Saw these really nice, low rise garbage containers near Union Square. They need to do this everywhere so the rats can’t get to the garbage bags.

#NYC #Urbanism #Trash #Rats #GarbageCollection

Short, gray, metal trash collection containers along a street
4 hours ago

#Australia: Passenger Accessibility case study Brisbane Metro

As part of the #Brisbane #Metro project, Brisbane City Council led a unique co-design process with the accessibility sector to evolve the design of HESS’ lighTram® 25 vehicles.
#buses #transport #urbanism

Text on image says:
Case Study:
Brisbane Metro

Setting new standards for accessibility and comfort

Designed in Switzerland and tested in Brisbane, HESS’ lighTram® 25 is Australia’s first bi-articulated, high-capacity electric vehicle. HESS is delivering 60 vehicles for Brisbane City Council’s turn-up-and-go Brisbane Metro project – a new era of connected travel.

Delivering inclusive public transport

Through a unique co-design process with the accessibility sector, led by Brisbane City Council in partnership with HESS, the metro vehicle design has evolved. This process involved creating both a virtual 3D model and life size mock-up of the first compartment, enabling people with accessibility requirements to provide feedback that structurally changed the vehicle design. After incorporating feedback, the pilot metro was designed and arrived in April 2022 for testing across greater Brisbane...
5 hours ago

Mayor announces further funding to #rewild #London and make capital more resilient to #climatechange

The Mayor has committed a further £710,000 to support new rewilding projects in the capital as part of his Rewild London programme

5 hours ago

People people say at #Portland is a #bike town but what Portland really is is a #walking in the street town

#urbanism #pdx

Kowabunga Kurk
7 hours ago

I'm going to #Italy and #France. I'm going to take pictures of any #urbanism things (or lack thereof) I see. Should be fun.

9 hours ago

after watching this:

it's kind of baffling how little coverage electric scooters (motorcycle) get in:
#transit #urbanism #ClimateChange #environment

i mean, it's not pretty, but infastructure stays mostly the same, public transit stays underfunded, and it's probably easier/cheaper to rollout, manufacture and sustain than electric cars.

maybe some radical politican can pass all necessary regulations in one term...

It's been a few weeks since I got hit-and-run while on my bicycle. My bruises are healed now and the residual pain with my knee has thankfully subsided. However, the mental health effects are still strong. My heart races and I dissociate when I think about getting hit, and I have not been able to sleep well because the crash keeps replaying in my head for hours at a time as I lay in bed.

Now, I learn someone else has gotten hit at the same intersection, but today's victim did not survive:

I didn't take the news very well at first, and I still am not to a degree, but I need to try to break through the mental paralysis and do what I can -- talk to the city, talk to the county, talk to the DNR (owner of the pathway), talk to friends who work at local news outlets, talk to the safer streets organizations, anyone and everyone. I could have easily been killed instead of merely injured a few weeks ago, and this blurb is a harrowing reminder of that, because people *are* getting killed here. I need it to stop; I need it to not happen to anyone else.

#Milwaukee #urbanism #safestreets #pedestrian #cycling #traffic

Something is wrong when the transportation option we have made a norm of requiring costs 16% of median household income:

(For a new car, which the median household is probably not buying these days.)

Besides making other modes more accessible, automakers need to start selling smaller vehicles again!

12 hours ago

#Transport for #London Freedom of Information release:
#ULEZ Legal Costs
"#TfL received one payment of £280,000 on 7 August 2023, on behalf of the five councils"
#urbanism #FOIA #cleanair #court

12 hours ago


I know that this is the dominant mode of thought in most of what might be called #urbanism #Bike tusker

and it is partly true
but IMO this belief that cars are some sort of giant conspiracy by govt/industry is way way way overblown:

People Like Cars
They Like To Drive
They Like Big Fast Cars
They Like Suburban Homes (US)

you can point to all the redline actions you want, but the failure of ubanism/bike tooter tusker to face up to reality is, IMO, a problem

John Gordon
13 hours ago

I’m the 90s North Minneapolis was a scary place. It’s changed since.

This weekend Emily and I rode across it. I was struck by how many bicycle paths and “bike boulevards” it has now. The Google bike routing was bad — but we rode past a Google mapping car.

Do city dev people know what effect bicycle paths have on urban development? If communities become more livable is that a negative for renters? Should renters oppose bicycle paths?

#bicycling #cityPlanning #urbanism #msp

Ugh. Hobby urbanists frustrate me when they "research" and "resolve" debates about complex issues in a 10-minute youTube video.

"Clearly, data from this one study and my own intuition prove I'm right and the opposing argument is irrational."

#urbanism #cityPlanning #expertise #youTube

15 hours ago

#Birmingham, West #Midlands: Cross-city bus route network to make services quicker and easier for passengers

Four new cross-city bus routes, designed to make services more reliable and attractive, are set to be developed...
#Transport #Buses #urbanism #UK #England

Drone shot of bus route improvements at Heybarnes Circus island, in Small Heath.
Image by West Midlands Combined Authority
Proposed Cross City bus routes: map courtesy of Transport for West Midlands (TfWM)
16 hours ago

#Transport for #London press release:
#TfL and London Councils launch next phase of London’s rental e-scooter trial
Dott, Lime and Voi were recently selected by TfL for the second phase of the rental e-scooter trial
#escooter #technology #urbanism

TfL Image - E-Scooter trial
TfL Image - E scooter trial body

These photos aren't from the future, they are from here and now and show what can be done with just a little planning and preparing for #OurWonderfulGreenFuture
Taken from @ATLpaul
#Urbanism #Trees #Cycling #WalkableStreets #Atlanta

Streets opened up to the public to walk and cycle. Lots of trees and greenery.
Streets opened up to the public to walk and cycle. Lots of trees and greenery.
Streets opened up to the public to walk and cycle. Lots of trees and greenery.
Streets opened up to the public to walk and cycle. Lots of trees and greenery.
Ebike Nuggs
1 day ago

I just spent £400 servicing our bikes – and I feel okay about that.

#cycling #ebike #ActiveTravel #ActiveTransport #urbanism #BikeTooter

1 day ago

Scenes from today's Streets Alive. Even in #Atlanta, a city known for car-oriented sprawl, people will walk and bike if you give them a safe and comfortable way to do so. The demand is here. Our leaders need to pay attention. #BikeTooter #urbanism #cycling

People on bikes and on foot in the street and on the sidewalk in front of a one story brick historic building. The sky is bright blue on a sunny day.
Dozens of people on bikes and on foot go down a street closed to cars. The street sign reads "5th street." Trees line the street, with a brick building on one side.
Dozens of people on foot, cycling, and pushing strollers walk down a street closed to cars. A blue glass skyscraper is visible in the background. Leafy green trees line both sides of the road.
Several dozen people walk, bike, and hang out on a tree-shaded street. A white marble building is in the background.
Jonatan Hildén
1 day ago

People in Espoo (car centric city next to Helsinki) dunking on someone complaining about unclear pedestrian routes.
”There are navigation apps you know”.

Guys, just maybe that is not the best comeback, implying that finding one’s way in your hometown requires a navigator? #urbanism

1 day ago

#London #Transport (LT) News (No. 385 - August 17 1990) clipping:
London #Underground adds pink and the line name Hammersmith & City line to the former Metropolitan line section from #Hammersmith to #Whitechapel and Barking.
#urbanism #history #trains #subway #metro

The text on the image says:
In the pink for new image
One of the capital's oldest Underground lines has been given a new colour on the system map as well as a new identity.

The Hammersmith & City is now the official line title for the former Hammersmith & City section of the Metropolitan line between Hammersmith and Whitechapel and Barking.
1 day ago

#Urbanism: Insidious Globalist Conspiracy or Self-Evident Common Sense?

Darcy R
1 day ago

Last Sunday, I participated in my city's Fancy Women Bike Ride. I made a short video on what I experienced and some of my thoughts on why such rides are important.

#cycling #BikeTooter #FWBR #urbanism

Jan Adriaenssens
2 days ago

This XKCD-comic is rightfully making rounds online.

My personal opinion in this series would be:

“Our cities already have more than enough space suited for bikes. Too bad that space is currently assigned to cars.”

#urbanplanning #bikes #urbanism #urbanmobility #mobility

Comic on “typical urban planking opinion progression”.
2 days ago

Today is the return of Streets Alive! See y'all on Peachtree Street. #Atlanta #OpenStreets #BikeTooter #urbanism

A screenshot of a mobile webpage. On top is a photo of a man on a skateboard performing a jump, on a street closed to cars. A logo reads "Atlanta Streets Alive." Below this is text reading "returning to Peachtree Street in Fall 2023. September 24, October 22, November 12."
Jason Thorne
2 days ago

My weekend read … and I highly recommend it! “Dream States: Smart Cities, Technology, and the Pursuit of Urban Utopias" by John Lorinc … also a Donner Prize nominee and Global Cities Book Award winner!
#bookstodon #smartcity #cities #urbanism #books

Image of book cover
2 days ago

"Less space for cars, more for green. Utrecht's redesigned ring road." In just 4 minutes, a great insight that designing lower speed roads needs specific infrastructure. #urbanism #netherlands

Firehorseart lives!
2 days ago


"The UK is often described as having some of the oldest and least energy efficient housing in Europe."

World-beating inefficiency.


#housing #urbanism

2 days ago

Just a dream but what if #Corvallis #Oregon took this street block on 6th and Monroe, turned one side into a slow two way or one-way, and the other half of this into a #train station 🧐 #urbanism

2 days ago

Local #Government and Social Care Ombudsman: Hundreds of rejected Freedom Pass applications to be reviewed by #London Borough of #Newham Council

More than 200 Newham residents are to have their rejected applications for Freedom Passes reviewed…
#transport #urbanism #UK #England #disability #disabled #humanrights

It should be obvious! "Focus on what people can see" And also what they can do. In #OWGF we will need to have better overall plans for this and not just "let the developers decide what's most profitable" More Greenery will always help.
#urbanism #OurWonderfulGreenFuture #Tranist #Rail #walkablecities

Should Be Writing
2 days ago

#PublicTransit advocates in #LosAngeles needed to attend a public meeting Sept. 28 on the proposed ‘connectivity’ plan for San Pedro’s waterfront.

So far, sounds like they’ve heard a lot of #Carbrain: “We heard over and over, resoundingly, there is not enough parking.”


#FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #BikeTooter #WalkableCities #AutofreiCA #LA #LongBeach #SantaMonica #HuntingtonBeach #NewPortBeach #UCLA #Anaheim #SantaAna #Pasadena

Jeff Allen
2 days ago

toronto has a lot of fun laneways - here's a few photos just north of queen, west of bathurst

#toronto #laneway #alley #photography #urbanism

Laneway with adjacent single-story row housing with pitched roofs
Narrow canyon-like laneway with 2-3 story buildings on each edge
Brick corner building at the intersection of two laneways
View down a laneway with a small sidewalk and bench. Backs of houses and small garages in the distance
Light bulbs
2 days ago

Good summary of urban design considerations:


Light bulbs
2 days ago

1/ Pros and cons of trams—15-min. video:

Pros of trams (vs. buses):
– More durable
– Higher capacity
– No need for fossil fuels or batteries

Above-ground trams are also cheaper to build and maintain than underground trains such as subways.

#PublicTransport #Urbanism

David Zipper
3 days ago

Hanover, Germany is removing 4,000 center city parking spots, using the space to plant trees and expand cafe seating.

Reminder: No need to wait for autonomous vehicles to get rid of on-street parking -- cities can do it now!

#cities #germany #urbanism

Jason Thorne
3 days ago

"The mark of a great city isn't how it treats its special places, but how it treats its ordinary ones" Aaron Renn #publicspace #placemaking #cities #urbanism

Swings hanging from a bridge overpass

When XKCD describes the #urbanism movement like this, it starts to feel like the winds of society are changing.

My own story is a bit different, but then I don’t live in the US. My home town of #stockholm is pushing bicycle infrastructure forward with every year that passes.

Never quickly enough, of course, because the traffic increases outpace the city infrastructure: we have actual bicycle traffic jams at some points.

Marc Hedlund
3 days ago

That’s me on the right. #Amsterdam #Urbanism

Bruce Fulton
3 days ago
Scene in a residential back alley. Detail of a green house, white garage and a telephone pole with overhead wires can be seen against a blue sky.
A large ca. Victorian era brick house.
Detail of an old, faded but colorful, advertising mural on the side of a brick commercial building.
Small wooden house in Irvington, Indianapolis. It is a narrow, one story building, tan with white trim.
UC Access Now
3 days ago

E-bike discount/voucher programs are great, but you know what we also need to see? Discounts on electric mobility aids. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are VERY expensive. Yet they also make local errands possible for people. Disabled people in general have very low incomes! #BikeTooter #Urbanism

From the New York Times:
"People older than 65 ride Seoul’s subway system for free. Throngs of seniors spend their days riding the trains to the end of the line, or to nowhere in particular, and have become an established part of the city’s fabric."

This will be me.

#transit #cities #urbanism #korea

Blake Leyh
3 days ago

I had a walk through midtown NYC on the East side this morning and snapped some photos. It still has the urban mystique after all this time, feels like the archetypal city.

#Photography #Urbanism #StreetPhotography

The Chrysler Building reflects complex sun and clouds, flanked by tall glass towers on either side, with dramatic backlit clouds behind it against a blue sky.
Looking East on 57th St at 7th Ave in NYC the tall buildings create a wide-angle canyon. The light is red, a truck waits at the light, people with roller suitcase scamper through the crosswalk. Above there are dramatic puffy white and gray clouds in the blue sky.
Looking North up the canyon of Madison Avenue the middle of the frame is an impossibly dense telephoto soup of cars and traffic lights. A large prominent red traffic light dominates the top third of the picture. Two dark-skinned men are loading trash into a garbage truck. A distressed black and white zebra crossing is horizontally at the bottom of the frame.
A modern skyscraper under construction on Madison Avenue. Striking geometry ascends to the sky while on the ground chaotic construction paraphernalia is guarded by two men with fluorescent yellow vests and hardhats. A colorful mosaic pattern of flowers on a billboard extends across the frame. American flags are on display. A businessman with suit and briefcase is passing on the sidewalk, dwarfed.
St. Louis Urbanist
3 days ago

Today is World Car-Free Day! 🚍🚲🚶‍♀️
This is an opportunity to collectively leave our cars at home and travel our city by foot, bus, bike, or train. What could our city look like with fewer or no cars? Let us know if you plan to participate! #WorldCarFreeDay #Urbanism #midwest #CNUMidwest #stlouis @NewUrbanism

David Atwell
4 days ago


1. reduce cars with multimodal transit
2. traffic calming (“We simply slowed down the cars.”)
3. steep speeding fines that scale with income
4. a formal inquiry to every fatal crash
5. consistent bike lane & sidewalk upkeep (especially in the winter)

#citylab #urbanism #traffic #bikes #pedestrian

Light bulbs
4 days ago

There is a continuum between bikes and cars—even more so since both were electrified:
– Cargo bikes take up quite a bit of space (much less than most cars though).
– The sustainability of batteries is a concern with e-bikes (again: much less than with most cars).
– Some micro-cars are basically e-bikes with roofs.
– Bikes are less dangerous than cars but can also make life difficult for pedestrians. And they also need parking space.
– Etc.


Light bulbs
4 days ago

Munich tested 5 ways of protecting bike lines for a year. These are the results (PDF in German with many pictures):

Chapter 3, “Fazit” contains a table that summarizes the results. Row “Platzierung” shows the ranking: “WandORCA” performed best.

#Cycling #Urbanism

Preslav Rachev
4 days ago

"These unsung heroes teach us valuable lessons about resourcefulness, recycling, and the innate human spirit to make the most out of what others might consider worthless."

A chronicle of the historical significance of waste collectors across cultures, emphasizing their crucial role in early waste management, recycling, and their enduring impact on society. - via @feedle

#goodnews #positivenews #goodreads #longreads #urbanism #society

I love living somewhere where if I need one thing from the grocery store I can just hop on my #bike, go there, make my purchase, and get back in under ten minutes.

Everywhere else I’ve lived this required a car and took more than fifteen minutes.

#pdx #urbanism #CarFree

Should Be Writing
5 days ago

#PublicTransit advocates in Wilmington #NC needed to complete a survey on rail, bus, bike, and pedestrian #transportation needs in the area. Responses will help shape the WMPO’s infrastructure plans for the next 25 years.

Survey available in English and Spanish until Nov. 30.

#Charlotte #Fayetteville #Greensboro #DurhamNC #AutofreiNC #NorthCarolina #FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #BikeTooter #cycling

5 days ago

#TfL Freedom of Information release:
Cost of Johnston 100 #Font
"The cost to create Johnston 100 was £52,800 and included the complete redraw of the entire font family for traditional print use and new digital versions."
#London #Transport #FOIA #Urbanism

Megan Lynch (she/her)
5 days ago

Views of old Pershing Square, Angel's Flight funicular, old Chinatown, Craftsman mansions (West side?), old downtown buildings long gone... #DTLA #Urbanism

"Los Angeles 1920s in color [60fps, Remastered] w/sound design added"

5 days ago

A rant about third spaces and urban design after returning from Europe to Colorado Springs

(sorry for the lack of captions Instagram is being wonky)

#urbanism #thirdspaces #coloradosprings #europe

Jason Thorne
5 days ago

Artists should design all the street furniture!
#cities #art #urbanism

Artistically designed bench
Artistically designed bench
Artistically designed bench
Megan Lynch (she/her)
5 days ago

And getting public space and public racks for free is how you have $19M kicking around for you to acquire a corporation. Somehow everyone gets paid except the public... (via #BikeTooter #Accessibility #Urbanism

5 days ago

A nice little thing on my walk today. Yay for accessible sidewalk repairs! #urbanism #walkability #accessibility

A recently installed sidewalk repair with ADA-compliant curb ramps.
Iain Roberts
5 days ago

Sunak's Net Zero surrender is bad, but the previous plan wasn't enough. When it comes to cars, it isn't enough to just replace every petrol & diesel with an EV.

That would still give us air pollution (from tyres), congestion and road deaths.

Instead we need more e-bikes, public transport, car clubs and car hire.

Lots of people will still need to own a car - that's fine. But many won't, and they'll save money as a result.
#cars #urbanism #ebike #cycling #transit #PublicTransport

My new hobby is walking down my residential street where people drive too fast and crossing at every intersection just when a car is coming in order to force them to stop.

What should I call this? Aggressive crosswalking?

#urbanism #traffic #visionZero #slowTheFlockDown #20isPlenty #20sPlenty #pdx #portland

5 days ago

"A deeper look at Strong Towns reveals that some of its key proposals are simply right-libertarianism dressed up in progressive garb" #Urbanism

Light bulbs
5 days ago

Large delivery trucks cause a lot of pollution, accidents and traffic blockages. Cargo e-bikes are an interesting alternative.

Study in London about delivery trucks:
14% 3/4 – 1 full
20% 1/2 – 3/4 full
27% 1/4 – 1/2 full
39% 0 – 1/4 full

6-minute video:
#Urbanism #Traffic

6 days ago

#Scotland: 50 new all-electric #buses to be introduced in spring - #Lothian Buses

New double deck vehicles to hit streets of #Edinburgh in spring 2024
#transport #travel #zeroemission #Volvo #UK #urbanism

From L-R: Domenico Bondi, Managing Director of Volvo Bus UK & Ireland; Sarah Boyd, Managing Director of Lothian Buses; Colin Barnes, Engineering Director of Lothian Buses; and Marie Carlsson, Vice President of Electromobility Business Development at VOLVO.
Megan Lynch (she/her)
6 days ago

This is how hard it can be to be a pedestrian in Davis. This sidewalk is already narrow for one person, esp if that person uses a wheelchair and has a service animal. People who want to walk abreast often go into the cycle lane. If there's not a beer delivery truck illegally parked there... #BikeTooter #Urbanism

Two adults talking. One is on the sidewalk. One is in the cycle lane pushing a baby stroller. The sidewalk is narrow and partially narrowed more because the owner of the property erected a construction fence and the fence bases take up some of the narrow public sidewalk.
Megan Lynch (she/her)
6 days ago

Micromobillity done wrong: (1) Why is public space on a public rack given as a gift to for-profit corporations? (2) City of Davis' inaccessible racks are such that only the end places have any chance of being accessible to a cargo bike, trike, handcycle, or quadricycle. Yet now some corporation's property is tied up there instead. #BikeTooter #Accessibility #Urbanism

3 orange Spin rental upright bikes parked in an inaccessible City of Davis "lightning bolt" style rack on a public sidewalk in downtown Davis. One of them is taking up an end space.
Megan Lynch (she/her)
6 days ago

Streets Are For Everyone
Walk San Francisco

These are groups that work for increased street and sidewalk safety yet post their information inaccessibly.

Blind & low-vision folks need street safety too. If you're concerned about activating people, you should want your mssg to be accessible to as many as possible. #Urbanism #BikeTooter #Ableism

6 days ago

Today's shoutout goes to @mattcaff, who makes excellent videos about the need for better public transport, and sustainable urban planning based on people instead of cars:

➡️ @heartlandurbanist

If your server hasn't noticed their videos yet, you can see them all at:


They also run a PeerTube server with videos around the world about urbanism and transport:


#FeaturedPeerTubers #PeerTube #Transport #Urbanism #PublicTransport #Cycling #MidWest

Igor Rock
6 days ago

@notjustbikes In case you wondered what car ownership really costs (in Canada), somebody did the math for his own car over 7 years (which he got for $500 Canadian).
Hint: It's a LOT (and he didn't even had that many repairs with his car). 😮

#NotJustBikes #urbanism

D. April Wick
1 week ago

I'm collaborating on a presentation about how it's important for the people designing bike/ped infrastructure to actually *use* that infrastructure. We have no trouble coming up with infrastructure fails, but...

Can you name any examples of bike or pedestrian infrastructure that could have been designed really badly, but someone involved in the process fixed it because they had experience as a cyclist/pedestrian?

Edited to add: Ideally, we're looking for specific locations and as much related info as you can provide so we can pull photos from satellite or street view, track down documents from the planning/design process, etc.. (And if we use an example, we're happy to credit you if/how you like.)


#BikeTooter #Bike #Bicycle #Cycle #Pedestrian #Cycling #Urbanism #Infrastructure

1 week ago

METRO installed floating bus stops along 11th Street and Heights Boulevard as part of a road diet to protect cyclists. After Houston's worst drivers wouldn't stop hitting them, the agency agreed to remove them less than a year after installation.

#news #texas #houston #urbanism #cycling #transportation

Sections of old brick were exposed after workers demolished a pair of newly installed floating bus stops at the intersection of 11th Street and Heights Boulevard.