Mark Abraham
7 hours ago

Come work with us at DataHaven! New full-time Research Associate job posting in #Connecticut - @ctdata

#publichealth #urbanplanning #research #dataanalysis #jobs #nnip

🕹️ jbz
8 hours ago

🧊 How to Cool Down a City

「 "If you wanted to invent the most effective kind of climate management technology from the ground up, you could spend a lot of time trying to do that. You would just engineer a tree,” said Brian Stone Jr., director of the Urban Climate Lab at the Georgia Institute of Technology 」

#ClimateChange #UrbanPlanning #Singapore

Fiona Gregory
13 hours ago

A floating city the government of the Maldives is building in a lagoon to create extra space for the 150,000 people living on Malé’s 3 sq mi (7.8 sq km) of land and to bolster the country’s population against sea level rise. SkySat image May 26 2023 #Maldives #ClimateCrisis #urbanplanning

Randall White
1 day ago

Meet architect, urban planner, and nighttime lighting designer Cristina Gil Venegas from Bogotá, Columbia. Cristina's initiative, Night-time Traveller, is specifically focused on women and the night.

Attached is a 58-second soundbite from my interview.

Here is a link to the complete 24 Minutes podcast episode:

#LightingDesign #Women #NightTimeTraveller #Nighttime #Safety #UrbanPlanning #Night #Architect #LightPathways #Bogota #Colombia #CulturalAnchoring

Brian Tatosky
2 days ago
Rik @ bikescape
2 days ago

Inspired by the #Amsterdam example, here are all of the unloading zones in #Provincetown that could become bike parking outside of delivery hours… #BikeParking #UrbanPlanning

Map showing the 13 unloading zones in Provincetown that could be used to park 340 bikes outside of delivery hours.

#Montreal somewhat prides itself in its Underground City, but the opening times of some tunnels (especially those connecting office buildings, not malls) are inconsistent, and some are not physically indicated, not to mention almost no information is available online (other than a map indicating the supposed full network)...

(eg. The tunnel between 680 Sherbrooke and 2075 Robert-Bourassa is shut, and the one between the latter and 2001 Robert-Bourassa is only open till 4pm-ish?)


Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 days ago

URBAN PLANNING: #Cities vs regions.

Osanka interviews urban sociologist #PyotrIvanov on #restorativeEnvironments, the ills of #highrise + more.


(At this time, #RT website and #podcasts are not available over #I2P. Also, our activism instance is going offline on 8 Oct due to no funding. It seems that mastodon.#nzossNz, and #flossSocial block us, and our account is somehow limited)

#urbanPlanning #participatoryDevelopment #moscow #siberia

2 days ago

#Connecticut Councils of Governments (COG) Regional Equity Reports: Corresponding to our reports for each of CT's 169 towns, these documents feature disaggregated data on well-being and equity for all CT planning regions #nnip #demographics #publichealth #urbanplanning

Kate Nyhan
2 days ago

Please explain this to me? Is it saying that I can lock my bike to a parking meter?
Are there cities where you can't lock your bike to a parking meter?
Or can I leave my bike in a metered parking spot and, what, hope it'll still be there when I come back LOL
#bike #parking #UrbanPlanning

▼ Parking Meters

Bikes park free on all City of New Haven parking meters.
Ben Fulton
3 days ago

Road Diets and Older Adults

"Overall, implementing road diets resulted in slower speeds on each of the three streets...drivers with amyloid plaques in the brain drove more slowly than drivers without. What was surprising, though, was that implementing a road diet caused the healthy (amyloid free) drivers to slow down but there was no slowing of the drivers with amyloid plaques."

#RoadDiet #UrbanPlanning #STLouis

3 days ago

Good morning, everyone.
Parking it's getting impossible in Funchal
#traffic #UrbanPlanning #abandonedvehicles

Alpine Joe
3 days ago

@EverydayMoggie @Geldaran At the very least, I have suspected that the Class 2 bikeways don't make things any better. It's well documented that drivers speed up when the roads get wider. I think the painted bike lanes are being interpreted by drivers as a wider road for cars, so they go even faster. Nothing kills so effectively as speed.

Bottom line, most people don't feel safe taking a bike on them, so they are a poor way to promote active transport.

#UrbanPlanning #infrastructure #cycling

4 days ago

But I very much respect the Italian efforts to preserve their local architecture styles when they did reconstructions in the 50s. It's clearly 50s buildings, but they don't stand out too much and are fairly inoffensive.

#Italy #history #architecture #UrbanPlanning #UrbanDesign

Jan Adriaenssens
5 days ago

This XKCD-comic is rightfully making rounds online.

My personal opinion in this series would be:

“Our cities already have more than enough space suited for bikes. Too bad that space is currently assigned to cars.”

#urbanplanning #bikes #urbanism #urbanmobility #mobility

Comic on “typical urban planking opinion progression”.
Sarah Gelbard, PhD (she/her)
5 days ago

"Can a transit line begin to connect a neighbourhood that sometimes feels a world apart?"

"By the turn of the millennium, not only was Rexdale physically difficult to get to, the recycling of this narrative cemented the neighbourhood’s reputation as a corner of the city most people didn’t want to go in the first place."

#PublicTransit #Transportation #LRT #UrbanPlanning #CityPlanning #Toronto #Rexdale #Ontario #TTC

Jason Yip
6 days ago

Der heutige XKCD ist wieder mal grossartig:
#UrbanPlanning #AutoKorrektur

Łukasz Horodecki :mastodon:
6 days ago

Świeży odcinek XKCD o progresji poglądów na temat miejskiego planowania.


#XKCD #UrbanPlanning #PlanowanieMiast

Komiks XKCD o progresji poglądów na temat miejskiego planowania od poszerzania dróg i parkingów do wykładania kolców do przebijania opon.
Alpine Joe
6 days ago

Are painted bike lanes (Class II) an effective way to increase safety and participation in cycling for transportation?

#activetravel #UrbanPlanning #cycling #visionzero #ProtectedBikeLanes

Rik @ bikescape
1 week ago

#Amsterdam does this very clever thing with some loading zones: Turn them into bike parking outside of delivery hours! #BikeParking #LoadingZone #UrbanPlanning #BikeTooter

Amsterdam loading zone filled with bikes outside of delivery hours.
Amsterdam loading zone with parked vans during delivery hours.
Rik @ bikescape
1 week ago

Traffic counting milestone: Over 300,000 pedestrians passed by the #Telraam counter at 330 Commercial St in #Provincetown since it started counting on August 13! Oh, and over 47,000 people on bikes!#TrafficCounter #traffic #pedestrian #walking #bicycle #UrbanPlanning #BikeTooter See the counter dashboard here:

Telraam count 330 Commercial Tourism office Aug 13 to Sept 20 2023

Yeeeesss! This has been a long time coming. The Greater Jakarta concept which includes Jabodetabek and Cianjur was first proposed by Governor Ali Sadikin but never materialized in full. This should streamline urban development planning and management in the region.

#Indonesia #Jakarta #Jabodetabek #UrbanPlanning #CityPlanning

Bicycling Monterey
1 week ago

Amy Cohen, cofounder of Families for Safe Streets ( on #BikeLeague / League of American #Bicyclists webinar Slow Roads Save Lives (

Amy's son Sammy was age 12 when killed by preventable epidemic of traffic violence. Later the speed limit there was slowed, and a child age 5 struck on the same street survived.

#SlowSpeeds #SlowSpeedsSaveLives #SlowRoadsSaveLives

Resource Guide, currently available in 3 languages:

Families for #SafeStreets Resource Guide

Amy commented: been at this for 10 years and never would have believed change happens so slowly; persist!

#CrashNotAccident #TrafficViolence #TrafficSafety #PublicSafety #BikeTooter #bike #walk #cycling #bicycling #UrbanPlanning #TrafficCalming #transportation #infrastructure #TrafficViolence

Bicycling Monterey
1 week ago

Vision Zero for Youth among resources shared by Natalie Draisin,
North American Office Director and UN Representative · FIA Foundation ( #BikeLeague / League of American #Bicyclists webinar Slow Roads Save Lives (

Natalie also spoke about #BikeBus, e.g., Oregon legislation's "schools will be able to apply for reimbursements from the OR Dept of Education for activities like walking school buses, crossing guards, and bike buses. ( - Many are familiar with Sam Balto of OR's work on bicycle buses; on Mastodon, also check @ascentale.

#VisionZero #VisionZeroForYouth #TrafficSafety #PublicSafety #youth #BikeTooter #bike #walk #cycling #bicycling #SlowSpeeds #UrbanPlanning #TrafficCalming #transportation #infrastructure

Jonatan Hildén
1 week ago

Mäntsälä, a municipality some 60 km north of Helsinki is a good illustration of how the Finnish countryside was changed by car-centric development. Compare these two aerial photographs, with current road centerlines superimposed in red.

Many things might be done differently now, if it was possible to return to 1948 and start anew.

#urbanplanning #carCulture

Two aerial photographs at the same scale and of the same geographical location. The top from 1948 shows fields, meandering roads and a village at the crossroads, in the lower edge a river.
The bottom image from 2020 shows the area covered in loosely spaced urban development and wide roads, very few of the original roads or buildings have survived.
In the top corner a population chart showing slow growth from 6700 in 1890 to the 1940s, then a jump, then a decrease and then sustained growth to 20000 inhabitants in 2020.
Ricardo Magalhaes
1 week ago

9/10 large pick-up trucks (F-150, RAM, etc) I see in the city have their cargo area perfectly empty every time.

Just saying. A sedan could probably serve their needs better.

#urbanplanning #cities

Shine F.
1 week ago

Researching for an upcoming blog for our company. I weep at how far behind we are in terms of technology adoption (and how poor/corrupt our country is to even spare budget for it). 😭Take, for instance, this fantastic digital twin of Sydney, Australia. If only we can do the same for better #UrbanPlanning...

@mynameistillian That's because for the entire eastern block, #carcentric #UrbanPlanning was neither feasible [#fuel was scarce and artificially subsidized] in mass-scale nor contrary to #collectivism as #privacy in like seperated #Suburban homes was deemed dangerous and suspicious.

Needless to say when #Cars are not an option, #PublicTransit and #WalkableNeighbourhoods with all necessities in walkable distances are basically a necessity for everyone.

ES Michelson
1 week ago

Dear friends,

#ClimateDiary during #ClimateWeek (this week!)

#Singapore is exercising its #UrbanPlanning chops and using #LandscapeDesign to cool things down!

Your friend,

Ben Fulton
1 week ago

Added the BikePortland and No More Freeways feeds to my feed reader. They are great but...I don't live anywhere near Oregon. Where are the feeds for the Midwest?

#UrbanPlanning #Midwest #rss

“It’s not my duty as mayor to make sure you have a parking spot,” he said at a 2020 conference. “For me, it’s the same as if you bought a cow, or a refrigerator, and then asked me where you’re going to put them.”

#UrbanPlanning #ParkYourOwnCow

2 weeks ago

“It’s not my duty as mayor to make sure you have a parking spot...For me, it’s the same as if you bought a cow, or a refrigerator, and then asked me where you’re going to put them.”

#activetravel #urbanplanning

Ugh (“ugh”)
2 weeks ago

@anniegreens @3TomatoesShort very much this!!! And how is that going, y’all in #transit #urbanplanning #urbanism #publictransit #publictransportation?

(Also, please next do #libraries #votingrights #deaf #blind #homelessness #lgbtq and all the other areas we are systematically excluding vulnerable people from while being “inclusive”.)

The Conversation U.S.
2 weeks ago

California is trying to address #environmentaljustice by requiring cities and towns there to include it it in their city plans.

But of 500 city plans analyzed by researchers, only 3 explicitly address racism. On the other hand, 360 plans discuss golf.

@blackmastodon #BlackMastodon #urbanplanning #cities

Urban islands of heat:

On #ClimateChange and the #UrbanHeatIsland effect in developing countries blindly following the American style of "development", personal stories from people trying to cope with these both climate and architecturally magnified heatwaves.

#ClimateCrisis #Pakistan #India #Bangladesh #GlobalSouth #GlobalWarming #Heatwave #HeatIsland #SouthAsia #Lahore #UrbanPlanning #Urbanism #Urban #LUMS #ClimateDiary

Jan Adriaenssens
2 weeks ago

I count my blessings being able to cycle through Antwerp almost every day. So may nice views, experiences,…

📍: Suikerrui, Antwerp, Belgium

#streetphotography #antwerpen #urbanmobility #urbanplanning #urbanism #cycling

Photo of the sun rising above the Antwerp Cathedral, with a pedestrian street in front and come people cycling on it.

When I couldn't find a bicycle that could handle my weight I thought that Prague is too hilly to use bicycle to get to places.

Now that I found a bicycle that can handle my weight, hills are not the issue. Lack of bicycle infrastructure and not really safe streets are the issues.


Jan Adriaenssens
2 weeks ago

I very much like these drawings by @pirquin on how can we make the (urban) places we live in actually safe and more interesting for kids.

#UrbanPlanning #Urbanism #UrbanMobility #Illustration #Playground

Sketch of two urban streets and the path where a child walks from A to B, encountering dangerous points (crossroads) and fun parts (playing on the pavement an in a park).
Senna 🌿
3 weeks ago

Multiple projects underway in #Philly to replace or build over highways in the city with green pedestrian space #urbanism #UrbanPlanning

Proposal for a park covering I-95 at Penn's landing
Proposal for a cap of Route 676 going through Chinatown
Proposal for various plans to replace roads with green space on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

You know how you sometimes come across something, an article or social media post or video, that makes you wonder if there’s a carbon monoxide leak in your house…? #YouAreTraffic #UrbanPlanning #CarCentric

Chris McCahill
3 weeks ago

Mixed land uses are associated with greater social cohesion, according to a new study. Without diverse land uses, dense places can have the opposite effect.

#Walkability #UrbanPlanning #UrbanDesign #Urbanism

OMG Vancouver finally looks at corner stores as one of the improvements to current zoning. It could be a game changer for boring suburban areas of the city!

More info and a SURVEY:
#Vancouver #urbanism #CornerStore #UrbanPlanning #MixedUse #walkable #WalkableCities #StrongTowns #15MinuteCity

Illustration of a corner store located in a small apartment building, sidewalk seating, people walking and biking.
Not Just Bikes 🇳🇱
3 weeks ago

The Netherlands is so beautiful 😍

#Netherlands #urbanplanning #uglyplaces #schiphol

Ugly road and street near Schiphol airport in the Netherlands
Sarah Gelbard, PhD (she/her)
3 weeks ago

My friends/colleagues & I cowrote a commentary for #JournalOfPlanningEducationandResearch that we're thrilled to get out: "Notes from the Trenches: Reflections from Recent #PhD Graduates on Navigating the #Academy"

I am so grateful for the friends/colleagues who collaborated on this and the chance to practice together the kind of academy we want and believe is possible.

#Publication #Academia #JobMarket #UrbanPlanning #AcademicJobs

My brain focus is such that reading, which I used to be able to do SO FAST, is now so slow I almost always have to renew library books to finish them. I had to return “The City Google Couldn’t Buy” half-read as there was a hold on it. Placed my own to get it back soon.

Now started “The Smart Enough City” by Ben Green. It’s of a similar view with lots of good refs - recommend for anyone interested in urban futures. #urbanplanning #cityLife #future

The cover of my current read, and sitting to the right side of the frame, the cat who would prefer I were petting him.

After being in other Czech towns than Prague in the past month and a half, I am confused.

Why the hell is Prague so badly designed for humans, even according to Czech standards?


Dave Spector
4 weeks ago

This is peak techbro Dunning-Kruger ego mastrubation. Instead of doing the hard work of helping fix our EXISTING cities, they want to use their incredible experience in #UrbanPlanning(*) to make a Potemkin village.

Total combined experience = 0.0 years, but they did hear someone talk about #JaneJacobs at a Molly Party once.

Mel Campbell
4 weeks ago

I am so on board with Tyler Vigen’s extremely petty and niche #research
into the origins of a random pedestrian bridge

It is really inspirational to see how persistent his research is, and how resourceful his thinking is to find new avenues of inquiry when a trail of evidence ends

For me, the takeaway is to look for names of key stakeholders as keywords rather than relying on project names, project codes or place names

#UrbanPlanning #Infrastructure #UrbanDevelopment #History #ResearchSkills #Bridges

1 month ago


Traditional Cooling methods in Modern buildings | The Cooling Web | DTE Call For Action

8 min video

India promotes zero or minimal building climate methods to adapt to and mitigate climate change. Heatwaves / climate whiplash dramatically increase demand energy use for heating and AC, an immense cost to low income populations and a huge energy drain for many nations.

#India #climatechange #urbanPlanning

1 month ago


Infill it!

Can Infill Development Save Cities?

9 min video

zoning laws are really a forefront of climate adaptation and mitigation


Brian Tatosky
1 month ago

Great episode on "Why don't we just convert all those empty offices to housing?"

Realistic talk on the issues for something most people really do agree should be a thing.

#podcasts #UrbanPlanning #Housing

1 month ago

"It will not work to simply replace every existing air conditioner with a better model and call it a day. Instead a truly cooler future will have to employ other, passive strategies that rely on urban planning and building design to minimize the need for cooling in the first place." #climate #technology #airConditioning #urbanPlanning

Iain Roberts
1 month ago

The cycle lanes through Manchester's Curry Mile don't quite meet the latest standards and suffer from pedestrian overspill in the evenings. But cycling along here is a world better than it was before they went in, when you took your life in your hands with every trip.

Not perfect, but good enough to have made a huge difference to safety and got a lot more people cycling along here.

#Cycling #urbanism #urbanplanning #infrastructure #manchester

Cycle lane through Rusholme, Manchester with kerb separation from the pavement and kerb + bollard separation from the carriageway and parking spaces.
Jason Thorne
1 month ago

Our planning office’s 3D model of downtown Hamilton really captures the housing growth of the past couple of years. This is the model in 2020 vs. 2023 (green = approved; orange = application; blue = built or under construction)
#housing #yimby #hamont #cities #urbanplanning

3D model of downtown Hamilton showing only three blue buildings and one orange building
3D model of downtown Hamilton showing several blue and orange buildings
Sarah Gelbard, PhD (she/her)
1 month ago

A little joy ride on the #REM, Montreal's new commuter rail to Brossard. #PublicTransit #LightRail #CommuterRail #UrbanPlanning #Transportation #Montreal #Quebec #Brossard

View from inside the train car. Rail line and elevated bridge in the foreground. Downtown Montreal skyline in the distance.
View from inside the train car. Rail line and elevated bridge in the foreground. Approaching Downtown Montreal.
Rail tracks and overhead wires.
Closeup of green and white rail car
Jason Thorne
1 month ago

Work getting started on the new cycle track on Emerson St. to McMaster University (this ramp at the bus stop will allow for level and accessible loading onto the buses, without the bus having to pull into the bike lane)
#hamont #biketooter #cycling #urbanplanning

Construction cones around a recently paved asphalt ramp at a bus stop
Sarah Gelbard, PhD (she/her)
1 month ago

"Legislation that makes it dangerous to teach the history of things like redlining, white flight, rural land loss, and the countless federal and local policies that exacerbated racial inequities in housing, will particularly affect urban planning departments and related courses of study, such as urban studies and sociology."

#CriticalRaceTheory #UrbanStudies #UrbanPlanning #Sociology #HigherEd #Academia

Not Just Bikes 🇳🇱
1 month ago

My latest video is now available to Nebula and Patreon supporters!

We've lived in the Netherlands for 5 years now, and in that time we've been to a lot of small cities and towns. It's really amazing just how good these places are!

Here's a look into what the Netherlands is like outside of Amsterdam.

#netherlands #urbanplanning #smalltowns

Ben Fulton
1 month ago

Sticks Not Carrots Needed To Get Drivers Out Of Cars, Say Climate Scientists

“The most effective thing we can do to reduce cars in cities is to use carrots and sticks to reduce car use and increase public transport, walking, and cycling. But carrots alone are not sufficient to overcome the entrenched infrastructure and incentives, which today favors car use.”

#UrbanPlanning #BanCars

Sarah Gelbard, PhD (she/her)
1 month ago

My #bookreview of Gendered places: The landscape of local gender norms across the United States, by William J. Scarborough is now up on Journal of Urban Affairs website.

Just in time for syllabus writing if you're teaching a class in #gender and the #Geography / #UrbanPlanning / #TownPlanning / #Sociology of #Place

GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
1 month ago

Our love of nature is highly individual and how we plan our cities and urban green spaces should take this into account, say scientists

Heredity And Early Experiences Are The Reasons People Love Nature | @GoteborgsUni & @_SLU | published in @Trends_Ecol_Evo

by @GrrlScientist via @ForbesScience / @Forbes

#nature #biophilia #genetics #experiences #greenspaces #UrbanPlanning

Christoph Becker
1 month ago

How does income relate to access to green spaces in #Toronto? How many people share each tree in Rosedale vs Jamestown?
Earlier this summer we released,
a platform for exploring #urban #sustainability and #justice across spatial and temporal scales. Curbcut integrates a wide range of data sources to help researchers, #policymakers, communities, and individuals explore Qs like the above. Try it out!
#TOpoli #urbanplanning #urbanism #JustSustainability

I hire planners. Our interviews make it clear that I expect them to understand history, how it shows up in today's crash data and gaps in active transportation networks, and the context all this creates for community engagement. Essential professional knowledge. Who will want to hire graduates from colleges prevented from teaching history? #CRT #UrbanPlanning #planning #history

1 month ago

Finally wrote another article, this time it was on right-wing attacks on intellectual freedom, specifically in higher-ed (specifically focused on #UrbanPlanning, #Sociology etc.)

Right-wing attacks on intellectual freedom go beyond higher ed; they're shutting down & censoring libraries, intimidating & restricting what can be taught in K-12. Control of history, silencing of experiences, erasure of facts is very much a part of #Fascism


Bicycling Monterey
1 month ago


From the National Association of City #Transportation Officials (NACTO):

"It’s time to reshape the federal document that shapes U.S. #streets—the Manual on Uniform #Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)...which hasn’t been substantially updated in over half a century. The federal government is in the final stages of updating MUTCD....Here are the key changes we’ll be looking out for."

#BikeTooter #USA

#TrafficSafety #Bikeways #BikeLanes #BusLanes #AutonomousVehicles #Pedestrian #Cyclist #SpeedLimits #Crosswalks #Intersections #BikeBoxes #UrbanPlanning #CompleteStreets #Bike #Walk #Bus #PublicTransport

Adam Cook
1 month ago

"Fix the damn roads" is one of *the* most out-of-touch slogans in #Michigan politics today and I wince every time I hear and see it.

I live in #Detroit and I cannot even get a damn bus to #Livonia because the City of Livonia was allowed, inexplicably under Michigan Law, to simply opt-out. 🤷‍♂️

#transit #UrbanPlanning

A screenshot of part of the most recent Metro Detroit-area SMART Bus system map.

The map shows the various bus lines that emanate from Downtown Detroit and spread to various other surrounding suburbs - with the notable exception of the City of Livonia, which is indicated by a red outline.

Within the red outline there are no SMART Bus lines.
The Conversation U.S.
1 month ago

Bigger vehicles can be safer in crashes, but far more dangerous for pedestrians.

And the average size of cars and trucks in the U.S. continues to grow. Some current models – like that of the Toyota Rav4 – are a third larger than they were only 15 years ago.

That’s led to a 77% increase in pedestrian fatalities since 2010.

#urbanplanning #transportation

Graphic with two cars speeding through crosswalk. The text reads: "Larger, heavier and deadlier. Cars are getting bigger on US roads, and that's increasing pedestrian and cyclist deaths. Here's how communities can fight back."
Eli Pousson
2 months ago

New to me resource on urban population health data: City Health Dashboard:

Are there other folks with intersecting #PublicHealth + #UrbanPlanning interests on Mastodon? Would love to follow more public health researchers/practitioners on here.

2 months ago

The sky train in Wuhan. I don't know if it's practical or not but it feels like the future and I want to go on it.

#urbanPlanning #China #publicTransportation #skyTrain #transit #wuhan


A short video of a ride on a train with powder blue seats and clouds painted on the ceiling. There are windows in the floor showing the green landscape of Wuhan rolling by.
2 months ago

Thrasher's "This Old Ledge" series is amazing. #skateboarding #histories meet and conflict with #architecture, #urbanplanning, and #public #art.

Chris McCahill
2 months ago

Let's flip this new survey from @pewresearch.

Two out of five Americans would prefer living in smaller homes, closer to each other, if schools, stores, and restaurants were within walking distance.

#Walkability #SmartGrowth #UrbanPlanning

Ben Fulton
2 months ago

North American cities need to push for secure bicycle parking

"As more professionals opt to bike to work, the question looms: where do these bikes go during the workday? Many downtown office buildings and commercial spaces lack the infrastructure to accommodate this influx. Without adequate facilities, these bicycles end up chained to poles, stacked against walls, or worse – left at home."

#cycling #UrbanPlanning