wolf in pain superimposed over her, a smaller wolf image curling up over her midsection, some sort of waves rippling out from the small wolf over the whole image. Some leaves float in the air. The ground beneath swirls with mushrooms, tree roots, wolf tracks and stars.
Panel 1: Simane drinks from a water bottle.
Panel 2: A rune is visible on her belly. Simane: Now! Do it!
Panel 3: Chloe's face, performing a stressful task. Chloe: It's in!
panel 4: close up of Simane's screaming mouth, Chloe gestures with concern in the background. Simane: Aaarrgggh! Go on you fucker!
panel 5: close up of the rune on Simane's belly. A glowing circle is forming around it. Simane: It's working! I can feel...
panel 6: Simane's point of view of her outstretched hand, reaching toward a shocked Chloe. Simane: Gimme the second bottle! Chloe: The WHAT?
🌕 Modem Prometheus Podcast
2 weeks ago

🌕 Monday the 27th's full-moon story is called "1:28AM" and is is about what comes next.

:patreon: Listen to the full episode right now, one week early by supporting us on Patreon, that would be very nice of you!

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Jakub Rojek
2 weeks ago

Bardzo ciekawy przypadek. Książka jest średnia fabularnie, choć ma ciekawy świat i on przyciąga. Natomiast mam wrażenie, że inspiracji widać tutaj sporo. To urban fantasy, ale pomieszana z amerykańskim sensacyjno-kryminałem, przynosząca na myśl postać Kinsey Millhone (bardzo przyjemnie kryminały, polecam), a nawet Cyberpunka 2077. W ogóle amerykańskości tutaj jest bardzo dużo.

Pewnie wypróbuję drugi tom, gdy będzie w dużej promocji. Ale przyznaję, że trochę się męczyłem z pierwszym.

Pełna opinia:

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Okładka e-booka "Magia kąsa" Ilony Andrews. Zdjęcie jest prawie w sepii, co jest zasługą robienia go przy minimalnym świetle.
William C. Tracy
3 weeks ago

Looking for #romance with your #scifi, #fantasy, #urbanfantasy, and #paranormal tales? Try out this selection of great #indie #books and find a new #author to love!

Susanne Leist Author
3 weeks ago

I know vampires aren't the latest fashion,
but as we approach the sprawling mansion,
I see vampires rising from the sawgrass
and walking toward me en masse.


by Susanne Leist

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William C. Tracy
3 weeks ago

Support your favorite #indie #authors! Check out the #paperback and #hardback #books here, sold DIRECT from the authors! No #amazon middleman, so you're funding the author directly by buying. Check out #scifi, #fantasy, #urbanfantasy, #spceopera, #dystopian, #romance, and more!

Sans Dec
3 weeks ago

#vendredilecture #western #steampunk #urbanfantasy l'alliage de la justice de Brandon Sanderson J’avais littéralement dévoré la série Fils-des-brumes (vers 2011 ou pas loin, en un weekend et une soirée), c’est donc avec plaisir que je retrouve cet univers. C’est très immersif, j’ai été très vite portée par l’action. Ce roman commence 300 ans après la fin du héros des siècles. C’est une enquête sur fond d’allomancie et de ferrochimie dans un pays qui s’inspire XIXème siècle et du début de la révolution industrielle.

(comment on "L'Alliage de la justice", page 135)

L'Alliage de la justice (ORBIT)
Laura Perry
3 weeks ago

A fresh #BookReview for you today! This one is a genre-bending #JaneAusten style #CozyMystery crossed with #UrbanFantasy - lots of fun!

Juliet E McKenna
3 weeks ago

It's Book Quote Wednesday, and the word is 'edge'. Seeing proof that someone hasn't mistaken a moggy for this menace is making Dan Mackmain tense. #BookQW

Contemporary fantasy drawing on myths and folklore ancient and modern. Widely available in ebook, paperback and hardback.

Check out keen readers' reviews -

#SFF #Fantasy #Books #Bookstodon #UrbanFantasy

Cover art shows a black panther in woodland at night. It's staring straight at you with its mouth half open and those teeth look lethally sharp.

Book extract: I studied the picture.
I couldn’t say if this big cat was a leopard or a jaguar, but I knew black panther was the name used for variants of both species. I’d looked it up. Right now, what a zoologist might call it wasn’t relevant. A sizeable wild animal was perched on the edge of the cliff, snarling to show vicious white fangs. Its vivid yellow eyes were looking straight into the camera. From the way its front feet were placed on the rock face, with its backside and long tail still higher up on the turf, it looked as though the big cat was trying to find a way down to the sand.
‘What did this lad do, when he saw it up there?’ Apart from wondering where he could find a change of underwear.
‘As soon as it saw him, he said it backed off. They do prefer to avoid people, as a rule.’
Hazel’s certainty reminded me her cryptozoology expeditions had taken her to places where big cats still survive.
I had a lot more questions.
1 month ago

If anyone's interested in reading about the Tooth Fairy beating the crap out of human traffickers, vampires, shapeshifters, and the like, Book 1 in the Osseous Series is FREE today (11/8) on Amazon. US only probably?
(Full disclosure, the series is not quite completed yet. 1 more book to go, which is slated for next year.)

#urbanfantasy #books #Reading

Juliet E McKenna
1 month ago

It's Book Quote Wednesday and the word is 'great'. Dan Mackmain's got a big secret and he's not sure he wants to share it just yet. #BookQW

Contemporary fantasy drawing on myths and folklore ancient and modern. Widely available from vendors in ebook, paperback and hardback.

Check out keen readers' reviews -

#books #bookstodon #fantasy #UrbanFantasy #SFF

Cover art shows a black panther in woodland at night. It's looking straight at you and its mouth is half-open. Those teeth look lethally sharp. 

Book extract reads: ‘How long should we give you?’ Fin asked. ‘You had better leave us with a number to ring, to let someone know you’ve probably been injured or eaten.’
Hazel looked as if she wanted to argue. I was relieved to see her shake her head, silently admitting that this predator was too great a threat. ‘So what are we going to do?’
She was still frustrated, and I couldn’t blame her. So was I. I looked up the cliff with a hand shading my eyes. I didn’t want to meet Fin’s gaze or Hazel’s. Fin would see I was hiding something, and Hazel would have her suspicions. I had a way to find out where the big cat was lurking.
Gavin / G B Ralph
1 month ago

Book launch! Celebrated the completion of the Soul Court Ascension trilogy with the author, my friend Mel Harding-Shaw 📚🪽 Huge congrats, very proud! #ParanormalRomance #UrbanFantasy #BookLaunch #Bookstodon #Aotearoa #NewZealand

Authors G B Ralph and Mel Harding-Shaw with the Soul Court Ascension trilogy in paperback.

#WritersCoffeeClub 31: Does your work include any horror elements? What's the most frightening thing you've written?

I have plans for one of the villains to do some things that are pretty creepy, but I'm trying to be very careful of the usual "ways creepy guys violate other people" tropes. Also, I'm writing #UrbanFantasy, not horror, so I do want to avoid suddenly hitting readers with a level of scariness that they hadn't planned on signing up for.

EH Lupton
1 month ago

Pleased to announce this is up for preorder. It's set in 1970, there's magic and gods and drugs and queer romance, and I did actually write a couple of songs for the Macbeth musical. It's a direct sequel to Dionysus in Wisconsin, so if you haven't read that weird fever dream yet, now is a good time to check it out.

(There will be a paperback too. Just no preorder)

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Thomas Rigby
2 months ago

Just caved to all of the great reviews and bought the first of's The Green Man series. Looks like I'm back on the #UrbanFantasy train 🚂

#WritersCoffeeClub 1: Intro: Shameless self-promotion. What's your WIP? What's it about?

My WIP's in early stages (still building the world, characters, etc.) and has no title yet. It's an #UrbanFantasy set in #SanFrancisco, about people who can hear the voice of the City, and who it teaches to do magic. It's about the life and magic of cities, and how San Francisco is at a crossroads, and how people affect the future by our choices in every moment.

#WritersCoffeeClub (Sep) 1: Intro: Shameless Self Promotion. Tell us about yourself, your published work or WIP.

I'm Kagan, a web developer from San Francisco living in Brooklyn, working on my first novel. Totally unpublished author, but going for it anyway.

My WIP is an #UrbanFantasy set in #SanFrancisco, about people who can hear the voice of the City, and do magic based on that.

Thomas Rigby
3 months ago

Stepping away from #UrbanFantasy for a short while and back into #ScandiNoir - a Swedish murder mystery 😘👌

#wwwWednesday #bookstodon #books

Journey Sloane
3 months ago

I was reading more on the rules of #urbanfantasy to prepare for a possible #NaNoWriMo idea and I realized... I like the idea of urban fantasy stories a lot more than the actual stories themselves. I've read a few that I've loved, but when compared to sheer number...they're rare.

It feels like your choices are either paranormal romance or mysteries and just... I want more than that?

(So, uh, anyone have any urban fantasy recs or at least feel me on this??)

#WritingCommunity #Bookstodon

Amalia Zeichnerin
3 months ago

Weiterer Ablauf: Kurz vor der Veröffentlichung sende ich dir eine Erinnerungs-E-Mail, so dass du deine Rezension am 14. Februar 2024 oder einige Tage später online stellen kannst.

Bei Interesse und Zeit bitte eine E-Mail an amaliazeichnerin(at) senden, mit dem gewünschten Format für das E-Book (epub oder mobi).


#bücher #coverreveal #Rezensionsexemplar #Rezensionsexemplare

Amalia Zeichnerin
3 months ago

Nach dem Vorbild der Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) aus dem englischsprachigen Raum vergebe ich schon jetzt Rezensionsexemplare (ausschließlich als E-Book, im Format epub oder mobi) für diesen Roman, der am 14. Februar 2024 erscheinen wird.

Mehr Infos hier im Thread. Gern boosten.

#Hexenromane #FediBuch #BuchTodon #UrbanFantasyMitHexen

Hexen gibt es wirklich und sie leben mitten unter uns ...

Hexen in Hamburg: Verliebt
Die Hexe Dani ist schon lange Single und meldet sich in einem Datingportal an. Kurz darauf lernt sie darüber einen Mann kennen und ist schon bald völlig vernarrt in ihn, obwohl sie beide nur wenig gemeinsam haben. Auf einer Party, die sie zusammen besuchen, beobachtet Dani mysteriöse Dinge und irgendetwas scheint faul an dem Datingportal zu sein. Steckt ein Zauber dahinter? Gemeinsam mit fünf anderen Hexen aus Hamburg forscht Dani nach … 

Die Buchreihe »Hexen in Hamburg« erzählt von modernen Hexen, in einer Mischung aus Urban Fantasy, Cosy Mystery und magischem Realismus. Jeder Band dieser Reihe ist in sich abgeschlossen, und unabhängig von den anderen lesbar, jeweils mit einer eigenen Hauptfigur. Die Bände sind durch den Schauplatz Hamburg und die sechs verschiedenen Hexen verbunden, die in allen Bänden eine Rolle spielen und sich miteinander anfreunden.
Nick Walker
3 months ago

Final page of Chapter 5 of the Weird Luck webcomic!

Weird Luck will be going on hiatus for a few months while we finish work on Chapter 6. In the meantime, watch for the upcoming Chapter 6 cover reveal, featuring Charles & Arok!

#webcomic #webcomics #weirdluck #weird #scifi #fantasy #urbanfantasy #CrimeFiction #intrigue #comics #graphicnovel

Okay, on the one hand, I think I may have fixed a plot problem in my #writing. OTOH, I think I may need to re-read an old, seminal work of #urbanFantasy, just to get a couple of teensy details right with this fix.

But I did want to get a shout-out to this other book in there, and this would be a great way to do it.

Luckily, I don't think I need to re-read it *right now*. I can move ahead, and if I have to fix it later, it's just a few details. #AmWriting

Nick Walker
3 months ago

Smiley's proposition draws mixed reactions, in this week's page of the Weird Luck webcomic!

#weirdluck #webcomic #webcomics #comics #UrbanFantasy #fantasy #scifi #weird #CrimeFiction #intrigue

(Reclusive ghost whisperer Seymour is crashing with his new colleague, recently ordained Episcopal priest and unconventional exorcist Milo, until the two of them can find a way to neutralize a demonic presence that's taken over Seymour's house. Despite Seymour's trademark misanthropy, an awkward little friendship is starting to bloom.)

I catch him looking at me again. Not at my eyes, for once. “ I, uh…have something on me or…?”

Milo’s eyes widen. “I’m so sorry, no…I keep looking at your hair.”

“My hair…?”

“I guess you could say I’m neurodivergent in some unspecified way and sometimes I become preoccupied with things.”

“…Like my hair?”

“It’s pretty. It’s very dark and shiny and I like the way the cut frames your face and kind of swoops over your eye and conforms to the shape of your head in the back.”

“Oh. Uh…thank you…?”

“I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. I have to remind myself it’s unsettling for people if you stare at them. Because personally I never mind it. In fact I think it’s strange that most people seem afraid to look at each other. Anyway…I like your hair. But I’ll try harder not to stare at it.”

“It’s okay,” I hear myself saying.

He blinks. “…Is it?”

“I mean…it’s not a big deal or anything.”

“No, I know it’s weird. I was bad about it when I was younger and people really didn’t like it.”

“I don’t, uh…I don’t really mind.”


“Yeah. It’s fine.”

We lapse into silence for a moment. He’s still stealing glances at me, but seems even shyer now, despite the permission—keeps looking away when our eyes meet.

“Do you…like having your hair brushed?” he asks out of the blue.

“Uh…I guess? Are you…you saying…you want to…?”

“I think it might get it out of my system. But I know that’s weird, so it’s completely okay if you’d rather I didn’t.”

“…You want to brush my hair.”

His fingers flutter against his knee. “I feel like it might resolve the fixation. But it’s totally okay if you don’t want me to. Actually, no—I’m sorry I asked. It puts you on the spot, doesn’t it? No, no—it’s okay.” He closes his eyes; lays his hand on his chest as it rises and falls in a soft, slow breath: “I can manage this myself…”

“Um…I guess you can brush it,” I hear myself say.

His eyes spring open, rounder than I’ve ever seen them. “Are you sure?”

“I mean…somebody’s gotta do it. If you don’t, I’ll just have to do it myself at some point.”

He giggles. “Um…okay. Thank you.”


He pops up. “I have a really nice brush my hairstylist recommended. Let me go get it.”


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Nick Walker
4 months ago

In this week's new page of the Weird Luck webcomic, Smiley gets to the point... sort of.

#webcomic #webcomics #comics #weirdluck #weird #urbanfantasy #intrigue #scifi #fantasy #crimefiction

The answer to 19 is short, so throwing 2 in there also, on my quest to get caught up!

19. Fun fact: Milo played center for his Catholic high school boys' varsity hockey team. (Probably the whole extent of the physical violence he's committed in his life.) Seymour has never played sports but is addicted to video games, especially CRPGs.

2. Seymour hasn't done much in the way of taking meaningful risks yet in his life. He has a history of taking certain habitual risks to distract himself: excessive alcohol consumption, risky sex...taunting angry ghosts. (The latter's actually a bit more on the meaningful side, since he's doing it to help the ghosts, but still not a deeply radical risk for someone who habitually disregards his own physical safety as a way of dissociating.)

Milo is intimate with the reality of impermanence and takes meaningful risks as a way of life, including being radically emotionally honest, connecting empathically to traumatized people, and trying to rehabilitate demons instead of sending them to hell. That said, there are risks he hasn't yet considered taking—such as seeking fulfillment for personal desires he pushed out of mind a long time ago.


#PennedPossibilities #writing #WritingCommunity #GayRomance #mm #mmr #nonbinary #NonbinaryWriters #NonbinaryRomance #QueerRomance #LGBTQromance #LGBTQbooks #LGBTQwriters #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #UrbanFantasy #AmWriting #plural #CPTSD #queer #WIP #romance #QueerJoy #mlm @lgbtqbookstodon

(Might do one extra #PennedPossibilities each day till I've caught up on the ones I find most inspiring—because some of these are really good!)

I think when his story begins Seymour has a latent conviction that he's going to kill himself one day. It's his worst fear and the reason he keeps his life so closed off—so many things trigger him, and suicide's a very real possible consequence whenever he gets triggered. His best hope if he avoids that fate—so he believes—is growing old alone with the stray cats he feeds and his ghost pals who live in his house with him (between intermittent forays into toxic relationships).

Milo doesn't put a lot of stock in destiny; he's a mystic, and to him God represents a timeless present moment in which all things are possible, so in his mind the future's never fixed. That said, his belief in big dreams and fresh starts usually finds its application sparking hope in others who need it, and Milo's never imagined much for himself beyond a life of contemplation and social service.


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#PennedPossibilities 18 (Hi! I'm seeing this hashtag floating around...could someone please tell me where the prompts are coming from? 🙏 )

SEYMOUR: That's a personal fucking question. I...guess you could say I've let go of everything I ever loved or wanted. Not because I had to. Because I just don't have it in me to hold on. Good things never stay, right? Or at the very least they never stay good. So I get out ahead of the bullshit. As soon as they go hot, I go cold. (That's right, I'm a serial ghoster. And yes, as a professional ghost-whisperer, I get the irony.)

MILO: Something I loved and had to let go of was the Catholic Church...and with it, all the moral high ground I had with my parents. They used to be so proud of me for following my calling to become a priest. Now I'm finally ordained, but because it's in the Episcopal Church and not the Catholic Church, to them I'm just a "lapsed Catholic." But for me it wasn't a choice. I wasn't going to stay part of any institution that wouldn't be welcoming to my trans sister.


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#WritingWonders Day 23!

The two most prominent secondary characters in #TakeOnMe (fuggit, going ahead and dropping the title just for y'all here on Mastodon 💛) are Seymour's stepsister Claire and God. (Yes, THE God...or I should say Milo's personal version of them.)

CLAIRE: Have I ever wanted to smack Seymour or Milo...? No! Jeez. What kind of friggin' question is that? You'd have to be a stone-cold sociopath to want to smack Milo. And Seymour—dude. No. I've never wanted to smack him either. ...Well. I mean. Okay...maybe just a /teensy/ bit that time he said he didn't like my three-week-old baby. And also that one time when know what, fine. Maybe there have been more than a few times I would've kinda liked to pop him one. But, jeez...he's such a friggin' sad boi. His dad dropped dead in front of him when he was just a kid, his mom abandoned him right after that...and then his grandma got cancer and he ended up out in the world on his own as a teenager. He's seriously been through a lot. I dunno...I just think he's actually a secret sweetie beneath those lil' hedgehog quills of his, you know what I mean? I'm gonna get him to roll over and show that soft underbelly someday...

GOD: Have I ever wanted to smack Milo or Seymour? [laughter that chimes like a zephyr and tickles like birdsong] Not at all. Have you ever seen them? They're just little human beans. So cute!

As for Milo and Seymour themselves, any smacking that may occur between them will be purely recreational, and likely confined to the posterior region. 😇

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Just a handful of quick #WritingWonders answers for this month to get caught up! (Hi, gang! 👋 I missed y'all and hope y'all are well. I'll probably participate only sporadically till this #WIP is finished.)

My new WIP is a #queer supernatural mystery #romance codenamed #SeymourAndMilo (because I haven't made an official title announcement yet). The image is a crop of the in-progress book cover I've been working on, just so you can see what the protagonists look like (left: Seymour, right: Milo).

Day 1: If one of the protags showed up on my doorstep? I'd squint warily through my peephole like a true Millennial, then think to myself: "Oh my God, what is this [hot goth guy/hot priest (depending which one it is)] doing at my door???"

Day 2: Most readers will probably adore Milo from the start. Seymour's a prickly burr, but if folks stick with him they'll quickly learn he's all squish underneath.

Day 5: Seymour has been involved in a pretty significant (meta)physical altercation in the past. (We don't talk about it.)

Day 6: MILO: [can't think of anything that makes him /angry/-angry...maybe the U.S. mental health care system?] SEYMOUR: "Are you looking for a fucking monologue?"

Day 10: Weapon of choice? SEYMOUR: "My hands. But...not in the way you think." MILO: "My height and extraordinary chill. And, of course, the power of luv 🥺"

Day 15: Intimacy scenes? It's a romance. In a word: Yes.

Day 16: I'm good at and enjoy writing intimacy scenes. They can be a little awkward to share, of course, depending on the audience.

Day 17: SEYMOUR: "My ex-girlfriend, Lottie." MILO: "I give a lot of hugs, so I'm really not sure who the last person I hugged was...but I've never kissed anyone."

Day 19: Support the status quo? Hell, no. Seymour and Milo are both rebels in their own ways. (Seymour go smash; Milo gently expose the uncomfortable emotional truth that make you That Way.)

Day 21: Seymour's only a few months sober and drinks way too much coffee. Milo favors chamomile tea.

Day 22: Seymour doesn't have a friend group. Milo...doesn't either? Milo has a parish (and maintains good relationships with others in helping professions in Beacon Bay Isle and the surrounding townships). And no, Milo never causes drama in his parish...aside from pissing off the senior rector, usually by "going off script" when it's his day to give the homily.

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In-progress cartoon-style art of a stained-glass window in magenta and violet hues, depicting two people (left: Seymour, 26, sharp-featured and elegant with long dark hair and eyeliner, wearing a black trench coat with the collar popped; right: Milo, 27, dimpled and fresh-faced with short dark curtain hair, wearing a clerical collar) holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes. Between them, a light rain falls on blossoming dogwood branches, and a tagline reads, in ecclesiastical-style text: "Love changes everything."
Nick Walker
5 months ago
Nick Walker
5 months ago

Reposting this past week's page of Weird Luck for anyone who might have missed it.

And don't miss the next page, coming Thursday and featuring that mysterious Smiley fellow we've been hearing about!

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Nick Walker
5 months ago

Reposting this past week's mayhem-packed page of Weird Luck for anyone who missed it.

Next page coming Thursday!

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Nick Walker
5 months ago

New page of the Weird Luck webcomic!

We'll get back to thickening the plot next week. This week, we just let Charles and Arok run wild.

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Hi! I am Szilárd, a Hungarian animation teacher in a secondary school by day, director, 3D artist and climber in the leftover time.

I'm the director (and generalist) of a work-in-progress sci-fi animated series project titled Budapest Spaceport.

I'm contributing art for the open source Pioneer Space Simulator

I mainly use #blender and #krita a and a bit of Substance Painter.

My main interests are #SciFi #SpaceShip #UrbanFantasy, #OpenSource #illustration #comics


Digital painting of an orbital fuel depot. An SSTO shuttle is docked to it, and a tanker ship is aproaching.
Concept art for Budapest Spaceport
Cockpit of a sci-fi SSTO shuttle. A red haired girl looks out of the window, at the orbital fuel depot the ship is approaching.
Concept art for Budapest Spaceport
Two sci-fi courier spacecraft sitting on the landing pad of a spaceport, at dusk.
The larger one is an OPLI Barnard's Sinonatrix, the smaller one is a Coronatrix.
The ships are made for the open source Pioneer Space Simulator. Both the assets and this image is licenced as CC-BY-SA 2.0
3D model of the cockpit of a sci-fi courier spaceship with a retro '80s-'90s computing stlye to its hardware. (Imagine atari joysticks and C64s)

Image and assets are licenced as CC-BY-SA 2.0
5 months ago

Hello Mastodon!

This is my #introduction 👋

I'm Chrissey, I'm new here. I'm kind of a Twitter refugee but I've wanted to join for a while and finally took the plunge today.

I'm an author, bookbinder and book cover designer, so a lot of my toots will have a bookish theme, but I also promise pics of my beautiful tortie cats once I figure out the mobile app!

Oh, and I just got married this weekend 🥂

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