3 weeks ago

This #ThrowbackThursday I’m realizing how long it’s been since I drew anything by #MattGroening. All of these are from almost a year ago!
You know what I blame this on the breakdown of? Society.

Here are Snowball II, Homer, & two #MiyamotoUsagi mashups from last #Inktober: one with Maggie Simpson & Gerald Samson, & one of a classic #comic panel from Life In Hell.

#mastoArt #TBT #TheSimpsons #UsagiYojimbo #FanArt #Watercolor #DigitalArt #Krita #InfinitePainter

Digital drawing of Snowball II from the Simpsons.
Ink & Digital drawing of Bongo from Life In Hell mashed up with Miyamoto Usagi. He looks scared & holds a sword uncertainly in an empty room. Jei's eyes are visible, looking through a slot in the door.
Ink & digital drawing of Maggie Simpson mashed up with Miyamoto Usagi defending the Treehouse from Gerald Samson, who is reaching out of frame as if to grab a weapon.
A digital drawing of Homer Simpson sits in his kitchen looking excitedly down at the table. A subtitle says "Mm, various eggs!" The table is a watercolor painting of eggs prepared in various styles: pan fried, deviled, soft boiled, as eggy hole, fried in pepper rings, scrambled, in a sandwich, in avocados, on hash, on toast, & as part of a complete breakfast with toast & fruit.
4 weeks ago

This #ThrowbackThursday is #Inktober themed!
I did a drawing of #MiyamotoUsagi mashed up with another character every day & got hooked on #DigitalArt when I started taking pictures of the ink drawings & coloring them in using #InfinitePainter.

The mashup of Snoopy/Usagi with Woodstock/Gen was the first time I did that, & is still one of my favorite drawings.

#mastoArt #Ink #FanArt #Mashup #UsagiYojimbo #TBT #Peanuts #Snoopy #Zombies #Comics #BugsBunny #LooneyTunes #BobsBurgers #LouiseBelcher

Left panel: Ink drawing of a Snoopy/Miyamoto Usagi mashup lying on Snoopy's dog house. On his chest an angry Woodstock/Murakami Gennosuke mashup stands with swords drawn.
Right panel: Same picture, with color.
Left panel: Ink drawing of a Louise Belcher/Miyamoto Usagi mashup standing with her arms raised victoriously. Behind her stands a Kuchi Kopi/Murakami Gennosuke & a melted Kuchi Kopi/Murakami Gennosuke.
Right panel: Same picture, with color & background added the Burger of the Day is 'The Monster Smash" which costs $6.66.
Left panel: Ink drawing of Miyamoto Usagi looking sick. His clothing is torn & blood poisoning is radiating from a wound on his ear that looks like someone bit a chunk out of it. Title reads "UZAGI YOJIMBO".
Right panel: Same picture, with color & background added. Blood spatters a sliding door standing slightly ajar to reveal evil eyes shining in the darkness.
Left panel: Ink drawing of a Bugs Bunny/Miyamoto Usagi mashup.
Right panel: Same picture, with color & background added: the concentric red circles of the Loony Tunes logo.
mouse 🪤
4 weeks ago

really love this guy. decided to make it evocative of the usagi yojimbo classics # 1 cover art #UsagiYojimbo #MastoArt

the rabbit ronin character, miyamoto usagi, facing the left to display his side profile while drawing his sword. the background is a stark bright yellow, with black borders on the top and bottom of the image. part of his right side is covered by a traditional japanese paper screen. through the screen, you can see the shadow of the parts of his body that is behind it.
1 month ago

#Sketchtember, week 1
Prompt: redraw something you drew last year. Of course I had to draw Miyamoto Usagi! This is today's Usagi & Usagi from 1 year ago- the first time I ever drew him.

#mastoArt #Pencil #Sketch #FanArt #UsagiYojimbo #MiyamotoUsagi

Pencil sketch of Miyamoto Usagi looking determined.
Pencil sketch of Miyamoto Usagi with oddly skinny ears & a very round head
1 month ago

This #ThrowbackThursday I'm remembering how much fun I had last #Inktober. I did a drawing of #MiyamotoUsagi (alone or mashed up with another character) every day. Sometimes it even fit the prompt!

#mastoArt #Ink #FanArt #Mashup #UsagiYojimbo #TBT #Pokemon #Futurama #Spongebob #Peanuts

Ditto (the Pokémon) as Usagi Yojimbo (Samurai Rabbit).
Nibbler from Futurama as Usagi Yojimbo.
Patrick Star from Spongebob Squarepants as Usagi Yojimbo. He is saying "No, this is Hoshi no Patrick!" which in English means "No, this is Patrick of the Stars".
Snoopy doing his happy dance because he loves his Usagi Yojimbo costume so much!
mouse 🪤
1 month ago

bunnied rabbit #UsagiYojimbo

the character, miyamoto usagi, an anthropomorphic white rabbit wearing blue clothing. he is sitting at a table with his head rested in his right hand, staring off with a pleasant smile.
1 month ago

New blog post up! I'm hyped for Usagi Yojimbo to come to TMNT: Shredder's Revenge, and it reminded me of a playground rumor from when I was a kid that Usagi was unlockable in TMNT for NES!
#RetroGaming #TMNT #UsagiYojimbo

1 month ago

Spent a lot of yesterday alternately getting my tiny porch garden ready for a big storm & sitting out there painting. Didn't have time to paint much, but a break in the heat is the only silver lining to all this awful weather & I was determined to take advantage

#mastoArt #Watercolor #Ink #Painting #Nature #SucculentSunday #FanArt #UsagiYojimbo #ArtKit

Watercolor landscape. Telephone & power lines nearly obscure the view; in the distance are green & brown hills under a sky completely full of flat white clouds.
Watercolor plant: One branch of a Little Missy Sedum; a long thin brown stem with small green leaves hangs in mid air.
Watercolor & ink of Miyamoto Usagi looking concerned.
Art kit laid out on a small, round table. Glass of water with lid, cloth, 3 paintbrushes, many-colored watercolor palette, & a black & white gouache palette.
Leo'Jet Ski Fuel'nardo
1 month ago

Gimme the anime ending credits song for this image. (God, what a perfect Donnie.)

#TMNT #UsagiYojimbo

Cover of Usagi Yojimbo/TMNT: Wherewhen#1 by Stan Sakai. Donatallo stands with his brothers and allies on a rocky surface. Don faces to the left, his bo in his left hand and casually resting on his shoulder as he looks at nothing. His expression is a mix of contemplative and content.
Leo'Jet Ski Fuel'nardo
2 months ago

"There'll be time for explanations later, and hopefully some sex!"

#TMNT #UsagiYojimbo

Cover for Usagi Yojimbo/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Wherewhen #1 by Stan Sakai. Leo and Usagi stand on a rock, looking real happy to be here.
2 months ago

OK this cover is just adorable.


2 months ago

The final piece in my Streambook Vol 3. Wrapping up with a local favorite; Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai. While I'll continue to do live streams I don't think I'll do them in a hardbound sketchbook going forward. It's just not super practical. Small goof on this one: I wanted to convey some motion, but I tilted the horse just a little too far. So if you noticed it, I did too. 😃

#usagiyojimbo #stansakai #samurairabbit #MastoArt

YT Short at:

30x Replay at:

marker rendering of Usagi Yojimbo
2 months ago

I’ve posted at least one picture a day, every day, since last September. Sadly, between the #RedditMigration & the #Twitter nonsense a lot of my favorite art is no longer available online. #ThrowbackThursday is here to fix that!
This is from last #Inktober; I spent the entire month drawing #MiyamotoUsagi & Usagi #FanArt #mashups. This is what Usagi would look like if he was a #DrSeuss character.

#mastoArt #TBT #Ink #UsagiYojimbo

Ink drawn Miyamoto Usagi running while smiling so big his eyes are closed. Drawn in a pseudo-Dr Seuss style.
3 months ago

You can tell when I don't like one of my paintings because I add one of Miyamoto Usagi right next to it & make it into a silly meme

#mastoArt #Sumi #Ink #Practice #UsagiYojimbo #FairlyOddParents

Ink line painting of Mr. Turner looking mad and yelling "If I Had Bun!" while gesturing to his left, where Usagi Yojimbo's head floats & glares disapprovingly.
Ricardo Victoria 🐢
3 months ago

Who won the duel? Leo or Usagi?

Testing an idea I saw in YouTube, using my laptop screen as background. I hope I didn’t damage it due all the times I poked at it by accident.😅😢

I tried to create a old Movie sequence. I hope it kinda looks decent.
#necatmnt #necatoys #usagiyojimbo #tmntleo #usagiyojimboblackandwhite #tmntblackandwhite #toyphotography #actionfiguresphotography

3 months ago

The three most recent issues of #UsagiYojimbo to make my mainline UY comic collection up-to-date complete.

3 months ago

Usagi works hard, he deserves a nice cup of tea

#mastoArt #Sumi #Ink #UsagiYojimbo #FanArt

Black ink painting of Miyamoto Usagi sitting & drinking tea.
Leo'Jet Ski Fuel'nardo
3 months ago
Page from the Ninja Turtle/Usagi Yojimbo story "The Treaty"

PANE 1:Leo, trapped in Usagi's dimension, travels on a road alongside his samurai buddy. Leo carries a battered pizza box, takeout he was picking up before winding up here. 

LEO: Too bad the others aren't here! We'd get you through with no problem!
USAGI: "Others"? There are *more* like you?

PANEL 2:Close on the two as Leo explains. 

LEO: There are four of us, plus Master Splinter.
USAGI: Oh? Where are they now?
LEO: Back in New York City.

PANEL 3:Wider shot. We see out heroes from behind and at a left angel. A few more animal people on the road now. They pass a stream with some lovely hills in the background. 

USAGI: "New York City"? I've never heard of such a town.
LEO: It's a huge metropolis--millions of people--with buildings thousands of feet tell!

PANEL 4:Usagi is awe struck at the concept. Leo himself is slightly taken aback by what his companion says next.

USAGI: Such grand castles! And surely warrior of YOUR accomplishments must be from the grandest of them all!

PANEL 5: Same shot. Leo grins, embarrassed, tugging at his plastron like a collar. Usagi is nonplussed by what he says next.

LEO: Well, >ahem< actually we're originally from UNDER the city--er--the sewers, really. Hee Hee...

PANEL 6: Similar shot as Panel 3, longshot of the two continuing on their way. 

USAGI: I'd like to visit this...New York City...someday and meet your companions...though I think I'll stay at an inn!
Jack Laridian
3 months ago

My next one-shot is going to be in a setting that combines feudal Japan with the world shown in comics like #UsagiYojimbo where Humans and anthropomorphic animals (called Hengeyokai) live in harmony with one another. I'm taking inspiration from games like #LOTFR #DungeonsAndDragons #MagicTheGathering (particularly Kamigawa) and movies from the likes of #AkiraKurosawa #HayaoMiyazaki and just the most batshit #ChopSocky flicks from back in the day.

I'm REALLY looking forward to it. 😎 #TTRPG

Aaron Meyers
3 months ago

This came up on eBay last week. Apparently there were two unauthorized #UsagiYojimbo sketchbooks done during the pandemic in 2021 and 2022. They both came up for sale, I won 2021 but lost out on 22. Can’t win them all but now my usagi sketchbook run will forever be incomplete 😭. #StanSakai #ComicBook #Comic #Comics #ComicBooks #ComicBookFamily #ComicBookCollector #ComicBookCollection #ComicCollector #ComicCollecting #ComicCollection

3 months ago

Officially deleted all my pictures off #Reddit. I've posted at least 1 a day, every day, for the last 9 months. Deleting took quite a while, but it gave me a chance to review all that work!

#TBT to the first picture I drew of #UsagiYojimbo, posted on 27 September 2022, next to 2 Usagis I've painted in the last week. No one is going to confuse me with Stan Sakai, but I've made more progress than I'd realized

#RedditBlackout #RedditMigration #Pencil #Sketch #Sumi #Ink

A pencil sketch marked Sept 2022 & 2 ink paintings marked June 2023. All are of Usagi Yojimbo. The pencil sketch is very amateur. It is just Usagi's head & shoulders looking determined. The ink paintings are better. One is him standing holding his swords, one is his head & shoulders looking relaxed.
Picture of 28 empty pages on Reddit, showing were 9 months' worth of posts used to be.
3 months ago

Practicing my brushwork today,
I've ended up with several Usagis & a piece I feel honor-bound to dedicate @welshpixie :blobfoxheart:

(I wanted to practice curvy letters, & putting 2 't's next to each other, so this was the obvious solution)

#mastoArt #Sumi #Ink #UsagiYojimbo #FanArt

Several black ink paintings of Miyamoto Usagi. Smiling while looking for somewhere to eat lunch, serious while about to fight, & a few small paintings of just his face with a serious expression.
Brush lettering with black ink. Various different fonts saying buttocks, pooptoot, bottom, & butts repeatedly.
3 months ago

Happy #Solstice to those who observe! (Also known in this house as Oh-Thank-Gan-The-Nights-Are-Getting-Longer Day :blobfoxdarkghostspooky:)

Congratulations to all you sun-loving freaks in the southern hemi, I guess :blobfoxdealwithitfingerguns:

I got out the sumi (traditional Japanese ink) for the first time in quite a while! Getting back into it with one of my favorite subjects: Usagi drinking tea

#mastoArt #WIPWednesday #Sumi #Ink #WIP #UsagiYojimbo #FanArt

A half-finished ink painting of Miyamoto Usagi on rice paper. Usagi's face & shoulders are completed, his eyes are closed.
The Fandom Post
3 months ago

Dark Horse Press Announces ‘#UsagiYojimbo: Ice and Snow’ Limited Series

4 months ago

Usagi Yojimbo joins TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge in upcoming Dimension Shellshock DLC

TMNT: Shredder's Revenge's DLC will include new games modes, new character palettes, and new fighter Usagi Yojimbo.

#Gaming #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #TMNT #UsagiYojimbo

TigerClaw 🎧🎮
4 months ago

New DLC for TMNT: Shredder's Revenge revealed, and Usagi will be a playable character. #TMNT #usagiyojimbo

Def Mech
5 months ago

So there's an Usagi Yojimbo/TMNT style comic out there named Kitsune by Scout Comics. Historic Japanese fantasy featuring anthropomorphic animals. The story follows a blind fox swordsman and a peg-legged crow brawler. These two are less morally upstanding characters, at least in their past. The story is only 2 issues in so far, but maaaaaaan is it setting up to be AWESOME!

I can't recommend it enough if you're into anthropomorphic ninja/samurai style characters!

#comics #Kitsune #ScoutComics #UsagiYojimbo #TMNT

Def Mech
5 months ago


Pretty broke after the con so I was only able to pick up part of my sub. I get my taxes back next week and have some more vacation time so I'll have a post for that 😎

Got a cool variant of the latest Usagi × TMNT crossover signed, a couple freebie issues, some art that spoke to me, stickers and pins, and a d20 at the con. If only I filed taxes a week earlier 😅

For my partial sub, I prioritized. Got TMNT, Kitsune, Avengers, and Sins of Sinister Nightcrawlers.

#comics #books #ComicsReadingChallenge2023 #Marvel #TMNT #UsagiYojimbo #WickedComicCon #Avengers #art

Two pieces of art: one depecting a humanoid angel in some sort of red state; the other depicts three constructs suspended over a shore. 

An oil and glitter filled green D20 with gold numbers. 

Two squirtle squad stickers for myself and a friend. 

Two metal pins: one of Zero from the Megaman X series in black armor, and the other of Michelangelo as The Last Ronin!
Three comics with anthropomorphic animal warriors, two freebie titles from the convention I attended, and two Marvel titles I prioritized.
Graphic Policy
5 months ago

Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 5 The Green Dragon preview. The rabbit ronin's newest adventures continue in this fifth volume that sees Usagi and Yukichi on a mission to deliver a valuable object! #comics #comicbooks #usagiyojimbo

6 months ago

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Usagi Yojimbo: WhereWhen’ #1 is a fascinating crossover concept

A great start to a story Usagi and TMNT fans alike will enjoy.

#ComicBooks #Reviews #IDW #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #UsagiYojimbo

Graphic Policy
6 months ago

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Usagi Yojimbo: WhereWhen #1 preview. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pursue the evil cyborg genius Dr. WhereWhen through a time portal…and emerge in feudal Japan! #comics #comicbooks #tmnt #usagiyojimbo

Dave Windett
6 months ago

Usagi Yojimbo (兎用心棒, “rabbit bodyguard") created by Stan Sakai.

Eye Contact

#UsagiYojimbo #Rabbit #CartoonRabbit #Drawing #Illustration #FediArt #MastoArt #FanArt

Portrait of a cartoon rabbit, his ears are bound together in an imitation of a topknot. There is a mountain and vegetation behind him.
Pink Bunny
6 months ago

We made a friend at #WonderCon! #UsagiYojimbo

6 months ago

My twitter inbox is an adventure today~. Have some older fanarts I still like a lot~.

#drachenmagier #fantasy #fanart #traditionalArt #traditionalMedia #usagiYojimbo #shantae #sans #undertale #dust #dustAnElysianTail

Sans from Undertale, preparing to end the fight with his beam attack
Shantae from the game series with the same name doing her magic dance
Dust and Fidget from the game Dust - An Elysian Tail, with the high jump wings made out of wind
Usagi from Usagi Yojimbo, anthropomorphic bunny samurai standing in the sun, enjoying the wind
7 months ago

It’s #SlipUpSunday, a day to share our mistakes. Today's lesson: Keep your watercolors safe!

Just walking by, I tripped & got tea all over my paintings. Lost the 2 I 'd finished for today. Making #StudioGhibli & #UsagiYojimbo #FanArt to cheer up

#Learning #Krita #PixelArt #DigitalArt

Digital pixel art of a tokage from Usagi Yojimbo looking over its shoulder.
Digital pixel art of many Studio Ghibli characters at a party, done in the PICO8 basic palette.
7 months ago

Happy #ReadAcrossAmerica Day!
Show your #LoveOfReading; visit your local library (online or in-person) today!

Here's my list of great books for preschoolers:

#Krita #DigitalArt #Reading #Bookstodon #Books #Learn #DigitalDrawing #FanArt #UsagiYojimbo #WorldBookDay

Digital drawing of Miyamoto Usagi reading a book while sitting on a stack of books whose spines say "Read Across America".
7 months ago

Drew #MiyamotoUsagi in #Krita using #PICO8's basic palette. Not sure why, but I love depicting him relaxing with a cup of tea! I've done this in pencil, ink, watercolor & now, #PixelArt.

"Orange Pekoe 8"

#Learn #DigitalArt #DigitalDrawing #FanArt #UsagiYojimbo #TeaTime

Digital Pixel art drawing of Miyamoto Usagi drinking a cup of tea with a serene look on his face.
7 months ago

Drew #MiyamotoUsagi in #Krita using #PICO8's basic palette & resolution. This is almost too much fun! Looking forward to practicing more

#Learn #DigitalArt #DigitalDrawing #FanArt #UsagiYojimbo #PixelArt

Pixel art of Miyamoto Usagi standing with swords drawn looking determined.
Naomi Dierckx
8 months ago

📽️ : "Usagi Yojimbo's HISTORICAL Samurai Origins!" by #GaijinGoombah
🔗 :

"Usagi Yojimbo is one of the most iconic 80's comics in US history. Nearly on the level of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So how is it we've NEVER done a cultural analysis of this ronin rabbit!? Well, for the Year of the Rabbit (and because Usagi Chronicles season 2 was a let down) let's see JUST how "samurai" the origins of Usagi really are!"

#Samurai #Japan #UsagiYojimbo #GaijinGoombah #Youtube

8 months ago

Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate!

* Many cultures celebrate a lunar new year, but not all have it for the same new moon.

* It's the Year Of The Rabbit in the Chinese cycle & the Year Of The Cat in the Vietnamese cycle.

#mastoArt #LunarNewYear #YearOfTheRabbit #YearOfTheCat
#CatsOfMastodon #Learning #Watercolor #Painting #fanart #MiyamotoUsagi #UsagiYojimbo

Watercolor orange & black cat shape with whiskers & a vague impression of a tail.
Watercolor of Miyamoto Usagi looking determined while in rain gear- a mino (straw cape) & kasa (hat).
Watercolor of Miyamoto Usagi calmly playing the flute.
9 months ago

My first painting of 2023 is my first proper sumi-e!

Miyamoto Usagi stands ready to face the new year.

Sumi (traditional Japanese ink) on rice paper.

#mastoArt #Learn #InkDrawing #Sumie #Painting #FanArt #UsagiYojimbo #NewYear2023

Sumi-e of Miyamoto Usagi, standing ready to fight with one sword drawn and a determined look on his face.
9 months ago

My last Miyamoto Usagi painting of 2022! Probably. There isn't enough time left for me to complete another painting before #NewYears... Is there?

Happy New Year, everyone!

#mastoArt #Learn #Watercolor #Painting #Drawing #FanArt #UsagiYojimbo #NYE #NewYearsEve

Watercolor painting of Miyamoto Usagi kneeling peacefully, hands folded in his sleeves & eyes closed.
Bill (PlinyTheOlder)
9 months ago

A stranger comes to town, keeping to himself but reluctantly joining in battle to defend the meek from the predatory and the cruel. It’s an endlessly adaptable formula.

Last weekend I downloaded a few #UsagiYojimbo volumes because of a sale. Stan Sakai is an absolute master storyteller who knows how to keep riffing on that theme, and finds ways to keep it fresh. I used up a gift card, and have now read the first 18 volumes; I have another 20 to look forward to.

9 months ago

I love drawing Usagi relaxing & drinking tea, & the tokage hanging out in a tree just makes my day.

Still getting used to watercolor markers, but I like them! They don't need as much water as pans of paint, so even though I'm sick I can paint in bed.

#mastoArt #Learn #Watercolor #Painting #Drawing #FanArt #UsagiYojimbo

Watercolor painting of Miyamoto Usagi drinking tea.
Watercolor painting of a tokage on the ground & one sitting on a plum branch saying "Eep?"
Watercolor painting of Miyamoto Usagi drawing his sword.
9 months ago

I love drawing Usagi relaxing & drinking tea, & the tokage hoping he tosses them some snacks just makes my day.

Still getting used to watercolor markers, but I like them! They don't need as much water as pans of paint, so even though I'm sick I can paint in bed.

#mastoArt #Learn #Watercolor #Painting #Drawing #FanArt #UsagiYojimbo

Watercolor painting of Miyamoto Usagi drinking tea. Watercolor painting of a tokage on the ground & one sitting on a plum branch saying "Eep?"
Watercolor painting of Miyamoto Usagi drawing his sword.
9 months ago

6 fanarts, first one Miyamoto Usagi from Stan Sakai's wonderful comicbook series Usagi Yojimbo.

I love these books and was happy when I saw this request.

#fanart #art #usagiyojimbo #MastoArt

Miyamoto Usagi, a rabbit samurai, drawn with clear cartoony lines.
He holds chopsticks, but some smoke from beneath seems to be bothering him...
9 months ago

Did the #sixfanarts challenge around christmas last year, and had a blast. Considering firing up a new one over the next few days.

Anyway, here's the one from last year.

#art #artchallenge #MastoArt #artistsonmastodon #UsagiYojimbo #sephiroth #shera #Xfiles #waluigi #mrrogers #fanart

Six fanart challenge.

From left to right, top to bottom:
Miyamoto Usagi from Usagi Yojimbo,
Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII,
She-ra from the old She-ra cartoons,
Smoking Man from X-files,
Waluigi from Mario franchise,
Mr Rogers from American children TV.
Mark Fixes Stuff
10 months ago

A new video from me! I made a C64 Game Cartridge that never existed - Usagi Yojimbo Samurai Warrior Commodore 64 #retrogaming #retrocomputing #commodore64 #usagiyojimbo

Dave Lung
10 months ago

I did this Usagi Yojimbo piece late last year, it was meant to be an A2 size poster limited to just 25 pieces (which I will still be doing for next year's Con circuit).

Looking at it now, and thinking just how much I love drawing Mastro Stan Sakai's most excellent creation, I'm now pondering doing a "Vivaldi Four Seasons" style series, this one being "Winter"! Think I'll do Autumn next

#comicbook #stansakai #usagiyojimbo #yojimbo #comicbooks #comic #comics #artist #sketching #painting #paints